Friday, September 30, 2011

"Exterminate Republicans."

DUmmie Leftist Agitator gets the Peace, Love, and Tolerance Award® right off the bat. Even without looking at his post, the title alone tells you this is going to be good. "Exterminate Republicans" is that title, for this THREAD.

Before we get to that, though, yesterday's DUFU has given me an idea. DU, Democratic Underground, needs to rebrand itself. And they should do it along the lines suggested by DUmmie Hoosier Daddy's post, "Progressive"? No: I'm a F***ing LIBERAL! Think of the marketing possibilities:


FLU: It's going viral.
Catch the FLU, F***ing Liberal Underground!

But for now let's go to DUmmie Leftist Agitator's plan to "Exterminate Republicans," in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, is in the [brackets]:

Exterminate Republicans.

[DUmmie Leftist Agitator, your Peace, Love, and Tolerance Award® is coming right up! I don't know what else you're going to say, but that title alone causes me to flip all the cards and give you the PLATA. Congratulations!]

Not physically. . . .

[Oh, darn! Why not?]

as despotic regimes have tried to do many times throughout history. That form of control is crude, callous, and ultimately self-defeating.

[But it's so much FUn!]

The extermination that I propose is of a different sort.

[We're all ears. Go ahead.]

Republicans and their enablers need to be shunned, both economically and socially. The idea that these people can be a part of our civilized society is frankly, ludicrous, and the sooner that we disabuse ourselves of that ridiculous notion, the better off all of us will be.

[Lovely! How about putting a scarlet "R" on them?]

I'm talking about a total boycott of Republicans, both economically and socially.


Refuse to interact with anyone who you know to be a Rightist in any fashion so far as is feasible.

[Even if it's NOT feasible! Say your boss is a miserable capitalist rethuglican oppressor. Well, shun him! If he tells you to do something, don't listen to him! Don't respond! Sure, he may fire your sorry ass, but it will be WORTH IT!]

We need to make their lives as unpleasant as possible in order to restore sanity to our national discourse.

[The irony is rich, isn't it?]

Don't do business with them, don't acquiesce to their insanity out of some misguided sense of decorum, hell, don't even speak to them. . . .

[DUm's the word!]

Cretins like the Kochs would be far less powerful, even with their vast fortunes, if nobody other than a Republican would even speak to them.

[Hey, there's a thought. You DUmmies go ahead and DON'T speak to us cretin conservatives. Don't bother us at all! We may actually enjoy that!]

Yes, I admit that my proposal is very radical, and that no tangible results would be seen for a long time even in the best of cases, but . . .

[. . . but it makes me sound extra tough here on DU, and that's what really matters.]

"But," you might protest, "my uncle (husband, wife, nephew, cousin, etc.) is a Republican! I can't just cut them out of my life!"

[Sure you can! They're not worthy of talking to or being around! Cut them clean out like the cancer they are! Your Republican grandpa--he is responsible for oppressing MILLIONS! So report all your rethug relatives to AttackWatch! Turn them in!]

We make it too easy for them to live and believe as they do.

[Pelt them with snowballs! Key their cars! You know the dog-poop-in-the-paper-bag trick? DU it!]

If you are willing to tolerate their insanity, willing to go along to get along, willing to continue to allow them to hijack our political process for their own nefarious ends that damage us all, then you are scarcely better than they are.

[If you DON'T make life miserable for them, then pelt YOURSELF with a snowball!]

The Amish have a practice called shunning, in which nobody in the community will interact with the shunned for any reason. This is what I suggest, on a much larger scale. . . .

[If we do this shunning stuff, will we also have to dress like the Amish, the beards and the whole nine yards? And what about our computers? Do the Amish have to use manual computers or what?]

The choice is yours: Exterminate Republicans, or they will, sooner or later, exterminate you.

[I'm picturing the Republicans as a bunch or cartoon cockroaches, sitting around smoking cigars and planning their nefarious plans. And here comes DUmmie Leftist Agitator, looking like a big can of bug spray. The Republican cockroaches see him, the cigars fall out of their mouths, and they run and scatter, yelling "RAAAID!!!"]

Hard to do when the way you make a living requires interaction with others.

[Who said it would be easy? But I mean, c'mon, where is your commitment??]

life, in general, requires interaction with others.

[NO! Cut them clean off!]

Should we mark them? Maybe a tattoo.

[Some of them already bear the mark of Cain.]

Somewhere where it can be clearly seen, like on the forearm.

[Right on the forehead. A big scarlet "R." And maybe a yellow armband.]

You don't have to mark them....each time they open their mouths you know who and what they are.

[Monitor their speech! If they start talking about "church" or "family" or "lower taxes," take down their names! Turn them in! Start pelting them with snowballs or, if it's not cold enough yet, with pressed-together handfuls of leaves!]

They are programmed to think without thinking...their motive is "HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE AND MORE HATE"!!!!!!!!

[Oooh, those dirty Rethuglicans! I HATE them! I absolutely HATE them!]

Irony is...starting a thread called, "Exterminate Republicans" in order to tell us all how to figuratively do away with all Republicans in our lives (our family members as well, I assume)...and then accusing Republicans of being all about HATE. oy...


they are an infectious desease with no cure or antitote. Lepers is what they are pure and simple.

[And a leper cannot change his spots.]

Brain dead and crazy..mindless drones like zombies of politics. . . .

[The Night of the Living Red.]

I think more minds are likely to be changed by friendly good-natured debate than by bitter and sullen silence. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. . . .


Do you think they wouldn't think twice about exterminating you if given the chance??????? They prey on you like a helpless kitten and pounce on you like a mad lion.

[Yeah, who are you kitten? C'mon, read between the lions! No pussyfooting around! They're out to get you, so let's get them first!]

If someone posted "Exterminate Democrats" over at FR there'd be a thread here at DU filled with a thousand angry posts. Guess this is another case of "it's OK when we do it"...

What an icky horrible, violent, boorish idea.

[Translation: "I love it."]

Your thread title is appalling.

[Your thread idea is appealing.]


[Bad PR for DU. Might show up in the DUmmie FUnnies. But your idea is GREAT!]

Thursday, September 29, 2011

"'Progressive'? No: I'm a [Blank]ing LIBERAL!"

Our poster boy, Wee Willie Pitt, models a shirt that could easily be worn by our DUFU OP today, DUmmie Hoosier Daddy. For DUmmie Hoosier Daddy has posted this THREAD, "'Progressive'? No: I'm a F***ing LIBERAL!" Notice, by the way, that I had to put asterisks on both Pitt's shirt and Hoosier Daddy's thread title. I have a feeling my asterisk key is going to get a heavy workout in this DUFU.

The DUmmies are ANGRY, d*mmit! They are no wimpy "Progressives"! Ptoo! on that! No, the DUmmies are LIBERALS, F***ING LIBERALS, and proud of it!

But before we get to the thread, let us sing this ode to the angry DUmmie:

Tune: "That's Amore"

When the Moonbats go wild
With the sh*t that they've piled,
That's a DUmmie.
When they've plain lost their heads
Like they've gone off their meds,
That's a DUmmie.

Hopes will fly,
Soaring to the sky, rising way up high
Like a giant sequoia.
Hands will wring--
What a ding-a-ling, what a ding-a-ling--
And you'll think, "Paranoia."

When the "F" words flow free
Just like on MTV,
That's a DUmmie.
When they march in the street
Without leaving their seat,
You're in luck:

Those aren't Rovian plants,
They're just Ants in their rants,
And they're FUnnie!
For a laugh and a half
Reading each paragraph--
That's a DUmmie!

So let us now enter the angry land of the Looney Left, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, who OD'ed on a most exciting night of baseball last night, is in the [brackets]:

"Progressive"? No: I'm a F***ing LIBERAL!

[I SPIT on your wussy "progressive"!]

We have allowed the g*dd*m wingnuts to define us for far too long! Are any of them backing off "conservative"? Hell no! They embrace and celebrate it! "Liberal" is NOT a dirty word. . . .

[And even if it is, DUmmies LOVE dirty words!]

I am sick and F***ING tired of this habit of ours to abandon labels we OUGHT TO BE PROUD OF in the hope Middle America will agree with us. Well guess what? Middle America already agrees with us! WE ARE THE F***ING MAJORITY!!!!!

[OK then, go with that! That's the winning approach! PLEASE bill your candidates as "liberals"--say it loud, say it proud!--and be sure to include all the "F" words! Puh-leeze!]

[THANK you, DUmmie Hoosier Daddy, for that brilliant strategy! Now let's go to your fellow f***ing liberals . . .]

