Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Obama Bows to Boehner"

"Obama Bows to Boehner."

That is not only a quote now all over the news headlines according to Google but also comes from this DUmmie THREAD, "Is there some strategic move I'm missing with the debate scheduling?" And KUDOS to FReeper Roscoe Karnes from whom I am stealing his BRILLIANT photo which perfectly summed up the situation. I know that the DUmmies after seeing that photo will be dying to use it so I am giving them permission to indulge and steal it as I did. Another image I have is of Obama right now acting like Col. Saito of "Bridge On the River Kwai" who, after losing face by giving in to the British demand that their officers not be forced to do manual labor, privately pounded his desk and sobbed like a baby because of his humiliation. Perhaps Barack has learned his lesson and will ask permission first before DEMANDING to speak to a joint session of Congress. So let us now watch the DUmmies wince at Obama bowing to Boehner in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Obama is probably deeply imbibing the saki right about now, is in the [barackets]:

Is there some strategic move I'm missing with the debate scheduling?

[Another brilliant move by the pan-dimensional chess genius with the end result of a humiliating bow to Boehner.]

It's simply inconceivable that the Administration didn't know that the GOP debate was the same night. And the Administration immediately acquiesced once Boehner objected.

[Obama checkmated himself. Brilliant move!]

Am I missing something? What net positive is gained by intentionally double-booking with the intention of relenting?

[The positive is the BRILLIANT photo graphic created by FReeper Roscoe Karnes. I am predicting it will go VIRAL on the Web.]

I think putting such an important speech opposite a football game is probably a dumb move, though.

[That's what happens when you checkmate yourself.]

This just seems sloppy (unless there's some advantage I'm missing).

[The advantage that you're missing is DUFU comedy gold entertainment.]

No it just makes Obama look inept and weak.

[Really? Who could have guessed that?]

Like you, I have no idea what the WH is doing. It's all very upsetting.

[Take two Tums and a big whiff from the chloroform rag.]

All I know is that on Thursday - I'll be watching the start of the NFL season.

[Since we already know that the Obama jobs speech will be just more boring same old, same old.]

It's a version of the "accept the first invitation you receive" rule. The GOP booked America that night and it's odd that the Administration would schedule a conflicting event without good reason.

[Odd that they're played politics with the scheduling the speech. But HILARIOUS how it completely BACKFIRED on them. BOW BEFORE YOUR BOEHNER!!!]

Actually, the news tomorrow will be that Obama bowed to Bohener.

[Yup! You are exactly right! I just checked with Google News.]

Here is my hometown newspaper headline and lots of others as it is a AP piece:

"Obama bows to Boehner; jobs speech will be Sept. 8"

["Obama Bows to Boehner" is the EXACT headline I am now seeing from many news sources according to Google.]

WASHINGTON— In a retreat after an hours-long test of wills Wednesday, President Barack Obama agreed to deliver an address on jobs and the economy to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8, yielding to House Speaker John Boehner, who had balked at Obama's request for a Sept. 7 speech.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that it is not embarrassing.

[Col. Barack Saito is right now pounding his Oval Office desktop and sobbing over his humiliating loss of face.]

Administration tried to play chicken. And lost...


The game won't be interrupted. Start time may move to 9pm.

[Great. A boring speech that pisses off NFL fans.]

This was a major screw up!

[Sayeth Mr. Obvious.]

Does Obama even WANT to be reelected? I'm starting to really wonder.

[If he gets to keep Air Force One he might bow out gracefully.]

One of two things.

1. Either the WH is completely clueless and wasn't aware of the GOP debate, although it had been planned months ago.

2. The WH was trying to play mind games with the GOP by scheduling Obama's speech on the same night as their debate and therefore attempting to steal their thunder.

Either way, the WH got smacked down.

Childish games they all play while Rome burns.


[And DUmmie Beacool WINS a bowing Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

DUmmies Go BERSERK Over Boehner Bumping Obama Speech

Oh, this is toooo FUnnie!!! The DUmmies are going BERSERK over the fact that Speaker of the House Boehner told Obama that he needs to give his speech at a later time than The One unilaterally declared that he would give on September 7 without first asking permission as is custom. Obama & Co. were too cute by half by declaring he would give a speech to a joint session of Congress at the same time a Republican presidential candidates debate was scheduled at the Reagan Library. What the Bamster and his minions failed to realize is that September 7 was the first day of the Congress back in session with a vote scheduled at 6:30 PM which not would allow enough time to make preparations for another in the endless series of Obama jobs speeches. Of course, the next day, September 8 would be available so Obama can speak at the same time as the NFL season kickoff. OOPS! The "disrepectful" bump has the DUmmies in an uproar as you can see in their THREAD, "Boehner Fires Back at Obama Over Scheduling of Jobs Speech." Of course, Obama wouldn't have placed himself in such a humiliating spot if he hadn't tried to act cute with the scheduling and consulted FIRST with Boehner as is the custom. As it is The One is now forced to eat crow. So let us now watch the DUmmies foam at the mouth in Bolshevik Red over the rescheduling of an Obama speech which is utterly meaningless while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding the DUmmies that there are three EQUAL branches of government, is in the [barackets]:

Boehner Fires Back at Obama Over Scheduling of Jobs Speech

[Hee! Hee!]

A month after they went toe-to-toe over the nation’s debt, President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, slugged it out on Wednesday over the calendar and the president’s desire to give a speech to Congress. The prize is next Wednesday night, Sept. 7.

[You might want to CONSULT about this first with the Speaker of the House Oh Mighty Obamassiah.]

That night was supposed to belong to the Republicans. It was to be a showcase for the eight GOP contenders for president, a chance to use two hours of national television coverage of their debate in California to bash Obama. A chance to look presidential. But with only 198 words in a letter to the leaders of Congress, Obama reminded them who is president right now.

But it took Boehner only another 268 words in his own letter later in the day to remind Obama that while he is president, he does not dictate the schedule of the House of Representatives. Boehner reclaimed Wednesday for the GOP, suggesting that Thursday was a better day for the commander in chief to come to the House chambers to give what the White House hopes will be the marching orders in the battle to revive a weak economy.


Noting that the House will not be in session on Wednesday until 6:30 p.m., Boehner argued there just isn’t enough time to have the president in as a guest at 8 p.m. “With the significant amount of time—typically more than three hours—that is required to allow for a security sweep of the House chamber before receiving a president,” wrote Boehner, “it is my recommendation that your address be held on the following evening, when we can ensure there will be no parliamentary or logistical impediments that might detract from your remarks.”

[Yes, reschedule your useless speech for the next day when even fewer people than normal will be snoring through it due to the NFL season kickoff. And now to the frothing DUmmies...] full of shit!

[But guess who is being forced to eat it?]

