Thursday, January 31, 2008

#1 Video On YouTube: NewsBusted

Check it out! The #1 video on YouTube is currently NewsBusted with over 400,000 views!!! This conservative online comedy show has swept to the top of all videos. Here is the SCREENSHOT of it in the #1 slot on YouTube. It is also at #20 right now in terms of views for the week.

Okay, go ahead and watch the video above. My absolute favorite joke is at the tail end about Tony Rezko. Gee, I wonder who wrote that joke? Hee! Hee!

Leftwingers Reveal What They REALLY Think Of McCain Performance At Republican Debate

The general concensus among conservatives is that John McCain came off as tired, creepy, mean, angry, and a bit crazy in last night's Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in the Simi Valley. However, since conservatives are generally antagonistic towards McCain, perhaps their views are a bit slanted. Therefore I decided to check on what the Left REALLY thought about McCain's performance. I couldn't rely on media reports since most of those liberals will cover for McCain because they want him nominated so he can easily be slapped down in the general election. Therefore, I decided to wander over to KOmmieland and see what their impressions of McCain were. Among themselves, the Left tends to be a lot more forthright about their views than the MSM liberals who must shade their real thoughts from the public due to to their agendas. There was a big three part THREAD at the Daily Kos starting with "Debate Thread #1" posted by head KOmmie KOs himself. What is very interesting is that their general impression of McCain pretty much matches that of conservatives. So forget the MSM fake take on the debate. If both conservatives and leftwing KOmmies have the same negative impression of McCain, then you can count on it being the general impression of most of the populace watching that debate despite the MSM covering for him. So let us now watch the KOmmies give their unfiltered views of John McCain in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that McCain has been teetering on the edge of becoming a full blown Captain Queeg, is in the [brackets]

McCain has particular problems... for the last week, in his speeches and TV appearances, he's started to look and sound tired -- really, really tired. Even his Florida "victory speech" sounded like he would have rather been in bed. If this keeps up, he's in trouble -- so far people are giving him the benefit of the doubt, on his health, but if he continues to look like he's maybe not up to the task of campaigning, it's going to become an issue.

[An accurate observation from KOmmie KOs. Of course, the MSM will overlook the obvious appearance of exhaustion on the part of McCain because they want him to win the nomination and LOSE the general election. And now on to the other KOmmie observations of McCain...]

Maybe McCain needs to embrace Reagan's ability to look fresh & chipper during his public appearances by sleeping the rest of the time--12 hours a day at least...

[Yeah, just who we need to nominate. Someone tired and exhausted from the get-go.]

Romney asked to criticize McCain. The reporter asks the question with a strange look, like she's saying, "Come on, Mitt, don't you think he's awesome?"

[Yeah, I noticed that too. Chalk it up to the MSM ulterior motive of getting McCain nominated.]

McCain sounds like he's half asleep. Now he's putting me to sleep. His campaign is contagious like a yawn.

[He can afford to sleep through his campaign since the MSM will do his electioneering for him.]

McCain 08 - Because America needs a nap


Is it just me. Or does McCain sound like a tired, cranky, mean old man? He's positively gleeful about being mean!

[It's not just you but you wouldn't know it listening to the MSM.]

McCain sounds terrible. No energy or life in his voice.

[Which is another reason why the MSM wants him nominated.]

I think he is a Zombie. His anger animates his otherwise dead body

[Night of the Living Dread.]

God McCain looks old and sounds like my late grandfather meandering off aimlesly. Can anybody say Bob Dole?

[The MSM can which is why they want him nominated and lose in the general election.]

The end game is the presidency not the nomination

[BINGO! And that is why the MSM wants McCain nominated because they know what the end game is.]

Does McCain Have A Tummy Ache. Either that or hemorrhoids ... he's sitting forward all the time and putting his weight on his elbows.

[The MSM will point out all the nervous fidgeting by McCain but only AFTER he is nominated.]

McCain is droning. Even when he's trying to be emotional about being a "footsoldier in the Reagan Revolution", he still sounds like the voice on an airline's automated reservations system.

["Press One if you want McCain nominated. Press Two if you want the Republicans to lose. Press Three if you want both."]

Did anyone see the Straight Talk Express go by? Because all I'm seeing is McCain blow smoke about his record on Bush's tax cuts.

[You noticed that but I hope Republicans notice it too.]

Look at how pissed McCain is at Romney. Ha! His jaw is tight, he is acting like he is above all of this, his pen is being destroyed in his hand. He thinks he has this sewn up, and the others are just in his way. Make him crazy, Romney and Ron Paul!!!

[If Republicans WAKE UP and Romney does better than expected on Super Tuesday, then you can expect McCain to go off the deep end with a pretty good impression of Captain Queeg.]

McCain = older, more creepy Ed Harris...he looks like he's going to snap while Romney talks.

[Stand by for his impending implosion if Super Tuesday does not go his way.]

Romney's note to himself -> STFU Old Man!

[LOL! Now on to Debate Thread #2...]

Question to McCain: If your immigration bill came to the floor of the Senate, would you vote for it.

Mr. Weasel Word Express refused to answer the question, twice saying his bill won't come to the floor as a way to avoid the question.

[The MSM refuses to reveal what you have noticed.]

He is really pissed at Romney. Romney is standing in the way of his rightful place as King.

[The same attitude as Queen Hillary towards Obamassiah.]

McCain will say or do anything for power and this needs to be emphasized over and over again.

[I'll relay that message to Republicans going into Super Tuesday. Fortunately my somewhat apostate DUFU guest host, Charles, has gotten the message and will be taking the appropriate actions next week.]

We need a Live Drinking thread!

[LOL! I actually drank about a half a bottle of rum while watching last night's debate.]

McCain has license from the media to lie -- or should I say, to shuck and jive?

[BINGO! The most truthful thing I have ever seen posted in KOmmieland.]

McCain just doesn't have the oomph needed to keep up with Hillary or Barack or any other Democratic candidate. He sits hunched over the table and speaks in a phlegmatic manner that is downright soporific.

[Which is why he is now being heavily promoted by the MSM.]

McCain Is Psycho. Did you see him when Romney was talking about McCain's opposition to the Bush tax cuts as "a break for the rich." He looked like he was gonna stab that pen in Mitt's neck.

[McCain is just one election loss away from the butterfly net.]

McCain is insane. This man is a nut who can't answer one damn question. I never realized how clueless he was until tonight.

[I hope Republicans finally wake up to the same realization by next Tuesday.]

the CNN audience meter. He's below 50.

[Keeping my fingers crossed for Super Tuesday. Charles finally saw the light. Will other Republicans?]

...Ken Rudin pointed out that McCain has never done well in presidential primaries when he's in the lead. He always does best when he's the underdog. When he's the front-runner, such as early last year, he seems to melt down. Therefore, being in front and staying there is going to be a big challenge for him.

[This is one time where I hope Rudin is right. McCain...a sore winner.]

i think romney may be kicking mccaines ass.

[I think you may be right but you wouldn't know it from the MSM analysis of the debate.]

McCain got in the gutter so deep that he ridiculed one of Romney's successes in that he's built businesses. For McCain to grin that silly - almost stupid - grin of his, and throw in the dig that Romney built businesses, sold business, and probably laid off people, while he (McCain) was serving his county, is just plain disgusting. The fact is McCain is about as clever as Hillary at playing the "victim" of political attacks. He's a phony.

[Yeah, I remember that snide low blow by McCain about Romney supposedly laying off people from his successful businesses. And now to Debate Thread #3...]

McCain is a war hero, but a terrible presidential candidate. The latter critique has no bearing on what he endured for this country. McCain should be the DKers' favorite Republican: he favors open borders and full rights for illegals, just like most of the posters here.

[McCain is the MSM's favorite Republican candidate.]

McCain really has the arrogant smirk going. He's not handling success well.

[This might be his downfall going into Super Tuesday.]

McCain remains nasty. Romney towers over him. To me McCain looks pretty pathetic by comparison. This is his high-water mark, I think.

[I hope.]

My conclusion: We will beat McCain. He is truly an arrogant, nasty old man.

[My conclusion: You are correct. Which is why the MSM is now pushing McCain.]

McCain is full of himself tonight! I just realized what a jerk he is.

[Hopefully more Republicans will have the same realization.]

