Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did You Score Your FREE Motrin + RRs Today?

(OOPS! Now I feel like a DUmmie because I posted this in the wrong blog. To read it in the correct location go to The Coupon Whisperer.)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hilarious Video of "Educated" Union Thug

This has to be the FUnniest VIDEO coming out of all the leftwing union confrontations currently taking place. Picture a drunken Popeye the Sailor as a complete moron and you get this guy. What makes this video especially FUnnie is that he is accusing the Tea Party folks of being uneducated. As of this writing this video only has a little over a 6000 views but it really needs to go viral. Alert all your friends (especially bloggers) and give them a HEADS UP on this video. It PERFECTLY illustrates where the true ignorance in our body politic exists.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pumped up: DUmmies gassing off on gas prices

The rising cost of gasoline is causing a dilemma in DUmmieland: Should they be FOR it or AGAINST it? Should they be blaming someone or thanking someone? The immediate reaction is to feel the pain at the pump. But then, doesn't the higher cost dissuade people from driving, and isn't that a good thing? What are the Unseen Corporate Powers trying to do, make us drive less? Shouldn't we thank them, then, instead of blaming them? What's a DUmmie to DU??

Of course, for those who don't like the higher price of gas, it must be the fault of those Unseen Corporate Powers. Don't bring up things like restrictions on the domestic drilling that would reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Don't mention all the tacked-on taxes, which causes the price per gallon to be much higher ten minutes away in Illinois than it is here in Missouri. Don't mention Obozo's inept handling of the crises in the Middle East. No, it's all an evil plot by the Unseen Corporate Powers!

Well, these are DUmmies we're talking about, so no matter what, you know they'll be gassing off. As they do here in this
THREAD, "Gasoline hits a high for February," and this THREAD, "Fill up your tanks tonight," and this THREAD, "Got gas yesterday--$2.95 gallon. Gas today? $3.10."

So let us now step on the gas and drive over to DUmmieland, where the comments are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if PJ's got coupons for free gas, is in the [brackets]:

Gasoline hits a high for February

[That's BAD! No wait! That's GOOD! Oh, I'm so confused!]

Pump shock is hitting much of the East and West Coasts, with New Yorkers paying as much as $3.79 a gallon, and parts of the Midwest, where some Chicagoans found prices as high as $3.69 a gallon.

[I don't suppose burdensome regulations or tacked-on taxes would have anything to do with the higher prices in those places, would they?]

just payed 3.67.. $45.00 to fill up my element.

[Donny, you're out of your element!]

Thank the heavens I have a prius!

[Prius praise to Gaia!]

You should be paying $6 per gallon. I don't see why you guys complain so much. Gasoline prices should be taxed to make it cost $6 per gallon. If it costs so much, you'll be driving small vehicles. . . . I'm for the high gasoline taxes.

[Yes, HOORAY for higher prices! Only, why stop at $6 a gallon? Piker! Jack it up to $7 or $8! Heck, $20 or $30 a gallon would pretty much stop all driving! Wouldn't that be loverly?]

Yea, it's kind of a blessing in disguise. But the extra cost isn't going to taxes, it's going to profits to keep small-minded, greedy people fat and happy. Let's hope this is the proverbial capitalist rope they bought to hang themselves with.

[D*MN those happy little capitalists! From the gallons to the gallows with them!]

Most of the money goes to crude oil producing countries. Actually, a lot of the money goes to oil producing countries, their state oil companies, and taxes.


Which why its $8 / US gallon in the UK. Taxes.

[OK, you and the previous guy share today's Kewpie Doll for a Brief Moment of Mental Clarity®.]

Yeah! That's the ticket! FORCE us to buy new cars and pay $6.00 a gallon for gas out of the money from the jobs WE DON'T HAVE! That'll learn us! . . . I'm so glad we have people like you here on DU to show us lost gas guzzlers the way, the truth and the light.

[You can always WALK to the work you don't have.]

if you don't have a job, then maybe you should consider using a very small car with a very tiny engine.

[That, or a skateboard.]

We can't manufacture a natural resource like oil, it comes out of rocks underground.

[Really?? I did not know that.]

I, for one, blame Bush.

[What a surprise!]

Fill up your tanks tonight

[Tanks a lot!]

I'm not going anywhere for at least two weeks

[I've got my Doritos, Domino's delivers--hey, I'm SET here in my basement Moonbat Cave!]

I put $30 in my tank at $3.33, the lowest price I could find. . . . But when I drove away, I discovered that it's only 3/4 full. *sigh*

[You're only $10 away from a full tank.]

Non-ethanol gas is $3.59 here in NY, but the closest station that sells it is too far away to make it worth it.

[Hey, I can get you $3.07 here in Missouri! Come on over!]

Crude goes up and down, gas prices only go up.

[But you can always count on the DUmmies to be crude!]

Got gas yesterday--$2.95 gallon. Gas today? $3.10. Driving is a luxury. Eating is a luxury. My health insurance just went up--although not nearly as badly as some people's. Texas just raised the legal limits on liability insurance--so my car insurance went up. Only thing that hasn't gone up is the wages.

[The Obama Recovery continues!]

Profit, profit, profit, profit, profit, profit. . . .

[Imagine, people going into business TO MAKE MONEY!]

Just wait. It will be $5.00 in a week or so.

[WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Less driving! Gaia will be so pleased!]

Well...sit down on Mama's lap and I will tell you a story. Once upon a time, in a great land that everyone loved, there lived two kinds of bears. Democrat-bears and Republican-bears. The republican-bears were a nasty sort. They would take your food right off your table, invade your home and steal it for themselves, and then after they pillaged everything and broke everything, would point to the Democrat-bears and say "they did it!". The Democrat-bears were such awesome bears. They tried to make sure that everyone had their share, or at least enough to survive. They tried to make sure everyone had their own treehouse. They were very caring and sharing. Unfortunately, the Democrat-bears were too kind, to a fault. They would open their homes to everyone...including the nasty-republican bears. The republican-bears took great advantage of their kindness. They would take everything the Democrat-bears gave them...but they would always want more. So they lied and did everything they could to get close to the Democrat-bears. And some Democrat-bears (believing the best of everyone), took these republican-bears as their mates. So now, the two different kinds of bears have become almost the same. There really isn't any difference--but every now and then you will see a Democrat-bear that wasn't implanted with the poison republican-bear seed, and who is willing to try to fight the fights that his ancestors fought so well. However, they are losing the battle. BUT, if those pure Democrat-bears ever step back up--there will be food and houses and jobs for everyone--we will live happily ever after. But if they don't, we are destined to live in a land that is pillaged and raped by the republican-bears--and the happily ever after will remain only in the fairy tales.

[BEWARE THE BEAR--the nasty, raping, pillaging, poison-seed-implanting republican-bear!]

Start crying when it goes over $5 gal. Americans are paying way to little for gas compared to Canada and Europe.

[Yeah, get with it, you backward redneck Muricans! You need to suffer more, like your enlightened neighbors!]

I hope to see $6.00 a gallon. People drive less.

[Let's just outlaw driving and be done with it.]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Escape Wisconsin: Senators flee, teachers flu

I've spent a lot of time in Wisconsin. Growing up in Chicago, we always thought of Wisconsin as Chicago's summer resort, which it is. And even though I now live in St. Louis, my family still goes up to Door County, Wisconsin, for an annual week of vacation. The land of cheese, bratwurst, beer, and natural air conditioning is so popular as a vacation spot, Illinois' neighbor to the north even has a tourism bumper-sticker campaign with the slogan, "Escape to Wisconsin."

Well, some Wisconsin state senators have changed that slogan to "Escape Wisconsin"! Fourteen Democrat senators have fled south to Illinois in order to avoid voting--kinda what they were elected to do, as I recall. They packed their toiletries, baked their bratwurst buns in haste, and made their exodus so as not to have to vote on a bill they didn't like and to keep the Rethugs from having a quorum.

You see, Rethug Governor Scott Walker (aka Walker, Taxes Stranger) is trying to do the taxpayers a favor by cutting the budget. To do that, he expects well-paid public employee union members to feel a little of the pinch that the rest of us are feeling.

