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Many DUmmies WANT the Supremes to overturn Obamacare!

As this week went along, it became increasing clear that the Supreme Court may very well end up ruling that Obamacare, AKA the ACA (Affordable Care Act), is unconstitutional. Where in the Constitution is the federal government given the power to FORCE citizens to buy a certain good or service? So it looks like Obamacare's days may be numbered.

The DUmmies are depressed, right? WRONG! Oh, some of them see this as a defeat, yes. But many of them are OVERJOYED! Why? Because this will now pave the way for the DUmmies' ultimate dream plan, namely, UNIVERSAL SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHCARE FOR ALL! The public option! Full-blown socialized medicine! Nirvana!

Hope springs eternal in DUmmieland, as we will see in a sampling from many threads. We'll link to at least one of them, this THREAD, "Why the Supreme Court Should Kill ‘Obamacare.’"

So let us see now how the death of Obamacare is really the rebirth of a dream, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, grabbing a few minutes for a a brief deep-Lenten DUFU, after teaching in Indonesia and before the start of Holy Week, is in the [brackets]:

If the Supreme Court decides the mandate is unConstitutional. . . .


You will either be for what I and many others believe to be the best system; that being universal single payer coverage for every American from the cradle to the grave that will be funded by taxes. . . .


Or on the other hand you can continue to promote blood money for profit insurance as the answer to our nation's health care.


Universal single payer coverage! Yes!


Here's hoping that Obama has a universal care "nuclear option" in his back pocket if he "loses."

[Hey, I'm sure that was his plan all along! Three-dimensional chess, you know.]

And how will he pass it with the current congress?

[Um . . . um . . . Executive order? Yeah, that's it. Executive order.]

If the SCOTUS rules the mandate unconstitutional, the game is over. And we will have lost. Forever.

[I think you need somebody to pay for your Zoloft refill, DUmmie geek tragedy. Don't be such a DUmmie Downer.]

I believe the chances for universal single payer will actually improve as a result.


What do we do if the ACA is thrown out?

[Pop open the champagne bottles, baby, 'cause Single Payer is on the way!!! Freudenschade, baby!!! WHEEEEE!!!]

If its overturned, Dems won't touch Health care reform for another 50+ years.


How about we all get off our asses and work for candidates that will push for single payer.

[You lost most of the folks at "we all get off our asses."]

I'm starting to think that a loyal democratic voter is a fool. . . .

[This is news to you??]

Develop a “Public Option” so anyone could sign up with Medicare at any time. Watch heads explode.

[Would exploding heads be covered?]

If ACA is overturned then we will never see health care reform in our lifetime. This is it! If this doesn't work we will all die due to lack of insurance for the next 100 years. Nothing can be done. It's true, I read it here yesterday. Help us Obama-Wan you're our only hope.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

By killing the whole “Obamacare” law, the court will throw the system back into crisis mode, forcing the public and the political system to finally consider the only real answer: expansion of the Medicare program to cover everyone.


SINGLE PAYER is inevitable. Single payer was the best option from the start. . . . Single payer will come. . . . Single payer for all!

[Just make sure the single payer is some rich guy, richer than me.]

The White House should have pursued the Medicare-For-Anyone approach.

[They SHOULD have pursued the Everything-For-Everyone approach--free healthcare, free food, free iTunes, free money. . . .]

They did not have the votes - and that is per Bernie Sanders. He said that there were about 10 votes in the Senate for single payer - which Medicare for all is.

[Votes, schmotes! Who cares about votes? Just pass the darn thing!]

Politics is the art of the possible.


If the ACA is overturned Dems won't even think about National Healthcare for 50 more years. . . . The GOP will then use this as its path to killing Medicare and Social Security.

[Even I, Charles Henrickson, a constitutional conservative, am not THAT optimistic!]

How many Democratic Senators would you need in the Senate to get 60 votes for single payer?

[How many Democrats does it take to screw up a health bill?]

In a perfect world, if "Obamacare" gets struck down, a bipartisan group of legislators would get together and come up with a better plan to replace it.

[In a perfect world, you'd move to Canada and get what you want and leave the rest of us alone.]

And in this magic world, Medicare for all will be passed next day. Wow!

