Friday, July 27, 2012

DUmmies rip Romney: Mr. Bain Goes to the London Olympics

The London Olympics have now begun. And for the judges scoring in DUmmieland, the biggest loser so far has been Mitt Romney. The DUmp is replete with thread after thread ridiculing the Ugly Rethuglican for his series of gaffes insulting and offending the Brits. And they think this is the biggest deal since the War of 1812.

What the DUmmies don't realize is that a) these supposed "gaffes" are way overblown, just a case of mittpicking, much ado about nothing, b) almost no one in America knows or cares what he said, and c) most normal Americans don't care what the socialist Euroweenies think of us.

So here is the biggest, most horriblest "gaffe" that Romney committed. In an interview for American TV, Brian Williams of NBC asked Romney--who has successfully run an Olympics--this question: "In the short time you've been here in London, do they look ready for the Olympics to your experienced eye?" Now keep in mind, the Brits themselves have expressed some concerns about the preparations, the security, etc. So here is Romney's reply: "You know, it's hard to know just how well it will turn out. There are a few things that were disconcerting, the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials. That obviously is not something which is encouraging."


Or maybe not.

We'll sample from a bunch of the dozens of threads now dominating DUmmieland, beginning with this THREAD,"#RomneyShambles now trending on Twitter."

So let us now light the Comedic Torch and LET THE GAMES BEGIN, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest corrsepondent, Charles Henrickson, hoping Romney will stay on dressage, is in the [brackets]:

#RomneyShambles now trending on Twitter

[#DUmmieScramble now venting on Mittster]

The mayor of London is apparently making fun of Mitt Romney right now. . . . Can this get any worse for Romney?

[I predict Obama will CARRY London in a landslide!]

"There's guy called Mitt Romney who wants to know if we are ready. Are we ready? Yes we are!" — London Mayor Boris Johnson to a raucous crowd in London's Hyde Park after the arrival of the Olympic flame.

[OUCH! Boris has cut Mitt to the quick! I'm sure Boris's barb will cost Romney the election!]

Mitt the twit!

[Pick the nit!]

His trip is an unmitigated disaster so far.


Mittens didn't go to the UK to get votes. He went there to get money. He will call the trip a success--and by his standards, it will be a success. He will get the cash. The vast majority in the United States won't hear what Mittens did in the UK. The vast majority won't care what Mittens did in the UK.

[DUmmie RickFromMN, you have just won the Gold Kewpie Doll in the Mental Clarity Hurdles! Congratulations! We will now play the Minnesota national anthem. . . .]

BWHAHAHAHA: Daily Mail Political Editor James Chapman - ‘WORSE THAN SARAH PALIN’ ‘TOTAL CAR CRASH’

[BWHAHAHAHA: Nobody in America cares what Daily Mail Political Editor James Chapman thinks!]

The comparisons with Romney's trip to Europe and Obama's visit at almost exactly the same stage in the electoral cycle four years ago are almost too embarrassing to mention. Obama wooed a quarter of a million people in Berlin while Romney was mocked by the British prime minister.

["CBS News is now prepared to call Europe for Obama! Let me repeat: CBS News is now calling Europe for Obama! All--how many electoral votes does Europe get again? Well, anyhow, they all go to Obama. . . ."]

Mitt Romney is our Mr. Bean.

[He's our Mr. Bain.]

Am I the ONLY one who thinks Romney is *deliberately* making gaffes overseas to appeal to the Republican/Teabagger base? . . . While we sane people are laughing at Mitt Romney, the nationalists/Teabagger brigade absolutely LOVE the fact that Mitt's giving it to those SOCIALISTS!!

[I don't know about *deliberately* making gaffes, and they're not much as far as "gaffes" go--they're certainly not in Biden's class--but you are on to something: Most Americans don't care what the socialist Euroweenies think.]

Mitt has turned the "Ugly American" into an art form.

[He's the Ugly Rethuglican.]

blowback from the Brits means nothing-- they don't vote here and hardly anyone who does will remember in November. . . .


Do you remember Obama's speech as candidate in Berlin? Throngs of adoring people chanting his name. . . .

[And Obama carries BERLIN!!]

I just peeked into freeperville - and they are swooning with delight.

[Lousy Freeper Swoonbats!]

Let's face it: Romney went all "Pip, Pip, Tally-ho!" on the UK and they ain't buyin' it.

[Let's face it: Obama is going all "Dip, Dip, Rally-no!" on the US and we ain't buyin' it.]

Mitt put the "Dip" in "Diplomacy"

[Barry put the "Dip" in "Economy."]

he'll pull a "Let them eat cake." in France.

[At least it won't be a "Let them eat peas" in America.]

In spite of his every screw up, lie and inability to be anything close to a human being...How many voters will pick Romney merely because he's the rich white guy?

It's more about Obama being a black man than Mitt being white. By all reasonable standards of fact, abilities, likability,successes, and morality Obama should be at least 30 points ahead of Mitt. . . .

["Successes"? "SUCCESSES"?? Your guy Obama is going for the gold medal in the Debtathlon! He's going for the gold in Barack & Failed!]

Schadenfreude is a delicious thing.

[That's "Freudenschade" to you DUmmies! Freudenschade, baby! Check back with me on that in November!]

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DUmmies wonder: "Is It Time to Leave America?"

It has become a tradition in DUmmieland. From time to time, one of the disgruntled denizens of the DUmp will post a thread about how they are seriously considering fleeing Jesusland and migrating to Socialist Nirvana (e.g., Canada, France, one of the Scandinavian countries). But then they don't leave! They keep hanging around, whining about how bad 'Murrka is. It's all talk and no U-Haul.

We have such a whinefest today here in this THREAD by DUmmie Yavin4, "Is It Time to Leave America?"

So let us now gather in the lobby of the DUmmieland Useless Hostel, where the prog pilgrims are packing their backpacks and preparing to depart, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, declaring this a DUbble-DUFU Tuesday, is in the [brackets]:

Is It Time to Leave America?

[In your case, DUmmie Yavin4, yes.]

8%+ unemployment is rapidly becoming the new normal.

[Hey, it's Obamanomics. Get used to it.]

We have a Republican party dominated by hot-headed, ignorant, racists like Michelle Bachman. We have a Democratic party that is too weak to stand up for their own principles. Rule by oligarchy has been approved by the SCOTUS. And now, we have to be armed to the teeth.

[Just. Give. Up.]

Is this the kind of country that you want to raise your children in?

[You're forgetting, Yavin4, that most DUmmies don't have children. They have abortions. And homosex. And so the DUmmie dearth rate makes that a non-issue.]

Is this the kind of nation that you want to grow old in and have to pay for your health care. . . ?

[No way! Let's go to a country with rationed government health care, where we can wait three years for a hip replacement--if we qualify, if we don't get too old in the meantime and get sent to the Death Panel. . . .]

Do you want your tax dollars to pay for yet another war in Iran instead of education?

[If you're talking about FEDERAL tax dollars, then yes, I DO want those dollars to go toward a legitimate federal function like national defense and to stay clear away from a local matter like education.]

Emigrating to another nation is extremely difficult, but people do it every day when conditions in their native lands get so bad they have no choice.

[FUnnie how so many of them want to come to AMERICA! What's WRONG with them??]

We're nearing that point.

[Start packing!]