WELL, this is ANATHEMA to the libs! When you combine Big Government with Big Labor, you're going to get a Big Stink! So LOTS of protesters this past week! Teachers are calling in "sick" to join the Million Marxist Marathon in Madison. Some sympatico doctors are even writing excuse notes for them!

And the DUmmies are there in spirit, if not out of their basements. This is a big "Solidarity" cause DU jour for the DUmmies. Romantic notions of Joe Hill and the Wobblies dance through their nostalgic noggins.

Dozens of Wisconsin-themed threads to choose from these last days. We'll go with this
THREAD, "Democratic Senators Walk Out As Protests Begin," and this THREAD, "Group of doctors here signing notes for absent teachers- this is what solidarity looks like," as well as a few posts from other threads besides.

So let us now "Escape to Wisconsin," where the DUmmie remarx are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if a Wisconsin Badger could beat a Li'l Beaver, is in the [brackets]:

Democratic Senators Walk Out As Protests Begin

[The Walker Walkout.]

Would that prevent a quorum from forming?

[Would that prevent a forum from quarreling?]

suppose Willy Nelson will send these guys T-shirts,bandannas, and a case of whiskey like he did the Texas dems?

[Whiskey-onsin Dems can get all weed-weed up.]

it doesn't do anything as far as results go. It does show solidarity, though.

[It does show stupidity, though.]

I called congressmen Hoyer's, congressman Weiner's offices and e-mailed the president and asked why are they not supporting the unions. I told the president he should be on a plane to Wis and support the unions.

["Bill Daley, get Air Force One ready on the tarmac NOW! DUmmie southernyankeebelle just sent me an e-mail, and I've got to get to Wisconsin PRONTO!"]

This is the line in the sand.

[This is some loons in the snow.]

Time to get hungry for a general strike

[Bring down The MAN! Speak truth to POWER!! Workers of the World, UNITE!!!]

I've heard Walker has language in the bill to do away with BadgerCare

[If he gets rid of BeaverCare, even DUmmie FUnnies will hit the streets!]

A source tells NBC15 News that all 14 members of the State Senate are meeting at an out-of-state location to avoid the Senate reaching quorum. The reason they have left the state is because the Senate has the power to issue a Call of The House, which would send the Wisconsin State Patrol to bring absent Senators in.

[Escape to Illinois!]

I have this incredible urge to go to Rockford. I wanna hang out with the cool kids.

[The Rockford-philes.]

Makes my patriotic little liberal heart proud.

[To see people not doing their job.]

This is only the begining...ending all entitlements is their end game, as well as reducing government by getting rid of the Dept's of Education and Energy.


Want to make a stand. Stop buying anything for 1 day.

[Not One D*mn Bratwurst!]

The Flee-a-buster must continue

[The Flee Circus.]

Scott Walker Limerick:

Scott Walker cannot any longer a recall resist
And the governorship can no longer be possessed
Tho once a good fellow
Already he is the devil
Now his head is spinning as we call the exorcist

And another:

Scott Walker started a feeding frenzy
when he let the rich raid the state treasury
"Take all you please
it's like government cheese
God blesses you as we starve the beastly"

[This limerick-writing repeater
Is such a poetical cheater:
He won't take the time
To make his lines rhyme
And disregards rhythm and meter!]

Defiant Wisconsin Democrats Say Running Away Is Democracy, Too.


Walker should be recalled or horse whipped.

[Well, make up your mind!]

My allegience is to political power, not process. The important thing is to smash one's enemy and to effectively wield political power, not uphold some ludicrous notion of "fairness."

[Thank you, Marxiavelli.]

Wisconsin senators living day-to-day south of border

[I'm picturing these fourteen state senators on the run, hiding out in barns in northern Illinois, sneaking pies off a farm wife's window ledge.]

Some senators left Wisconsin with little more than the clothes on their backs. Others came to Illinois equipped with an Urban Essentials pack. . . .

[The Run Away Packers.]

clothes, toiletries, cell phones, smart phones — Facebook and Twitter ready.

[Homeless, yet Bobbolinked!]

the 14 Wisconsin Democrats have gone into survival mode in Illinois, doing small loads of laundry and eating "whatever we can get our hands on."

[But think of poor Mrs. Schmidlap, with no cherry pie for her family!]

Doing their own LAUNDRY? They must truly be suffering! How dreadful.

[These valiant souls have to rub snow on the streaks in their underwear and then beat them on the rocks. Such are the hardships of these Heroes of Democracy. Although I understand there's now an "Underwear Railroad," secretly shipping boxes of Tide to an undisclosed location outside DeKalb.]

Group of doctors here signing notes for absent teachers- this is what solidarity looks like

[This is what DUplicity looks like.]

Please excuse _____ ______ from school today, he/she has a severe case of Walker Syndrome.

[Dr. Note.]

I am bursting with cheesy pride that the world is seeing what I have been lucky to know my whole life.

[Doctors and teachers with no compunctions about lying! Ain't it grand?]

Solidarity looks like two professionals getting together to perpetrate a lie? Who knew?


I am emotionally compromised. I'm nearly ready to vomit in my waste can here. My heart is racing abnormally and my blood pressure is up. . . . I have TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME.

[benburch checks in.]

When you relax your sphincters, does it feel pleasant?

[Enquiring minds want to know, ben.]

the kids get an extra week of xbox... Its a win win.... I alwayz thinked the hole going to skool thing was a little over blown....

[Hee! Hee!]

their hearts are definitely in the right place, even if their methods may account to fraud and malpractice.

[Picky, picky, picky. . . .]

this is the taxpayers getting ripped off for every hour of sick leave paid.

[Yes, but it's for a good cause!]

Love this!

[STICK IT to those lousy taxpayers!]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boston Straggler Rage Victim Bobbolink Falls Ill

Somewhere in a lonely car on a freezing Ft. Collins, CO street sits an ill rage victim of the Boston Straggler aka WILLIAM RIVERS PITT. Yes, our dear Bobbolink aka Bobo the Hobo has fallen sick inside her home which is an old car as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "Bobbolink is sick, thoughts and prayers her way please..." Yeah, the DUmmies are sending her a lot of thoughts and prayers her way but NO food or shelter. Notable by his absence is the Boston Straggler who is probably filled with thoughts of extremely violent fantasies at this point. So let us now watch the DUmmies passively watch the sick Bobo the Hobo in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if this all could be just well timed political theater, is in the [brackets]:

Bobbolink is sick, thoughts and prayers her way please...

[But NO food or shelter for this poor victim of the Boston Straggler.]

I received a message from her yesterday that she's been very sick in her car for three days. I replied and emailed and haven't heard back. I am very, very worried! Send her your best via this. Thanks!!

[Please get yourself into a warm place Bobbolink AWAY from the Boston Straggler who could be stalking you.]

Hugs and prayers.

[But NO food. Not even Ramen noodles.]

prayers and vibes being sent. be well!

[Could you include FOOD and SHELTER as well?]

I wish her the best...

[You are obviously NOT the Boston Straggler.]

Thank you, Mary. I wondered where she was the last couple days. Knowing she is ill in her car makes me cry. I lived in a tent for awhile one year and got pneumonia, it was terrible.

[Better not be too specific on which car or she risks being stalked by the Boston Straggler.]

I thank God for my bed every night, and I pray that someone comes across her path to help her.

[As long as that someone is NOT the Boston Straggler.]

I have the first comfortable bed I've ever had and am so grateful to be inside each night.

[You spent the entire previous part of your life sleeping on straw?]

Can one of us put her up for awhile?

[Say hello to Mrs. Sheridan Whiteside.]

She is in Colorado, her profile says. Ft. Collins. Don't know if that is current location.

[Shhh! You don't want to give the Boston Straggler a heads up on where he can stalk her.]

It's been cold in Colorado this winter. . .

[It's that horrible Global Warming that Algore has been yapping about.]

i'm in fort collins there are some horrible sicknesses going around this town. if any one knows where she is, i can check on her. pm me...

[You might want to stand guard by her car in case the Boston Straggler shows up.]

