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DUmmie darkangel218 DUmps her RW BF

You remember Sarah Ibarruri, aka Sarah Ibuprofen? She was the DUmmie who was dating a right-wing boyfriend, and she was very conflicted about it. On the one hand, her boyfriend was smart, had money, and treated Sarah with love and kindness. On the other hand, he had right-wing political views. What to do? What to do??

Well, now we have another DUmmieland damsel in distress. She is DUmmie darkangel218, and she too had fallen for a right-wing boyfriend. I guess it's because we conservative men are all tall, good-looking, employed, with 6% body fat, that all the hippie chicks fall for us. Their prog boys are all such weak widdle wusses. The DUmmie girls simply cannot suppress their Real Inner Woman, which longs for a strong retrosexual male.

Be that as it may, now DUmmie darkangel218 has finally had enough! She is THROUGH with her man! "A Reich-winger? ICK! Patooey! What was I thinking??" DUmmie darkangel218 declares her independence here in this THREAD, the elegantly titled "Today i told my rw bf to f*** off."

So let us now enter the soap opera of non-soap-users, the DUmb and the Restless, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, reminding you that even in DUmmieland there's a lid for every pothead, is in the [brackets]:

Today i told my rw bf to f*** off

[A right-wing boyfriend?? Ick! How did you ever let it get that far in the first place??]

I can't stand his idiocy anymore.

[It's getting in the way of MY idiocy!]

I can't stand his lies and selfishness any longer. Last night I had a bad night, and my idiot half blew me off because he had to listen to Coast to Coast am.

[Let's see, Coast to Coast AM or DUmmie darkangel218 . . . Which would I rather listen to? Which would be more in touch with reality? Hmmm. . . .]

He's a truck driver. . . .

[He's in the DUmp truck now!]

He couldn't even stay on the phone w me on my drive home.

[Just a thought, but maybe it's because he's driving a sixteen-ton truck, and he wants to keep both hands on the wheel.]

Why I'm posting this is not just to vent.

[It's to take applications for a new boyfriend.]



I couldn't even put my Obama sticker on my car because of him,.but guess what, from now on it will be covered in them!

[Take THAT, rw x-bf!!]

RWs are all the same, selfish, f up liars! May they rot in hell, if whatever sh*thole rotten souls like theirs will go to!

[Hell hath no fury like a woman unstickered!]

Long live the Democratic Party! Long live Freedom! Long live USA!

[One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is not the same. . . .]

[Now her fellow DUmmies commiserate with darkangel218 . . .]

Glad you did this. . . .

[What were you waiting for??]

Keep the faith, and feel 100,000 Du hugs!

[Ewww! Ick!!]

i had 11 stickers on my car during 2004 election and my republican hubby didnt say a word. as a matter of fact, as often as it was brought up, he would chuckle about my car. and often pointed it out to his buddies.

["Hey, guys! See all those Kerry-Edwards stickers on my wife's car? I let her have those. It keeps her quiet, we all know Kerry's gonna lose anyway, and I get all I want in the sack! C'mon, gimme five!"]

Take a big breath of fresh clean air and yell "I feel good" or what ever makes you smile. Good riddance to the mill stone.

[Free at last! Free at last! Thank Gaia almighty, I'm free at last!]

Maybe you will meet smeone new here on DU. . . .

[DUmmie GreenPartyVoter starts hitting on darkangel218. The line forms in the back, boys!]

So glad to hear this, my sister. . . . Here's hoping you find someone who respects your point of view.

[DUmmie Jack Sprat gets in line.]

Sounds like you made the right decision but you shouldn't be talking on the phone while you drive.

[We may have to report you to the Nanny State, darkangel218.]

I just assumed she was hands free. Democrats are responsible folk.

[IRONY ALERT: This DUmmie, a proponent of safe driving, has an avatar of . . . get this . . . TED KENNEDY!]

I hope he's good and dumped (I'm female. . . .)

[I'll hit on you too, darkangel! This is DUmmieland, after all.]

