Sunday, June 19, 2016

Brock-Paid Hillary Trolls Gloating Over Bernie Ban Day

Tomorrow is SUPPOSEDLY Bernie Ban Day in DUmmieland. I say "supposedly" because Skinner chickened out at the last moment and delayed Bernie Ban Day last Thursday with the new target day being tomorrow. In any event, the Brock-paid Hillary trolls are already gloating over this shut down of any criticism of Hillary or any other elected Democrat politician. In effect, this bans Bernie supporters since their rights of free speech will be ABOLISHED in DUmmieland. The problem for Skinner is that he will be left with mostly Brock-paid Hillary trolls who are currently posting in DUmmieland strictly for the money. How do I know? Because David Brock himself boasted about paying such trolls to post in social media. At the start of the year, you could almost count the number of AUTHENTIC Hillary supporters in DUmmieland on your fingers. At least 90% of the DUmmies were strongly pro-Bernie. So what happened? My guess is that Skinner whined about the situation to his paymaster and Brock was called into action to checkbook Hillary support into DUmmieland. A few months after almost NO Hillary supporters on that site and suddenly it was SWARMING with Hillary supporters. The only answer is $$$$. There are plenty willing to sit on their butt all day and post for Brock Bucks from their keyboards. Of course, once those paychecks stop, the Hillary trolls will disappear leaving DUmmieland empty which is why delay from Skinner since he CHICKENED OUT from committing website suicide last week.

Assuming he follows thru on orders from his Clinton Cash paymaster, Skinner will shut down criticism of Her Thighness tomorrow which has caused this gloat thread from a Brock-Paid Hillary troll, One more day! Ya better get it all in today because tomorrow--bye bye. So let us now watch the Brock-paid Hillary trolls gloat in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting again that Bernie is heading to the Democrat Convention, is in the [brackets]:

One more day! Ya better get it all in today because tomorrow--bye bye.

[Unless Skinner CHICKENS OUT again.]

I am so happy for you! You can alert on every perceived slight and ultimately have DU all to yourselves. Then you can only talk about perfect Hillary. The Hillary with no flaws, the Hillary of your dreams! That will make for an awesome "political discussion" site! Enjoy your gloating!

[Hillary Clinton is the kindest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.]

Pat each other on the back and Hillary lovefest. It will be one big boring Hillary group. I think I will take a vacation as they do not want any constructive criticism or discussion.

[On the upside, Skinner's Clinton Cash payments via his wife, Shelly Moskwa, will continue.]

Bye bye Bernie. History will not be kind.

[I think David Brock should pay that Hillary troll a bonus for that.]

They seriously think they can go it alone without Bernie supporters? Good luck with that!

[Skinner will still have the Brock-paid Hillary trolls...until the checks stop.]

The true BernItDowners? Eh.... not convinced we need them for much of anything.

[You give good gloat.]

One thing is for sure, Bernie has pulled back the veil of who the real progressives on this site are and who are not.

[And exposed just how corrupt Skinner is. All those years when he pretended to sympathize with the far left when all the while he was in Hillary's pocket.]

Bernie is not a progressive. He's an angry old white man from a lily white state with mostly white supporters. Progressives have minority support.

[That was DUmmie rjsquirrel and contrary to ugly rumors that is not my DUmmie troll screen name earning EASY Brock cash by pretending to be a Hillary troll. Got that? I am NOT DUmmie rjsquirrel. PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!]

So tell us, what did Hillary accomplish as SOS? Hmmm? What, taking dirty money for weapon deals from Saudi Arabia? Condoning our troops to go off in some far away land to kill other people kids? Sorry I'm not supporting that and millions won't. She will lose the GE because she is flawed and this is on her and only her.

[Tick-tock! That's what we, uh, I mean the Hillary trolls often say when approaching a Skinner Bernie Ban deadline that he probably delays.]

This is not "Progressive Underground." This is Democratic Underground.

[Bought and paid for.]

Bye Bernie.

[$8 per hour isn't great pay but you don't have to leave your home and you get bonuses. Oh, and instant PayPal payments which is convenient. Thanx David!]

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Skinner CHICKENS OUT On Bernie Ban Day!!!

Well, today is Bernie Ban Day and guess what? At the last moment, Skinner has CHICKENED OUT. Yes, when staring straight into the face of site suicide, Skinner just couldn't pull the trigger. Instead he is "delaying" Bernie Ban Day until June 20...or so he says. Here is Skinner's incredibly lame excuse about why he couldn't kill off DUmmieland today as you can see in his thread, DU's General Election Season postponed until Monday June 20. The Brexit vote will happen in exactly a week but the Berexit (Bernie Exit) on DUmmieland has been delayed because of Skinner's lack of spine although in reality most of the Sandernistas have already left in disgust. Oh, and we shall see the Jackal reaction to Skinner's Berexit delay in this Jackal thread, Sadly, DU will be delaying "General Election" mode for a few days.... So let us now watch Skinner CHICKEN OUT on Berexit in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that almost all of the ex-DUmmies in Jackal Land are now fully aware of their former leader's utter corruption, is in the [brackets]:

DU's General Election Season postponed until Monday June 20

[And will Skinner delay it again on June 20 out of respect for the memory of Bugsy Siegel who was murdered on that day in 1947?]

