Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Erica Jong Loved Rev. Wright...Last Sunday

I was originally going to DUFU Erica Jong's HUffington POst BLOG titled, "Inspiration Versus Degradation," on Monday but now I'm glad I didn't. Much better to let Jong go out on the limb with her paean to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and then watch it being sawed off behind her as even Barack Obama disavowed his former pastor and mentor. This should serve as a reminder that Wright, who is now being disparaged by many in the left and the media for betraying their beloved Obama, was just a few days ago highly praised by these same folks. Their defense of Wright included the charge that Wright's remarks were taken out of context and that we Neanderthals on the right just couldn't understand the subtle nuances of his speeches and sermons. So we end up seeing him giving a full speech and you have to cherry pick it in vain to find any scrap of sanity. Let us now take a walk down memory lane with 9/11 Truther Erica Jong as she writes a love note to Rev. Wright in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if their will be a "Fear of Frying" book coming out soon, is in the [brackets]:

Inspiration Versus Degradation

[You certainly degraded yourself with your praise of Jeremiah Wright last Sunday, Erica.]

Sometimes our degraded press prefers the prediction to the event itself. I'm talking about Jeremiah Wright's interview with Bill Moyers. It aired last Friday night and to my mind was one of Bill's best interviews. Rev. Wright was talking to someone in his own metier. Moyers is also ordained, is a great speaker and cares deeply about social justice. So it was an equal interviewing an equal -- so seldom the case on television.

[An equal interviewing an equal? So Moyers is also a buffoon?]

Bill Moyers nevertheless pushed Wright hard, raised all the questions Wright's out-of-context sound bites have aroused and played lengthy excerpts from his sermons. I was inspired. This is a pastor I'd listen to on a Sunday instead of namby-pamby Tim Russert or the various screaming clubs on network TV.

[Um...Maybe you should have waited until Wright made his speech in Detroit before posting that, Erica. Where was Wright quoted out of context? When he did over-the-top impressions of the way JFK and LBJ spoke or when he did his impression of the Florida A&M band? In fact, you had to cherry pick his speech to find the slightest scrap of sanity.]

Wright seems utterly sincere to me. He strikes me as having a true spiritual calling. When he says, "America's chickens have come home to roost," I can't fault his logic. Haven't we been squandering hard earned taxpayer money on overseas adventures while we starve poor children? Haven't we been supporting dictators while prating of democracy? Haven't we been enriching profiteers at the expense of health care and education? You betcha.

[ Utterly sincere? Maybe last Sunday before the speech but now even the leftwing media is writing Wright off as a devious buffoon who is trying to derail the Obama campaign for egotistical reasons.]

A week ago I told my audience in Rome that in the last several years, I've been ashamed to be an American. A cheer went up from the amphitheater. It was such a relief, audience members later told me, to hear an American speak the truth for a change.

[I bet you made those Italian Communists feel real good.]

The Italians may have voted for Silvio Berlusconi, but they don't think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have been good for America or the planet. Like most Americans, they would love to see them gone. So would Italians. Italians love American and feel pain when we slide away from the great ideals our Constitution and Bill of Rights have given the world.

[And I bet you now feel pain from reading your own praise here of Rev. Wright who has been discredited by his own Obamassiah.]

Italians feel they have a stake in America. It's interesting to hear how thrilled they are by New York. When I say "sono New Yorkese" (I'm a New Yorker), they are delighted. And they also love LA and Chicago and Miami. Many Italians commute between New York and Rome, LA and Milan, Miami and Florence. They can't vote in the US but you'd never know that by how interested they are in American politics. They love our great 18th century traditions -- sometimes more than we.

[Wealthy spoiled Italian Communist Party members able to afford commuting to New York to tell us what a horrible country we are.]

So where's the discussion of Jeremiah Wright's real calling? You can't find it. Our idiotic press prefers to play orphaned excerpts and force Barack Obama to apologize for words he never spoke. What is this apology stuff? Everyone has to apologize for their pastors, their doctors, their mothers, their fathers, their churches, their social affiliations. Why? Apologies are cheap. Inspiration is hard to find.

[A few hours after you published this idiocy we were treated to an entire Rev. Wright speech on the tube. The result is that Obama had to completely disavow Wright yesterday.]

Just because a man is inspired by his pastor doesn't mean he agrees with every word his pastor says. Duh. Even a moron knows that. But inspiration remains important. And you will never be inspired by running stuff out of context and playing gotcha.

[DUh! Do you feel like a moron now, Erica? Hours after you posted this bilge we saw an entire Rev. Wright speech and it turns out the Right was right about Wright. He is a far left loon and buffoon. And what part of that ENTIRE speech do you think was taken out of context?]

Our press has become a sea of triviality, meanness and irrelevant chatter.

[Chattered the moron who said she is ashamed of America.]

God knows inspiration is always welcome. Moyers and Wright gave us that on Friday night.

[How inspired do you feel today, Erica, now that your beloved Wright has been disavowed by Obama himself? And now to hear from the HUffie Peanut Gallery...]

But, I percieve that you did not see him before the Journalists on Monday. His was beligeranting and raving in a way that appeared purely egotistical....yet one can have compassion for the way that the terrible things he said post 9/11 superceded the apparently many ways that he helped his community.

[I "percieve" that Wright has made a fool out of Jong and her poorly timed rantings she posted last Sunday.]

Had Rev. Wright not made such a spectacle of himself on Monday, Senator Obama likely would have continued weathering the political storm rather than renounce his former pastor. Alas, Rev. Wright made his own bed.

[So Wright did a favor for Obama by making Erica Jong look like a complete fool?]

Ms Jong, your heart is in the right place, but for someone so talented and intelligent, you quite often get things wrong. Wright is obviously an egomaniac. I love Bill Moyers, but he also is naive. Wright is destructive and probably is looking to score a big advance on a book (you know how that goes). His ego has been inflamed and he's also part of the forces of division - just in liberal clothes. This whole process is a king of social exorcism, but, in this case, good and evil aren't so simplistic - the devil might be dressed as a man of God.

[Erica's heart and mind are both in the wrong place.]

I keep hoping Obama will tell the pundits to bugger off, that he pretty much agrees with the controversial Wright sermon. But, hey, I'm living in an alternate universe. I'd like to see WRIGHT in the White House.

[Enjoy sharing that alternate universe with Erica Jong.]

I watched Moyer's interview of Wright too. I found it a slow pitch softball affair. Wright justified his relationship with and the inflluence of the demonstrably racist Louis Farrakhan's by saying that Farrakhan did good things for the black community. I waited for Moyer's to challenge him.

[Keep waiting until Doomsday.]

The fact that so many liberals are trying to explain hate speech by Wright is very upsetting to this Democrat. If Obama is the nominee I believe for this issue alone, he will have a very hard time winning. Not all of us Democrats/ndependents are so willing to excuse inexcusable behavior. I'm sorry you are willing to do so. You should rethink this.

[You expect thinking from a 9/11 Truther?]

You are totally correct. But remember, when a prophetic voice speaks truth to power, the Judeo-Christian tradition is to martyr that voice - think of the truth sayers from Jesus all the way to MLK. So long as Jeremiah Wright is alive and speaking truth, he will be condemned, ridiculed, shouted down. Were he to be martyred, like MLK, why, then he would be praised for the brilliance, insight, decency, sacrifice and nobility that a few people like you can recognize and applaud without feeling threatened.

[Congrats on being the first to use the "Speak truth to power" cliché on this thread.]

Have you actually LISTENED to any of his sermons in their entirety?

[Yup! Last Sunday just after Erica Jong posted this blog and I laughed like hell at his buffoonery.]