I know some of you will call me a coward and say, "stay and fight".

[No, I'll call you a DUmmie and say, "Please go!"]

Tell me, how are you going to fight an oligarchy, the religious nut cases, and the bigots who are armed to the teeth all at the same time?

[You can't. So go to Iran, for example, where you can escape all that.]

I am preparing to leave and live elsewhere.

[Bon voyage! Or are you going to be a big tease, DUmmie Yavin4, and end up staying?]

[Now let's see what your fellow travelers--who usually end up being non-travelers--have to say . . .]

My wife wants us to leave. We have an offer. I am waiting to see what happens in November. If that f*** Romney gets in, I am so out of here.

[Oh, why wait? I hear if you book travel to leave no later than November 5, you can get a big discount! So don't delay! Call today! That's 1-800-TOR-ONTO. Operators are standing by. . . .]

And go where?

[ANY place other than racist, bigoted, redneck, backwards 'Murrka!!]

To A More Civilized, Advanced Nation. Northern Europe. Canada. Heck, Colombia even looks good.

["EVEN" Colombia?? What are you, some sort of racist, that you can only go to white northern nations??]

Columbia???? You're joking right???

I think he said Colombia, which is a country. Columbia is much harder to get into.

[Not if you're a trangendered Hispanic African-American lesbian. You can even get a scholarship.]

if the entire planet is going to go to hell, thanks to the greed of a few, I want to be around people who read books, not the morons I see everywhere behaving as if they were on a reality TV show while never lifting their eyes from their anti social "texting" culture.

[u mad bro?]

There are problems with this. . . . You will be a foreigner there. And you are totally misinformed if you think other countries treat immigrant people better. In fact . . . the US treats its legal immigrants better than almost every other country treats theirs (if not every country.) . . . Plus, since you're foreign born, don't think your voice is going to count for anything with the government of the country you move to. It isn't. . . .

[DUmmie caseymoz, expect a Kewpie Doll to soon be migrating to your mailbox.]

Basically if you are going to leave your home country then it better be because of total persecution. You will trade the set of problems you know for a new and broader set. You will lose at least 25% of your earning power and your experience and qualifications will also be downgraded or erased.

[Sorry, DUmmie KurtNYC, there are immigration quotas on Kewpies arriving in DUmmieland. Only 1 per day.]

Consider New Zealand if you get the chance.

[If not, consider ZZZZZZzzzzland.]

I would go to France . . .

[That would be Nice.]

but only if the entire family would go too.

[Who needs them? C'mon, what have you got Toulouse? By the way, DUmmie graham4anything, I hear there's a place in France where they don't wear underpants. You may like that.]

Past Generations Did Have It Worse, But We're Regressing Back Into Their Time. Meanwhile, other nations continue to advance.

[Yes, please GO to one of those advanced places. You know, someplace like Zimbabwe, Somalia, Cuba, North Korea, Iran--hey, even Egypt now! Arab Spring, baby!]

a very bad contingent, that has festered, is trying to make America into their new Atlantis.

[Hail, Atlantis!]

They are a loud minority. They think they have it in the bag. . . .

[In the teabag.]

We have let ourselves be cowed by those loud mouths.

[Don't be cowed! Moove!]

I'm in my 50's, and there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that "voting" is going to reverse the slide into fascism in my lifetime.

[All your "vote" are belong to us.]

Maybe you could move to Oz, that wizard is pretty cool.

[Follow the mellow brick road!]


[¡Vaya con Gaia!]

would love to move to Great Britain but . . . I would never be able to move there. I . . . know how expensive it is.

That's the problem with all of Europe. It's just too expensive for most of us.

[Welcome to Socialism!]

Food is cheaper in Germany than in the US.

[Hamburgers are plentiful there.]

We went to Ojai yesterday. . . . It was like being in another country.

[Apparently, Ojai is some "new age mecca" near Los Angeles. This appeals to another DUmmie . . .]

I am going to plan a trip, it's not to far away for me. I saw a documentary about a famous ceramic artist, a woman whose name I can't recall. . . .

[Ojai Simpson?]

Beatrice Wood- her studio is still there. . . . I treasure her book- "I Shock Myself."

[I thought benburch was the author of "I Shock Myself."]

I am a ceramicist.

[Confession is always the first step.]

LA is a cesspool of rabid roaches crawling over one another. . . .

[That's racist!]

What we need is a community on DU. A community set aside just for the discussion of expatriot locales. . ..

[Can we question your expatriotism now?]

Maybe we could move en masse, the whole DU community off-shoring to a new land.


There has been talk of this in the past on DU- creating a DU community in RL.

["In RL"?? In Rio Linda? In Russki Land? In the Republic of Looneytoonia?]

Finding like minded people is not so easy, I guess that's why we're all here!

[There in DUmmieland, where you're searching for people with, like, minds.]

I daydream about leaving every day.

[I nightmare about you staying.]

I want to leave too. This country is done. . . . I'm now out of work for a full year with no prospects in sight.

[Is that you, Anthony Weiner?]

What a bunch of malarky. The GOP's old, white men are dying out. . . . They are showing all the signs of a party about to fade into the background.

[I can see November from my house, and I'm not seeing what you're seeing.]

What you fail to recognize is this: For every old pasty white man that should have died ten years ago, there are a THOUSAND roaches in the GOP woodwork, who are far more insane, set to take the old guard's place. . . . don't criticize the realists for knowing the lights are about to go out.

[A thousand points of roach. Yes, we are FAR more insane, we are crawling out of the woodwork, and we are coming for YOU! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!]

do not begrudge us who had the foresight to see the holes in the ship early on. Do not begrudge us for acting early. Do not begrudge those who had hope and now choose to leave with what little they have left. . . . Don't begrudge us. We don't begrudge you for staying. We worry about you. . . . So, don't begrudge us.

[Do NOT begrudge DUmmie 6502, who apparently multiple personalities, perhaps as many as 6,502.]

DU is the echo chamber that magnifies the negatives.

[DU is the wacko chamber that magnetizes the nutcases.]

Your prediction that an Obama re-election (right now about a 50-50 shot) will somehow turn the country around is so demented, I wonder if you're a mole. . . . He is weak, "centrist" (meaning far to the right of Ronald Reagan), and completely incapable of leading people to do anything except show up at the polls.

[DUmmie Doctor J thinks Obama is "far to the right of Ronald Reagan." And DUmmie Doctor J calls OTHER people demented!]

People don't live for thousands of years.

[You wanna bet?]

We tried to emigrate to Canada...They told us... in a polite, Canadian manner... that we were too old and that all we'd do is be a burden to their health care system.

[Wha-WHAAA??? Kind, compassionate Canada?? The socialist health-care utopia?? I don't believe it! Next you'll tell us that their taxes are higher!]

Looking at it from the Canadian perspective, I wouldn't let us in, either.

[No health care for you!]

I have had the emigration bug at many moments in this past year.

[I think you're confusing that with the clap.]

You could resettle Detroit. Seriously.

[Michael Moore could resettle an entire city block.]

Emigrate to California, Oregon and Washington for starters. . . .

[Keep going. Go west, young DUmmie! About another 50 miles west.]

We only lack that moment of crystallization- like Neo in the "Matrix" - and then resolving to WALK THE PATH!