Are they planning to go until 2:30 in the morning, so they can get in a full 8 hour day?

[It's an 8 hour business day.]

And I believe the POTUS does have the Constitutional right to "dictate the schedule of the House of Representatives" by calling for a joint session of Congress.

[Nope! He has to be INVITED. And you usually ASK first to be invited for a specific time which The Bamster FAILED to do.]

This is may very well blow up in his face and give the bloody Republicans a further cause to rally together. Believe me, their first talking point will be thus:

"Obama knew for weeks (at least) known that this was a large Republican presidential debate, and is trying to shove this speech down our throats, and cut off legitimate political debates in this country."

Unfortunately, that line will resonate with with a good number of so-called independent voters, IMHO.

[Congratulations DUmmie stockholmer! You WIN a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Obama should then just schedule his speech for that time on national TV without congress or maybe do it just in the senate......and piss on the debate

[Or, better yet, just speak solo to his Teleprompter.]

Can NOT have it on Thursday. NFL kick off is Thursday evening.

[Then have it on Friday when even FEWER people are watching TV.]

The President should tell the Republicans to be at the joint session of Congress

[The King DEMANDS your attendance! Sorry, maybe in Louis XIV France but that don't work here.]

Astonishing! Absolute disrespect for the OFFICE of the President! This goes way beyond his dislike for the man. Please, Mr. not let this kind of disrespect go unacknowledged!!!!

[How about the disrespect of NOT asking first for an invitation from the Speaker of the House as is the custom?]

Caving in to Boehner is not an option

[It might not be an option but it is most definitely the likely outcome. It's gonna be FUn to watch DUmmie heads EXPLODE when the Bamster is forced to eat crow!]

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Nadin hits DUmmieland!

Yesterday it was earthquakes, today it's hurricanes. Is there ANYTHING Know-it-all Nadin is not an expert on? You would THINK a woman sitting in her fallout shelter in San Diego would not know much about hurricanes in the Atlantic. But that is where you would be wrong. For nadinbrzezinski, the World's Foremost Authority, has timely, possibly life-saving, advice for all those East Coasters who would not know how to handle a hurricane otherwise.

Nadin is kinda like Superman, you know. Be it a tsunami in Japan, contaminated cow's milk in California, an earthquake in Virginia, or a hurricane in Norht Carolina, nadinbrzezinski is THERE, in an instant (via them interwebs), ready and willing and able to rescue us with her expert knowledge on everything. And so we sing, once again:

Tune: "Car 54, Where Are You?"

There's an earthquake in the east
It could spread from coast to coast
There's a hurricane in harbor
Pretty soon we'll all be toast
Fukushima has a leak
It'll be here in a week--
Our Know-it-all, where are you?

Yes, Nadin stands on guard for THEE, O DUmmieland! But is the unrelenting, condescending downpour of advice--as though no one would know these things without Nadin telling them--is it getting to be a bit much, even for the DUmmies? Could there be a blowback? Let's find out, in this THREAD, "PSA for the East Coast."

So let us now watch Hurricane Nadin hit DUmmieland, in Thread Level Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--betting that Li'l Beaver, living as he does at the DUFU Mansion in South Florida, knows more about hurricanes in his little beaver-finger than Know-it-all Nadin does in her whole body--is in the [brackets]:

PSA for the East Coast

[Patronizing Superfluous Advice for the East Coast]

Irene looks bad, if you need to get out, get out.

[Nadin looks like she's posting again. If you need to get out, get out.]

But chiefly turn in to your LOCAL nooz sources.

["Nadin Knows" is all the nooz we need!]

Oh and since it looks like it will affect areas rarely affected...NYC comes to mind...if you have not done so...stock up.

[Great. Now you'll start a run on bottled water and triage milk.]

[Now let's see if Nadin's post was helpful advice for the DUmmies . . .]

Water is the #1 priority to stock up on. Very, very important.

[I've heard that water is the Elixir of Life. That we can't survive very long without it. Not many people know this.]

Water, food, radio. In that order.

[I always get that mixed up. Tried to listen to the water once, and all I heard was a rushing sound. Thanks, Nadin.]

Also probably a good time to avoid elevators for awhile if possible.

[Especially if, like most DUmmies, your elevator does not reach to the top floor.]

Get your booze and smokes now ... you'll thank yourself later.

[Will Pitt has a plan.]

Well, just in case, I'm heading for the Jiffy Mart for emergency supplies of Cheetos™ and Slim Jims™.

[DUmmies meegbear and MineralMan, I DON'T think you're taking this stuff seriously! Come on! Nadin is giving you prime advice here, and . . . and I think you're mocking her!]

And charcoal, so you can grill up all the defrosting burgers and shrimp and whatnot in the freezer after the power goes out...

Liquor store first for beer/booze/ice. . . .

[You GUYS!]

What are the odds that any East Coaster who is on DU isn't already following the local news on this storm?

[Don't ask such a question, MineralMan! Nadin has a need to TELL you what you already know!]

Some people just can't do anything until they are prompted by the self anointed. I might be wrong.

[Fortunately for you, DUmmie pintobean, Nadin is NEVER wrong.]

Have a good day...

[Nadin is warming up her iggy-list finger! Careful, MineralMan, pintobean, and the rest of you jokers.]

Can't speak for the whole east coast, but we here in the New York City area rarely glance at the news. It's not like we're a big media center or anything.

[Now cut that out!]

Who are the ninja unrecers for this thread. . . .

How does it outshine the other 20 threads on the subject? It's nothing more than redundant.

[Think of Nadin as the backup generator of useful knowledge.]

It really matters little if I posted about the color of the sky or cute kittens, they will unrec, that's what they do.

[Nadin's next two threads:



It's the content, or lack of content. I've told you that before. I rec your threads when they deserve it. It's easier for you to demonize and attack, rather than admit that you mostly post non-great stuff.

[That's it, pintobean! To the iggy list with you! LALALA, I CAN'T HEEEEEAR YOU!!]

Non-great is putting it kindly.

[It's a non-mean non-great.]

I often rec yours nadin but lack of content here doesn't deserve greatest status. It happens.

[The Wreck of the Rec.]

"beware, watch the news" isn't one for greatest page.

[But think of all the people in the hurricane's path who WOULDN'T know this if Nadin hadn't posted it! Rec it for THEM!]

The surge is going to be epic. From what we know...indeed

[OK, thanks for that news, Nadin! Epic surge! Now I will batten down my hatches FOR SURE!]

I'm hoping like hell that my extremely pregnant sister and her family are getting out of dodge.

[I'm hoping like hell that bobbolink is getting out of her buick. . . . OK, so she lives in Denver, but this WILL be an epic surge, after all.]

Riding this while pregnant is not a good idea.

[Reading this while sober is not a good idea, either.]