Rev. Wright is spiritually abusive. Instead of humble and kind, he is vicious, cruel, arrogant, conceited, total egotistical, lies, wants one set of ethical rules for himself and another set of ethical rules for everyone else.

[You posted this a little too early. A day later the same sentiment was echoed in much of the media and among Obama supporters.]

Keep working at it. Maybe in 20 years you will actually understand what Wright is saying.

[Poor us. We're just not nuanced enough to understand Wright's hidden subtleties. All we see is a buffoon on stage doing an impression of the Florida A&M marching band.]

"God Damn America" indeed. It's because of the faux-patriotism and hyper-nationalism that is forced down the throats of all Americans that you can't seriously address some of the fundamental problems with the country without being ripped apart by the media. The US isn't the wonderful, shining city on the hill that most of you think it is. Rev. Wright is 100% correct in his assertions... But how dare a "black man" speak up ... Racism is alive and well in 21st century America.

[May we now question your patriotism?]

Rev Wright is a loose cannon that may end up handing the Presidency to McBush in Novemeber and then you have 4 more years of the past 8.

[Rev. Wright brought to light by Operation Chaos. Hee! Hee!]

Now we have Wright on the loose, seeming to prefer his own moment in the sun to the much greater goal of electing Obama. His hateful imitation of Kennedy and Johnson this weekend will not sit well with much of the electorate. Obama should have cut ties with this man but, sigh, that's all water under the bridge now.

[Good news! After you posted this, Obama belatedly did cut ties with Wright while Erica remains out on the limb with her man.]

Wright should be honored as a true patriot, and a real hero...

[Posted the HUffie before Obama disavowed that "true patriot."]

Absolutely. Wright's truths no matter how well intended would result in a lost election. We need pragmatism, not truth. Sad, but true. Wright must stop talking. He can say whatever he wants after Obama is elected.

[Unfortunately for you, Wright won't be keeping his lunacy in check.]

Erica Jong is right. Bill Moyers interview should finally put to rest all of the nonsense regarding Reverend Wright.

[Yeah, that sure worked out well. Hee! Hee!]

I usually don't agree with Ms. Jong's articles, but on this one, I think she is both dead on and very eloquent to boot. I hope I have this pleasant experience more often.

[How pleasant was your experience when just two days after Ms. Jong posted her article, Obama disavowed your beloved Rev. Wright?]

I thought Jeremiah's interview was the most honest and substantial content I've ever seen on TV in all my 39 years of being enslaved by this heavily corporatized medium. I only wish the people who most need to hear it would take the time to actually watch it and listen with an open mind. Instead, I'm quite certain they'll see it as an opportunity to gather more grist for their mill of untruths. I've been forwarding the link to the broadcast to everyone I know.

[So what did you think of Wright's comedy act in Detroit?]

Another Blame America First thinks the racist Wright is okay. No surprise there. We'll see how it plays in the rest of America where jong has never been.

[It played out so poorly that even John McCain, after having slammed the NC Republican party for running ads critical of Wright, has now done a complete 180 on Wright...but only after Obama gave him permission to do so. Gee, John. Operation Chaos is doing the heavy lifting for you so you can just sit back and relax while getting elected but do you also have to act like a complete FOOL while doing so?]

I finally agree with Erica this time. I found the interview with Reverend Wright brilliant, inspirational, and authentic. It is clear why anyone with an independent mind would be impressed by Reverend Wright's understanding of the bible and history. He speaks his truth with clarity, passion, and wisdom. He is not so concerned with the judgement of men. I see a bit of the revolutionary in Senator Obama's eyes on rare occassion - it doesn't trouble me, we need a non-violent revolution, and soon.

[Apparently Obama was not so impressed by Wright.]

his interview on PBS and his speech in detroit tonight , gave us a real and true appreciation of the man behind the sound bites. Only stupid and ignorants, would say after listen to him, that what he said does not make sense.

[Then Obama must be stupid and ignorant according to you.]

Erica may have second thoughts after she has digested Rev Wright's speech to the Detroit NAACP on Sunday night. Funny how opinions can change on a dime. Good luck defending this one. I can't wait for the fireworks on Monday.

[Hee! Hee! And thanx to Erica for providing such great material in leftwing shortsightedness.]

He does not need to apologize, but he does need to explain why he chose to receive religious teaching from an American hating, anti-Semitic radical. It is that decision that we are concerned about. Obama says he does not agree with the ideas of Wright, but why did he choose that church?

[To get his street creds from a community with which he was unconnected. Otherwise no election to political office.]

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Looks like Obama's candidacy has just derailed"

How the mighty have fallen! A day ago, the leftwing loons were high-fivin' each other about how helpful Rev. Jeremiah's Detroit speech would be to Barack Obama. By yesterday evening, cold cruel reality has set in and now the loons are pronouncing DOA for Obama's candidacy. While watching this VIDEO clip of Wright doing impressions of JFK and LBJ as well as doing an imitation of the Florida A&M marching band, one thought kept going through my mind: this clown was Obama's mentor and spiritual guide. If Obama looked up to this whack job what does that say about his judgement? I think many others had the same thought as well. The shockwave over Wright's backstabbing of Obama has just hit DUmmieland with this THREAD brutally titled, "Looks like Obama's candidacy has just derailed." Of course, we must now take a moment to think Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos for this situation. Without Operation Chaos, Obama would have long ago been the unchallenged nominee-in-waiting who could have merely gone on an extended vacation until his coronation this summer. However, because of Operation Chaos, the campaign has been extended to the point where Wright was in a position to totally undermine it which is what I think he did intetionally. It must be a great ego trip for Wright to bring down the Obamassiah. Meanwhile, I must thank Rev. Wright for providing lots of great DUFU material as the left undergoes a complete meltdown due to their beloved Obama's rapid fall. So let us now watch the DUmmies mourn the decline of the Obamassiah in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if he should contact Jamie Masada about booking Rev. Wright into the Laugh Factory, is in the [brackets]:

Looks like Obama's candidacy has just derailed.

[That's what happens when you have Wright as the train conductor.]

There's simply too much negative controversy surrounding Obama for him to get elected now, and on top of it all, polls show Hillary beating McCain by a considerably wide margin while Obama only ties McCain. At this point I'm afraid it will be impossible for Obama to win back those bitter, white, working-class folks whose votes he so sorely needs to win. It was certainly an impressive run, but it's over.

[GOOD NEWS! Ken Norton of THE KEN NORTON EFFECT has predicted that Hillary will drop out of the race on May 7 following big losses the previous day in the IN and NC primaries. Hee! Hee!]

Obama's negatives are just coming to light and they're having a devastating effect on his campaign.

[Say good night, Barack.]

Irretrievably BEHIND. Yep she is where she is all right, and there to stay

[Not when you count her "wins" in Florida and Michigan. Of course, counting those wins will also tear the Democrats apart. YEEEEEEAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!]

Bottom line: Obama is not only dirty, he is very dirty, and has consistently lied about the true extent of his involvement with Rezko and Auchi. Reporters for both Chicago newspapers, the Tribune and the Sun-Times, have also done a lot of digging on Obama, apparently over stiff resistance from the publishers.

[I thought he was clean and articulate?]

I want to win. Those who are unwilling to expolore the negatives are ostriches with their heads in the sand, because these things WILL be explored ad infinitum in the press between now and November. I say let's do our own vetting, BEFORE the candidates are cast in stone.

[DUmmies are already doing their own wetting in their pants.]

Sixteen years of clintons makes me sick,,, I will write in Obama...

[Can I write Wright?]

Wright issue. It won't go is here to stay. Unless he says something to distance himself, he is gonna get stomped.

[Maybe he could say that he slept through all of Wright's sermons.]