Finland tempts me. But I'd just hate to be "that guy" who makes everyone speak English, because I'm too old and slow to figure out that bird chirp-chirpy language they have.

[NO ONE can understand Finnish. Not even the Finns. Finland tempts you?? It's dark, it's cold, no one can understand what people are saying, everybody's drunk, if they're not drunk they're commiting suicide--no, Finland is not. . . . Well, on second thought. . . .]

My grandson is bi-lingual. . . .

[Well, he's still your grandson. Accept him for who he is.]

Why doesn't anyone mention Venezuela? It is a worker's paradise.

[OK, DUmmie FrodosPet (478 posts), I am calling you out as a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Wherever you go .... there you are.

[And THAT, my friends, is the main problem for any DUmmie wanting to find a nice place to live!]

DUmmies Outraged By Yet Another "Hate Crime"

Break out the Kerri DUnn(ce) Award for over the top "Hate Crime" gullibility. This award is named after Claremont College professor, Kerri DUnn, who staged her own "hate crime" by painting graffiti on her own car. She was soon exposed but in the meantime the Left went into "Hate Crime" overdrive until they had to meekly crawl back into their holes in humiliating silence. Since that time there have been dozens of staged "Hate Crimes." In fact, I can't even think of a single instance in which a reported Hate Crime since the DUnn(ce) that was legit. And now we have yet another HATE CRIME which in which the "facts" are practically screaming "HOAX." Of course, despite having been burned numerous times in the past over "Hate Crime" hoaxes, the DUmmies have swallowed this one hook, line, and sinker as you can see in this THREAD, "Gay Lincoln woman says attackers cut slurs into her skin." So let us now watch the DUmmies in the state of extreme gullibility before the TRUTH of the hoax hits them smack in their faces in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Kerri DUnn(ce) has become a Hate Crime Scene Investigator, is in the [brackets]:

Gay Lincoln woman says attackers cut slurs into her skin 

[That's a red flag right there.]

Source: (Omaha World Herald) 

Three men broke into a Lincoln woman's home, bound her with zip ties, carved anti-gay slurs into her skin and set her house on fire, she told Lincoln police. 

[And according to the New York Daily News, the burning gasoline only caused $200 of damage to her house. Oh, and she was in no danger since she miraculously broke free of her bounds all on her own.]

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, said Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood. They have not made an arrest in connection with the attack. 

[Don't worry. In a few days they will make an arrest of the person FAKING the attack.]

The woman's friends believe the incident was a hate crime because of her sexual orientation, and they arranged a candlelight vigil at the State Capitol on Sunday night that drew more than 500 people. 

[Another red flag.]

The woman was treated at a local hospital and released. 

[Quickly released because the minor skin scratches were barely noticeable. Like a John F. Kerry war wound.]

Omaha Herald

[Actually the NY Daily News has a better ARTICLE because it includes a photo of the "Hate Message" supposedly painted on the wall by three masked men in a hurry. Notice how very carefully aligned the letters are. Oh, and the grammatical precision of only using caps where appropriate. And now on to the incredibly GULLIBLE DUmmies...]

What the f*ck is wrong with people. 

[Yeah, why do they stupidly continue faking "hate crimes" when they get caught EVERY TIME?]

What is wrong with them is hate, hate and more hate...they just have to hate... 

[Who were the haters in the Kerri DUNN(ce) "hate crime?"]

Let's not react too quickly. There have been too many similar cases that turned out to have been done by the supposed victim. 

[No, no. Continue climbing out on that "Hate Crime" limb like you always do until it is inevitably cut off behind you. Makes for yet more DUFU comedy gold.]

as reported this is an open-shut hate crimes case. 

[Yup! As soon as this "hate crime" is opened, you will be forced to SHUT your mouth in complete humiliation.]

Every false claim devalues all legitimate ones and discourages new cases of any kind. 

[Too bad for you that EVERY "Hate Crime" reported has turned out to be FALSE.]

Seriously? Where the victim carved homophobic slurs into his or her own flesh??? 


The cowardly attackers are probably GAWD fearing mindless soldiers doing the work of their GAWD. 

[The only evidence of a hate crime here is YOU smearing soldiers.]

God Bless Her If This Report/Story Is True....... As No One, For Any Reason Should Have To Put Up With Such Terrorist Acts..... 

(OR)...... God Help The Gay Community If They Later Find Out She Was Lying........ As It Will Make It 100 Times Harder To Make The General Public Understand Afterwards That "REAL ATTACKS" Still Do Take Place Each, And Every Day....... 

[Probability of scenario #2...100%.]

The root of this is.................found with the right wing hate machine giving tacit approval of these vile acts. Yeah freepers, this is not debatable ! 

[What is not debatable DUmmie SILVER__FOX52 is that you will NOT be spared public humiliation in the DUFUs when this "hate crime" is exposed as a hoax.]

Monday, July 23, 2012

#OccuChat TWitties Occupied by Conservatives

We have already DUFUed the DUmmies, the KOmmies, and the HUffies. However, there is a whole new territory chock full of comedy gold...TWitties. I have to give credit to Michelle Malkin for coming up with the idea to DUFU the TWittie TWitter posts at her new BLOG. TWITCHY. Since there is more than enough TWittie comedy material to go around, I shall also follow suit by occasionally DUFUing the TWitties as well. In this first DUFU of the DUFU we shall begin with Michele's own DUFUs of the TWitties attempting to have an "insider" chat at #OccuChat but soon find out that they have been (GASP!) occupied by conservatives. And the great thing about DUFUing the TWitties is that they don't have someone like Skinner to delete unwanted opinions to protect them from reading heresy. So let us now begin with Michelle Malkin's #OccuChat NUGGETS in the [brackets] followed by my own recently mined comedy material:

[Occupy #OccuChat: Conservatives hijack Occupy chat hashtag]

[Last night, Occupiers intended to use the #occuchat hashtag for a little Sunday evening solidarity.]

Tonight is #OccuChat! We'll talk about the media's perception of the movement at 7 pm CST! #ows 

[Alas, conservatives caught wind of their plans to tweet about corporate greed from their iPhones.]

#occuchat Capitalism and corporations suck. Posted from my iPad. From a Starbucks. Paid by mummy and daddy. 

Ultimate irony: #occuchat participants complaint that some barged in, unwelcome, on their hashtag. #noselfawareness 

#OccuChat We prefer to call it "The People's Fair Appropriation Of The Non-Dairy Creamer From Denny's" 

I'm looking for a new air mattress. Someone mistook mine for a cop car. #OccuChat 

#occuchat emergency. we're out of patchouli, and ipad charge running low. send OccuHelp fast to 3rd Ave. 

[Of course this #OccuChat occupation by LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS takes its toll on #OccuCht TWitties (PJ).]

Down twinkles. RT @RealJamesConrad: To all right wing trolls: You have been asked nicely to stop disrupting #occuchat! NOW GO AWAY! 

[Hey, Occupiers, you do realize you can’t really blame conservatives for occupying your adorable little hashtag, right?]

Honestly, the conservative hijacking of #OccuChat had more direction and organization in its 30 mins that #OWS has had for a year. 

[And now for some NEW material from #OccuChat. Most of it from LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS]

#Occuchat So this is where the hippies went? 

[Think of it as an electronic Zuccotti Park.]

