Friday, July 29, 2011

To every lurking Tea Bagger, Freeper and Cave Dweller...YOU ARE STUPID

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is my MAX CADY LAUGH at the anger the DUmmies are feeling over how the deficit debates are going. Poor widdle DUmmies! How angry they are that revenues (tax increases are OFF the table). Particularly FUnnie is the author of this THREAD, "To every lurking Tea Bagger, Freeper and Cave Dweller...YOU ARE STUPID," DUmmie Atman, who challenged the LFTs to break their cover and purposely get tombstoned by answering his insanity. So let us now watch the DUmmies go berserk with frustration in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, about to enjoy a plethora of MAX CADY LAUGHS, is in the [barackets]:

To every lurking Tea Bagger, Freeper and Cave Dweller...YOU ARE STUPID.

[The profundity of DUmmie Atman's arguments is simply overwhelming.]

If you miss your credit card payment, your rate goes up to 29-32%. The "default rate." The situation you've put the nation into right now is exactly the same, except we're talking BILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars, and new debt put upon the backs of our children and grandchildren. Are you f*cking MAD? How can anyone, in any way, shape or form, see this as HELPING our economy? It leads me to only one conclusion; this isn't about the economy, it's about power and your hatred of the black man in office.

[Ah! The old reliable (and worn) race card is played.]

Please, moles, expose yourselves, and tell me how I am wrong.

[Yeah sure, DUmmie Atman. We are going to give up our long held DUmmie secret IDs just to satisfied your insane anger. BTW, I am NOT DUmmie Indiana Green. And don't you dare accuse me of being DUmmie Warren Stupidly. But DUmmie Atman? Who knows?]

TEA PARTY TERRORISTS: They're not trying to help the economy. They're deliberately trying to destroy it and the govt.

[They are terrorizing us by daring to demand that the government spend no more than it takes in.]


[In DUmmieland, demanding fiscal responsibility is SEDITION.]

They are the terminally stupid subspecies of human that will probably contribute to the downfall not just of the U.S., but of the whole human race.


And don't forget the complimentary DU f*ck you! You country ruiners.


You teaparty FREAKS need to be taught a lesson, we need to remove every one of you ASAP

[So much for all those phony "civility" lectures from last January.]

response from the mole-men yet.

[DUmmie Atman still under the delusion that a LFT will purposely expose himself to instant tombstoning.]

Yup, stupid douchebags. Every last one of them.

[Another "sophisticated" line of attack.]

In Jesus all things are possible, for those who believe.. There are more than a few freepers, baggers, and dwellers, who have absolutely no problems with, nor will have any regrets IF the Teathugs drive the nation off the proverbial economic/fiscal cliff, especially IF doing so will hopefully accelerate the inevitably coming day(s) of their being raptured, b/c they and ONLY they piously represent all of what is pure and moral and honest and saintly, and good in the world, all others are obviously the evil spawn of or worship Satan, and are condemned to remain earthbound until the biblical prophesy in the Book of Revelations is fulfilled, and Judgement Day ensues.

[A DUmmie whose mind has been Left Behind.]

They can't wait for the collapse of civilization so they can fly like little birdies to their imaginary reward in the clouds. F*ck the rest of us. We're just fodder for their moronic delusions.


They are also amoral sociopaths.


You ignorant, servile scum!


If tea party traitors destroy our country. They need to be thrown out of America or jailed.

[Your Chekist job application has been...APPROVED!]

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pitt Again Despairs Over "Pan-Dimensional" Chess Genius

It has to be incredibly embarrassing to be WILLIAM RIVERS PITT. Constantly making bold assertions only to have to eat crow and take back the words so recently written with such confidence. In the case of Pitt, in less than a month Pitt has gone from condemning Obama for a LOOMING BETRAYAL to shortly afterwords having to eat his words and suddenly see The One as a PAN DIMENSIONAL CHESS GENIUS working his pieces so brilliantly that we mortals are unable to appreciate his oh so subtle negotiating skills. Well, the latter Obama worship was a little over a week ago, more than enough time for Pitt to once again do a complete U-Turn on himself. Yes, gone is the Pan Dimensional Chess Genius to be replaced by a despair causing bumbler as you can see in Pitt's THREAD, "So This Is Despair." So let us now watch Pitt perform yet another complete course reversal in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, expecting to wait much less than 24 business hours for another Pitt U-turn, is in the [barackets]:

So This Is Despair

[So this is inconsistency.]

It is difficult to describe this emotion. I’m used to disappointment, fairly comfortable with heartbreak, and am well acquainted with rage. Over the course of my lifetime, my presidents have been Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama…and each, in his own way, has been worse than the last.

[It would make the Baby Jesus CRY.]

How can I say that? Easy. The problems of Nixon are still with us, and have grown worse by orders of magnitude through each successive administration. Certain presidents have exacerbated the situation beyond their expected purview, but generally speaking, each one has adopted the worst ideas of his predecessor, and in nearly every instance, has made those problems worse.

But this…this is too much.

[Stand by as Pitt tosses the Pan Dimensional Chess Genius of only a little over a week ago under the bus.]

The timeline as I understand it: the far-right GOP caucus in the House decided to use the debt limit as a hostage to fortune in their decades-long quest to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. The current Democratic president saw this, and in a pure anti-Lakoffian flail that explains everything you need to know about the man, accepted the deranged premise put before him and went to work on the annihilation of the social safety net…but with the proviso that we find some new tax revenues by closing some loopholes…maybe…please?

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]

Not good enough. House Speaker Boehner walked away from the debt-limit talks, not once but twice, because he can’t control his caucus and because he had this Democratic president right where he wanted him. The president blew up – in as much as “No Drama” Obama ever blows up – and wondered what is needed for the GOP to say “Yes” to anything. Read between the lines of that presser, and you get this: “I tried to give them Social Security. I tried to give them Medicare and Medicaid. I gave those things willingly, despite cries of outrage from my ungrateful, foolish, obnoxious left flank, and asked only for a pittance in tax revenues in exchange. Shame on the GOP for not rampaging these social programs when I offered them the chance to do so.”

[Have no fear, Will. It is Obama working those pan-dimensional chess moves which are much too subtle for you to ever understand.]

Web forums all across the Democratic Party spectrum celebrated the president’s resolve. He showed them, didn’t he?

[And Pitt was at the forefront of celebrating the absolute genius of the pan-dimensional chess player.]

Well…wait. I saw a president in a state of high piss-off because he tried to give away Social Security and Medicare, but couldn’t convince the far right to take the proffered opportunity. They’ve been trying to do this very thing for three generations, and here is Obama practically sweating bullets in his desire to give them the victory they have pined for since Goldwater was in short pants. Sure, it’s proof that Boehner is at the mercy of the Tea Party freshmen in his caucus, but in which universe is this called victory? This Democratic president was angry because he was being denied the opportunity to preside over an historic roll-back of the New Deal?

Poor baby.

[Poor Baby Jesus.]

Oh, but we weren’t done yet. The “Grand Bargain” was still in the offing, now splintered into two or three or twelve different iterations, but all ultimately coming down to the same thing: trillions in cuts for the most vulnerable Americans, no new tax revenues from the rich or anyone else, and the bonus prize sought most passionately by the Democrats was the chance to kick this whole fight down the road to 2013, so none of these failures would be forced to address the question before their next all-important election cycle.

[Meanwhile Pitt is only beginning to work up The "Grand Bloviation."]