I hesitated to put a rookie in for this critical point in history. But if Barack is our nominee I am going to fight for him to win. I'm worried right now about our party!

[Just because it is going over the cliff with Barack?]

She's still in the race- something is working!

[Operation Chaos.]

This is just a newscycle gone to Hillary. I was down about it earlier, but I'm going to buck up because the math shows he'll get the nomination.

[You'll feel better in 24 business hours.]

Barack's been down before but not for long. keep watching the polls.

[As they continue to decline for him.]

Obama is still in the closet with too many skeletons. Hopefully more of them will fall out soon.

[I'll check up on those skeletons at the supermarket checkout counter while I leaf through the National Enquirer.]

The Wright issue has peaked.

[Peak boil.]

It's over. Obama's the nominee. You can bad-mouth him all you want, but isn't going to change the fact that he's the nominee.


Obama's negatives have caught up with Hillary's in just a few short weeks. That's astounding.

[Battle of the negativities.]

Monday, April 28, 2008

"Wright is a big fat distraction when Obama needs it least"

What a difference a few hours make. As we saw in this morning's DUFU EDITION, the KOmmies were cheerleading on Jeremiah Wright, completely oblivious to the harmful effect he would have to Barack Obama. However, after a few hours passed by, the KOmmies began to finally wake up to the fact that Wright is KILLING the Obama campaign as you can see in this THREAD nervously titled, "Wright is a big fat distraction when Obama needs it least." Welcome to the Real World, KOmmies! So let us now watch the KOmmies bite their fingernails over the Wright Stuff in Bolshevik Red while the KOmmentary of your humble correspondent, noting that even Chris Matthews is now starting to express Obuyer's remorse, is in the [brackets]:

Wright is a big fat distraction when Obama needs it least

[What happened to all the KOmmie jubilation over Wright's speech of just a few hours ago?]

Whether Wright's speech to the NAACP left you rhapsodic or left you cold, his return to prominence a week before the NC and IN primaries is not helpful to Obama. At all.

[Do you want your Kewpie Doll sent by UPS or USPS?]

The MSM is happy as a pig in shit to exploit and cherry pick and showcase the most controversial of Wright's remarks.

[No need to cherrypick the most controversial of Wright's remarks when it hits you full in the face like a spash of very cold water.]

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to predict; white voters, by and large, will not look kindly on the comments Wright made that the MSM has chosen to highlight.

[Chose to highlight? You have to look long and hard in his speech to find any scrap of sanity if it exists.]

I wish I could believe that Wright's return as a prominent subject in the MSM was inconsequential to Obama's campaign at this critical moment, but I just don't.

[And who chose Wright as a mentor and spiritual guide? Let us now join the KOmmie Peanut Gallery now in session...]

The Rev. Wright's 'black theology' media blitz this week undercuts Obama's unifying campaign theme, and dosen't resonate well with mainstream Democrats. In just the last week, Sen. Obama's 19 point lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton has dropped to 7 points, 48% to 41%.

[Don't worry. Ken Norton of THE KEN NORTON EFFECT has predicted big wins on May 6 for Obama in both North Carolina and Indiana. Hee! Hee!]

Actualy I learned today that Obama has nothing to do with the guy. The pastor kept throwing Obama under the bus. Which helped me believe that they have nothing in common. These are two different people.

[Obama knows nussink about Rev. Wright. He knows NUSSINK!]

As for his speeches at the NAACP and the National Press Club, I think these will actually help diffuse the ongoing rhetoric of his ill-chosen words.

[Is that you, Pollyanna?]

I've got to be absolutely blind not to see what Wright stuff did to Barack's candidacy. I don't care about this crap. Neither you or most others here. But there are hundreds of millions of others who decide these elections. At this point, he is either a bored egomaniac or working for the Clintons.

[Or both.]

Obama just lost the moderates. It's over. No matter that we think they are ignorant. Wright reinforces every stereotype. He's an old black fool, from another generation.

[Obama's fall will be brutal but FUn to watch.]

Kerry was silent and the Swift boaters won. Never again should democrat hope that the right wing would relent. They will play the looped video regardless.

[That video of Wright's Detroit speech was certainly looped.]

They are swiftboating Obama this IS swiftboating, 2008 style.

[Showing the full video of the Wright speech is "swiftboating" Obama.]

Kerry's strategy of laying low and waiting for it to blow over without confronting it directly really worked well for him.

[And four years later, we are still waiting for Kerry to confront it.]

I would have felt proud to have attended Rev Wright's church while he was their minister. If Obama paid attention in his sermons, I'm more assured than ever that our nation begin to move in the right direction.

[Obama slept right through all of Wright's sermons which is why he never heard him say anything controversial.]

I just cringed to see him again on TV... last night.

[Is that you, Barack?]

I'd say Barack's campaign is over. Thanks Rev. you just destroyed the best hope America had.

[You're welcome.]

The problem is that people like Wright, love the sound of their own voice. Now he is cranking and doing what he loves best. This must be a dream for him. All the attention he is getting.

[Wright just couldn't ignore the alluring glare of the media publicity lights.]

He was fantastic... He made sense. He's brilliant. He's thoughtful. He's facing down his critics. And he's doing it in a loving, Christ-like way. That doesn't seem to be a bad thing for anyone but Obama and Wright.. Why is that?

[Feel the looove!!!]

I'm sick and tired of going to church Sunday after Sunday, year after year listening as one pastor after another cherry pick what they want us to hear from the Bible. It's time to tell the truth. God will and has damned America for her actions. America's chickens have come home to roost. Thank God for me like Rev. Wright who is not afraid to speak the truth. We need to encourage him on..not try to silence him.

[Said the suicidal KOmmie.]

I watched Wright on Moyers and defended him going forward. This morning I found myself screaming at the tv, shut up you stupid old man. When he carefully described to the press corps that Obama was crafting his messages to get elected, aka not really telling the truth. "Politicians say what they based on electibility, based on sound bites...Pastors do what pastors do, politicians do." This is egotistal bs hand and is hurting Obama. Wright's lack of sensitivity to his parishioner is obvious to me. This sounds like a father who cannot stand to see his son do better than himself.

[Interesting theory and it does explain why Wright is actively undermining Obama.]

"Wright in Detroit--an Obama Asset"

On the heels of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speech last night in Detroit, the happiest person in the country has to be Hillary Clinton. The Wright speech, over a half hour chock full of total buffoonery, is the best thing that could have happened for Hillary. Meanwhile, one can picture Barack Obama with hands over his face as Wright spouted nonsense about left and right brains along with poor impressions of JFK and LBJ along with his imitation of the Florida A&M marching band. For most of us it was high comedy laughing AT Wright but for Obama it must have been total MISERY. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if Obama had pulled an Elvis on his TV screen while shouting "STFU!!!" If you missed the Wright entertainment you can catch it in full at the CNN website. I am also sure that the comedic highlights of the Wright club act in Detroit will soon be uploaded to YouTube. Although normal people will laugh AT Wright, the leftwing blogosphere is cheering him on as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD titled, "Wright in Detroit--an Obama Asset." Wright is an Obama asset? The KOmmies better pass that message along to Obama's campaign manager, David Axelrod, who just appeared on "Morning Joe" and sounded like he wished Wright would just go away and disappear. I'm expecting even more comedy gold later this morning when Wright gives another speech to the National Press Club. However, despite Rev. Wright bombastically undermining his campaign, the good news for Obama is that Ken Norton of THE KEN NORTON EFFECT has predicted that Hillary will be dropping out of the primary race on May 7 after losing in a landslide to Obama in both North Carolina and Indiana. Keep in mind, that Ken's predictions have a consistency record of 100%. So let us now watch the KOmmies praise the reverend who is undermining the Obama campaign in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, braving the wrath of John McCain for daring to cast a few aspersions on the sanity of Rev. Wright, is in the [brackets]:

[UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Ken Norton and he predicts that Rev. Wright will have NO EFFECT on the Obama campaign.]