Make sure to fill your tank now.

[Pitt's already working on that.]

I'm all ready for Irene!

[Rachel Maddow checks in.]

I just bought one of those Everready charger batteries. . . .

[OK, that's enough detail, Rachel.]

I'm anal retentive about these things.


Thank goodness, at last someone to warn us of impending danger.

[Come on, people! This is a Nadin thread! What'd you expect?]

Deleted sub-thread. Sub-thread removed by moderator.

[This was the part where Nadin shared advice from a retired submarine commander she met once at a grocery store, a Captain Nemo, who told her how to desalinize sea water in case of an emergency.]

Gas stations may run out of gas. . . .

[But Nadin won't!]

I really don't understand why you need to post this... Don't you think DUers are smart enough to be following the news, Weather Channel etc? I lived in the Florida Keys for 23 years and never needed someone on DU to tell me what to do.


Where do you live, btw?

[Nadin lives in San Diego, California, Land of the Hurricane.]

whatever... have a good fracking day... at this point I am really annoyed with you people.

[Nadin sez, "FRACK YOU!"]

the nebulous "get out if you need to get out" just seemed kinda silly to me. Patronizing.

[OK, we haven't given out a Kewpie Doll in a while, so we'll give one to you, DUmmie cwydro. Congratulations!]

Had a feeling there was no hurricane experience there.

[Now whatever gave you that idea?]

Tell me how many disasters have you worked as a disaster manager?

[Nadin is the MASTER of Disaster! Including this thread!]

Amazing. . . . YUP the stupid statement of the day.

[Hurricane Nadin is bearing down on DUmmie cwydro!]

This gets the top price for the most idiotic post of the day....

[Price, prize, whatever. It gets something.]

okie dockie, reminds me of a few bullies in school.

alert on them also. It is that simple. Alert and ignore.

Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert. Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert Alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert and alert ... ad infinitum.

[Nadin is on High Alert.]

You too can be an instant expert on any subject.

[Yes, enroll now at the Nadin Brzezinski Institute of Know-it-all-ness and Expertise! Astound your friends! Amaze your co-workers! Post informative threads in DUmmieland and be featured in the DUmmie FUnnies! It's all here for you at NBIKE! Call now! Operators are standing by.]

This place is becoming increasingly one that is not welcoming, or nice. And that is because of bullies.

[Boo on the haters! But, but, don't LEAVE us, Nadin! Think of the children!]

I am sure you would be pleased if I left. At this point that is the feeling I am getting. Wel. I am not going anywhere.

[Hurray! Hurray! We're safe!]

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Know-it-all Nadin, the Master of Disaster, takes on quakes

It was jokes like the one in the graphic above that got nadinbrzezinski going this time. You see, the West Coast DUmmies were making fun of the East Coast DUmmies for getting all panicky over an earthquake that the Westies considered a tiny tremor. But nadinbrzezzzzsnnnnski, herself a West Coaster, didn't like that. Know-it-all Nadin knows earthquakes, and she knows how serious they can be. So Nadin posted several threads lecturing everyone on these things (although it doesn't take much for her to reach that tipping point), including this THREAD, "Several things about this quake, and why we west coasters should NOT make fun," and this THREAD, "While people make fun of the quake..." and this THREAD, "Just one note for the East Coast and those making light of this."

Oh, Nadin, what would we do without you? We rely on you for so much. You truly are the Master of Disaster. And so, before we get to the threads and the comments, I offer this musical salute:

Tune: "Car 54, Where Are You?"

There's an earthquake in the east
It could spread from coast to coast
There's a hurricane in harbor
Pretty soon we'll all be toast
Fukushima has a leak
It'll be here in a week--
Our Know-it-all, where are you?

And now to Nadin's warnings, in Threat Level Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, wondering if Nadin can give PJ advice on couponing, is in the [brackets]:

Several things about this quake, and why we west coasters should NOT make fun

[But can we make fun of YOU, Nadin?]

1.- The SUBSTRATE is ancient rock... so it rings like the proverbial bell... and it is felt quite further away from the epicenter than it would in places like San Diego... which is far much newer, aka younger rock.

[Classic rock--like ringin' a bell--in the east, punk rock in the west.]

2.- The west coast has this thing called Building Codes... we more or less build for this sh*t and for the most part can laugh it up when it is a six pointer...

[Building codes--I had never heard of that before, Nadin! Thanx for the idea!]

3.- This is quite the new thing for a lot of folks in the East coast.

[Those poor, backward people. Let's have pity on them, not mock them, shall we?]

Realize that there are a few things that can get affected even with a six pointer, even in San Diego... water mains come to mind. So for the next few days... consider getting bottled water.

[Triage water. But test for radiation levels.]

your main water main, potable water, runs side by side to your waste water... and at times they get cracked and it mixes.

[The drain that's lain stains mainly in the main.]

Also check your house for obvious cracks.

[And check the DUmmie FUnnies for obvious wisecracks!]

If you find any.. chances are it is not structural, still have it checked by an engineer. Be ready for after shocks.

[Nadin, you are a font of wisdom and knowledge! Who would ever think of these things without your expert advice? Now to the grateful DUmmies . . .]

It's scary and unusual...

[No, I would say Nadin's condescension is fairly predictable. And FUnnie!]

Vibes to all east coast folks!

[I don't think they want any more.]

some may have pets that'll need a bit of reassurance.

[benburch is finding a cozy place for his pet gerbil.]

the EAST COAST has a much lower seismic threat (except new madrid area) so it has really not gotten ready.

[Uh, Nadin, I hate to tell you this, but the New Madrid fault is in MISSOURI. That's kinda in the MIDDLE of the country.]

Thank you and God Bless you Nadin.

[Oh yes, Nadin, we are EVER so grateful! Without your helpful advice and guidance, we would be LOST!]

Check walls and supporting pillars and yes, this applies to you... get bottled water. . . . Oh and dopey me... check your gas inlet, if you have any smell of gas, close it.

[Check, check, check, and CHECK! Man, that gas smell--I was just about to turn it UP until you said something, Nadin!]

Boy I could use a hug. I'm having a wine cooler.

[Check for radiation first, and make sure it's a BOTTLED wine cooler.]

The East coast doesn't have building codes?

[Nope. Unknown concept till Nadin came along.]

Our fellow Californians who have made the snarky posts should be ashamed of themselves.

[They have jumped the snark!]

As far as we know, there's been no loss of life, no MAJOR structural damage, phone lines are busy but the infrastructure remains. . . .

[QUIET! Nadin has to tell us of the danger! Now go get some bottled water!]

Yet, another hat.

[Nadin wears many hats. She is the World's Foremost Authority, dontcha know.]

This east coaster slept through it.

[Admit it, Pitt, you were passed out cold.]