Coast to Coast was a good one last night

[Is that you, rw x-bf?]

the couple of times I listened it was alien abduction.

["'darkangel218'? An ancient alien, of course. 'darkangel'? Nighttime, coming down from the sky. '218'? The year she first arrived."]

Used to really love C2C when Art Bell hosted.

Fwiw, Art Bell voted for Obama.

[Ask not for whom the Bell polls.]

I loved Art Bell. Such an entertainer!

[He's the Joe Biden of radio!]


[Do NOT listen to Coast to Coast, darkangel218! Art Bell's not on it anymore! And do not listen to what that Aliens hair guy says about you!]

Sending hugs.

[Sending alien thought beams. . . .]

starting a personal journal/diary always helps!

[Dear diary, Today I put Obama bumper stickers all over my car! I feel so proud of myself! I feel LIBERATED! Tonight I'm going to drive around in my car and talk on my cell phone and show THE WORLD where I stand! Obama 2012, baby! Who needs that lousy old truck driver anyway? I've got my bumper stickers!! Self-hug, d.a.]

A truck driver is exactly the kind of guy that will be screwed under the GOP. I can't understand how people like this can support Republicans.

[I can't IMAGINE how increased oil production, lower fuel prices, and more favorable policies toward business could POSSIBLY help truck drivers!]

Back when I was a dating man, my new girlfriend was always much better than my last one was, so keep that in mind as you ply the darkness of loneliness.

[I think DUmmie madokie would like to ply darkangel.]

I hope you can savor your solitude. It may not last long.

[Take a number!]

GOOD FOR YOU! Ha! I have a RW GF and surprisingly we get along fairly well. We just dont talk politics. IF she acts up when BO gets re-elected... She'll get the boot!

[DUmmie Snoozin, putting the BO in BOOT!]


[You go, girl! Pile on those stickers! Don't worry, darkangel218, you'll find another boyfriend. Which reminds me . . . What about dateless DUmmie steve2470? He has to ride the bus--he'd appreciate a girl with a car. And he has numbers in his name! A match made in DUmmie heaven!]


Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Ha! I have a RW GF and surprisingly we get along fairly well. We just dont talk politics. IF she acts up when BO gets re-elected... She'll get the boot!

Wanna bet?

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10 yard penalty for BS!! More likely she got dumped.

Heterosexual women of any political stripe want a man, not a castrated, in-touch, nancy boy. Which is 100% of the men on the left. With their hipster beards, hipster glasses, hipster everything else.

In the end, all women want a man who can kill a bug without screaching like a woman. And then worrying about their nails.

There is also a very good chance she invented the entire incident, since she is a DUmmie, and they tend to invent scenes in their heads.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

"He couldn't even stay on the phone w me on my drive home."

Good God, can you imagine those conversations? I bet the guy was reliving being bored out of his skull during 7th grade Algebra in order to relieve the pain. Seems to me he was fed up with her BS after finding out conservative women actually shave their pits and douche regularly.

9:38 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

I bet the guy was reliving being bored out of his skull during 7th grade Algebra in order to relieve the pain

If a video existed of his facial expressions during that conversation, it would probably be epic.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

So it looks like they're moving Romney's acceptance speech up to Monday or Tuesday because of storm Isaac. Then he'll leave town. What then? I guess you all the the Sheriff Joe Arpaio speech to look forward to.

Gawd. Are you guys snakebit or what? One thing after the other. One might conclude God's wrath has something to do with it. Like He's trying to tell you Something. Crazy talk, of course. Has anyone heard what Pat Robertson has to say about it yet?

At this point, there's only 1% chance it'll be a hurricane by the time it reaches Florida, if it does at all.

Just on the off chance that it does turn into a hurricane...can we all agree that God would be punishing you all in some way? On the other hand, if the mittwit makes his acceptance speech early and nothing happens, wouldn't that mean that God wants him to look like a big fat pussy?

I'll guess we'll see. Either way, it doesn't look good for you poor saps. Except for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of course!

12:00 AM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

FOAD Troglafuck, you lying racist fucked up fucking fuckwad.

1:35 AM  

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