The solution to capitalism: Nobody work and bust up the places where people do work. Problem solved...wait? #ows #occuchat #lnyhbt #tcot 

The revolution will be tweeted......and conservatives will take over the hashtags. #occuchat
Dude, where's the bathroom? Cop car is over there.#occuchat

Another name for Conservative talking points: Facts. #occuchat #Occupy #OWS #libatards #LNYHBT #tcot #tlot #teaparty 

The #TeaParty is exactly like #OWS, but without the selfishness, idiocy, rape, drugs, murder, and public pooping. #OccuChat #tcot 

[Psst! Do we notice a trend here folks? When the leftwingers aren't protected by deletion filters like Skinner in DUmmieland, they crawl back into their holes to hibernate in humiliated silence. Okay, a few more LOUSY FREEPER TROLL occupiers of #OccuChat.]

No fun to have one's recreational area taken over by the other side. Conservatives flipt the script on the occubaggers. #occuchat 

Why does Occupy cause millions of dollars in property damage? B/c it's a huge temper tantrum, not a "movement." #occuchat #tcot 

#Occuchat Occupy is a bunch of spoiled brats -- these are truly the 1% while claiming to be the 99%. Let's confiscate Occupy's wealth! 

[Including the trust fund payments of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT? Okay, there is a TON more comedy material here which keeps expanding at a very fast rate so if you see more great comedy nuggets, don't be shy about posting in the comments to this first DUFU edition covering the TWitties.]

Saturday, July 21, 2012

DUmmies defend Obama's "If you've got a business, you didn't build that."

"If you've got a DUFU, you didn't write that.
The DUmmies made that happen."

As part of the Democrats' War on Success, here is what King Obama the Stupid said recently:

There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me -- because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t -- look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something -- there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.
"If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." Yes, he said it. And the CONTEXT? King Obama uses the PRETEXT of "roads and bridges," etc., to gin up class warfare and to justify "asking" the wealthy, who already pay way more in taxes than anyone else--to make them pay EVEN MORE, so that the federal government can spend that money, NOT on roads and bridges, but on their wealth-redistributing, Democrat-voter-pleasing, spending schemes.
So let's see how the DUmmies try to spin this to defend Dear Leader. Lots and lots of threads to choose from, we'll select from a few, starting with this THREAD, "There is not a single business owner in this country who got where they are 100% on their own." DUmmies in Bolshevik Red, humble guest correspondent Charles Henrickson in [Barackets], you know the drill. And away we go!

There is not a single business owner in this country who got where they are 100% on their own

[Well, DUh, Captain Obvious. But to jump from that truism to where the Obamarxist is going with this, that is quite a leap.]

For starters, somebody gave them an education.

[Nobody "gave" me an education. Not only did my family pay taxes for the government schools, they also, since they wanted me to get a GOOD education, sent me to parochial schools, for which we had to pay even more. So, strike one . . .]

They had to get their startup money from somewhere. Either through their family, friends, or a bank loan.

[Fine. No problem. That's all private-sector stuff. IOW, what conservatives support. Strike two . . .]

They made use of public infrastructure - roads, bridges, seaports, airports, etc.

[For which they taxes. And in larger amounts than anyone else. Strike three. You're out. But I know that won't stop you . . .]

No one exists in a vacuum.

[But vacuous minds do exist in DUmmieland.]

I think this is a bad argument to make. Suppose I built a house from the ground up - laid the cement, set up the walls, joists and put on the roof and siding and drywall. I did all that work and I am gonna be proud of what I built. For somebody who has never built anything to say "you didn't build that yourself" seems a) argumentive, and b) it belittles all of the work that I have done.

[Suppose c) you get tombstoned, for being a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

So now after I did all this work, society is going to take half of it just because other people cut the boards (and then sold them to me) and made the nails and hammers and saws and drills and levels (and then sold them to me) and paid for the highways (and so did I) that they were transported over and paid for the schools (and so did my parents) etc. Myself, I just do not care to denigrate hard work, and starting and running a business can be hard work. . . .

[OK, DUmmie hfojvt, with over 29,000 posts, maybe you aren't an LFT. You could just be a DUmmie having a Brief Moment of Mental Clarity, in which case I must award you . . . a Kewpie Doll! . . . which, by the way, you did not build, somebody else made that.]

Obama should have vetted the speech. . . .

[It's the teleprompter's fault!]

He's not getting votes with this speech, sad to say, only losing them more and giving ammunition to the other side.

[Sorry, only one Kewpie per thread.]

F*** the business community.

[Spoken like a true DUmmie! Who needs all those silly jobs anyway?]

There's a winning campaign slogan.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

No one out there created a business without relying on goods and services that were provided in part by my tax dollars.

[Woo-hoo! A winning argument!]

Or their own. . . .

[Or maybe not.]

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money" ~ Cree Indian Proverb

[Probably written by Elizabeth Warren.]

We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before.

[Mao, Lenin, Marx. . . .]

We humans, really are not, little islands of knowledge and skill and duty and effort.

[Particularly you DUmmies.]

Only a small fraction of government spending goes to things that help business. The largest share of federal government spending is transfer payments, e.g. SS, Medicare, Medicaid and various welfare programs.

[Stop it! You're destroying the Roads and Bridges Argument!]

personally, I think it was a dumb thing to say.

[The president acted stupidly.]

Did the Prez make a faux pas about small businesses in a recent campaign stump?

[If he made a faux pas, he didn't do that. The Rethuglicans made that happen.]

I actually think he was referring to the roads and bridges. . . .

It is obvious that he was referring to roads, bridges. . . .

Obama was saying you didn't build the roads. . . .

[The Roads scholars check in.]

DEMS: Don't explain, DOUBLE DOWN!

[DEMS: Don't explain, DUMB IT DOWN!]



Obama....WAKE UP! Say something!

[Say something DUmb again! Yes, when you find yourself in a hole, dig deeper! C'mon, Obama, you're shovel-ready!]

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DUmmie Poll Panic

The BEST of the DUFU material will be happening between now and the election...and beyond. Why? Because now the polls are starting to become much more accurate. Why? Because even polls conducted by companies with democrat sympathies know they have a reputation to protect so the closer to the election we get, the more accurate they must become which means they are now beginning to show just how weak Obama is. Not too long ago, the DUmmies were gloating that Obama basically had the election in the bag due to wildly misleading polls. Now that the polls are inevitably becoming more accurate, the DUmmies are panicking. And it is sure FUn to watch such as in this THREAD, "Poll Shows Economic Fears Undercutting Obama Support." So let us now watch the DUmmies soil their diapers in panic in Bolshevik Red (Brown?) while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the DUFU laugh track will continue to rise in volume the closer we get to November, is in the [barackets]:

Poll Shows Economic Fears Undercutting Obama Support 

[Hit the panic button and pass the Depends.]

Declining confidence in the nation’s economic prospects appears to be the most powerful force influencing voters as the presidential election gears up, undercutting key measures of support for President Obama and helping give his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, an advantage on the question of who would better handle the nation’s economic challenges, according to the latest New York Times/CBS Poll. 

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from changing those poll results.]

Despite the months-long onslaught of negative advertisements from Mr. Obama and his Democratic allies seeking to define Mr. Romney as out of touch with the middle class and representative of wealthy interests, there is little evidence in the poll of any substantial nationwide shift in attitudes about Mr. Romney. 

[A hundred million bucks worth of negative advertising down the tubes.]