Romney Scored with the right. McCain looked like a sociopath. Huckabee sounds like a talking, Basset hound faced Hallmark card. Paul is fun and crazy.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DUmmies fantasize: "What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?"

The Democrats are supposedly the Party of Peace and Love. The DUmmies, then, should be overflowing with the milk of human kindness, right? Wrong! Not when it comes to Bushco! The DUmmies get downright BLOODTHIRSTY when discussing what they'd like to do to Chimpy McHitler and the Bush Family Evil Empire. Witness this THREAD, "What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?" You can almost SEE the pitchforks and torches in their hands as they come to take Bush, Cheney, et al., to the nearest tree for lynching. Their only disappointment is that The Hague apparently doesn't do the death penalty. Of course, the fact that none of the punishments they envision will ever HAPPEN doesn't seem to bother the Reality-Based Community. They're content to just fantasize the torments they would inflict on our President. So try to pick a winner for today's Peace, Love, and Tolerance Award™ among the comments in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if the DUmmies have given up on Chimpeachment, is in the [brackets]:

What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?

[What about BEFORE January 2009? Whatever happened to CHIMPEACHMENT?! Or "Impeach Cheney first, then Bush"? What's on Nancy's table?]

Poll question: What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?

[Impale 'em on a poll?]

What will happen to the people who stole two national elections, outed a CIA agent, started and continued a disastrous war, were corrupt to the gills, controlled and censored the national media, committed torture and held people in defiance of international and Constitutional law, gave the Federal treasury away to rich friends and have in every way possible undermined the Constitution, ignored warnings about 9/11, abused the public trust and set themselves up as Caesars?

[That's quite a Caesar salad you have tossed together there. The proof is in the anchovies, i.e., the evidence. Got any? Otherwise, you've got egg on your face.]

All of these options assume compliance with legal requirements: indictments, trials, appeals, whatever.

[Legal requirements? We don't need no stinkin' legal requirements!]

Which option is closest to what you support.

[DUmmie Deep13 then posts a chart listing ten "options," along with their vote percentages . . .]

Any errors were in good faith. It's ha-a-ard being president! Just leave the little war mongers alone. (3%)
Nixonesque pardon. We don't need to protect that silly Constitution anyway. (0%)
Leave it to the DoJ to find the bad apples, if any. (0%)
Rumsfeld and Cheney screwed up and need to be prosecuted. (0%)

[These first four options are too namby-pamby! Let's get to the FUn stuff!]

It's Fitzmas! Indictments for everyone! Send the whole rotten bunch to prison. (33%)

[Merry Fitzmas! Freudenschade, baby! Break out the champagne! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!]

This is treason. Hang the ring leaders, prison for the rest. (8%)
All the Bushco people are traitors. How 'bout a gallows with a conveyor belt? (11%)
It's too bad the medieval penalty for treason is not around anymore. (Draw and quarter.) (25%)

[Now THESE are more like it! The DEATH options, combined, garner a whopping 44%!!]

I suppose we could let an international court like the Hague decide. NB: Death penalty not available there. (19%)

[No death penalty at The Hague! What a letdown! Still, "To The Hague!" does have a nice ring to it. . . .]

Your choice of liberal activist will be given an axe and decide. (0%)

[The Axes of Evil! But DUmmies must not trust a liberal activist to do the job. Now let's read the DUmmie comments and FEEEEEEEEEL the Love!]

send them to The Hague... Or put them on an ice floe somewhere...

Wrong Way Flanagan!]

AT THE LEAST dot the Bush library with Skunk scent to freshen up the air. . . .

[Still would beat the Clinton Library and the smell of Hillary's pantsuit.]

The Hague. Sweet justice.

[Maybe The Hague would consider "Assisted Euthanasia" as a substitute for the death penalty. It IS the Netherlands, after all.]

my fondest wish for this lying, thieving murderous bunch of thugs is that ALL of them spend the rest of their lives in a communal cell (and yes, this includes condi) . . .

[DUmmie niyad plays the Rice Card. Please continue with your fantasy . . .]

with ONE toilet . . .

[The Republican Potty. Continue . . .]

completely surrounded by a walkway where people can come and stare at them, like zoo animals. . . .

[No taunting!]

I'd prefer a guillotine, or maybe one of those bolt thingies they use at the slaughterhouse.


My money says that they're going to get away and that politicians are too scared to go after them.


Personally, I think they should be sent to the Hague. A man can dream. A man can dream.

[Hillary says having a dream is not enough, it takes a President.]

Yeah, what's the fun in winning an election if you aren't allowed to execute your political rivals. . . .

[DUmmie bryant69 gets in touch with his Inner Fascist.]

A mere change in Constitutional leadership should not provoke a Mary Tudor kind of vengeance. But that's not what we have here.

[So how about a Merry Fitzmas kind of vengeance?]

One word: Guantanamo.

[To Club Gitmo with them! And turn down the air conditioning!]

Good luck extraditing them from the big ranch in Paraguay. . . .

[Maybe we can bomb Paraguay.]

No one wants to forgive and forget? WWJD?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Obama Snubs Hillary At The SOTU Address

The big news made last night at the State of the Union address wasn't what was said by President Bush at the podium. No, as you can see in the news story below, the big news was made in the audience when Barack Obama snubbed Hillary Clinton when he turned his back on her as she shook Ted Kennedy's hand next to him. Of course, the snub is quite mutual since Hillary has also been avoiding personal contact with Obama like he had the plague. This is yet more evidence of their mutual detestation which is going to make this summer's Democrat convention very entertaining to watch. Don't expect to see these two candidates get together after the nomination in a warm kumbaya. For each of them, this contest is a blood sport in which the outcome will be only extreme bitterness withing the party. To get an idea of just how much of a blood sport this contest has become, just check out the HUffington Post THREAD with comments on this news story titled, "No Chitchat Between Clinton and Obama." So let us now watch the HUffies react to the snub in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preparing later this morning to NOT vote for McCain in the Florida primary, is in the [brackets]:

No Chitchat Between Clinton and Obama

[And there will be no singing of Kumbaya later.]

WASHINGTON — So close, yet so far away _ and so bitter.

[I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall of Hillary's War Room as she rants about Barack!]

Rival Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama came within a foot of each other just before President Bush's State of the Union speech Monday night and managed not to acknowledge each other, and certainly not touch.

[Not even their tongues?]

Clinton, clad in scarlet, crossed the aisle between their seats on the House floor. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Democratic icon who had endorsed Obama earlier in the day over Clinton, reached out his hand when she came close.

[Teddy would have reached out his hand even quicker if she was a waitress.]

She took it; they shook. Meanwhile, Obama, dressed in a dark suit, had turned away.

[And retched?]

The rivals then retreated to their seats, only the aisle and four senators between them.

[The DMZ.]

It was the latest chapter in the increasingly nasty fight between the two leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination and capped a dramatic day.

[Only "nasty?" Who wrote this story? Wide Stance Craig?]

Hours earlier, Obama received the endorsements of Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy, the brother and daughter, respectively, of President John F. Kennedy. They were joined by Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., the senator's son.

[Was Patrick carrying Ambien or something stronger in his pocket?]

The only Republican senator still running, John McCain of Arizona, skipped the address to campaign in Florida.

[Fibber McCain preferred to stay down here. And now on to the HUffie reaction to the SOTU Snub...]

Fake smile on the Hildabeast.....she'd really like to stick a bayonet into fat Teddy.

[And stick an apple in his mouth?]

My favorite candidate is now OUT OF THE RACE. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

[Is that you, Charles Henrickson? Hee! Hee!]

Also, every dem knows the repubs will do anything and say anything to win POTUS. BUT, with organizations like MoveOn, DailyKos, Talking Points Memo, and record DNC contributions, Obama and the dems will have a strong, campaign front.

[It won't mean a thing because he would have Hillary stabbing him in the back if he is the nominee.]

Yeah, look at Mr Uniter, not a divider, he doesn't even have the class to shake Hillary Clinton's hand. Is he going to turn his back on world leaders, if he doesn't like what they have to say. What a wimp, and a phony this man is. GO HILLARY!

[Is that you, Bill Clinton?]

Her heaving bosom catches his eye. He leans toward her, his lips just inches from hers. Then he remembers...this is a woman who hasn't made love in decades. Time to get back on the campaign trail!