[Well said, Nadin! Let's all move to that Prog Land in our mind! It's kind of like an atheist version of Christian Science!]

to include compel and/or punish inactivity . . . is well beyond regulating activity entered into by free will. It is one thing to tell me how fast I can drive on a particular road, it is another to tell me I must drive on a particular road, and yet another to tell me I must drive. Just to bring it up a notch, the current argument seems to be that not only must you drive but that your employer will select your car for you but of course you will pay for it. . . . If you argue the power is unlimited, then what kind of government is created? . . . I'm f***ing astonished that so many find such things even remotely tolerable. . . . I really don't get it, what the hell is the thinking? Are we trying to be drones in a hive? Slaves? Serfs? Some new form of "small people" at the command of the state? Makes me f***ing sick to tears.

[DUmmie TheKentuckian, for this Brief--nay, Extended--Moment of Mental Clarity, not only do you win the Kewpie Doll for the DAY, I'm thinking you may have already wrapped up the Kewpie Doll for the YEAR! Congratulations!! This is pure constitutional conservatism you are espousing here! You are not far from freeperdom, grasshopper! Oh, and by the way, prepare for tombstoning.]

the belief that single-payer will rise from the ashes of a repealed ACA is insane. . . .

[Thus the appeal for the DUmmies.]

It is embarrassing to be a so called super power, but be the only Westernized country without freaking single payer health care. It just infuriates me.

[Toronto beckons.]

If the Court strikes down the healthcare legislation, and it is looking more and more like they probably will, then all I can say is that the voters ought to demand that Congress immediately get to work on passing and implementing a single-payer, Medicare-for-all type of system (which always was a better option anyway). . . .

[DEMAND it!! Immediately!! Who cares what it costs, or how to pay for it, or what it will do to the quality of health care, or how many stinkin' votes we need, and all that bullsh*t!! Just DU it!!!!!]

It has been reported that Obama has no contingency plan in the event it is struck down.

[I heard he does. A vacation in Barbados.]

Republicans are against healthcare.

[Yes, it's that simple. Only the federal government can do healthcare. There was no healthcare until the federal government came along.]

Either you believe access to decent health care is a basic human right or you don't.

[And only the federal government can give you this access.]

You have a basic human right to be forced to purchase something from a private enterprise?


This why I believe it should be funded in a fully public manner by taxes. . . .

[OK, I retract the "LFT." I see we're coming at this from two different angles.]

I want single payer. . . .

[I want my free stuff!!!]

well, my spawn report (from England) that they and their British friends think we're all incredibly short-sighted for not having some equivalent of the NHS.

[Then we could get that nifty orthodontic care that the Brits enjoy.]

I believe in universal single payor healthcare. I do not believe in being forced to pay money to people who profit by how much care they can not approve.

[How about those of us who do not believe in being forced to pay money to government bureaucrats--who do not even have a profit motive to keep them in business--who will still try to see how much they can not approve?]

Medicare for all!

[Socialism for all! Paid for by a few!]

Single Payer or Die.

[Vote for Single Payer or face the Death Panel!]

I guess I'm a socialist.

[I guess.]


Blogger Tazzerman said...

NHS in the UK is SUCH a success! By all means, lets bring THAT pig to our shores...

The Obama admin attempt to FORCE the American people into signing a CONTRACT with insurance companies is, on it's face, SOOO fucking unconstitutional, ludicrous, WRONG and flys in the face of any simple common sense and/or logic is there any DOUBT why the DUmmies love it?

Money for nothing and your chicks for free! Yeah baby! :) -tm

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Money for nothing and your chicks for free! Yeah baby! :) -tm

Heh.... you're DUummie choices are:

1. Rosanne Barr

2. Helen Thomas

3. Maxine Walters

Reserve your appointments early. Rosanne Barr availablity subject to Troglaman free Viagra prescription filling date.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Anonymous 7:04 said...

Money for nothing and your chicks for free! Yeah baby! :) -tm

Heh.... you're DUummie choices are:

1. Rosanne Barr

2. Helen Thomas

3. Maxine Walters

Reserve your appointments early. Rosanne Barr availablity subject to Troglaman free Viagra prescription filling date.

Good us some mercy on this board for the love of Pete...

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what color the sky is in the DUmbass' universe. Ear Leader tried for single pay, and couldn't get it when he had a filibuster proof Senate, and a solid majority House. If he couldn't get it done then, what makes these geniuses think it can be done after the Supreme Court rejects Obamacare as unconstitutional?

6:00 PM  

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