I have made up my mind. . . .

[I'm surprised you were able to find one.]


[Right on! Power to the people!]

i had it out with my brother yesterday over this. He says liberal like he's smelling poo. I told him to stuff it, I'm a F***ING LIBERAL and you and your side can stuff it up your ass.

[Embrace the poo!]


[Bumper sticker material there. Thank you, Dale Carnegie.]

The name says it all.

[Indeed. In fact, you've given me an idea. Let's RENAME the Democrat Party and give it with a more accurate, more winning name! Say hello to . . . THE F***ING LIBERAL PARTY!]

I'm a Flaming Bleeding-Heart Knee-Jerk Liberal and proud of it!

[You left out "F***ing." What are you, some kind of a wimp??]

I'm a radical liberal and I will never be a pastel cosmeticized "progressive."

[Yes to Radical Red, no to Pastel Prog!]

We HAVE to bring the Fire in Belly!

[Get in my belly!]

I am a radical far left liberal and have been since before I was born.

[I Was a Fetal F***ing Liberal!]

a f***ing LIBERAL... or a F***ING liberal! I'll take either.

[DUmmie dana_b and the Case of the F***ING LIBERAL.]

Hey, I have two kids. F***ing liberal has a double meaning for me! Uh, by which I mean... That children are the result of f***ing.

[Unless you're a F***ing Aborting Liberal.]

They aren't about conserving sh*t.

[We f***ing liberals are! We EMBRACE the poo!]

"Liberal?" No: I'm a F***ing Socialist!

[Yes! Go with THAT! I SPIT on your wimpy "Liberal"! WE ARE THE F***ING SOCIALISTS!]

Socialist? I'm a Communist. I'd like to see someone top that.

[DOWN with your stinkin' "Socialist"! PTOO! YECCH! WE ARE THE F***ING COMMUNISTS!!!]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trust Fund Pitt Slams Wealthy People

You want to know the REAL reason why WILLIAM RIVERS PITT went completely over the edge and threatened to beat up the homeless woman known as Bobo the Hobo? It was because she publicly dared to allude to the family wealth of Pitt in DUmmieland. Yes, Pitt comes from a family of incredibly wealthy lawyers whose wealth is primarily derived from CORPORATE law. Of course, Pitt wants you to think of him as some sort of proletarian who is forced to do blue collar bouncer jobs in Boston. The ONLY reason why he patrols a small square of pavement nightly is so he can falsely claim membership as a proletarian rather than what he really is, the squire of a wealthy legal firm family who is effortlessly checkbooked through life. Of course, Pitt, despite the success of his family, has no real talent of his own except for a talent for extreme BS. By coincidence just hours before I read Pitt's THREAD, "Class Warfare My Ass," I was reading an online Google Books biography of Leon Trotsky by Robert Service. Guess what? Like Pitt, Trotsky tried to pretend he was from a working class background despite the fact that his family were wealthy farmers in the Ukraine. Another communist, Fidel Castro, had a father who was a wealthy landowner in Cuba. In fact if you check the backgrounds of almost all the people who proclaim themselves proud proletarians, you find that they usually come from prosperous families. So let us now watch Pitt goes through the pretense of acting like he is a proletarian protesting the wealthy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Trotsky was residing comfortably in The Bronx when the Czar was overthrown, is in the [brackets]:

Class Warfare My Ass

[Would you prefer Lass Warfare, Pitt? A good thread title for the Temporary Sockpuppet would be "Class Warfare My Lass."]

I have been saying this for years upon years, but it bears repeating: the most awesome, fearsome, and effective weapon in the arsenal of the modern Republican Party is their total, utter and complete lack of shame.

[A complete lack of shame like perpetrating a journalistic hoax that a certain someone was never man enough to apologize for?]

That weapon - the ability to say or do anything, literally anything, even as it flies in the face of on-the-record comments made just the day before, or contradicts thousands of votes cast in congresses past - is the equivalent of a battlefield-deployed tactical nuclear weapon. It clears the field, but good, and if everything is ashes in the aftermath, so be it. So long as effective spin makes the news cycle, it's a victory for them, and screw the people who get hurt.

[Say anything like "Karl Rove will be indicted in 24 business hours."]

The GOP wins when that is the contest, and that is all they care about...and the awful irony comes when the very people getting screwed are up on their feet cheering after the deal goes down, because "their team" won the day.

[The real irony here is Trust Fund Pitt blasting the wealthy.]

Watching these recent GOP debates has cracked me up for any number of reasons, but nothing can top watching those millionaires square off in an attempt to prove who among them is the most "folksy," the most in tune with the working stiff. Mitt Romney, whose personal fortune roars deep into nine figures on the left of the decimal, actually claimed he was a middle class guy during a recent campaign appearance.

[Are any of those millionaires trying to prove their folksiness by pretending to be real bouncers or loudly announcing to the world that they are members of the Communications Workers Union? As to what Romney is claiming, what are YOU claiming, Pitt? That you are somehow a REAL working class guy whose family is composed of multimillionaire corporate lawyers?]

Ah, yes, the irony again...just think, if people banking nine figures of personal wealth were actually considered middle class, all of our problems would be solved, right?

[Boldly declared the one who has checkbooked his way through life including a number of vanity books.]

Which brings us to the subject of "class warfare." The term has been a favorite broadside of the right-bent rich-people-first set going on forty years now, and in times past has always reaped them rich rhetorical benefits. We're a classless society here in America, don'tcha know, so accusations of "class warfare" have all too often sent lily-livered liberal-leaning politicians scuttling for the exits, for the apology, for the eventual retreat.

[Foamed Pitt working himself into a phony display of outrage over the class to which he belongs...the RIIIIIICH!!!]

Oh no, it isn't class warfare, this is only fair...which earned, invariably, a reply of "CLASS WARFARE SOCIALISM WHAAARGARBLE"...which, in turn, earned another hasty retreat instead of a proper and just reply.

[Was this your battlecry when you threatened to beat up that homeless woman for the "high crime" of pointing out that you are rich and spoiled?]

Which is, should have always been, and should now be: kiss my ass, you leech, you bloodsucker, you greedy whore, you war profiteering glutton, you disgrace, you betrayer of America.

[So is a certain family of wealthy Boston lawyers also a bunch of bloodsuckers?]

Oh, I know the argument. I know it as well as the spit I leave on the sidewalk when there is a bad taste in my mouth. The rich are better than us, they are the ones making the jobs, they have earned their esteemed position through a Randian process of natural economic selection, etc...except for the sneaky fact that a large number of these "business titans" inherited their wealth, and today increase their wealth not through hard work, but through favorable interest rates and even more favorable tax rates on money that is already in the bank.

[Pitt talks about "the rich" as if they are a class apart from him. Of course, the big difference is that many of "the rich" create wealth and don't live off it like a certain parasitic leech who was once attacked by Texas fire ants. Maybe those fire ants don't like "the rich" either.]

The top-earning businesses in America today, across the board, are wallowing in record profits, and yet somehow hiring is stagnated. Why is that?

[Gee! Because the Obama Jobs bill has yet to kick in? Or do you have another fantasy?]

Could it be that these titans are holding off on hiring in order to affect the number of jobless Americans, so as to influence public opinion as we head into an election season? God almighty, to have such astonishing be able to keep millions out of work in order to put one black guy out of a that's real power.

[Mused the wealthy parasitic leech from his DUmmieland soapbox.]

Class warfare, indeed.

[Parasitic leech, indeed.]

Poverty has increased locally and nationally across the board, joblessness is reaching Great Depression-era levels, and millions have lost houses to those whose own homes resemble castles, to those who are secure in both funding and foundation. Money does not disappear. It has to go somewhere; what is lost is always found. Most all of us have spent the last several years losing money hand over fist, while Forbes tells us that the richest among us have increased their wealth by vast amounts in one year.

[Which means that Pitt's trust fund is flush with cash.]

Try to contain your shock.

[Try to contain your laughter.]

There is work available for the doing, on infrastructure and new technology fields and any number of other areas, but the GOP majority in the House of Representatives won't have any of it, because their marching orders are to screw the American economy in as many orifices as are available to try and unseat the sitting president. Period, end of file, and if you still think that isn't their intention, I have a big red bridge over San Francisco Bay to sell you.

[Does the way Pitt rants on and on and on over this topic make you think he wants you to forget that he earns big bucks simply due to the fact that he lived through birth?]

Class warfare? These cretins have the unmitigated gall to accuse other people of class warfare.

[Proclaimed the expert in Lass, I mean, Class warfare.]