Wright in Detroit--an Obama Asset

[More accururate if you deduct that "ET" at the end.]

I had no intention of starting a diary thread, but see no other on the topic. Reverend Wright's speech to the NAACP tonight is brilliant, amazing...and potentially culture changing. I wonder how many will actually listen to it?

[Barack Obama wished he NEVER heard it.]

Quick points that Wright has made tonight: African-Americans have a different (not better or worse) educational tradition, different music tradition, and different religious tradition. He began with musical examples that relaxed everyone...and then moved into some of the deepest social commentary I've heard this year (Obama included.)

[Yeah, I loved that impression of an opera singer. Was that before or after he did his marching bands impression?]

The shouting that is perceived as "hate speech" is simply the different religious tradition.

[What religious tradition is making FUn of the way certain presidents spoke?]

"If you are not an 'do be' an immigrant..."

[You 'do be' a buffoon.]

His comments on the way that people are trying to make something out of Obama's middle name, which morphed into comments on how we treat one another, were amazing.

[Was this the point in his speech where Obama shot his TV screen?]

I wonder: Is it possible that a high-profile Jeremiah Wright could become a real asset in a general election?

[You bet. Republicans right now are raising money to send Jeremiah Wright out on the campaign trail. And now to hear from the rest of Rev. Wright's acolytes in KOmmieland...]

Let's give tips to Reverend Wright!

[Hillary will give Wright a $100 tip every time he gives a speech.]

I'm a bit worried.

[Is that you, Barack?]

Initially, I was overjoyed by the speech. Then I started browsing the web and reading people's comments. Some people thought he had insulted the Kennedys. Others wondered if he was insinuating that there are biological differences between the races, or whether he was making fun of white music, white ways of worship, and Irish people. Others thought he was screaming and raving. I was stunned.

[David Axelrod was nauseous.]

In short, from browsing the web, it's clear that this speech went WAY over people's heads.

[We just aren't nuanced enough to fully comprehend the complicated message behind Wright's impression of the Florida A&M marching band.]

Rev Wright as prophet

[Judging from his mult-million dollar mansion, it would be Rev Wright as profit.]

I have been talking a lot about Wright for awhile now with a close friend of mine in Illinois who is Jewish. She has been saying for awhile now that he sounds like an old testatment prophet...

[Krusty the Klown?]

Reverend Wright's speech tonight was pretty drop dead amazing.

[It made the Obama campaign drop dead.]

The tabloid journalism forces will be in full swing tomorrow morning, trust me. The surrogates for McW and HRC will be screaming and launching whatever desperate attacks they can against Obama.

[Such as replaying Wright's entire speech.]

Jeremiah Wright's speech was inspiring, challenging, eloquent and brave.

[And hilarious.]

Jeremiah Wright made me think of the old Chautauquas, when people would come from miles around to hear speeches and debates. His speech shows how far our public discourse has fallen, by how rare such rhetoric has become.

[Jeremiah Wright made me think of open mike night at the Laugh Factory.]

I loved the part about the music, I hope someone YouTubes it, as an Alumnus of an HBCU band, he hit that one on the head as far as the differences between PWCs and HBCUs.

[I'm sure the Hillary campaign YouTubes it.]

His critics should just crawl into a hole and stay there.

[They would have to share that hole with Barack Obama and David Axelrod.]

I'm a Buddhist and I would go to his church.

[A Ken Buddhist is a believer in the complete consistency of Ken Norton's predictions.]

I am so moved by what Senator Obama's campaign is bringing this country.

[The Rev. Wright comedy act which moved us to a lot of laughter.]

Since Rev. Wright wasn't an Angry Screaming Scary Black Man, but instead an Impassioned Servant of Christ, the more the speech gets played the more it will be obvious to viewers how badly the corporate media has lied to them.

[Maybe you should ask the Obama campaign to post that Wright speech video on their website. Hee! Hee!]

First I thought, "Who is this!", and then, finally, "This has to be Jeremiah Wright". I sat listening in my driveway for ten minutes, with tears streaming down my cheeks.

[Obama is certainly crying over what that speech has done to his campaign. The rest of us are laughing so hard that we are crying.]

is this gonna hurt obama?

[Gee. Give me a few days to think up an answer.]

please, get this man out campaigning with Obama.

[Is that you, Hillary?]

Well America has gotten a second taste of why Barack found Christ with Jeremiah Wright. Now I really must ask when is it Hillary would have walked out again. Was it when he talked about the differences? Is that what she disagreed with? I'm truly curious, and I think it is a legitimate campaign - Why are you walking out of the Jeremiahs church

[When the comedy there is so much better than any Vegas act.]

He certainly is not Presbyterian or Lutheran.

[If he's not a Lutheran then he can't co-host the DUmmie FUnnies.]

I am an Obamamaniac, but Rev wright scared the shit out of me a month ago. This speech has made me do a complete 180...

[Now you laughed so hard that you crapped in your pants.]

Obama should shove this loser into a closet already

[And deny us a terrific comedy act?]


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Saturday, April 26, 2008

"REC if you think that dirtbag Limbaugh should be JAILED or FINED for inciting riots in Denver"

The garden of liberal hate and paranoia is a lush one when left on its own, but sprinkle that with a little Operation Chaos® plant food and it becomes a Rush garden.

As you know, for months now, Rush Limbaugh has been encouraging his listeners to prolong the Democrat primary by crossing over and voting for Hillary to keep her in the race. Whether this is actually happening is difficlt to say, but one thing is for sure: Hillary's campaign has experienced a resurgence, and it is becoming more and more apparent that the Clinton campaign intends to take this all the way to Denver.

Once there, she and hubby Bill will make sure that the delegates from Florida and Michigan are seated, in spite of the fact that all the candidates agreed that they wouldn't count.

Concurrent with this, she will try to convince many of Obama's pledged super-delegates that he is unelectable in the General Election. Not a terribly difficult thing to do, what with Obama's relationships with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, and several lapses in judgement by Barack and Michelle Obama in which they reveal their true feelings about the United States.

In the midst of this subterfuge it won't even matter what the final vote is. Obama supporters in and outside the convention will be convinced that the nomination is going to be stolen, that their votes don't matter, that the Democrat party is anything but democratic. You don't have to be a magnificently rich magnificent bastard to predict what will happen. There will be riots in Denver that will make the '68 Chicago convention look like a schoolyard brawl.

Rush knows this, and when a caller recently accused him of inciting a riot, Rush responded "I am not inspiring or inciting a riot..." followed by (in classic Rush fashion), "I'm dreaming of them." He then proceeds to sing "I'm dreaming of riots in Denver" to the tune of "White Christmas."

That is hardly what a reasonable person would call "incitement," but as you can see from this DUmmie THREAD entitled "REC if you think that dirtbag Limbaugh should be JAILED or FINED for inciting riots in Denver" it was just the right touch of high phosphorous paranoia food. Now on to watch the DUmmies' garden of hatred and paranoia bloom in a radiant Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Paul Heinzman, is in the [brackets]:

REC if you think that dirtbag Limbaugh should be JAILED or FINED for inciting riots in Denver.

[There WILL be riots when Hillary steals the nomination. Stating that fact can hardly be called "inciting."]

That disgusting sack of shit has gone TOO FAR this time.

[Manure sometimes burns pansies.]

How can that piece of human waste, this toxic sludge dripping down the ass crack of humanity, still be allowed to broadcast hate and invitations to violence?