Well, this is embarrassing.

[Yes, the destruction of DUmmieland to cover your corruption tracks is sure embarrassing.]

As most of you know, last week we began the seven-day transition period from Primary Season to General Election Season and announced that DU's General Election Season would officially begin on Thursday June 16.

[Until you CHICKENED OUT at the last moment.]

From the perspective of the Admins, this transition has been nowhere near as straightfoward as previous ones. For the past six months we have been planning and building out a new system to replace/upgrade/improve the current Jury system. Elad has been working his butt off to get it finished, and over the last seven days we have been testing the new software with the help of MIRT members.

[For the past few months you have been whipping DUmmieland into a GroupThink site suitable to your Clinton Cash paymaster.]

The new software is ready to go, but we have an unexpected problem -- Elad is not going to be fully available this weekend to monitor the site and make sure everything is running smoothly.

[Yeah, he still needs another 24 business hours to drain the swamp of Sandernistas.]

Therefore we have been faced with a choice: either go ahead and put up all the changes tomorrow -- but run the risk that something might go awry over the weekend and make DU unusable for hours at a time -- or wait until Monday when we can be sure that any (inevitable) bugs are identified and fixed quickly.

[Therefore we have been faced with a choice: admit we have been taking Clinton Cash via Shelly Moskwa or forgo those payments and allow limited free speech.]

I know some people like to buy into the fantasy that DU is taking million-dollar handouts from the DNC, but the truth is that this site is now and has always made money solely from member donations and advertising. If we could afford a whole team of programmers, that would be great. But as it is the entire burden of maintaining the database, and programming all of the ideas that EarlG and I come up with, falls to one person: Elad. If he's not available, then we don't have any way to bring the site back if something goes wrong.

[Way to deflect, Skinner. You know full well that most DUmmies are now aware that you have been getting Clinton Cash payments so you deny getting the money from the DNC rather than direct from Hillary.]

This was not an easy decision to make, but we have decided that the safest option is to wait until Monday. I know this will probably come as a disappointment to some of you, but we decided that being forced to wait a few more days before officially ending Primary Season was a better outcome than the possibility that a bug in the new software may shut the site down for the entire weekend.

[Perhaps Elad will put that bug in the software when he finds out how you have been stiffing him on those Clinton Cash payments. Since it totals hundreds of thousands of dollars, I figure Elad is owed at least a hundred thousand, not the chump change you have been paying him.]

Our apologies, and thank you for continuing to support and enjoy Democratic Underground. We'll post another announcement on Monday.

[We look forward to Monday's excuse for delaying Berexit. And now on to a few responses to the excuse.]

good time for Elad to ask for a raise, methinks

[Yup. He is due at least $100,000 of the Clinton Cash that Skinner has been holding out on him.]

Is Brian Pagliano available?

[He actually did score some Clinton Cash unlike Elad who has been stiffed by Skinner.]

I am just looking forward to a more civil DU ....

[Where GroupThink is strictly enforced after the Berexit.]

Elad is a hero in my book. He's the engine behind the clean, elegant and functional design of this cyberspace so many of us have called home for so long. He is worth the wait.

[Then why is he not being paid the YUUUUUUGE Clinton Cash that Skinner is greedily pocketing?]

Elad already works his butt off making this site such an awesome place.

[And yet Elad is being exploited by Skinner is is keeping that Clinton Cash all to himself.]

Where the hell is Elad going?

[To a lawyer to file a claim for his share of Clinton Cash.]

It's all good. Better a slight delay than DUmageddon.

[LOL! Gotta remember that. DUmageddon.]

As a Sanders Supporter, I am Leaving as of Monday. Just saying goodbye. I will miss commenting on this site. I cannot get behind Hillary, too much war blood is already spilled for my taste. Also I like honest, straightforward and transparent elections. I'm taking my ideals elsewhere. It will feel so good to not be insulted anymore.

[Another of the vast majority of the DUmmies splitting for Jackal Land. And on that note, Jackal Land is where we shall now go...]

Sadly, DU will be delaying "General Election" mode for a few days.... until the 20th. Seems their tech guy is unable to be available this weekend to respond to performance issues.

[As we shall see, the Jackals aren't buying this excuse.]

I think he's afraid of the drop in site traffic if too many Bernie supporters leave.

[He is already too late since Berexit has already happened for the most part.]

He has succeeded in exactly one thing: blasting his own feet off. Tuff noogies, Skinner.

