Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another one under the bus! KOmmies rap Ludacris for hurting Obama

Oops, there goes another one under the bus! Latest member of the FFOB (Former Friends of Barry) Club: Rapper "Ludacris." Barry's FORMER favorite rapper came out this week with a "rap song" (sic) designed to HELP the Possumptive Democrat Candidate. Let's take a listen to the lovely Ludacris lyrics:

POLITICS (Obama is here)

I'm back on it like I just signed my record deal
Yeah, the best is here, the Bentley Coupe paint is drippin' wet, it got sex appeal
Never shoulda hated, you never shoulda doubted him
With a slot in the President's iPod, Obama shouted him

Said I handle my biz and I'm one of his favorite rappers
Well, give Luda a special pardon if I'm ever in the slammer
Better yet, put me in office, make me your Vice-President
Hillary hated on you, so that b*tch is irrelevant

Now Jesse talkin' slick and apologizin'--for what?
If you said it, then you meant it, how you want it head or gut
And all you other politicians tryin' to hate on my man
Watch us win majority vote in every state on my man

You can't stop what's 'bout to happen, we 'bout to make history
The first black President, it's destined and it's meant to be
The threats ain't fazin' us, the nooses or the jokes
Get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote

Paint the White House black, and I'm sure that's got 'em terrified
McCain don't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed
Yeah, I said it, 'cause Bush is mentally handicapped
Ball up all of his speeches and just throw 'em like candy wrap
'Cause what you talkin', I hear nothin' even relevant
And you the worst of all 43 presidents

Get out and vote or the end'll be near
The world is ready for change, 'cause Obama is here, yeah
'Cause Obama is here
The world is ready for change, 'cause Obama is here, yeah
'Cause Obama is here . . .

Well, this is sure to "rap up" the election for the B-man now, dontcha think? No? As a matter of fact, within mere hours Team Obama once again had to issue their now standard disavowment of an unhelpful supporter. Join the crowd, Luda! Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, Ayers . . . the list goes on and on. E UNDERBUS POSSUM!

But before we get to the KOmmies' reaction to all this, let's sing a tribute to the People on the Pavement:

Tune: "High Hopes"

Next time you choose
To get your name in the news
There's a bridge to be burned
Guess what--you lose

Just what made my Reverend Wright
Think his racist rants were alright
Everyone knows in a tight fight
I need votes that are white

But he hurt my hopes
He hurt my hopes
He hurt my White-House-try don't-deny hopes

So if we've been friends very long
But you do me wrong
There's no longer an "us"
Oops, there goes another one under the bus
Oops, there goes another one under the bus
Oops, there goes another one under the bus

When scandals break
And you've made a mistake
There's a bridge to be burned
My name's at stake

My pal Rezko got me a house
Room for me, my kids, and my spouse
But losin' a trial has aroused doubts
Now I think he's a louse

'Cause he hurt my hopes
He hurt my hopes
He hurt my White-House-try don't-deny hopes

So if you've been a friend of mine
Better get in line
Your turn's comin' like thus
Oops, there goes another one under the bus
Oops, there goes another one under the bus
Oops, there goes another one under the bus

('Cause he hurt my hopes
He hurt my hopes
He hurt my White-House-try don't-deny hopes)

So if you make my numbers slip
You'll soon take a trip
Where you're covered with dust
Oops, there goes another one under the bus
Oops, there goes another one under the bus
Oops, there goes another one under the bus
The bus!

Now back to Ludacris and his lyrics. Surely the leftist blogosphere must DENOUNCE and REJECT such hateful tripe! Uh, not exactly. Some of them actually liked this song--at first. Then political reality set in. Now many of them rap Ludacris, not because they disagree with the content, but only because this c-rap will not play well in Peoria and Pennsylvania. They're afraid it will backfire and hurt Obama's chances. Check out this
THREAD, "Ludacris: 'Obama is here!'" and this THREAD, "Jeremiah Ludacris," and this THREAD, "'Oh Lord, now he likes rappers too much.'"

So now slip on your do-rag and your bling-bling and get down widjo' bad self, as we katch the KOmmie KOmments in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--AKA "Ludarin"--is in the [Barackets]:

I love Ludacris. . . . He is a certified badass. . . . Now Luda has given his shout out to Barack in a big way, and while this might get Obama a little heat, it's a tight song and has some zingers for McBush (both of them).

[It might get Obama "a little heat." This is like saying the Titanic took on "a little water."]

He's certainly better with the English language than our current president. . . .

[W could never come up with a bon mot as clever and witty as:
Yeah, I said it, 'cause Bush is mentally handicapped
Ball up all of his speeches and just throw 'em like candy wrap]

i find it f*cking hillarious. old white people will be terrified. . . .

["Old white people," i.e., people who vote.]

Love it! But OMG, wait until Fox gets wind of it.

[The quick lousy Fox jumps all over the brown man's doggerel.]

Tips for LUDA!!!!

[Taps for LUDA!!!!]

Oh the "wingnuts" are going to love this.

[Hee! Hee! Reality begins to set in.]

Obama rejected the lyrics and said Ludacris should be "ashamed" (at least his campaign released that statement).


There have been several rappers who have done some songs about Obama. He is number one with them.

[How is he doing with the child molester vote?]

Jeremiah Ludacris

[Wright you are!]

And THIS asshole is in heavy rotation on Barack Obama’s iPod? The aural equivalent of "my spiritual mentor" that Republicans are sure to have a field day with.

[It's a gift! Thanx!]

Ludacris, meet bus.

[Democratic Underbus.]

Is Ludacris being paid by the RNC?

[He's a Perfect Rovian Plant.]

Ludacris is an entertainer, not a potential cabinet member!

[Ludacris for Secretary of Offense.]

Ludacris smells money and he's cashing in.

[Ludacris knows Lucrativ.]

Markos needs to apologize. The stupidity in this diary and much of the comments really offends me.

[Life in the Looney Left: Everyone demands an apology from everybody for everything.]

this diary hurts my soul. . . .

[This diary hurts my sides--from laughing!]

Obama has zero to do with this story.

[Zero possumus.]


[Vero iPodumus.]

Ludacris is a witty, well spoken, and brash entertainer.

["McCain don't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed." Such wit! Cole Porter, eat your heart out!]

i liked the song and the beat. . . .

[It's easy to dance to. . . . I give it an 84.]

I may feel like expressing myself by running down the street naked except for strategically placed Obama stickers. But I would stop and think and ask myself if that would likely influence my neighbors to vote for Obama---or not.

[So what did you decide, benburch?]

Idiot Rapper


Obama has appeared with Ludicris publicly, met with him privately, and has called him a "friend".

["This is not the Ludacris I knew."]

I don't like rap. I actually can use the word hate when it comes to rap.


i hate Norway. now, i don't need to even visit Norway or meet more than a couple norwegians to know I hate it.

[And, as a Swede, I can say you are right.]

i don't like absolutes. . . .

[Me too! I think everyone who likes absolutes should be taken out and SHOT!]

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Watch for the Steal"

The picture above pretty much tells the story of utter KOmmie stupidity. If you have trouble reading the wording, then click on the picture. The words supplied by the KOmmie at the bottom of his election receipt say: "Even if you took this as proof that (full name of voter here) voted - it's hardly proof of who (full name of voter here) voted for." Um, that's why it is called a SECRET BALLOT. If they could give this KOmmie voter a receipt of who he voted for then it wouldn't be SECRET. And yet this KOmmie is convinced this is part of an EVIL Republican plot to steal this year's election on November 5 as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Watch for the Steal." So let us now watch the KOmmies worry themselves silly about a stolen election in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if he can cast a ballot to nominate John Edwards for VICE President at the Democrat convention, is in the [brackets]:

Watch for the Steal

[The man behind that Guy Fawkes mask is...KARL ROVE!]

