Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pitt Defends Hillary; Owned by DUmmie

Attention DUmmie MADem! As the Lord Protector of the DUmmie FUnnies I hereby grant you absolution for all your leftwing sins you may have committed in the past or might commit in the future. Let the word go forth that from now unto all eternity, DUmmie MADem shall be immune from any criticism by the DUmmie FUnnies for providing the public service of completely owning WILLIAM RIVERS PITT in a most humiliating way. So what happened? WILLIAM RIVERS PITT who is now suffering extreme boredom in the lily white woods of New Hampshire attempted to get back into Hillary's good graces by very publicly defending the indefensible, namely her laughable performance at yesterday's brief press conference in which she tried to justify using a homebrew email server (and, no, she won't turn it over). You can see Pitt's Hillary's defense in this THREAD, "I am no fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but..." ...But you are about to make a complete FOOL out of yourself again. What is really surprising is how quickly Pitt has set himself up for complete HUMILIATION on the heels of being very publicly smacked down for completely FALSE REPORT about TurboTax a month ago. So let us now watch WILLIAM RIVER PITT set himself up for a softball pitch to be smacked out of the ballpark in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that this and future DUFU posts on the Free Republic will be excerpts due to an excess of pearl clutching, is in the [brackets]:

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but...

[...I will soon be completely smacked down due to my usual hypocritical idiocy.]

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but I am even less a fan of the "mainstream" news media...and with this email thing, you just have to love how these laggards have managed to go from "Clinton Scandal!" to "Remember The Other Clinton Scandals!" to, now, "Look, The Media Is Back In Clinton-Scandal Mode!"

["Look, The Pittster Is Back In Pompous-Hypocrite Mode!"]

In essence, they've downshifted so they can report on themselves. Easiest gig in America, and now they get to do it until a year from November. "Wow, look how we do what we do!"

["Wow, look at how Pitt plays the fool again!"]

Maybe a cat asleep in a ray of sunlight is lazier than these frauds, but I doubt it.

[A Pitt asleep on his sofa is about to be OWNED by a fellow DUmmie. Hee! Hee!]

Maybe a cat asleep in a ray of sunlight is lazier than these frauds, but I doubt it.

[You are absolutely right, DUmmie MADem. Please proceed in your Pitt exposure...]

Why yes, you were! You said she "has a sad" and was "disinterested in following the law" (ooops, that was a big fail-wrong) and then you went back into her past in an attempt to smear her with ancient history and "guilt by association" innuendo of the worst sort.

And right here on DU, too:

[Yup! Right THERE in DUmmieland and only a couple of weeks ago. Here is what Pitt said then, contradicting the current Pitt:]

I'm very sorry Hillary Clinton has a sad today.

She voted for the PATRIOT Act.

She voted for the Iraq War Resolution.

She is snuggled up good and tight with organized crime crews like Goldman Sachs that stole our future.

She got the Keystone XL pipeline ball rolling at the State Department.

Personal liberty...unjust war...Wall Street crime...climate change.

Gosh, seems to me those are the signal issues of our time...and every chance she's had to cast a vote or exert influence, she's gone in absolutely the wrong direction.

Now, it seems, she's disinterested in following the law when it comes to governmental data collection. A poster here who claims to have worked at State says it's because she's a Luddite working within a calcified bureaucratic technology, and she's just more comfortable with her Yahoo account, or whatever it is.

If the Bush administration had unspooled that line, this place would have erupted. And rightly so.

So maybe the trick isn't to try to elect the most "electable" Democrat. As Democrats, maybe the trick is to wrestle this party back from the abyss and rediscover a few DNA-level values.

Like protecting personal liberty...and avoiding unjust war...and holding Wall Street to account...and thwarting climate change.

I'm sorry she has a sad today, but my unavoidable conclusion is that Secretary Clinton - based on her black-letter record - does not strike me as the avatar for that change.

Oh, and P.S.: I'm not being divisive. This is the cold, hard truth. Deploy your coping mechanisms as you will. The facts are on the wall. Read them or don't; you're still free, for now.

Let the million flowers bloom.

[And much more than a million brain cells must have died of alcohol poisoning in Pitt's head because the March 10 Will Pitt completely forgot what the March 3 Will Pitt posted. Now back to DUmmie MADem...]

You might take your own advice, there.

t [You actually expect Pitt to remember what he posted a short time earlier? This is not meant as a criticism, DUmmie MADem, since you have been granted DUFU absolution in perpetuity for your service in exposing Pitt hypocrisy.]