Sell out Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for a chance at an easier ride at the ballot? Where do I sign?

[On the same bill of goods that Jason Leopold so easily sold you about the Karl Rove indictment.]

The Bush-era tax cuts for rich people appear nowhere in the discussion, despite the fact that eliminating them would go most of the way towards resolving this “crisis.” We are still fighting three wars, and the “defense” budget remains largely untouchable. I have not heard an American politician talk about jobs in over a year, even though a robust jobs program would add revenue to the budget hand over fist.

[You mean the Bush-era tax cuts that the Bamster EXTENDED a few months ago?]

A great many people who should know better continue to look at this situation as if Mr. Obama has some fantastic rabbit he…is…just…waiting to pull out of a hat, thus foiling the GOP and securing our future forever. For a brief moment a couple of weeks ago, I shared that optimism, but the last several days have slapped me soundly out of that fugue state.

[Yes, we CHRONICLED your ridiculous "The Chessmaster Cometh? in the DUmmie FUnnies with the full knowledge that you would soon be eating crow AGAIN.]

I see a president on his knees, hands outstretched, offering the best ideas and policies liberal governance has ever devised up to the voracious carnivore of GOP opportunism. I see the end of the New Deal, and a far crueler America emerging from the aftermath. I see a Democratic president voiding his bladder on all that he is supposed to uphold.

[I see a Democratic president going pee-pee on Mr. P.]

Mr. Obama got on those knees again Monday night, on national television no less, and once again begged the GOP to devour Social Security and Medicare. He gobbled up the flawed, flayed premise of the far-right's deranged argument, again, and pleaded for the chance to give away the core of what he was elected to defend.

[It is all part of a brilliant plan whose subtle pan-dimensional chess moves you just can't appreciate.]

I thought I was done being ashamed of my president.

[I thought you were done humiliating yourself in public.]

I was wrong.

[So was I. And now the DUmmie reaction to yet ANOTHER complete change in course by the Pittster...]

But, PorSense, that's not in the plan he supports. The Reid plan doesn't deal with the Bush tax cuts and the defense cuts are for winding down the wars, something already in the works.

[That was Mama Raven leaping to the defense of her darling SUnny Boy from a bit of DUmmie critism.]

And the Reid plan doesn't touch Social Security and Medicare (much to our "despair"?)

[Replied the DUmmie to Mama Raven.]

That's correct but why did Obama bring it up again last night when it's not in the reid plan? He's got me totally confused.

[I'm totally confused by Mama Raven defending darling SUnny Boy to the extent of greenlighting his Trust Fund Baby payments.]

He shouldn't have? Aren't they still negotiating? Still, what's wrong with continuing to make the case to the American people? I suspect members of Congress are going to hear from their constituents about cutting the defense budget and eliminating tax loopholes for the wealth.

Do you support putting SS and M/M back on the table ?

[Quote the Raven, Evermore!]

That's the simple, bottom line question which shuts Pro Sense up. It tells us everything we need to know about Pro Sense, doesn't it? It's been 3 hours since you asked the question. You stopped him dead in his tracks, Raven!

I noticed. How disappointing. I was hoping to have a fair exchange with ProSense. I was surprised that there was no response.

[Hey, Mama Raven! How about if you get SUnny Boy for a response on the topic of why he perpetrated the Karl Rove indictment HOAX?]

"You stopped him dead in his tracks, Raven!" My mom's got skillz.

[Yup, Pitt. Your Mom got skillz in whipping out the checkbook to bail you out of trouble when giggling schoolgirls grow up to be angry liberal feminists with inconvenient memories.]

I think Will's Faux-watch day did something really horrible to his brain.

[Yeah, his judgement skills just aren't up to what they were when Jason Leopold hypnotized him with the Karl Rove indictment fairy tale.]


[Uh-Oh! Another angry outburst from Pitt. Careful Will or you will end up threatening to beat up another homeless woman.]

Bravo, Will! You nailed it. Of course, the knee-jerk Obama defenders will come out swinging, but the fact is, my friend, you nailed it.

[He banked it just like Will did with predicting the MA senate election last year.]

He bet on a hand that hadn't even been played yet
and told them what and who had which cards.

[That's because Obama doesn't play poker. His game is pan-dimensional chess.]

He HAS great cards. he SHOULD call the Republican Bluff, and RAISE with an expansion of Medicare (Raise the Cap), but he refuses to play these cards. He is going to fold a Straight Flush to the Republican's empty hand.

[Obama worship flushed straight down the toilet.]

Heartbreaking. I am so used to being a loyal Democrat and I
have been hoping to see that rabbit. I began to despair when he put SS and Medicare/Medicaid on the table and took the Bush tax cuts off. Even today I'm praying for that rabbit.

[Elmer FUdd hoping to see that Wascally Wabbit.]

That is it. You've got it. 100% right. I assume you are walking back your apology now. I recall a post from you a couple of weeks back apologizing to the president for foolishly believing he was doing anything OTHER than playing nth dimensional chess. I assume you now see that it is an entirely different game that he is playing --hide the salami.

[Give Pitt less than 24 business hours and he will be apologizing AGAIN for daring to cast aspersions upon the genius of The One.]

I'm waiting for the magic rabbit too Will, but I'm afraid it's going to be a rat. A BIG F*CKING RAT!

[Washington is chock full of RATS. One is sitting in the Oval Office.]

Thank you WilliamPitt

[For providing the DUFUs with yet another comedy gold U-turn.]

I take it you won't be apologizing to Obama again.

[Give Will a few minutes and it will happen AGAIN.]

So much for pan-dimensional chess.

[Promulgated with such confidence by Pitt only days ago.]

Contrived edge.

[That HAS to be a LFT.]

Please consider not reversing yourself so quickly this time: Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology. I'd still like to know what caused that change in the first place.

[The passage of minutes.]

Foolish optimism.

[Which dissipated in minutes as usual, Will.]

I Feel ya Will.... not easy these days to put on a smile

[Actually it is quite easy these days to smile...and laugh due to all the contradictory course corrections performed by Will.]

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Not using the 14th Amendment makes the Baby Jesus cry"---Pitt

WILLIAM PITT the Theologian is back in action again. Remember those prayers he normally never uses back when he was temporarily a devout KENNEDY CATHOLIC? Well, now he is suddenly an expert on how Baby Jesus would feel in the current deficit debate. Yeah, Baby Jesus is a policy wonk according to Pitt. Not only that Baby Jesus wants Obama to violate the Constitution by fraudulently invoking the 14th Amendment to unilaterally raise the debt limit. Gee? What ever happened to the "Pan-Dimensional" chess genius that Pitt was recently PRAISING? Apparently Pitt has lost faith in that master chess player to be replaced by Baby Jesus urging Obama to take an action that would ensure his impeachment as you can see in Pitt's bizarre THREAD, "Not using the 14th Amendment makes the Baby Jesus cry." So let us now watch Pitt ridiculously invoke religion where it is absolutely not appropriate in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, awaiting the deficit policy paper of Goddess Gaia, is in the [barackets]:

Not using the 14th Amendment makes the Baby Jesus cry.

[Not using your brain makes the Baby Jesus laugh.]

Amen! :-)

[Chimed in Mama Raven who apparently gave Willie his boyhood religious instruction which consisted of being reverent ONLY when it helps achieve a political goal.]

Frankly, I doubt Jesus would give a flying f*ck about the US debt.

[That pretty much falls under the "Render unto Caesar, etc." advice.]