On the day before leaving for Netroots Nation, I voted for Jim Martin for U.S. Senate in the July 15 General Primary Election here in Georgia. At the polling place I was the only voter but there were a dozen or so poll workers. After voting (on one of those damned Diebold machines) I asked if I'd get a receipt. In lieu of one I was given a cute little sticker with a graphic of a Georgia Peach with 'I’m a Georgia Voter' printed on it. I laughed and said that makes me feel better...there were some chuckles. I said I wanted a receipt for my vote. This is what they gave me.

[You can see a scan of that receipt above in which moron KOmmie complains that it didn't say who he voted for. I guess the concept of SECRET BALLOTS is too tough for KOmmies to comprehend.]

So I asked, "How do we know that our votes are being accurately counted?" There were some uncomfortable looks but no one said anything. I said, "After the last two presidential elections ya have to wonder." To my surprise there were quite a few murmurs of agreement.

[If I see someone holding up the voting line on November 5, then I will know that it is a paranoid KOmmie or DUmmie with a chip on his shoulder.]

Will the Republicans try to steal the upcoming presidential election? You bet your ass they will.

[You bet. We already have all your Diebolds set to the R position. Of course, we won't be giving you any receipts stating who you voted for.]

There is one thing we should know with complete certainty - the Republicans will definitely try to steal this election. It’s how they play the game, it’s what they’re good at, they’ve gotten away with it twice - they don’t know any better. The only real questions are: have we found the courage to stand up to them, and can we stop them?

[Already getting your excuse ready in case of an Obama loss?]

Watch for the steal.

[We're watching you provide us with yet more comedy entertainment. And now to hear from the other paranoid KOmmies...]

Paper ballots and hand counts are the only answer.

[But after the 2000 election the Left was screeching for electronic voting.]

I was just about to vote for Edwards when he dropted out, and I was able to cast my first, but not last, vote for Obama.

[Hopefully you will be able to vote for Edwards on November 5.]

Intimidation at the polling place can be monitored - at least it happens in public.

[I promise no intimidation of clueless KOmmies when they vote on November 5.]

When I voted absentee once... I put my ballot in a sealed envelope that did not have my name on it. Then I put that envelope in a second one that did have my identifying information on it.

[Aha! But did you put the second envelope in a third one without your name and then place that in a fourth envelope with your identifying information on it?]

One of the worst examples of election theft was in GA in 2002, when there was a sudden violent swing in Saxby Chambliss' vote as compared with all the pre-election polls. Cleland was supposed to win comfortably, but it's clear to investigators (like Thom Hartmann) that thousands of votes were simply switched.

[And everybody knows those polls, especially exit polls, are 100% accurate.]

We need U.N. supervision to ensure free, fair elections. Seriously, that is what the Republican party has brought us to ...

[We'll send the Zimbabwe delegation to your voting station.]

Know what? I see a lot of talk in various places, about overt physical revolt if it happens again this time. Maybe we should let all the Democrats in Congress know about that, and the Obama campaign know about that, just so they take it seriously and don't back down if it happens again. Obama has to NOT CONCEDE if it appears that McSame has "won." He needs to have lawyers at the ready, to go after every single instance, every single report, and file suits in as many jurisdictions as needed to force this issue into the open.

[No matter what the election result, we need to lawyer our way to victory.]

I also live in CA which is very liberal. I used to be a repug. It's a long story which I will not repeat, but in 2004 I voted for Kerry as a result of my discovering DailyKos. I went to bed that night knowing that Kerry had won. I woke up the next morning and cried.

[I loved looking at pics of crying KOmmies who woke up to a Kerry loss in 2004.]

the reason they can't give you a receipt saying who you voted for is that we have a secret ballot, which doesn't only protect your privacy but also prevents you from selling your vote by making it impossible for you to prove that you followed through on the deal in the privacy of the ballot box.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I bought a 69 cent donut this morning. The donut shop cash register keeps a spool with a complete list of every receipt that is printed. The second copy of the receipt was handed to me along with my change. Now, if that were a ballot I could read it and see my vote for '1 glazed' and then deposit it in the official ballot box for counting. Of course, the cash register can already provide grand totals at the end of the day, but the spool of receipts is there for backup. All this for a donut.

[Your brain is like the 69 cent donut you bought. Both have holes in the middle and both are glazed.]

Look, machines without receipts are insane

[So are voters without ID.]

I am so pissed off right now that I can barely comment on anything. While the Democratic leadership has let me down, big time, I am so angry at Republicans that I can barely speak these days. I have friends who I love very much who identify as Republicans and I just cannot even deal with them right now. Heaven help us all. And may we all help ourselves. Work for this victory as if your life depends upon it--it may very well. I'm not blogging so much these days as I am getting previously disengaged people registered and in some lucky cases, engaged. I just can't take this shit anymore.

[You are going to be FUn to watch on election day, November 5.]

I don't understand why cameras can't be placed in the voting booths, but angled in such a way as to only catch whether or not the machine is being tampered with, i.e. still protect the voter's privacy.

[I don't understand why cameras can't be placed in your toilet stall, but angled in such a way as to only catch whether you assume a wide stance.]

I'm having a hard time keeping the sinking sensation away that this one will be stolen as well.

[Hee! Hee!]

i do believe that they will steal this election. republicans will steal this election. you can see it already by the purging of the voter lists, the rigged voting machines and the voter id laws. we have to register and get the states to accept,millions of new voter registrations in order to win this election. so get stated and register and deliver to the state the registered voters.

[God forbid that we check voters to see if they have the proper ID for voting. Not allowing voters to vote more than once is a dirty Republican trick.]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

KOmmies Promoting John Edwards For Veep

This just in from the "reality based community of KOmmieland: the KOmmies are promoting John Edwards to be nominated as Barack Obama's veep pick. I kid you not. And you know what, I PRAY that Obama pick John Edwards for the veep slot. This is just too FUnnie. Of course, the MSM still remains completely mum on the alleged John Edwards scandal. I wonder if they will be able to maintain their silence later this week when the Edwards love child scandal along with pics hits the National Enquirer. Oh, and Wikipedia is doing their best to keep this scandal from sullying their John Edwards entry as you can see in this absolutely brilliant NewsBusters ARTICLE. Both yesterday and today, I heard two different radio hosts reference this very same article and laughing about how Wikipedia has twisted itself into knots to justify their exclusion of the alleged scandal from their pages. Meanwhile the KOmmies continue to plug Edwards for veep as you can see in this THREAD titled, "why the Edwards 'scandal' has resurfaced." So let us now watch the KOmmies plug the Breck Girl for veep in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who has also joined the John Edwards for veep bandwagon, is in the [barackets]:

why the Edwards 'scandal' has resurfaced

[Hilarious conspiracy theories follow...]

No need for qualifiers here folks, I have been a pit bull for Edwards from the start of my blogging on KOS. But after reading this tripe on Huffpo, and hearing all the rumors of VP choices who are, at best,conservative democrats, and at worst a registered Republican, I no longer can stay silent. I owe my activism in almost every way to John Edwards - from my support of him in 1998, to my move to Colorado in 2000 to fight Tancredo (when Gore could have picked Edwards, but instead, went with Lieberman - what might have been?) to my work on Kerry-Edwards and this past year.

[Is that you, Rielle Hunter?]

Now, I have been working dutifully for someone whom I truly believe in, Barack Obama, since Edwards dropped out and am working daily 6 and 7 days a week for him. But I must defend someone who inspired me first, Senator John Edwards. Now ask yourself, Why do they attack a non-candidate? read on to find out the reason...

[Because we're jealous of his fluffy hair? Actually not. This KOmmie just posts some "facts" about how John Edwards is their best choice for veep.]

Indeed, with Obama pulling in 95% of the Black vote in the south, and Edwards adding the white working class Reagan democrats, we could bring back into the fold the south, whom Lyndon Johnson knew the Democrats would lose for a generation with the voting rights act. Well that generation has come today.
Obama-Edwards 2008

[Obama-Edwards 2008. Now there's a winning ticket! The rest of the KOmmies weigh in on John Edwards...]

For what it's worth, the MSM hasn't really picked the Edwards "scandal" up, so I'm not sure it will grow legs, even if he does become Obama's running mate.

