Monday, July 23, 2012

#OccuChat TWitties Occupied by Conservatives

We have already DUFUed the DUmmies, the KOmmies, and the HUffies. However, there is a whole new territory chock full of comedy gold...TWitties. I have to give credit to Michelle Malkin for coming up with the idea to DUFU the TWittie TWitter posts at her new BLOG. TWITCHY. Since there is more than enough TWittie comedy material to go around, I shall also follow suit by occasionally DUFUing the TWitties as well. In this first DUFU of the DUFU we shall begin with Michele's own DUFUs of the TWitties attempting to have an "insider" chat at #OccuChat but soon find out that they have been (GASP!) occupied by conservatives. And the great thing about DUFUing the TWitties is that they don't have someone like Skinner to delete unwanted opinions to protect them from reading heresy. So let us now begin with Michelle Malkin's #OccuChat NUGGETS in the [brackets] followed by my own recently mined comedy material:

[Occupy #OccuChat: Conservatives hijack Occupy chat hashtag]

[Last night, Occupiers intended to use the #occuchat hashtag for a little Sunday evening solidarity.]

Tonight is #OccuChat! We'll talk about the media's perception of the movement at 7 pm CST! #ows 

[Alas, conservatives caught wind of their plans to tweet about corporate greed from their iPhones.]

#occuchat Capitalism and corporations suck. Posted from my iPad. From a Starbucks. Paid by mummy and daddy. 

Ultimate irony: #occuchat participants complaint that some barged in, unwelcome, on their hashtag. #noselfawareness 

#OccuChat We prefer to call it "The People's Fair Appropriation Of The Non-Dairy Creamer From Denny's" 

I'm looking for a new air mattress. Someone mistook mine for a cop car. #OccuChat 

#occuchat emergency. we're out of patchouli, and ipad charge running low. send OccuHelp fast to 3rd Ave. 

[Of course this #OccuChat occupation by LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS takes its toll on #OccuCht TWitties (PJ).]

Down twinkles. RT @RealJamesConrad: To all right wing trolls: You have been asked nicely to stop disrupting #occuchat! NOW GO AWAY! 

[Hey, Occupiers, you do realize you can’t really blame conservatives for occupying your adorable little hashtag, right?]

Honestly, the conservative hijacking of #OccuChat had more direction and organization in its 30 mins that #OWS has had for a year. 

[And now for some NEW material from #OccuChat. Most of it from LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS]

#Occuchat So this is where the hippies went? 

[Think of it as an electronic Zuccotti Park.]

The solution to capitalism: Nobody work and bust up the places where people do work. Problem solved...wait? #ows #occuchat #lnyhbt #tcot 

The revolution will be tweeted......and conservatives will take over the hashtags. #occuchat
Dude, where's the bathroom? Cop car is over there.#occuchat

Another name for Conservative talking points: Facts. #occuchat #Occupy #OWS #libatards #LNYHBT #tcot #tlot #teaparty 

The #TeaParty is exactly like #OWS, but without the selfishness, idiocy, rape, drugs, murder, and public pooping. #OccuChat #tcot 

[Psst! Do we notice a trend here folks? When the leftwingers aren't protected by deletion filters like Skinner in DUmmieland, they crawl back into their holes to hibernate in humiliated silence. Okay, a few more LOUSY FREEPER TROLL occupiers of #OccuChat.]

No fun to have one's recreational area taken over by the other side. Conservatives flipt the script on the occubaggers. #occuchat 

Why does Occupy cause millions of dollars in property damage? B/c it's a huge temper tantrum, not a "movement." #occuchat #tcot 

#Occuchat Occupy is a bunch of spoiled brats -- these are truly the 1% while claiming to be the 99%. Let's confiscate Occupy's wealth! 

[Including the trust fund payments of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT? Okay, there is a TON more comedy material here which keeps expanding at a very fast rate so if you see more great comedy nuggets, don't be shy about posting in the comments to this first DUFU edition covering the TWitties.]


Anonymous Liptonius said...


1:44 PM  
Anonymous envisio said...

I always loved that bit of irony == Occupy hipster brat tweeting from iPad in Starbucks, wearing Gap jeans, $15 Che t-shirt, all that mommy and daddy paid for from their jobs at (gasp!) corporations, tweeting "down with capitalism" LOLOL
Reminds me of the islamic idiot with the big protest sign that said "Free Speech Go To Hell"

Dumbasses..... stupid, idiotic, hipster, "enlightened", chronically unemployed, spoiled brat dumbasses.

If they would put 1/10th the effort into finding a job as they do tweeting and twitting, blogging, in googling, and spacebooking and myfacing then they might start to resemble a productive member of society instead of a oxygen-wasting social parasite.

I hate them sonofabitches.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous envisio said...

"""Occupy is a bunch of spoiled brats -- these are truly the 1%""""

True true true. On a world stage, anyone who owns a pair of shoes and has eaten more than a bowl of rice this week (billions of people) is the one percent. These idiots' biggest problem is not having a signal on their iPhone while they wait in line for a cappocino. Ask an Ethiopian villager what a cappocino is. Ask him what an air conditioner is. Ask him what a shower is. Ask him what a resturant menu is.
Fucking spoiled brats are just mad because someone has more money than them "and it ain't fair."

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If they would put 1/10th the effort into finding a job..."

...or helping their beloved "poor". Seriously, why don't they just give up protesting and use that time and effort to help eradicate hunger, want, etc?

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

I see there is some Troglaman The Guttersnipe style hate from the Moonbats on that hashtag:

Troll Security ‏@TrollSecNYC

@LiberateTheUSA don't worry we will pay top $$ to whoever shits on #Breitbart's tombstone & posts it to @brandondarby's timeline #Occuchat

karretop ‏@karretop1

@NotReallyBarack u could also say same thing abt thanking "our troops" "for their service". They're not entitled to my gratitude. #occuchat

ü ‏@hybridradar

The stock market is going to crash because the workers are sick and tired of being exploited, robbed, abused by the corporations. #OccuChat

karretop ‏@karretop1

free market pimps didn't stop chiid labor, so how on earth can we trust them to stop child prostitution by Pentagon Republicans? #occuchat

What a bunch of fools these Moonbats be.....

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

free market pimps didn't stop chiid labor, so how on earth can we trust them to stop child prostitution by Pentagon Republicans? #occuchat

Do you mean to tell me that Gerry Studds and Anthony Weiner were Republicans? How about the serial rapist Bill Clinton? Another Republican? Mao Tse Tung must also have been a Republican, as he enjoyed deflowering 12 year old girls.
Do you #occuchat retards really want to go down that road?

12:06 AM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

karretop ‏@karretop1

@NotReallyBarack u could also say same thing abt thanking "our troops" "for their service". They're not entitled to my gratitude. #occuchat

Never asked for it. Don't much give an #OCCUPY about it. I had fun. I saw the world. I didn't have to put up with senile old hippies.

It was wonderful.

8:21 AM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

"The revolution will be tweeted......and conservatives will take over the hashtags."



8:32 PM  
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