[Site suicide is never pretty.]

That's a very convenient excuse. Maybe they are beginning to see the light when it comes to supporting a horrible candidate.

[Berexit will proceed because that is what Clinton Cash is buying.]

after the Berners leave and the Brockolis are no longer paid, what are they going to have left? A bunch of people with nothing to do but enforce speech codes against each other until they're all in perfect, hive-mind conformity?

[A reminder that most of the remaining Hillary trolls are paid by David Brock and once their paychecks stop, they will also be leaving. Hey! Brexit. Brock Exit.]

The Skinner family has received more than a half-million bucks from Clinton campaigns and PACs, and that's just what's documented on the Internet. I'm not sure he really cares about site donations. In fact, given the way that site's been administered the last year or so, it's extremely difficult to imagine that he cares about site donations.

[Don't you think Skinner should be a good progressive and share some of that Clinton Cash with Elad?]

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

D Minus 1 To Bernie Ban Day

Tomorrow is Bernie Ban Day.

This is not what Skinner wanted. He was hoping that Bernie would come together with Hillary and pledge his support for her as all get together, Socialists and Corrupt Crony Capitalists, for a giant kumbaya. Although Skinner was most likely praying fervently yesterday to Goddess Gaia for this outcome, the news has come out that Bernie is TAKING IT TO THE CONVENTION!!! This means Bernie Ban Day tomorrow will drive out most of the Sandernistas who comprise about 90% of the DUmmies, leaving only a few Brock-paid Hillary trolls. Should you doubt the Great Schism is about to take place tomorrow, then I urge you to read this thread posted by a Sandernista exiting DUmmieland's door, How to become a star-member without paying Skinner a single dime! So let us now watch soon to be ex-DUmmie Bubzer bid farewell to Skinner's Scam in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting Skinner is sticking to the suicidal plan dictated by his Paymaster, is in the [brackets]:

How to become a star-member without paying Skinner a single dime!

[No pay to play? Isn't that contrary to the Hillary wing of the Democrat party?]

Leave. Go to another website that isn't going to enforce pay-to-play rules on you.

[Leave. And take 90% of DUmmieland with you.]

Let's be clear about something: Skinner is not, and will never be, who makes this community what it is. Not him nor any other admin. This site continues to exists solely because of the sheer volume of content brought here and created and consumed by it's members.

[You think Skinner cares when he is counting his Clinton Cash?]

Whether you knew it or not, all of you are content creators... and now, you're going to be charged for the "privilege" of having a say in the community YOU established.

[Money Talks, BS Walks.]

Anyone can throw a website together (it costs very little... I have several of my own)... and anyone can arbitrarily determine whatever rules they want in their own personal little fiefdom... and set whatever charges and fees they want... but without YOU, this site is nothing.

[Without you, DUmmieland will be comprised of Brock-paid Hillary trolls starting tomorrow.]

Over the last 15 years, this site was THE Democratic Underground. With the transition to pay-to-play on key community-determining mechanics of the site, it is truly embracing the most corrosive aspects of what is wrong with politics... it is reduced to a fee-based service.

[Pay to Play is the basic philosophy of the Clinton Democrats. Skinner was PAID and is now PLAYing Hillary's game.]

On that note, this will be my last OP on this site. I may respond to replies... though, after today, I'm done with DU.

[Gone by Bernie Ban Day.]

If you're looking to find me, I'll be at

[Ah! The Jackals. And now on to the other soon to be ex-DUmmies...]

I never minded chipping in a few dollars. The servers do cost money. I will be leaving because I cannot, in all good conscience, support Hillary.

[Did you mind chipping in your personal info which was rented out on Shelly Moskwa's email lists?]

You can rent server space very cheaply these days.

[How much to rent server space stored next to Hillary's server in the bathroom?]

You'll have to donate in order to be able to participate in the jury process. Oh, and you'll need to have been here at least a year... but you're good on the time front.

[Brock Bucks will pay for Bernie Ban jury duty.]

I liked DU because of the sane democratic people here discussing important issues. Now with Clinton and her Third Way/republican/oligarch positions and her supporters here, how can one had a sane intelligent conversation?

[Um... I don't think DUmmieland ever reached that "sane intelligent conversation" level.]

Not just websites: the Democratic party itself is 100% pay-to-play now. If you can't afford to pay, then you are just a vote to exploit and pander to. Nothing more.

[Pay to Play. That's how the Clinton Foundation raked in all those bucks. ...Well, tomorrow will mark the END of an era thanks to Skinner's insatiable greed for Clinton Cash which has caused him to commit Site Suicide. It will be FUN to watch the self-destruction!]