[We're depending on the MSM to continue burying their heads in the sand like liberal ostriches.]

I wrote much the same thing the other day, the repubs fear Edwards and wish to take him off the ticket.

[No. No. I say put Edwards on the ticket. He's an even better choice for veep than Tom Eagleton.]

I'm glad someone finally has his back

[He sure had Rielle Hunter's back...and front.]

Is the general thinking "he wasn't even there -- the Enquirer is making stuff up" or "he was there, but there's a totally innocent explanation" that isn't worth giving b/c it dignifies the story.

[There is a totally innocent explanation of why Edwards was at a certain room in the Beverly Hilton hotel all night until the early AM and then had a Yakety Sax Benny Hill chase in the basement involving reporters which ended up as a tug of war on a bathroom door.]

I have a hard time believing he wasn't there at all. If he was somewhere else, they'd have leaked that by now, right?

[John Edwards was on a poverty tour of the Beverly Hilton in the early AM.]

To date, the NE has not produced any proof whatsoever that this occured. There is no way that a group of reporters did not manage to capture even a single photo but the NE has not published any photos or video.

[I am predicting a HUGE sale of National Enquirers chock full of photos in the very near future. I might even break tradition by buying a copy rather than just read it in the supermarket checkout line.]

Now, if he is asked to be vetted, that is another issue. But right now, he is a civilian who happened to visit some folk at a Beverly Hills Hotel.

[Folks like Rielle Hunter and Love Child.]

He was in Los Angeles that day. Edwards might have legitimate reasons for being at the hotel, or even visiting the chick in question...or perhaps she's a "nut or slut" or both who was obsessed with him...or her "friend" who drove her down from Santa Barbara and allegedly drove Edwards to meet her set the thing up to make a quick buck...or maybe, it's all a bunch of lies. It is a bit hypocritical to ignore this story when many here went batshit over the McCain/Iseman hoo-ha story a few months back.

[Yeah, prominent pols make a habit of visiting obsessed chicks. Come to think of it, why isn't Petra Verkaik similarly obsessed with ME?]

Which is something that has to be vetted by the Obama campaign. They have to find out, in ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE, whether this is true or not. If it's true, it's a problem that would be distracting and would rule him out. But if it is not true, then I like this selection.

[Yeah I would love to hear the questions in that vetting process: So John, did you actually shtoop that flaky blonde? Oh, and how is your Love Child doing?]

the problem is the hiding in the bathroom. nobody cares about Edwards personal relationships, but when you are perceived to be hiding for no apparent reason, it does not smell right.

[Maybe he just didn't want photos taken of his hemorrhoids?]

The last thing we need now is people crying about his "privacy". Not only did the guy choose to have a public persona, he promoted himself as a devoted husband with his marriage to Elizabeth being a big part of his appeal. The truth about his sincerity and devotion to her is very relevant.

[Please. Pretty please pick John Edwards for veep!]

What concerns me even more is whether it's true that he presented himself as a viable choice for the Democratic Party's nomination, knowing that he could lose the whole thing with one false move. I'm not saying the story is true. But I'm saying that the question that bothers me is not just whether he treated Elizabeth honorably (heck, they might have some kind of agreement, who knows?) but whether he treated us voters honorably. I hope the answer is yes, and that it will be cleared up soon.

[I still say John Edwards is a viable choice for veep. Pick him!!!]

With McCain, the MSM was all over that story until he held a press conference and addressed it. The MSM is pretty much ignoring this. Heard any of the primetime cable shows cover it?

[Nope. It's called Hypocrisy in Motion.]

Edwards would not be so dumb to have an affair, and even if he did, is it not mightily conspicuous to have this 'break' when Obama is having his best press cycle and people are looking for a weakness?

[It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!]

Edwards as no chance in hell of been. Picked as VP. The whole baby daddy thing whether true or not as ruined his chances for good. Edwards is done in politics.

[I'm already picturing Ms Hunter getting half of the Edwards NC palace for child support.]

We owe it to Elizabeth to stand strong for him.

[Elizabeth has his back...while holding a frying pan.]

At this point, I don't see how the "ignore it and wait for it to go away" strategy can work for Edwards. I think he has to address it directly. But I'm no expert. I'm wondering what other people here think.

[Let me consult our DUFU fans.]

He just should have walked out of the hotel like nothing is up, it was him hiding in the bathroom that put this story back out there.

[He was having a Yakety Sax Benny Hill moment.]

If they have photos, I imagine they're holding them until the next print issue of the NE comes out. The editor hinted that they had more material.


Edwards is my top choice for VP

[Mine too!]

With Obama's surge to the center, he really needs Edwards to bring Progressives home. He needs him to secure the working-class Populist vote, which Obama hasn't exactly set on fire. Our best ticket would have been Edwards/Obama, and the powers that be successfully derailed that. Now they are trying to keep the strongest ticket we still have left from coming about. Judging by everything I have seen, they will succeed at that too, leaving folks like me little to be inspired about once again.

[Don't be shy. Just go ahead and blame it on Karl Rove.]

Sunday, July 27, 2008

John Edwards: "Look your children in the eye tonight"

I found this VIDEO of John Edwards from last October to be ironic on several levels. First of all he asks, "Are you willing to look your children in the eye tonight?" Another ironic and FUnnie part of this video is Edwards confessing that "I'm guilty! Guilty as charged." Check out this one minute video for a good laugh.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Penn & Teller Take On Environmentalist Hysteria

This is absolutely a must-see VIDEO from a Penn & Teller BULLSHIT! show. Penn & Teller beautifully expose what a complete bunch of idiots these Global Warming Alarmists are. I found out about this show from a terrific BLOG at NewsBusters. Also be sure to check out the videos for PART 2 and PART 3. The FUnniest parts are how the dopes were easily conned into signing petitions to ban DiHydrogen Monoxide (water) and various clips of the spokesperson for the Rainforest Action Network, Kate, whose comments make you seriously wonder how she can talk and breath at the same time.

Friday, July 25, 2008

KOmmies Get An Obasmic Thrill Up Their Legs

Barack Obama's speech at the Victory Column in Berlin has caused a collective Obasmic thrill to go up the legs of the KOmmies. As you will see they are now acting like a bunch of enthralled schoolgirls...or like Chris Matthews on Hardball. Although the Germans, who can't vote in our elections, were enthralled by Obama's appearance, the big news for Americans is that Obama thought it was "inappropriate" for him to visit with wounded American military personnel in Germany. That is what will be remembered here. However, the KOmmie THREAD titled, "USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!" is hilarious because of the silly schoolgirl blurtations of the KOmmies. So let us now watch the KOmmies experience their mass Obasm in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the KOmmies have already popped open their victory champagne bottles, is in the [barackets]:


[That is the chant that Pied Piper Pitt claims caused the launching of the Third American Empire at the 1980 Olympic Hockey game.]

They chanted


They chanted


They chanted

USA! USA! USA! ...

[And all the world basked HAPPY and FREE in the warm glow radiated by our blessed Obamassiah!!!]

can somebody please pass me a tissue?

[Is that you, Chris Matthews?]

After going through all of the photos, I am so choked up! But it's a "joyful" kind of choked up--lol!

[November is going to be very tough on you. Very tough.]

And Barak's shining like a beacon. That really chokes me up.

[Don't choke too much on your Freudenschade victory champagne.]

The hands just got to me. Watching the live speech as well--when he went into the crowd afterwards and all those hands were shown straining and reaching just to touch him! He is a very special person and we are sooooooo lucky to have him. This man is not ordinary--he is the "real deal" and way more than we ever expected to have.

[He touched me! HE TOUCHED ME!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I am healed!!!]

It sure looked like he was looking left and right and back again, suggesting teleprompter.

[The Obamassiah is wedded to his teleprompter. It delivers unto him the Blessed Message word for word.]

My tough-upper-lipped Yankee Mom cried. She said it was so amazing to be able to be proud of an American representing our country again, so good to be proud and not embarrassed.

