Thursday, September 11, 2008

"I'm mad as hell and I'm tired of being polite."


Palin Madness Syndrome (PMS) begins its second shrill week tomorrow. Now, any normal person who has been following the trail of lies and vitriol on left wing blogs and forums (and the MSM) would think "well, they'll get over this."

Problem is, they can't get over it. McCain is now leading in most polls, primarily because of his excellent pick of Governor Sarah Palin, a genuine conservative who can deliver a knockout speech with a smile that can brighten the arctic winter's perpetual darkness.

They can't get over it because they have watched, over the last two weeks, a seasoned politician skillfully select a running mate that has conservatives who were lukewarm to cold about this campaign just days before the convention fired up like they haven't been since the Reagan years.

They can't get over it because they know that moderate and conservative independents and Democrats who supported Hillary are warming up to the McCain / Palin ticket.

They can't get over it because they are watching their neophyte number 1 and loquacious number 2 making gaff after gaff out of sheer nervousness at the prospect that they are going to lose an election that should have been theirs for the taking.

But those things  aren't what THEY think is causing JObama to lose. It hasn't been the electorate's growing weariness in the disgusting smears about Governor Palin and her family. It's because they've been too nice. That's right, in true Bill Ayers fashion, the DUmmies only regret is that they haven't done enough mudslinging, as witnessed in this DUmmie THREAD titled "I'm mad as hell and I'm tired of being polite." 

So now, on to watch the DUmmies pledge to get even ruder in Bolshevik red, while the comments of your humble guest correspondent, Paul Heinzman are in the [brackets].

I'm mad as hell and I'm tired of being polite.

[Did you slip up and say "please" today?]

Barack Obama is running a highly ethical, decent campaign.

[You can put lipstick on a still ain't nothing but a possum.]

I'm not Barack Obama, though, and I've had it up to here with the Republican's filthy nasty underhanded lying weaselly scumbag campaigning. I've had it with the filthy corporate-owned media's collusion in these lies. I've had it with being pitifully grateful everytime some media whore actually makes some minor, insignificant nod toward fairness and actual journalistic integrity.

[Everything is right about what you said, but you misspelled "Democrats'" really badly.]

As a woman, a lesbian, a pagan, a socialist, and a FEMINIST I've had it with listening to fatuous crap about Sarah Palin. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to hide it anymore.

[Lesbian pagan socialist feminists ordinarily have such an easygoing demeanor.]

If I want to call that bitch yes I called her a bitch any name in the book I'll do it!

[Hold nothing back! It's been a winning strategy so far.]

She's the whore of Babylon, drinking the blood of saints. 

[I didn't know lesbian pagan socialist feminists made Biblical references.]

John McCain is a doddering fool whose brain has been taken over by subhuman mutants. Together they are the ticket from hell, designed to take us to hell, and I'm not going to keep my powder dry or be quiet or be polite or God forbid not say anything that might be construed as sexist!!!!! ohnoes!!!

[Are you sure you are a lesbian pagan socialist feminist and not just a lesbian feminist, because you sure seem to be into the Judeo-Christian imagery, and those things have no place in either paganism or socialism. Let's just say you are a bull-dyke and be done with it.]

thanks, yardwork. i feel the same way. just the tone of her voice puts me in a rage.

[Just the tone of the DUmmies puts me in stitches.]

And I'm tired of her shaking my finger at me, too.

[Sarah's shaking your finger at you? Does she do that before or after she grabs your wrists and makes you slap yourself while repeating, "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself..."]

and that "thumb up" gesture is so childish.

[But it works for Bill Clinton. Of course, with Bill Clinton, you have to be careful because you didn't know where that thumb has been.]

Thumbs up for hunting wolves from helicopters. Thumbs up for extinguishing polar bears from the surface of the earth. Thumbs up for shooting baby wolves in the face.

[Sarah can shoot baby wolves in the face from a helicopter? Can she get any cooler?]

Yes, that's it. She's talking down to ALL OF US.

[Talking to DUmmies is way below Sarah's pay scale.]

Despite her pretense at being some great executive, she has little or no experience.

[She has infinitely more executive experience than the whole Democrat ticket.]

She doesn't know a damn thing about the world.

[Except that the United States of America is a model for freedom and opportunity that allowed us to become, in less than two hundred years, the most powerful and prosperous nation in history, and that in the last century we used that power to save Europe and Asia from tyranny and genocide. That's good enough for me, but I suspect she knows a heluva lot more.]

She thinks global warming is a liberal myth.

[No, she KNOWS that man-made global warming is a liberal myth. The sooner you guys stop obsessing over how much you exhale or how many times cows fart, the sooner we can find out how to predict and deal with the natural ebb and flow of weather.]