[LOL! The 2008 campaign as a Harlequin romance novel.]

This isn't an election people, This is a MOVEMENT.

[A bowel MOVEMENT?]

Hillary vs. Obama is like watching Joan Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge in 'Johnny Guitar' or maybe one of those 'Women behind bars' movies. If it was Hillary vs. Edwards instead, it would be a good slug-fest but with Obama he's such a lady. "Stop, you're hurting me. You see, I'm black and anything you say is racist".

[With Edwards it would be like watching Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"]

I saw Bobby endorse Hillary tonight on a 30 second sound bite. And that was it. No fanfare. The media gave no equal time to Senator Clinton, Booby, Kerry and Kathleen.

[Maybe that is because "Booby" Kennedy has the absolutely WORST speaking voice of anybody in public life and they just wanted to spare us the pain of hearing him.]

This shouldn't be about who snubbed who. I'm just worried that Hillary and Obama really are feeling animosity towards each other. That would be so unfortunate... they're both such respectable, inspirational people. I hate that this race is turning so dirty when it really is a beautiful thing- the first real chance for a female or a black president. I always thought they seemed to highly respect each other but lately I'm afraid that may have changed...

[Let the Blood Sport begin!]

How did Barack manage to purchase a home for 300K under asking? Why did Rezko purchase the lot next to his new home the next day? What did Barack pay Rezko for a 1/3 of the Rezko lot for the expansion of his home? Why did Obama accept 85K (it has grown to 140K now) in contributions from an "influence peddler" who the Chicago papers and DA were investigating? How much legal work did Obama really do in defending Rezko. Are we going to have a RezkoGate with Obama? Barack just admitted to having a 20 year, close friendship with a guy who had been committing Federal Crimes the entire time. Why is Barack the "unnamed politician" in the Federal Indictment?

[Hsu knows?]

Just the other day Senators Clinton, Obama and Edwards were all asked can you come together at the end of all this and back whoever is the winner and support them? Clinton and Edwards said whoever is the winner we will stand behind 100%. I was shocked by Obamas response. He said, "We have to wait and see who the winner is." Who does this man think he is? Were in Iraq and he is holding grudges. He does not deserve to be in the Democrat party. Grow up Obama.


Folks you can count on this much the party will be split in the fall.

[WOO HOO!!!]

Good, I hope you Democrats look at every little reason to denounce him, What color shoes he wears, haircut, snub, arrogance. Because it will reflect just how TOXIC this country, when looking for a president has become. and the Clintons have not helped with this. and will highlight just how Toxic the Clintons have become at campaigning. SAD.....but true.

[SAD.....but FUnnie.]

How do we know this is Obama snubbing Clinton and not the other way around? I have yet to see any indication that Clinton reached out to Obama. Let's see the video-tape and judge from there.

[Let's have an instant replay and let the referees decide.]

Arianna can't stand Hillary and distorts every thing the woman does. Don't forget Arianne divorces her husband after he lost his political bid in California. She is a bitch.

[I thought Arianna divorced her hubby because of his "wide stance."]

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Part II: Firestorm Erupting Over Hillary's Attempted Grab Of Stripped Delegates

This is a continuation of yesterday's DUmmie FUnnies EDITION in which the Daily Kos KOmmies are in an uproar over Hillary trying to change the campaign rules by allowing the Michigan and Florida delegates which were stripped by the DNC to be allowed to vote at the convention this summer. You can see this outrage in this KOmmie THREAD from yesterday titled, "Hillary Clinton to Howard Dean: Screw you." I am doing this special second part DUFU for two reasons. One is because this KOmmie thread was so long it was almost impossible to cover all the responses in just one edition. I am also giving it an extended DUFU because I believe this will be the most heated controversy of this campaign year. Now that Barack Obama scored a huge victory yesterday in South Carolina, Hillary will need every delegate she can scrape up including those who are not allowed to count by the DNC. Although this controversy is already causing a firestorm of outrage in the Leftwing Blogosphere, there is barely a notice of this in the MSM. Once again the Web will lead and the MSM will follow. Of course, Tweety Matthews will cover this story only after others have done so since the Hardball host has been turned into a literal castrati by the Hillary gang over criticizing Her Highness just a bit too much. So let us now revisit the KOmmies in an uproar over Hillary wanting to change the campaign rules in her favor in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, savoring this political feast almost as much as the Seminole Casino $5.99 prime rib buffet special, is in the [brackets]:

Hillary Clinton to Howard Dean: Screw you.

[BTW, WHET Howard Dean? He seems to be MIA.]

I do not think Hillary won Michigan fairly, since I believe she got the endorsement of Governor Granholm after Clinton fundraisers gave Granholm's campaign a huge amount of money. Seating Michigan delegates also leaves out the many voters of Michigan who were only permitted to vote as "uncommitted", and could not write in either Obama or Edwards.

[Yeah, being the ONLY candidate listed on a ballot does tend to give you an advantage.]

Bill said that people in SC will be voting based upon race and that's why Hilary will lose in SC. He's despicable.

[I like the way Sylvester the Cat says "despicable."]

This is one of the MAIN reasons why a Clinton victory would be disastrous for the Democratic Party. All of the hard work that the progressive/netroots put in to changing the focus and direction of the party will be lost in one fell swoop.

[Sounds good to me!]

It just reinforces the stink coming from the Clinton campaign. They do not even have to do this, as Hillary can win otherwise, but they seem to be pulling out all stops it seems. Very ugly.

[You haven't even begun to see ugly until after Super Tuesday if Hillary doesn't do well then. Oh, and if Obama wins the nomination it won't even stop there. Hillary will ENSURE that he is defeated in the general election. Her wrath knows no bounds. Ugly? We are talking SCORCHED EARTH here.]

If the Clinton campaign puts the full-court press on to seat the FL and MI delegations, the very first thing that will happen is that both Obama and Edwards, and probabably all of the other Democratic candidates (not to mention the Republican candidates and a bunch of votes from other states who voted from one of the other caiddates) will sue the DNC and HRC in federal court on a variety of counts, including fraud, misrepresentation and due process violations. If this happens, there will be WWIII within the party.

[A very pleasant scenario.]

the clintons must lose the nom because i can guarantee you that michael bloomberg will make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to win!

[I knew there was an upside to that irritating little mayor.]

I will be f*cking pissed, as a Michigander, if they seat those fucking delegates at the convention. I will be fuming. Sen. Clinton had to do nothing to earn those votes in that state. There was no campaigning. She never brought her message to the voters. She never faced challenges from her opponents. She never had to do a goddamn thing to maintain her lead in the state. Citizens weren’t able to work on campaigns and canvas their neighbors. It would rip the party apart if two rule breaking, noncontested states are what decides the nominination.

[I'm already drooling over the prospect of all the terrific DUFU material that would be provided by that scenario.]

Of course this was going to happen. I find it hard to believe that anyone should be shocked by this. There is a reason why Hillary left her name on the ballot, and it seemed pretty obvious: she planned to win these delegates and then make the DNC seat them, which is a HUGE deal when you add Florida. I wonder why no one gave her a hard time when she left her name on the ballot? Could it be that this was planned? Well, it's the Clintons, you bet your ass it was planned!

[That's a bet that you'll win every time.]

Trying to undermine Howard Dean and marginalize Obama. She's going to take the whole party down.

[I knew there was a positive aspect to Hillary.]

Personally, I read the press release and wanted to punch a hole in the wall (and I don't usually have anger problems, heh). It might not technically be cheating, but it's certainly classless - and I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks so.. If Clinton had been so vocal before the primaries were held, to get the delegates seated, that would be one thing. But, she waited until after Michigan was a done deal to make this a big thing again.

[A note from a potential hole puncher.]

No lie or cheating is beneath the Clintons in the pursuit of their own power.

[Your Kewpie Doll is in the mail.]

It is now crystal clear that I will never vote for HRC. If she was opposed to the nomination process she had a chance to speak up when they were changing their primary. You can't change the rules in the middle of the game. The only question remains will I actively campaign against her.

[Bloomie and Ralphie will be on the ballot this November.]

The Clintons would rather see the DNC and the Democratic Party fragment into shards than lose control of this election, lose a chance at another eight years in the White House for themselves, lose their neck hold on the Democratic Party. This is slash and burn politics.