But with job growth tailing off since spring and the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, wondering aloud whether the labor market is “stuck in the mud,” the poll showed a significant shift in opinion since the last Times/CBS poll in April about Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy, with 39 percent now saying they approved and 55 percent saying they disapproved. 

[But...but weren't all those Green jobs suppose to turn the economy around? And now to the panicked and delusional DUmmie reactions...]

republicans are to blame 

[Bush's fault!]

You are 100% correct, they are to blame especially the ones in congress who care more about unseating Obama than they do about how many americans are out of work or living on the edge of poverty. 

[So they should vote for another Obama stimulus that does NOT work?]

Polls don't mean jack shit right now... 

[Actually polls start meaning more and more starting right about now. And they will start getting ever worse for the Bamster.]

If the economy continues to tank, it will not matter what we say about Mitt. He will end up winning. Their sabotage is unfortunately working.

[Yeah, Republican sabotage is forcing Obama to DUmp billions into completely wasted loans to Green Energy companies like Solyndra.]

I'd like Obama to put on his comfortable shoes and Occupy the Whitehouse. A second term is all but in the bag. What will he do with it? 

[Obama will have a second term in the same alternate universe in which Algore became president.]

Declining confidence is putting it mildly. Victory is easy, prosecute & bring back accountability, get Holder off his ass & light a fire under it. 

[Right now Holder is busy working Fast and Furiously to avoid accountability so HE won't be prosecuted.]

Obama's team needs to Run an ad that shows how the GOP blocked EVERYTHING to get us where we are at now. The party of NO!. The party with NO! ideas. 

[You mean the Republicans were able to block EVERYTHING in the first two years of the Obama Regime when the Democrats had overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress?]

Along with the statistics that back up how Democratic proposals would have generated a better economy. 

[Democrat proposals like the stimulus and ObamaCare which did make it into law?]

Crap. It's got Romney 47-Obama 46! 

[Speaking of which, did you know there are some great toilet paper coupons out there?]

WTF?? And it was taken July11-16, after the Bain storm. The Obama campaign needs more money to run ads EVERYWHERE. Looks like they are just running ads in the swing states, where the ad are working. But meanwhile, Obama's slipping overall. CRAP. This is where the Repuke money advantage just kicks our butts. 

[Barack Obama is just $10 away from running ads everywhere.]

I wish you guys stop posting these stupid polls this early in the race 

[I'm afraid when they post the more accurate polls later in the race, it will cause an intense mudslide in your diaper.]


[Are you describing the contents of your diaper?]

Monday, July 16, 2012

"That is how, folks, you talk to a do-nothing Tea Party Congressman."

A "bouncy" is a certain type of DUmmieland thread, in which the opening poster (the OP) relates a supposedly real-life experience, wherein the poster has either confronted or converted some stupid Rethuglican. The poster has run into said Rethug at a family gathering or in a grocery store line or some such. One of the features of a bouncy is the poster's uncanny ability to recall and reproduce, in precise detail, the exact dialogue that ensued. These tales are highly embellished, of course, if not utterly fictitious. And the point of them all is to make the poster look good and thus garner hearty congratulations from his fellow DUmmies for his prog courage and quick thinking.

We have such a  bouncy today. DUmmie OneAngryDemocrat tells off a Rethuglican congressman, no less, here in this THREAD, "That is how, folks, you talk to a do-nothing Tea Party Congressman." (That is how OneAngryDemocrat quotes HIMSELF for the thread title!)

So get ready to give it up for DUmmie OneAngryDemocrat, in Red Rubber Bouncy Ball, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, is in the [brackets]:

"That is how, folks, you talk to a do-nothing Tea Party Congressman."

[How, DUmmie OneAngryDemocrat? Do you have some special super-DUper way to do that? Do you speak from personal experience perhaps? Do go on . . .]

So... I'm working the Stephenson County Democrats booth at the County Fair, right?

[If you say so. Now that we've established the setting, please proceed with your bouncy . . .]

We're getting ready to call it a day when Republican Rep. Bobby Schilling walks up with an entourage of fascist Tea Baggers looking for a photo op shaking the hand of a local democrat.

["Hi, I'm Congressman Bobby Schilling, here with my fascist Tea Bagger posse--note the brown shirts--looking for a nice photo op to show folks how friendly and 'down-home' I am and how I am willing to 'reach across the aisle,' so to speak. Will you be my stage prop, kind Democrat?"]

I take the Congressman's hand and tell him, "We've met before, Congressman." "You do look familiar," he tells me.

[Maybe the congressman saw you on "America's Most Wanted."]

"Yeah," I tell him. "I debated Paul Ryan's bullsh*t budget you supported with the Tea Party's John Arn at the Rockford Public Library." "I remember!" says the Congressman. "We're just doing what's best for America!"

[Note the amount of detail in this exactly reproduced dialogue, complete with the OP's bravado in telling off the congressman.]

"Getting rid of two tax brackets," I tell him - my voice getting a little louder, "and consolidating the rest so that middle class Americans get a tax hike isn't in my interests as an American, Congressman."

[This is probably a slightly embellished and polished version of what DUmmie OneAngryDemocrat actually was able to blather out at the  moment, which was something along the lines of "Rethuglicans am BAD!"]

"We're going to have to agree to disagree," the guy says. "Don't you think that we're both trying to do what's best for the country?" "Well, no, Congressman," I say to him. "I think some people have their own interests at heart, instead of the country's."

[Oooh, BURN! It's amazing, DUmmie OneAngryDemocrat, how you are able to come up with these quick-wtted, silver-tongued retorts right there on the spot, on the spur of the moment! It's almost like if someone were to recreate the scene hours later, with what they WISH they had said! But no, you come up with these things right there on the spot! And then you are able to REMEMBER what you said--and he said--in such minute detail! Amazing!]

It's at this point that my voice is DEFINITELY above what could be considered a calm or level tone.

[DUmmie OneAngryDemocrat is ready to BLOW! I bet that Rethug congressguy was shaking in his boots!]

"Right down the street, here (in Freeport, Illinois), you have the Sensata company getting ready to lay off all of it's workers and ship operations overseas. Your response was to write a letter and "beg" the CEO of Sensata to reconsider the move. You are a Congressman, sir! Do you represent all those Freeport residents who are going to be soon out of a job, or do you represent the company?"

[WOW! OneTeabaggingRethuglican PWNED!! And I especially liked your "You are a Congressman, sir!" line. The "sir" at the end is such a nice touch. PWNAGE!]

Instead of even trying to formulate any sort of reasonable response, the man tries to say something about the President - but I interrupt the Congressman at that point and remind him that we're not talking about the fellow living in the White House, but just what it is he is going to do as our local Representative about a local factory closing shop shipping everything over to Communist China.

[Oh, man! You are PLAYING with this guy now, like a cat pawing a mouse!]

The guy knows he's not going to get any good press out of this exchange, being just a tad-bit brighter than all of his Tea Party supporters, smiles, and beats a hasty retreat without saying another word.

[In reality, Congressman Schilling was probably thinking to himself: "What a jackass! Stupid Democrat won't even shake my hand. And what kind of a debate point is 'Rethuglicans am bad'??"]

As he walks away I give it one more shot: "Do your job Congressman: Represent your constituients."

[Ooh! Ouch!]