She thinks she has "foreign policy experience" because her state is next to Russia??!

[Being the commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard, our country's first line of defense against Russian ICBMs does put her in a unique position among our countries state governors. I think you'll be surprised by some of the things we find out about how important a job the governor of Alaska is in the next few weeks.

[Now, I promise, I'll focus on the FUnnie posts from here out.]

She reminds me of the adults around me as a child.

[Always telling you to wash up for dinner; quit playing ball in the house; don't put that fork in the light socket; don't smell Bill Clinton's thumb, you don't know where that thumb's been.]

They'd preach God on one hand, and terrorize the kids they took care of at night...or seduce them if they were older.

[Hey, I was just kidding about Bill Clinton being around when you were a kid. I didn't know.]

We should be calling them Shrill and Unhinged!

[In late January, I hope to be calling them Mr. President and Madam Vice President.]

I gave up being polite decades ago--when, as we were fighting to get the ERA ratified, we were told to be "ladylike" or the boys would get mad at us.

[Behaving like a decent person failed so drastically for Susan B. Anthony and Claire Boothe Luce.]

I will NOT be silenced.

[But you WILL be forgotten.]

I love the fighting spirit here

[...but the flesh is weak. Real weak.]

The people pitted against us don't give a rat's ass about us so there's no reason to play nice.

[We care. Not in the way you WANT us to care. If it weren't for you guys, we'd have to go searching for a whole new crop of malcontents to laugh at.]

Take off the gloves and hit them as hard as you can.

[Dollar against a doughnut my jaw is harder than your fist and my fist is harder than your nose.]

Comment from a coworker at lunch today - everyone has their own opinions.
I said, "Well, their opinions are wrong." Look of shocked disapproval. I said, "Hey, these people want to change the Constitution of the United States to outlaw any religion except theirs. They want to overturn all the principles on which our country was founded to impose their own views as law."

[At which point everyone went back to eating their lunch, after shrugging and saying, out of earshot and in a muted tone: "It's just Yardwork's usual lunchtime rant. Someone should tell her that Billy Ray Cyrus gave up the mullet years ago, maybe she should move on too." Inevitably, someone sez "You mean Yardwork's a chick?!"]

Now tell us how you really feel "She's the whore of Babylon, drinking the blood of saints.

[Yardwork is suffering from Palin Madness Syndrome. She should learn to go with the flow.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely INSANE

Do these retards even listen to this self-indulgent idiocy?

When i was growing up, morons like these were routinely dosed with lithium and put to work sweeping up the streets.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"As a woman, a lesbian, a pagan, a socialist, and a FEMINIST"
Great start, please, continue.

"If I want to call that bitch yes I called her a bitch any name in the book I'll do it!"
I double-dog DARE you. You won't, will you. You're a puss. (oops, did I say that to a les?)

"And I'm tired of her shaking my finger at me, too."
Did I read that right??

"Yes, that's it. She's talking down to ALL OF US."
Climb out of the gutter, and she wouldn't HAVE too, DUmmie. That's why WE talk down to you and troggy.
You're bottom feeders. (hiya troggy)

"Despite her pretense at being some great executive, she has little or no experience."
Thank GOD, Opossum voted present for six months!

"She thinks global warming is a liberal myth."
You have a problem with liberal lies??

"She reminds me of the adults around me as a child."
Interesting. Do you REALLY want a response to that....sonny?

"I gave up being polite decades ago--"
Says the twenty year old wannabe hippie.

"The people pitted against us don't give a rat's ass about us"
A moment of clarity. Where's the QP doll?

"Take off the gloves and hit them as hard as you can."
What was that, a sofa pillow??

Got to be one of the best examples of PDS so far.


I'm fishing, leave me alone.


10:09 PM  
Anonymous Skully said...

"Thumbs up for extinguishing polar bears from the surface of the earth."- some deranged DUmmie

Is this DUmmie saying that Gov. Palin caused man-made global warming??

How is that possible, when we all know that Bush caused global warming, along with : 9/11, Aids, killed JFK and MLK, started WW2, killed Lincoln, caused the "little ice age", and the black death, failed to sign the Magna Carta, caused the fall of the Roman Empire, killed Jesus and all the rest of the impeachable offenses he and Darth have committed.

Stop blaming Palin for stuff Bush did, she's not in office yet....Idiot!!

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut it out, second name sake, yer gonna scare away the troggies.


11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's talking down to ALL OF US.

"Well, their opinions are wrong."

Nope, no liberals talking down to anyone there. Nothing to see here. Move along.