Saturday, June 11, 2016

D Minus 5 To Bernie Ban Day

Today is D Minus 5 and counting until Bernie Ban Day on June 16. So guess who else is doing the SAME countdown? Brock-paid Hillary trolls in DUmmieland who are counting down the days until NO CRITICISM of Her Thighness will be permitted, effectively banning all the Bernie folks. You can see their countdown in this thread, New Hillary Scandal Checks All the Boxes on the Clinton Controversy Bingo Card. Such "heresy" as indicated by the title will no longer be permitted in DUmmieland starting June 16 as you can see in the joyous but ominous countdown following the original post. As for the Bernie folks who have now mostly exited from DUmmieland, you can see they are fully aware of the extent of Skinner's corruption in this Jackal thread, Clinton expenditures point to Mrs. Skinner. Let us first start off with the Brock-paid Hillary trolls in DUmmieland counting down to Bernie Ban Day in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Skinner collects a head tax from David Brock for every Hillary troll sent to his domain, is in the [brackets]:

New Hillary Scandal Checks All the Boxes on the Clinton Controversy Bingo Card

[HERESY! And not permitted starting June 16. Skinner has been paid plenty of Clinton Cash to put a stop to this.]

"Hillary Clinton had an undeniably great day on Thursday, but Friday brought a stark reminder that as the presumptive Democratic nominee looks ahead to the general election, there will be plenty of people justifiably looking into her past.

Thanks to a newly released batch of State Department emails, ABC News was able to revisit the story of Rajiv Fernando, a wealthy securities trader who gave heavily to both Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and the Clinton Foundation—and who just so happened to land himself a plum spot on a sensitive government intelligence advisory panel after Hillary became secretary of state.

[Okay, DUmmie NWCorona continues with a loooong quote from Slate, hardly a "rightwing" site. So here is the first response...]

6 days. Thursday.

[Bernie Ban Day.]

They're going to use every day to keep pounding at the scandal beat.

[A scandal a day is the Clinton way.]

We're in this together... 6 days and counting...

[Chanted the Brock-paid Hillary trolls.]

After that, we'll never know what will hit us.

[Enforced GroupThink is what will hit you.]

5, and counting...

[Your countdown is up to date. D Minus 5 and counting to Bernie Ban Day.]

June 16th...enjoy while you can.

[Threatened the Brock-paid Hillary troll.]

She's a disaster. I cannot support this. We can wait another four years for our first woman prez.

[June 16. POOF! You're gone!]

The Hillarians can posture all they want. The Reich will be using all of this crap, and more. PReventing democrats here from commenting on the corrupt shit won't even slow it down. It wil simply allow some to stick their heads in the sand, pretend it isn't happening, and point and shout 'tin foil hats' over there.

[Look at the picture above. Skinner keeps his Clinton Cash stash hidden in tin foil.]

This kind of stuff is really disturbing and there is so much of it. Her supporters have to know at some level that it isn't all just made up.

[Please! Please! June 16 hurry up and arrive so we no longer have to listen to this heresy!]

This shit stops on the 16th.

[SAY IT, Brock-paid Hillary troll!]

You think you can post attack article but you can't and will soon find out. This is a Democratic website...head over to Jack sprat or whatever it is called.

[It's called "Jackpine Radicals" aka Jackals and they have some verrrrry interesting things to say today about Skinner's wife collecting Clinton Cash as we shall see.]

here's a scary one: emails show approved drone strikes with cell phone:

[You mean that infamous Blackberry connected to a private server and hacked by Guccifer as well as the intelligence agencies of many countries?]

Five days of this shites. Enjoy yourself while you can.

[Oh, this countdown to DUmmieland suicide is quite enjoyable.]

Thursday, June 16th

[Do we celebrate the DUmmieland funeral that day?]

The Clinton's are always in the center of bullshit

[June 16.]

Should HRC and her family divest themselves from Clinton Foundation?

[June 16.]

pay to play... speaks to leadership. speaks to influence of $$. this all leads into increasing HRC historic unfavorables, if you choose to ignore or dismiss this you're part of the problem, not working to decrease HRC's unfavorables

[June 16. And now over to the Jackals who are fully aware of Skinner's Clinton Cash Corruption...]

Clinton expenditures point to Mrs. Skinner

[Mrs. Skinner with the crooked hubby.]

Under "Top Vendors/Recipients", #5 is Mrs. Skinner. $33,232 in 2010. No telling how much more since then, which no doubt has increased in an election year.

I apologize if this has been reported here before, but it explains a lot about why a certain site has been the way it has been.

[You just found this out? Welcome to cruel reality.]

I've known about Skinner and his DLC background from the very beginning he opened up. I researched him, found out about it, and just watched. As expected, DU went out of control, and Skinner has no clue on how to stop the bleeding that is going on, and he's already making people "buy" jury access, and literally started his own fiefdom. Well, I'm outta there of that fiefdom, and haven't looked back.

[Although paid a lot of Clinton Cash, Skinner is unable to maintain control over his domain. The Dummies are revolting. They stink on ice.]

Wish I could say yikes but nothing suprises me about someplace so "underground " that is so overtly troll laden .