[Did your tough-upper-lipped Yankee Mom also cry along with the rest of you when Obama gave his race speech about not being able to turn his back on Rev. Wright shortly before tossing him under the bus?]

I'll also bet BHO pulls a surprising number of votes from Military and Military Families, McCain's vet status notwithstanding, particularly when they find out about his votes--and non-votes--on GI Bill, Vet Benefits, etc.

[What about when they find out that he shunned the American military hospital in Germany?]

On election night 2008, I want to get phone calls like this: "Hooray! Finally! Welcome back to the world!!" Not like after 2004, when my dad got a call from Switzerland: "What happened?!!! What are you doing over there? How did he get back in???!!!!"

[Better watch out for a Swiss phone call this November that says, "STOP THE WORLD!!! I WANT TO GET OFF!!!]

Looking at todays map, Obama could even if he lost in Florida AND Virginia AND Pennslyvania AND Ohio AND Missouri

[Berlin has enough electoral votes to put him over the top.]

We haven't won yet. And nothing guarantees we will. It's been a bit odd, after the utter vitriol of the FISA diaries, to suddenly have all this energy and comments on DKos saying Obama's got it, that the game is over. This game is not over, and there's about a 50% chance Obama will win, and a 50% chance that the world is going to become a very, very dark place. Hell, even if Obama wins, things might still go downhill appreciably. Call your local campaign organizer. Ask what you can do. Stop saying he's gonna win. He might not. 50% chance.

[KILLJOY!!! I'm gonna enjoy my Freudenschade victory champagne no matter what you say!]

I wish they would chant "Planet Earth! Planet Earth!" instead. Partly to acknowledge that as Americans, we are but a part of global humanity. Partly to express/reinforce our commitment to reversing the Bush policies of slashing and burning our natural resources and redirecting our efforts toward reducing our output of greenhouse gases.

[The PC chant.]

I've been thinking about that a lot lately, as I consider how devastated I will be if McCain wins.

[I'm picturing mass numbers of Leftwingers permanently stuck in the fetal position with thumbs firmly in mouths.]

I can't imagine how he hasn't turned into the biggest ego-maniac.

[I can imagine that very easily.]

typing through the tears. I even heard a guy fighting back the tears, after admitting he had cried, on Thom Hartmann's national show because he was so moved by the speech.

[Biggest flood of tears since Obama's speech defending Rev. Wright...shortly before tossing him under the bus.]

If we don't get this man into the White House...I don't even want to think about the alternative.

[We have a Rubber Room reservation for you.]

the world craves a glorioius emperor. If we give it to them, they will bow to us. Here comes the Sun King.

[All hail our glorious emperor, the Sun King Barackus the Great!]

God I wish the election was tomorrow!

[Too bad we have to wait for Obama to make even more gaffes.]

Holy Crap! I am actually crying. In the infamous words of Michele Obama, "For the first time in my adult life, I am REALLY proud of my country!"

[FIRST time. Just like Michelle.]

NOW we're ready for debates and town halls! Obama has developed a new gravitas. He's earned respect. As well as the admiration he's had for four years.

[LOL! Yeah, reading recylced Bono material from a teleprompter in Berlin is really going to prepare Obama for the debates which he has been avoiding.]

this was the first time i saw obama speak and i was surprised. sure, he spoke well. but back where i was standing - a bit behind the first screen - there was not much of an audience reaction. people were much more skeptical and quiet than excited. sure, he wasn't addressing us. and that was understandable. he was addressing everyone in the u.s. watching on tv, not the people immediately in front of him. still, his words clearly fell flat where i was standing - with the notable exception of his mentioning darfur.

[Someone actually present at the Obamassiah speech tosses cold water on the KOmmies.]

I'm bawling here. OK, so THIS is what it means to be an American. We still stand for something. People still believe in us. We will get over the last 8 years. Oh, man, please, please, please let this just happen. Please, please, let us redeem ourselves with his help.

[You also have a reservation for the Rubber Room.]

This day is for Obama and the world. Thank you Obama thank you Germany and thank you Netroots nation. Do not take anything for granted. We have to win and repubs will do anything to hold on to the fascist state they tried to create. Tell everyone you know to vote Obama and straight line Democrats!

[I'll tell them all to be sure to vote on November 5th.]

Photos are great, but this diary is misleading. Chants of USA USA did not happen... maybe once. this makes it seem like a flag waving pep rally. That was not the reality of the speech itself, at least from my experience being in the crowd.

[GASP! More cold water being tossed by someone who was actally there.]

I see where you are coming from. From reading the diary, I didn't think that it was a literal chant.

[TRANSLATION: The crowd never did chant "USA! USA! USA! USA!"]

Germany for the 51st State!

[We need just 6 more for the full 57 states.]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

John Edwards Scandal Causes Leftwing Angst

Picture the scene from the DUkes of Hazzard. Same theme music. Only instead of the sheriff chasing the Dukes' Dodge Charger, it is reporters from the National Enquirer chasing John Edwards all around the basement of the Beverly Hilton with the chase ending up in a restroom where the Breck Girl remained trapped for 15 minutes until rescued by hotel security. In case you haven't heard about this Edwards scandal, here is an excerpt from the National Enquirer STORY:

Edwards went out of the hotel briefly with Rielle, they were observed by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and then went back to her room, where he stayed until attempting to sneak out of the hotel unseen at 2:40 a.m. (PST). But when he emerged alone from an elevator into the hotel basement he was greeted by several reporters from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

Senior NATIONAL ENQUIRER Reporter Alexander Hitchen asked Edwards why he was visiting Rielle and whether he was ready to confirm that he was the father of her baby.

Shocked to see a reporter, and without saying anything, Edwards ran up the stairs leading from the hotel basement to the lobby. But, spotting a photographer, he doubled back into the basement. As he emerged from the stairwell, reporter Butterfield questioned him about his hookup with Rielle.

Edwards did not answer and then ran into a nearby restroom. He stayed inside for about 15 minutes, refusing to answer questions from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER about what he was doing in the hotel. A group of hotel security men eventually escorted him from the men's room, while preventing the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporters from following him out of the hotel.

Said reporter Hitchen: "After we confronted him about seeing Rielle, Edwards looked like a deer caught in headlights!

Even though the MSM has avoided this story (although they would be all over it by now if a REPUBLICAN had been involved) the John Edwards scandal is all over the Web. As a result it is causing quite a bit of angst in the Leftwing blogosphere with reactions ranging from denial to disgust with a lot of depression in between. Two of the interesting Edwards scandal threads are this DUmmie THREAD with the denial mode title of "John Edward's, i believe him, i have no reason not to," and this KOmmie THREAD expressing disgust with "the shame of John Edwards." So let us now watch the DUmmies and the KOmmies confront the John Edwards scandal in scandalous red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Walmart will have a PlayStation3 sale, is in the [brackets]:

John Edward's, i believe him, i have no reason not to

[I BEEEEEELEEEEVE in John Edward's...and unnecessary apostrophe's.]

and those who think he's done for or actually just believe the story about him should ask themselves why they are so quick to not question the source. The only place i've heard about this story is right here at DU. Do any of you remember what Drudge tried to do to Kerry in 2004 and how is was all bullshit?

[Kerry had the same deer in the headlights look back then as Edwards has now.]

As far as "witnesses" just look at the credibility of the Swift Boaters for Truth.

[So was Larry Craig also "Swiftboated?"]

I think the story is bull pucky. I believe John completely.

[You BEEEEELEEEEVE the deer in the headlights.]

Same shit-stirring. Different day. Edwards will rise above it.

[Just like you rose above your admission earlier about defacing a Diebold truck, DUmmie AtomicKitten?]

Exactly. Edwards has bigger fish to fry than tabloid trash

[It looks like his political career has been fried bigtime. And now we take a visit to KOmmieland...]

the shame of John Edwards

How is he going to explain this to Mrs. Edwards?]