I know this hasn't been very successful in the past - but if you know where she is perhaps a Colorado DUer could check on her ...


i hate that our country tolerates poverty and homelessness.

[Bush's fault!!!]

Anyone else know what kind of car she has

[2011 Cadillac Escalade.]

She's one of the most valuable posters on DU

[She exposed the TRUE nature of the extremely violent Boston Straggler.]

I'm sending positive vibes.

[At this point Bobbo would probably prefer Ramen noodles...preferably sitting in hot water.]

Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya

[Is that the Hindu or Wiccan version of sitting Shiva?]

SOMEBODY IN THE FT COLLINS AREA PLS PM ME. I have an email for a rabbi who has shown some protectiveness toward her. And sorry about the shout. I don't know that area at all; my contact is in Evergreen.

[I hope you don't mean THIS RABBI.]

Her cell is working...I talked to her, she is very sick, and very sick about the cuts and that no one is up in arms about that! Still feisty! so relieved to have talked to her...

[Uh-Oh! I hope the rage victim of the Boston Straggler hasn't been grandstanding for political purposes.]

I'll call her when my minutes go free

[God forbid you actually shell out a few measly cents to call Bobbolink.]

May the Great Spirit protect you in these days of need.

[Heretic! No mention of the goddess Gaia!]

Thanks everybody!! I talked to Bobbie. She's still very sick, not up to getting online...Mad as hell about the cuts!! and about the lack of protests about the cuts...still feisty, and so right to be mad. We have to start actions on the cuts to social programs at the very least!

[Pardon me for casting aspersions upon the veracity of the Boston Straggler rage victim but does this not sound like Bobbo's problem is really just political theater rather than any real illness?]

I hope this will serve as a rallying point for DUers to fight the cuts that hurt the most vulnerable in our society.

[Yup! This is sounding more and more like political theater. Do we now send tickets to fly Bobbo to Madison, WI for yet more grandstanding?]

Bobbie is a tireless (until now) advocate for the impoverished, these cuts just make her job that much harder. We need to hit the streets for the homeless and hungry...

[Bobbo the professional Hobo.]

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fantasy draft: DUmmies start movement to challenge Obama!

Challenge We Can Believe In! That's the cry in DUmmieland these days, as the dissatisfied DUmmies talk of starting a movement to challenge Obama in the 2012 primaries. We'll read about it here in this THREAD, "Why don't we start a movement - an online draft movement to challenge Obama."

Fantasy draft? Yes, of course. It won't go anywhere. These are the DUACos we're talking about, after all. But then that's all the more reason why it's FUn for us to read!

So let us hop on board DUmmieland's monorail and get off at Fantasyland, where the DUmmie draft geeks write in Primary Color Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, chuckling at how BO has gone from Obamessiah to Obamembarrassment, is in the [Barackets]:

Why don't we start a movement - an online draft movement to challenge Obama.

["Hey, kids, let's put on a SHOW!" "Say, that'd be SWELL!"]

But who?

[Alright, draft geeks, who's on your fantasy boards?]

I know the majority of DUers love Kucinich, but I don't think he can win.

[NO! Where is your FAITH?? What makes you think Kookcinich CAN'T win?]

Personally I would love to draft Howard Dean.

[Draft the daft: Daffy Dean.]


[You've come to the wrong place for THAT!]

Robert Reich

[He's on the short list.]

Elizabeth Warren!

[The little-known heroine of the DUmp. I think there are fifteen people outside of DUmmieland who have even heard of her. But if this Elizabeth Warren person somehow were to be elected, and she then disappoints the DUmmies, soon they'll be carrying signs, "IMPEACH E. WARREN!"]

Warren - yes!

[Warren - who?]

Reich is an outsourcer and a free-trader.

[The Turd Reich.]

never anyone from Chicago again. . . .

[Hey, I resemble that remark!]


[Plugs! Yes! Hardscrabble Joe from Scranton PA! He's clean, he's articulate. . . . Joe, stand up, let the people see ya! . . . Oh, God love ya! What am I talking about?]

a Democratic challenger will only waste party resources and weaken Obama against the Rethug candidate.

[Shh! Quiet!]

Obama is the Only One Who Has a Chance of Winning and if we lose, we're done. Huckabee or Palin would finish off what's left of our freedom and turn it into Jesusland and start WW3 aka Crusade 2 against all those Muslims.

[Palinoia strikes deep . . .]

Hillary could, with Obama's endorsement

[What are you smoking?? Like either side of that comma could really happen. . . .]

If we primaried him and put up a good candidate we could easily win the general. . . .

[Put down the bong pipe and take a whiff of reality: You guys are STUCK with Barry O!]

Obama is acting like a Republican already, he is to the right of Reagan.

[Do you mean Ron Reagan the ballerina? Maybe.]

The Pendulum Always Moves to the Right

[Except for the Pitt and the Pendulum.]

Why don't we shoot ourselves in the foot?

[Great idea! Go for it!]

No primary challenger has ever made a sitting President stronger against his opponent. If you don't like Obama, wait till you're saying President Gingritch.

[Somebody set up us the Newtron bomb!]

John Kitzhaber of Oregon.

[How about Hans Katzenjammer of the FUnnie Papers?]

Mike Gravel

[The Potted Plant is ready to throw his rock into the ring.]

Keith Olbermann

[And leave that huge audience on Current TV?]

Cenk Uygur

[And leave that huge audience on MSNBC?]

Cenk would destroy Obama in a debate.

[You'll love it, Barry! Whole rooms simply stuffed with Turkish Debate!]

Gravel also served in the military

[What, in the War of 1812?]

Uh, Cenk wasn't born in the United States

[Didn't stop Obama.]

You really think we can get away with that twice?

[Hee! Hee!]

Howard said No.

[Dr. No.]

I wish to start a movement to rid ourselves of these stupid threads. . . .


I'd like to suggest Alan Grayson of Florida

[YES! There's your man! The entertainment value would be through the roof!]


[All in favor, say, Aye-yi-yiii!!! Alan "Dick" Grayson it is!]

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Why is a Democratic President screwing us?"

The DUmmies are in a state of DESPAIR. Obama, forced by the big change in Congress, now has to PRETEND to want to bring down the out of control deficit. Of course, Obama is just going through the motions of being a deficit hawk since until the election, he showed no inclination at all of worrying a bit about the deficit. However, Obama's deficit pretense is enough to send the DUmmies into a state of despair as you can see in this THREAD, "Why is a Democratic President screwing us?" So let us now laugh at DUmmies thinking they are getting screwed by Obama in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that The One blew almost a trillion bucks on a stimulus that failed to stimulate, is in the [barackets]:

Why is a Democratic President screwing us?

[Because it puts a smile on the face of one Ben Burch.]

I know there are many here on DU who will stand by Obama no matter what he does or doesn’t do.


And I know there are many here on DU who will blame Obama for everything he does or doesn’t do.

[Maybe but it is still BUSH'S FAULT!!!]

I have both praised and criticized Obama in the past. However, the budget that he presented this week could have been one presented by a “partially sane” Republican, (if such a thing as a “partially sane” Republican still existed.)

[I see it as a budget proposed by a mostly insane Democrat.]

I am a die-hard Democrat and I can’t stomach Obama’s budget. He has given away things that Democrats are supposed to believe in. And he's done it before any negotiations have even begun.

[So buy Obama a copy of Trump's "The Art of the Deal."]

President Obama: WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Why aren’t you standing up for what the Democratic Party has historically stood for?

[Translation: Why haven't you instituted Bolshevik Revolution NOW?]

This thread won't last long. You've criticized the president.

[Five hours and still going strong.]

I don't think we like the answer to your question. Gives me a sour stomach to consider the possible answers.

[Plus your tush is in even worse shape.]

A Dem Prez putting out a budget that cuts heating aid for the poor, given today's economy, is not something that any normal person would define as something to "...slow down the nasty stuff a bit."

[May I have permission to also cut your life support tube?]

thank goodness Obama is a "King with a Magic Wand" and these things will come to pass

[And Ben Burch wants to wave that "Magic Wand."]

Obama needs a primary challenge.