[While prepping your flower bed, don't forget some chelated irony.]

I think that these latest, disgusting, loathsome comments of his show his complete moral bankruptcy and his willingness to see innocent people hurt as long as it helps his cause.

[If anyone gets hurt, beyond their feelings, it will be on Hillary, not Rush.]

REC THIS THREAD if you think he should be jailed or fined by the FCC, if not removed from the air, for his disgustingly inhuman behavior.

[Stating that disenfranchised voters will riot when the nomination is stolen from them.]

And let's talk about what we can do, as activists.

[Well, it wouldn't kill you to get off the computer for an hour and clean that damn basement.]

If this is a dupe, I'm sorry!

[You're being duped, all right.]

I filed a complaint with the FCC last night.

[Yeah? Did you get that basement cleaned up yet?]

I only live a few miles from him, any ideas???? Huh? I'm originally from Jersey and I DO know


Make sure this gets national media attention...

[He's the number one rated radio host in the country; more people heard what he really said than will ever hear your misinterpretation.]

Egg his house for starters. Or, light a bag of dogshit on fire, place on his porch and ring his doorbell!!

[You might want to think twice about that--I reckon he's got security, and they ain't packin' eggs.]

He lives over the bridge from me, house is pretty well

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of nervous mental clarity.]

Filing a complaint to the FCC is a good place to start, I hear.

[It would be...if he'd actually broken a rule.]

They want a lot of information I'm no clear about . . .

[Such as what rule was violated.]

Hell, if possible, find a charge that carries the death penalty and give him a date with the f***ing needle.

[Five will get you ten that DUmmie backscatter712 thinks that Mumia Abu-Jamal should be pardoned, though.]

... do you really think anyone will riot because he says so?

[Sorry, only one Kewpie Doll per thread.]

'Fire in a crowded theater'

[The theme of the 2008 Democratic National Convention: "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"]

CIA's 'domestic ops' just relocated to Denver. Agents provacateurs here they come !

CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver

Domestic Division Would Be Moved

By Dana Priest

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, May 6, 2005; Page A21

Operation Mockingbird mouthpiece Limbaugh may be giving away the rightwingnut gameplan...but that doesn't seem to matter to these twits in the 'intelligence' community. Can't even police themselves how they gonna police anyone else ?

[Ever stop to think maybe they're there to protect your sorry asses from yourselves?]

People can be seriously hurt if his supporters start a riot thinking it is good

[Disenfranchised Obama voters are NOT Rush supporters.]

Not a joke at all!

[So why can't I stop laughing.]

Maybe he can be cellies with Wesley Snipes.

[Rush may complain about high taxes, but he does pay them.]

I called the Denver PD yesterday and reported what he said

[I'm sure they had a good laugh over it at the morning briefing.]

Almost everyone sounds nuts on this thread

The FCC isnt gonna take him off the air, hes not getting arrested, and hes gonna use all these quotes to show how progressives love free speech as long as you agree with them. Did anyone want Bill Maher arrested for wishing someone would kill Dick Cheney?

If you dont like what Rush says, do what I do, TURN HIM OFF.

[You are taking your DU account for granite.]

we need the fairness doctrine restored.

[One hundred and fifteen posts about Rush Limbaugh before the fairness doctrine is mentioned. The DUmmies are slipping.]

Yes, there is a difference and there's a difference between saying "I dream of riots" and standing in front of a mob and yelling "Grab your pitchforks, people! Let's go get 'em!"

[Wow, DUmmie MonkeyFunk, those therapy sessions really are working out.]

Friday, April 25, 2008

DUmmies Fear Rejuvenated Hillary Campaign

When will it end? WHEN WILL IT END??? That is the question now haunting the DUmmies. In a normal political primary campaign, the script calls for it to be all over right after Super Tuesday. At that point the designated nominee can relax for a few months until his formal coronation at the summer convention. However, this time the script has been entirely torn up due to Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos plus the persistence of Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama must feel like a victim of Michael Myers. She is IMPOSSIBLE to put down for good. Instead she keeps coming back slashing away and forcing Obama to make even more mistakes on the campaign trail. And now the DUmmies are facing their ultimate nightmare in which Hillary SWEEPS the remaining primaries, opening the door for her to steal the nomination away from Obama in Denver. You can see this dreaded scenario in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Everybody Ready for Hillary to Win Guam, North Carolina, and Indiana and Retake this race???" Yes, the Operation Chaos scenario is working out beautifully. A very weary and increasingly frustrated Obama is making more and more mistakes forced upon him by a rejuvenated Hillary. Add Florida and Michigan into the mix and you can expect Hillary to make a solid challenge to Obama in Denver, leading to total CHAOS in the Democrat party. So let us now watch the DUmmies angrily view the coming Hillary onslaught in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reporting from the front lines of the DUmmie meltdown, is in the [brackets]:

Everybody Ready for Hillary to Win Guam, North Carolina, and Indiana and Retake this race???

[But...but KEN NORTON predicts big Barack Obama victories in North Carolina and Indiana.]

I AM! That's right. Hillary will win Guam and Indiana and she is going to squeak by in North Carolina. The latest SUSA poll shows her down only 9 before her PA bump. That state is taylor made for Obama but people are starting to have their doubts and if he cannot win there, where can he win? Obama will lose the white vote big there, Hillary will eat a little into his black vote, and she will win there and change the face of this race. I wouldnt be surprised if Hillary ran the table and eventually took the lead in popular vote in Puerto Rico.

[Ken Norton predicted that Obama would win NC by 15 points.]

Go Hillary, and On to the Nomination!

[Go Hillary, and on to steal the Nomination!]




Hillary 08'!

[Michael Myers 08!]

probably correct, except for NC.- If she wins there, it'd be the upset of the centure - most "experts" give her only a 5 percent chance to win there.

[Ken Norton predicted that Obama would win NC by 15 points.]

In the Event That Clinton Wins All Those States. I still don't see how she can retake this race.

[Except by stealing. Hee! Hee!]

The Uncommitted Superdelegates will come out for her big time if she wins the popular vote. They see that Obama is becoming more and more unelectable.

[Thanx to Operation Chaos.]

Recruiting right-wing Republicans to vote for her doesn't give her any claim to the nomination.

[That doesn't stop Obama from soliciting Republican votes in the primaries.]

I think she has a plan that has nothing to do with winning the delegates and that is where the party will be torn apart. She had everything going for her when the campaign season started - the money, the endorsements, a husband to tag-team campaign, more name recognition. And high negatives that have only gone higher. We can't nominate a candidate who is incapable of reducing her negative image among the general public. She has had a chance to do that during this campaign, and failed, opting to do exactly what most Americans are sick of - dirty campaigning.

[Her plan calls for stealing delegates in backroom deals, including those delegates committed to the Breck Girl.]

Let me guess, you are part of Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos"? Call it a hunch.

[Operation Chaos secret operatives have infiltrated all levels of DUmmieland. Hee! Hee!]


[Freudenschade, baby!]

There is no way she wins without cheating, like counting MI and Fl.


I live in NC. She doesn't have a chance in hell to win here

[I thought you live in Georgia, Ken Norton.]

She's not going to "squeak by" in North Carolina. I think she's going to be steamrolled in North Carolina. Also, she is not going to be the nominee.

[As predicted by Ken Norton.]