The National Enquirer may be a rag, but it looks like they nailed John Edwards hard. In a nutshell, they stalked Edwards while he attempted a covert late-night rendezvous with a mistress at a Los Angeles hotel.

[Look at the bright side. At least the rendezvous didn't happen at a Walmart.]

get lost. Come back when you don`t base your accusations on drudge and the national enquirer!

[Can we come back when we have the pics of Edwards in the Beverly Hilton basement?]

What gets me is that people are buying this hook line and sinker without even seeing the article.

[I'll be buying this edition of the National Enquirer when they have the deer in headlight Edwards photos.]

Is there any evidence that this is true??? (I raked someone over the coals for posting a diary about this yesterday but... I'm beginning to think, since there's no denial, that it might be true... Does anyone have any insight?

[I have a VIDEO of Edwards deer in headlights "denial."]

Supposedly there are pictures for the print edition, due out today. I hope it is not true, but the story seems specific enough that it could be. And despite everyone's jokes about alien babies, NE does produce some fact-based stories

[Maybe Edwards can claim a PlayStation3 was the real daddy.]

I haven't seen any other sites or MSM pick up on this story, so I'm inclined NOT to believe it.

If the target had been a REPUBLICAN, the MSM would have already been all over it.]

These slanderous rumors are complete bullshit--if there were any truth to this, the GOP would have trotted it out in '04 along with the SwiftBoat crap. But maybe wingnuts have a hard time believing that a nice-looking man can be faithful to a longtime spouse....which says a lot more about THEM and THEIR values, imo.

[Except the affair hadn't even happened yet in 2004.]

I wouldn't be surprised if John McCain or someone in his camp knows someone at the Enquirer and put in a call to bring this back up in order to put attention on Edwards, taking it off Obama and by extension, off McCain.

[Do you have more FUnnie conspiracy theories?]

Who is shocked by this?

[Apparently just the original poster. This KOmmie thread should also be placed in the "denial" category.]

The intention is to take the heat off scum bag McCain. This has Rove written all over it.

[WHEW! I was worried we would go through this whole KOmmie thread without anybody blaming Karl Rove.]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Obama Love" ---Best Campaign Video Ever!!!

Okay, John McCain has the image of an old fogey. However, his people have just produced the best (and FUnniest) campaign VIDEO ever! Check it out. This video is also extremely entertaining. Hint: Chris Matthews plays a big part in this video.

DUmmies Threaten Violence If Obama Loses

Look for hordes of DUmmies to be smashing pizza cartons against their heads this November if their beloved Obama loses. An election loss this year will affect them much more than a mere mental meltdown. In 2004 we were greatly entertained when the DUmmies in the midst of their Kerry loss meltdown did a virtual "stand up" and revealed their real names like a bunch of Drama Queens. However, this year the DUmmies have threatened violence as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Why aren’t we in the streets?" Yeah, yeah, they put up a good TALK about violence but when push comes to shove, they won't wander far from their computers which means smashing those empty pizza cartons against their empty skulls. However, it is interesting to watch them act like a bunch of sore loser crybabies before the election even takes place. My guess is there will be some laughable violence (look for a big sale on Guy Fawkes costumes) followed by a thumb sucking numbness while assuming the fetal position. An election loss this year, unlike previous years, is something that the DUmmies will NOT be able to recover from. So let us now watch the "brave" DUmmie threaten violence in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how many empty pizza cartons a DUmmie can smash with a single karate chop, is in the [barackets]:

Why aren’t we in the streets?

[Because you are too hypnotized by the warm glow of your computer screen.]

I know we are a civilized country and have a system to make things right when our government goes off track. We tried that and the people we thought were finally listening to us are now telling us to just shut up. We gave Nancy Pelosi all the clout she need to fix things and she tells us our constitution is off the table.

[And your sanity is off the wall.]

I’m not a young man. To many I am a pillar of the community, a professional, a business owner, family man, a veteran and a Rotarian for God’s sake, but I’ve had it with a system that refuses to work like it is supposed to. I’ve had it with a nation that will deny my sons all the things I was promised when I entered the “real world”. I have finally reached the conclusion that even the middle class is nothing but a pool of dupes for a cynical power elite that now believes even we are no longer necessary.

[Cried the DUmmie into his diaper.]

I’m sick of a country that has devalued the individual and put a complete idiot in its highest office and kept him there for the better part of a critical decade. I’m sick of a country led by an imbecile who takes a healthy chunk of every dollar I earn and gives it to his crony partners in an illegal, immoral, all consuming war of convenience and then taunts us with the imminence of his next strategic blunder.

[Which crony partners? Of course, the DUmmie provides NO specifics.]

I still have a few drops of hope in my tank thanks to an improbable young presidential candidate. I’m willing to give our vaunted democracy one last chance to prove itself. For the next few months, I’ll give it all I have left. If we cannot pull this country out of its death spiral by electing the president the world hopes we will, I will have nothing left to lose. If we can’t pull this off, all bets are off.

[Yup. This is definitely a threat of violence if their beloved Obama loses. And DUmmie FightingIrish isn't the only one. Let us now watch the rest of the DUmmie choir chime in...]

International financial interests are destroying our country. The U.S. government is going along with it. See ya on the street, pal.

[B.Y.O.P.. Bring Your Own Pizza.]

Yep - pretty soon, many of us may be living on those streets
The fatcats won't care. Just more cheap day labor for them.

[Which bridge will you be living under so I will know where to go to find cheap day labor to clean out my toilet?]

I couldn't agree with you more, comrade. I've got one revolution left...that's it. Ironically, it's not just me. If we don't pull this off, we're all done.

[Medium or rare?]

Yep. It is all or nothing at this point.

[Proclaimed the DUmmie from behind his pizza carton barricade.]

am so sick of the lies and games and BULLSHIT that those people throw at us on a daily basis. I HATE HATE HATE what they are doing to us and to the world. I HATE how they have guaranteed a hard life for my grandchildren. I HATE that moronic asshole who pretends to be President. I can't believe how fascist my country has become. If Obama isn't president next January, we'd BETTER be in the streets. Revolution may be the only remedy we have left...

[I hope they set up bleachers in those streets so we can be comfortable while watching your street comedy theater.]

Their ranks would get filled with counterspies and agents provocateurs.


I thought that this summer when the schools let out, we would see some action. But no, it hasn't happened. The only thing that I can think of, is there is no draft of young people to be sent off to die. By privatizing the military the rethugs have figured out what did them in back during the Nam. I can't blame this on young people entirely, none of us have been up to the task. I believe the best first step could be a campaign to put signs in front of our houses declaring our support of impeachment. I know it gets attention, because he number of key scratches on my old fully "signed" car have increased since the signs went on.

[But..but what about all those MTV ads in 2004 that practically guaranteed a draft if the EVIL Bush were re-elected?]

People are responding to getting change...ANY change...we're all suffocating.

[Your brain is on life support.]

the more we stay silent the more they get away with.
we need them to be afraid of us, not the other way around. when that net starts pulling in innocent citizens is when the shit is going to hit the fan.

[So far all you have managed to accomplish is to make us LAUGH at you.]

we need V masks.

[Remember, remember, the Fifth of November... Which, coincidentally, is also Election Day this year.]

I proposed a six million people march, last week.

[You would be lucky if even six DUmmies showed up. DUAC! DUAC!]

Fear. It has a hold on people far more than they realize.

[So far you have only inspired laughter.]

maybe a million people stomping around and around in a circle around the WH would cause it to sink into the bowels of the earth.

[A DUmmie proposing that they all become circle jerks.]

What is with us today that we just sit home in front of our keyboards and respond in writing?


Monday, July 21, 2008

Nutroots Nation holds KOmmie KOnvention, AKA "Wallop-Pelosi"!

Two years ago we here at DUmmie FUnnies documented the first annual KOmmie KOnvention (held in Las Vegas), "YearlyKos"--AKA "Blogolapalooza," because politicans like Mark Warner wined and dined the prog bloggers with chocolate fountains and ice sculptures at a Stratosphere party, in order to gain their support.