While people make fun of the quake...

[Nadin posts a photo of a supermarket aisle with a few items lying on the floor.]

Who will pick up the toppled shampoo bottles? I ask: WHO?

[DUmmie Dreamer Tatum, I detect a note of sarcasm there. Don't you know those shampoo bottles might be contaminated?]

yep, I am glad nobody died... Oh and that there is no underlying damage that Irene will be able to have fun with. . . .

[Nadin, I bet you are an expert on hurricanes, too. Will you walk us through Irene next? We'd feel so much better.]

Talk about making a mountain out of molehill. Yes there was some damage, but most of it is minor. In addition nobody was injured or killed. . . . it's ridiculous to act like this was some sort of catastrophe.

[Stop! Nadin LIVES for these molehills!]

Just one note for the East Coast and those making light of this

[Somehow I think, Nadin, that you will not be able to stop at just one note.]

I have spent some time looking at damage pictures.

[Did the President request this of you?]

1.- If you believe in a deity, thank such a deity that nobody got hurt or killed.

[THANK you, Gaia! And thank you for Nadin, our guiding guardian angel!]

2.- For those of you in the quake zone, if you are near any damaged structure, even if it looks minor, stay away until it is cleared by engineers. If there is damage an achoo (aka an aftershock) can finish the job.

[Hold that sneeze!]

Well there is this little global revolution that will reach this country, and disasters like this, as "minor" as this was, help people to realize that. The 1985 quake in Mexico City was one of the tipping points, Thankfully it was not to that point, but katrina was.

[Trendspotting! Tipping points! Earthquakes, hurricanes, REVOLUTION! Nadinostradamus sees all, knows all, predicts all!]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"What is the best argument you can make for Barack Obama?"

Democratic Underground is more like Democratic Underwhelmed these days, at least as far as President Obama is concerned. To say there is an enthusiasm gap would be the Democratic Understatement of the year. In today's edition of DUmmie FUnnies, DUmmie kentuck posts this THREAD, "What is the best argument you can make for Barack Obama?" and the answers he gets are Decidedly Underwhelming. It's a case of damning with faint prez.

So let us join the disillusioned, dispirited DUmmies, in Blehh-shevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, not surprised that the Occidental Tourist would need a long vacation after that grueling three-day bus tour, is in the [Barackets]:

What is the best argument you can make for Barack Obama? That he seems incapable of making for himself?

[He seems incapable of many things.]

Perhaps you might say that he saved us from another Great Depression? At least, so far, if the Republicans don't screw it up even more?

Perhaps you might argue that his stimulus program, although too small, kept unemployment from going to 12% or 13%?

Perhaps you might say that he put country over Party and saved this country from unknown hardships?

[Perhaps you might say that he saved us from a worldwide catastrophe and certain death and we just don't know about it, but, hey, who knows?]

Perhaps you might argue that history will judge him as one of our greatest Presidents?

[Let me think about that one for a moment . . .

OK, I'm thinking . . .

Hmmm . . .


Let's try to focus on the positive. Give us the big picture.

[So we go now to the BHO-positive DUmmies . . .]

He gives nice speeches. Sorry, I tried.


Once upon a they seem phony.

[Fire the teleprompter!]

I believe that Barack Obama is capable of doing that which he puts his mind to.

[He takes GREAT vacations!]

He's our first Black President . . .

[Since Clinton.]

I believe he has good intentions, but has no capability to put his plans into action. He can tell you the destination is California, but is incapable of putting together a route to get there.

[So THAT'S how they ended up in Martha's Vineyard!]

he annoys the sh*t out of the purists. . . .

[Oh, he does more than that. He annoys the sh*t out of EVERYONE!]

That's the argument that I am supposed to present when I go knocking on doors?

[Good luck!]

I purely wish he was the same man who campaigned and reached out to the left. Oh. I'm sorry. He IS that person. He simply LIED to the left.


Deleted message

[That's what the last guy said.]

He sucks less than any of the Republicans.

and yet the bowl still swirls. . . .

[Obama is flush with suck-less.]

Plays well with others.

[Will let other golfers play through.]

He has a beautiful intelligent wife. . . .


and an adorable intelligent dog.

[Bo knows B.O.]

Obama isn't a dumb-f***, fundamentalist, anti-science, racist. . . .

[No rethuglican he!]

He's not a loose cannon. . . .

[He's more of a loose can-ner.]

He said that fixing our economic mess would take years to fix.

[At the rate he's going, it could take till . . . well, let's see . . . carry the 2 . . . until the Twelfth of Never.]

he's pushed through more progressive legislation than any President since LBJ. . . .

[There you go! Compare BHO to the man who gave us Vietnam AND the Great Society! That's a winner! Say, how did LBJ's re-elect strategy work out in '68?]

30 million people will be able to go to the doctor more often than they were previously able to. . . .

[Obama makes people SICK!]

How about this: What the f*** has Obama done so far?

[Not much of an endorsement there.]

Saying positive things about Obama on DU has become nothing but flamebait.

[Fire in the hole!]

don't change horses in the middle of a stream.

[But it's a stream of red ink!]


[Just because.]

Extended Benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. . . .

[Franking privileges.]

We need Howard Dean again.


He's clean, nice breath, a class act all the way.

[Clean, articulate, bright. . . .]

You could see having a Martini with him . . .

[At a Beer Summit.]

He's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

[It's close, though.]

He eats his peas.

[Give peas a chance.]

I've already started to forget him.


Name removed

[That's what the last guy said.]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fired DUmmie asks, "Describe your dream job."

DUmmie Chan790 must be bucking to be the Jobs Czar for Obama's proposed Department of Jobs. DUmmie Chan790 got fired from his job as a bankster, as documented here in this
THREAD, "Today, I was fired. Ask me anything about banking!" and now he is contemplating a new occupation--and getting ideas from his fellow DUmmies--as we see here in this THREAD, "Describe your dream job."

So let us now explore the fascinating--yet almost oxymoronic--field of DUmmies at work, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--who, if he had followed his boyhood dream of being U.S. Senator from Illinois, could have prevented the rise of Obamao--is in the [brackets]:

Today, I was fired. Ask me anything about banking!

[What took them so long?]

I can't say I didn't have it coming, but I think it was an idiotic move on their part since I know their dirty secrets and how they're screwing their clients.

[So, in other words, DUmmie Chan790, you willingly worked as an eeevil bankster, helping to screw Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Workingman, UNTIL they fired you! Nice ethics!]

I'm squealing like a pig and snitching on their asses.

[Is that you, benburch?]

Did they do anything illegal? If so, I think it needs to be reported.

[DUmmie Chan790 will only report illegalities ONCE HE'S BEEN FIRED. Before this, he gleefully participated in the dirty deeds, as long he was collecting his ill-gotten gain.]