I think Jesus would care.. If it brought hardship upon the poor and the old. He would be very much interested.

[DUmmie kentuck is such a reverent soul that he is able to discern the thoughts of Baby Jesus.]

Once again NOWHERE in the 14th amendment does it give the PRESIDENT the power to bypass congress and pass his own budget. If he does, not only will the Supreme Court stop him, he will almost certainly lose the election.

[You make too much sense you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

But you don't want those magi to stop donating their gifts. Better check with them first.

[Gifts that definitely won't be tax deductible according to the current regime.]

You know he did grow up! But frankly, I'd like to picture my Jesus in a tuxedo shirt so that he be formal AND be ready to party!

[Stop! You're breaking the "reverent" mood invoked by the Pittster. ...Well, that was short and sweet but I wanted to chronicle this idiotic thread before Pitt sobers up and begs Skinner to delete it.]

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DUmmies Angered by Obama Embrace of Gang of Six

The FUnniest thing about the DUmmie outrage over Obama's seeming embrace of the Gang of Six proposal to lower the deficit is that there is NO actual legislation in writing. So how could Congress vote on a nonexistent bill? In fact, there won't be any such bill for weeks or months at the earliest so it is silly to think that such a non-existent bill could be written and passed by the August 2 default deadline. However, that little fact hasn't stopped the DUmmies from going into complete panic mode as you can see in this THREAD, "What the hell is going on?" This is only one of many similar threads about Obama being perceived as caving to the Republicans. Gone is any idea that Obama is some sort of "pan-dimensional" chess political genius as was recently promoted by one WILLIAM RIVERS PITT. Now Obama is being portrayed as extremely weak willed. So let us now watch the DUmmies go into panic mode over what they think is an Obama cave in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, waiting for Pitt to once again completely change his mind about Obama, is in the [barackets]:

What the hell is going on?

[You are being stabbed in the back again. Next!]

Has Obama lost his mind? Is he being blackmailed? Has he been brainwashed? Has he been a right wing plant all along? If this is not part of some grand strategic plan to get something better, then, my god, someone needs to primary Obama. He's lost his soul.

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]

The plan screws with Social Security, reduces the mortgage deduction (great timing, huh?), reduces the tax benefits of saving for retirement and charitable giving. In addition to that:

[The plan makes a fool out of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT yet again.]

The plan would simplify the tax code by reducing the number of tax brackets from six to three, lowering the top rate from 35 percent to somewhere between 23 percent and 29 percent. That could provide a windfall for wealthy taxpayers because the 35 percent tax bracket currently applies to taxable income above $379,150.

[God forbid we simplify the tax code. And now to the other outraged DUmmies...]

OK, but there was an election in 2010 and Teabaggers have control of the House. So how exactly do you propose the president can ram through a bill which will be to your liking?

[Perhaps Obama should consult Ben Burch for expert ramming advice.]

Reads like a republican wet dream. What do we get out of it?

[A crumb. Enjoy.]

Right wing plant is possible. Elect a Republican posing as a Democrat, and see how far Democrats will follow that President to the right before they realize they've been played.

[We own ALL your White Houses!]

Just by virtue of not being Bush or McCain-Palin, Obama has been given enough rope to hang us. Excuse after excuse has been made to try to cover his choices, but the writing is on the wall. He isn't moving to the right, he' there - and perhaps always has been. If Obama wins, we lose. If he loses, we lose. Sorry, but it's simply not good enough. We can't endure four more years of failed leadership.

["Now, it seems Mr. Obama was in fact playing a pan-dimensional game of chess, and the GOP just got put in checkmate, to the high dudgeon of their core supporters." ---W.R. Pitt.]

Just the fact that the President is toying with this idea, the fact that he's even considered it, is depressing.

[Have no fear. It is all part of his genius pan-dimensional chess moves designed to checkmate the Republicans.]

Its sad to see people sell their souls for a politician who has not done a damn thing to deserve the loyalty some afford him and cheer him on while he sells us out.

["Now, it seems Mr. Obama was in fact playing a pan-dimensional game of chess, and the GOP just got put in checkmate, to the high dudgeon of their core supporters." ---W.R. Pitt.]

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Know-it-all Nadin wants to know: "How long until we take to the streets?"

The Revolution is a-brewin'. Or at least it should be. Heck, things are so bad--the tipping point should have been tipped and the Rubicon crossed long ago--the Revolution ought to be NOW! And Know-it-all Nadin, that is, DUmmie nadinbrzezinski, is getting impatient. So she lays down the challenge to her fellow DUmmies, here in this THREAD, "How long until we take to the streets?"

Of course, while excoriating others for not TAKING IT TO THE STREETS, Nadin herself will sit safely ensconced in her fallout shelter in San Diego, sipping triage milk and dispensing tidbits of wisdom and sage advice from her vast storehouse of knowledge.

But for the rest of you slackers. . . . "Why aren't you out there NOW, like those Egyptian guys a few months ago? Can't you spot a worldwide TREND when you see one?? No, of course you can't! You're not me, Know-it-all Nadin Brzezinski, the World's Foremost Authority. Oh, how I pity you people! Just be grateful you have ME, Nadin Brzezinski, to guide you through the often perplexing world of History, International Geopolitics, and Trendspotting. Oh and yes, be sure to thank me, or else I'll put you on my iggy list."

So let us now listen to the Wisdom of Nadin, as she descends from on high to spur the DUmmies on, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, always amused when the DUmmies are revolting, is in the [brackets]:

How long until we take to the streets?

[If you start lecturing us, Nadin, I predict a large number of DUmmies will vacate their basements and run out into the streets to get away.)

Don't expect media to cover it either.

[OK, thanx for that tip, Nadin. I was half-expecting the media TO cover it when the Revolution begins. Now, though, let's see if your fellow DUmmies--your students, really, for you are the Master, and DUmmieland is your one big classroom--let's see if anyone takes up your challenge . . .]

It's hard to take to the streets when you have to drive to get there.

[Those gas prices, man--we may have to postpone the Revolution until the gas prices come down. Or maybe if we carpool. . . .]

Aren't Greece and France much more dense in their urban areas than the US?

[Oh, I think DUmmieland is MUCH more dense than Greece or France.]

How long until YOU take to the streets, nadin?

[Oooh, MineralMan! You're cruisin' for the iggy list!]

Like WI it will happen

[Now remind me, Nadin, what did that revolution in Wisconsin ACCOMPLISH exactly, other than a bunch of teachers getting fake sick notes from doctors so they could stand around and hold signs and feel good about themselves?]

Taking to the streets won't do good, they lived in walled off castles.

Who are "they"?

[Don't ask. It's nice just to have a "they" to revolt against in our pretend revolution.]


["The Powers That Be." Or maybe, "Those People, They Bad!"]

And who are "TPTB"? Kinda vague, isn't it?

[OK, let's get more specific: The Man. The EEEvil Rich. The Corporatists Who Control Everything.]

If you prefer to believe that there are nameless, faceless people that control everything, that's your prerogative.

[It's our DUTY, as DUmmies!]

Google Grover Norquist, the Koch brothers, etc.

[You forgot Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.]

Them. No, that was ants. We? Crap...I think that was Anonymous. They must be the other. No...scary kid from hell. I'm not sure. But "they" sound pretty bad. We should probably do what we can to protect the village from

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

DUers Postpone Taking To The Streets For Yet Another Year

[It's a reign delay.]

i don't know what you want people to take to the streets for. . . .

