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"Magical Misery Tour": DUmmies throw Obama's bus tour under the bus

Hiya, cousin. . . . You say you're down because the economy is in the crapper? You say you're unemployed and you can't find a job? And you're worried about next year's elections, because President Obama's approval rating has dipped under 40% for the first time? Is that what's bothering you, bunkie?


Yes, starting tomorrow, everything will be right with the world once again, as President Barack Obama embarks on a multi-state bus tour through the Midwest! Oh, joy! Oh, delight! This will solve all our problems!

Well, color the DUmmies not so thrilled. They don't think much of Barry's bus tour, as we see here in this THREAD, "Obama embarking on bus tour in rural America to talk jobs."

It's embarking! It's embaracking! No, actually, it's embarrassing. The Magic Nero fiddle-faddles and roams, while the economy crashes and burns. So before we get to the DUmmies' comments, let's sing this musical salute to Hail on Wheels:

Tune: Magical Mystery Tour

Barack, Barack and the Magical Misery Tour! Step right this way!

Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour

Barack, rolling across the nation
Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, but this is no vacation
Barack and his Misery Tour

The Magical Misery Tour is wanting to make you all pay
Wanting to make you all pay

Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour

Barack, he's got everything you need
Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, even though it's all wee-weed
Barack and his Misery Tour

The Magical Misery Tour is hoping to make you all pay
Hoping to make you all pay

The misery trip . . .

The Magical Misery Tour
Barack, Barack and his Misery Tour

Barack, rolling across the nation
Barack and his Misery Tour
Barack, but this is no vacation
Barack and his Misery Tour

The Magical Misery Tour is coming to make you all pay
Coming to make you all pay

The Magical Misery Tour is trying to make you all pay
Trying to make you all pay, take it away . . .

Now after a brief opening news article, it's on to the DUmmies, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, firmly in favor of farced busing, is in the [barackets]:

Obama embarking on bus tour in rural America to talk jobs

[Ooh, goodie! That'll fix our economy! Yes, a bus tour! That'll get Obama up to about, oh, 75, 80% approval rating!]

Trading Washington's hot house for states critical to his re-election prospects, President Barack Obama is headed to the Midwest after a summer of discontent over a protracted debt showdown with Republicans and the downgrade in the nation's credit rating.

[Oh, come on! This was Recovery Summer 2.0! What are you talking about?? "Discontent"? "Debt"? "Downgrade"? No way! It didn't happen!]

Obama's bus tour, his first as president, begins Monday and will take him to prairie communities in Minnesota and through Iowa and Illinois, with stops in the farmland and rural towns. . . .

[Ewww! All those bitter, typical white people, clinging to their guns and religion! Yuk!]

"What we've seen in Washington the last few months has been the worst kind of partisanship, the worst kind of gridlock — and that gridlock has undermined public confidence and impeded our efforts to take the steps we need for our economy," Obama said Thursday in Michigan. "It's made things worse instead of better."

[Well, Barry, I agree. It was you and Harry Reid insisting on more and more spending that really bolloxed things up.]

If only Obama could do more then just talk. No executive action from him on jobs.

[Hey, at least one bus driver will have work!]

How about stop issuing work visas for foreign students to work at McDonald's, resorts, etc.

[Hamburger flippers and pool boys--yes, let's set our sights high!]

Clearly Obama doesn't care about our unemployed youth.

[Maybe they can get a visa to go work over in India.]

I do not have an answer to this. I do not know enogh about the issue to judge.

[Is that you, Barack Obama?]

Neoliberalism: It's why America is in decline!

[Sorry, China owns our Kewpie Doll supply now.]

Well for one, how about a concrete f***ing plan that does not have the phrase "tax cut" in it?

[Yes, let's RAISE taxes and drive MORE jobs overseas!]

Oh, for F**'S SAKE. Just last week you and yours were squalling about him taking his case to Middle America. I correctly predicted that if he did, you'd move the goalposts to "HURF DURF ALL TALK AND NO ACTION THAT OBUMMER AMIRITE GUYZ?"