[Paging Kookcinich.]

He has to screw the nation in order to save it.

[The first part of that plan is definitely on schedule.]

I don't care if he wins if this is how he governs.

[No more warm and fuzzy feelings for The Lightworker?]

I think he is planning on running on repealing the Bush tax cuts for the rich in 2012

[Can you say ex-president?]

He's a really lame "negotiator" and the Rs know it by now.

[So no leg thrills for you at the mere sound of his name?]

$750,000,000,000 to the rich in the next 2 years

[Powerball winner?]

He gave away Medicare for ALL, the public option, taxing the wealthy, accountability for Bush and the banksters, ending the war, closing gitmo, the moral high ground, his soul, the soul of the party, the middle class, education, and candy on Halloween.

[GASP!!! He...he gave away Halloween candy? UNFORGIVEABLE!!!]

It's started to look like it doesn't much matter for whom we vote. They say things which sound right then get in office and do the opposite.

[Don't worry. You'll still blindly vote for the Big O again in 2012.]

F*ck everything.

[The Power of Positive Thinking.]

It pays well to f*ck the poor and shit on the liberals

[Enjoy your droppings.]

a democratic president is NOT screwing us because the president is NOT IN CHARGE

[So Obama is just a passive potted plant?]

Monday, February 07, 2011

Trust Fund Kid Slams Ronald Reagan

Someone at the Conservative Cave recently described the writing style of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT as "contrived edge." A perfect description. And why does Pitt have a contrived edge? Because, lacking a REAL life, he has no edge. Just as a farm raised shrimp has no fear of predators or experiences the normal hazardous problems of living in the open sea, Pitt has gone through life without really knowing what the hell is going on in the real world. And this results in the farm raised shrimp slamming our greatest President in over a hundred years, Ronald Reagan.

Note the difference in backgrounds. Ronald Reagan came from a poor family and had to work his way up while the farm raised shrimp had it all handed to him on his legal beagle family's silver platter. What were the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan? Many, including saving many lives as a lifeguard while still a teenager, becoming a major sportscaster in the Midwest, breaking into Hollywood stardom, serving as a union leader, host of a major TV show, serving two successful terms as California governor, a radio commentator, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the man who restored confidence to America, and, oh yeah, and the one who effectively ended the long Cold War with the defeat of the Evil Empire.

And what did the farm raised shrimp accomplish in life? Well, he was a gofer in his family's law firm but that didn't work out, worked briefly as a teacher which resulted in events better not spoken about, and became a best selling New York Times author in his own mind via vanity press books that never rose above 200,000 in Amazon books. Add to that the farm raised shrimp has a long history of posting violent fantasies on the web which this past year led to his temporary expulsion from DUmmieland. Of course, the most notable "accomplishment" of the farm raised shrimp was perpetrating the journalistic fraud that Karl Rove had been indicted on May 12, 2006. When this fraud was quickly exposed, the farm raised shrimp didn't even own up to the obvious and instead insisted that we needed to wait just 24 business hours for him to be proven right. In fact, the farm raised shrimp is notable for being completely unable to face the consequences of his own actions.

So now we have the farm raised shrimp daring to criticize the great Ronald Reagan in this retread THREAD from the past, "Planet Reagan (written upon his death)." So let us now watch the farm raised shrimp with the contrived edge dare to take on a self-made man of magnificence in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who wished he could have been a fly on the wall when the execs at a certain family law firm cursed out the Temporary Sock Puppet for revealing way too much on a public forum, is in the [brackets]:

Planet Reagan (written upon his death)

[The farm raised shrimp takes on Ronaldus Magnus.]

In this mourning space, however, there must be room made for the truth. Writer Edward Abbey once said, "The sneakiest form of literary subtlety, in a corrupt society, is to speak the plain truth. The critics will not understand you; the public will not believe you; your fellow writers will shake their heads."

[So when will the farm raised shrimp speak the plain truth about his role in perpetrating the May 12, 2006 journalistic fraud? The closest he ever came was his incredibly long self-pitying partial birth non-apology whine in Pied Piper Pitt Performs Endless "Penitence" At DUmmie Canossa.]

The truth is straightforward: Virtually every significant problem facing the American people today can be traced back to the policies and people that came from the Reagan administration. It is a laundry list of ills, woes and disasters that has all of us, once again, staring apocalypse in the eye.

[Oh so it is NOT Bush's Fault?]

How can this be? The television says Ronald Reagan was one of the most beloved Presidents of the 20th century. He won two national elections, the second by a margin so overwhelming that all future landslides will be judged by the high-water mark he achieved against Walter Mondale. How can a man so universally respected have played a hand in the evils which corrupt our days?

[What evils? Like having a family law firm pay omerta money to schoolgirls to shut up about the unspeakable actions of a certain somebody?]

The answer lies in the reality of the corrupt society Abbey spoke of. Our corruption is the absolute triumph of image over reality, of flash over substance, of the pervasive need within most Americans to believe in a happy-face version of the nation they call home, and to spurn the reality of our estate as unpatriotic. Ronald Reagan was, and will always be, the undisputed heavyweight champion of salesmen in this regard.

[And WHO tried to sell us on the May 12, 2006 Karl Rove indictment by assuring us it would happen in 24 business hours?]

Reagan was able, by virtue of his towering talents in this arena, to sell to the American people a flood of poisonous policies. He made Americans feel good about acting against their own best interests. He sold the American people a lemon, and they drive it to this day as if it was a Cadillac. It isn't the lies that kill us, but the myths, and Ronald Reagan was the greatest myth-maker we are ever likely to see.

[So was that May 12, 2006 Karl Rove indictment a lie or a myth?]

Mainstream media journalism today is a shameful joke because of Reagan's deregulation policies. Once upon a time, the Fairness Doctrine ensured that the information we receive - information vital to the ability of the people to govern in the manner intended - came from a wide variety of sources and perspectives. Reagan's policies annihilated the Fairness Doctrine, opening the door for a few mega-corporations to gather journalism unto themselves. Today, Reagan's old bosses at General Electric own three of the most-watched news channels. This company profits from every war we fight, but somehow is trusted to tell the truths of war. Thus, the myths are sold to us.

[The Fairness Doctrine made it impossible for conservative voices to be heard...which is why liberals such as this Trust Fund farm raised shrimp want to see it back to silence those voices.]

The deregulation policies of Ronald Reagan did not just deliver journalism to these massive corporations, but handed virtually every facet of our lives into the hands of this privileged few. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat are all tainted because Reagan battered down every environmental regulation he came across so corporations could improve their bottom line. Our leaders are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the corporations that were made all-powerful by Reagan's deregulation craze. The Savings and Loan scandal of Reagan's time, which cost the American people hundreds of billions of dollars, is but one example of Reagan's decision that the foxes would be fine guards in the henhouse.

[An economics lecture from the farm raised shrimp who never had to work a day in his pampered Trust Fund life...except as a contrived wannabee blue collar Bukowski's bouncer in order to demonstrate his "working class" phony credentials. Gofer job in family law firm doesn't count and we best not speak about the teaching job.]

Ronald Reagan believed in small government, despite the fact that he grew government massively during his time. Social programs which protected the weakest of our citizens were gutted by Reagan's policies, delivering millions into despair. Reagan was able to do this by caricaturing the "welfare queen," who punched out babies by the barnload, who drove the flashy car bought with your tax dollars, who refused to work because she didn't have to. This was a vicious, racist lie, one result of which was the decimation of a generation by crack cocaine. The urban poor were left to rot because Ronald Reagan believed in 'self-sufficiency.'

["Self-Sufficiency." Such an ugly word to the farm raised shrimp entirely dependent on Trust Fund payments.]

Because Ronald Reagan could not be bothered to fund research into 'gay cancer,' the AIDS virus was allowed to carve out a comfortable home in America. The aftershocks from this callous disregard for people whose homosexuality was deemed evil by religious conservatives cannot be overstated. Beyond the graves of those who died from a disease which was allowed to burn unchecked, there are generations of Americans today living with the subconscious idea that sex equals death.