[What for?? Why, for EVERYTHING, of course! It's hot outside! I can barely afford a frappucino at Starbucks anymore! Radiation from Japan! Sky is falling! Seniors eating dog food! Dogs eating seniors! I mean, COME ON! Can't you SEE what is happening??]

I've never stopped taking it to the streets since 2003

[Is that you, Bobo the Hobo?]

People need to be willing to risk arrest and actually do something to shut the system down, not just march from point A to point B.

[Let's march from point A to point B . . . TO POINT C THIS TIME!]

Ummm... shut WHAT system down?

[The System! You know . . . The System!]

Capitalism, corporate America, the military industrial complex, Wall Street, call it what you want. Blockade the financial district. Blockade Faux news headquarters. Sit in at BP corporate offices.

[But that would require getting up from our keyboards.]

I guess you think the Egyptian people had no right to do what they did by rising up against their oppressors?

[Squawk like an Egyptian.]

Bush was not legitimately elected. He stole power. He launched an illegal war. He ordered the use of torture. He stripped Americans of their civil rights. How is he not a dictator?

If he was a dictator... how come there was an orderly transition of power after the election of 2008?

[OK, well, that was . . . that was an accident. But he was THINKING of being a dictator. And it FELT like he was a dictator, sorta, to us. So, I mean, it was really bad! And he smirked! And what about Cheney?]

it's silly to call him a dictator. Just plain silly.

[Silly, but accurate! Besides, he was BUSH, man! And we're still angry about it! So let's have a revolution to make up for it! Eight long years, man! The National Nightmare! Smirky the Chimp! AARRRRGGHH!!!!]

Resistance IS fun.

[Resistance is FUtile! But let's hear once more from Nadin . . .]

Again I am done with going on this. Won't happen (well it will but it won't be covered). So wvery one has to be documented. As to local actions seat inns don't result in arrest no more.

[Huh, wha?? "Seat inns"?]

Shut the system down, eh? . . . If you want to actually do something, go convince people to vote for the right people. That will bring change. But, you have to actually do it. You actually have to go talk to people and convince them.

[Good luck with that!]

A human barricade will work just fine. I've done it before. We shut down the financial district of SF the weekend the Iraq War broke out. It's quite easy to do.

[Human barricade, coming up!]

Last I heard, the financial district of San Francisco is still operating, so you did not actually shut it down, it seems. You may have temporarily blocked traffic on a street for a short time. Then, you went somewhere else and things resumed their normal state. So, I'd say that you shut down nothing.

[Picky, picky, picky. . . .]

Good on you. While some sit around a computer nannying and chastising those who get things done, you actually go out and take action when elections prove meaningless.

[Yeah, at least you go out and take a bunch of meaningless ACTIONS!]

Keep on pwning their asses. And let me know if I can help for, though I'm in a faraway land, I'll be there if you need me.

[I live on the Planet Gorgon, but I can beam myself down anytime you want!]

I was hoping for some... coherence.

[You came to the wrong place for that.]

What are you asking? Why is that such a hard question to answer?

And you're sitting there implying that I'm being evasive? LOL.

Hello? What is your question? Do I need to ask you again?

What is your question?
What is your question?
What is your question?
What is your question?

You having trouble reading that? Here let me put it in big, bold letters:


[So what I hear you asking is, "What is your question?" Is that your question?]

Ted Robert Gurr, most famously, observed that frustration and aggression are interlinked, and most often revolutions occur after efforts at reform have failed and some improvement in conditions was realized. That is the "J-Curve" theory of revolutionary potential. . . . Also, as Skocpol and Goldstone point out, revolution doesn't just happen, it's a process that requires objective preconditions. Chalmers Johnson posited that revolution occurs only when several major subsystems of society have reached a point of "disequilibrium." The product of an actual revolution doesn't organize itself, as the Tillys observe, there has to be some sort of alternative structure created by the opposition that is capable of assuming power - that precondition is called "dual sovereignty."

[The surprising thing in this post was that the namedropper was NOT Know-it-all Nadin! It was some DUmmie named leveymg. But, speak of the devil, here comes Nadin . . .]

Well add Nash to that list. . . .

[Nadin can't let another know-it-all out-namedrop her!]

You know, the Social Revolution theorists don't count the American Rev as a true Social Rev. A split within and among elites, and a political separation accompanied by a war, but not a true reordering of society in any fundamental fashion. The Great Social Revolutions list generally includes the British Glorious Revolution of Civil War of 1688, the French (1789), Russian (1917) and Chinese (1949) revolutions and dozens of smaller national liberation struggles that followed. I don't see any persuasive evidence that we're headed for anything so drastic as a Social Revolution, Class War, or even a shooting war among polarized elites. The American Empire, however, is ripe for collapse like the French in 1940, the British in 1946, and the Soviet Union in 1991. Imperial collapse has a different mindset and dynamic.

[Nadin has met her match! Congratulations, DUmmie leveymg! DUmmies nadinbrzezinski and leveymg go back and forth now for a whole bunch of posts, trying to outdo one another with their impressive yet boring displays of knowledge. . . . We resume . . .]

Too many questions. You just have to TAKE TO THE STREETS! Never mind about the details. MAN THE BARRICADES! Allons enfants de la Patrie!!11! That sort of thing is what I think we're discussing here. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! STICK IT TO THE MAN!

[DUmmie MineralMan, who used to post on FR, must be a closet DUmmie FUnnies reader, since he knows how we satirize the DUmmie revolutionaries! Hee! Hee!]

When I get my bicycle back from the shop, I will be taking to the streets again. I'm stuck using the sidewalk for a few days. Is this about the Netflix price increase?

[More sarcasm. Come on, people! This is series! I mean, people are DYING!! Somewhere, I think. . . .]

Egypt, like any other revolution did not happen overnight. That one took about 30 years. The American REvolution took about a generation... I could go on.

[No, please, Nadin, don't. Please.]

I think it's delusional to believe the people are going to take to the streets. Of course this is the DU alternate universe where the reality of the regular universe does not count.

[The Reality-based Alternate Universe®.]

Take to the streets and do what exactly? Demonstrate? Sit-in? Civil disobedience? Riot? How many people might you expect to do this because as bad as things might seem here it is much better than the rest of the world. Basically people are too comfortable, too satisfied with the status quo. If 40% of the electorate don't even bother to vote in a presidential election, how many would ever take to the streets.

[OK, panel, for these two last posts, I'm going to flip all the cards and award today's Kewpie Doll to DUmmie elocs! Well played!]

Well then, sit at home and don't bother participating, Perfect example of what happens when people give up. and good bye.

[Welcome to Nadin's iggy list, elocs!]

I plan to walk my dog this evening - does that count?

[Take him to the streets, but just be sure to clean up after him.]

These days writing an angry blog is about all we're able to do...

[Walking the dog, writing a blog--it's the thought that counts.]

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"I'm very close to breaking up with my man because of Republicans"

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. And politics can also make for *estranged* bedfellows, when the fellow is a Rethuglican and you're a DUmmie. Such is the case for DUmmie Sarah Ibarruri, who is thisclose to breaking up with her boyfriend, the right-winger. By her own account, Sarah's beau is a nice guy, and he treats her just fine, but he IS a Rethug, and that is driving DUmmie Sarah NUts! So instead of Dear Abby, Sarah resorts to Dear DUmmie for advice, as we see in this THREAD, "I'm very close to breaking up with my man because of Republicans."