All the folks at the other County Fair booths around us just stand and look at me, like, 'What just happened? What did we just see?'

[Ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed the greatness that IS . . . OneAngryDemocrat.]

"That is how, folks, " I say as I return to breaking down the booth, "you talk to a do-nothing Tea Party Congressman."

[A rhetorical tour de force! DUmmie OneAngryDemocrat, we are in awe! Now receive the plaudits of your adoring public . . .]


[Compliments? OneAngryDemocrat himself posts the first reply, as a way to fish for applause.]

Hard to come up with a comment when you've already said it all. Well done!


Well done indeed.

You did good.

Excellent. . . . Well done!



Incredibly well played.


I did get to lay some of this garbage on Schilling's shoulders and that was the goal.

[No, OneAngryDemocrat, the goal was for you to get all that applause. Mission accomplished. You have posted a successful bouncy. It almost certainly did not happen as you describe; however, you SOUND tough here before your fellow DUmmies, and that's what counts! They LIKE you, they really like you!]

Please run for office.

[Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you, OneAngryDemocrat. Primary Obama!]

vids or it didn't happen ;)

[I'll go with "It didn't happen."]

This reads like the script for an instructional video for Democrats.

[It reads like a script, alright.]

Freakin' excellent! These @ssholes always expect us to be polite, smile, and just go along with their program. . . .

[Instead, you showed them what we are REALLY like--obnoxious, unfriendly, rude. . . .]

Good for you! Shilling is an abomination.

[An abomination in Obama Nation!]

I think we need to be a little mad.

[Why stop at a little?]

Here is my episode today . . .

[Oh, a bouncy WITHIN a bouncy! This one from DUmmie mick063. Please proceed . . .]

Washington State Representative, Larry Haler (R), knocked on my door today and handed me a pamphlet and asked for my vote. I was going to just take it and let him go. The pamphlet was headed for the trash as soon as the door shut.  But......he handed me another pamphlet and asked for my support for Gubernatorial candidate, Rob Mckenna. He added that they were both going to fight against "Obama care". I asked him if Rob Mckenna belonged to the Tea Party. "No" he replied. I mused over the response for a bit but didn't press it.

[DUmmie mick063 took it easy on his feeble opponent. Continue . . .]

I told him that I am diametrically opposed to his politics. I support the Affordable Health Care Act.

[Uh, mick, that's the Affordable TAX Act, or AFF-TAX! for short. Doesn't make health care more affordable, that's for sure. But go on . . .]

I added, "There are two big fears out there. Fear of big government and fear of big money. My biggest fear is of the banks and corporations. I can democratically elect the leadership of government. I have no influence over the leaders of banks and corporations except through government. Deregulation, subsidizing, reducing government oversight by taking the wrecking ball to government. These are the last things i want to do."

[That's good, mick063. Good bouncy style. Mounds of dialogue, precisely reproduced, almost as though you were making this stuff up after the fact.]

My voice gradually raised as I spoke.

[Did you bang your gavel and stamp your little feet?]

He smiled and walked off. He knew he wasn't going to get my vote.

[Again, the Rethug was actually thinking: "Stupid git. No use wasting my time on this loser."]

[Thank you, mick063. Now more comments on OneAngryDemocrat's bouncy . . .]

You hooked a big fish, had'm alongside the boat...gave us all a nice look...and then let'm get away. They flip and flop and are too slimey to get a good hold but I know if we learn how to play them better we'll eventually have them for breakfast. Good catch, just the same.

[Well, there was something fishy about it, I'll give you that.]

Just wondering. What could he have done, other than beg them to stay? Really, we all want our congresscritters to do something, but what can any of them do, in the face of a company leaving?

[DUmmie Marcia Brady (36 posts) dares to challenge the argument OneAngryDemocrat used on the congressman!]

How embarrassing for you, to have to come here and shill like this.

[DUmmie geckosfeet jumps on Marcia Brady for shilling.]

I'm not shilling. . . .

[We know you're not Schilling, Marcia. That's the congressman. Or maybe. . . . Hmmm. . . .]

you are defending him. IMO that's shilling.

[Who, "him"? THAT Schilling? Who's on first?]

I'm not defending him. Don't even know who he is.

[He's Schilling. And you're shilling. For Schilling. THIRD BASE!]

She isn't shilling.


Really, if the company isn't doing anything illegal, there is a limit to what Congress (D or R) can threaten them with.

[Not in the NEW America! Not in Obama Nation! We can threaten and punish ANYONE for ANYTHING! Especially rich white guys.]

He could vote for a law that would expropriate the assets of companies that move jobs overseas and give it to the workers. . . .

[This brilliant idea is posted by DUmmie socialist_n_TN, he/she of the Karl Marx avatar. I kid you not.]

You step in and provide an incentive for them to support their country by supporting the workers of this country. You find out what is happening in the profit and loss statements of that company. . . .

[Watch out, DUmmie MrMickeysMom, you are stumbling very close to a conservative idea. . . .]

What might that incentive be? Tax breaks?

[Which DUmmie Marcia Brady then nails! Imagine, not PUNISHING businesses with excessive taxation, so that they could actually make a decent profit here at home! What a novel concept! DUmmie Marcia Brady (36 posts), you MUST be a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

All they have is talking points and slogans and bumper sticker phrases because they really don't understand any of this. They're just angry and lashing out, and acting out. They just know what sounds good in feeding their outrage and indignation. And they'll believe anything at this point.

[The irony is rich with this one.]

Bobby is a real nasty piece of work. . . . I'm across the river from Rock Island and Bobby is the Rep I want to see defeated most this November. , , , Go Cheri!

Cheri Bustos is the Democratic candidate for Congress, Illinois' 17th district!

[Cheri Bustos or bust! Say, she's not a Cherokee, is she? What are her cheekbones like?]

schilling can kiss my ass and I don't even live in Illinois.

[benburch weighs in.]

you are my hero. seriously. i want to stand next to you. BRAVO!

[OneAngryDemocrat is LOVING this!]


[The Joy of Bouncy!]

Thursday, July 12, 2012

HUffies Outraged Over Fed Crackdown on Largest Marijuana Dispensary

It can't be! It can't be! The feds are now cracking down bigtime on medical marijuana dispensaries despite a promise from the Obama Regime that it would leave them alone if they were in compliance with state laws. That is why the HUffington Post HUffies are so upset over the news that the feds are cracking down on the Harborside Health Center of Oakland, CA, the biggest medical marijuana dispensary in the world. You might remember Harborside and its owner, Steve DeAngelo, from the discovery channel's "Weed Wars" last year. Your humble correspondent, despite never having partaken of the green weed himself, watched the show with interest. And now it turns out that Harborside's greatest enemy is NOT vicious rightwingers with blood on their fingers but the Obamatons whose fingers are line with green bucks from Big Pharma. Yes, medical marijuana has grown into a very lucrative business which is why Big Pharma wants hippie types like DeAngelo in which is by the DOJ is cracking down on them. This is all just starting to dawn on the HUffies as you can see in this THREAD, "Harborside Health Center Targeted: Feds Go After 'Largest Pot Shop On The Planet'" So far the Obama betrayal is just starting to dawn on the DUmmies with only a small thread and the KOmmies, who tend to shun any news that could affect The One poorly at the polls, are thus far shunning this news entirely. So let us now watch the first of the lefty reactions to their marijuana policy betrayal in Bolshevik Red, while your humble correspondent, wondering how many of these Reds might go Gary Johnson Green on Election Day, is in the [barackets]:

Harborside Health Center Targeted: Feds Go After 'Largest Pot Shop On The Planet' 

[I wonder how many of Obama's Choom Gang were "patients" there.]