Are you sure you shouldn't contact an attorney and try for whistleblower status?

[Somehow Chan790's whistle was SILENT until now.]

Getting fired was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

[Another DUmmie who got canned. Yep, getting fired was WONDERFUL! Get to sit at home and mooch off others!]

Oh, and I hope you make those f***ers pay!

have fun screwing them over. . . .

[Stick it to THE MAN!]

I've been unemployed for 23.5 hours and I've already been headhunted by about 4 different banks. . . . That's the joy of being a licensed banker, people think you actually want to be a banker. . . . Right now, I'd settle for becoming a barista again and making sexy coffee drinks. Or maybe garbageman.

[If those banks read your thread here, DUmmie Chan 790, you may get your wish of frothing frappucinos.]

until you find something you want . . . barista would probably be the way to go.

[Better latte than never.]

[But what SHOULD DUmmie Chan790 do? Bankster? Barista? Jobs Czar? Thus Chan 790's next thread . . .]

Describe your dream job.

[Chan790 says the word "job," and half the DUmmies run away, covering their ears.]

I was just thinking about this, now that I am unemployed, I can in-theory do anything I want as a career. My world is wide open.

[And as long as I get paid, I'll keep my mouth shut about corrupt practices.]

my dream job is:

*Strictly 9-5.
*Provides a clear work/life divide.
*Pays a moderate-low amount of money, say $30K, with little or no chance of significant raise or promotion. . . .
*Not client-facing.

Beyond that, I don't really think I have any great career aspirations. I just want to work, get paid, not have quotas to meet, go home, leave all my work @ work and live my life. . . . I'm not showing up on weekends either.

[Set your sights high there, Chan790! Ambition like yours will lead America into ADVANCED mediocrity! Now let's hear from your fellow slackers . . .]

From noon until 7pm. Working in a political head office (either Democratic or Liberal).

[That was Pitt's dream job too, until he LOST ALL CREDIBILITY with his Rove indictment "scoop"! Now his dream job consists of being a bouncer at Bukowski's and not getting puked on by the drunks.]

People pay me to play with flowers. . . .

[In other words, you grow marijuana.]

Playing with doggies or kitties all day. . . .

[Alive or dead, ben?]

I used to aspire to being a piano player in a bordello. . . .

[Do you know "Puttin' on the Spitz"?]

I have been told by several reasonably intelligent people that I am a frustrated artist. . . .

[In other words, you spray-paint graffiti on school walls.]

Painting beautiful murals on people's walls and ceilings.

[You too??]

Running a progressive think tank. . . .

[Now THAT is an oxymoron!]


[The DU GrovelBot reminds us that $kimmer already has HIS dream job! Hee! Hee!]

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Magical Misery Tour": DUmmies throw Obama's bus tour under the bus

Hiya, cousin. . . . You say you're down because the economy is in the crapper? You say you're unemployed and you can't find a job? And you're worried about next year's elections, because President Obama's approval rating has dipped under 40% for the first time? Is that what's bothering you, bunkie?


Yes, starting tomorrow, everything will be right with the world once again, as President Barack Obama embarks on a multi-state bus tour through the Midwest! Oh, joy! Oh, delight! This will solve all our problems!

Well, color the DUmmies not so thrilled. They don't think much of Barry's bus tour, as we see here in this THREAD, "Obama embarking on bus tour in rural America to talk jobs."

It's embarking! It's embaracking! No, actually, it's embarrassing. The Magic Nero fiddle-faddles and roams, while the economy crashes and burns. So before we get to the DUmmies' comments, let's sing this musical salute to Hail on Wheels:

Tune: Magical Mystery Tour

Barack, Barack and the Magical Misery Tour! Step right this way!

Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour

Barack, rolling across the nation
Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, but this is no vacation
Barack and his Misery Tour

The Magical Misery Tour is wanting to make you all pay
Wanting to make you all pay

Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour

Barack, he's got everything you need
Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, even though it's all wee-weed
Barack and his Misery Tour

The Magical Misery Tour is hoping to make you all pay
Hoping to make you all pay

The misery trip . . .

The Magical Misery Tour
Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour

Barack, rolling across the nation
Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, but this is no vacation
Barack and his Misery Tour

The Magical Misery Tour is coming to make you all pay
Coming to make you all pay

The Magical Misery Tour is trying to make you all pay
Trying to make you all pay, take it away . . .

Now after a brief opening news article, it's on to the DUmmies, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, firmly in favor of farced busing, is in the [barackets]:

Obama embarking on bus tour in rural America to talk jobs

[Ooh, goodie! That'll fix our economy! Yes, a bus tour! That'll get Obama up to about, oh, 75, 80% approval rating!]

Trading Washington's hot house for states critical to his re-election prospects, President Barack Obama is headed to the Midwest after a summer of discontent over a protracted debt showdown with Republicans and the downgrade in the nation's credit rating.

[Oh, come on! This was Recovery Summer 2.0! What are you talking about?? "Discontent"? "Debt"? "Downgrade"? No way! It didn't happen!]

Obama's bus tour, his first as president, begins Monday and will take him to prairie communities in Minnesota and through Iowa and Illinois, with stops in the farmland and rural towns. . . .

[Ewww! All those bitter, typical white people, clinging to their guns and religion! Yuk!]

"What we've seen in Washington the last few months has been the worst kind of partisanship, the worst kind of gridlock — and that gridlock has undermined public confidence and impeded our efforts to take the steps we need for our economy," Obama said Thursday in Michigan. "It's made things worse instead of better."

[Well, Barry, I agree. It was you and Harry Reid insisting on more and more spending that really bolloxed things up.]

If only Obama could do more then just talk. No executive action from him on jobs.

[Hey, at least one bus driver will have work!]

How about stop issuing work visas for foreign students to work at McDonald's, resorts, etc.

[Hamburger flippers and pool boys--yes, let's set our sights high!]

Clearly Obama doesn't care about our unemployed youth.

[Maybe they can get a visa to go work over in India.]

I do not have an answer to this. I do not know enogh about the issue to judge.

[Is that you, Barack Obama?]

Neoliberalism: It's why America is in decline!

[Sorry, China owns our Kewpie Doll supply now.]

Well for one, how about a concrete f***ing plan that does not have the phrase "tax cut" in it?

[Yes, let's RAISE taxes and drive MORE jobs overseas!]

Oh, for F**'S SAKE. Just last week you and yours were squalling about him taking his case to Middle America. I correctly predicted that if he did, you'd move the goalposts to "HURF DURF ALL TALK AND NO ACTION THAT OBUMMER AMIRITE GUYZ?"


YUP .... they toss the "bully pulpit" argument right into the wood chipper. . . .

[Is the bus tour going through Fargo?]