It is a wonder of American politics, this absolute and astonishing lack of shame on the part of the modern GOP. They have spent the last thirty years stifling a minimum-wage increase, they blocked legislation to help 9/11 responders pay for very present health concerns, and spent the latter part of this last week trying to screw disaster relief funding for people who lose homes to tornadoes, floods, wildfires and earthquakes. They hate Social Security and Medicare down to their gold-plated bones. Now they are deliberately and intentionally stifling the very economy they themselves tore up, for no other reason than to win the next election.

[Getting the 2012 election loss excuses lined up already?]

How are they doing it? Money and power, power and money, and be damned to those who suffer for their desires.

[Proclaimed the hairless Leon Trotsky.] is class warfare: full-throated, no-bullshit class warfare, and the rich ones whining about it are the ones who are winning. Be on your own side for a change of pace. They got the guns, as a man once said, but we got the numbers.

[It sounds like you have quite a few numbers...of beer bottles.]

It is class warfare, and has been for a generation. We've been losing, badly.

["We" Pitt? "We" are a family of wealthy CORPORATE lawyers who provide the bread so a related leech can spout off about "The RIIIIIICHHHH!!!"]

For now.

[Sounds like a threat. Of course, Pitt, is too comfy in his Trust Fund existence to do much about it except sound off from his keyboard. And now to hear from his fellow DUmmies...]


[That was Mama Raven whose checkbook has gotten Sonny Boy out of trouble many times.]

Thanks, Mom!

[Thanks, Mom, for birthing me into a wealthy family of CORPORATE lawyers who made my life one long easy street.]

The favorite tactic of the right is projection. Don't forget it.

[Speaking of projection... What do you call it when a wealthy idle leech denounces "The RIIIIIICHHHH?"]

I'm a Marxist. Fighting back is at the CORE of my belief system. I KNOW whose side I'm on in the class war. Everybody else needs to pick a side.

[A Marxist? Did you know that the original Marxist, Karl, was also a leech? He kept begging buddy Fredrich Engels to talk his wealthy dad into giving him more money to send to Karl so he could sit around all day in the London Public Library without actually having to do real work.]

You DO have a way with words, Mr. Pitt!!

[And many of those words go into his vanity press books. Just pull out a checkbook and PRESTO, you're a "New York Times bestselling author" who never ranked above #300,000 in Amazon.]

Anyone who believes what is written here owes it to themselves and our nation to be in DC on October 6th at Freedom Plaza.

[And be laughed at along with organizer David Swanson (and is he also a Trust Fund Kid?)]

Evil Sociopathic Treasonous Republican Scum

[You also sound like a Trust Fund Kid.]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Bleed the Rich": DUmmies applaud Obama's tax plan

Chairman Obamao went to the Rose Garden the other day to announce his tax plan to pay for his jobs bill that is already paid for. He wants to . . . wait for it . . . raise taxes on the rich! What a surprise! Of course, the cost of those taxes would then be passed along to the rest of us in the form of higher prices, jobs lost, etc. The real problem is the spending, things like . . . his jobs bill.

But we're coming up on election season, and so the Panderer-in-Chief has to appeal to his base. And the best way to do that is to pull out Old Reliable, the Class Warfare Card, the Democrats' mainstay for nigh onto 80 years now. "Bleed the rich!" "Drain them dry!" That's what Democrats love to hear. So that's what Barry is giving them. Of course, his tax-hike proposal has zero chance of making it through the Republlican House. He knows that. This is just a campaign ploy to rouse up the troops and blame the Rethugs.

And it works, at least on most of the DUmmies. They are applauding Obama's tax-the-rich proposal. As we've seen over the years, the DUmmies' visceral hatred of the rich is rivaled only by their hatred of Christianity. "Bleed the rich!"--that's the refrain we'll hear in this THREAD, "President Obama's Tax & Deficit Reduction Plan," and this THREAD, "Obama: This Is Not Class Warfare; It’s Math."

But before we get to the DUmmie comments, let's first sing this musical tribute to Obama's tax plan:

Tune: "Feed the Birds"

Making his way to the Garden of Rose,
Embattled Obama now comes.
And he goes to the mike with a plan to propose:
"Come, raise the tax on those bums.

"Come, bleed the filthy rich, drain them till dry,
And you'll be glad at their fate.
Their money is handy,
Our debt is so high--
All it takes is uppin' their rate.

"Bleed the rich, uppin' their tax,
Uppin', uppin', uppin' their tax."
"Bleed the rich," that's what he means,
While Underground, their cheers fill the screens.

All around their computers, the DUmp Democratic
Look on as he makes his pitch.
Although you can't see it, you know they're orgasmic
Each time Barry goes at the rich.

As his words are falling like dew,
Listen, listen, he's calling DU:
"Bleed the rich, uppin' their tax,
Uppin', uppin', uppin' their tax."

So now it's on to Obama and the DUmmies, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, is in the lower tax [barackets}:

President Obama's Tax & Deficit Reduction Plan

[President Obama's Tax & Spend Plan]

Remarks by the President on Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction

[Remarx by the President on Taxing the Rich to Pay for a Bill That's Already Paid for]

Rose Garden

[The-Debt-Just-Rose Garden]

A week ago today, I sent Congress the American Jobs Act. It’s a plan that will lead to new jobs for teachers, for construction workers. . . .

[Translation: It's a payback to the unions.]

Congress should pass this bill knowing that every proposal is fully paid for. . . . And today, I’m releasing a plan that details how to pay for the jobs bill. . . .

["It's already paid for, and so now we need to raise taxes to pay for it." Huuh??]

If we don’t act, the growing debt will eventually crowd out everything else, preventing us from investing in things like education, or sustaining programs like Medicare.

["Invest in" = Spend, spend, spend! on things the federal government has NO constitutional business being involved in, things like education and healthcare.]

for us to solve this problem, everybody, including the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations, have to pay their fair share. . . . it’s only right that we ask everyone to pay their fair share.

[The wealthy already pay WAY WAY MORE than their "fair share." "Fair" would mean that ALL citizens pay the same RATE. And then the rich would still pay much more in taxes than the rest of us.]

new revenues. . . . additional revenues. . . .

["Revenues" = euphemism for the "T" word.]

a plan that asks the most fortunate among us to pay their fair share. . . . this plan asks the wealthiest Americans. . . .

[Mr. Obama, I don't think your tax plan "asks" citizens to pay more in taxes. "Oh, Charlie, I'd like to ask you to pay more in taxes. Would you do that please?" What if I answered, "No, you're already stealing way too much out of my paycheck to pay for your socialist wealth-redistribution schemes. So if you're 'asking,' I'm answering, 'No, I don't think so.'" How would that fly, Mr. President? No, you wouldn't "ask" me anything. You would come to my door with guns and drag me off to prison if I didn't want to pay. So stop with this "asking" BS!]

Nobody wants to punish success in America.

[Except Democrats.]

This is not class warfare. It’s math. (Laughter.)

[Why was there laughter? Because everybody KNOWS it IS class warfare. . . . And now on to the DUmmies . . .]

Excellent ! Just F-ing EXCELLENT ! Take it viral. Take it NATIONAL.


Obama: This Is Not Class Warfare; It’s Math

[It's class warfare.]

Obama is doing what he needs to do to get elected. . . . That isn't passable and everyone knows it. . . . It's a joke.

[You are not far from a Kewpie Doll, grasshopper. But I'm not ready to give it away THAT fast. There may be a stronger entry later on.]

I finally agree with the administration again. . . . This is the kind of bill the entire progressive caucus has been chomping at the bit for for two years!

[Raising taxes on the rich is long overDUe!]

for once I agree with Obama. Raise taxes on the rich.


Many DUers have been steadily, and carefully, documenting the relentless subversion of our party's fundamental ideology during Obama's administration--inevitably enduring much hateful and sarcastic vitriol from fellow DUers--particularly from the increasingly pitiable Obama sycophants. . . . Across the globe, the vast hoi polloi is witness to the sordid underbelly of our species' monstrous hedonism, made manifest in the coffers of the uber wealthy (a tiny, exclusive group comprised of greedy wankers of various political stripes). We KNOW that our politicians--almost to a ONE--are sock puppets for the uber wealthy. We RECOGNIZE that those representatives who truly represent US (Bernie Sanders, Sheila Jackson Lee, Dennis Kucinich, Al Franken, to name a few of the VERY few...) fight a sisyphean battle just to be granted a few minutes of media coverage--often to be pundited into the oblivion of ridicule.

["Pitiable Obama sycophants," "sordid underbelly," "greedy wankers," "sisyphean battle"--you may be a raving socialist, DUmmie chervilant, but you do win the Colorful Phraseology of the Day Award. Now be sure to share your prize money equally with the less fortunate DUmmies.]