And IF she's the nomine. . . . guess what? She LOSES


Thursday, April 24, 2008


The MSM dare not speak its name but the DUmmies are not shy about assigning the REAL blame for Obama's loss in PA---Operation Chaos. It is amusing to hear all the pundits and political analysts go over the many reasons why Hillary won the Pennsylvania primary while carefully avoiding the TRUE reason why she won. Namely that hundreds of thousands of Republicans temporarily switched parties in order to vote for Hillary as part of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos. Yes, the media analysts will note the large number of Republican crossover voters without daring to mention WHY they switched. However, the DUmmies are not shy in assigning blame for Obama's loss as you can see in this THREAD titled, "WHY OBAMA LOST! RUSH LIMBAUGH OPERATION CHAOS! TRANSCRIPT OF CALL." The transcript of that call to Rush is quite long so I will only present a portion of it. The full transcript is available on this DUmmie thread. So let us now watch the DUmmies sourly blame Operation Chaos for Obama's PA loss in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering who the first major MSM figure will be to dare mention the REAL reason for that loss, is in the [brackets]:

[SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: Check out this hilarious VIDEO of an enraged DUmmie going berserk over Operation Chaos!]


[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity merely for posting that thread title.]

here is the transcript of the phone call.

[It's a long transcript so I'll just post the first part of it.]

RUSH: We have an Operation Chaos volunteer on the phone from Exton, Pennsylvania, by the name of Bill. Bill, you're doing the Lord's work out there. Thanks for the call. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Yeah, we went to vote for Hillary. I was a gun-toting evangelical clinging to those guns and clinging to my God. I went out and voted. They asked me on the way out, the pollsters asked me, "Oh, were you one of the people who switched parties?" I said, "Yeah, I switched parties." "So why did you do that?" I said, "Because of Operation Chaosssss."

RUSH: All right!

CALLER: And then they went and they said, "Okay, what are the issues? Were they Iraq, global warming?" "No," I said. "No, it's because of Operation Chaos, led by the commander-in-chief, Rush," and she just laughed. She laughed her head off. Then I went over to the Hillary table and I was there with my Republican committeeman, which he's on board with Operation Chaos as well, and I said, "I voted for Hillary," and she said, "Oh, thank you very much. Thank you very much." "But," I said, "Tomorrow, I'll be reregistering Republican," and she just laughed. It was just a classic moment.

RUSH: That's all they care about is the now anyway. You know, they'll deal with the general later. They just care about the now. They're so happy you did it. I know the Clinton campaign's grateful as they can be for Operation Chaos. They can't ever say so, but they're grateful as hell.

[You can read the rest of this transcript on that DUmmie thread. Let us now watch the angry reactions of the DUmmies over the fact that Operation Chaos is prolonging the agony of the Democrat contest and causing a meltdown of that party...]

This makes sense. She only started winning after the republican process ended.

[...And Operation Chaos began. Hee! Hee!]

Chaos voters aren't swing voters and will never vote Democrat (except this time, to help Hillary screw the Dem Party). They are flying monkeys with brown shirts and they are helping your gal f*ck this process up worse.

[Watch out for the flying monkeys screwing the Democrats. Hee! Hee!]

honestly think there needs to be a law against this

[You should have thought of that when the Democrats in NH, figuring Obama to be a sure winner, crossed over to vote for McCain in the primary. The ironic thing is that if you had not crossed over in such numbers, you could have killed the Hillary campaign in NH. Instead you are now faced with the nightmare of the Democrat Michael Myers.]

His goal is not to have Clinton win the nomination, it's about causing chaos in the Democratic party. It's about invading the party to cause confusion and lack of clarity as to who is getting what votes. By spreading the message of his Operation Chaos, you promote it. I read about this last night on a site that ridicules DU.

[I hope you enjoyed that edition of the DUmmie FUnnies. May I place you on our PING list?]

Aren't they breaking the law? They have to sign an affirmation as to the truth on their application to register to vote. I do not understand how this is allowed to go on if you have these brain dead idiots actually admitting to fraud

[But when Democrats switch over to vote in Republican primaries, that is perfectly alright. Consider this payback for when so many Democrats crossed over to vote for McCain in New Hampshire instead of using the opportunity to put Hillary away for good.]

Of course this has an impact. The media underplays its importance.

[They just can't bring themselves to recognize the importance of Rush Limbaugh and how he is ingeniously destroying the Democrat party.]

Yes but what you leave out is that before Texas... Obama was winning more of the Republican vote... only after the start of "Operation fatboy" was their a spike in the amount of Republicans voting...with most of the new votes going to Clinton... thus making Obama's win of Republicans much smaller

[And this operation has the detonation power of the original Fatboy that was dropped on Nagasaki.]

What I dont get is why MSM completely ignores this crap. And it needs to be addressed..the way anyone can just switch like that..SOON.

[The MSM can only address the results of Operation Chaos but not the REASON Hillary is getting so many Republican votes. They dare not give Rush credit for destroying their beloved Democrat party. Much too painful.]

This is organized election fraud. Rush Limbaugh should be prosecuted for this. Also every asshole that participates in it.

[May we also indict all those Democrat voters who switched to vote for McCain in the primaries?]

I guess they are setting examples to their children on how to be a good Repuke way to go, dittobots. Im sure your kids look up to yall.

[It must really HURT to be forced to stand idly by as El Rushbo completely destroys the Democrat party.]

Most of their kids are probably fat morons like Rush. It's difficult for me to advocate the death of another human being, but this guy should be exterminated.

[Feel the love!]

It's naive to think that some of Clinton's votes DON'T come from dittoheads. There was a post yesterday about an entire PA repub family doing exactly that, and planning proudly to switch back over and put their true support back behind McCain for the GE. That's the difference between repubs voting for Clinton and Obama - Obama's getting the people who are true crossovers who plan to stick with him in the GE; Hillary is getting the ones who want to pit her against McCain because that gives McCain the better chance. Rush dittoheads do not WANT Obama in the GE.

[Not quite right, my little DUmmie. The real purpose isn't to defeat Obama but to DESTROY the Democrat party.]

This should be against election laws!!

[DUmmies should have thought of that when they voted for McCain. Payback is a bitch.]

There should be some lasting negative ramification for switching parties under false pretenses.

[The lasting impact will be the DESTRUCTION of the Democrat party.]

I'm speechless. I'm livid. It's un-f*cking-believable. I don't know what to say. Is there any way to track how many people call in and switch their party back to R?

[Were you the DUmmie in the video above?]

Anyone Have an Estimate of How Many Votes Operation Chaos was responsible for? Just wondering if it could have been a major factor.

[Not just a major factor. It was THE factor in winning PA for Hillary.]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"My house is like a morgue tonight..."

Skinner's house is on fire. Those of you with the stomach to go there have likely seen the flaming icons next to the post titles. As this Democrat campaign has developed, the animosity has increased. Obama supporters now outnumber Hillary supporters by a DUmmie estimate of 7:1.

As you might imagine, there's a lot of waaambulance calling. Skinner doesn't need anymore waambulances; what he, and all Demorats need, is a fire truck, as evidenced in this DUmmie THREAD entilted "My house is like a morgue tonight..."

Now on to watch the DUmmies revel in--and rail against--"white guilt" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Paul Heinzman, is in the [brackets]:

My house is like a morgue tonight...

[Opium parties always end up that way.]

My graduate student daughter came home to watch the returns with us, and she is utterly devastated.

[She's a college student who came home to watch election results with her parents. She has bigger problems this.]

she was part of the ground game for Obama in West Philly, she worked her butt off in the community, they were always on the phone, and that team was tough on the volunteers.

She feels betrayed, not by the campaign, but by white people. By comments she's heard and attitudes....our country still has so far to go in how we live, and how we see ourselves...

[Et tu, Whitie?]

(And we are white! She's very idealistic, and like many young people, see beyond race and ethnicity, but she's getting an education about life, that is painful for all).

[It's not easy being green white.]