YUP .... they toss the "bully pulpit" argument right into the wood chipper. . . .

[Is the bus tour going through Fargo?]

'Taking his case to Middle America' is not the equivalent of going on a Palin-like bus tour. He should do a series of Presidential addresses to the entire nation. . . .

[No, please! Not more of those! At least with a bus tour, you can run and hide!]

concretely specifying WHAT he intends to do to reverse the steady job loss in this country.

[I predict a GOOD future for Republicans seeking jobs in Washington next year.]

Anything short of that is just cheap political theater.

[Cheap political theater is the one thing Obama knows.]

Talk is cheap. Jobs NOW!!

[Can you drive a bus? Operate a teleprompter?]

Put the unemployed to work repairing roads bridges buildings schools, building new stuff. . . .

[And who will pay for that?]

Be so specific with Power Point or Charts.

[A teleprompter and a power point and, voilà, problem solved!]




[First HE must know what he wants to do, which I don't think he's figured out yet.]

Right now, he looks like another Pol beholden to Wall St who will kick the people under the bus.

[There are so many people under that bus already, I'm surprised he can get it go.]

The problem is that Obama NEVER takes clear stands on the issues or lays out any detailed plans for how he wants to change anything. Just more platitude filled speeches. . . .

[It's his platitude-duck move.]

take action NOW Mr. President: Start a massive WPA program, invest in green energy, infrastructure, R & D, better schools, more teachers, etc. etc.


+1,000! Obama needs to offer straight talk and a stick to business and banks!

[PUNISH business! THAT will create more jobs!]

All talk, no action: Seen this movie a hundred times already.

[So you don't think this bus tour will accomplish anything?? What's WRONG with you??]

Speak loudly, carry a little stick.

[Carry a B.O. stick. PJ can get you a coupon.]

ooh no. Even he cant afford to fly. So he has to take the bus!

[But with no shortage of gas.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

I'll be very glad when the day comes and the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats are thrown out of power.

Until then, we all have to suffer through this meaningless tripe.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Gartner, former head of NBC News: "I think people have a fondness for him (Obama)and I don't think people blame him for anything that's wrong in this country, unless - I think the far-right of the Republican Party does..."
Well, Dummies, welcome to the far-right. You can change your political affiliation at your county's voter registration board at any time. Buwahahaha

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crowning touch would be if the bus driver lost control and ran over a group of Leftist anti-war protestors, and got stuck with them under it.


8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, Obama, stay OUT of the midwest. Most of us are too busy working to pay for your leeches to listen to you.

Notice that he is only going to blue states: Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois. He wouldn't get an audience in the red states.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous PWT said...

Just think, if Bigger started using cue cards instead of the teleprompter, that would be 2 - 8 jobs right there. Rotating card holders, plus the artisants to write down the volumes of twaddle.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"Put the unemployed to work repairing roads bridges building schools, building new stuff..." stuff, yeah.

"Start a massive WPA program, invest in green energy, infrastucture, R&D, better schools, more teachers, etc., etc."

...massive programs, right on!

Another Stimulus Plan, that's the ticket! Jesus, these DUmmies are chock full of bad ideas that don't work.

2:17 PM  
Blogger StewartIII said...

NewsBusters: DUmmie FUnnies Writer First to Coin 'Magical Misery Tour'

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Thanks for the link. Good to see News Busters picked up on it.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anon150 said...

As did Mitt Romney!

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a business owner, I can tell you that if they start coming down on businesses it will only mean that we cut back even more. As it is right now, we have streamlined more than we thought we could do just to save money. We are not going to go belly up just to satisfy the libs need for more money sucking projects.

By the way, right now by my home they are making road improvements. Have been doing it since way last year, but they are finally close to my home. Want to see something interesting . . . watch a road crew. There sure is a lot of standing around.

9:58 AM  

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