Really? Cause all I see is a bunch of burnout rage-addicted jerks who need a machine to rage against, without which their lives have no meaning.

[DUmmie Arkana dismisses chervilant's post by, ironically, describing DUmmieland in a NUtshell: "a bunch of burnout rage-addicted jerks who need a machine to rage against, without which their lives have no meaning." DUmmie chervilant responds . . .]

Since our nation has led the hundred-meter-dash toward the uber hedonistic disaster capitalism du jour, We the People MUST work together to arrive at a global strategy for global recovery. Obama's lackluster performance as POTUS is not surprising to me. I doubt there's a 'leader' on this planet who could stop the speeding bullet of corporate megalomania. Still, I am among those who have noticed that some of Obama's decisions warrant the increasingly vociferous adjurations from progressive democrats that he NOT be a sock puppet for the uber wealthy.

[DUmmie chervilant now is becoming increasingly annoying with his uber DU jour adjurations.]

it seems odd to me to get angry about a proposal to tax the rich. . . .

[Yes, don't lose sight of that! Tax the rich! Tax the rich! Tax the. . . .]

Of course, I am sure that nothing short of apocasocialism now!! is gonna stave off the almost inevitable global catastrophe that you are predicting, but I still don't see the point about raging about a positive step.

[Apocasocialism Now: "I love the smell of nailing the monied. Smells like . . . revenue."]

Re-instating taxes on the wealthy is a no-brainer.

[Therefore it appeals to the DUmmies, who have no brain.]

The blatant part is the timing. It is election time let's throw some crumbs on the peasants. It is just an election gimmick, but it must be passed.

[Peasant under pass.]

Where the hell has he been for 3 years?

[Golf is not a quick sport.]

I gave the reelection campaign $5 today. He got me fired up.

[And that was the purpose. You are the sucker he's been waiting for!]

Finally, the first hints of some fight!

[Obama will FIGHT for a tax plan that has no chance of passing!]

I knew Obama was under there somewhere . . . Starting to like this guy again.

[His body was taken over by a replicant for a while.]

We need the Republican obstructionism. The Republicans must be scape goats. . . . The label, the Party for the Rich, needs to hang firmly around every Republican neck. . . . I can't think of a good must be found. . . . We need slogans, short and snappy and to the point... I'm not very good with think of some good slogans!

[How about . . .
The rich have more money than we do. Let's take it from them.
No, that's too long and complicated. Let's just go with . . .
Short, snappy, to the point.]

Today, he did good.

[The Day When Everything Finally Changed.]

I like it alot.

[It's got a good beat, and it's easy to dance to.]

I hate these god d*mn republicans. Everytime I see them talking on tv fills my heart with murderous rage. F*** them, f*** them all to hell.

[That's the spirit!]

Woah Nellie! Dude, take it easy. . . . Try and be positive with your arguments.

[OK, I'm POSITIVE I hate republicans!]

Keep kicking their butts, President O!!!

[Take these son-of-a-b*tches out!]

Pres Obama, it is class warfare. . . . Let's get it out in the open.

Make no mistake. It is class warfare.

[It's the struggle of the oppressed masses against their capitalist overlords! I mean, come on!]

This Is The Man I Voted For in 2008. And this is the man I will vote proudly for in 2012. . . .

[Another sucker! It's working!]

It was a "Campaign Speech." His polls are down...and it's nothing more than about the campaign.

[Alright, DUmmie KoKo, you guys have worn me down. I'm flipping all the cards and giving YOU the Kewpie Doll! Congratulations!]

Go Obama! We need tax revenue. . . .


I sent ten bucks to Obama today, and twenty to the DCCC - Game On

[Obama is just $10 away from being able to tax the rich! C'mon, people! Let's make it happen!]

Monday, September 19, 2011

Michael Moore, Rich Fat White Guy, Hero of the DUmmies . . . a Racist?

It is no small irony that the Hero of the DUmmies is a rich fat white guy. Michael Moore, Thicko himself, would be crowned the King of the DUmp, if there was such a thing. What's moore, some of the DUmmies would rather have Mikie for President than the guy that's in there now.

Today we check out two Moore threads, this THREAD,"Michael Moore: 'ENOUGH!'" and this THREAD, "Michael Moore: I went into the polls to vote for a black man and got a white man!"

But before we get to those threads, we sing this tribute to the Happy Hippo-crite. Click the music link and sing along!

Tune: "Dennis Moore"

Michael Moore, Michael Moore
Gobbling through the s'mores
Michael Moore, Michael Moore
And his DUmmie hordes
He makes himself rich
By making class war
Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore

Michael Moore, Michael Moore
Writing to the Left
Soon every bad guy in the land
Will be under his mighty heft
He makes himself rich
By making class war
Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore

Michael Moore, Michael Moore
DUm DUm DUm the night
Michael Moore, Michael Moore
DUm de DUm DUm plight
He makes DUm DUm DUm
By DUm DUm DUm dee
Michael DUm, Michael dee, DUm DUm DUm

Michael Moore, Michael Moore
Riding through the store
Michael Moore, Michael Moore
Cleaning out aisle four
He steals from the DUmb
By scratching their itch
That's his niche, that is which makes him rich

So let us now go the the land where Moore is Yes!, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, who dislikes obnoxious lefties Moore and Maher, is in the [brackets]:

Michael Moore: "ENOUGH!"

[This may be the first time Michael More has ever had enough.]

Welcome to America! . . . A country that has purposefully abandoned the human right to an education in favor of sending millions of ignorant, uneducated, lost young people out into this world.

[I think they all ended up in DUmmieland, Mike.]

If the ignorant were to know anything about civics (no longer taught in most schools), that could be nothing short of explosive.

[You are right, Michael! If they were taught the Constitution, they would learn that the federal government has no power whatsoever in the area of education. That's a state and local matter. And besides, the problem of "ignorant, uneducated, lost young people" won't be solved by throwing more money at the public schools.]

So last night, I just couldn't take it, folks. I turned away from this Dickensian "alms for the poor" scene and screamed "Enough!"

[Yeah, Mike, why don't you throw your own money down the drain? God knows you've made enough. Cut down on the Twinkies and give a pay raise to whole teachers' union.]

I then asked them to please put as much as they could afford into those envelopes and I would match it, dollar for dollar. By the end of the night I think we raised about ten grand for the Bunker Hill Community College Student Emergency fund (and with my match, it became a total of $20,000).

[Well, good for you, Mike! That's a good way to go about it. PRIVATE, VOLUNTARY giving. That's actually a CONSERVATIVE concept! See, we don't need government to do everything!]

And then I asked all who were in the arena to make a pledge with me to reject this vision of America that has been thrust upon us. Reject it, fight it, fix it -- and to fix it, it will require a rumble. . . . The crowd spontaneously got up and clapped and shouted. I asked them if they would raise a ruckus in the months to come. The crowd shouted yes.

[Mike rouses the rabble for a rumble! Of course, five days later, they all will go back to munching Doritos in the comfort of their basement.]

Ha! The kleptocracy had better brace themselves.

[Brace yourselves! That rumble you feel is Mikie lumbering down the street!]

Michael Moore! The most influential person. . . .

[Michael Moore! The most effluential person. . . .]

"Kleptocracy!" Just brilliant!

I picked up the word "kakistocracy" from another post here today. It means, "government by the worst!"

[Michael Moore is in favor of bratocracy, government by the wurst.]

Michael Moore for President! I LOVE that man.


I started his book the other day. It begins in the womb. . . .

[Mrs. Moore must have had a womb the size of an airplane hangar.]

Mike for President!


I'd vote for him.

[I Like Mike! That's three! Keep 'em comin'!]

I'd also take Michael Moore for president -- how about Moore/Sanders?


Words can't express how much I love this guy!

[Same here! In fact, it would take NO WORDS AT ALL to express how much I love this guy.]



Michael Moore is an American hero. I love that guy. He speaks truth to power.

["Speaks truth to power"! Drink up!]

If you can't love Michael Moore, you can't love America.

[Michael Moore IS America! Love him or leave him!]

[Now we go to the second thread . . .]

Michael Moore: I went into the polls to vote for a black man and got a white man!

[Uh, Mike, that sounds little racist, if you ask me.]

It was Bill Maher who originally said something like that.

[What a surprise. The two most obnoxious men on the face of the earth quoting each other.]

It wasn't funny then, and isn't funny now. Uggh.

[Whaat?? Are you QUESTIONING the great Michael Moore, DUmmie ecstatic?]