But let's be honest: the undertone of this campaign, in the advertising and in comments at the debates were underhanded, sly and divisive. Please don't take this as a critique of the opposition campaign...just an observation. And the media! Let's not go there.

[Let's just say it's whitie's fault and leave it at that.]

I'm trying very hard to remain objective, but my heart hurts for her and for all the young people enthralled with the possibility of politics.

["The possibility of politics?" Stop it, yer killin me!]

I wonder how this will effect all the young people who threw their hearts into this new possibility?

[The effect on their affect will effect a turbulent time in Denver. And now let's watch the Hillary faithful, aided by Operation Chaos operatives defend DUmmie noel711 against a force of Obama supporters against overwhelming odds in this screed against whitie.]

What utter bullshit. "betrayed by white people"

[Just another case of whitie keepin whitie]

So Ed Rendell talks BS?

[Fast Eddie talks the talk and walks the walk.]

Some grad student with an over-developed sense of white guilt supports Obama.

[It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a university professor to over-develop white guilt with BS.]

Dumb bigots who pee their pants at the sight of Osama Bin Laden support the GOP lite candidate.

[Conservatives line up their crosshairs at the sight of Osama Bin Laden.]

Since I live in lower Manhattan, I can tell you I don't give a flying f**k about that spoiled rich boy Osama bin Ladin.

[One fine day, one of our great aviators or infantrymen will give a flying f**k to Osama, and you'll be one of his virgins.]

"White guilt"? Quite unfair. YOu don't know our family, and you dont' know where we've lived or how we've lived.

[We just emancipated Dilsey last year. Sunday dinner's not been the same since, but we endured. A body does get around.]

what bothers me about stating race BETRAYAL s YOU are making this about race. I voted for Obama in the primary as a second choice to edwards...and not because he was black. I actually can't stand Hillary. Not because I don't like women or white people.

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

DU tells me I am obligated to vote my vagina every day, or I'm a self-loathing woman.

[See your doctor if you experience hanging chads as that might be a sign of a rare but serious medical condition.]

No real breathing human being has ever, will ever, vote against Obama because he is the messiah. Except, of course, for all those racists.

[O-bama, Ho-bama, Hey-bama, Bama-Bama Superstar!]

Ken Norton Predicts The May 6 Democrat Primaries

Okay, here is the moment you've been waiting for. Our own pundit, Ken Norton, has given me specific numbers as to what the results will be in the Democrat primaries on May 6 in North Carolina and Indiana. However, in order to correctly interpret Ken's predictions, I urge you first to read THE KEN NORTON EFFECT.

Okay, you've finished reading it? Good. Well, from Ken's POV things look really good for Barack Obama. Ken predicts that Obama will win the North Carolina primary by a huge margin of 15 points over Hillary Clinton. Things look really great for Obama in Indiana as well since Ken has predicted a margin of victory for Obama of 5 points in the Hoosier state.

As a result of these massive Obama victories over Hillary according to Ken, she will exit the race the very next day on May 7. Remember, Ken's consistency in his predictions is 100% so keep that in mind going into the next primary. If Ken predicts it, the results are as good as foretold.

Operation Chaos Victory Causes DUmmieland Meltdown

Operation Chaos has proven to be an OUTSTANDING success in winning the Pennsylvania primary for Hillary by double digits. Let's see. The supposed nominee of the Democrats outspends his opponents by a margin of 4 to 1 and STILL loses in a landslide. How to explain it? As I'm sure Rush Limbaugh will explain it later today the answer comes in two words: Operation Chaos. It was Rush Limbaugh's ingenious campaign that rescued Hillary from the dead over a month ago in Texas and Ohio and now the Michael Myers of the party rises from the dead once again to slash away at Barack Obama who will be forced to raise even more money and spend more time fighting back. My friend Ken Norton of THE KEN NORTON EFFECT predicted yesterday that Hillary will be dropping out in two weeks which means she will be fighting all the way to the Democrat convention this summer. Meanwhile DUmmieland is in complete meltdown mode as you can see in this THREAD with the provocative title of "***HILLARY TAKES PENNSYLVANIA!***" The very title of that thread is like waving a red cape in front of an enraged bull and it does not disappoint. So let us now join the DUmmie meltdown in progress due to Operation Choas as the DUmmies attack the the premise of the thread title in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, anxious to hear the Rush gloat at noon, is in the [brackets]:


[And now the angry DUmmie bulls have roared into the ring at that red cape thread.]


[Don't forget to thank Rush Limbaugh and Operation Chaos.]

Somehow, I doubt that. We'll see when we get the numbers.

[You've got the numbers. 55% to 45%. A double digit landlide victory for Operation Chaos.]

She's dead broke. Some win.

[He's dead in the water. Some loss.]

No, in this case a win is actually a loss. She is a loser but no one has the guts to tell her. So instead they allow her vanity to continue to help the Republicans frame our candidate in the general election- Senator Obama. Where is the blow out win she needed to justify staying in the race?

[A double digit win is a blowout win my bitter little DUmmie.]

She doesn't have a chance of winning anything else, so what use is money? This was her last hurrah (or harumph)!

[Chill up some more of that Freudenschade champagne.]

The African American exodus will be interesting if she does wrest the nomination from Obama.

[The sanity exodus will also be interesting.]

Hillary for Queen

Obama for prince.

[Rush for Puppetmaster.]

You can FEEL the change of energy in the pundits! Hold on, everyone!

[All orchestrated by Puppetmaster Rush.]

Pass the bong already

[I need to kill the pain of a prolonged Democrat primary due to Operation Chaos.]

A W E S O M E !!! Bring the party down NOW!

[A fringe benefit of Operation Chaos!]

Hard truth: You used to have a clear Obama lead and now you've got muddy water. Tonight breathes new life into the Hillary camp. We can bring the popular vote to the fore, and we can win this game.

[Hard Truth: DUmmies are now imploding.]

The main thing I'm going to remember is the reaming Obama got.

[The main thing to remember is the smile you just put on Ben Burch's face.]

Enjoy it while you can. It is all down hill for Clinton after today.

[Is that you, Ken Norton?]

The Goddess of War wants to start a nuclear holocaust and she hates and rejects democratic activists. She's a fearmonger and a warmonger. She also lies to our face (along with her husband) whenever she can get away with it. These are not the values that we fought so hard for over the past 7+ years. If the Goddess somehow becomes the nominee, the party will be fractured beyond repair.

[Which is the ultimate goal of Operation Chaos.]

And I am extremely disappointed in my fellow Pa'ers who didn't have the guts to vote honest and real change. Instead, they allowed the Democratic machine controlled by Rendell to lie to them.

[Don't forget to give credit to the hundreds of thousands of Republican crossover voters under the command of Operation Chaos.]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DUmmies Celebrate Obama PA Primary Victory

Freudenschade, baby! Break out the victory champagne. Obama has already won the Pennsylvania primary. Yes, the DUmmies are already celebrating the victory that is yet to happen. In fact, the actual election results are a mere technicality since the DUmmies have a poll showing that Barack will win. Yes, celebrate my little DUmmies. Guzzle down that Freudenschade brand of champagne. Finally Hillary can be put away permanently, never to come back slashing at Obama like Michael Myers. You can join the DUmmie victory celebration in progress at this THREAD titled, "Obama 49/Clinton 46-Public Policy Polling-Final PA (Most Accurate This Election Cycle)." So let us now watch the DUmmies pop the corks on their champagne bottles in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if there will be a serving of crow during the post-election celebrations, is in the [brackets]:

[UPDATE: I just talked to Ken Norton on the phone and he predicts that Hillary will drop out of the race in a couple of weeks. His predictions have been 100% consistent as you can see in THE KEN NORTON EFFECT.]