[Chock full of Brok-paid Hillary trolls.]

This link says 49 payments totaling over $185,000 for '09-'10 election cycle. Since Hillary wasn't officially running for any office then, I'm not sure what Mrs Skinners services were for. Future 'delivery' of DU perhaps?

[Check more recent links because there are many more buckets full of Clinton Cash paid to Skinner funneled via his wife.]

Jesus. That's a lot of money.

[Mere Flash Cash compared to what Mr. & Mrs. Corrupt subsequently received.]

Anyone else think that King Thief Skinner has a place in the Killary Klinton administration should she finish the theft?

[Nice easy easy low work high paid jobs for King Thief & wife. And when they leave their plush jobs they can look forward to even more big bucks as lobbyists.]

She was still SoS then, not running for Pres. I read a couple of mentions that Mrs Skinner is getting neighborhood of $500,000 for this campaign. If we extrapolate the inbetween years, mrs Skinner has received in the ballpark of $1,000,000. That kind of money is to buy something...either silence, or delivery of an online asset and thousands of account info.

[That money is buying June 16.]

Their NYC home was purchased for over $250k.

[Must be a sweetheart deal for that amount in NYC. The Skinners can now turn around and sell it for at least a couple of million. Who set up that sweetheart deal? Someone at a certain headquarters in Brooklyn?]

Friday, June 10, 2016

D Minus 6 To Bernie Ban Day

Today is D Minus 6 and counting to Bernie Ban Day. And today an abbreviated but SIGNIFICANT DUFU editon. Why? Because the Skinner's wife, SHELLY MOSKWA, is IN THE NEWS!!! And of course it involves the Clinton Cash she and her husband have been receiving in order to BETRAY the DUmmies. The news comes from The Intercept and is headlined, Hillary Clinton Used Leadership PAC as “Slush Fund” in 2008-09. Gee! What a surprise...NOT! Is there ever ANY instance of Hillary being around money where she doesn't break the rules in order to skim off an illegal portion? However what is of interest to us is SHELLY MOSKWA's involvement. So let us look at the first few paragraphs of the article and then jump to Skinner's wife:

THE BERNIE SANDERS campaign in April accused Hillary Clinton of “looting” her joint fundraising committee to fund her presidential campaign, effectively circumventing rules that cap donations at $5,400 per person.

Clinton’s joint committee, called the Hillary Victory Fund, can raise $358,500 per person because it’s supposed to share money with the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

The Sanders campaign pointed to news reports that the fund has been covering expenses for the Clinton campaign instead of spending on down-ballot races.

Hillary is a crook. So what else is new, Bernie? But now let us jump down to the SHELLY MOSKWA paragraph:

The relaunched Hill PAC spent twice what it gave in contributions to other campaigns on salaries to its own staffers, almost all of whom had worked for Clinton’s campaign or her Senate office. For instance, Clinton campaign treasurer Shelly Moskwa was paid about $11,000 more by Hill PAC in 2009 than the treasurer of Hill PAC itself, Allison Wright. Hill PAC also paid nearly $400,000 in consulting fees to firms founded or closely associated with campaign staffers. The campaign and Hill PAC even shared an Arlington office.

The link above near SHELLY MOSKWA's name leads to OpenSecrets.Org where, if you scroll down to her name, reveals she hauled in $33,232 in the period cited. Of course, none of this is ever revealed by Skinner. He prefers that his Clinton Cash Corruption remain a secret. Unfortunately for Skinner, your humble correspondent has reported on his corruption as revealed in many FEC documents to the extent that most DUmmies are already aware of it and many/most of them are in the process of leaving DUmmieland in disgust. The last of them will be gone by Bernie Ban Day on June 16.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

D Minus 7 To Bernie Ban Day

It is now exactly one week until Bernie Ban Day in DUmmieland. It is the day that Skinner's greed for Clinton Cash funneled to him via his wife, Shelly Moskwa, has been leading him all these years. Yes, many years of pretending to be "Underground" when in reality he was secretly just a shill for the establishment. Bernie Ban Day will mark the END of DUmmieland as we have known it. Gone will be the Sandernistas leaving Skinner with mostly Brock-paid Hillary shills who will soon be splitting the moment there are no more paychecks for them.

Okay, so were you completely bored with yesterday's DUFU EDITION? If you were, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a normal person. I meant for you to be bored to tears because by showing you Skinner's incredibly byzantine set of rules it demonstrates the insanity that has overtaken that site. Of course, the purpose all those rules and regulations is to protect Hillary from criticism and so as to allow the cash flow from her into Skinner's pockets to continue. The Sandernistas are also not fooled by Skinner's rules. They know full well how corrupted he is as we can see in the Jackal THREAD, "Insulting ANY Democratic public figure is no longer allowed at DU." So let us now watch the Jackals laugh at Skinner's insanely detailed rules and regulations in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the exit from DUmmieland has increased to one Sandernista every three minutes, is in the [brackets]:

Insulting ANY Democratic public figure is no longer allowed at DU

[Money Talks, BS Walks.]