SAN FRANCISCO -- An Oakland medical marijuana dispensary that has been billed as the largest pot shop on the planet has been targeted for closure by federal prosecutors in Northern California, suggesting that a crackdown on the state's medical marijuana industry remains well under way. 

[The most famous Choom Gang member cracks down on his formerly favorite form of vegetation.]

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag has threatened to seize the Oakland property where Harborside Health Center has operated since 2006, as well as its sister shop in San Jose, executive director and co-founder Steve DeAngelo said Wednesday. His employees found court papers announcing asset forfeiture proceedings against Harborside's landlords taped to the doors at the two locations on Tuesday. 

["This is to inform you that your business is too successful and generating too much local tax revenue. Cease operation immediately."]

Although medical marijuana is legal in California, a federal court complaint that Haag's office filed Sunday says the dispensaries are violating federal law by selling marijuana. It cites a federal law that "makes it unlawful to rent, lease, profit from or make available for use, with or without compensation, a place for the purpose of unlawfully manufacturing, storing, distributing or using a controlled substance, to wit, marijuana," as justification for going after the landlords. 

[So much for the promise from the Choom Gang Guy not to crack down on such dispensaries if they were following state laws.]

The court action represents an escalation in a months-long, statewide crackdown on medical marijuana by Haag, who said last year that she would try to shut dispensaries that were within 1,000 feet of schools, parks and playgrounds, which Harborside isn't. 

[Doesn't matter. Choom Gang Guy gets his bucks from Big Pharm so it MUST close.]

Haag issued a statement Wednesday, saying that while taking action against pot shops operating near children had been her first priority, "marijuana superstores such as Harborside" are now on her radar, as well. 

[Choom Gang Guy put it on her radar via Eric Holder.]

"The larger the operation, the greater the likelihood that there will be abuse of the state's medical marijuana laws, and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need," she said. 

[It's like that movie, "Minority Report." A crime hasn't taken place but the feds imagine it could in the future. Do they have a fish tank full of clairvoyants imagining these things?]

DeAngelo, who was the subject of a Discovery Channel reality TV show called "Weed Wars" last year, vowed to fight the Department of Justice's attempt to put him out of business and called Haag's claim that his shops must be running afoul of the law because of their size "completely absurd." Harborside serves about 100,000 medical marijuana users a year, sells about $20 million worth of pot and marijuana products, and pays $3 million in federal, state and local taxes annually. 

[No problem. The Choom Gang Guy can put them all on food stamps.]

"Because of our size, we are able to have the resources that enable us to do things like have an inventory control system that is extremely sophisticated and having five security personnel on duty all the time and 37 security cameras," DeAngelo said. "Just because in the abstract, something larger might tend not to adhere to the law, that is no reason to target Harborside." 

[The clairvoyants floating in the pool says you COULD be violating the law sometime in the future.]

City officials in Oakland, which has reaped about $1 million a year in tax revenue from Harborside, are planning to join DeAngelo on Wednesday at a news conference decrying Haag's action. Earlier this year, federal prosecutors and the Internal Revenue Service raided Oaksterdam University, a medical marijuana trade school in Oakland, and forced its founder to step aside. 

[And now on to the angry reactions from the HUffies. The ironic thing is that at least 90% of the dopers voted for the Choom Gang Guy in 2008.]

Whether we like it or not, Obama believes federal law trumps all state laws, except if he wants to bend federal law for political/campaign purposes. Obama knows weed smokers have no other option but to vote for him. So he is free to strip state rights and consolidating power in the hands of the few in DC. 

[Psst! Your stash of weed is hidden inside the Kewpie Doll I'm awarding you for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Let's get real about Harborside: -Their employees have an outstanding insurance plan; -I believe their minimum wage is $20 / hr; -They provide free medicine (actual Rx medication bills are covered) and medical services to the local community (which is poor); -They pay millions in taxes to a city that's horridly run. If I were the mayor of Oakland, I'd literally park a SWAT team and an APC in front of Harborside with instructions to arrest any US Marshall that comes around to disrupt the business. 

[How does it feel to be closed down by the Choom Gangster?]

Funny that Bush let them thrive... 

[Before the Choom Gangster arrived on the scene, the medical marijuana dispensaries were allowed to thrive. BUSH'S FAULT!]

Does Obama want to give his supporters reasons to stay home or vote 3rd party? 

[Gary Johnson?]

They can vote for Gary Johnson, who is popular in Colorado. 

[And maybe now California.]
Many of these people are so ideologically died-in-the-wool that they can't understand that this is Obama's doing. It's his priority and his policy. 

[But...but I NEED to blame Bush!]

after this California could become a toss up state. 

[From your lips to goddess Gaia's ears.]

What did Holder say? He wasn't targeting medical marijuana? 

[LOL! And you actually believed him?]

When we wake up to President-elect Romney some morning in November you can thank totally ridiculous policies like this for convincing the youth and the left to stay home. 

[Thank you, totally ridiculous policy.]

It makes me wonder if all of the crackdowns has anything to do with him being allies with pharm companies. They did help him out a lot with his new healthcare legislation. Obviously, they would rather people get addicted to their pain killers rather than a herb people don't get addicted to and can grow.
[Just follow the money to find out what really motivates the Choom Gangster.]

US attorneys are under direct control of the A.G., who answers to the President. A single phonecall from Obama to Holder ends this. BUT... Obama took money from the pharmaceutical industry to oppose the public option, and to wage all-out war on medical marijuana. This is what you are voting for in November. 

[May I now send you an Obama 2012 bumper sticker?]

These US Attorneys really want Obama to lose in the fall. If they keep it up, California might end up for Romney. 

[Are you listening, goddess Gaia?]

Holder is Obama's Yes-man and follows his orders to the letter. 

[Including allowing guns to walk to Mexico.]

Obama IS the problem. These pot dispensaries existed under Bush, and Bush left them alone.

[STOP with the ugly truth!!!]

They are discriminating against my church. 

[LCMS? Love Cannabis Marijuana Smoke. (Sorry, Charles. I couldn't resist.)]

Monday, July 09, 2012

"The GOP is one of the most dire threats this country has ever faced"

One thing about our DUmmie Ant Farm: It is entertaining! The DUmmie Ants, with their cute little antics as they scurry about, are highly amusing! And from time to time--like, every day--something causes them to kick it into high gear. They start swirling about madly, taking their overwrought histrionics to another level. SOMEBODY SHOOK UP THE ANTS!

Shook-up Ants are FUnnie Ants! That's what we find today in this THREAD by DUmmie Hugabear, "The GOP is one of the most dire threats this country has ever faced." The paranoia is palpable. The drama-queen posing, as the DUmmies seek to out-DU one another in fear and loathing of eeevil Rethuglicans--hilarious! These are the Days of Whine and Poses!

But before we get to the DUmmies themselves, let us sing our DUmmie FUnnies anthem, "That's a DUmmie." Click the music link and sing along!