"it seems" being the important phrase

[That's it, Pitt? Somehow that is supposed to magically wipe away your utter hypocrisy? Why not use "if the" instead of "it seems?" Makes about as much sense.]

Keep swinging, MADem. You're nothing if not persistent.

[Keep drinking, Will Pitt. You're nothing if not intoxicated.]

Naaah. The "important" phrase was "has a sad." It all went downhill from there. I'm not swinging--I'm hitting the bullseye. I can tell by your reaction.

[Absolutely DUmmie MADem. You hit the bullseye and slamdunked Pitt for all to see.]

IWR. Patriot Act. Keystone. Wall Street. Still waiting.

[Bukowski's. Brew. Still waiting.]

Guilt by insinuation and association, and context-free, as always. Why not give us some of your trademark "argle bargle" while you're at it?

[I understand that a certain Temporary Sockpuppet has stolen Pitt's trademarks. And now we have Pitt flopping around helplessly on the DUmmie deck...]

"Guilt by insinuation and association"

IWR: = "Yes" vote

Patriot Act: "Yes" vote

[Newton Coed: YESSS!]


[ps, ok, aka...]

Insinuation? Association?

[Intoxication? Humiliation?]

Black-ink legislation.



You are really shameless. It's a strength...and an indelible stain. ...and I forgot my first rule: don't feed the ___________.

[Uh-oh! Calling someone a TROLL in DUmmieland is a tombstoning offense as DUmmie MADem is about to note...]

And she's never talked about those votes, never, ever again, has she! Oh wait--she has. But that doesn't fit your narrative, so you gloss over it.

[Pitt's employment history also doesn't fit his narrative and he glosses over that as well.]

Your remarks are as rigid as someone saying "Can't trust Betsy Warren--she was a REPUBLICAN in 1996!!! She loved Saint Ronnie's approach to markets--never minded his views on AIDS, women, "Welfare Queens," and so forth...!"

See how absurd THAT sounds?

You have the moxie to call me shameless? For pointing out YOUR OWN WORDS, too?

No one is more shameless than you, Will. I'm a rank amateur compared to your prodigious talents on that score.

FWIW, calling me a troll isn't cool, either. I've never been PPR'd and reinstated from this forum--can you say the same? Just because you don't fill in the blank on your little

[Pitt can't tell you the same because he was tombstoned for threatening physical attack on a woman. Poor beloved Bobo the Hobo. Fortunately Pitt's Mama checkbooked his way back into DUmmieland.]

...and I forgot my first rule: don't feed the ___________.

comment, that doesn't mean one can't figure out what you mean. I won't alert, but it wouldn't make me "has a sad" if someone else did--it would serve you right.

[This was followed the next morning by a DUmmie jury voting to allow Pitt to remain. Reason was probably to continue allowing the laughs to roll.]

Admit it. You contributed to this spectacle. And continue to do so with the petulant repetition. Fucking rich.

[Another DUmmie slams Pitt.]

By posting two threads in GD of DU. Yeah, it was me.

[More specifically Pitt, for posting two completely CONTRADICTORY threads in the space of a week.]


[You got that right, DUmmie joshcryer. DUmmie MADem completely OWNED Pitt. And thanks again for highlighting this comedy GOLD.]

Friday, February 06, 2015

TurboTax Smacks Down Pitt for False "Scoop"

While you wait 24 business hours for Karl Rove to be indicted and frogwalked across the White House lawn, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT has another HOT HOT HOT scoop. This time it is that TurboTax was hacked. Of course we know this must be true because of Pitt's fantastic track record for veracity. Unfortunately, after Pitt delivered his big SCOOP came the big "OOPS" which you can discern in the thread title which not only has a regular UPDATE but also a NEWER UPDATE, "Scary stuff" UPDATE: the hack was TurboTax (NEWER UPDATE). After Pitt's FALSE "scoop" caused panic among TurboTax customers, that company was forced to dispatch a spokesperson to Pitt's false scoop thread to correct the Trust Fund Kid with the FACTS. Bottom line: TurboTax was NOT hacked. So let us now watch WILLIAM RIVERS PITT once again spread misinformation via a "scoop" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that TurboTax has a strong legal case now against the Pittster for spreading misinformation, is in the tax [brackets]:

"Scary stuff" UPDATE: the hack was TurboTax (NEWER UPDATE)

[Substitute "OOPS" for each "UPDATE" in the title.]