'Taking his case to Middle America' is not the equivalent of going on a Palin-like bus tour. He should do a series of Presidential addresses to the entire nation. . . .

[No, please! Not more of those! At least with a bus tour, you can run and hide!]

concretely specifying WHAT he intends to do to reverse the steady job loss in this country.

[I predict a GOOD future for Republicans seeking jobs in Washington next year.]

Anything short of that is just cheap political theater.

[Cheap political theater is the one thing Obama knows.]

Talk is cheap. Jobs NOW!!

[Can you drive a bus? Operate a teleprompter?]

Put the unemployed to work repairing roads bridges buildings schools, building new stuff. . . .

[And who will pay for that?]

Be so specific with Power Point or Charts.

[A teleprompter and a power point and, voilà, problem solved!]




[First HE must know what he wants to do, which I don't think he's figured out yet.]

Right now, he looks like another Pol beholden to Wall St who will kick the people under the bus.

[There are so many people under that bus already, I'm surprised he can get it go.]

The problem is that Obama NEVER takes clear stands on the issues or lays out any detailed plans for how he wants to change anything. Just more platitude filled speeches. . . .

[It's his platitude-duck move.]

take action NOW Mr. President: Start a massive WPA program, invest in green energy, infrastructure, R & D, better schools, more teachers, etc. etc.


+1,000! Obama needs to offer straight talk and a stick to business and banks!

[PUNISH business! THAT will create more jobs!]

All talk, no action: Seen this movie a hundred times already.

[So you don't think this bus tour will accomplish anything?? What's WRONG with you??]

Speak loudly, carry a little stick.

[Carry a B.O. stick. PJ can get you a coupon.]

ooh no. Even he cant afford to fly. So he has to take the bus!

[But with no shortage of gas.]

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Dems JINXED by Eddie Mush Pitt

Hey DUmmies! You want to know the REAL reason why the Democrats failed in their attempt to overturn the Republican majority in the Wisconsin state senate yesterday? I give you the answer in three words: William Rivers Pitt.

How can that be? Simple. William Rivers Pitt has become the Eddie Mush of the Left. And who is Eddie Mush? He is the REAL LIFE character in the movie "A Bronx Tale" who jinxes everything he comes into contact with. The reason why I describe Eddie Mush as a "real life" character is that when they tried to find an actor to portray the real Eddie Mush of Chazz Palminteri's Bronx childhood, producer Robert DeNiro decided to use the real guy. And his jinx really worked since on the first day of filming it rained.

And the Left's Eddie Mush has been jinxing them for years. I first noticed it following the 2004 election when Eddie Mush Pitt kept dropping "insider" tips that papers were being filed in various obscure Ohio courthouses which could well lead to the overturning of the election results. President Kerry can attest to the effectiveness of Pitt's tips.

And then there was the time when Pitt was a bigwig in Progressive Democrats of America and was placed in charge of seeing that a liberal of their choosing got nominated to a congressional seat in Illinois. Comes election day and the CURSE of the Pitt jinx caused that candidate to lose. But the tarnish of Eddie Mush Pitt didn't end there. He loudly screeched for the Illinois Democrat party to PAY for a recount. Jinx Pitt caused such an embarrassing commotion that he was unceremoniously tossed OUT of PDA.

Remember that massive anti-war rally in DC that Pitt attempted to organize in September 2005? Eddie Mush Pitt ardently hoped the publicity would launch him into the limelight. So what happened? On the very day of the rally, Hurricane Rita hit Texas resulting in ZERO media coverage of Pitt's non-event.

"Bank it!" Those were the infamous Pitt words to reassure his fellow DUmmies that the word "on the street" in Boston was that the Democrat nominee would win the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's ample seat. Oops! Eddie Mush Pitt jinxed the Democrats again!

Last year, we had his prognostication that the Democrats would retain the House. Oops! Another JINX strike.

Worried about Obama's negotiating abilities, DUmmies? No problem. Did it make you feel good to hear Pitt describe Obama as a "pan-dimensional" chess genius whose clever moves were much too subtle for ordinary mortals to comprehend?

Of course, we all remember the most spectacular JINX of them all. The solemn vow by Pitt that Karl Rove had ALREADY been indicted on May 12, 2006. We are still waiting for the completion of 24 business hours for that prediction to be fulfilled.

So by now you think the DUmmies would scream at Pitt to STFU and stop with his hilariously WRONG prognostications and analysis. However, it would be impossible to keep Pitt from uttering his voluminous blather which continues to CURSE them.

Your humble correspondent admits that he was a bit worried about what the results would be in the Wisconsin recall elections. However, when he saw Pitt's THREAD, "ON, WISCONSIN!!" he suddenly felt at ease, secure in the knowledge that Eddie Mush Pitt would JINX the Democrats in Wisonsin. And that is exactly what happened. So let us now watch the latest results of Eddie Mush Pitt's Wisconsin jinx in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Scott Ritter's co-author has been sentenced to spending a life term pacing the pavement in front of Bukowski's, in in the [brackets]:



I could much and surely use some good news today.

[The only way to make that happen is to keep your jinxed mouth SHUT which for you is an impossibility.]

Go go go.

[The Eddie Mush cheer.]

On, Wisconsin!

Please, God.

[And God responded by permitting the Eddie Mush Pitt Effect to take place once again. And now to the poor DUmmies still unaware that they have been CURSED by the Pitt Jinx...]

Can I join you WIll Pitt

[No problem. Eddie Mush Pitt jinxes everyone he comes in contact with.]

Everyone's invited. Attendance is mandatory but not required.

[Pitt promises his acolytes front row jinx seats.]

Yes! ON, WISCONSIN! Please, God...Please!

[Next time try begging, "Please, Pitt...Please SHUT UP!"]

I have had my hopes dashed so many time recently that I am afraid to hope. My fingers will stay crossed until the end though..

[Your fate, and the Wisconsin Democrats, are now in the hands of Eddie Mush Pitt. Hee! Hee!]

We could all use some good news. And that would be very good news if they can put a damper on that sociopath, Walker.

[Too late. You didn't put a damper on Eddie Mush Pitt.]

I love this..... and do NOT ever piss off a Badger.

[Nor a Li'l Beaver.]

I can't wait to see these returns rolling in tonight!

[And a few hours later this same DUmmie wished he never saw them. And we now conclude with a special treat. Yet ANOTHER jinx upon the Left by Eddie Mush Pitt as reflected in the following sentiment posted by the Pittster in this THREAD:]

And I'm willing to bet a very old bottle of scotch that it's not over yet.

Gov. Walker, you're next.

[And I'm willing to bet that due to the Eddie Mush Pitt Effect that Gov. Walker will win his next election by a landslide thanx to the jinx curse placed upon the one doomed to tread forever in the Political Purgatory of boomerang predictions.]