So let us now join DUmmie Sarah Ibarruri for this edition of "Dear DUmmie," in Roses Are Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, thinking maybe Sarah should contact Mary Matalin for advice on politically mixed marriages (and to get a book deal for PJ), is in the [brackets]:

I'm very close to breaking up with my man because of Republicans

[WHAT are they doing NOW, those d*mn Rethugs?! Interfering with a poor woman's romance! D*MN them!]

The man I've been seeing is a right winger.

[Oh wait! Your fella IS a Rethug! Now I get you! But, but . . . how?? How in the WORLD could you possibly be going out with a Rethuglican?? ICK!]

Yeah, I know. I almost wear a sign on me that says, "If you're a right winger, get the F*** away,"

[DUmmie Sarah ALMOST wears a sign that says that. Instead, she opted for a tattoo. Big bold letters, across her cleavage.]

and yet here I am, dating a right winger. He's not as right wing as some of these a**holes, like Boehner, or Cantor, but he's right wing nonetheless.

[So I take it he's a right winger.]

He doesn't argue with me, and I rave and froth at the mouth with hatred for the GOPigs, but he's patient and caring.

[So maybe the question ought to be, How can HE be going out with YOU? You must have some impressive . . . attributes.]

But I'm reaching the end of my patience. I simply CANNOT, CANNOT endure being with someone who even remotely agrees with these sh*theads who have taken our country down a path to second world nation for the past 31 years. I am growing more and more angry with my guy, and I've nearly gotten to the point at which I'm ready to call it quits.

[He's patient and caring, and he treats me nice, but HE DOESN'T WANT TO RAISE TAXES ON THE RICH! THAT'S IT! WE. ARE. OVER!!!]

Right now I'm livid and cannot talk to him. He makes me sick.

[I believe the beloved be livid! Now let's see if the DUmmies have any advice for the lividlorn . . .]

I'm available.

[DUmmie zappaman is first in line! He senses a new prog babe coming on the market.]

Never seen a Fox News show in my life. And never hated a politician like I hated GWB and puppetmaster Cheney...

[Welcome to dHarmony®! Boys, start listing your qualifications. (Maybe some of you gals, too. This is DUmmieland, after all.)]

I agree on GW Bush and Cheney. How does Cheney remain alive? Is he bionic? His heart must look like a frikkin' oil rag, it's been so sewn up, taken apart, then sewn up again. Freaks, both of them.

[The mention of mutual hates gets Sarah in a romantic mood. She and zappaman start flirting . . .]

Cheney is either inhuman or can afford the kind of health care most of us just fantasize about. I can't wait to dance on his grave and if that makes me a bad person, so be it.

[Oooh, you big bad liberal man! Talk like that turns me on!]

He doesn't deserve to breathe.

[Sarah is now in the "foreplay" stage.]

Cheney is Undead. His Kind Cannot Die.

[DUmmie AndyTiedye butts in, trying to sound even more anti-rethug than zappaman. This is like two rams fighting over a cute girl sheep.]

Maybe he's walking around some cemetery at night.

[Sarah now flirts with Andy.]

Dump the MoFo.

[DUmmie cherokeeprogressive advises Sarah to DUmp the Mooselini Follower!]

Oh believe me, I'm about this ready to! I told him yesterday that I think he's concealing his true nature and pretending to be nice, when in actuality he's a first-class a**hole because, how could anyone be such a d**k as to wish ill on the least able, and think redistribution of wealth towards the top is just the coolest thing. He can't understand why I'm so F angry at him. Is he NUTS, or just pretending he doesn't get this? He thinks because he's nice to me, it's all fine. It isn't.

[Get a prog boy! He may treat you like sh*t, he may mooch off your money, and he may be lacking in male secondary sexual characteristics, but at least he'll vote right! Left, I mean!]

I just can't get over it. He's nice to me, and holds views that make me sick.

[I think you just can't help being attracted to a real manly man, Sarah, and it's driving you CRAZY! Your head says one thing, but your heart and hormones say another!]

I once read that Adolph Hitler was absolutely wonderful to Eva Braun and to his dogs, but that doesn't mean Adolph Hitler didn't have evil views and heinous intentions about the rest of the world. I told my boyfriend that. He didn't find it amusing.

[I can't imagine why.]

I dated a man once who was nice to me, but kind of dickish or very dickish to some other people, though never when in my presence. . . . But dickishness will out. Eventually a dick will be a dick to you, too.

[You dated Dick Cheney?? And lived to tell about it??]

On the other hand, I have many relatives who are geneuinely wonderful people in almost every way--except that they are real Republicans. They . . . have always been very religious--and very Republican.


I dated a woman who is now a republican. I don't get it. Black, disabled, homeless, lesbian, and republican.

[A Caucus of One.]

He sounds like a nice guy. If you're ranting and raving at him, give him a break and get rid of him. It doesn't sound like he deserves to be ranted and raved at.

[DUmmie Yupster, YOU get the Kewpie Doll!]

These days when someone says they are a republican I look at them like they have 3 heads.

[Three heads are better than one.]

It's now literally making me nauseous to think of my guy's opinions.

[That's why they call us Repukes!]

Move on and let the guy live a nag free life....

[Sorry, only one Kewpie Doll per thread.]

I lasted 9 months with a RW...Deal breaker was..."umm, There's a question about Obama's Birth Certificate"...after that I kicked him to the curb...

[No marriage certificate for you!]

Oh my GOD. See? The minute I hear my guy say stupid sh*t like that, I swear to you, I feel like kicking him to the curb. I automatically ask him things like, "You can't be this stupid, can you?" Then he gets hurt.

[Sarah, this guy of yours must have the patience of Job! Or else your assets must be VERY impressive!]

I've had many first date, last dates over this exact issue. I make sure the topic of politics comes up right away so I can find out where they stand on issues.

["Hi, I'm DUmmie Annette. Where do you stand on the debt ceiling?"]

I really wish and hope that I will one day meet a good and decent democratic gentleman. Maybe if I could get out of Tennessee. . . .

[Not so fast! I know of a certain recently-single-again PROMINENT Tennessee Democrat! BTW, what size is your carbon footprint?]

My friend, think long and hard.

[Annette, I think that is precisely what Sarah wants!]

Yes, but where are these lib guys? That's the reason I ended up with a Republican...I couldn't meet any lib guys. Of course, I live in Florida.

[Sarah punched Al Gore and ended up with Pat Buchanan!]

(sigh) We need a LIB dating website big time!

[$kimmer, DUAC Earl, are you listening? There's a niche, now fill it!]

not a lib site per se but one that pitched itself as matching progressives with each other. . . . I gave a high weight to geographic proximity (I don't have a car), but some of my suggested matches were hundreds of miles away.

[No, friends, this was NOT the famous carless and dateless DUmmie stevenumbers who wrote this post, but ANOTHER DUmmie looser without wheels, DUmmie Jim "Life in the Fast" Lane. . . . Now back to DUmmie Sarah talking about her guy . . .]

I actually told him once that his I.Q. must be very low if he talks as if he were an idiot. Aside from this situation, he's very good to me, he's cute, generous, kind, loves my family, is interesting, loves to travel, lots of things.

[But ALL THAT is overshadowed by his belief that it's wrong for the government to take people's wealth away from them and give it to others! What a MONSTER!]

Repigs have taken the U.S. from 1st world to 2nd world nation status. And I will not forgive them, and more importantly, I see them as needing to shut the f*** up, beg forgiveness and just die. How can I possibly remain with someone who thinks this way, when all I'm feeling about his way of thinking, is hatred? I'm incredibly frustrated and confused.