[I prefer the term Scorched Earth politics but I will accept your description.]

The primary schedule for Dummies.

[Massive bong hits on Monday nights. Sleep thru election day on Tuesdays.]

i'm sick of Billary's bullshit already. I can only imagine how many republicans will turn out to oppose them. They are destroying this party with hopes of establishing their own Harold Ford-run DLC that will collect all the lobbyists and do the same shit Tom Delay's been doing for years. its so sad to see a great moment for real change get passed up by the greed of a former president.

[More FUnnie than sad.]

I had a sinking feeling when I read that Edwards and Obama had taken their names off the Michigan ballot and Hillary had not.

[Hee! Hee! Lucy pulls the football away AGAIN.]

I must pray. Oh, Almighty Lord, please save us from these wicked folk who are destroying our party and the opportunity for real change.

[And don't leave out Goddess Gaia.]

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Firestorm Erupting Over Hillary's Attempted Grab Of Stripped Delegates

(Update: You can see the Part II edition HERE.)

I saw this one coming from way back as soon as I heard that the DNC had stripped Michigan and Florida of their delegates for moving their primaries up. I just KNEW that even though Howard Dean refused to seat delegates from those two states that Hillary would try to grab those delegates if it would help her. Well, it has happened. Yesterday morning, a statement was posted on Hillary's WEBSITE demanding that those delegates be seated. Gee, do you think Hillary would have made this demand if it would have helped Barack Obama? Of course not. However, Hillary will desperately need those delegates if it looks like she won't be able to reach the majority on the first ballot. A locked convention would probably favor Obama and Hillary needs to prevent any votes beyond the first ballot this summer. Already there is a firestorm of angry protest in the Leftwing Blogosphere over this blatant power grab by Hillary that counters the rules already agreed to. Right now the DUmmies are in the midst of their weekend bong hits so most of their reaction is still somewhat incoherent but you can get a good idea of the absolute outrage over on the Left in this Daily KOs KOmmie THREAD titled, "Hillary Clinton to Howard Dean: Screw you." So while the MSM obsess over Rush Limbaugh's apparent loss of influence with Republicans which will probably be proven wrong this Tuesday in Florida, the BIG political story now brewing is the implosion of the Democrats over Hillary's blatant rule-breaking power grab of delegates that have been stripped from Michigan and Florida. So fasten your seat belt and watch the KOmmie anger directed towards Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Bill is probably quite fond of stripped female delegates, is in the [brackets]:

Hillary Clinton to Howard Dean: Screw you.

[I can't wait to hear Howard Dean's reaction. YEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!]

Hillary Clinton's campaign is actively and, for the first time, openly seeking to undermine Howard Dean. The context, of course, is the seating of the Michigan and Florida delegations. Where no one has campaigned. And, in the case of Michigan, where Clinton was the only one on the ballot. And where the DNC made a decision, at great cost and pain, to strip them of delegates for violating party rules. But, rules don't apply if they don't help the Clintons.

[Why act so shocked? I saw this coming the moment I heard the DNC was stripping the delegates from Michigan and Florida. I just KNEW that if it would benefit Hillary to have those delegates seated, she would make a power grab for them.]

The folks who brought us efforts to discourage student voting in Iowa and strip workers from caucusing in Nevada issued this statement this morning.

"I hear all the time from people in Florida and Michigan that they want their voices heard in selecting the Democratic nominee.

"I believe our nominee will need the enthusiastic support of Democrats in these states to win the general election, and so I will ask my Democratic convention delegates to support seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan. I know not all of my delegates will do so and I fully respect that decision. But I hope to be President of all 50 states and U.S. territories, and that we have all 50 states represented and counted at the Democratic convention.

"I hope my fellow potential nominees will join me in this.

"I will of course be following the no-campaigning pledge that I signed, and expect others will as well."

[This reminds me of the time when we were playing poker and Mike threw down a pair of deuces and an Ace to claim a trip win against a pair of Jacks. "Deuces Wild!" he declared. Huh? We already agreed that there would be NO wild cards in the game but Mike kept insisting that rule no longer applied. Hillary, meet Mike.]

Of course. She makes this move AFTER Michigan has voted to give her and only her delegates. Four days before Florida, when it would be too late for anything to change what would be an inevitable, name recognition-based landslide.

[Of course.]

Why? Is it because Hillary Clinton all of a sudden is concerned about protecting voters' rights?

[Isn't she? Blink! Blink!]

No. Because it's all about Hillary Clinton.

[Isn't it always?]

And, this is a very public slap in the face to Howard Dean and the DNC.

[Will Howard turn the other cheek?]

And yet another sign that if Clinton gets the nomination, Howard Dean will be out on his ass and exiled back to Vermont.

[It sure beats a permanent exile to Fort Marcy Park. And now to savor the delicious outrage from the other KOmmies...]

Yeah! Maybe we can put that ass-clown McAuliff back in charge. He did a GREAT job!

[A perfect track record of losing.]

If Howard Dean is thrown out, he should start his own party and take all the progressives with him. I'm down with that!!! Leave the Democratic Party as a rotting carcass of corporatist centrists so that they can vanish without a trace.

[I'm down with that!!!]

I'm old--if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. His closed lips reminds me of the many Germans that kept quiet about "the camps." And yes, this war--and its possible expansion into Iran/Syria--is getting close to Germany before 1940.

[You're old--and stupid.]

we're going to need a lifeboat after HRC and her new corporate centrist DNC chairman and K Street-enabling Congress turns the name of the Democratic Party into radioactive mud among even low-information voters.

[Prepare to abandon ship!]

The Clintons have to go. They are polarizing, shameless and just don't care except their own behind. They even game their own party's rule even if it destroys everything.

[Deuces wild! Even though we agreed to no wild cards in this game.]

They are outrageous! And they are foreclosing on our future! Yes, IF she wins the nomination AND gets elected, the Rethugs are right back in it. But it's unlikely to get even that far as she'd likely lose the General in an election that really should be ours. The Clintons will ruin the party, further damage the Country because of their fetid, overblown egos.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

WE should have this f*cking election in the bag, but once again, we find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot. How many Democrats have we elected in the past 50 years that wasn't a Clinton? ONE

[That probably includes Jimmy but what about Jack?]

The Clintons are Foreclosing our Future. I think that'll be my new sig... thanks!

[Can FReepers use that sig line too?]

Its not funny anymore folks, the Clinton's are the MOST divisive politicians in our party. They will, if nominated, make for a blood bath of a general election. Yes, there will be blood...:)

[I'm already laying in a popcorn and beer supply in anticipation for watching that entertainment.]

It's shameful, however that Hillary agreed to these rules, yet now that she's "won" one state, and is likely to take the other as well, she wants the rules changed all of a sudden. Typical Clintonian divisiveness. As Tweety said today, their MO seems to be to just win, no matter what the cost, then go back and try and make nice with the people you screwed over, hoping they'll have short-term memories about it.

[That was Tweety Matthews before he became a castrati when forced to make an apology for criticizing Hillary a bit too much.]

Hillary left her name on the ballot because she planned to do this all along. She puts herself above the party, which should come as a surprise to exactly no one at this point.

[GASP! Hillary would be that devious?]

Maybe Jerome Armstrong will refund your money. If you've read his crap, I mean, his work on MyDD, he's clearly way over "crashing the gates" and is totally in favor of the delegates being seated.

[Ah! It sounds like Unknown Jerome is collecting "consulting fees" from the Clintons.]

His site must be turning a he's "one of them"...

[Unknown Jerome's political philosophy is: "Money talks, BS walks."]

All Hail Empress Hillary, OR ELSE! Exactly how in the hell did we get ourselves in to this mess???

[By being STUPID and allowing Unknown Jerome and KOmmie KOs to set the "consulting fees" agenda.]

We spawned this monster, and as long as it was bashing Bush, we were just fine and happy to overlook those little "Indiscretions"... But now that the monster is feeding ON US, we scream bloody murder.. A bit too late for that, I'm afraid...

[Sorry, only one Kewpie Doll alloted per thread.]

Nadar is lurking in the wings. What a disaster.

[Nadar is on your Radar.]

