Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DUmmie Hecklers Rush Ryan on Stage

As soon as I saw this VIDEO of Paul Ryan being rushed on stage by hecklers, my first thought was "What are their DUmmie screen names?" It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the morons rushing the stage were DUmmies since the action is completely counter-productive. Hey, DUmmies, you just wrote off Iowa with that stage rush. However, the DUmmies remain utterly clueless about how rushing an opposition candidate on a stage hurts their own cause as you can see in this THREAD, "Ryan Heckled At First Solo Event." So let us now watch the DUmmies toss away their pious demands for a "civil discourse" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting this action was most likely part of a SEIU DUAC list, is in the [brackets]:

Ryan Heckled At First Solo Event

[And rushed on stage. Saw goodbye to Iowa in November, DUmmies.]

DES MOINES, Iowa — Paul Ryan's remarks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines today turned into a confrontational scene when hecklers sought to drown him out and then rush the stage. 

[SEIU thugs or DUmmies or both?]

Ryan had barely begun speaking when a woman shouted, "Are you going to cut Medicare?" 

[Like the 700 billion the Bamster cut for ObamaCare?]

Two women rushed the stage, and one was apparently arrested by three Iowa State Patrolmen after getting on stage with a banner. 

[They actually thought this would help their cause which means they MUST be DUmmies.]

"Woah...hey...alright...she must not be from Iowa" said a dumbfounded Ryan as the woman got on stage. The officers bounded out from behind the stage to pull her down, saying "She just punched a volunteer." 

[We are awaiting WILLIAM RIVERS PITT to now chime in with his "civil discourse" shtick. We now go to the clueless DUmmies who actually think rushing Ryan on a stage helps the Democrats...]

I hope we see stuff like this everyday. 

[Hoping for a landslide loss?]

Nope- no one should have been able to rush the stage like that. It's just not good. 

[SHHH!!! Don't tell the other DUmmies that this is a blueprint for a massive electoral LOSS.]

No harm, no foul. No one hurt, 

[The only ones hurt were Democrats.]

It's a sign that people are not going to take this power grab lying down. 

[Already planning for the post November Bolshevik Revolution?]

Were These Romney Supporters? This is so uncharacteristic for Iowans so I have to wonder if this was a staged event to give sympathy to Ryan. Think about it. 

[I thought about it and concluded the culprits were clueless DUmmies.]

It did seem odd that young looking women were heckling about medicare...... 

[It won't seem odd when you check the bonus section of their SEIU paystubs.]

It Sounds Like A Breitbart Operation To Me 

[LOL! It was so counter-productive that Breitbart was behind this to make Ryan look good. I have a better idea...BUSH'S FAULT!]

Update: Cherie Mortice, who participated in the protest, told TPM in a phone interview that it was organized by Iowa Citizens For Community Improvement, a nonpartisan progressive group in the state. They are the same group that heckled Mitt Romney at last year’s Iowa State Fair, prompting his famous response that “Corporations are people.” 

[Progressive=Left Wing Loonies.]

It probably means I'm not a good person, but seriously, I love when things like this happen to Repubs. 

[Will you also love LOSING in November?]

Sounds like were off to a good start. 

[Down the long slope to utter defeat.]

It might have been set up by the Right Wing, to use in an ad..

 [Hee! Hee!] 

Please ..... I believe that these people will do anything including stagging what looks like a spontaneous event. If Rove and company can make it look like we, those opposed to Ryan, are the radicals, not them, well they might get some sympathy... They are amoral..They hate us and they would do something like that..They will do anything to win. 

[Yeah. Those women were recruited by Karl Rove at a Kinko's in Amarillo, TX.]

A nonpartisan progressive group? Can someone explain that to me, please. 

[A far left group financed by Soros bucks.]

And someone said, "she just punched a volunteer"? Did the volunteer attack her first? Because if he did, the woman has a right to defend herself. This is Iowa people. We can and will defend ourselves against attacks, physical or mental. Go Ms. Mortice! 

[Yeah, leftwing loons have a perfect right to be protected from being shoved when they are rushing a public stage.]


Anonymous Corona said...

In the 70s progs declared the word "retard" to be an un-PC word. Note how it's plastered all over the web describing todays' progs. It was inevitable.

You're all a bunch of fucking retards. Live, love & learn. Peace out.


10:42 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Oh & Troggy, Live, Love & learn.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

"I hope we see stuff like this everyday."

Is that YOU, Troglafuck?

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Did the volunteer attack her first?" Do all DUmbasses have reading comprehension problems? Let's see, the DUmbass rushes the stage where the Republican VP Candidate is speaking. No matter what the volunteer did, the DUmbass initiated an attack when she rushed the stage.
Now, if the parties were reversed, and a Young Republican had rushed the stage with Biden on it, I can guarantee this same oh-so-concerned DUmbass would have been screeching that the YR should have been shot or wished some other form of painful death on the YR.

9:49 AM  
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