12:01 AM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

"...fatuous crap...filthy nasty underhanded lying weaselly, scumbag campaigning...filthy corporate-owned media's collusion in these lies..."

But not a single example.

Well, except the drinking the blood of saints, of course.

She might want to rethink that part about NOT keeping her powder dry.

Then again maybe she means talcum powder. Still, wet talcum powder...

3:06 AM  
Anonymous skully said...

Sorry cuz, but the troggies aren't going to be scared by me. They are already terrified of the girl from Alaska. She field dressed the Rat ticket like a fresh killed moose. Now they see their "promised land" slipping away from them as quick as an Alaskan summer night. There scared alright, cuz the GOP is closing the gap in the down ticket races too. The Obamessiah could be the burning tire around the neck of the entire Rat slate. Man if the GOP makes gains in the House and Senate; the DUmmies will be suicidal. There was supposed to be no threat to their congessional power...WHoops!!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Ray said...

"As a woman, a lesbian, a pagan, a socialist, and a FEMINIST"

Is that you, Ben Burch?

"And I'm tired of her shaking my finger at me, too."

What's the matter, Ben? Are you upset because she isn't using her entire fist?

"I will NOT be silenced."

But you WILL be inadequate.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

I know far too many MOONBATS like this on Yahoo!

Life must be hell for them having their heads permanently rammed up their ass.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous john galt said...

"... Judeo-Christian imagery, and those things have no place in either paganism or socialism ..." Charlie

Check your premise. Socialists tend to be mostly Christian.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... Behaving like a decent person failed so drastically for Susan B. Anthony and Claire Boothe Luce. ..."

Claire Boothe Luce??? ROFLMAO

Screw anything in pants... maybe even wear the pants herself.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous elrond hubbard said...

So much hatred, so much rage, so much ranting in the basement after midnight.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

"As a woman, a lesbian, a pagan, a socialist, and a FEMINIST I've had it with listening to fatuous crap about Sarah Palin. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to hide it anymore."

Hmm a woman AND a lesbian.. Wow, who would have guessed AND a FEMINIST with all capital letters no less.

But wait, it gets better. 'She' is also a pagan and a socialist to boot!

WOW! Can I get her number?

I bet she has hair growing under her arms, wears Berkenstocks all the time but no bra and hasn't had a real date in at least 20 years with a Male OR a female...

Can't you just see this lunatic?

So tolerant, loving and giving to ALL of her fellow human beings.

A regular saint in a hemp shirt no doubt.


4:26 PM  
Anonymous elrond hubbard said...

Pagan, Lesbian, Socialist, Feminists for Obama

That's a little awkward, maybe:
Socialist, Pagan, Lesbian Feminists for Obama

How about: Socialist, Feminist, Pagan, Lesbians for Obama

It would a popular bumper sticker in Berkeley and Ann Arbor but scarce on Planet Earth.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Kirk Johnson said...

Most Xtians are socialists? How does that work, given that the final three Commandments pretty much cut the heart out of the socialist ideology?

7:03 PM  
Anonymous LC Staci said...

These people are absolutely nuts.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Adam said...

YOu gotta love how Yardwork claims to be a feminist, yet has no problem with calling Palin a "Bitch." Boy, Yardwork, you sure know how to address your fellow women (Or do you feminist types prefer to call them 'womyn'?) using courteous, sensitive terms, don't you? You're not at all sending a mixed, hypocritical message by using that term, are you?
I think a big part of the reason wh the DUmmies and other ultra- libs hate Palin so much is because of the fact that she stole Obama's thunder on the last day of the DNC. On that day, Obama gave his smug, condescending acceptance speech, perched atop his Greek- style stage like Zeus atop Mount Olympus addressing the puny mortals, and the DUmmies expected Obama's cult to double in size and everyone in the media and elsewhere to spend the next month or so after that fawning over Obama and gladly voting him into a landslide victory in November. However, that very day, Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's VP pick, and suddenly SHE was the center of attention as the focus on Obama's speech got shifted to the sidelines. What they felt should have been Obama's finest hour was virtually ignored by the media and Internet in favor of the news of Palin's selection. That, the DUmmies and other libs could not stand. They couldn't stand the fact that Palin got all the attention instead of their Obamessiah, and the fact that now McCain stands a real chance of beating Obama. So, they vent all their frustration, bitterness and anger over that situation against Palin, by devoting their every waking moments to puking out all kinds of disgusting and petty personal attacks against Palin and her family.
The DUmmies are really showing their true colors during this election.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm not going to keep my powder dry"-DUmmie

Um, dry powder is how one fires one's weapon. I think this statement shows us the impotence of the chosen weapon of the DUmmie. Their words.

9:45 PM  

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