His 15 minutes can't end fast enough!

[Michael Moore is working on 15 BUSINESS minutes, so you'll have to wait a while.]

You should make a list of all liberal and lefty public figures who have said something negative about Obama and/or one of his policies. That way we know who to scream " STOP BEING MEAN TO OBAMA" at.


The implication of his statement is that any blacks who are liberal aren't making an informed choice, aren't even capable of making an informed choice, between competing political viewpoints. If you're black, you have to think and act a certain way, or you're no true African American.

[One Kewpie Doll, coming up! DUmmie Bucky with that astute observation.]

It appears to me that Moore is judging Obama on the color of his skin. How is that not racist?

[Michael Moore is a big fat racist.]

Michael Moore under the bus now. . . .

[It's a tight fit.]

Michael Moore is a National treasure. EMBRACE HIM. . . .

[My arms are not NEARLY long enough!]

he said he probably won't vote for Obama in 2012

[That's it! Moore is definitely a racist!]

Last I checked the POTUS was bi-racial.

I was thinking the same thing also - he's half white. . . .

[Barry Half-White. That's the problem. Barry is letting his Inner White Man subjugate his Oppressed Black Self! He's a one-man plantation!]

Who knew MM was racist.

[Now you know.]

How does Obama act "white"? How is he supposed to act "black"?

[Golf. Basketball.]

I totally reject the idea that Obama is acting like a "white man." Barack Obama is being Barack Obama.

[It's just Barry being Barry.]

I do think Moore and Maher were fools for even saying such a thing.

[Look, Moore and Maher would have to duct-tape their mouths. . . .]

So we hate moore now? I lose track!

[I know, it's so confusing in DUmmieland, isn't it! So much hate all OVER the place!]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Watch the DUmmies attack AttackWatch! Report them!

This past week the Obama Reich launched, a website/twitter thingie to report attacks and smears against Dear Leader. Could there be a whiff of fascism in the air? The DUmmies debate this, here in this THREAD, "," and this THREAD, "AttackWatch Gains Over 100,000 Sign-Ups In Less Than 24 Hours."

So let us now monitor and report the DUmmies, in Brownshirt Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who, in his DU mole identity is busy gathering information on those critical of the One, is in the [Barackets]:


Get the Facts; Fight the Smears!

[Get the Fascism; Fight the Smurfs!]

sounds like a terror tracking website. think they could have a better name.

[How about]

but good for Obama.

[It's not fascism when we do it!]

Great site....I'll have to use it to fight the f***ed up smears posted at DU!

[Watch out! DUmmieland may get raided by the AttackWatch SS!]

this is creepy, 1984-ish

[Big Barry is watching you.]

I predict will blow up in their faces, where is Obama getting this shite advice from?

[Special Adviser Kurt Grove.]

What would your approach have been to counter RW lies and spin?

[LW lies and spin.]

Maybe having Obama directly address those lies and pins?

He's the president, I want him to do that job. I do not want him to wast precious time on fighting lies from asshats.

[It would take too much time out of his golf game.]

This site has very nebulous categories that make it looks like it is encouraging 'thought-police' style informing on other people. . . .

[Let's see, who was the person who posted that . . . and their ISP. . . .]

It already blew up in their faces. It's the laughingstock of the internet.

[It blowed up REAL good!]

Better now than October 2012 I suppose. I really hope his campaign gets all the idiocy out of their systems by then.

[Sorry. It just keeps on coming!]

My only question is will they be attacking the smears coming from all sides? I wouldn't be surprised if he ignored many of the left-wing ones. . . .

[Oh, don't be so sure! You better pull down the shade on that basement window there!]

it is creepy because amongst its categories to report on anyone are rumour, public statement & blog/website.

[Oh oh!]

That reeks of Stasi-like informer mentality.

[It reeks of BO.]

It's nothing to wet yourself over.

[benburch disagrees.]

It's becoming a joke already. . . .

[So an AttackWatch, a DUmmie, and a Jewish rabbi walked into a bar. . . .]

Not sure this was a very smart thing to do.

[Democratic Understatement.]

Better believe that Rove and the Kochs are and will be throwing everything in their very nasty arsenal against President Obama. The republicans have been in seige mode since before the inauguration. And, yes, they do have some of their sappers at DU.

[OK, DUmmies, that fellow DUmmie with 1000+ posts you THINK you know? LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Report them! Turn them in! For the good of the Parentland!]

Why does the site have to be so damn creepy? WTF?

[Worship The Führer!]

it's good Obama is starting to be tough with Republicans and calling their bullsh*t out, but that doesn't mean he has to use violent(ish) rhetoric and have a creepy-ass website.

[Is that a CRITICISM of Dear Leader??]

AttackWatch Gains Over 100,000 Sign-Ups . . .

[I think 90,000 of them are conservatives mocking the thing.]

In Less Than 24 Hours

[Would those be Business Hours or Regular Hours?]

It's for people that want the Democrats to win, to get their information to go and fight the smears, hyperbole, exaggerations, speculations, lies, fabrications, nonsense, folk lore, deliberate character assassinations, omitted information, myths, falsehoods, propaganda, false impressions, Intellectual dishonesty, emailed bullshit, provocative claims, rumors, magnification, overstatements, statements from unnamed sources, overreactions, catastrophization, deceptions, spin, cognitive distortion, generalizations, vague sources, Media hackery, emotionally overvalued analysis, dramatization, theatricality, oversimplification, making mountains out of molehills, sky is falling predictions of doom, swiftboating garbage and insane, ridiculous or absurd claims.

[It's for people who have a thesaurus.]

to become the laughingstock of the Internet, just check the twitter feed #AttackWatch

[90,000 signer-uppers MOCKING Attack Watch! Hee! Hee!]

Let the teabagging trolls have their fun.

[Oh, they are, I assure you!]

Funny that you bring up the silly "twitter" non-story.

[Yes, FUnnie indeed, DUmmie SixthSense, you with only 55 posts. Why, I think I may just have to TURN YOU IN!!]

"Right of center outlets derided the effort." And so did a good chunk of DU. But I'm absotively posolutely sure that's a coincidence. . . .

[Remember, REPORT your fellow DUmmie who criticizes AttackWatch! They are no friend of the Führer!]

It's a downright creepy site and there is no reason for it. . . . The site comes off as Orwellian.


They can get 50 alerts a day right here.


Conservatives are signing up to make fun of the site.

[90,000 and counting! That would cover just about all the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS in DUmmieland! Hee! Hee!]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WTF? Weprin-Turner Fratricide in DUmmieland

WTF? Weprin lost to Turner, and it shouldn't have happened. So now the DUmmies are looking for someone to blame. A circular firing squad has formed, and the first shots have been fired. There's Weprin-Turner Fratricide in DUmmieland!

PJ has already given you one DUFU this morning on the stunning NY-9 election. But the result is so delicious, it's worth a second edition. It's a DUbble-DUFU Wednesday! I'm sampling from a bunch of different threads, so no particular link.

DUmmies in the Bolshevik Red. Me, Charles Henrickson, in the [brackets]. And away we go:

Boy. The people spoke LOUDLY> What a beating. 2012 is going to suck!


Win The Future has basically turned into What The F***.

[Wear The Failure!]

Obama won the district with 55%

[Win The Past!]

Worry about what? The sun will still come up tomorrow. Chill.

[If Little Orphan Annie married Alfred E. Neuman, this DUmmie would be their offspring.]

Orthodox jews voting for the new Nazi party... amazing

[Blame it on the JOOOOOOOS! Also, flag on the play: Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies, 15 yards and a first down.]

There are no words. People should not assume that the Republicans will die EVER.

[Night of the Living Red.]

This is what happens when you text pictures of your penis on the internet.

[Weiner The Future.]

It should be noted that the MAJORITY of QUEENS voted for Weprin the Democrat.

[He carried the Bull Dykes, too.]

First time in 90 years that seat will be held by a Republican. About 45 straight elections it has gone Democratic and now it's Republican?

[Hope and Change!]

Shape of things to come with Obama at the top of the ticket in 2012!

[But, but how can that be?? I mean, Mr. Obama JUST gave the bestest presidential address in DECADES just last week! "Pass this bill!" he told us. So you would THINK voters would respond and SEND someone to pass this most urgent and necessary bill that we need so desperately right away. Wha' hoppen??]

all I have to say... is that voters in NY09 are f***ing stupid and will believe any lie you tell them...f*** you all! another vote in the House to get rid of SS, Medicare, etc...F*** YOU ALL!

[Bunch of Orthodox Jewish Nazis!!]

idiots in the district and idiots in the dem party leadership. And we're stuck voting for Obama. Sucks.