Between this, the questionable elections and caucus's, and the Super-Delegates, you didn't REALLY think the Clinton's were going to leave it to those smelly VOTERS, did you?? I'm watching our 2008 dream slipping farther and farther away. But at least THIS TIME, I know EXACTLY who to blame for it....

[Oh, and don't forget to blame Unknown Jerome and his "consulting fees."]

Have I Gone COMPLETELY INSANE?? Or am I watching everything we've been blaming the Right for, FOR YEARS, playing out right in front of my eyes.... Stolen elections, strong-arm tactics, VERY Undemocratic Delegate theft, broad smears, race-baiting, blatant racism, the Politics of Division, Divide and Conquer, etc, etc.... We've called these "Right-Wing Tactics" for YEARS. But, we should have KNOWN that none of this would be above the Clinton's... I hope this awakens many from the fantasies they have have about these people... WE are supposed to be better than this. OBVIOUSLY, the Clinton's are not.

[Hmmm... I really need to increase the Kewpie Doll quota. ...Attention DUFU readers! This KOmmie thread goes on and on and on. I only DUFUed a small fraction of it so feel free to add yet more delicious KOmmie quotes demonstratng their angst over this power play by Hillary. This political firestorm is only just BEGINNING!]

Friday, January 25, 2008

"Let's face facts, shall we? America Sucks"

May we NOW question your patriotism? I mean when you see a DUmmie THREAD with the titled of "Let's face facts, shall we? America Sucks," I think we can indulge. I get a kick out of DUmmies and other leftwing loons who, when criticized, get all outraged about daring to question their "patriotism." Where is the patriotism when you flat out say that America "sucks?" So let us now watch the DUmmies tell us how much America sucks in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, daring to question DUmmie patriotism, is in the [brackets]:

Let's face facts, shall we? America Sucks

[Don't forget to act real outraged when I dare to question your patriotism, DUmmie MrScorpio.]

Yep, I said it, we suck.

[You said what most DUmmies already think.]

It isn't hard to figure this out. It's just that too many of us are too chicken to deal with this fact.

[The same liberals who pretend to love the Constitution and the Founding Fathers when they not so secretly despise them.]

I know that a lot of people will say, "What about Democracy? What about Freedom? What about this? What about that?" I say that these people obviously haven't been paying attention.

[We've been paying attention to what you REALLY think via nearly a thousand editions of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

In terms of the strict constructionist, America was supposed to be the safe haven for the white, land owning male... Everybody else was supposed to be an afterthought. Slaves, indigenous people, women and child labor be damned. The history of this nation should never be viewed in terms of the PEOPLE, who overcame adversity and lead the nation to peace and prosperity... That's basically a lie.

[So much for pretending to respect the Founding Fathers.]

The story is one of the privileged few, forcing the disenfranchised many to do their bidding. Twenty million citizens from the great state of Wisconsin didn't sign the NAFTA treaty along with the people of Chiapas and Manitoba... These were men and women, who were the source of real power or the supporters of it. They acted and the people who were most affected by this, or any other such treaty or policy decision had very little say, if any.

[Wisconsin has 20 million citizens?]

The history of America is basically an example of how empires are built, and as of late, how they collapse on themselves. The motto of America should have always been, "We Shit Where We Eat". Which, of course, is never a good thing to do.

[So how outraged will you get if I dare to question your patriotism?]

You have two histories of America, internal and external. The internal history relates how the rich and powerful few have subjugated the not as rich and powerful many. How most people are dealing with modern day slavery, i.e. the prison industrial complex, economic disenfranchisement and the support for the war machine that affects so much of our external history. America still is ruled by the rich and powerful few and the tools that use are many. Their strategy is very simple and efficient in its prosecution: Just get the masses of people to not care that they are continually working against their own best interests. Do everything to stop them from noticing that they are shitting where they are eating.

[Das Kapital was so boring that I never made it to this chapter.]

You hear these folks, and there are a lot of them all the time. They say things like, "I'm not a terrorist, so it's ok that my phones or bugged". Or, "Unions are what's bringing down the economy." Or one of my personal faves, "The government should be run like a business." People who utter this kind of crap have successfully turned off their brains and are willing to allow their masters to maintain dominion over them.

[I'm hearing you say things like, "I'm not sane, so it is okay to send me to the FUnnie Farm."]

Even, when faced with their own economic and political disadvantages, they proudly attach yellow ribbons to their vehicles and pine on about how great "we" are. Talk about reverse projection. They are the kind of people who shit where eat and are very proud of this fact.

[I'm starting to think that you have a feces fetish, DUmmie MrScorpio.]

And of course, those captains of industry and their whores in the political arena aren't any better. These are people so blinded by their quest for greed and power, their willing to commit social and economic suicide to get ahead. Just think about every business that fought tooth and nail to change trade policy in this country that outsources manufacturing and offshores money. Look in any paper and you'll see that the major car companies are tanking from lack of sales and are tanking badly. Did it ever occur to these people that, by moving manufacturing and support to cheaper and less regulated climes, they were undercutting the buying power of a huge chunk of folks that they depended on to buy their cars? Henry Ford may have been an anti-semitic, racist, union-busting egoist along with being a successful industrialist... But one thing he understood, the wages that he paid his employees would eventually put more money in his own pockets. So, he sold a car that he knew that his workers could afford. With his eventual acquiescence to the demands of his organized labor force, the resulting growth of the middle class working population improved living conditions tremendously. All in all, Henry Ford was dragged kicking and screaming into the realization that it was not a good thing to shit where he ate.

[I would be wary about checking your seat after you're done eating at Mickey D's.]

How the Big Three are not realizing this obvious situation as they circle the drain is way beyond my understanding. About a hundred years ago, during the gilded age of the robber baron, society said enough: The barons where given a choice, either strive to make life better in general for the masses of people, or continue to shit where they ate and be forced to change their ways. Most chose the latter. Thus people whose with names like Rockefeller, Mellon and Carnegie built an infrastructure for culture and learning that we still are benefiting from to this very day. They were forced to be the exception when the rule was no longer tenable. The result helped transform America into a country where the original ideal citizen was expanded to include just about all of us into the franchise. Somehow, we're backing to shitting where we eat and no one has any inclination to change.

[Don't forget to change your diaper after each meal.]

With things like total war, globalized pollution, tobacco price and trade supports, the undermining to international law and a complete disregard of the basic humanity of other people on this planet, the U.S. is taking a big shit on the whole planet. Just to name a few, of course. Oh, and we brag, and force so much of our "culture" on so many people who can't even imagine to have our frame of reference at all. The concept and definition of "Anti-Americanism" and our response to it has always bothered me... I could spend all day talking about that, but I won't

[Yes, please spare us from any more of this feces filled lecture.]

One last thing: They easy thing to do would be to blame Bush, or Reagan or the Republicans or whoever. The fact is that these things have happened and they were done in all of our names AND due to the fact that the masses did not stop whatever crimes from occuring, we all share either implicit or explicit blame. When a dropped bomb kills an innocent family, in one way or another, we all share in that event, without regard to our approval or not. We allow the bombs to be built, our taxes fund the costs and those who represent us authorize the deed. We allow failure to stop it from occurring to be an option. It's that ugly fact alone, which stipulates why this country sucks.

[Anytime you hear someone rant about "the masses," you know where he is coming from. And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmies as to what they REALLY think about America...]

You capture so well the true nature of this country.

[May I also question your patriotism?]

I'm not going to say this country sucks, but I do think it's time we face the fact that unrestrained capitalism has thoroughly corrupted our government, and that it's essentially just serving big money these days.

[The DUmmie version of a disclaimer.]

Is there an award for the post that brings the most Freepers screaming out of the closet? I'm not too happy about the title either, but the entertainment value is unparalleled. This had got to be the funniest thread I've read in weeks.

[With a title like this, you just KNOW this thread is going to be DUFUed!]

On the whole, I'd rather be in Vancouver BC. I like Canada for a number of reasons, among them the fact that they have absolutely no ambitions of world dominance -- and couldn't pull it off even if they tried. Same for most European social democracies, and places like New Zealand and, in fact, most of the world with the probable exceptions of China, a possibly resurgent Russia and our own sweet land of liberty.

[So living in the Democrat People's Republic of North Korea is okay with you? How about the People's Republic of Santa Monica?]