Monday, August 08, 2011

DUmmie Snoutport Too DUmb to Use Coupons

Pity poor DUmmie Snoutport. A schoolteacher yet too DUmb to figure out how to use coupons or get good deals as you can see in his/her/its THREAD, "$4.08 for an 11 oz box of 'Nilla Wafers at the store today. What? Really? How?" To get an idea of what a dark (but HILARIOUS) mental place DUmmie Snoutport is coming from, take a look at his/her/its POST on another THREAD. I warn you to put down your coffee cup while reading it or you will risk ruining your monitor. So let us watch DUmmie Snoutport who is also a teacher lapse into utter helplessness in the face of 'Nilla Wafers prices in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who picked up a 20 lb bag of rice for FREE today via coupons, is in the [brackets]:

$4.08 for an 11 oz box of 'Nilla Wafers at the store today. What? Really? How?

[Bush's fault!!!]

I am having some major sticker shock today. Mind you I go to the CHEAPEST grocery store in town. No fancy nothing. This place is cement, metal racks and you bag your own everything.

[Apparently also FREEZE your own brain.]

Dog food was up a buck, bread prices went up and I don't think I've ever seen summer fruit so expensive in my entire life.

[And of course, you just meekly accepted it and paid the price.]

But the kicker was the 'Nilla Wafers by Nabisco. The box is different than I am used to so I double checked it. 11 oz... $4.08. Sigh...another old favorite that are not within my budget.

[Hey DUmmie Snoutport! Did you even bother to check for alternatives on the Web? Guess what? It took your humble correspondent all of about 10 seconds to find out that you could get those Nilla Wafers at CVS for only $2.50 as you can see HERE. However even that price is too much for me. If I wanted Nilla Wafers I would wait until they are on sale BOGO and then use coupons on each of the items. Good chance I could get them FREE since I do this type of deal all the time.]

How long are prices going to go up? I'm a repetative shopper--I kinda get the same things over and over--and for years I'd spend right around $100. Today's shopping was $147--of which only $7 was meat.

[Only $7 was meat and the rest was crap. BTW, I spent exactly $0.00 on a whole bunch of steaks this past weekend using coupons. I bet anything I could have gotten that $147 price tag down to under 10 bucks.]

Why are the food corporations pushing the American public so hard? How long until people start to protest because they are hungry? Why are they choosing to make so much unrest? It can't all be greed can it?

[It's stupidity but all on your part DUmmie Snoutport. And now to the rest of the DUmmies...]

Part of it is fuel prices. Fuel goes up, and so does everything transported by fuel.

[Thank you, Baroke, for allowing corn to be used as fuel instead as food.]

One suggestion I can make is to look down the liquor & beer aisle for rebate coupons that you mail in, some states do not require an alcohol purchase and it's pretty easy to get the rebate requirements with just your weekly shopping. Beyond that just watch the sales, use coupons and just buy what you need.

[Aren't you worried DUmmie Snoutport would find the use of coupons to be too strenuous?]

Well see they have a lot of execs who need to make hundres of millions of dollars each year so.

[Class warfare is the reason why DUmmie Snoutport has to pay $4.08 for a box of 'Nilla Wafers. Where's Lenin when we really need him?]

Really, I do wonder how much it will take before people will get in the streets.

[A price rise to $4.09 on a box of 'Nilla Wafers is enough to get the people in the streets and bring about Bolshevik Revolution.]

If we go to the streets their next step will be claiming civil disobedience, taking lots of surveillance pictures and rounding up those they deem a threat to the status quo. That might sound outrageous, but that's how bad I think it's gotten in the US. The gears are turning to fully suppress the common folk in the US IMO into serfdom. That said, I think we are on the edge ... there's a line being crossed and I don't think compromise is on the minds of the common folk in the US.

[And line being crossed is when the price of 'Nilla Wafers goes from $4.08 to $4.09 per box. That is precisely what caused the French peasants to storm the Bastille.]

Just finished a box of low fat Nilla wafers--$4.39 / 11 oz. Purchased at a Meijer store in the past week or two.

[And you're DUmb enough to publicly admit to paying that?]

I have to shop tomorrow. I dread it. I'm now going to the store once every 2 weeks or longer. Everything I buy is calculated for meals. No junk any more. Last time I went shopping, I came home angry, cursing the powers that be.
This time I bet I'll be even madder...maybe even cry a little. I'm not in a good place right now but there are folks worse off than I. They have my best thoughts. Where will we go from here? It stinks folks!

[Sayeth the clueless DUmmie too DUmb to use coupons.]

I allow myself a small package of good coffee every other month.

[Did I mention that I got 3 vacuum packs of coffee in the past couple of days for $0.00 via coupons?]

Advance planning, and some serious coupon organization, and I'm actually spending substantially less now than I did five years ago.

[Send this DUmmie a coupon for a FREE Kewpie Doll!]

Our paper is so right that I can't buy it coupons for me

[And, of course, DUmmie Snoutport is too DUmb to figure out that you can download electronic coupons right to your cellphone. Or just print them off the Web.]

veggie burgers up to $7.00/box from $5.17 in ONE week...that was my latest sticker shock. That's for FOUR damn soy burgers. SOY!

[SNIFF! No Soy burgers for me. I guess I'll be stuck eating 100% FREE beef burgers as as a substitute.]

Honey Nut Cheerios are a staple for us and going up like crazy!!

[Another item your humble correspondent gets for FREE via using just a little coupon research.]

The Fascists won...haven't you been watching?

[Today 'Nilla wafers. Tomorrow...THE WORLD!!!]

I paid almost $12.00 for 3-1/2 lbs of grapes. $7.50 for 4 avocados

[Meanwhile I paid $2 for 4 avocados on Friday. I was off my stride since I didn't use coupons on them.]

$8.50 for a qt of blueberries

[There's one born every minute in DUmmieland.]

I have a bright spot. Last week I saw a 1.75 L bottle of whiskey on sale for 18.99 and stocked up.

[When Ol' Rotgut is on sale, then stockpile it!]

"An underperforming president"

Okay, your humble correspondent admits that he felt a tinge of guilt when he read the title of this DUmmie THREAD, "An underperforming president." Why? Because lately I've been an underperforming DUFUer. The only excuse I have is that lately the coupon deals have been so great that I have worked long hours on them. One fringe benefit is that I will be increasing my coffee stockpile plus several other stockpiles enough to last for at least the rest of the year. Food expenses now down to zero. But enough with my own lame excuses, let us look at the DUmmies frustrated by their own leader who was described in the Economist ARTICLE they cited in Bolshevik Red while the commentary by your underperforming humble correspondent, who is just 10 coupons away from FREE gas, is in the [barackets]:

An underperforming president

[The title of the Economist article which is now quoted.]