First dribble of info is coming from Utah:

[Is Jason Leopold your reporter on the scene?]

Utah Tax Commission flags thousands of potential fake returns Snip: Commission spokesman Charlie Roberts said it found that personal information has been stolen from previous returns filed through TurboTax. He said the commission is not yet sure if other programs and companies were affected, nor if the data was stolen from the cloud or some other means.

[Which is not the same thing as TurboTax being hacked. OOPS!]

...but my source tells me as many as 15 other states could have been affected, and that whoever pulled this hack likely got the run of all of TurboTax's information. That might even mean Quickbooks, but I don't know.

[Key phrase: "I don't know." Oh, and who is your source? Jason Leopold? Last I heard he is the U.S. correspondent for a New Zealand college radio station operating out of the student union building in Auckland. I kid you not!!!]

Millions of people have been using TurboTax for years. I used it for years. It's a treasure trove of incredibly detailed tax and financial in the wind.

[Does it have an app for deducting Bukowski's brew expenses from your trust fund income?]

It's a bad one, in my opinion.

[Except, as we shall find out, it is NOT true.]

Update: All the hackers have done so far is use 2013 return information to file bogus 2014 returns, and direct the money to prepaid debit cards. It seems as though they are targeting taxpayers who are getting big refunds, and ignoring the smaller returns. They do, theoretically, have access to a vast pile of identity information, but whether or not they will do anything with that remains to be seen.

[Substitute "OOPS!" for "Update."]

NEW Update: The Salt Lake Tribune re-re-edited their article to extract the name "TurboTax" from the "TurboTax was hacked" article. Given the fact that little ol' me got love from an Intuit PR flack, I think some muscles are being flexed.

[Substitute "OOPS Again!" for "NEW Update." This NEW Update comes after the TurboTax spokesperson we shall see below entered DUmmieland to correct the misinformation spread by WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

For the record, the paragraph in the Trib read: "Commission spokesman Charlie Roberts said it found that personal information has been stolen from previous returns filed through TurboTax. He said the commission is not yet sure if other programs and companies were affected, nor if the data was stolen from the cloud or some other means."

[For the record, you have once again provided DUFU comedy gold by acting true to form as a complete idiot.]

...and there's this:

[...and there's this. Having been caught yet again posting a completely FALSE scoop, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT tries to wiggle out of it again. Now to his fellow DUmmies and, eventually, to the TurboTax spokesperson correcting the idiot.....]

My mother received a fake IRS call yesterday... Saying she's being sued by the IRS and she can pay over the phone by debit card. She knew it was fake and reported it buy it sounded professional, automated message.

[Pitt better hope his mother doesn't receive that fake IRS call or he could lose his New Hampshire cabin in the woods.]

Between Target, Home Despot, Turbo Tax, and the hundreds of other hacks and such, I'd be willing to be that all of our data is out there. What is to ultimately done with it is still up in the air. I'm expecting one BIG hack one day, where everyone's info just vanishes.

[Well, Pitt's Anthem Obamacare got hacked as PREDICTED. So far the hackers only snagged 25 bucks but that was only test run before digging deep into his trust funds.]

Faithful TurboTax user.. wonder if my information has been leaked? My credit was already terrible before the hack, and I don't know how much they can make it worse....

[The good news is that Pitt's "scoop" was false so your TurboTax info is safe. The bad news is the hackers probably stole the info you stupidly handed over to ObamaCare. Ask Pitt about the Anthem hack.]

. I used the same identity theft protection plan for a while. Got my credit score down so low that it was useless to thieves.

[Smart move. Did you also cut out your brain in order to collect disability?]

Meanwhile the ACA websites are all properly secured, it is private corporations that refuse to pay for proper security. That should be clear enough by now.

[You think the ObamaCare sites are secure? Keep concentrating on that thought while we pick your pockets.]

. Okay, I thought you were being hyperbolic earlier.

[Actually Pitt was INCORRECT earlier as well as now.]

Dems have tried for years to set up the tax system so that the IRS does your taxes and just sends you a form to sign (for the VAST majority of tax payers who have relatively simple returns). TurboTax has lobbied to prevent this for over a decade. Would save the IRS and the consumers billions and certainly would have been more secure than a this system where people trust third parties with very sensitive data.

[A DUmmie equally as DUmb as Pitt willing to place his financial cojones in the hands of Lois Lerner.]

just changed my password just in case


The story is starting to bubble up. DailyKos has it.

[Will Pitt now all excited that the story for which he will soon be smacked down for has gone viral.]