[A flat out LIE by the highly pampered farm raised shrimp. Aids research federal funding under Reagan totaled $5.7 billion. You can see the year by year payments during the Reagan era on a chart HERE.]

The veneer of honor and respect painted across the legacy of Ronald Reagan is itself a myth of biblical proportions. The coverage proffered today of the Reagan legacy seldom mentions impropriety until the Iran/Contra scandal appears on the administration timeline. This sin of omission is vast. By the end of his term in office, some 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, indicted or investigated for misconduct and/or criminal activities.

[The were all convicted on May 12, 2006 and then their convictions magically disappeared.]

Some of the names on this disgraceful roll-call: Oliver North, John Poindexter, Richard Secord, Casper Weinberger, Elliott Abrams, Robert C. McFarlane, Michael Deaver, E. Bob Wallach, James Watt, Alan D. Fiers, Clair George, Duane R. Clarridge, Anne Gorscuh Burford, Rita Lavelle, Richard Allen, Richard Beggs, Guy Flake, Louis Glutfrida, Edwin Gray, Max Hugel, Carlos Campbell, John Fedders, Arthur Hayes, J. Lynn Helms, Marjory Mecklenburg, Robert Nimmo, J. William Petro, Thomas C. Reed, Emanuel Savas, Charles Wick. Many of these names are lost to history, but more than a few of them are still with us today, 'rehabilitated' by the administration of George W. Bush.

[Is "Temporary SockPuppet" among those names?]

Ronald Reagan actively supported the regimes of the worst people ever to walk the earth. Names like Marcos, Duarte, Rios Mont and Duvalier reek of blood and corruption, yet were embraced by the Reagan administration with passionate intensity. The ground of many nations is salted with the bones of those murdered by brutal rulers who called Reagan a friend. Who can forget his support of those in South Africa who believed apartheid was the proper way to run a civilized society?

[And how would the farm raised shrimp rate the totalitarian regime of Castro? The Trust Fund Kid would never say.]

One dictator in particular looms large across our landscape. Saddam Hussein was a creation of Ronald Reagan. The Reagan administration supported the Hussein regime despite his incredible record of atrocity. The Reagan administration gave Hussein intelligence information which helped the Iraqi military use their chemical weapons on the battlefield against Iran to great effect. The deadly bacterial agents sent to Iraq during the Reagan administration are a laundry list of horrors.

[You can read about how Ronald Reagan raised Saddam Hussein as his own son in the farm raised shrimp vanity press NY Times "best seller" book.]

How much of this can be truthfully laid at the feet of Ronald Reagan? It depends on who you ask. Those who worship Reagan see him as the man in charge, the man who defeated Soviet communism, the man whose vision and charisma made Americans feel good about themselves after Vietnam and the malaise of the 1970s. Those who despise Reagan see him as nothing more than a pitch-man for corporate raiders, the man who allowed greed to become a virtue, the man who smiled vapidly while allowing his officials to run the government for him.

[And farm raised shrimp despise self-made men.]

In the final analysis, however, the legacy of Ronald Reagan - whether he had an active hand in its formulation, or was merely along for the ride - is beyond dispute. His famous question, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" is easy to answer. We are not better off than we were four years ago, or eight years ago, or twelve, or twenty. We are a badly damaged state, ruled today by a man who subsists off Reagan's most corrosive final gift to us all: It is the image that matters, and be damned to the truth.

[In the final analysis, farm raised shrimp live in a pampered monetary bubble so they have no idea whether or not people are better off or not. And now to the few DUmmie responses on this Trust Fund Kid thread...]

Reagan, was pretty much feeling the effects of his disease during his presidency, wasn't the men behind him, Bush, Cheney, et al., mostly responsible for this mess?

[Bush's fault!]

the boys in the basement gave him the scripts to read.

[As opposed to Obama who can't be bothered with even that so he doesn't even see his speeches until he reads them off the teleprompter.]

brilliant, but at the same time it depresses me... will we EVER be free of the "Reagan legacy"?

[No...and that makes me very HAPPY.]

Your essay should be the core essay in the heart of every history class... Astonishing in its honesty, and so complete as to take my breath away... I CANNOT recommend this post enough... You have outdone yourself, my dear Will!

[KUDOS to the farm raised fish for writing about a subject he knows nothing about. And my we also make it mandatory for every history class to read his essay about the rise of the Third American Empire and how it got its start at the 1980 Olympic hockey game when the crowd yelled "USA! USA! USA!"]

I hated Ronny Raygun, then, and now. I quit watching television, after he won the election in 1980. I was so angry, I almost kicked in the screen of the t.v. It was then that I became aware of the true depth of the evil of the Corporate Owned Media. I was in despair with my country and the voting public.

[We need to elect another conservative as president just to make you quit watching television again and put you into a permanent state of depression.]

I never tire of your marvelous words..Wil.

[The farm raised shrimp will produce tons of meaningless words when even slightly encouraged by fellow DUmmies. Of course, I am waiting for the farm raised shrimp to FINALLY come up with words of apology for his role in the Karl Rove indictment fraud. Notice how the farm raised shrimp never even comes close to touching upon that subject?]

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Lady NaDa gives a shout out: "DUmmy FUNNIES... Hey Freepers"

Does she look more like Natasha Fatale or Nina Khrushchev? We still don't know yet. But we do know that DUmmie nadinbrzezinski, International Woman of Mystery, is watching this space. You see, Know-it-all Nadin has been the star of our last two DUFUs: Palinoia strikes deep: DUmmies DUped by Palin-invade-Egypt spoof!, in which Know-it-all Nadin was taken in by an obviously satirical piece; and Know-it-all Nadin off to strong start for DUmmie of the Year, in which Lady NaDa . . . a) talked with an Egyptian--in San Diego, and b) enlightened a poor lowly DUmmie who asked for guidance--by copying a few twitter tweets.

Well, yesterday Nadin, who's a little slow on the uptake, found out that we had DUFUed her, and now she has responded with, not one, not two, but THREE separate threads about her starring role in the DUmmie FUnnies:

THREAD, "DUmmy FUNNIES... Hey Freepers"
THREAD, "Now on what this freeper joke means though" and
THREAD, "On privacy the net, and the law"

And away we go! Nadin and the other DUmmies' comments are in Look What I Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--happy to give Nadin her 15 minutes of fame, but hoping PJ will take a break from couponing to do a DUFU on the DUmmies celebrating Reagan's birthday--is in the [brackets]:

DUmmy FUNNIES... Hey Freepers

[Lady NaDa gives us a shout out!]

I will accept your sick award.

[Don't count your sick awards before they're dispatched. While you're off to a strong start, Lady NaDa, you by no means have "DUmmie of the Year" locked up. And trying too hard will only HURT you with the judges.]

I must say you guys are funny...

[Thank you! But we couldn't DU it without DUmmies like you!]

They are cute, and childish..

[We aim to please!]

people who have no idea what else to do with their time.

[Says Nadin, as she starts THREE threads, with over **250** DUmmie replies, about how the freepers have nothing better to do with their time!]

haha.. what an honor! I guess you've stood out, as you've lately helped keep the info on Egypt flowing here. . . .

[Nadin of the Nile has FLOODED DUmmieland with her streams of condescensiousness!]


[Sorry, not everyone can star in a DUFU. You have to do something to amuse us and entertain us.]

Hey, Natasha is HOT!

[Yes, but is Lady NaDa? Or does she look more like Mrs. Khrushchev?]

Congrats! Does being a "celebrity" at FR come off of your "15 minutes?"

[These are 15 BUSINESS minutes. So, no.]

Hobbies. These people need hobbies.

[Says Wee Willie Pitt, worried perhaps that Nadin will overtake him as the Number One Star of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Wow! You have groupies! Just like a Rock Star!

[She's Lady NaDa! Miss "Poser Face" herself!]

85. Deleted message

[I think this was one where a DUmmie referred to Know-it-all Nadin as the "professor" who constantly "lectures" us. But--poof!--it's gone!]

I value being named in the DUmmie Funnies more than . . .

[. . . life itself. It's the highest of honors.]

Nadin of the Nile!!! . . . I *loved* the title bestowed upon you!

