Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"Biden: 'I am about to be let loose.'"

At a Big Labor rally yesterday in Ohio, Vice-President Joe Biden stirred up the crowd by saying, "I am about to be let loose." WHOA! Look out now! Joey Plugs is on the prowl!

Yes, it's time once again for . . . "Rogaine and Biden's Gaffe-In"! Joe Biden just has that effect on people. Even when he tries to sound tough, he comes across as a buffoon. The only thing loose on him is a screw. The Clown Prince of Politics just can't help it!

But as far as going after conservatives with tough, angry threats, Biden wasn't alone yesterday. In Detroit, in the presence of President Obama himself, we had Jimmy Hoffa Jr. inciting his union thugs by saying: "Let's take these sons-of-bitches out!" Violent rhetoric much, Democrats? Or does that only work one way? The Democrats are gearing up for WAR!! Not against terrorists. Worse. Against teabaggers and rethuglicans.

That was the point Joe Biden was making when he said, "I am about to be let loose." The loose cannon on the ship of state is about to FIRE!

And the DUmmies approve. Those that aren't laughing, at least. Witness this THREAD, Biden: "I am about to be let loose."

So let us join the DUmmies and Joe the DUmber, in Red-Hot Rhetoric Red, while the calm and collected commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--recalling that Joe Biden was the DUmmie Funnies' first endorsement, simply for his comedy entertainment value--is in the [brackets]:

Biden: "I am about to be let loose."


Biden said that in the upcoming presidential campaign he will be fighting for nothing less than the survival of the American working class.

[Hardscrabble Joe from Scranton PA. True to his working-man roots. FIGHTING for the little man! Whether he's hangin' out at the Home Depot, relaxing at his multimillion-dollar mansion, or fishing for votes in Cincinnati. What a guy!]

Why wasn't he "let loose" on 1/21/09?

[Um, don't ask that question, DUmmie Dreamer Tatum. Crazy Joe can only be let out of the attic on select occasions. But now, WATCH OUT, he's gonna be a fireball!]

we need to DRAFT DEAN for Pres in 2012. . . .

[Can you imagine that ticket? DEAN-Biden? Daffy Doc and Joe the DUmber? Comedy GOLD, I tell you!]

GREAT NEWS!!! Kick A**, Joe!!!

[He's a Biden-seek missile, aimed at rethuglican tush!]

'Bout time, Uncle Joe. 'Bout damn time.

[Yeah, you've been stallin' too long! Now go Stalin on them, Uncle Joe!]

He's been sporting a muzzle for too long.

[And a straitjacket. Kinda like Hannibal the Cannibal. But now--now he's gonna be let LOOSE! Hide in fear, teabaggers! But it will do you no good!]

I love Joe....

[He's just a fun-lovin', hardcrabble yet huggable guy, isn't he?]

I sometimes wonder how different this administration might have been and our current situation, had Joe Biden (not HRC or BO) gotten the nomination...

[You know, we wonder the same thing here at DUmmie FUnnies. Plugs Biden had our endorsement and everything! Little good it did him, though. What went wrong? What went WRONG?? Vilsack, too, same thing.]

I'm glad if Biden is now "unleashed."


Joe Biden can get out there and say what needs to be said. . . .

["Stand up, Chuck! Let 'em see ya! . . . Oh, God love ya, what am I talkin' about?"]

way I heard, it was Biden was the one who urged Obama to cave on the Bush tax cuts.


He was my first choice -- my "plan" was to have a Biden/Obama ticket. . . .

[Clown & Articulate.]

I'm very glad and reassured he's the VP. . . . I'm sure he's been invaluable to O thus far.

[You know, you're right. Joe Biden is Obama's firewall against impeachment.]

Biden unleashed will be a joy to watch.

[DUFU Heaven!]

Go Joe!!! I love me some Biden!!!!!!!


"Not an applause line. You are the only folks keeping the barbarians at the gate!"

["Grab your crossbows! Throw your spears! Shoot some cows at 'em!"]

"The other side has declared war on labor's house and it's about time we stand up!"

["Stand up, Big Labor! Let 'em see ya! . . . Oh, God love ya, what am I talkin' about?"]

Hey, Joe, we have been standing up. You? You've been supporting job killin' trade deals.

[Not a fan, I take it.]

Biden Unchained!

[Biden Unplugged! No, wait. . . .]

Let's just hope he doesn't put his foot in his mouth, as he's been known to do on occasion.

[Who, Joe? You're kidding!]

"I am about to be let loose," Yikes, I almost thought he meant that he wasn't going to be the VP next go around. . . .

[That may be truer than you realize! Hee! Hee!]

Release the Biden!

[His Barack's worse than his Biden!]

Turn him loose!


What would happen if Joe Biden suddenly announced he is running for President in 2012. . . ?


If Joe jumped and opened an opposition campaign, what would happen?

[He'd get the coveted DUFU endorsement, that's for sure! PRIMARY OBAMA, TRAITOR JOE!]

Biden has a reputation for having foot in mouth disease. The media portrays him as a goofball.

[D*MN THEM MEDIA! So unfair!]

I guess this is just Joe being Joe.

[Biden bein' Biden. Say that three times fast.]

About time Joe. Must be campaign season.

[One Kewpie Doll, coming right up!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, this is hilarious. I have a better chance of becoming President than he does. And I have no desire to be President.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biden needs a history lesson about the Barbarians v. Romans. Didn't work out so well for the Romans. 8-)

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Oh the Gaul of it all.

I like Joe Biden. He's silly. Stand up, Joe!

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all about that 3-letter word for Joe: J-O-B-S!

LOL! It just never gets old.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

I listened to his speech and the biggest take away I have is simple:

Obama/Biden are SO in bed with organized labor to the detriment of the rest of us. They have almost totally dropped the facade of representing the ENTIRE country and are now totally focused on kowtowing to the unions in hopes of maintaining enough votes to get re-elected.

These men are NOT interested in 'we the people'.

The current rate for private sector worker unionization is 6.9 percent, as per the 2010 census.

The current rate for public sector worker unionization is 36.2 percent, also as per the 2010 census.

That is who Obama. Biden represent. They themselves said so, just this week. (Listen to Biden's speech!)

The rest of us are pond scum.

That's it.

9:03 AM  

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