Today Skinner posted the new rules for Democratic Underground and this passage in particular stood out at me...

["Do not ever mention that I am profiting to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Clinton Cash funneled to me via my wife, Shelly Moskwa. Our corruption is sacred and must forever remain secret."]

Don't bash Democratic public figures
Do not post disrespectful nicknames, insults, or highly inflammatory attacks against any Democratic public figures. Do not post anything that could be construed as bashing, trashing, undermining, or depressing turnout for any Democratic general election candidate, and do not compare any Democratic general election candidate unfavorably to their general election opponent(s).

[Okay, that is what Skinner really posted but almost as stupid. Why should ANY Democrat officials be sacrosanct if they are as corrupt as Skinner & wife?]

It should be no surprise that the supporters of the establishment would like this rule as it bans attacks on Democrats who are public figures but does not restrict attacks on grassroots Democrats who are trying to change the party. This is what the new "Underground" looks like, it is an underground bunker for the establishment figures who can do whatever they want while being insulated from any sort of attacks. Sure they say "constructive criticism" is allowed, but anytime anyone engages in criticism they will be subject to a jury that will punish them if they don't consider the criticism to be constructive. If you think DU is overrun by the establishment Democrats now just wait until this rule takes effect on June 16th.

[June 16 aka Bernie Ban Day when the North Korean type rules go into effect.]

It'll be a ghost town in a bit!

[Yup! Subtract the Sandernistas and all you will have left there are Brock-paid Hillary trolls and they will also be gone the moment their paychecks stop.]

Damn! DU's going full DNC stooge now? I thought this wasn't possible but it's looking like it's even trumping DK. (sigh) I'm now so glad I've left that site. Get ready for the flood JPR, 'cause it's coming-especially after 2.0 arrives.

[I believe 2.0 refers to the Jackal site redesign. Yeah they will need it because right now their site is hard to navigate plus they will be overwhelmed by the Great Stampede OUT of DUmmieland.]

That is disgusting. That is insane. That is bunker mentality. Indeed a good fit for the incredibly shrinking Democratic Party coming soon. Fits with what the DNC has been doing.

[Without Bernie the options this year are Green or Smoking Green in the form of the dope smoking Libertarians.]

Why is he always posting 'new rules'? What does he have over there now, a bunch of pre-schoolers? There's an old saying, 'Too many laws are the sign of a Failed State'.

[In Skinner's case, a Failed Mental State.]

The reason is he deceived FDR Dems for years into thinking his site was for Democrats, took their money and their content, since without them no one would have gone near the place. Then he tried to control them, allowed all the right wing trolls to wander around attacking people who were only trying to use the site for what it advertised itself to be.

[Skinner was a Hillary shill all those years but kept quiet about it in order to keep collecting money both from DUmmies and Her Thighness.]

So, he has to keep adding rules because when you run something as deceptive as that, when you try to control people who responded to your false ad, who paid you money, provided free content, they are not going to accept it. Best thing now is for FDR Dems to leave him with his mess. He will have to keep making more rules, and the place is now so nasty and uninteresting, why waste any more precious time there?

[Something is wrong when a forum supposed devoted to an open discussion has to have layers upon layers of byzantine rules in order to prevent those very discussions.]

I agree. I'm also and FDR dem and he took advantage of us.

[All documented online by those many FEC reports showing payments from Hillary campaign to one Shelly Moskwa.]

Well, he's finally shown his true colors - he's a dimestore Goebbels.

[I always thought of him as a retail Quisling.]

Under the "old rules" there was an embarrassing (to him) lack of Clinton support on the site.

[Almost none until David Brock handed out paychecks to trolls to shill for Hillary over there.]

Now that the jury system is only available to donors, it is EXACTLY like the Democratic party now: if you don't have money, your opinion means nothing.

[Greenbacks mean a lot to Skinner.]

I look forward to watching DU sink into oblivion.

[June 16. Bernie Ban Day. Be there. Aloha!]

Honestly, we should soon consider DU solely for the comic value they provide.

[A source of comedy gold mined by the DUmmie FUnnies for a dozen years.]

Yeah. Bernie winning multiple preference polls last summer with numbers like 85-15 and 90-10 could not be allowed to stand.

[And all that time Skinner, greased by Clinton Cash green, was plotting to overturn that preference to favor Hillary.]

All Hail Kim Jong Hill!!

[LOL! Kim Jong Hill. Gotta remember that!]

How democratic of you Skinner you turd maggot punk scumbag candy assed sell out shallow materialistic twit .

[Don't hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think.]

Basically the same rule is in effect for North Korea with their leaders.

[Even the HINT of criticism is not allowed.]