[It was either that or "Cleopatronize."]

They can be viscious. . . .

[It's downright vitreous humor!]

They just don't like people with history degrees. Edumucation is dangerous.

[That's FUnnie, since the guy who wrote that DUFU has a Bachelor's degree (history major), two Master's degrees, and is "all but dissertation" on a Ph.D.]

I'd bet a dollar the person who wrote that also has a DU account.

[Mm, could be! Someone with an LFT degree!]

Science Fiction Role Playing Games ?!?!?

Need to update since these days I do history. . . .

[The only role-playing Nadin does these days is being the Christiane Amanpour of DUmmieland.]

This year I'm Number 2 with them.

[Try harder, Stinky The Clown! DUmmie of the Year does not come easy!]

Did you ever know that you're my hero, and you're everything that I wish I could be?

[You can only ASPIRE to be like nadinbrzybrzy!]

Now on what this freeper joke means though

[It means Nadin gets to post a SECOND thread about herself!]

Now this is the meaning of those funny posts at the meta level.

[Nadin never meta level she didn't like.]

[DUmmie RandomThoughts responds . . .]

I think what I post here is grabbed by some group, then used for some other reason. Although they can't see whats in the stuff, so it is like a Trojan horse, if needed to be. The reason I think that is some things said on the tv, and posted here about that, where it seems I get labeled as being part of some group, although I think that label is probably Orwellian anyways. But here is my point, what does it take to convince someone that they should correct what is needed to be corrected. There is another possibility, but it is a bit metaphysical, basically my existence when I type here, is not far off of a spirit existence, in that I don't have contact but can communicate, making the internet no different then spirit conversations in form. I find that fascinating. But since anything is possible, it is possible that the Internet and TV, are some AI system, or that I am some form of AI system, and they are the real world. Either way it would be the concept of 'no bridge' hence why when bridges are seen, that delusion can be removed. Basically there are some people directly responsible for not sending the beer and travel money that is due, and they think nothing will happen to them, or think they are willing to pay that price, or don't think. So the best guess is blockers are top tier non feelers non thinkers, and that fits set a table before my enemy. Although if they have any of my capabilities, they wont be shaken, and have to be taken down, so then the valid claim of beer and travel money, removes the problems in the world. But it does not correct the problem of the beer and travel money being due. Hence the problem, if the filters are set up as the worst that can not be convinced and have to be removed, then what? If you eliminate them they would be replaced by another one of them, although could just burn through the whole bench. The basic problem is the blockers wont correct what needs to be corrected, and wont explain what is stopping them, because they don't want to correct things, they probably think it is a game. Until they get crushed or something. So what to be done? There only argument is that existence is bad, and since I don't accept that, if they do not correct what they should, either they or I have to stop existing, or someone has to change, which is the concept of Thor wrestling the snake. . . .


will all due respect, are you on peyote all the time? just wonderin'

[DUmmie RandomThoughts is the Wile E. Peyote of the DUmp. . . . But I digress. The topic here is nadinbrzybrzy starring in the DUFUs. And so someone asks her . . .]

how many theads on this are you going to post?

[THREE! At least. We now go to Thread #3 by Nadin . . .]

On privacy the net, and the law

[Know-it-all Nadin will now lecture us on a topic we already know about, like this is something new to us . . .]

A lot of things that you may think are private... in the age of the net are not.

[YOU'RE KIDDING, Nadin! I did not know that!]

Years ago we had this dance with somebody over at a Gaming Board, in Usenet... that is well before many of you heard of the web I suspect.

[Oh, Nadin, I'm sure you heard of "the web" LONG before any of us mere mortals!]

The web is a place where we have an ILLUSION of privacy, but I know that any real privacy went away the day I first logged on to that Usenet account over AOL oh... in 1987.

[**1987**, Nadin! Wow! You are a real PIONEER! You must know ALL Things!]

That is the brutal truth.

[Whew! I'm glad you told me, Nadin! I thought everything I posted on "the web" was PRIVATE!]

Why what you posted ten years ago, can indeed come back to hunt you today.

[It's like living in a hunted house!]

[The DUmmies respond, and a theme emerges . . .]

Amazingly, we do not live in cocoons: "...that is well before many of you heard of the web I suspect..."

[A DUmmie dares to take on the All-Knowing One.]

Sometimes your posts give the impression...That you believe everyone else on DU is an idiot. Seriously, Usenet? Internet privacy? Do you think you've told anyone anything they don't already know?


This is a response I could 'rec', with one alteration. Change the 'sometimes' to 'often'.

[Hee! Hee!]

you really are an arrogant, condescending piece of work. . . .

[This was a suicide run by a now-tombstoned 1-post LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Dude, compared to her, everyone is an idiot. Shut up and enjoy your education. . . .

[Yes, you're PRIVILEGED to sit at the feet of Nadin "The Dean of DU"!]

"Years ago we had this dance with somebody over at a Gaming Board, in Usenet... that is well before many of you heard of the web I suspect." You could've ended the sentence at Usenet, but you just had to add that clause of condescension, didn't you.

[Know-it-all Nadin just can't help it!]

[Well, believe it or don't, Nadin has now started a FOURTH thread ruminating on her magical week as star of the DUmmie FUnnies! Nadin, you're trying too hard! Slow down, girl, or this will cost you POINTS with the judges! DUmmie of the Year is a long way off! Pace yourself! Sheeee. . . .]

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Know-it-all Nadin off to strong start for DUmmie of the Year

Know-it-all Nadin is off to a strong start in the race for DUmmie of the Year. She's certainly got DUmmie of the WEEK nailed down, tighter than Michael Moore in a Sansabelt!

Yesterday we showed how she, DUmmie nadinbrzezinski, got suckered in by the spoof story about Sarah Palin invading Egypt. Know-it-all Nadin was so intent on showing off her insider's knowledge of . . . FOREIGN POLICY . . . that she missed the obviously satirical nature of the piece.

Well, this latest embarrassment is not about to stop our Nadin! No, she will go on flaunting her superior insight into . . . FOREIGN POLICY . . . now that we have this Egypt thingie in the news. This is her chance to lecture us--to GUIDE us naive, parochial, myopic Muricans into the intricacies of things beyond our shores.

So what qualifies Nadin for this vaunted spot as DUmmieland's resident expert on Egypt? Well, she does have a degree in HISTORY--and don't you forget it! And with a name like "Brzezinski," she's got to be good--on FOREIGN POLICY!

Just who is this nadinbrzezinski? Her married name is Nadin Abbott, but "Abbott" doesn't sound as exotic as "Brzezinski," so she goes with her maiden name. Her husband is retired Navy (ours). Nadin is 45 years old, lives in San Diego, and spends her days doing science-fiction role-playing games. But I think the role-playing Nadin likes to do most is to see herself as the Christiane Amanpour of DUmmieland. (Someone on Conservative Cave envisioned Nadin as Natasha Fatale, so I went with that as our graphic today.)

Let's see what Know-it-all Nadin has been up to since our last visit, shall we? In this
THREAD, "Fascinating talk with a young man at the coffee shop," Nadin relates a story of how she got to use her vast, superior knowledge in a conversation with a real-live Egyptian! And in this THREAD, "nadinbrzezinski," an inquiring DUmmie asks the All-Knowing One for her expert guidance through the perplexities of this darn Egypt thing.

So prepare to be awed and impressed by Nadin of the Nile, once again in Red Sea Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering how Nadin can keep up this pace in her quest for DUmmie of the Year, is in the [brackets]:

Fascinating talk with a young man at the coffee shop

[In which Nadin, I predict, will be the star!]

I am driving hubby to college since parking is a nightmare... so I am going across to Starbucks to kill the hour and a half.

[Nadin puts the "Star" into "Starbucks"!]

So here is a young, yes Egyptian... here to get an engineering degree.

[Well, waht a lucky day for HIM, getting to meet Know-it-all Nadin, the only person in America who understands what's going on in Egypt!]

So he was having a pretty heated argument with a Glenny fan... and I decided to but in...


he was surprised that an American understood the patronage system in Egyptian society

[Only YOU, Nadin, could understand such a thing! (By the way, Nadin, I come from Chicago, where patronage, or "clout," is a way of life. But do go on . . .)]