Well, this year we travel to Austin, Texas, for the YearlyKos, now called, "Netroots Nation." There are MULTITUDINOUS THREADS on this in
KOmmieland--you can go there and use the tag, "netroots nation 2008" to find them all. There's even a separate Netroots Nation website, with agenda, speakers, registration info, etc.

There are so many threads on Nutroots Nation, in fact, we will just sample some posts from here and there, to give you a flavor. So let us now put on our convention nametags and our funny fezzes and take a Journey to the Center of the Prog Blogosphere, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering why anyone would want a convention in Texas in July, is in the [brackets]:

So Who's NOT Going to NN? Besides me. I'm broke and stuck at home.

[Maybe the $450 registration fee was meant to keep out the riff-raff. FREE UNIVERSAL NUTROOTS NATION FOR ALL!]

Welcome to Austin! Where's the Water?

[Where's the chocolate fountain?]

Thanks to Katharine Seelye at NYT, I’m now really glad that I’m not attending this event, because after reading her article, I would be running through Austin right now trying to show her my breasts. . . . What’s really got my goat today is her piece’s slant about how it’s all just a guy thing, this NN08. . . . If any of you ladies who made it to Austin run across Ms. Seelye, I would encourage you all to introduce her to the girls up top. . . .

[Girl power!]

There is a lot on the agenda, and no doubt you'll be surrounded by options when you get to the convention center - including a huge array of caucuses to choose from.

[Well, let's take a look (true titles, btw) . . .

"The Lurkers Caucus": Meets in hallway just outside Room 18B.

"Street Prophets Caucus": Bums with signs. Meets outside main entrance.

"Geek Caucus": Could be upgraded to Plenary Session.

"Scholarship Winners Caucus": Meets in phone booth in the lobby.

"Self-Organizing Session": Led by yourself in your room.

"GLBTQ Caucus": L.S./M.F.T.

"African American Caucus": No Caucasian Caucusians!

"Transparency, Participation and Reinvention in Government in the Next Administration Through Web 2.0 Tools and Culture": Session will consist of reading the workshop title.

"The Next President and the Law": President Obama will need 8-10 years to transform all 57 states.

"Growing the American Dream Movement": Boring panelists will put you to sleep in no time.

"The Recipe for Change in America's Food System": Organic Tofu is people!

"Get Ready to Volunteer: Canvassing and Phonebanking for Introverts, Neophytes, Skeptics—and You!": Get ready to annoy your neighbors!

"Netroots: Let's Write a Platform!": Nutroots, let's take a pratfall!

"Blogs As The Ethics Watchdog": Blogs as way to get money from politicians. Led by Head KOmmie KOs and Unknown Jerome.

"Where's the Beef—and Where's the Sizzle?": Where's the free sushi?

"How the Media Learned to Bend Over Backward to Please the Right": How benburch learned to bend over forward to please himself.

"Progressives Go Viral": What your STD can reveal about your personality. Led by benburch.

"Breaking the Frame: Revitalizing and Redefining Reproductive Rights Media Coverage": Aborting the baby, avoiding euphemisms.

"Insanely Useful Tools You Can Use to Keep Track of Congress and State Lawmakers": Stalking made easy.

"Sunday Service": Led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, outside, under the Obama campaign bus.]

To get free wireless internet in the guest rooms at the Hilton, log in down in the lobby and then take the elevator up to your room, keeping the connection active by refreshing the page your'e on every few seconds. . . . I am posting this from my room on the 12th floor. . . .

[The hotel detectives are on their way up.]

At noon (central time) today, Howard Dean's Register for Change bus tour came to Austin.

[Not only are they going to Austin . . . they're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico. . . . YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!]

The convention has started. There are apparently around two thousand attendees. . . .

[Thirteen hundred of whom are sitting in the lobby, live-blogging.]

Conventions breed optimism, a feeling which I continually distrust.

[Go with your feelings.]

I wrote and emailed a letter (several weeks ago) to Speaker Pelosi, as did many people who were disgusted with her actions of late related to impeachment and FISA. . . . she made a decision to attend this year's NETROOTS convention, thinking, I believe, that she can play some spin-doctoring to change the opinions of the blogging world. . . . well, my request to you all in attendance at NETROOTS ... please SLAM her and let her know that her empty gestures will NOT salvage her political career!

[I want you to cut her Nutroots off!]

The minibar, the hotel coffee shop and the convention center refreshment stand all have one thing in common: HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Why am I going to pay THREE FREAKING DOLLARS for a Diet Coke when I can walk across the hall of the convention center to a pop machine and pay a buck? $3.25 for a Diet Coke in the minibar? Are they insane? FOUR DOLLARS for an individual can of Pringles?

[Try the Organic Tofu.]

there's one right-wing type roaming the halls of NN08 attempting to pretend he's a liberal and then going home to blog about it. There may be more. NN08 attendees - be careful what you say to who.

[Trust no one.]

It's Friday morning, and I'm at the "Different Tones and Wider Nets" panel. It's the panel discussing swearing on teh internets. . . . OK, for starters, who the hell scheduled a panel on swearing at nine in the morning? I mean, Jesus H. Mittens, at least let folks get a few drinks in first.

[Profane Tanked.]

I'm at NetRoots and I'm bored.

[Not enough free stuff?]

The people in charge of planning apparently refused equal representation of enough people of color. . . .

[They were only interested in the color green, as in $450.]

Where was the agenda? The organization? Why did I have to choose between Feminist bloggers and African-American bloggers?

[You mean you missed the Bored Feminist African-American Bloggers Caucus?]

Why am I even here then?

[To enrich the KOffers of Head KOmmie KOs.]

Netroots Nation Live: Watch Nancy Pelosi AND AL GORE

[Will Algore SLAM Nancy to the floor for using an SUV?]

Nancy Pelosi: dodging sniper fire (UPDATE: Al Gore swoops in to provide cover)

[Algore could provide cover for a good-sized mariachi band.]

Asked a second time about inherent contempt, and specifically when the House would "put [Karl Rove] into that little cell down in the basement", Speaker Pelosi responded that committee chairs have said they will take care of the matter. Congressman John Conyers, she said, asked her to leave it to him.

[Conyers will hold a hearing in a little broom closet down in the basement of the Capitol.]

At Netroots Nation 2008, the elephant in the living room is the effect of religion on US politics.

[Agreed. The main thing that drives the Nutroots nuts is their deep and abiding hatred of Christianity. Democrat officials just don't want you guys saying it in public, that's all.]

Netroots Nation: Free Booze at 7

[Expect a crowd! That's what people are there for!]

He's Too Good for Politics. . . . Al Gore is just...different. Sitting three tables away from the main stage where Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi took questions from the audience, I could feel the energizing vibe of the former Vice-President's visionary and charismatic appeal. . . .

[I think that was his breath.]

Why Nancy let me down. . . . While I didn't expect Speaker Pelosi to knock my socks off, I did expect SOMETHING from her. I left feeling like I got nothing.

[At least she wants to increase your gas taxes.]

Am I the only one frustrated with Nancy Pelosi at NN08? . . . What other session have you attended and be "warned" to "behave" while not being able to ask live questions? What other session had the questions scripted? What other session had significant security deployed? And, what other session had the speaker "rescued" by a high-caliber yet unannounced personality such as Al Gore?

[Apparently Nancy Pelosi was not the hit of the KOnvention. Maybe she should have passed out free sushi.]

Obama Video Address to Netroots Nation

[Talking about his 57 State Strategy.]

The background of tension and reticence that has been dogging Netroots Nation came to a boil yesterday morning when attendees were threatened with having their convention badges revoked if they disrupted Speaker Pelosi.

[Feel the love!]

Finally, if you didn't hear it yet: we're going to Pittsburgh next year!

[Here's a tip: Tell Pelosi you're meeting in Scranton.]