A search for TurboTax on this site produces "no results."

[Uh-oh. The terrible truth is about to break.]

UPDATE: All the hackers have done so far is use 2013 return information to file bogus 2014 returns, and direct the money to prepaid debit cards. It seems as though they are targeting taxpayers who are getting big refunds, and ignoring the smaller returns. They do, theoretically, have access to a vast pile of identity information, but whether or not they will do anything with that remains to be seen.

[The first of Pitt's updates with a big smackdown update about to follow NOW... ]

TurboTax has not been hacked

[Position your face here, Pitt, for the big SMACKDOWN...]

Hi Folks,
Christine from TurboTax here. I want to assure you that TurboTax has not been hacked. We continuously monitor our systems in search of suspicious activity. And through that process, we have found no evidence of a data breach. In addition, we asked a third-party security firm – FireEye/Mandiant – to do an independent assessment. All evidence indicates that those initiating these attacks obtained information outside the tax filing process.

[IOW, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is once again full of it. Please continue, Christine...]

During this tax season, we have seen a significant increase in attempts by criminals to use stolen identity information such as names and social security numbers obtained from other sources outside the tax preparation process to file fraudulent state tax returns. This illegal activity originates outside the tax preparation process and uses TurboTax as the vehicle to commit this crime.

[IOW, unline the false scoop perpetrated by WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, there is NO EVIDENCE that TurboTax has been hacked. Please continue Christine...]

We will have more information coming on this issue, but I wanted to assure you that our customer's data is safe.

[Unlike Pitt's veracity which is perpetually UNSAFE.]

If you've been a victim of identity theft, we've established a dedicated 800 number where customers impacted by tax fraud can obtain further information with serially trained identity protection agents.

[Do you have a dedicated 800 where WILLIAM RIVERS PITT can call for further information on how too correct his terminal gullibility?]

-Christine Morrison
TurboTax Communications

[Thank you, Christine, for the real facts of the case that you were forced to post in the DUmmieland Swamp due to the complete MISINFORMATION posted by one WILLIAM RIVERS PITT who can be located in New Hampshire in case the TurboTax legal department wants to have a little chat with him.]

So...the Salt Lake Trib had it wrong? My guy in the biz whose whole management team is cloistered with Intuit reps is wrong? Explain, please. 8,000 fraudulent returns in one state alone.

[Actually, YOU had it wrong, Pitt. Who is your guy in the biz? Jason Leopold taking a break from his New Zealand college radio correspondent gig?]

I find only 2 stories on the news, neither say TT was hacked.

[DUmmie uppityperson casting aspersions upon Pitt's non-existent veracity.]

My question is it that less than 3 hours after your OP on this matter, TuboTax is dead-on-the-case and knows about YOUR post here at DU and begins damage-control operations.

[Because WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is a complete idiot whose FALSE posting has gone viral and frightened TurboTax customers. Hopefully the TurboTax legal department will be looking into this matter. Perhaps someone's trust fund account will soon be FROZEN?]

It doesn't sound like they were breached though. It sounds like identity thieves use their product to file fraudulent returns. There is a difference.

[An important distinction that went completely over Pitt's head.]

I'm a likeable guy. People seek me out.

[Actually Pitt, the people in the TurboTax legal department are seeking you out.]

... who doesn't grasp the simple concept of Secondary Sources. You might want to bone up on "retraction" as well.

[Break out the popcorn. Fasten your seatbelts. The entertaining DUmmie angry reaction to Pitt is about to begin!]

The Salt Lake Trib and ABC News out of Minneapolis...for starters. That's two sources, plus my source.

[You misread the first two sources, Pitt, and does Jason Leopold on a break from his New Zealand college radio correspondent gig still count as a source post-Fitzmas?]

I'm guessing your other "sources" relied on your "guy" as well. Maybe you were their source. Whatevs. That's not second-sourcing, that's cluster****ing.

[Note to the pearlclutchers: FOUR asterisks were used to prevent an adult audience from viewing the word that they already know was written.]

BTW, per your update at least the Trib has edited their story. You're doubling down. Weird, this new "journalism".

[Don't worry. Pitt's original report will be proven correct in just 24 business hours.]

Still waiting on my Rove indictment here. It's not a sin to be wrong, or for a source to have been wrong, nor for the real story to become more complicated as time goes on. It's early yet.

[Pitt's story will be verified on May 12, 2006 or in 24 business hours, whichever comes last.]

What a load of horsesh*t, thank you for signing up just so you could lie to us. Whoever you really are.