AT THE very last moment, and just before his 50th birthday this week, Barack Obama got the deal that raised the debt ceiling by between $2.1 trillion and $2.4 trillion and so prevented the United States from going into default on his watch. But this does not mean that the roof is not still in danger of falling in on his presidency. The superstar of 2008, who once looked like a shoo-in for re-election, now appears extremely vulnerable. Despite talk that he will raise a record $1 billion war chest, Democrats in Congress have begun to whisper that Mr Obama’s fading chances of winning a second term are coming to depend on the absence—so far—of an exciting Republican challenger.

[Paging Marco Rubio! Do you feel a DRAFT yet?]

Single events seldom determine the fate of a presidency. Those who said just over a year ago that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would doom Mr Obama were as wrong as those who thought May’s killing of Osama bin Laden would make him unbeatable. The debt fight is in similar danger of being over-interpreted. Mr Obama’s fate depends more on two big bets he placed well before the Republican capture of the House in November’s mid-terms. The health-care reform that chewed up political capital in his first two years tanked with voters, and more than $800 billion of stimulus spending has so far failed to deliver the hoped-for growth in jobs. The outcome of the next election will depend more on unemployment than on Mr Obama’s handling of the past month’s comic opera on the debt ceiling.

[And now the input from the DUmmie Peanut Gallery...]

Just what is this President supposed to do to create jobs when the wealthiest corporations and individuals are sitting on their hands with mega bucks of cash? How is he supposed to force them to turn loose of their money and hire people? What incentives are there available to him with his budgetary hands tied by the Republicans in Congress? Nothing will get out of the House because the yahoos control it. And Democrats do not have 60 votes in the Senate.

[A blizzard of lame excuses from this DUmmie.]

That may be true, but you can't win an election by making have to give people hope, which is what was promised, but never delivered.

[Loose change and no hope.]

Okay, how does he turn the circumstances into hope? What needs to happen is the right wingers need to be voted out!!!!

[And what is your excuse for when the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress plus the White House?]

There was another President who made an end run around the oligarchs. What was his name?

[Jimmy Carter?]

We Had House and Senate in 2008 and Wasted It.

[Obama fiddled while the Democrats burned.]

The campaign is already coaching their workers to steer clear of policy questions. I agree, it's time for him to declare just how Democratic he is, principle-wise. I know I'm tired of this Mediator-in-Chief position he's carved out. It's not working.

[Just like Obama steers clear of actually offering any solutions. Notice that he offered NO deficit reduction plan of his own? It would have cut in to his golf time and planning for his big birthday bash.]

This Presidency was Obama's to lose and with every passing day, it becomes more apparent that he will, in fact, lose it. And it's too late to primary him even if we had a credible challenger, so he isn't the only one to lose - we all do.

[It's going to be incredible FUn to watch you LOSERS on the night of Nov. 6, 2012. And now to cook up my FREE thick sliced smoked bacon and eggs purchased for FREE via coupons yesterday. Make a note to stock up on FREE beer for that Nov 6. 2012 party.]

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Now he going to 'fight' for jobs?"

In the wake of the deficit deal, skeptical DUmmies are now totally convinced that Obama will sell them out at every turn. Of course, these same DUmmies will mostly vote for Obama in 2012 mainly because they will be on a witch-hunt against whomever the Republican nominee is. You can see the CURRENT anger over Obama in this THREAD, "Now he going to 'fight' for jobs?" So let us watch the DUmmies slam Barack por AHORA in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking if Marco is drafted we see a landslide next year, is in the [barackets]:

Now he going to "fight" for jobs?

[Now he going to "fight" for the one job that allows him to continue flying aboard Air Force One.]

Maybe he'll shine up them picket shoes that stayed sitting in the closet.

[That would cut into his arugula time.]

he's going to fight for the 'right' for me to have my third parttime minimum wage job to support my pension. Apparently at my age two isn't enough. I suppose I could pencil in sleeping on the weekends or on the drive between work sites. :) Watch out for a copper colored Honda element that is driving itself.

[Guess what, DUmmie? You're STILL going to vote for Obama next year. SUCKER! And enjoy your copper colored Honda motel.]

Anytime Obama plans to *fight* for something you may be certain its demise is imminent.

[Good. That means his job status will be demised next year.]

For someone as obviously intelligent as Obama, he is F*CKING CLUELESS.

[We don't know how intelligent Obama is since apparently he was never required to take tests in school nor even attend classes.]

It should have been top priority since he took office. Waiting until now is "f*cking brilliant".

[Apparently his jobs stimulus didn't stimulate much. Shovel ready jobs that only shoveled BS.]

He has been keeping promises and fighting for average people since day one.

[Is that you, Moooch-Hell?]

I don't blame Obama, I blame the GOP who refuse to pass jobs bills.

[And the "stimulus" bill? Just a trillion dollar bump in the road?]

He made a critical error with the corporate healthcare plan that was passed. Straight out of the gate he should have focused on WPA, CCC, etc style works programs to get the economy rolling and then tackle health insurance reform WITHOUT backing down from a public option.

[Because we all know tax money grows copiously on trees.]

He blew it. Just blew it. Now he has the pigs on him, all the alienated dems that he and his have dissed for two years and STILL an ocean of unemployment. Amateurs.

[And yet we all know you will be looking for BO on the ballot next year.]

I come from the old America where dem presidents kicked ass to make things happen. he didn't. he owns the destruction.

[Remember to mark BO on your Diebold machine next year before we switch it over to Marco.]

Please list something that Obama has fought for and won.

[Arugula snacks aboard Air Force One.]

My question is... where has he been? MIA at least in my book.

[You won't be MIA next year when it comes time to vote for him. SUCKER!]

fight? Where? When? Excuse me. I have to go to my parttime job lifting fifty pound boxes of bolts before I go to my other parttime job scrubbing storage bins at u-haul.

[Would you like a parttime job licking arugula bowls clean?]

He needs to stop saying shit and start doing it. Because frankly I don't believe a god damned thing he says anymore.

[Mark this DUmmie down as a DEFINITE Obama voter in 2012. SUCKER!]

The current unemployment rate sits at almost 10%, this has not changed once in Obama's presidency.

[Another sure Obama voter for 2012.]

He won't "fight" for anything. We know that.

[You'll be fighting to cast your vote for Obama next year. We know that.]

They just don't know his brilliant strategy.

[According to WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, Obama is a pan-dimensional chess genius.]

18-Dimensional chess blah blah blah. I can't effing believe our President and his negotiation tactics are now a running joke on the Daily Show and across this nation (not just among liberals or left-leaning people). My fundie neighbors were cackling this past weekend over how having Obama wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.

[Actually they think he was worse than they thought but keep believing your delusions.]