[That's it, Sarah, tell your boyfriend to shut the f*** up and JUST DIE! Look, having Mr. Right Wingo as your boyfriend at least gives you someone to vent on! You can make this work, honey!]

he looks good, is nice, very romantic, very funny, very nice, and he says he loves me.

[And you get someone to rage and rant at in the bargain! What's not to like?]

I'm actually surprised he hasn't kicked HER to the curb.

[And THERE is the great mystery of this thread!]

He's very nice to me, and very handsome, and very intelligent. He's a complete idiot with regard to his outlook on life and I make him suffer for it every day.

[A match made in purgatory!]

How's the sex, though?

[Finally we get to it. . . .]

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pitt Changes Mind About Obama Yet Again

If you want WILLIAM RIVERS PITT to change his mind...just wait a minute. On July 9 Pitt accused Barack Obama of betrayal as you can see in his THREAD, "A Looming Betrayal." However, in much less than 24 business hours, 4 days later, Pitt did a complete U-turn as you can see in his THREAD, "Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology." But wait, there's more! Oh, there is so hilarious much MORE! The very next day, July 14, Pitt demonstrates to one and all that he has got his "mind right" by praising Obama as a political genius with the ability to play 3-dimensional chess as you can see in The Chessmaster Cometh? Yeah, Obama is such a genius that he sailed through college by merely phoning in his classroom presence. Not for The One to be weighed down by such mundane chores as attending classes or taking tests. So let us now watch Pitt quickly switch from feelings of outright betrayal by Obama to worshiping at the feet of the Annointed One in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent who is wondering if Comrade O'Brien was the one who performed the mind adjustment on Pitt, is in the [barackets]:

A Looming Betrayal

[Photograph this Pitt feeling before he changes it in a flash.]

On Thursday, headlines on both the Washington Post and the New York Times announced that President Obama had put both Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block, as part of some "grand bargain" with House Speaker Boehner and the GOP to cut the deficit and avoid blowing the August 2 debt limit deadline. The deal, as reported, would also include as much as $1 trillion in "new revenue" to be raised by closing off and eliminating loopholes in the tax code. No tax increases of any kind were on the table.

[GASP! No tax increases? Oh, the Horror. The HORROR!]

My reaction to this news, along with most everyone else aligned with the left side of politics, was predictable. I was aghast, dumbfounded, sickened, and enraged. The Republican Party has been working hammer and tong to eliminate these vital programs since the day they were first conceived. Sometimes their efforts were out in the big wide open, such as George W. Bush's doomed privatization proposal. If it wasn't their hood ornament, it was at least always on the dashboard, right out front, a core element of their philosophy, and always somewhere in their platform. In all those years, however, the GOP had only managed to nibble at the edges of these programs, having never summoned either sufficient muscle or sufficient will to kill them off entirely.

[Is one of these proposed slashes in the program to catch predators? Perhaps your co-author might have an opinion on this.]

And now here is a Democratic president, after all those years of struggle to defend and protect the social contract created by these policies, offering them up for destruction because he can't seem to stop himself from agreeing with Republicans. Here is a Democratic president who happily accepts the premise of their devious arguments, and who appears unwilling to summon enough spine to rebuff the debt-ceiling-default tactic being deployed by the GOP in an act of national hostage-taking. Instead, hey, why not, let's rip these programs to shreds and fulfill the deepest, darkest fantasies of the far right.

[And yet the strange thing here is that Obama has never proposed a single SPECIFIC cut. Not one. All he wants to do is "increase revenue" aka raise taxes.]

This is a matter of honor, plain and simple. An ocean of blood, sweat and tears has been spent bringing these all-important programs to life, and even more has been spent protecting and defending them. If this president consents to throw all that over in an act of political triangulation, he will be marked in my book for all time as a failure, a betrayer, and a disgrace.

[Speaking of betrayers, which former Dennis Kuncinich press secretary STABBED HIM IN THE BACK by feeding inside campaign info to the Kerry campaign? .And now we hear from the DUmmie Peanut Gallery...]

He don't give a f*ck. I'm telling you.

[He just wants to eat his shrimp.]

In Nov 2008 I dared to start to hope that things would change, then every week a new move to the right. I'm devastated, disenchanted and disgusted. I feel duped, punk'd and conned.

[IOW you feel like a DUmmie.]

Obama might be the ultimate narcissist, devoid of decency and honor


Does Obam live in some sort of bubble? Doesn't he hear the noise, or does he just not care?

[The Emperor wears no clothes but none dare tell him just as none of his college profs told Zero his knowledge level was almost zero.]

Obama extended the depression by two years (More tax cuts for the rich, Oh Boy!) for a narrow, temporary extension of unemployment benefits. It's almost like he is cutting off his own nose to spite his face.

[Just as Pitt has cut off his own brain to spite his face. In just a few days, the Pittster does a complete U-turn on his "learned" analysis presented here.]

3 dimensional chess! Did I leave anything out?

[Only the fact that Pitt will lift that 3 dimensional chess concept from you before the week is out.]

It's a feint! It's CHESS!

[You're joking but Pitt won't be when he worships at the feet of The One in just a few days.]

And Will Pitt ignores the fact that the WaPo story to which he refers was made up of whole cloth, and contained not a single attributable fact in it.

[Like the story about Karl Rove being indicted on May 12, 2006? Who dreamed up that story? Help me out here, Will.]

Update your information, Will.

[He will update with a 180 degree course correction.]

Wall Street owes us all. I'm for taking everything those greedy bastards have.

[Ah! The "progressive" political philosophy of "they got stuff and I want it!"]

I'm old and sick and fat, too. I have been un- or under-employed for better than three years. I have virtually nothing to lose.

[Except weight.]

This is your best yet, Will. I have been sharing it with anyone who will listen.

[Will you also be sharing it when Pitt does a complete U-turn on his premise in a few days?]

i'm angry and i feel betrayed.

[Will you feel angry and betrayed when Pitt pulls the rug from under all of you in a few days?]

I used to have a lot of respect for Mr. Pitt. Sadly, he has destroyed any respect I used to have.

[Just wait a minute and Pitt will try to regain your respect by completely CHANGING his mind yet again.]

Will works hard toward attaining his AND our goals, in real life ....He isn't just sitting at his desk, as his detractors might be, issuing empty statements .... He is out there, using personal resources and shoe leather to get the message out

[Yes, he is using his shoe leather to get the message out in that little sidewalk square in front of Bukowski's..."NO BARFING ON THE CURB!!!"]

Will is dedicated to speaking for us, and I would think his fellow DUers would provide at least a modicum of support, even if they disagree with him ...

[Will has your back...for the next couple of days.]

I KNEW Obama was too good to be true. I have never for one minute trusted anything he said. Turns out I was right not to.

[But you can ALWAYS trust Will Pitt to stay true to what he said in this thread...for a couple more days.]

Is it time to admit you were wrong? I guess it's better to wait a couple weeks before you do that.

[DUmmie Renew Deal asks the Pittster, little knowing that it will be a couple of days, not weeks, for the Pittster to completely change his mind.]

Not yet. But maybe close. We shall see.

[Replied Pitt and it sure sounds like he is ALREADY thinking about changing his mind. And change he did just a few days later on July 13 as you can see in Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology.]

Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology.

[What you are missing are brain neuron firing synapses.]