[A Pitt true believer defends the veracity of his flawed idol over a TurboTax rep.]

Nice scoop Will.

[Yup. As good as his Karl Rove Indictment scoop.]

Recommendation to you Will, since the article has now been edited and a person from TT has posted though of course anyone could say they were that, it might behoove you to edit your OP since it appears you may be spreading false rumor of TT being hacked.

[GASP! Will spreading a false rumor? Whoda thunk it?]

I think you may have jumped the gun here, Will. Being first to isn't always best.

[Patience. 24 business hours from now you will see Will was correct.]

It was there three hours ago.

[Pitt now sputtering that his false story might have been correct 3 hours ago.]

NEW UPDATE: The Salt Lake Tribune re-re-edited their article to extract the name "TurboTax" from the "TurboTax was hacked" article. Given the fact that little ol' me got love from an Intuit PR flack right here on DU, I think it's safe to say some muscles are being flexed. For the record, the paragraph in the Trib read: "Commission spokesman Charlie Roberts said it found that personal information has been stolen from previous returns filed through TurboTax. He said the commission is not yet sure if other programs and companies were affected, nor if the data was stolen from the cloud or some other means." Stay tuned.

[Little ol' PItt is going to get a lot of "love" from the TurboTax legal department for spreading FALSE rumors.]

Yet none of the articles except for the original updated/corrected ones say "TT hacked".

[Careful DUmmie uppityperson or Pitt will untoady you.]

This OP is pure speculation on a couple cases of tax fraud in a few states. Those committing the fraud used TurboTax to SUBMIT the tax data, but they had the identity info before hand. A simple google search of "turbo tax hack" nets you this OP, a similar blog at Crooks and Liars (using the same original source before it was updated to omit TurboTax), and a bunch of tax fraud articles from years past. Someone jumped the gun on this one.

[Yeah, a certain someone named WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

Pitt irresponsibly is insisting they were with zero proof. And, oh, hey, Karl Rove was totally indicted!!!

[And DUmmie PeaceNikki WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity about the fraud that is WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

I'd not have posted this, even if I had some information from reliable sources. It's too explosive a story and incorrect postings could do some real harm.

[Something which never penetrated Pitt's gullible brain.]


[Sputtered Pitt and DUmmie snooper2 smacked him down with this...]

Yeah, well now, are you going to change the title of your OP telling lies? Have you learned that fraud does not equal hacking yet?

[Those distinctions are too tough for Pitt to comprehend.]

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Pitt's Health Insurance Hacked

This was probably the EASIEST prediction I ever made. WILLIAM RIVERS PITT's health insurance company, Anthem, has been HACKED. Gee! Who else could have seen that coming? How about a whole bunch of web security experts who for over the year predicted exactly this due to the almost non-existent security of the HealthCare.Gov website. So how do I know that Pitt's insurance company is Anthem? Because he told us so with his April Fools Apology last year after he dared to slam ObamaCare:

For the record, and one last time: I went to the exchange. They delivered me to Anthem BCBS in New Hampshire. I signed up for the Super-Extra-Ultra-Gold plan (which I am now paying more than $800 a month for) because it allegedly covers everything my wife’s MS needs… 
Of course, this was easily predicted by me in the very title of this DUFU edition: Pitt Delivers Personal Information to Russian Mafia Via ObamaCare. And of course, that delivery of personal information was followed by this: ObamaCare Alert!!! Pitt's Bank Account Compromised. Of course, the terminally gullible Pitt just brushed it off and took no more action:

Someone managed to compromise my bank account on Wednesday, and looted me of exactly $25 by purchasing phone apps, which means it's kids...but I got that squared away. 
Too bad for you Pitt because it is now obvious that with the massive Anthem security breech, your sacred trust funds are at risk of expropriation by hackers as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD quoting a USA Today article, "Massive breach at health care company Anthem Inc." So let us now watch William Rivers Pitt's ObamaCare policy get predictably hacked in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, putting the pearl clutchers at ease by noting this this DUFU edition is an F-word free zone, is in the [brackets]:

Massive breach at health care company Anthem Inc.

 [As predicted by a plethora of web security experts over a year ago.]

SAN FRANCISCO - As many as 80 million customers of the nation's second large health insurance company, Anthem Inc., have had their account information stolen, the company said in a statement.

[And Pitt didn't even include hacking in his infamous RANT against ObamaCare which he later apologized for.]