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don Rickles Roasts Ronald Reagan

With all the publicity about the leftwing outrage over the Obama New Yorker cover, I thought I would take you back to a time when politicians actually enjoyed being comedically roasted. Specifically the roast of Ronald Reagan by Don Rickles as you can see in this VIDEO of a Dean Martin Roast of the Gipper back around 1970. And no one enjoyed the roast more than Reagan. Take a good look at Reagan's reactions to Rickles humorous jabs. The ability to laugh at oneself is a true sign of character. Take note, Barack.


Friday, July 18, 2008

DUmmies Debate Obama's Flip vs Obama's Flop

My advice to DUmmies upset over any position that Barack Obama takes is to wait a minute and he is almost sure to completely change that position. Most politicians do shift positions when it is convenient but none in my memory has ever shifted position so boldly and so quickly as Obama has for strictly pandering electoral reasons. Obama will say anything that he thinks will get him votes and then ditch that position when it becomes convenient to do so. Gun control, FISA, public campaign financing, Iraq (still flipping and flopping on that one), and a whole host of other policies. Therefore it is quite amusing to see the DUmmies debate what Obama really means concerning Venezuela and Hugo Chavez as you can see by two contrary DUmmie threads. THREAD #1 is titled "Obama Calls Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. Urges Sanctions Against Venezuela!" and THREAD #2 is titled "Obama DOESNT call Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. NOR does he Urge Sanctions Against Venezuela!!!" So let us now watch the DUmmies debate Obama's Flip vs Obama's Flop in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Obamassiah is taking pandering for votes to a whole new level, is in the [barackets]:

Obama Calls Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. Urges Sanctions Against Venezuela!

[Until a minute later when Obama DOESN'T call Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. NOR does he Urge Sanctions Against Venezuela!]

Yahoo News
July 16, 2008

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday his prickly relations with Washington would not improve even if Democrat candidate Barack Obama wins the U.S. presidential election in November.

"The two candidates for the U.S. presidency attack us equally, they attack us defending the interests of the empire," Chavez said at a meeting of his socialist party.

Obama said earlier in his campaign that he would be prepared to sit down to talk with Chavez. But in recent weeks he has called the leftist Venezuelan leader an enemy of the United States and urged sanctions against him.

Chavez also had previously expressed a hope that the end of the Bush administration would bring warmer ties between the two countries.

[Anybody else out there think this sounds just a little bit too convenient. Most likely some Democrats got the word to Chavez not to sound so friendly to Obama...por ahora! Then after the election they can embrace. However, the DUmmies are too dim to figure that out as you can see...]

Is this true? I really hope not. We don't need anymore movements toward "the center" by Obama.

[Don't worry about BM (Barack Movements). Anything Obama says now is completely meaningless since he is strictly pandering for votes. However it is FUnnie to watch you DUmmies have a fit over this.]

move to the center expected, but damn WHIPLASH. So much for heating oil help for the poor. Will this end Citgo's low income heating oil program? you bet. *Obama, you're winning. Stop running to the center

[Posted the clueless DUmmie who takes Obama's words seriously.]

The article claims Obama has already called Chavez an enemy of the US. No ifs there.

[Don't worry. Obama can always find an out.]

I think Chavez may be very disappointed in Obama and now feels that a change in Presidents won't signify a significant and progressive a change in American policy toward Venezuela.

[I think Chavez is laughing at your utter cluelessness right now.]

My guess is Chavez will be asking for a meeting as soon as Obama takes office. The name calling will end and diplomacy will begin.

[Mainly because the so-called name calling was entirely staged to help Obama.]

Do you think this is just posturing on boths sides? It's possible. maybe even politically necessary?

[A Kewpie Doll to a DUmmie who stumbles onto the truth.]

Not only that I think Obama benefits from Chavez saying he's no different than McTaint. Now these asshole right wingers can't come out and say that Chavez and Obama are best friends. Which is good for domestic consumption.

[Thanx for that admission that this was all STAGE for domestic consumption to fool the yahoos.]

I remember reading once that Chavez said he wouldn't want to show support for particular US candidates he liked because it would be used against them. I mean in this case I have no idea and talking out of my ass. But he's a pretty astute guy politically.

[Just for public consumption. Wink! Wink!]

I remember that, too. Yeah, he's no dummie.

[More than enough DUmmies to go around on this thread.]

Did you miss all the IF's in Obama's statement?

[Also all the "ands, or, buts."]

Obama knows for a fact that Venezuela and Chavez are not "fermenting terrorist activities" so why did he even suggest this might be happening to a meeting of the right-wing Cuban-American National Foundation?


Unless Obama is completely uninformed about Venezuela and actually believes right-wing anti-Venezuela propaganda I don't think for a moment that Obama actually believes that Venezuela and Chavez are supporting terrorist activities. Do you think that Obama really believes that neo-con right-wing propaganda? I don't.

[Strictly a matter of pandering for VOTES.]

It's hot air that benefits both Chavez and Obama. Makes Obama seem 'safe' and 'pro-America' while allowing Chavez to continue his pose of anti-US imperialism while selling us oil.

[Wink! Wink! This is all strictly for public consumption by the yahoos. Wink! Wink!]

Six months ago Chavez was ranting about how he was looking forward to meeting with Obama, what

[Democrats became worried that it would hurt Obama politically so that meeting has been put on hold...por ahora! And now we move to seemingly contradictory DUmmie THREAD #2...]

Obama DOESNT call Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. NOR does he Urge Sanctions Against Venezuela!!!

[It DOESN'T matter what Obama says. It's all about pandering for votes. Wink! Wink!]

But amazingly because some two bit reporter wanted to invent a "flip flop" story instead of actually do real journalistic's being reported as such. And interestingly enough... people on DU are "concerned" with this non existent move to the center... Some are just "outraged" by this non move by the Obama campaign. Let's keep right wing smears out of DU... closet PUMAs please try to at least provide proof benind your fauxrage.

[A clueless DUmmie gets all upset over what Obama supposedly if it can't be completely reversed when convenient.]

The republicans are waging two fronts in smearing.... the Panther-ish bomb thrower is to keep republicans voting and the "he's a big flip flopping elitist" smear is to confuse the ignorant, uninformed, pay-attention-for-one-week-every-for-years, independent voters. They are saying that Obama is a covert commie-muslim who is "pretending" to move to the center...thus making him an flip flopping terrorist black separatist.

[GASP! You mean there are people out there actually accusing Obama of flip flopping? How dare they!!!]

The progressive movement is going to have to keep the pressure on President Obama to gut free trade and create a fair trade system.

[aka socialism.]

Some people will use anything to smear Obama. They're not concerned with 'facts'

[Would you mind telling us the "fact" about Obama's latest stance on FISA? Oh, and don't worry about Obama's position on Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. That is strictly fo public consumption and will change as fast as his FISA stand. Wink! Wink!]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DUmmies' first DUACtion: Spamming the globe . . .

As we documented here last Friday, the DUmmie brain trust has decided to re-activate the defunct DUmmie Activist Corps. DUAC is back! Of course, EarlG's announcement of the return of DUAC, on two threads, garnered a whopping total of 29 replies. Now you see why DUAC went defunct in the first place.

Nevertheless, they solicited suggestions and came up with their first DUACtion. And it's one which fits the energy and commitment level of the DUmmies. What is it? (Cue Monty Python. . . .) SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM! SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM! Yes, members of the DUmmie Slacktivist Corpse are going to sit in their basements and send out SPAM! "Viral e-mail" is what they're calling it, here in this
THREAD, "Activist Corps Action (16 weeks until election): The Truth About John Sidney McCain III."

So let us don our HazMat suits and descend into the DUmmie spammers' boiler room, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, especially disappointed that the National League lost the All-Star Game since his Cubs are going to the World Series this year, is in the [brackets]:

Activist Corps Action (16 weeks until election)

[The first DUACtion! What will it be? Something BOLD and DECISIVE, I bet! A Million Moonbat March on Washington? A mass boycott of all oil companies? Yes, bold, decisive, massive--that's the ticket!]

The Truth About John Sidney McCain III

[Hmmm, wonder what that will involve. . . . Well, I'm sure it will call for sacrifice and commitment and possibly even martyrdom for the eager troops.]

we've decided to reboot the DU Activist Corps.