[Time to start thinking about moving overseas again!]

SH*TTY race, SH*TTY issues, SH*TTY candidates, just SH*TTY.

[It happens.]

Epic fail there. People aren't as afraid of Teapubs as we were hoping.

[MediScare and "Theocracy!" didn't work?? Oooh, this could be bad. . . .]

The Republicans had lots of money and propaganda in this race and used their favorite weapon, FEAR.

[But what about when you guys play YOUR Fear Card (which is, like, always)? And I quote, "People aren't as afraid of Teapubs as we were hoping."]

Too bad...and amazing that people will vote in a crazy. It's all about getting that "n" word out of THEIR White House.

[And now the Race Card gets played.]

More 11-Dimensional Bull$h!t Chess Games: We just can't see the "brilliance" of LOSING, LOSING, LOSING. Wait 'til 2012--I predict a massacre like 1980. Welcome, Pres. Perry and VP Palin. Your Theocracy is waiting.

[Welcome to your nightmare, DUmmieland. Your hatred of Christianity is showing.]

We may have effectively a 100% Republican government at the beginning of 2013. It's going to be a wild ride and may end with all the cars coming off the tracks. whee.

[No, a little louder: WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!]

Unbelievable. NYC has gone mental in this case.

[The Big Addle.]

If Americans are dumb enough to vote these people back into congress and the presidency. They deserve everything they get.

[That's it! We're moving to the Netherlands!]

The population is reaching the tipping point of desperation. . . . Desperation is a terrible thing...and we are on the verge of that tipping point..

[A double "tipping point" post! And it was NOT by Nadin!]

I expect a Republican sweep in the next election. Including presidency. . . . I predict we will see near total Republican control of the government starting 2013 unless Obama can do something heroic and miraculous soon.

[Wait, wait! He already DID! That "Pass this jobs bill" speech the other day. Didn't you hear it? Fantastic! Heroic! Miraculous! Recovery--no, BOOM TIMES--here we come! . . . I don't know how those voters in New York missed it! Oh, I suppose they were out attending one of their racist Jewish Nazi rallies or something. . . .]

This can't be right. I suspect deibold machines. There is no other answer for a district so heavily Democratic. The repukes find a way to steal it every time.

[DUmmie Mr Gerrity (13 posts), I suspect you are PLAYING with the DUmmies here, making sport of them, and therefore I'm calling you out as a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Clearly Voter Fraud By Repugs. You don't lose a district that is 3-1 Democrat to a Repug. You just don't. There has to be massive voter fraud by the Repugs and Weprin had better immediately file a challenge. This type of elction stealing by the Repugs must stop now.

[Hmm, this by DUmmie tidy_bowl (249 posts). I'm smelling a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL convention!]

Thanks sh*tbag Washington so-called Democrats. You f***ed us again, you spineless pieces of sh*t.

[Feel the love!]

DUmmies STUNNED by NY-9 Election

When you tweet your meat Democrats get beat. It also didn't help that Obama's unpopularity dragged down Democrat candidate David Weprin in what should have been a slam dunk district for Democrats. Oh, and one overlooked factor is Weprin's wig which looks like it has a life of its own. In fact, rumor has it that Weprin's wig snuck off yesterday to cast a ballot for victorious Republican Bob Turner as revenge for Weprin subjecting it to constant humiliation by appearing in public with the ill fitting wig. Could the next stop for Weprin be the Hair Club for Men? In any event, the DUmmies are not only stunned but full of RAGE as well as the usual excuses to explain the Demcrat loss as you can see in their THREAD, "GOP's Bob Turner wins special election for Anthony Weiner's NY congressional seat." So let us now watch the shocked screech of the DUmmies in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Weprin's wig will be replacing Al Sharpton on MSNBC, is in the [barackets]:

GOP's Bob Turner wins special election for Anthony Weiner's NY congressional seat

[Diebold's Fault!!!]

all I have to that voters in NY09 are fucking stupid and will believe any lie you tell them...f*ck you all! another vote in the House to get rid of SS, Medicare, etc...F*CK YOU ALL!

[Screamed the DUmmie into the Rabid Foam "Bucket.]

idiots in the district and idiots in the dem party leadership.
And we're stuck voting for Obama. Sucks.

[Is that Weprin's wig posting as a troll in DUmmieland?]

Epic fail there. People aren't as afraid of Teapubs as we were hoping.

[GASP! You mean that David Gergen could be WRONG about people being "horrified" by the Tea Party?]

I'm mad at Weiner all over again. His ego lost us a voice.

[So did his weiner.]

I'm mad that he wasn't smarter about the whole thing. I saw the pics -- HE put them out there. That's not propaganda, that's poor judgment.

[I'm wondering if Weprin's Wig will start tweeting.]

They took NV as well........ The Hate for Obama is so thick here in Reno, I can't even put A DU sticker on my car unless I want it vandalized.

[David Weprin's wig is laughing at your DU sticker.]

More 11-Dimensional Bull$h!t Chess Games: We just can't see the "brilliance" of LOSING, LOSING, LOSING. Wait 'til 2012--I predict a massacre like 1980. Welcome, Pres. Perry and VP Palin. Your Theocracy is waiting.

[Eddie Mush Pitt chose Weprin's Wig as the winner.]

Hmm... why would a single district have most of the state's Orthodox Jews? No I don't think they get to vote their interests. Their lobby is illegitimate because it has been unfairly created specifically to empower them.

[So all those gerrymandered black and hispanic districts are also illegitimate?]

The best thing this president can do for our nation is LBJ the thing and let a real Democrat energize our voting base.

[Is that you, Hillary?]

Anyone who thinks we are on the path to electoral success next year better wake up. And that includes the president.

[But...but won't the jobs (stimulus) bill put him back on the right track?]

If there is no presidential primary we will not be seeing another four years. Wake up and read the writing on the wall people. If we run the same horse again we will lose the white house too. That horse has won all the races he is ever going to win.

[Hope and Change the candidate.]

We may have effectively a 100% Republican government at the beginning of 2013.

[And that will making watching the DUmmie Ant Farm even more FUn!]

Friday, September 09, 2011

"Best Presidential Address in Decades!"

So how many stars did the DUmmies give The King's Speech? Let's find out, shall we? DUmmie MineralMan, for one, gives it two thumbs up, as we see here in this THREAD, "Best Presidential Address in Decades!"

So let us read the rave raving reviews, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--amazed at all the shell games, false dichotomies, straw men, and outright lies packed onto one teleprompter--is in the [Barackets]:

Best Presidential Address in Decades!

[Maybe in CENTURIES! It was the bestest EVER!!]

If you don't like some of it, listen to the rest.

[Do I have to?]



I totally agree.

[Totally! I mean, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. . . ." Weak. "Ask not what your country can do for you. . . ." Lame. "Yesterday, December 7, 1941. . . ." Uninspiring. "Four score and seven years ago. . . ." Bleh. No, we had to wait till THIS: "Pass this jobs bill. You should pass it right away." Now THERE is eloquence!]

What matters is what happens tomorrow and down the road.

[Like, having an actual bill to look at.]

This is just a kickoff. There's an entire game to play.

[Which reminds me: Were people more interested in seeing Coach Obama of the Chargers or the game between the Packers and the Saints?]

It was, in short, a masterful speech.

[Brilliant! A speech without a bill! Trading savings in spending for "Everything is paid for." Big payback for labor unions, but the rest of you are SOL. Stimulus 2.0 without the "S" word--The Stimulus Package That Dare Not Speak Its Name. A shovel-ready speech, considering all the sh*t it contained. And the crowning touch, a veritable leitmotif running through the symphony that was this speech: "Pass this bill. You should pass it right away." Just great!]

If he follows through, it will be a win.

[If this bill makes it through the Republican House, it will be a miracle.]

He killed it!

[I think it was dead on arrival.]

only decades? why do you hate obama?

[Damning with faint prez.]

I think he nailed this 100%. I don't agree with everything in the speech. . . .

[Have you covered percentages yet in math class?]

He brought to point their culpability, in the way things are.

[Yes, the Repugs (the conservative ones, at least) are GUILTY of wanting to reduce spending and reduce taxes and have the federal government do only what the Constitution empowers it to do. The swine!]

He's not a dictator, obstructionists will continue to block.

[Forget President, Obama for DICTATOR!]

He completely destroyed the Republican party in 45 minutes. Utterly destroyed, eviscerated.

[OK, cancel the election! The rethuglicans are THROUGH! A stimulus package to benefit Big Labor and to do away with spending reductions we were going to have otherwise--who could be against it? No, this is the speech that will propel Democrats on to PERMANENT VICTORY!]