"Anthem was the target of a very sophisticated eternal cyber attack," Anthem president and CEO Joseph Swedish said in a statement posted on the company's website.

[A target with such lousy security along with so much personal info is just too tempting to avoid.]

The hackers gained access to Anthem's computer system and got information including names, birthdays, medical IDs, Social Security numbers, street addresses, email addresses and employment information, including income data, Swedish said.

[No employment information for Pitt but very intriguing trust fund info. And right now some hacker is drinking away Pitt's January trust fund payment at the Smolensk Bukowski's.]

Both current and former customers were hit, he said.

[And also ANGRY Anthem customers which includes Pitt.]

This is NOT GOOD!

[An understatement footnote from a DUmme. And now on to the rest of the DUmmies...]

1/4 of all Americans!

[And ALL of Pitt.]

Have heard/read a lot of complaints about their practices. Not saying it was a dissatisfied customer but I hate to say it....the Company deserved it. Not the customers though.

[And the LOUDEST dissatisfied customer was Pitt...until he made an April Fools apology for daring to speak truth to power which offended his fellow DUmmies for ObaMessiah Heresy.]

Anything they didn't know, they know now.

[Attention hackers: Please post the amount of Pitt's trust fund payments on this DUFU comments section.]

is LifeLock a publicly traded company? They are about to get crazy paid...again.

[Lifelock: Promo Code RUSH for the discount.]

Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Is DUmmie Screen Name of This I-93 Protest Leech Living in Dad's Mansion?

A homework assignment: What is the name of this #BlackLivesMatter leech who was among those who stopped traffic on I-93 in Boston last week? We know his real name is Noah McKinney and that this leech lives in daddy's mansion as you can see in this VIDEO. His dreadlocks plus the fact that he must be as much a Trust Fund Kid as WILLIAM RIVERS PITT means he is a Trustafarian. Note that he can't answer the question from the reporter as to what kind of work he does which means he is a 28 year old bum. Oh, and he is also a veteran of the Occupy Wallstreet Movement which is ironic since his trust fund money is heavily invested in the stock market much like the equally worthless Ted Hall.

All these things add up to the fact that he MUST be a DUmmie. So what is the DUmmie screen name of this useless Bostonian?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Movie Review: "The Interview" Is HILARIOUS!!!!!

Your humble correspondent just saw "The Interview" and I have to tell you that the critics are WRONG! It is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Hardly a minute goes by in this movie when I am not laughing. And a lot of that laughter was uncontrollable bellylaughs!

But...but what about the near unanimous "opinion" of the critics that the movie stinks? Well, the reason so many of them said they hated the movie is that they are afraid to admit the TRUTH that they also laughed like hell while watching it. So why would they not want to publicly admit it? Because it is so politically incorrect that they don't want to admit they enjoyed it. And I don't mean the part about assassinating Kim Jong-Un of iNorth Korea. There was a lot more that was definitely NOT PC about this movie. So un-PC that feminists would probably demand the ouster of any critic who admitted to liking the movie. So is it lewd and crude as has been charged? Absolutely. I wouldn't recommend kids, the easily offended, or the blue-nose pearl clutchers to watch this flick. However, for most of the rest of us it is highly entertaining. 

Normally I don't rely on movies that are ONLY lewd and crude because that means they are also BORING. "The Interview," however, ingeniously uses lewd and crude to make some points such as how shallow TV talk show hosts can be. For example when show host Dave Skylark (James Franco) finds out that Matthew McConnaughey might have had sex with a goat, he screams about getting him on his show and "THE GOAT! GET THE GOAT!...I've got some questions for that goat." Crude, lewd? Yes, but also hilarious and, yeah, I can understand why many might be offended by that but I still laughed at that scene. 

Another funnie scene involves the show producer Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen) trying to have sex with a North Korean military woman. Problem is he has a strip of poison on his hand which will kill anybody he touches so he attempts to take her bra off with just one hand and his teeth. 

As to the Kim Jong-Un scenes they are also hilarious but I don't want to give too much away except to say he loves Katie Perry music and insecure because he likes drinking margaritas but his father told him it was gay. Oh, and in one scene Dave Skylark asks him if he "sharded" and Kim defensively denies it but accuses the cameraman of doing it. 

No more description of the movie here from me so as not to ruin it for you. Kudos to Seth Rogen for writing this HILARIOUS comedy. Emphasis on COMEDY. The primary motive was to make the audience laugh, not to do a big exposé of North Korea. 