This "America Sucks" tripe is getting really old, and posting it on a Democratic message board is embarassing. This only gives fuel to the Rush Limpballs of the world to paint our future candidate as an anti-american commie, while holding up their own candidate as a feel good flag waver.

[Embarrassing because it reflects the REAL feelings of the DUmmies.]

The ultimate reason for the suckage, I think, is that we have never been able to acknowledge any area in which we suck at all. We've always done the We're Number One crap, and while blindly assuming we're number one we have allowed the suckage to accumulate and fester.

[Which reminds me... What has Monica Lewinsky been up to lately?]

Our days of reckoning are coming. 9-11 was preview, not even the first act of the decline. Our arrogance and ignorance are likely too vast to overcome. If we don't wake up we are doomed.

[Clucked Chicken Little from Ward 8.]

We are now a nation that TORTURES CHILDREN, RAPES WOMEN and kills INNOCENT MEN who were turned in for some retribution or another, and we do not allow the mechanisms for them to prove their innocence. No, not all prisoners are unconnected to OBL, but Bush and a willing Congress continue to let this nation torture innocent people. And the American people don't give a shit. Enough of them don't give a shit to demand justice. To demand decency.

[Even worse. We overfeed Gitmo prisoners and torture them with air conditioning.]

Going to leave the US and get citizenship somewhere else (which will remain unnamed so I don't have to hear people say "that place sucks.")Hope to be relocated by end of 2008.

[Pyongyang will welcome you with open arms. Hee! Hee!]

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hilarious Audio: Ron Paul Cultist Goes BERSERK!!!

Okay, I admit it. Lunatics are my guilty pleasure. The big reason why I do the DUmmie FUnnies is because I get such a big kick out of observing the DUmmies on the Left. However, there are a few loons on the Right as well in a tradition going way back to the Know Nothings. Of course, I am referring to the Ron Paul cultists. Underneath their thin veneer of libertarianism lurks flat out NUtcases hiding behind the front of Ron Paul. Come to think of it, even Ron Paul himself isn't all there. I mean here is a guy who claimed that for years he never even read his own newsletter. Yeah, right. My theory is that some of these loons were just potential loons until Ron Paul brought out their inner loon.

One notable example is what happened to the CONSERVATIVE UNDERGROUND. Everything was copacetic at that site with some great info as to DUmmie activities and other related information. Then one day the big administrator there goes on a Ron Paul rant of such obnoxious bitterness that it drove almost all the sane members, including franksolich, of that site away. The end result is that the Conservative Underground is now just a shell of its formerself due to the Ron Paul cultist takeover. Of course, you can still get the same info over at the newly formed CONSERVATIVE CAVE which is like the old Conservative Underground but without the Ron Paul cult NUttiness.

And for an HILARIOUS example of the unintentional humor of the Ron Paul cult, I present this AUDIO of Derek calling Gunny Bob on a talk radio station. This clip is 3 minutes, 21 seconds long and the real foam-at-the-mouth action starts just past the 1:50 mark. And believe me, from what I've seen of the Ron Paul cultists, Derek is very typical of those Know Nothings. In the future, I might even DUFU the Ron Paul cultists. Hey, I'm not prejudiced. I feature the NUtcases wherever I find them.

Dennis Kucinich Forced To Retract Himself

Talk about a humiliating retraction! Dennis Kucinich called for the impeachment of Bush on the floor of the House yesterday while calling him a liar and soon afterwards is forced to retract himself as you can see in the video above. Evil Elf publicly spanked like a baaaaad boy for all to see! What is really interesting is the DUmmie reaction to the retraction as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Dennis Lays down the Guantlet...The House Quakes and Makes Him Withdraw the 'Offending' remarks!" So let us know watch the DUmmies cheerlead tail between the legs Dennis Kucinich in Bolshevik red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, greatly anticipating the DUmmie reaction when they find out their beloved Breck Girl has been conspiring with the Hildebeast against Obama, is in the [brackets]:

Dennis Lays down the Guantlet...The House Quakes and Makes Him Withdraw the 'Offending' remarks!

[The House pulled down the Evil Elf's pants and gave him a much needed spanking.]

What on earth was that Republican's problem?! Accusing Dennis of making personal accusations..... Well that's what Impeachment is!!! An accusation of grave misconduct against a person. Duh! Is that guy trying to say that Impeachment is not allowed in the House?! What a fool.

[Yeah, impeachment is a mere accusation with NO facts. At least that is the way it is in the DUmmie Constitution.]

Un F'ng buhlevable. How can anyone think anything other than that Bush, Cheney, etc. were lying through their respective teeth. The house rules preventing this suck. But, then maybe Dennis needs to take another tack and just use some sort of word play just like FAUX News does ...

[Yeah, maybe Dennis needs to take another tack like presenting actual FACTS to support impeachment.]

Why exactly did Kucinich apologize?

[House rules forbid acting like a shmuck on the floor.]

Dennis is only doing the work for the people!! What is wrong with these SOB's are they that willing to follow * over a cliff? Sickening.

[ * wins again. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

What exactly was he withdrawing?... his whole 1 min speech? If that is the case, why? He stood up told the truth and declared he was introducing Articles of Impeachment. I didn't see/hear any personal attacks in there at all.

[You need to take those reality blocking DUmmie sunglasses off.]

Dennis speaks the truth and in so doing is chastised by a fascist

[The strange thing about this and other threads about Kucinich is that you NEVER see any commentary from the DUmmie who was actually his press secretary. Pied Piper Pitt! Come out, come out, wherever you are!]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DUmmies DUmp on Barack: "I absolutely can't stand Obama."

If you think we Republicans are unhappy with some of our candidates, you should see what the DUmmies think of theirs! The acrimonious Democratic debate the other night only exacerbated the negative feelings against Mrs. Clinton, and now some of the DUmmies seem to think that B.O. stinks, too. The Breck Girl seems to have emerged smelling like a rose, although even he has his DUmmie detractors.

So let's sample a little of the DUmmies' intramural feuding, as seen in this
THREAD, "I absolutely can't stand Obama." The magic seems to have worn off the erstwhile Magic Person of Color. Now I did find similarly angry threads about Hillary and even Silky Pony, but this one has plenty to work with. DUmmie swiping and sniping is in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, still in grief mode after Fred's withdrawal, is in the [brackets]:

I absolutely can't stand Obama.

[Is that you, Hillary?]

I wouldn't trust him from my front door to my mailbox.

[There goes the neighborhood!]

Wouldn't buy a used car from him.

[Just call him, "Rollback Odometer."]

Everything from his facial expressions to body language, with his ever present rheumatoid arthritis curled finger to his attempts to sound like a fire breathing Baptist preacher Jimmy Swaggert at his campaign stops, do more every time to turn my stomach.

[Or "Barfbag Obaptist."]

He cannot accept any responsibility for anything he did politically or otherwise that makes him look the least wrong without trying to vanilla coat it with layers and layers of circular bullsh*t.

[Trying to "vanilla coat it"?? So "chocolate" = "bad"? Hmmm. . . .]

This is an arrogant, egotistical, slippery, up-to-his neck in naivete of international affairs, self adoring Junior Senator. . . .

[Are you talking about Obama or Mrs. Clinton?]

And he will serve the masters.

["Yessuh, massah!" Man, you guys really like to use the code words!]

"American Idol Politics"

[Hee! Hee! Good one! Maybe Barack can get a Sanjaya hairstyle.]

he makes great speeches? could have fooled me. He makes me want to slit my wrists listening to him. No one says "UH" more than obamUH!

[Except Hillary "Uh, you know . . ." Clinton.]

The "latest" thing.... like tattoos.

[Maybe Hillary needs a little "tramp stamp" above her derriere, to reach the young crowd. AAAIIIYYYEEEE!!! Disturbing mental image!!]

Beware the rock star.

[Barack the Vote!]

I thought he came across as rather ill-prepared, ill-informed and juvenile.

[But he's a rock star! Change! Hope! Yes we can! ¡Si se puede!]

he lost me when he started giving his ear to preachers. By putting Christianity front and center (so as not to be called a muslim, I assume) he has lost me.

[Give me Osama, not Obama!]

so, what exactly is Obama hoping to change? I never can get that straight.