It was a great speech. Looks like taxes are going up for the wealthy and less tax loopholes for corporations.

[The cost of which will then be passed along to the rest of us. Wonderful.]

Jobs for teachers and construction workers.

[Translation: The big labor unions get some payback for being in the Democrats' hip pocket.]

For this moment, it was an "A".

[It was ABOVE my "A" grade!]

Tonight, we had only this moment. Tomorrow is another day. Obama owned this moment.

[It was SWELL! I got a thrill up my leg! The earth moved!]

And tomorrow he is going to be in Richmond, Cantor territory. And next Tuesday in Columbus which happens to be in OH.

[Have teleprompter, will travel.]

Yup. Obama's on the road again.

[I am put in mind of Harold Hill selling band instruments.]

It was awesome. Letting them know he's coming to their districts to lobby on behalf of the voters was genius.

[Let the fainting begin!]

This was a great and historic speech by Pres. Obama

["Pass this jobs bill. You should pass it right away. Everything is paid for. Pass this bill. You should pass it right away." Genius!]

He really needs to regularly take the bully pulpit. . . .

[Emphasis on "bull."]

and hammer the ideas in his speech home, until this speech is on everyone's tongues in this country.

[Why, what's this coming on my tongue?? "Pass this bill. You should pass"--Help! Make it stop!]

If he follows through on this, he will not only get reelected, he will get much of this enacted in Congress.

[WHAT are you SMOKING??]

The Republicans know what happened tonight, and they have no defense against it.

[A big-spending stimulus bill by any other name--will it not stink as much?]

It was the BEST I have heard in my lifetime and I am 60 years old and have heard lots of presidential addresses!

[It ranks up there with Jimmy Carter's sweater speech!]

I'm 66 years old. I have to say that JFK's inaugural address topped this, but not by much. . . .

[BHO: "Ask not what your country can do for you . . . unless you're a member of a big labor union, then, yeah, go ahead."]

To my mind, the jobs bill amounts to the 2009 stimulus cut in half. . . . I'm not sure how the same (or very similar) ideas will produce a different effect on the public.

[For those comments alone, DUmmie jpgray, you win today's Kewpie Doll!]

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pitt backs down on Obama backing down on Hoffa's comments

Well, that didn't take long. Will is dancing the Tepid Two-Step. Let's sing while he dances!

Tune: "Some Enchanted Evening"

Self-recanted evening,
When you see the flip-flops,
You may see where Pitt stops
Across the DUmmieland.
And somehow you know,
You know even then,
That sometime you'll see him
Recant once again.

Self-aggrandized weaving,
Bloviating windbag,
Going where the wind blows,
Not knowing where to stand.
He'll write to the left--
That's left to go right--
Will's so busy dancing,
He can't sleep at night.

Who can explain Pitt?
Who can tell you why?
Will gives two versions,
Neither one can fly.

Some fantastic FReeping!
Someone may be laughing,
You may hear the laughing
Among the DUFU fans.
And night after night,
When we go to bed,
That sound is our laughter--
Will Pitt's in our thread!

Once we have DUFUed
Will Pitt's swing and miss,
Then he'll discover
He can't recant this!

And so it goes. Willie says one thing, then he has to take it back a little later. Will Pitt's dance often goes like this: Say something looney-lib-tough, to score points with the DUmmies. Then when the Dims disappoint, Will the Shill, loyal party hack that he is, has to cover his tuchus with a spin move. Or vice versa. It's a tricky act, but Will has his steps so down by now that he can do them in a drunken stupor.

The latest example is the Hoffa contretemps. On Labor Day, as he was introducing Present Zero, Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa Jr. stirred up his union thugs to go after conservatives, saying: "Let's take these son-of-a-bitches out!"

Even Pitt could see that there would be calls for the White House to distance themselves from Hoffa's violent rhetoric. But Pitt, in high DUdgeon and in solidarity with his union brothers, swore he was going to be sick if there was an apology, here in this THREAD, "If Obama backs down in the face of this Hoffa thing, I am going to lose my f***ing mind." (PJ documented this much of the story in last night's DUFU.)

Well, guess what? Obama DID back down and issue an apology, as we see in this THREAD, "Mr. Pitt, you better sit down: WH backs away from Hoffa comments."

But then PITT backs down on his losing his f***ing mind and getting sick! Says Obama didn't really "back down," he only "backed off." Oh, it's yet another Pittian self-recanted evening! Hee! Hee!

So let us now watch Wee Willie do the Tepid Two-Step, in Red-Faced Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, looking forward to celebrating Wee Willie's 40th birthday this November, is in the [brackets]:

If an apology is issued, I'm going to be sick.

[And lose your f***ing mind, too. Don't forget that part, Will. But, no worries, I'm SURE your Progressive President would NEVER back down on taking the fight to the teabaggers!]

Seems like you are trolling for "outrage recs" to reach greatest page, Will.

[You know him well, I see. Yes, it's always all about Will.]

Well, Will... looks like Commander Compromise capitulated again.


That room is is still open, but there's another influx of toasted progressives that just came in here to Happyland Home for the Politically Insane. Better hurry! Do you want to try to drive here yourself, or do you want a ride in the Big White Van?

[DUmmie Zorra invites Will to a room next to his at Happyland, now that Pitt will be losing his f***ing mind.]

read it and weep

[Read WHAT?? What are you talking about??]

Mr. Pitt, you better sit down: WH backs away from Hoffa comments


Moving quickly to distance himself and President Obama from Hoffa’s controversial comments at a Labor Day rally, Carney said that Hoffa “speaks for himself, he speaks for the labor movement, the AFL-CIO.”

[Hee! Hee! Obama's Carney barker even gets Hoffa's union wrong!]

[So as not to have to say too much about what he promised to do if Obama backs down, Will Pitt simply posts a picture response:]

wish i could buy you a beer today

[Bottomless Pitt will need more than one beer to drown his sorrows, DUmmie kpete.]

The (facepalm) is directed at muffing his union affiliation. . . .

[Yeah, right, Will. It was just a little slip of the tongue on the name of the union. Pitt begins his backpedaling.]

And I never said I'd freak out over an apology. I said "back down."

[No, Will, you DID say "apology." AND "back down." And it sounds like Obama did both!]

This isn't big, but it's definitely backing off. . . .

[OK! It was just a "backing off"! Not a "backing down." Whew! Will was worried he might have to follow through with his promise and get sick and lose his f***ing mind.]

blowing Hoffa's union affiliation is just icing on the damned cake.

[OK, Will backed down on Obama's backing down, so now he doesn't have to be TOO angry at Obama and lose his loyal party hack status. But at the same time he also has to quickly do a reverse move and sound looney-lib-tough again, to satisfy the DUmmie crowd--only, make it just a minor point, about Carney using the wrong union label. See? Will's got this Tepid Two-Step down pat!]

[The DUmmies comment . . .]

Read between the f***ing lines, people.

[On Obama's backing down or Pitt's?]

I have no words for the stupidity of this piss pot Carney. yes this is what we have as the WH Press Sec. A piss pot know nothing jerk.

[Carney needs to get himself a teleprompter, then he wouldn't make such stupid statements. Hey, better yet, Obama needs to get himself . . . a new press secretary! And I know just the man! He's a unionized Communications Worker. Journalist, international best-selling author. Even served as a press secretary (for Kookcinich) for a few minutes once. Yes, that's right! Will the Shill! C'mon Obama, take on Piss Pot PITT for this press post!]

I apologize for ever having supported Obama.

[Are you "backing down," "backing off," or "backing away"?]

I flog myself!

[Yes, we know that, benburch. But do you apologize for supporting Obama?]

Should I even pretend to be surprised?

[This is a PITT thread, Know-it-all Nadin! Go away! You can't hog ALL the DUFUs!]

The hate for Obama from parts of the perpetually disgruntled left has jumped about 5 sharks at this point.

[Obama-hate has jumped the snark.]

pointing out the obvious truth that Hoffa doesn't speak for the President pretty much dodges the real issue, namely, whether the President endorses Hoffa's remarks. Quite arguably, it even suggests that the president does not approve of the remarks. But at a minimum, it is wimpy and weasely.

[You get the Kewpie Doll, DUmmie Vattel! Something which Wimpy, Weasely, Wee Willie Pitt could NOT win, what with him doing the Tepid Two-Step.]