So forget all the naysaying critics. I am telling you that "The Interview" is one of the funniest movies in years. Okay, so Kim Jong-Un won't be laughing but most viewers will laugh their asses off.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


The lack of self awareness on the part of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is completely laughable as you can see in his THREAD title about the completely political Senate Intelligence Committee Report, "THEY SHOULD ALL BE IN ****ING PRISON." Hey, you want a report, Pitt? How about this newspaper report from last week titled, Scott Ritter paroled in online sex case. Anyway, speaking of being in "****ING PRISON," how about if we interview the victims of the Newton school yard in order to track down the perp? So let us now watch the clueless Pitt climb up upon his moral high horse while screaming his silly outrage unto all the world in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering when the Temporary SockPuppet begins his prison term:


[Along with Scott Ritter and the Temporary SockPuppet.]

But we "knew that already.

[What's with this "we" bit, Kemosabe?]

Gotta look forward, don'tcha know.

[What brand of cigarettes does the Temporary SockPuppet prefer? The same kind we took to Scott Ritter on prison visits? Now that Pitt left his cat's territorial mark of moral outrage, let us check out the other DUmmies who never have a bit of complaint about the ISIS headchoppers...]

It is infuriating

[You bet. It is infuriating that all these years later the Newton schoolyard perp still walks free.]

The fact that they are all walking free. Infuriates me to no end. MAKE THEM PAY!

[Break out that Trust Fund Kid checkbook.]

Life without parole in Maximum Security, with the other Hannibal Lechter types.

[Hannibal SockPuppet?]

The irony of incarceration in Guantanamo would ever so delicious.

[The irony of Pitt demanding they serve prison time is even more delicious.]

These people are monsters. The world cannot allow monsters to go free and live in luxury. It only breeds more monsters.

[Why do you hate Scott Ritter and the Temporary SockPuppet so much?]

I'm not sure how to express my anger at my country.

[Why? You do it every day so you have lots of practice.]

Thank you for this, Will. I plan to write up an essay to post here on DU:GD this evening. Right now, I'm still too angry. So I'll head out to my pond & sweat lodge to think about all of this for a while.

[How about if you start the essay like this: "It was a dark and stormy night. The Temporary SockPuppet, wearing only a raincoat and nothing underneath, prepared to make a major exposure on the Newton Schoolyard when..."]

That is all. Can't improve on that, Will. You said it all!

[And he keeps saying and saying and saying it until that major chip on his shoulder falls off.]

Yup RW Conservatives are not merely sociopaths they are mass murderers Prison is too good for them. Where is the outrage at the The International Criminal Court in the Hague?? They must have known some of this! I doubt US citizens will lead the cry for justice! But as we all know, justice delayed is justice denied...

[What is it? 10, 12, 14 years since the Newton crimes?]

Taking into account the standards used at Nuremberg, a good share of the Chimp's administration, including the Chimp himself, should have been hanged for waging aggressive war, crimes against peace, wartime atrocities and crimes against humanity. The gallows should have been busy for weeks.

[Speaking of hanging, the Temporary SockPuppet thought he was hung, a notion laughable to anybody in the know.]

I am looking forward . . . to seeing Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and many others do the perp walk.

[Like the one Karl Rove performed 24 business hours ago on May 12, 2006?]

Every time I see a war criminal on tv I throw my ****ing shoe at the tv. I'm all out of shoes and tvs.

[You're also all out of any bit of sanity.]

****ing Prison? Aren't those just for sex offenders?

[A good question for either Scott Ritter or the Temporary SockPuppet.]

Friday, December 05, 2014

KOmmie Rage at Rolling Stone Over Debunked Rape Story

The Left, along with the KOmmies, DUmmies, and Nancy Grace figured that at long last they could finally blame white jocks for sexual abuse. Unfortunately for them, the DUke LaCrosse case completely backfired on them bigtime. However, now they figured they had a slam DUnk case against a bunch of white frat boys. After all this time the rape accusations were written up in detail in Rolling Stone. Well, that story did hold up for a couple of weeks, enough time for the idiotic president of the University of Virginia to suspend frat activities without even doing an investigation when this case also blew up in their faces as you can see in this big BACKTRACK from Rolling Stone today. In addition, the Washington Post did the FACT CHECKING that the so-called writer of the Rolling Stoned story should have done and found it came up way short in terms of veracity starting with the fact that the alleged perp wasn't even a member of the frat in question.