Though I never came right out and said "He's going to kill SS and Medicare," I certainly made the argument that he was heading in that direction, and that it was all too possible he was going to give away the store.

[The U-turn cometh.]

Well, unless something truly insane happens, it appears Mr. Obama played the GOP like a fiddle on this debt-limit thing. So far, so good.

[You need to toss "BETRAYAL" down the memory hole.]

My apologies, sir.

[Much better than your partial birth non-apology for perpetrating Hoaxmas. And now the replies from angry DUmmie none too happy about the Pittster's sudden U-turn.]

For handing the Senate to the repukes on a silver platter? Well, then apologize away.

[Challenged DUmmie joeybee12.]

How do you see that happening?

[Asks Pitt with the brand new attitude adjustment.]

everything Obama does is all about Obama, because by selling dems out this week he got the pundits to fawn over may help him in 2012, but it screws over the rest.

[Just wait until you see how Pitt fawns over him. He covers the Bamster's feet in adoring drool while kissing them.]

I think it's too early for anyone to be winding funeral shrouds around anything, but as the OP indicates, I've been wrong before.

[Bank it, Pitt.]

I agree with Mr. Pitt's post #8. I don't believe that it will turn the senate over to the repubkes.

[Bank it!]

sincerely hope the President might remember this Yogi Berra saying, "When you get to a fork in the road, take it" (interpretation: when you find a challenge, overcome it.)

[And to paraphrase Yogi Berra, "The campaign isn't over until the Fat Man stings." (interpretation: your presidency is doomed if challenged by a certain NJ governor.]

how bout we all just wait to see what happens?

[No. Better to blurt out an uninformed opinion only to completely abandon it days later.]

It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!

[You're obviously joking but in just a day, Pitt will seriously take this attitude.]

President Obama is the most honest president that I have beheld in all of my 57 years, aside from Jimmy Carter. But he tries to play a more skillful political game than Carter did. If we let him, President Obama will do down in history as one of the very best. It's up to us. We must all do our parts to not impede progress with emotional stances and outbursts. We need to trust that this president is trying his very best for the entire country. He has our best interests at heart, always.

[You just flooded the room with that lavish dose of adoring drool applied to the Bamster's feet as you lovingly kissed his corns.]

It was rope-a-dope 2.0.

[More like dope-a-dope 2.0.]

He's never going to forgive you. Not after what you said.

[Tough luck, Will. Obama will never forgive you for a certain fraud you committed on May 12, 2006. And now to Pitt's THREAD called "The Chessmaster Cometh?" or "Adoration of The One.

The Chessmaster Cometh?

[The Fraudmaster Cometh?]

Die-hard supporters of Mr. Obama will happily tell you, in the midst of this deranged debate over the debt ceiling, that the president is playing some form of pan-dimensional chess against a pack of checkers-playing Republicans. The fact that they said the same thing when Obama chose to keep the Bush-era tax cuts for rich people, when he doubled down on Afghanistan, failed to close the Guantanamo prison, and buckled like a punch-drunk fighter during the health care debate, does not seem to matter. They're saying it again, and who knows?

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]

Maybe it's even true this time.

After all, the Republicans in the House and Senate appear to be in a state of total disarray. Mr. Obama's offer to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block earned howls of rage from progressives and the left - myself most definitely included - but then a funny thing happened. Speaker Boehner, with his rival Rep. Cantor nipping at his heels, looked Obama's offer in the eye and suddenly walked away. And to top it all off, after weeks of demagoguery over raising the debt limit, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell abruptly coughed up a proposal to pass the debt-limit extension free of strings:

[Just like the MN Republicans APPEARED to be in a state of total disarray leading to a complete cave-in by Minnesota Mark?]

In short, and if I'm reading this correctly, the GOP attempted to hijack the country with a threat of imminent economic calamity in order to kill off Social Security and Medicare, two highly popular programs they couldn't touch under normal circumstances, though they have dreamed of doing so for decades. Mr. Obama, for his part, dangled the opportunity to do just that before Boehner and his crew, with the proviso that $1 trillion worth of new revenue would also be arranged by way of closing a number of tax loopholes favored by the wealthiest Americans.

["New revenue." Pitt is too shy to say "New TAXES."]

Despite being handed exactly what he wanted, Boehner cut and run, Cantor continued to dither around the edges, and then McConnell came in with a proposal that Obama asked for in the first place months ago: screw all this extra crap, and let's just raise the debt limit.

I do love good theater.

[Me too which is why I loved your "Rove Indictment" play which was on stage for 24 business hours.]

Mr. McConnell, for his part, has suddenly become Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of his party's base, and in the eyes of the Tea Party freshmen in the House. That is part of the magic of this whole mess: they really did think the GOP leadership, with the business interests that line their pockets breathing down their necks, were actually going to let the debt-limit deadline pass without an extension. The leadership got the base all hot and bothered over a showdown that might finally eliminate that pesky social safety net, and out of a clear blue sky, Mr. Obama offered them the chance to do just that...and they blinked.

[Obama, as clever as Wile E. Coyote. Beep! Beep!]

And the natives are suddenly restless. Erick Erickson of howled that it was time to burn McConnell in effigy (a line he later edited), and offered another suggestion to boot: "So fearful of being blamed for a default, McConnell is proposing a compromise that lets Barack Obama raise the debt ceiling without making any spending cuts at all. Consider sending McConnell a weasel as testament to his treachery." The Heritage Foundation attacked McConnell's suggestion as a "serious walk back," and the ever-reliable Michelle Malkin exclaimed, "We exasperated grass-roots conservatives don't call the GOP the Stupid Party for nothing. Three letters come to mind: W.T.F.?!!"

[So what did Jason Leopold think about it? How about your co-author, soon to be sentenced, Scott Ritter?]

When Mr. Obama offered up Social Security and Medicare to Boehner and the Republicans last week, the left was understandably astonished and horrified. But when the GOP leadership looked that gift horse in the mouth and walked away, it cracked open another fault line within the ranks of Republicans that may shake, rattle and roll all the way through the primaries and beyond. I was terrified the president might give away the store, but the GOP base was absolutely positive their leadership wanted what they wanted: an end to Social Security and Medicare, the evisceration of the federal government, and the shaming of a president they loathe and despise.

[Yeah, they should have looked that "gift horse" in the mouth and meekly accepted "revenue increases" aka TAX increases.]

Now, it seems Mr. Obama was in fact playing a pan-dimensional game of chess, and the GOP just got put in checkmate, to the high dudgeon of their core supporters. For my part, I'm more than willing to admit I underestimated the tactics of Mr. Obama on this issue, but when Social Security and Medicare are threatened, a strident response is absolutely required. The situation is far from resolved, however, and I'm not yet ready to believe those two all-important programs are out of the woods yet.

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]

I know one thing for sure: I'm glad I'm not answering the phones in the offices of the GOP's congressional leadership today. The squeals of outrage coming down those lines must be peeling the paint.

[I know one thing for sure: Dennis Kucinich is glad that you're no longer answering the phone in his campaign office while you STABBED HIM IN THE BACK. And now to the DUmmies reacting to Will suddenly worshipping the pan dimensional chess abilities of The One.]

Chess - The game in which pawns sacrificed. You and I, yeah, we're pawns.

[HERETIC! How dare you show the least bit of skepticism towards the Bamster!]

I heard this in a coffee shop in minnesota. Lock the legislators in the house and senate without salary or benefits and don't let them leave until they have done their jobs.