Where did they find this guy [Carney]? He's been a terrible Press Sec.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hoffa: Pitt Claims to Lose Mind if Obama Apologizes

Can there possibly be any bigger HYPOCRITE than WILLIAM RIVERS PITT? Last January he climbed on his moral high horse and LECTURED conservatives on the subject of using violent rhetoric in the wake of the Rep. Giffords shooting. At the time he had conveniently forgotten his own extensive history of violence including threatening to beat up a homeless woman---Bobo the Hobo. And now Pitt has forgotten his own lecture since he is claiming that he will lose his mind if Obama apologizes for Jimmy Hoffa, Jr's hateful rhetoric as you can see in his THREAD, "Obama backs down in the face of this Hoffa thing, I am going to lose my f*cking mind." Um, Will, I think you long ago passed that point. In fact I think we can pinpoint the exact date...May 12, 2006 when you entrusted your entire brain to the good faith of one Jason Leopold despite the fact that his fraudulence was already well known on the Web. So let us now watch Pitt threaten to lose his already lost mind in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Pitt will go on the rampage at the Newton schoolyard if Obama apologizes, is in the [barackets]:

Obama backs down in the face of this Hoffa thing, I am going to lose my f*cking mind.

[And beat up homeless women?]

In addressing the crowd before Obama’s appearance, Hoffa said there has been a war on workers. “And you see it everywhere, it is the tea party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war.”

[Pitt also loves a good fight by stalking parked cars in Colorado and beating up the homeless women living in them.]

Hoffa added: “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of a b----- out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

[Care to lecture us again about conservatives using violent rhetoric, Pitt?]

The Tea Party, and by that I mean the GOP, is demanding an apology from Obama over these comments.

[Pitt gave a partial birth non-apology for his Fitzmas Fraud.]

Hoffa was 100% correct in everything he said, down to the last word.

[Pitt wants to enlist in Hoffa's Warriors. He has a lot of experience in threatening warfare upon homeless women.

If an apology is issued, I'm going to be sick. An apology will perfectly encapsulate everything wrong about this administration's approach to the "loyal" opposition.

[Um, Will, I think you already branded yourself as sick with your history of extremely violent rhetoric. And now to the DUmmie Peanut Gallery...]

Bullshit. That was a dumb thing to say. That is a dog whistle just as it would be from Palin's mouth. Whether it was intentional or not, one does not need be a PHD in communication to understand the connotation and context of those words. A hell of a dumb thing to say in our nation-on-the-edge.

[Prepare for your Tombstoning DUmmie RadiationTherapy.]

I feel relatively at peace simply acknowledging that as an adult I recognize that Hoffa's comments were inappropriate in a political culture where we are "supposedly" trying for a higher standard since the horrible attack on Ms. Gifford.

[Not only do you WIN a Kewpie doll, you have caused Pitt to suffer from a drooling fit in his rubber room.]

Clearly, Hoffa's comments were taken out of context.

[That's the Media Matters official excuse but when you see/read the whole speech the words were very much IN context.]

It doesn't matter whether he should have said it or not. What matters, and all that matters, is that no one apologize for it publicly to anyone for any reason.

[Now you're sounding like a REAL DUmmie.]

F*ck the tea party...and it's mindless followers.. it's about freaking time "our side" start pushing.. no scratch the - shoving back!

[Feeeeeel the looooove!!!]

Let this be our battle cry: "“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of a b----- out and give America back to an America where we belong.”


read it and weep
Mr. Pitt, you better sit down: WH backs away from Hoffa comments

[Hee! Hee! Prepare Pitt's drool rag and butterfly net!]

"Biden: 'I am about to be let loose.'"

At a Big Labor rally yesterday in Ohio, Vice-President Joe Biden stirred up the crowd by saying, "I am about to be let loose." WHOA! Look out now! Joey Plugs is on the prowl!

Yes, it's time once again for . . . "Rogaine and Biden's Gaffe-In"! Joe Biden just has that effect on people. Even when he tries to sound tough, he comes across as a buffoon. The only thing loose on him is a screw. The Clown Prince of Politics just can't help it!

But as far as going after conservatives with tough, angry threats, Biden wasn't alone yesterday. In Detroit, in the presence of President Obama himself, we had Jimmy Hoffa Jr. inciting his union thugs by saying: "Let's take these sons-of-bitches out!" Violent rhetoric much, Democrats? Or does that only work one way? The Democrats are gearing up for WAR!! Not against terrorists. Worse. Against teabaggers and rethuglicans.

That was the point Joe Biden was making when he said, "I am about to be let loose." The loose cannon on the ship of state is about to FIRE!

And the DUmmies approve. Those that aren't laughing, at least. Witness this THREAD, Biden: "I am about to be let loose."

So let us join the DUmmies and Joe the DUmber, in Red-Hot Rhetoric Red, while the calm and collected commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--recalling that Joe Biden was the DUmmie Funnies' first endorsement, simply for his comedy entertainment value--is in the [brackets]:

Biden: "I am about to be let loose."


Biden said that in the upcoming presidential campaign he will be fighting for nothing less than the survival of the American working class.

[Hardscrabble Joe from Scranton PA. True to his working-man roots. FIGHTING for the little man! Whether he's hangin' out at the Home Depot, relaxing at his multimillion-dollar mansion, or fishing for votes in Cincinnati. What a guy!]

Why wasn't he "let loose" on 1/21/09?

[Um, don't ask that question, DUmmie Dreamer Tatum. Crazy Joe can only be let out of the attic on select occasions. But now, WATCH OUT, he's gonna be a fireball!]

we need to DRAFT DEAN for Pres in 2012. . . .

[Can you imagine that ticket? DEAN-Biden? Daffy Doc and Joe the DUmber? Comedy GOLD, I tell you!]

GREAT NEWS!!! Kick A**, Joe!!!

[He's a Biden-seek missile, aimed at rethuglican tush!]

'Bout time, Uncle Joe. 'Bout damn time.

[Yeah, you've been stallin' too long! Now go Stalin on them, Uncle Joe!]

He's been sporting a muzzle for too long.

[And a straitjacket. Kinda like Hannibal the Cannibal. But now--now he's gonna be let LOOSE! Hide in fear, teabaggers! But it will do you no good!]

I love Joe....

[He's just a fun-lovin', hardcrabble yet huggable guy, isn't he?]

I sometimes wonder how different this administration might have been and our current situation, had Joe Biden (not HRC or BO) gotten the nomination...

[You know, we wonder the same thing here at DUmmie FUnnies. Plugs Biden had our endorsement and everything! Little good it did him, though. What went wrong? What went WRONG?? Vilsack, too, same thing.]

I'm glad if Biden is now "unleashed."


Joe Biden can get out there and say what needs to be said. . . .

["Stand up, Chuck! Let 'em see ya! . . . Oh, God love ya, what am I talkin' about?"]

way I heard, it was Biden was the one who urged Obama to cave on the Bush tax cuts.


He was my first choice -- my "plan" was to have a Biden/Obama ticket. . . .

[Clown & Articulate.]

I'm very glad and reassured he's the VP. . . . I'm sure he's been invaluable to O thus far.

[You know, you're right. Joe Biden is Obama's firewall against impeachment.]

Biden unleashed will be a joy to watch.

[DUFU Heaven!]

Go Joe!!! I love me some Biden!!!!!!!


"Not an applause line. You are the only folks keeping the barbarians at the gate!"

["Grab your crossbows! Throw your spears! Shoot some cows at 'em!"]

"The other side has declared war on labor's house and it's about time we stand up!"

["Stand up, Big Labor! Let 'em see ya! . . . Oh, God love ya, what am I talkin' about?"]

Hey, Joe, we have been standing up. You? You've been supporting job killin' trade deals.

[Not a fan, I take it.]

Biden Unchained!

[Biden Unplugged! No, wait. . . .]

Let's just hope he doesn't put his foot in his mouth, as he's been known to do on occasion.

[Who, Joe? You're kidding!]

"I am about to be let loose," Yikes, I almost thought he meant that he wasn't going to be the VP next go around. . . .

[That may be truer than you realize! Hee! Hee!]

Release the Biden!

[His Barack's worse than his Biden!]

Turn him loose!


What would happen if Joe Biden suddenly announced he is running for President in 2012. . . ?


If Joe jumped and opened an opposition campaign, what would happen?

[He'd get the coveted DUFU endorsement, that's for sure! PRIMARY OBAMA, TRAITOR JOE!]

Biden has a reputation for having foot in mouth disease. The media portrays him as a goofball.

[D*MN THEM MEDIA! So unfair!]

I guess this is just Joe being Joe.

[Biden bein' Biden. Say that three times fast.]

About time Joe. Must be campaign season.

[One Kewpie Doll, coming right up!]