Obama 49/Clinton 46-Public Policy Polling-Final PA (Most Accurate This Election Cycle)

[No need to wait for the election results. It's a done deal!]

Public Policy Polling, the most accurate pollster this election cycle, has released their final poll for Pennsylvania: they are projecting

Obama 49

Clinton 46

[Freudenschade, baby!]

Wow. I guess we'll wait and see.

[Why wait? It's a done deal. Start celebrating the Obama victory NOW!]

That would be superb. The final nail in the Hillary coffin.

[Michael Myers will finally be put to rest.]

need to silver the eyes, pour salt in the mouth.. shes a monster after all

[Sleep well, my little DUmmie. Michael Myers will never rise again.]

I thought it was wooden stake through the heart... garlic stuffed in her mouth, head cut off to make sure she stays dead.

[Extra special effort to make sure Michael Myers remains permanently down.]

Be still my heart! I have been bracing for a single digit win for Clinton--and all of the insane spinning from her campaign in the aftermath. I have been guarded about optimistic predictions of an outright win by Obama. I dare to hope that this pollster will prove to be correct again?

[Dare away, my little DUmmie!]

I can't take more Rovian attacks from a fellow "Democrat" much longer.

[DUmmieland is going to be really FUn to watch starting tomorrow!]

I am an Obama supporter but Ed Rendell the Governor here is putting his political machine behind Hillary. I think she will get enough votes from this to beat Obama by 5-10%.


PPP or SUSA? Battle of the Polls!!! One of them is wrong...

[Said the DUmmie biting his nails. The ironic thing here is that Obama could have put Hillary away for good in New Hampshire but too many DUmmies refrained from voting for "sure thing" Obama in favor of voting for McCain in the primary. This caused Hillary to win and breath new life into the political Michael Myers who continues to haunt them to this day. Hee! Hee!]

Their number of undecided is the smallest comparing to other polls

[Microanalyzed the nervous DUmmie.

Tomorrow can't come quickly enough.

[Lean back, my little DUmmie, and take a good whiff of this nitrous oxide so you can wake up on the other side of this election without waiting.]

It will be a double digit victory, and Obama will NOT get more than 37-44%

[OUCH! That is more than enough for Michael Myers to leap up from the dead.]

I hope you show up tomorrow night.

[For the Freudenschade victory party.]

We gonna "throw-down" in the parking lot.

[We gonna "throw-up" in the parking lot.]

Can it be by Wednesday morning we will have a nominee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray it is so!!!!!!!

[Oh Lord, deliver us from the wrath of Michael Myers.]


[Begged the DUmmie channeling the soul of James Brown...PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!]

Wow - if he wins PA, I might get religion.

[That means you would have to worship the goddess Gaia daily.]

Clinton has blown yet another double-digit lead I see. And this is reason #1 why she would be a lousy nominee for our party. But since there is no way in hell she will be the nominee, I can continue to sleep soundly at night.

[Pay no attention to Michael Myers peering in at you through your bedroom window.]

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nora Ephron asks the HUffies about "White Men"

Whomever the Democratics nominate this time, it will be a first: It will NOT be a white male (unless you count Barry as half-white or Hillary as ha--uh, let's not go there). Identity Politics has driven the Democrat race. Guilt-racked whites, wanting to appear enlightened, have supported the clean and articulate Magic Negro. They were joined finally by blacks, when Bill's dismissive South Carolina comments made them decide Barack was black enough. Meanwhile, old feminist teacher-union types have been supporting Hillary!.

But Identity Politics will not be enough to win in November. In order to succeed, the Dem candidate will HAVE TO attract some degree of the white male vote. So now, on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, the Keystone State becomes a test case. Will Barry's recent gaffes hurt him with Typical White Persons? Will Operation Chaos crossover voters help Hillary? Which of the two can woo the Pennsylvania Democrats who, to quote an MSNBC description, are "Hunters, Bowlers, Beer Drinkers, and Gun Owners"?

But before we continue, let us first thank Barry for his commments about small-town folk being "bitter" and "clinging to guns and religion." This was a master stroke, Barry, to ensure that Operation Chaos will continue! And even if you get the nomination, this will haunt you in the general election! So here is my brand-new musical tribute, "My Bitter Town." Click the tune and sing along!

Tune: "My Little Town" Original

In my little town
We grow up by clingin'
To God and the gun on the wall
And we welcome strangers warmly
If they bear a likeness to us all
Angry and small
My bitter town

Comin' home from the Klan
Burnin' a cross on the lawns
Of the immigrants
Our town holdin' a rally
Wearin' our sheets
With the pointy hats

We take off our robes
For the square dance
And none of the dancers are black
It's not that the dancers aren't square
It's just a pigmentation we lack
Everyone's a redneck
In my bitter town

Nothin' but some av'rage whites
Here in my bitter town
Nothin' but some av'rage whites
Here in my bitter town

In my bitter town
I never vote Democrat
I'm just a Republican
Drivin' my pick-up
Pickin' a brick up
Typical right-winger
See me clingin' to my gun

Seein' nothin' but some av'rage whites
Here in my bitter town
Nothin' but some av'rage whites
Here in my bitter town
Nothin' but some av'rage whites
Here in my bitter town . . .

Who can win these bitter whites? Lefty writer Nora Ephron ("When Harry Met Sally," "Silkwood," "Sleepless in Seattle") takes up this question in her HUffPo
THREAD, "White Men." In less than 24 hours, Nora's diary has elicited literally a THOUSAND comments from the HUffies! This is way more than I can read, and there's enough here just with Nora! Nora! Nora!

So let us now proceed with her White-Men bashing, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your guest correspondent, longtime white male Charles Henrickson, wondering if Li'l Beaver will be allowed to vote in Beaver Falls, is in the [Barackets]:

it's suddenly horribly absolutely crystal-clear that this is an election about gender and race.

[Thank you, Comrade Obvious.]

This is an election about whether the people of Pennsylvania hate blacks more than they hate women.

[It's about whether DEMOCRATS hate blacks or women more. All the HillAryans are racists, and all the Obambats are sexists!]

And when I say people, I don't mean people, I mean white men.

[Oh, I forgot: Only WHITE MEN can be racist or sexist! And apparently, white men do not qualify as "people."]

To put it bluntly, the next president will be elected by them. . . .

[To put it more bluntly: President McCain.]

the outcome of Tuesday's primary will depend on whether they go for Hillary or Obama. . . .

[Tough choice. When was the last time a white man went for Hillary? Or to put it another way, how old is Chelsea?]

white men cannot be relied on, as all of us know who have spent a lifetime dating them.

[When was the last time a white man went for you, Nora?]

As for the Democratic hope that McCain's temper will be a problem, don't bet on it. A lot of white men have terrible tempers, and what's more, they think it's normal.


If Hillary pulls it out in Pennsylvania, and she could, and if she follows it up in Indiana, she can make a credible case that she deserves to be the candidate. . . .

[WHEEEEEEE!!!!!! Isn't Operation Chaos FUn?!]

these last primaries will show which of the two Democratic candidates is better at overcoming the bias of a vast chunk of the population. . . .

[How do you figure, Nora? If they vote for Hillary, they're racist. If they vote for Barry, they're sexist. They're biased either way!]

Hillary's case is not an attractive one. . . .

[Her "case"? Is that short for "pantsuit-face-voice-and-body"?]

what she'll essentially be saying . . . is that she can attract more racist white male voters than Obama can.

[All your racist white male base are belong to us!]

Hillary is the true whack-a-mole. . . .

[She takes a licking and keeps on ticking!]

if she survives on Tuesday, it will be a whole new ballgame. And it will be all because of white men.

[WOO-HOO! White men rule!!]