Last Thursday we started taking suggestions for the first Activist Corps action of 2008, and the most practical suggestions involved spreading the word about the real John McCain. We decided to do this in the form of a viral email.

["Viral email"? VIRAL EMAIL??!! That's it?? You're sitting in your basements and sending out SPAM, and that's your bold and dramatic ACTION???!!! This is even lazier than walking out to the mailbox and sending a LTTE!!!]



SUBJECT: Fwd: The Truth About John Sidney McCain III


If you only forward one email this year, make it this one. . . .

[Don't you just love forwarded e-mail? I think of it like diamonds: 40 carats >> >> >> >> . . .]

Everything in this email is 100% TRUE and VERIFIABLE!

[As solid as Nigerian investment information!]

Don't believe it? Check Google or Snopes.





[OK, EarlG! With such a simple task, I'm sure you've gotten THOUSANDS of your committed DUmmie activists to carry out this easiest of assignments! I mean, copy and paste an e-mail, and then just report in with a click of button! What could be easier?]

126 activists have completed this task so far.

[Oops! Well, let's see some of the responses. . . .]

hehehe I just sent it out to my active Democratic county mailing list.

[AKA, Preaching to the choir. Will persuade millions.]


[Must be one of those Little Lebowski Urban Achievers.]

it's all about being sitting on your ass in your easy chair at just the correct moment, instead of up cleaning house like I should have been.

[That's Kewpie Doll stuff right there, pal! Congratulations!]

so glad EarlG gave me an easy way to feel like I did something for the cause today.

[Key word, "feel."]

I could just hug you right now!

[Please don't. You're viral.]

How the hell do you do it? I can never figure out how to email things from DU. Cut and paste the whole damned thing? My "email expertise" is pretty much limited to Forward and Reply. . . . Heck, I am surprised it only took me two years to figure out how to post or reply on DU (actually, my girlfriend-of-the-moment figured it out, way back when. I got rid of her ass, but I still have DU).

[DUmmie TomInTib is severely challenged by EarlG's daunting task. Fellow DUmmies rush in to help. TomInTib then responds . . .]

Doesn't work for me. Oh, well, maybe my activist days are behind me.

[Poor TomInTib! Even your "girlfriend," DU, couldn't walk you through this. Give it up, comrade. You're of no further use to the cause.]

Done! Just sent to 600 people.

[This is why God invented SpamGuard.]

Sent it to a friend from our conservative evangelical church . . .

[. . . who in turn sent it to the Trash Bin.]

Ready, set, FIRE!

[Ready, set, DELETE!]



I'm proud to take part, a member of the DU activist corps.

[The Few. The Annoying. The DUACos.]

Good to see the Activist Corps is back in business!

[Spamming the globe . . .]

I've gotten two responses from the 150+ ppl I sent it to, one loved it . . . the other said (and I quote), "This kind of stuff makes me ashamed of the Democratic Party----can't we do better than this?"

[Really effective strategem there, guy.]

Wow that felt good!

[Key word, "felt."]

I think I may go spread it around a couple chat rooms. . . .

[Keep your viruses to yourself, buddy.]

So effortless....

[And yet, so ineffective....]

I'm glad to see the DU Activist Corps back in action, and I'm looking forward to our next task!

[Your next task, should you decide to accept it: BUMPER STICKERS!]

I told People:
For every five people you forward this to an angel gets his wings.
For every ten people you forward this to an angel gets a pony.

[An angel is only ten e-mails away from getting a pony.]

my RW friends and acquaintances and accidental address book members... are SO GOING TO HATE THIS!!... by this time next week i should have a couple of hundred emails telling me to quit sending this 'sh*t' to them.... yeehaw, motherf***ers...block my ass from your inbox all you want...

[Is that you, Dale Carnegie?]

It needs a "hook", something that gives people on the 2nd rung of the chain motivation to keep passing it on, like "your nuts will shrivel up if you don't do exactly as I say". . . .

[Jesse Jackson checks in. . . .]

Fun! I haven't forwarded one of those chain emails in forever. . . .

[Chain, chain, chain . . . Chain of fools. . . .]

delete. reply to wrong thread.

[Now we see why EarlG started with something so simple. Baby steps.]

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hypocritical DUmmies Love New Yorker Cover Of Cheney

It seems like the DUmmies are completely unaware of their astounding level of hypocrisy. As we saw YESTERDAY, KOmmie (also DUmmie) heads were exploding in outrage over the New Yorker cover featuring Barack Obama and his wife. Fast forward just a few hours later and the DUmmies are expressing admiration for a New Yorker cover that made Vice President Dick Cheney look like an evil pumpkin as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Do you remember this New Yorker cover from 2007? I still have it!" No sense of irony in DUmmieland over their hypocritical reactions to these New Yorker covers. If an EVIL Republican is mocked on the cover of the New Yorker it is fine and dandy but if they use a Democrat for satire it is a crime against humanity. If memory serves correctly, I remember ZERO outrage from conservatives over the Cheney cover. In fact, most who saw it were probably amused. This is why I have frequently used a favorite DUmmie fantasy, Karl Rove being frogwalked across the White House lawn, as a graphic in DUFU editions. So let us now watch the DUmmies swim in their own hypocrisy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who would love to see Li'l Beaver satirized on the cover of the New Yorker, is in the [brackets]:

Do you remember this New Yorker cover from 2007? I still have it!

[Do you remember all the conservatives heads exploding over that New Yorker cover from 2007. I don't.]

Oh, now THAT was a good one. HeeHee; thanks for the laugh.

[Posted a DUmmie who was probably outraged over the New Yorker Obama cover.]

They should have posters made out of that! LOL!

[Can I order a poster of the New Yorker Obama cover?]

The artist that did the Obama cover is questionable I posted his past work below.

[So the quality of his artwork is determined by his subject matter?]

I posted a number of covers criticizing the Bush administration last night. I have to admit, the difference is that the covers lampooning Bush were lampooning actual flaws in character or policy. The Obama cover is lampooning false perceptions of Obama. There should be an interesting cover in response to all this in a few weeks.

[So which such flaws were demonstrated in the Evil Cheney pumpkin New Yorker cover my hypocritical little DUmmie?]

That's very different- a pumpkin doesn't have anything to do with Cheney's race

[Rationalized a DUmmie not very convincingly.]

They weren't mocking Obama, they were mocking the lies spread about Obama. The problem is that they were too subtle about it.

[Humor must be unsubtle in order to be appreciated by the DUmmies.]

The New Yorker cover does work. It's only the Perpetually Outraged who are SO afraid of those darned ignorant hordes (tm) that they think it didn't. There's plenty of ignorance to go around on all areas of the political spectrum, but the New Yorker cover is some great satire.


Is the pirpose of this cover to defend Cheney from
absurd characterizations from his enemies? To show he is being treated unfairly using "satire"? Or do they have check boxes on the inside covers where they mark: This Caricature Is: Satire ___, -or- We really mean it this time ___.

[Let us overanalyze the Cheney cover. Myself I ENJOY leftwing artwork portraying EVIL conservatives because it gives me humorous insight into their mindset.]

Excellent point! Well done! Yes, this pic is obviously ripping on people who think Cheney is evil. I don't know how people can be so unintelligent as to not see it!

[DUmmie microanalysis at work.]

At least he didn't rip off Ziggy.

[Or Zippy...the Pinhead. My FAVORITE newspaper comic strip. Perhaps the only newspaper comic strip left that I truly enjoy. I love reading it while munching on corn nuts and polysorbate 80. Check out the last Sunday's ZIPPY THE PINHEAD.]

I understand that a lot of people won't get the Obama cover, but I believe in my heart of hearts several things: The New Yorker in no way intended to harm Obama with either their cover or their article.

[Of course not since the New Yorker is liberal when it comes to politics. However, their other articles are really terrific.]

Was he running for office at the time?

[So is that your criteria? It's okay if he is not running but an outrage if he is running for office?]