So now all those idiots who protested the frat at UVA plus the DUmmies plus the KOmmies now look like complete shmucks yet again. That explains the REAL reason for their rage at Rolling Stoned as you can see in this KOmmie thread, What were the discrepancies in the Rolling Stone UVA rape case story. So let us now watch the KOmmie rage in Bolshevik Red as yet another phony story backfires on them big time while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how long before that frat OWNS Rolling Stoned after the massive lawsuit, is in the [brackets]:

What were the discrepancies in the Rolling Stone UVA rape case story?

[The truth?]

Rolling Stone just said that because of discrepancies in their story they no longer trust the rape victim. As the parent of a daughter and a faculty member who has heard a number of similar stories (it can't be mass delusion over twenty years!) I demand to know what those discrepancies are. This is going to have a chilling effect on the report of campus rape. Rolling Stone has a very high obligation to report those discrepancies and explain why they don't trust the story. This is not just a journalism story, this is a societal story - and the first time I have seen movement on the rape culture that allegedly (it could be mass hysteria) and many elite fraternities. Also, what about the author, does she also mistrust her subject now?

[Poor baby! Your blame white privileged frat boys shtick has been taken away from you. As to the author, you might find her face on a milk carton.]

I am hoping different sites can put pressure on Rolling Stone to explain themselves. If it really was serious discrepancies there is nothing to do, but it has put back the discussion on sexual violence years maybe. If Rolling Stone was intimidate into doing this there are deeper problems with our traditional media than even I realized.

[Waaaah! My leftwing narrative has been RUINED yet again. Now on to the other grieving KOmmies...]

As many others pointed out, this story had problems from the very start.

[Like a lack of fact checking on the parted of the author and Rolling Stoned?]

The problem with the story is that the RS writer apparently didn't try to contact any of the accused men.

[That should have been a strong tell right there with any normal person which, of course, doesn't include KOmmies.]

Rape survivors who talked to her, her friends, female sexual assault awareness advocates...they say they've been misled by her and don't trust her story. It's baffling to me that anyone even remotely liberal could care so little about the truth

[Not baffling to me.]

i'm pretty furious at rolling stone right now.

[Gonna cancel your rolling papers?]

I wonder how this is going to play out.

[That you and your fellow leftists will look like total IDIOTS yet again.]

These students were tried and convicted on the words of a single girl victim. That's all the evidence we need.

[And that the UVA president needed to whip out the lynch ropes.]

The WaPo account is devastating to the narrative

[And to the KOmmie MYTH.]

As it currently reads, RS failed to vet the accuser. Besides the humiliation of the retraction (and that's what this is, not an equivocation), RS may be financially liable for enormous damages.

[Soon if you are a rock star and what to get your face on the cover of the Rolling Stoned, you're going to have to clear it with the frat boys first.]

Why didnt RS track down the friends who met with her the night of the event? Why didnt they follow up with the fraternity?

[Because it would interfere with the narrative fiction.]

Fortunately, RS didn't name the men, so they didn't libel any identifiable persons. But the story did enormous damage to the fraternity and its members. It also did grave damage to UVa.

[I'm seeing damage to that fraternity to the tune of ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!!!]

But the entire fraternity system at UVA was suspended, not just the accused house.


She just identified the PKP person who raped her at his PKP event...and that person was never a member of PKP

[Oops! Better send some Depends coupons to the story author.]

The guy she identified doesn't just deny the rape, he denies that he ever even met her. That should be fairly easy to disprove, e.g., anyone who had seen them together on any occaision. But the WaPo quotes from her friends on campus do not confirm that they met; on the contrary, the friends told the WaPo that the name she gave doesn't fit what she said about the guy previously. One campus advocate is now using the word "misled" to describe her initial conversations with Jackie.

[Yup. That frat will definitely end up OWNING Rolling Stoned.]

Rolling Stone just turned off their comments. Almost 200 - vanished. That is not the way to do damage control. Sigh.

[Don't worry. We still have your KOmmie KOmments.]

Has UVA ever denied it? They take it seriously so wouldn't they want to scream to the world its a hoax if it is?

[Not the UVA president. She suspended all the frats without proof and now she has egg on her face.]

Some people still remember the Duke Lacrosse team case, which was a disaster for the school, the community, the coach (who was fired) and members of the team. The players were eventually vindicated, but it was a nightmare of a witchhunt conducted by the DA who was later disbarred.

[Also conducted by Nancy Grace.]

The UVA President punished the entire Greek system based on a sloppy and unverified story in popular culture magazine.

[Would you like a Mike Nifong Kewpie Doll?]