[Hey, it doesn't matter! Change! Yes we can! ¡Si se puede!]

You could write this exact same piece about Hillary. Except, in her case, ALL of it would actually be true and justified. Talk about a walking f*cking disaster and master bullsh*tter.

[Your Kewpie Doll is in the mail.]

the christian thing, the reagan thing, the LACK of energy! He's too languid! To verbose! He'll get mowed down real fast!

[But he's clean and articulate!]

I also think Obama is snarky. He reminds me of GWB with a brain.

[Just call him, "Chimpy II." Yeah, come to think of it, that will go well with the other code words.]

Obama still wet behind the ears. . . .

[Obama could fit good-sized sponges behind those ears.]

This is a flamebait. . . .

[It's working!]

Locking. Oh wait, I can't do that.

[W.W.S.D.? What Will Skinner Do?]

we need super lock power now!

[Or a Care Bear Stare!]

I'd settle for a drunken mod. . . .

[How about a drunken Pitt?]

he not only is not able to accept responsibility for anything he did politically, he, instead of admitting fault, or guilt, or failure, turns around and puts down the person pointing to the fact ... a great manipulation found amongst drug users, alcoholics, and other characters. . . .

[So are you suggesting Barry was a drug pusher back in the slums of inner city Chicago? Hey, is that you, Bill Clinton?]

I can't stand him or hillary anymore.

[Is that you, John Edwards?]

I would gladly support Obama if there was anything there to support.

[The Big O.]

Obama lost me for good last night with his stance that the Democratic Party should reach out to evangelical christians.

[Anything but THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

An air sandwich. An empty suit. A featherweight marshmallow.

[Change! Hope! ¡Si se puede!]

I don't think he's getting that uppity. . . .

["Uppity"! Oh, man!]

Obama hasn't even begun to earn his stripes.

[He hasn't done the spade work.]

He is not presidential material. . . .

[He doesn't have the necessities.]

Obama is smart. he is articulate. . . .

[And clean!]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VIDEO: Democrats Tear Each Other Apart In SC Debate

WOW! Last night's Democrat debate in South Carolina was the most fascinating such event since Ronald Reagan told Jimmy Carter "There you go again," in 1980. However, in stark contrast to the uplifting nature of the Gipper, ALL of the candidates last night came off poorly. The first half of the video above shows Hillary and Obama in a bigtime catfight. Barack calls Hillary a corporate lawyer who sat on the board of directors of Wal-Mart. Later Hillary gets roundly booed when she brings up Obama's association with a "slumlord." In the second half of this video, John Edwards goes into an extreme pander routine. Oh, no need to DUFU the DUmmies in this edition since anything they have said is anti-climatic to the firestorm of last night's debate. So sit back and enjoy the dramatic action of Democrats tearing Democrats apart.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sky Is Falling!!!

Woe is us! The sky is falling! America is as good as destroyed!!! We are DOOMED!!!

Sounds like DUmmies, right? Correct but incredibly some conservatives are also sounding this way as observed on the FREE REPUBLIC. Even though the Democrats are now on the precipice of their own destruction we still hear gloom and doom from conservatives following the results of Saturday's primaries. Primarily because Fred Thompson came in a poor third in South Carolina where he was expected to do very well. However, I think things are looking better for Republicans and conservatives than ever in stark contrast to the intra party feuding of Democrats which is reaching the point of being irreparable. So here is how I see things shaping up. The GOOD news from South Carolina is that Huckabee the Huckster has most likely been knocked out of contention. So has Fred but if he campaigns this poorly in the primaries, would you really want him to lead the ticket in November? So now it boils to McCain vs Romney on the Republican side and I have little doubt that with his much superior organization and finances, Mitt will prevail thus making him the eventual Republican nominee. And, believe me, Romney is and will be a formidable candidate.

Meanwhile on the Democrat side, things look to get worse for them. Let's say Hillary is the nominee. Not only will that tear the Democrats apart but it means one, two, or possibly even THREE independent parties running to her left in the general election, drawing off votes from the Democrats. Think Bloomie, Ralph, and Dennis. Oh, and if Hillary is not nominated, you can bet that the Clintons will seek revenge by ensuring that whoever wins the Democrat nomination loses. They are playing for KEEPS. Should any of you doubt that whatever angst the Republicans are suffering at the moment does not come close to matching that of the Left as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD perfectly titled, "I'm very disappointed and pissed off tonight, so please forgive this, but..... What the hell are we? Stupid beyond belief?" So let us now watch the DUmmies grieve for THEIR political future in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, suggesting that all conservatives tune in to Limbaugh tomorrow to get a healthy dose of Rush Rays to set your minds at ease, is in the [brackets]

I'm very disappointed and pissed off tonight, so please forgive this, but..... What the hell are we? Stupid beyond belief?


Jeezum H. Christmas. This country is rapidly going to hell in a handbasket, and what do we do? We are choosing to have another presidential race in which the choices are going to be Bad Vs Worse.

[I've been reading a lot of this same sentiment lately on the Free Republic. The big difference is their fears WON'T come to pass.]

Bad is eight more years of Wimpy and Corrupt kowtowing to the Corporate Elite by the Democratic Party.

Worse is eight more years of the GOP.

[Unfortunately for you, my little DUmmie, the "worse" outcome is the most likely one.-]

Why the hell don't we learn? Are we going to continue to be driven by the politics of nostalgia for a decade in which the Democrats presided over the Selling of America? Fer Gawds sake. Enron didn't start with Bush. Nor did the replacement of Civil Society by the Power of Capital. Nor did the polarization of the American economy, or the decimation of the middle class and the total crossing out of the poor.

I expect the Republicans to make awful choices. That's their job.

But Democrats are supposed to be the counterpoint to that. At a time when Corporate Power and Global Big Capital have their boots on our collective faces, one would think the so-called party of liberal and progressive values would stand up and fight back.

But instead, we are surrendering. Going for the V-Chip triangulating fellow travellers of the Corporate Elite. Ignoring any tinges of progressive populism.


Another Damn Issue-Free General Election in which Big Problems will be met with Small Answers.

[Since the Surge has worked, you have NO issues left.]

I will support the Democratic nominee, etc. etc. etc.....But it is so discouraging that at a time when the country ought to be ripe for real change, the Democratic Party seems to want to go Back to the Future and keep the "centrist" stranglehold intact.

It is so depressing.

Sorry I had to get this off my chest.

[Every Gloom and Doomer at the Free Republic should read this DUmmie thread to put things into proper perspective. And now to hear from the other depressed DUmmies...]

It's even worse... Choosing a centrist guarandamntees that someone else will get into the race ~ think Nader and Bloomberg. Another Republican victory.

[I'm thinking Nader and Bloomberg and another Republican victory and it's putting a big smile on my face.]

But in a contest between McCain/Romney/Rudy vs. Hillary with a Bloomberg in the race, it'd be better-than-even-money that the Democrats will have the oxegyn sucked out.

[That is a scenario that definitely does NOT suck.]

Bloomberg is an Independent. He used to be a Democrat and then changed to Republican so he could run for NYC mayor. And now he's an Independent and appears to be seriously considering a run, which would very much split the Democratic vote.

[That giant sucking sound you hear is Bloomie sucking the Democrat vote away.]

Edwards out, Obama soon to be? Just in time for "super Tues." w/ only "ONE candidate" Hillary Clinton will be announced the "winner" in the daze before super tues.

[Money talks and you-know-what walks.]

We are kidding ourselves. WE don't have a country anymore. THEY have a slave labor force. Hold on, 'cuz the ride is going to get real bumpy soon. Our financial status is on life-support.

[Did you know that Hillary used to sit on the board of directors of the Wal-Mart detention centers?]

I'm feeling bitter tonight, so I'll hopefully feel differently tomorrow. But if voters are so dumb and complacent thay they choose McPolitics over substance, then we probably deserve to continue to be led down the primrose path.

[Almost exactly what I've been reading on the Free Republic. Big diffence is many conservatives will feel better tomorrow when they get their dose of Rush Rays to set their minds right on what is REALLY happening in the political world.]