Things have gotten really bad, including shortages of pita bread and other essentials. Rumor has it that deliveries have been stopped by NDP upper management... take this with grain of salt, rumor mill after all, but that is what is circulating.

[Take your pita bread from the rumor mill with a grain of salt. . . . Notice, btw, how Nadin casually drops in an "NDP" reference in there, showing that she is ever so familiar with Egypt's National Democratic Party. Nadin goes on, listing five insider points from their conversation, throwing in the occasional "Oh and yes" and "see patronage)."]

So there you have it.

[THANK you, Nadin, thank you for that insider report from your Starbucks conversation with a real-live Egyptian in San Diego!]

Oh and gleeny fan had a hell of a time following this, especially after I challenged him to define terms glenny spouts all the time.

[w00t! Know-it-all Nadin OVERWHELMS the Neanderthal Glenny fan with her vast, superior knowledge!]

I also recommended to this young man, who wants to have a democracy, a long reading list on political theory...

[Even the Starbucks could not keep the poor guy awake!]

I also reminded him that this protection of minorities is part of ARAB history, during the Caliphate... in the middle ages. Agan, he was surprised.

[He was surprised to find an American dopey enough to lecture him about caliphates in the Middle Ages.]

I find it extremely pleasurable to speak with students or others here from ME.

[As long as I can talk about ME!]

I have had to really work to convince some of them that I am Native born American, since my interest and knowledge of the Region is so atypical . . .

[And so annoying.]

I take that as both a sad statement on Americans in general, but in some ways, a backwards compliment.

[How much better and more sophisticated I am than you lowbrow Muricans!]

I had a little more "cred" since my heavy European like accent means I am not local.

["Ahmed, dollink, let me to tell you about camel and squirrel!"]

Brava, dear lady!

[Nadin gets the applause she was fishing for! Now on to the next thread, where a DUmmie asks Know-it-all Nadin for her expert guidance . . .]


[Name as thread title, that's how much respect this DUmmie has for the All-Knowing One!]

Okay, please guide me, I am willing to accept guidance.

[I am your Mind Slave, Nadin. My head is open, pour in your knowledge.]

She's a valuable guide.

[Oh, yes! Nadin can use insider words and sound like she knows stuff!]

Ok I will post a few twiiter posts... from the egypt channel

[This makes Nadin an expert. She can copy and paste twits. She comments on the twits . . .]

GOOD source, extremely good source. . . .
I got no clue, not my language. . . .
Rumor, feel free to ignore. What I like to call navel grazing. . . .
My Spanish cannot decipher this Italian so no clue. . . .
We know arrests are happening. . . .

[What a vast storehouse of knowledge and insider insight you are, Nadin!]

Why you need to learn to separate wheat from chaff and trust me, some of them are coming from our own Right Wing, which is funny as can be... all on it's own.

[Yes, Nadin, you certainly are the one to separate the wheat from the chaff--like you did with that Sarah Palin-invading-Egypt story!]

Pretty boy from CNN attacked now TWICE.

[Nadin dismisses Anderson Cooper as the "pretty boy from CNN." Well, she does know SOMETHING!]

And of course Christiane Ammampour was also attacked

[Nadin's role model. Or maybe Nadin is Christiane's role model!]

"Pretty boy from CNN attacked now TWICE." nice. typically condescending and contemptuous.

[One DUmmie, at least, is tired of Nadin's condescending shtick.]

I am learning who is who in the zoo. That takes time, which most people really do not.

[Nadin is the Marlin Perkins of the Middle East zoo.]

english is my third language. the fourth is American. . . .

[Nadin makes an excuse for her sloppy writing--and manages to get in a slam against America while she's at it!]

Spell check and review post can be used by everyone. If we of lesser intellect are to be lectured to relentlessly, let it be done correctly.

[Another DUmmie tired of Know-it-all Nadin's lectures.]

You don't have to ask for guidance. It's ALL AROUND YOU.

[Still another DUmmie chides the OP for getting Nadin going.]

Professional jealousy is so sad on an anonymous forum. . . . Something you have to put up with I guess. . . . it is a form of bullying. Your threads are great, sad people have to come in and disrupt what I consider to be some really great conversations.

[A DUmmie defends Nadin against the attacks of the haters. Now the thread has become all about Nadin--which is what it was really about in the first place!]

locking. We've decided to lock this as it's deteriorated.

[Oh, Nadin . . . you've done it again!]

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Palinoia strikes deep: DUmmies DUped by Palin-invade-Egypt spoof!

Palinoia strikes deep. Into DU it will freep. . . . Yes, every day of the month the moonbats suffer from PMS (Palin Madness Syndrome). It causes the DUmmies to believe just about anything--anything bad--about Sarah Palin. Thus they will fall for even an obvious piece of satire written about Mama Grizzly, thinking it is true.

That's what happened the other day in DUmmieland. It started when the media guy the DUmmies most look up to, Rachel Mancow, read a portion of an article about Mooselini preparing to invade Egypt--a satirical piece--and Rachel thought it was true! And so the mind-numbed DUmmie robots blindly followed.

And to document this DUping of the DUmmies, today we will look at posts from . . .

THREAD, "Rachel Maddow: "Did You Know You Secretly Dream Of The Annihilation Of Israel?"
THREAD, "Rachel I love you for doing this backgrounder on Egypt"
THREAD, "Ok the revolution is extending to the media"
THREAD, "Christwire. org... and eschatology"
THREAD, "My apologies DU"

Now the FUnniest thing of all in this is that the DUmmie who got DUped the worst is none other than nadinbrzezinski. Know-it-all Nadin likes to fancy herself the DUmp's resident authority on international relations, foreign affairs, trend-spotting, and all things geopolitical. She's got a DEGREE in HISTORY, d*mmit, plus that hard-to-spell foreign-sounding name. So when a story like a brewing revolution in Egypt hits the news, why, you can be sure that Know-it-all Nadin will be all over that like white on rice!

So let us now watch the gullible DUmmies, especially Know-it-all Nadin, let their PMS get the better of them, in Red Sea Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if PJ can get the DUmmies a coupon for $5 off a Bridge to Nowhere I'd like to sell them, is in the [brackets]:

Rachel Maddow: "Did You Know You Secretly Dream Of The Annihilation Of Israel?"

[Rachel Maddow, did you know you're about to be taken in by your Palinoia?]

Also out in that way, way beyond region, the website believes that "The escalating crisis in Egypt could become a defining moment for Sarah Palin...Governor Palin needs to speak out publicly and forcibly for an American-led invasion to protect our interests in North Africa. As the largest recipient of foreign aid next to Israel, the United States has a tremendous investment in keeping Egypt stable and relatively terrorist-free...Upon her direction, other Western nations are sure to join us."

[This "" piece that Rachel quotes, about Palin calling for an invasion of Egypt--this is the satire that Rachel falls for.]

Does Christwire suggest a tax to pay for this invasion? Or will Jesus miraculously provide guns, bombs, loaves, and fishes?

[DUmmie aquart falls for it too!]

Oh dear, Rachel fell for the satire. Christwire is a spoof. . . .

[Shhh! Quiet! Don't let Know-it-all Nadin hear you!]

Of course I fell for it. I never heard of it before. And I trust Rachel.

[In Rachel We Trust.]

Oh crap. I didn't look at the site, I just went by Rachel's show...I should know better, too.

[DUmmie MiaCulpa issues her mea culpa.]

Huh, she fell for christwire?!?! Its not too hard to realise its a hoax when u actually go on the site. Some headlines:
"Why is Pet Turtle Masturbation One of the Internet’s Hottest New Trends"
"Xbox Kinect: Video Game or Terrorist Training Tool"
"New Camera To Scan Asian Faces For Signs Of Communist Ties"

[benburch will tell you that the pet turtle thing is no hoax!]

Rachel definitely dropped the ball there.

[Rachel is not used to handling balls.]