"That's Amore"

When the Moonbats go wild
With the sh*t that they've piled,
That's a DUmmie.
When they've plain lost their heads
Like they've gone off their meds,
That's a DUmmie.

Hopes will fly,
Soaring to the sky, rising way up high
Like a giant sequoia.
Hands will wring--
What a ding-a-ling, what a ding-a-ling--
And you'll think, "Paranoia."

When the "F" words flow free
Just like on MTV,
That's a DUmmie.
When they march in the street
Without leaving their seat,
You're in luck:

Those aren't Rovian plants,
They're just Ants in their rants,
And they're FUnnie!
For a laugh and a half
Reading each paragraph--
That's a DUmmie!

When the "F" words flow free
Just like on MTV,
That's a DUmmie.
When they march in the street
Without leaving their seat,
You're in luck:

Those aren't Rovian plants,
They're just Ants in their rants,
And they're FUnnie!
For a laugh and a half
Reading each paragraph--
That's a DUmmie!

And now let us pull up a seat and watch our endlessly entertaining DUmmie Ants get all shook up, in Fire Ant Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, looking forward to a super shake-up in November, is in the [brackets]:

The GOP is one of the most dire threats this country has ever faced

[DUmmie Hugabear is all shook up. Please proceed, DUmmie Hugabear . . .]

And yes, that includes threats such as the Confederacy, Nazi Germany, USSR, and terrorism.

[Direrer than all of them--combined--is the GOP!!]

The GOP, if left to their own devices, would absolutely devastate this country. There would be no middle class. Just the wealthy, and the near-slaves to support them. Honestly, I'm sure they would reinstate slavery given the chance.

[The GOP, left to their own devices . . .]

"Set phasers to SHACKLE."

Their attitude toward the poor and needy in this country is appalling. Given their way, there would be absolutely no assistance at all.

[Well, except for family, friends, church, community, private charities--you know, like people used to help people, before the government got in the way.]

Starvation would become common in many areas.

[Hopefully, benburch's belly would be one of those areas.]

Diseases once thought to be contained to Third World countries would rear up.

[OK, enough about benburch.]

Hospitals would demand payment up front (some already do), those who can't pay are SOL.

[LOL! Hospitals, many of which were started by us eeevil Christians, have ALWAYS made provisions for caring for the indigent.]

We already know how they feel about climate change. They are prepared to kill the planet just to fill their coffers.

[It's our "Coffins for Coffers" program.]

The GOP would do what 200+ years of foreign and domestic enemies could never do.

[With frauds like these, who needs enemies? Thank you, DUmmie Hugabear. Now let's hear from your fellow shook-up Ants . . .]

um, they are well on their way to accomplishing their goals.

[Frightening, isn't it?]

And what's so strange about that is the Republican Party was the one who FREED the slaves!!!


the "Republican Party" from back then has as much resemblance to current repukes as the original Tea Party had the current teabaggers.

[Well, actually, that would be true! The forced redistribution of wealth--i.e., the basis of the Democrat platform--IS a form of involuntary servitude. And Tea Parties, both then and now, ARE opposed to oppressive taxation. So you have stumbled into a truth!]

Ahahahahaha . . . nice try, little troll

[But DUmmie tonybgood (77 posts) protests . . .]

First of all, I'm not a troll!!!

[A sure sign of a troll. Buh-bye, DUmmie tonybgood!]

Bin Laden was less of a threat to this country!

[And we know what Obama did to Osama!]

Bin Laden was a mere tool of the RepubliCon Party.

[A mere tool! Probably a NeoCon himself, a closet JOOOOO!!]

given how much the idiot right believes obama was born in kenya, there's more proof dick cheney basically made UBL a puppet and did the dirty deed.

[Ha! PROOF that Darth Cheney was behind it! MIHOP!]

The "new" GOP is the rise of Sociopaths united.

[The same old Democrat Party is the rise of Sociolists united.]

It is the biggest threat this country has ever seen.


The problem is too many Americans are too F'en ignorant to get what is happening, lambs to the slaughter.

[What is happening when we read you DUmmies is laffs to the laughter!]

We need to somehow codify in law a collection of laws that make it so that if sociopaths try to violate the people within a society or the broad society as a whole, that their avaricious behavior would trigger immediate penalties --- loss of property up to loss of freedom.

[DUmmie 6502 is getting in touch with his Inner Fascist. Please continue . . .]

Personally, along with this kind of law should be included a kind of repeat-offenders provision: individual members (direct bosses up the chain) of the organizations that repeatedly violate these laws should then be psychologically evaluated. If they are found to be sociopathic, then they would be prohibited from being placed in any leadership roles that could effect the society (eg. no running companies... no government work... no managing offices... etc...) and placed in psychological care for evaluation to determine when and if they can be released back into the general society.

We have no excuse to allow avaricious sociopathic acts to go unchallenged on the basis of "freedom".

[Yeah, that "freedom" stuff is overrated. Thank you for this insight into the liberal mind, DUmmie 6502.]

I, for one, don't think all or even most RW'ers are crazy. I think that the majority of them have simply fallen for oversimplified sound bites as solutions to complex problems (close the borders, cut taxes, get the government off my back, etc). . . .

[Close the borders, cut taxes, get the government off my back--hey, that sounds pretty good! Why don't we try that!]

The majorrity of them would be happy to have us strung up in concentration camps or put to death. They are sociopaths.

[Concentration camps?? No way! You must be thinking of those Bain Reeducation Centers being built out on the salt flats of Utah.]

That's just crazy talk.

[Ergo, perfect for DUmmieland.]

I think if not checked, we are headed for a theocratic dystopia.

[Stop the theocratic dystopia! Support the Democrats' War on Religion!]

There are a lot of good people who vote republican. . . . I just don't agree that all gun-toting, Christian, pro-life, pro-death penalty, climate change-denying right-wingers are sociopaths.


My mother was a good Republican for almost her whole life. . . . She became so disgusted that she registered as a Democrat the year before she died. I was so proud of her when she walked up to me after getting her driver's license picture and whispered, "I registered as a Democrat."

[And see? Look what the Rethuglicans did to her! Dead within a year. Those d*mn theocratic dystopians!]

As for not wanting to demonize the Repukes like they do us, why don't you go play tiddly winks down at the Senior Center? We're in a struggle for america, and those who don't want to play rough should get the f*** out of the way.


Oy, you are going just a wee bit over the top with that contention.  Get back to me when the GOP is shooting people in the streets.

[Hey, now THERE'S a thought! Thanx!]

The Yellowstone caldera exploding might be a bigger threat.

[Old Fateful.]

repubLIEcon, Treason be thy name. May they all BURN.

[Throw them in the caldera!]

They're nuts!

[Throw them to the squirrels!]

They are vampires. . . .

[Call Abraham Lincoln! . . . Wait, he was a Republican himself. . . .]

Mean-spirited, bigoted, rotten-to-the-core people. . . .

[And those are their GOOD points!]

The GOP needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. . . .

[Love, love, love . . .]

they are the most dangerous ideology on earth.

To the World really. They should be tried Globally.

[To The Hague with them!]

We outnumber them. We have the second amendment to protect us.

[Feel the irony!]

The number of recs on this is unbelievable. If this is what is becoming of the Democratic party then we have already lost, our minds, and our credibility. DU is beginning to look like The Twilight Zone.

["Beginning to"???]