They are like members of a cult who blindly obey a leader and have lost all capacity for critical thinking. If Hillary asked them to physically drink the kool-aid, they'd do it in a heartbeat. They must be in the throes of ecstacy that Skinner is cracking down on dissent like some third world strongman. Now they can wax poetic about Hillary without fear of some mean Bernie supporter ruining their fun. "Isn't she great? A true leader. It's her turn. I'm so proud of her. My hero." Projectile vomit. Wait until November rolls around and they're gobsmacked to find out that millions of others don't share their enthusiasm. That's what happens when you live in an echo chamber. You only hear one perspective that everybody agrees with, and you start to believe your own shit. It will be a thing of beauty to lurk and watch the after the fact whining and cry baby blame deflection by the remaining few DUers.

[Skinner will next demand that all DUmmies will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so he can check.]

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

D Minus 8 To Bernie Ban Day


That was the Presumptive Indictee proclaiming victory last night and declaring that because her Bill done her wrong and she had to endure years of humiliation by ruining the lives of the women he boffed, it was at last HER TURN. Tears must have come to the eyes of Skinner and his Clinton Cash wife, Shelly Moskwa, while watching that claim of nomination despite the actual nomination being weeks and a big indictment away. Yes, at last DUmmieland would all join hands in a show of unity while singing kumbayla and all past differences would be forgetten. Only one problem with this very hopeful scheme. Bernie Sanders. When it came time to speak last night, instead of obediently falling in line behind Hillary he declared he would go ON TO THE CONVENTION to continue his fight. Smart move, because it ruins the plans of Obama to insert Joe Biden into the nominee slot if/when/when/when Hillary is indicted. And because of this, it is causing YUUUUUUUGE problems for Skinner as the countdown proceeds to Bernie Ban Ban Day on June 16. In fact, today Skinner had to reiterate his Bernie Ban Day rules as you can see in his thread, DU General Election Season Begins on June 16: What You Need To Know. I was also going to DUFU a Bernie Sanders Group thread about yet more Sandernistas leaving but I was in for a shock. Most of them have already left and only a few recent threads remain so instead I shall DUFU this Jackal thread, When online forums have a mass exodus, the event is always given a moniker... 

So let us now watch the DUmmies commit ever more rapid suicide in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Jackals really do need a major site redesign to handle the flood of former DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

DU General Election Season Begins on June 16: What You Need To Know

[I need to know how much you and your wife, Shelly Moskwa, received in total Clinton Cash payments. I know it is in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars that you never bothered to tell your fellow DUmmies about but I want an exact total. Oh, and please include the DUmmie info mailing list fees you received in rentals.]

Last week I wrote an announcement providing some broad information about General Election season here on Democratic Underground. Now that the primary voting is almost done and it has become clear that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, we are sticking with our plan to transition to General Election season on Thursday, June 16.

[As the Presumptive Nominee transitions to the Presumptive Indictee you are stubbornly sticking to your plan to commit blog suicide on Bernie Ban Day, June 16.]

This formal transition to General Election season is not a new thing for our website. For every presidential election since this website was founded in 2001, we have expected our members to support the Democratic nominee. It has been written into our Terms of Service for nearly as long as the site has existed, and all of you agreed to it.

But this year's transition is a little different because during the switch-over we will also be instituting some big changes to the way we run the site -- including software changes. We have two main goals with these changes:

[Keep your Clinton Cash payoffs secret and allow free reign to the Brock-paid Hillary trolls.]

DU will have rules again

[Folks, I'm not going to copy and paste the rules. This is something that you really need to SEE to be believed. It is in the gray section of Skinner's post and is more byzantine and legally self analytical than most intensive part of the Talmud. I know many of you hate to take a look at DUmmieland but you really need to see it for yourselves.]

We will expect all DU members to follow these rules when posting, and enforce them when serving on a Jury (Note: All alerts sent on rules in the "Legal/Administrative" section will be handled directly by Admin. Alerts sent on the rule "Don't start threads in the wrong forum or group" will be sent to Hosts).

[Note: The alert of the first part in the Legal/Lobotomy section will be referred to the Administrator of alerts before committing suicide in the thread of the forum of the third part. Oh, was there a second part?]

Serving on Juries should be as straightforward as it was before -- in fact, we've streamlined the process to make it even simpler. You do not need to know all of the technical details below in order to serve on Juries -- they are provided merely for people who are interested in exactly what changes are taking place. Please note that we're tried to make the list below as comprehensive as possible, but it's possible that there may be further changes or additions as we go forward.

[Yeah as streamlined as a maze in a cave. This is another bit you have to SEE to be believed. Okay I will give you just ONE sample of this "streamlining."]

There are still certain triggers that will flag your account for review, and we are adding some new ones to put the brakes on people who repeatedly break our rules. When flagged for review you will not be able to post or use other site functions. (This is a stop-gap measure: We have a number of changes planned in this area that we aren't ready to implement yet; we'll have more to say about this at a later date.)