If Sarah leads this army,
We will outshine the sun,
We will outshine the sun,
We will outshine the sun;
If Sarah leads this army,
We will outshine the sun,
And we’ll walk the golden streets on high.

[Onward, Palinistas! To Cairo--and beyond!]

[So some DUmmies initially were DUped but soon came to discover their error. But not so with Know-it-all Nadin. It began like this. When she heard Rachel talking about Egypt, Nadin was quick to jump in and display her superior knowledge and to lecture us all on the significance of the events in Egypt . . .]

Rachel I love you for doing this backgrounder on Egypt

[Yes, Rachel, you and I, nadinbrzezinski, can show these stupid Americans the importance of INTERNATIONAL GEOPOLITICS AND THE COMING WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION!]

for all who are unfamiliar and have cable, turn her show on.

[You unfamiliar, unenlightened, parochial peons!]

It will catch you up

[Not all the way to ME, of course.]

This is a revolution and it is scaring the pants off the elites.

[Nadin tells us what we are seeing, which we wouldn't have known unless she told us.]

Ok the revolution is extending to the media

[Nadin spots a trend!]

How many of you knew of AJ or Democracy Now? How many of the average Murican who watches the RMS and does not watch or read DU do you think are going ... what is AJ, what is Democracy Now?

[But Know-it-all Nadin--SHE knew what AJ was (Al Jazeera) LONG before you stupid Muricans!]

Have you slept lately? Maybe you should take a break.

[One DUmmie is getting tired of Nadin's condescension.]

[OK, so now all things are set up for Know-it-all Nadin to take a tumble. Here we go . . .]

Christwire. org... and eschatology

[Nadin has taken the bait and now is going to lecture us on the seriousness of Palin's planned invasion of Egypt, how it fits with the end-time expectations of the fundies . . .]

No I don't think Rachel will go there but I will.

[Know-it-all Nadin, boldly going where no Mancow has gone before!]

This dilemma does have a silver lining, however. It offers Sarah Palin an incredible opportunity. Stung after the events in Tucson, where leftwing activists tried to blame her for the acts of a mentally disturbed occultist, she could rise to the occasion and show off her credentials on the international stage. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been slow to discuss what is happening in Egypt. In truth, they are playing a sickening balancing act of recalcitrant diplomacy, ultimately toying with the safety and future of the United States in ways they do not seem to appreciate.

[Nadin quotes from the satirical "" piece, thinking it's for real and that SHE will set DUmmieland straight on the seriousness of all this.]

Ok... why Egypt? Why now? Let's look at this in eschatological terms. St. Sarah is seen as one chosen by God to lead America into the true path of Christianity... and Egypt is the land of Pharaoh where the children of Israel faced tribulations. For those who do nto remember their biblical history... yes that the story of Moses and Exodus.

[Know-it-all Nadin has fallen COMPLETELY in the trap! And her LECTURING us on this makes it all the FUnnier!]

Palin is seen as one to come and liberate the new people of Israel, the repressed Christian Minority, from the new pharaoh...oh and of course this is in preparation for the final battle at the land of Israel as the trumpet sounds.

[Go on, Nadin, dig deeper!]

We really need to keep an eye on this idiocy, since the fascism rising on this country IS RELIGIOUS in nature... and full of symbols of the end of the world and all that.

[And all that! THANK you, Nadin, for swallowing the bait hook, line, and sinker!]

Ain't them a lovely bunch! And I thought we could ignore this for a minute, but we do at our peril.

[The Perils of Palin!]

Did you know Christwire is sarc?

[A fellow DUmmie tries to save Nadin from further embarrassment.]

Yep, they are way out there

[It's no use. Nadin doesn't catch the "sarc" remark, since she's so busy lecturing us.]

I think this one might have buzzed over nadin's head.

[Ya think? Hee! Hee!]

[Finally, the next day . . .]

My apologies DU. Christwire. org is a comedy act...


still what I said about St Sarah and Eschatology I fear, is for real.

[Great! Unbowed by her embarrassing display, Know-it-all Nadin will be ready to make a fool of herself once again!]

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Any reoccuring themes in your dreams? I have a few. One is a casino"

Freud would have a field day with the DUmmies. They put the "Id" into "Idiot." Today we explore "Dreams from Our DUmmies," here in this THREAD, "Any reoccuring themes in your dreams? I have a few. One is a casino." So let us now enter the FUnnie yet Freudian world of The Mind of the DUmmie, in R.E.M. R.E.D., while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering how Freud would interpret a beaver with a cigar, is in the [brackets]:

Any reoccuring themes in your dreams?

[Yes, I dream I forget the word "recurring."]

I have a few. One is a casino at the end of the lake my cottage is on. Of course there is not a casino in rural Quebec, it is just there in my dreams.

[Casino Rurale.]

I don't actually enjoy casinos. I am always trying to get to it. It is really posh.

{There's a bouncer there outside the casino. Kind of chubby. Bald head. Talks my ear off. He goes on and on, telling me about fire ants and indictments and Kevin Spacey. In my dream, even, I begin to fall asleep. . . .]

I dream that a whole bunch of people are at my house and I realize that there's little to feed them.

[Then PJ-Comix shows up with a bunch of coupons.]

I dream that we are moving out of a place and I can't possibly get everything organized, packed, cleaned, etc.

[It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a basement!]

I have another series of dreams related to my hobby/business of buying and selling antiques and vintage items.

[Translation: Drug paraphernalia from the early '70s.]

Storms. . . .

[Perfect ROVIAN Storms!]

starting a new job.

[Starting a job?? That would be a DUmmie's worst nightmare!]

I have tons of recurring themes. I tallied them up once and there were more than 20. Since then my brain has added more.

[As of this moment, DUmmie Brickbat has 23.7 recurring themes.]

the basement of my grandma's house where I endured a traumatic event as a child.

[She asked me to do a chore.]

a frat house at my alma mater.

[Phi Beta DUmmie.]

Do the ones about long, wide trains just barely squeezing into dark tunnels count?

[benburch checks in.]

Being half-naked in public. . . .

[C'mon, ben, let somebody else have a turn!]

I also dream about sort of half-flying/half leaping... like the basketball team on Flubber, only the length of a football field. That is a fun dream.... it's like "wooooooohooooo!!!! Look what I can do!

[Freudianschade, baby!!]

trying desperately to make a phone call and for one reason or another I'm completely unable to do so. Fingers slip. . . .

[A Freudian slip.]

I'd always have trouble walking. Like I was struggling against a stiff wind or trying to walk through thick molasses. In my dream, the only way I can propel myself forward is to turn around and walk backwards.

[Walk like an naitpygE . . .]


[Well, we know THAT can't be ben!]

A certain woman, bridges, tornadoes, and fighting. . . .

[Will Pitt shares his favorite Bobo the Hobo fantasy.]

School nightmare A: can't find the class
School nightmare B: haven't been to class all term, and now, towards the end know I have to find it to pass.
School nightmare C: I need to complete another class or two to finish high school, even though I've already finished college.

[School nightmare DU: Will Pitt is my history teacher.]

Mystery town by the sea.
Familiar mall or street scene with lots of great bars. . . .
Wonderful bouncing leads to flying.

[Boston. Bukowski's. Bald Bouncer Pitt sends me flying out the door.]

Zombies....and my teeth falling out. . . .

[Zambonies....and my teeth falling out. . . . It's a hockey dream.]

another is failure

[The DUmmie metanarrative.]

I'm not a psychologist, but my mother was one and I devoured her books when I was a teenager. . . .

[I told you Freud would have a field day with this bunch!]

Black mall. Everything's black marble--floors, steps, walls, ceilings.

[Why, I think I can come up with an interpretation for that one: YOU'RE A RACIST!]

1. First day of high school and don't know how I will get there (we had to take public transportation).
2. Someone stole my car.
3. Riding a bus on a long round-about route and never reaching my destination.

[Is that you, DUmmie stevenumbers?]

Seeing my dogs who are long-gone. They are playing on a hill and won't come when I call them.

[You miss the Blue Dogs on Capitol Hill. You liked kicking them.]

Class reunion.

[This was actually about a DU meet-up. That would give anyone nightmares!]