If I thought Sen. Clinton could easily win the general election, I would not have a problem with her getting nominated. She's not my first or second choice, and after that, who cares anyway, as long as it's a Democrat that will definitely beat the republican challenger. I'll vote for her, but I really don't have much faith that she can win the general election, and I truly fear that Democrats are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory by nominating the wrong candidate once again. Imagine how demoralizing it will be for us to watch John McCain get sworn in as President in Jan. of '09.

[I have an even more depressing thought for you: it's going to be Mitt Romney who will be sworn in as President in Jan. of '09.]

Edwards will say whatever it takes to get himself elected.
If tomorrow, a vast majority of the US population would favor bombing The Netherlands, Edwards would be the one shouting loudest he would push the button! He was a centrist DLC war hawk, and now suddenly he's a progressive anti-war populist? Suuuure....

[A DUmmie casts doubt upon the Breck Girl.]

My gut feeling is that Edwards found out about a conspiracy afoot while he was a Senator. He is abreacting quite publicly to what he found out - like "whoa guys, I never signed up for this!" He is campaigning in a parallel way as was Bob Graham in 2004 - Bob Graham who knew about the 9-11 conspiracy and almost spilled the beans, in fact ran for President on a campaign of potentially spilling the beans. Edwards knows what * and Cheney are REALLY up to and is campaigning his heart out because... he plans to spill the beans.

[So Edwards is a secret 9-11 Truther?]

When I became a mental health counseling intern, and, subsequently, a social worker, I awakened to the Corporatocracy. I really hoped for better this time. I, however, also hoped for better in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

[Mental health counseling intern---HEAL thyself!]

This is a culmination. The problems are so big. And, it isn't just us. The way the rest of the world is imitating our folly shows that humans are humans are matter where you go.

[Chicken Little declaiming on the falling sky.]

you've neatly expressed why NEITHER major party is likely to earn my November. I'm tired of squandering my vote on the lessor evil.

[We need more DUmmies like you.]

I'm afraid we may have to face the fact that the thieves have locked everything in place for the great heist, and they have been working on it for generations. When the last Great Depression was manufactured and thrust upon the common folk there were still clear skies, water, and food growing in many yards. There was a way for most people to scratch some food together. This next one will be a horror. It will not be pretty.

[Hey, I can survive the next depression as long as I have my Winn-Dixie discount card.]

Friday, January 18, 2008

DUmmies Already Gloating About Their "Victory" This November

Freudenschade, baby!

You would have thought the DUmmies had learned their lesson by now. NEVER celebrate a victory before it actually happens. Oh, how they celebrated the defeat of Jeb Bush when Terry McAwful announced it as a "fact" about a week before Jeb's landslide re-election as governor of Florida in 2002. And who can forget the popping champagne bottles when Kerry won bigtime in the 2004 exit polls? And angry drunken Susan Estrich can tell you all about that "victory." And, of course, there was the mass jubilation in May 2006 over the news that Karl Rove had ALREADY been indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald. I mean that was a sure thing because it was confirmed by that stellar journalistic team of Leopold and Pitt. So once again the DUmmies are celebrating a victory that has yet to happen in this THREAD authored by DUmmie NanceGreggs titled, "Shit To Hit Fan - ETA: November 2008." So let us now watch the DUmmies celebrate yet another "victory" that has yet to happen in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wishing all DUmmies a Merry Fitzmas, is in the [brackets]:

Shit To Hit Fan - ETA: November 2008

[Freudenschade To Hit Fan - ETA: November 2008.]

As the country hurtles inevitably towards the November elections, so the Republican voters hurtle towards the inevitable truth: everything you were told is a lie, everything you were promised is not forthcoming, everything you banked on is gone.

[You mean the promised success of the Surge in Iraq did not happen? News to me.]

Across the nation, Bush-supporters sit slack-jawed and uncomprehending. They did everything they were told to do, everything they were told was right.

[As right as the promised indictment of Karl Rove on May 12, 2006.]

They voted for Republicans, they denounced the ungodliness of the Liberals, they donated their money at the mega-church and prayed. They contributed to the campaigns of those who vowed to overturn Roe v Wade, who swore to adhere to the principles of fiscal responsibility, who assured that decorum would be returned to DC politics, who held out victory in Iraq as a done deal.

[Strange but even the Democrat candidates are no longer talking about Iraq. Does that mean defeat or victory over there? Hmmm... Let me guess.]

And now they wonder why they find themselves where they are: responsible for an unprecedented national debt, a country that is more vulnerable than it was on 9-11, a quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan, a broken military, poverty, homelessness and unemployment numbers on the rise, and a drastic recession that is no longer a threat but a looming and unavoidable reality.

[Wish hard enough and defeat in Iraq and a drastic recession might become a reality in your alternate universe.]

Even those who worshiped at the feet of the Limbaughs, the O’Reillys, and the Coulters wonder why they are no longer laughing along at the plight of the downtrodden, the medically uninsured, the unemployed – because despite their faith in their party, they are now among those who are derided as being laughable.

[Huddled masses living under bridges.]

How could it be? Did they not come and partake of the Holy Kool-Aid, just as FOX-News told them they must in order to be saved? Why are they now being gouged at the pump, losing their savings, watching as the equity in their homes plummets in value – right alongside the non-believers who refused to bend their knees to the Great Christian Leader, the one whom God Himself appointed to lead righteous Americans along the sure path to glory and riches?

[DUmmie NanceGreggs fervervently praying for these things to come to pass.]

Where is the math that Rove assured them was reliable, along with the Republican majority that would exist for decades to come? Where is the prosperity that was bound to happen under a GOP-controlled White House? Where is the global respect that was a given once a true patriot like George W. Bush was at the helm? Where is the good and honest government that would be transparently visible to all citizens?

[Where are the congressional Democrats who promised to impeach Bush?]

Eventually, the truth comes out – and when it does, the shit hits the fan. And the truth is now out there, for all Americans – Republicans included – to see.

[You want the truth? Alright I'll give you the TRUTH!!! But you'll have to actually wait for November 2008 to find out. Hee! Hee!]

The lies, the deceit, the missing money, the deleted emails, the destroyed videotapes, the indicted politicians, the incompetence, the self-serving manipulation of the facts, the disgrace of a bumbling idiot and his cohorts, the lost jobs, the lost industries, the lead-laden toys, the poisoned food, the torture, the deaths, the casualties, the homeless vets – all of the chickens are coming home to roost, while the GOP insiders walk away from their positions inexplicably wealthier than they were when they took office and not-so-inexplicably less than anxious to explain to the faithful that not only have they been had, but their anxiousness to be had was part of the plan all along.

[And don't forget the missing mattress tags.]

What goes around comes around, and the demise of the Republican party – as has already been confirmed by the number of registered Democrats now far exceeding the number of registered Republicans – is about to come to fruition.

[A done deal which is why we are already popping open the champagne bottles to celebrate our pre-victory.]

The shit spewed by the GOP will hit the proverbial fan this November, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. But it is inevitable – and long overdue.

[Make a note to check up on DUmmie NanceGreggs this November. Methinks she would hardly be a pretty sight. Think Susan Estrich. And now on to the other DUmmies celebrating a victory that is yet to be...]

One bright spot in a sour economy: Invest in fans. They're gonna be the next big thing.

[Also invest in Freudenschade brand victory champagne.]

nah, most of them are too stupid to realize they are f*cked

[May we save this quote to use back at you this November?]

I am looking forward to the trainwreck.

[Freudenschade, baby!]

Everybody get out your "shit suits". Let's party like it's 2009!

[The Mitt Romney Inaugural party could certainly use some comedic entertainment next year.]

And what about our children and their future - sad Bush's legacy will be studied for years after his death and they all will say these were the years when the U.S. started to die and ask why our government, all of it including our Dem Congress, let us down.

[So much for that great DUmmie jubilation in 2006 when the Democrats won Congress only to see Bush still win at every turn.]

But do not count those chickens just yet. We have to be able to actually count all those registered Dems first.

[Killjoy! Go ahead and count those chickens before they hatch.]

These people have no shame and will try anything. Remember, Karl Rove is still at large and thinking of new ways to undermine democracy by any means necessary. They have a compliant and complicit media to rig the polls so as to create the perception of a race close enough to fix.

[We own ALL your Diebold machines!]

I plan on re-reading this post on Nov 8th, with pleasure.

[And while sipping your Freudenschade "victory" champagne.]