[Why not just get it over with and simply PIN the DUmmies to a board so they are motionless? Okay, another sample of the "streamlining."]

Previously Jurors had two options: "Hide it" or "Leave it alone." Now Jurors have four options: "It clearly breaks the rule"; "Close call, but it breaks the rule"; "It doesn't quite break the rule"; and "It clearly doesn't break the rule."

[Four options: "Breaks the rule"; "Rule the breaks"; "Not quite rule the breaks"; and "Who's on First?" Okay, one more insanity for the road before we go on to the other DUmmies...]

If you can't bring yourself to enforce a particular rule when serving on a Jury, you can object to that rule and you'll never be asked to serve on a Jury for that rule again. The Admins will keep a tally of objections which will give us useful feedback about the rules.

[I can't bring myself to believe I am actually reading the micro-management sludge. Now to the DUmmies...]

Also, want to thank you for adding in sexism. means a lot to me and I am sure many women here.

[Affirmative Action Byzantine rules.]

And I am happy that trolls will now need to pay if they want certain site privileges.

[So far the only trolls are Brock-paid Hillary trolls.]

How about reading the rules

[To cure insomnia?]

Excellent. A lot of effort and thought went into this.

[About as much effort as put into the wall scribblings at an insane asylum.]

Will there be monitoring for abuse of this? For example, if someone alerts on a post for a rule and gets shot down, then goes through every other rule trying to get a hide. If there is nothing built in to the system, may I suggest that if someone alerts on a post for a specific rule violation and the jury rejects the alert, that particular user should not be allowed to alert on that post again; another user would have to alert.

[For alerts on posts that don't quite meet the party line, how about a Gestapo wagon alarm sound that gets louder and louder?]

I'm also seeing your new rules as being stacked against a certain segment of 'dissenters' that don't properly fall in the Establishment lines, thereby driving even more good, long time, thoughtful DU'ers away. Making this place more echo chambery as a result. But it is your site and if that is what you want... But thinking like that is why other political sites are popping up, drawing people away from this site.

[Even the slightest deviation from the myriad of byzantine rules MUST be punished! And now a question to Skinner...]

May I ask, why will we not receive a notification after jury service is complete? I like to know how it went. Obviously, it's not that important, but I genuinely do like to know how others voted and whether my views are out of step with the majority.

[To which Skinner answers...]

Because we have come to view it as a catalyst for forum drama. Someone serves on a jury. Makes their choice. Finishes the process. Forgets about it. Fifteen minutes later they get a notification about the jury decision. Then they immediately post it in the thread, and the thread goes off the rails. What the notifications do is interrupt somebody who has already forgotten about jury service, and then hands them a nugget of info that they can post in order to disrupt the site. The admins believe this place needs less forum drama. A lot less.

[Forum drama needs to be avoided at all costs! Rules are needed to maintain a steady humdrum ennui so all be too bored to think about all that Clinton Cash I have been getting for betraying all of you.]

Skinner, if the posting of Jury Results was alert-able violation - we'd quickly learn not to do it. Seeing the results of our Jury Results strengthens the community. I think that removing the privilege will lessen involvement.

[And Skinner's Clinton Cash Corruption and absurd rules pretty much DESTROYS whatever involvement is left.]

So "BernieBros" and "BoB" meets a welcome demise on the 16th.

[Along with the DUmmie DEmise on June 16.]

A lot are leaving and going to be leaving too after the treatment they've gotten here by...supposedly fellow Democrats.

[Gee! Ya think? This intensive micromanagement of the rules goes on and on and on and on until I am getting bleary eyed so now on to the Jackals, When online forums have a mass exodus, the event is always given a moniker...]

When online forums have a mass exodus, the event is always given a moniker...

[How about The Great Stampede?]

I've been active on a lot of online forums over the last two decades, and it always happens. It will probably take a while but it always comes, people will quickly tire of saying "back in 2016 when everybody left after the primaries". A name will emerge, and for years the old timers will reference and refer to whatever event led to the defection, and even newcomers who were not around at the time will pick it up and use it as well.

I've seen generic labels like "The Purge", "Meltdown 2005", "Modgate", as well as more specific ones that don't make any sense to outsiders like "Inkygate" and "RWRPL".

[The Great Navel Gaze Byzantine Rule Book.]

Any ideas on what name the people who stick around DU will refer to this years defection as? It probably won't be flattering to us, but it definitely won't disparage themselves. I thought "Berniegate" may have some potential, maybe "The JPR Revolt".

[Day of the Jackals!]

I'm liking D words, Debacle, Deluge, that kind of thing. But let's see.


The great migration, as in like birds do.

[As in like birds do-do.]

My prediction: The Bern Out

[My prediction: Skinner's Clinton Cash Ran Out.]