[And we all know how well that chess playing on the part of Minnesota Mark worked out for him.]

Masterful move, that.

Who will be blamed? Who has lost the trust of the American people as the party that protects seniors? Who votes? The Democratic Party will be blamed, the Democratic Party loses the trust, and seniors will vote GOP. Wile E. Coyote. Grand Master. Foolproof Planner. SuperGenius:

[BEEP! BEEP! But since this is DUmmieland, make that BLEEP! BLEEP!]

are high 5s allowed in chess? When do we uncork the champaign?

[Freudenschade victory "champaign" can be uncorked right away. No need to even wait for an actual victory. Right now Minnesota Mark is drinking his Freudenschade victory "champaign."]

It's not chess... it's poker. One could make a case that it is ju-jitsu - when you use what appears to be an opponent's strength against them.

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obama's debt threat: No Social Security for you!

President Obama has issued his debt threat: No Social Security for you! Unless the Rethugs agree to raise the debt ceiling by August 2, Obama is threatening to withhold SS checks. That's right, Mr. President, make an empty threat designed to scare seniors sh*tless, in order to get your way! Such leadership!

So, is this brilliant political strategy or irresponsible scare tactics? Opinion is divided in DUmmieland, as we see in this THREAD, "If no deal by Aug. 2, Obama can't guarantee Social Security checks will go out."

So let us see what the DUmmies think of Obama's debt threat, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who wouldn't mind if Social Security TAXES went away after August 2, is in the [Barackets]:

If no deal by Aug. 2, Obama can't guarantee Social Security checks will go out

[You've heard of MediScare, the Democrats' favorite scare tactic? This is a variation on the theme: Social Insecurity, aka Social Scarity.]

the situation which the GOP will be blamed for.

[Brilliant! Let the country default, scare the seniors, saddle our grandchildren with a mountain of debt--it doesn't matter, as long as we can blame the Rethugs!]

Why on earth would he not be able to guarantee SS payments? This is a threat, a bluff, and a terrible one.

[But look, this is an opportunity to scare seniors and blame Rethugs! What's not to like?]

I don't think you understand basic politics.

[It's very base indeed.]

If I worked for the feds, I would volunteer to work on the mailing. Ditto if I were a member of Congress or a staffer of a member. Has he asked anyone to volunteer?

[I want to see Barney Frank down in the mailroom, stuffing envelopes. He has Franking privileges, you know.]

In his statements about halting OASDI payments. . . .

[DUmmie No Elephants drops the inside-baseball, I'm-smarter-than-you "OASDI" term. "OASDI" stands for "Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance," and apparently, it's the technical term for Social Security. Of course, no one in real life refers to Social Security as "OASDI." But DUmmie No Elephants does. A lot. EIGHTEEN TIMES in this thread she says "OASDI"--and no one else does! No one asks her, "No Elephants, you keep using this term 'OASDI.' What does that mean? Please enlighten us. Boy, you must be pretty smart to know that insider lingo!" But no one takes the bait! Hee! Hee! No Elephants is the Know-it-all Nadin of this thread.]

does Obama really make a very clear distinction between direct deposit checks--the bulk of the payments--and hand mailed checks, or does he just alarm ALL feeble disabled and elderly folks?

[Alarm them all! Scare seniors sh*tless! It's a tried-and-true Democrat tactic.]

he is playing a very sick game and I do not like it!

[What are you, some kind of LOUSY FREEPER TROLL???]

What do the tax cuts have to do with the deficit? EVERYTHING. They caused the deficit.

[Spending has nothing to do with the deficit at all. NOTHING.]

it's a smart move by Obama. This forces AARP and Seniors who are already pissed off at the Republicans and Paul Ryan to get into the fight.

[Now they'll be pissing into their Depends out of fright.]

Yeah, nothing's as smart as scaring the beejesus out of the elderly and disabled so they fight your battles for you.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

He is lying , or playing naive , he can Guarantee it

[Obama can GUARANTEE that he's a liar!]

Let's wait and see if this backfires on him before we comment on how smart this is.

[No, no, this is a BRILLIANT move by Obama! Guaranteed to work! Get those champagne bottles chilled down fast, we're gettin' ready to PAR-TEE!!]

He's using the life insurance salesman's ploy. Selling fear.

[The Democrats' chief weapon is fear. . . . Fear and class warfare. . . . Their two chief weapons are fear and class warfare. . . .]

Booga Booga. You created this Administration, Mr. O. Congratulations on the FUBAR.

[The era of Booga Government is almost over.]

What does the Administration have to do with the default?

The administration has nothing to do with it. It's our fault.

[Silly, it's BUSH'S default, remember?]

So it's okay to play politics with people's livelihood? Kinda f***ed up, if you ask me.

[Nobody asked you.]

Apparently, IOKIODI. (It's O.K if Obama does it.) If Bush had done this, though. WOWZA!

[WOWZA. (We Oppose W Zealously Always.)]

This man is Disgust personified. Does he think we're all stupid?

[Is that a rhetorical question?]

it IS theft and fraud, it's a giant ponzi scheme

[A most succinct description of Social Security, thank you. However, I cannot guarantee your Kewpie Doll will go out.]

I believe the government will end social security and medicare, but they will have to do it slowly. . . .

[Great! Just give me back what I paid in, don't tax me anymore on these stupid programs, and I'll fend for myself.]

Leave it be said ( and I know this to be a fact), there are private groups of citizens forming all over the country to take on the government if they deny the people their justly earned benefits. I will be with these people with every piece or hardware I can carry. I would rather have the US go down completely than live under the rule of Koch Brother types.

[The DUAC Militia is drilling as we speak. In an undisclosed location somewhere on Skins's Island, the primitives are applying war paint and sharpening their sticks. Drums are beating rhythmically, as campfires are being lit. "Re-vo-LU-tion, re-vo-LU-tion," the drums call out. . . .]

This is probably the first intelligent thing he has done.

[Damning with faint prez.]

Put fear into vets, the disabled and seniors? For what?

[For political advantage, of course.]

Dangerous game of chicken and not what a leader should do.

[Chicken Stoop.]

He is the POTUS. The buck stops with him.

[The bucks stop with him.]

Bad move. The Republicans won't care if we eat cat food.

[Your cat will.]

He is a damn fool for pulling this one out of his hip pocket. It will hang over his head until he is no longer the President and thereafter as well. It could damage the Democratic party as a whole in fact! What a freakin fool he is. ENOUGH OF THE CRAP ALREADY MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!


Soon it will look like the streets of Calcutta the way things are going. As for Pres. Obama - he can go to hell! . . . SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU MR. PRESIDENT!

[I'll take that as a "Disapprove."]

There is a difference in understanding displayed in this thread. That makes me sad.

I am always amazed when I see posts like this one. It makes me sad.

Reactionary Screamers make me sad. . . .

[You know what makes me sad? YOU DO! No wait, on second thought, you DUmmies make me LAFF!]

Figure on eating your last fresh fruit or vegetable in the fall. . . .

[Veggie Fails: The Rise and Fall of the Romaine Expire]

some of us seniors know we are about to be put out to slaughter through no fault of Obama.

[Where do you think more cat food will come from?]

I don't even think a Republican would make this threat.

WHAT threat?

[Obama's debt threat.]

Scaring old and disabled people is poor leadership. . . .

[But it's one of the two chief cards the Democrats play. Scaring old people and class warfare. . . . And the race card. . . . THREE. . . . Amongst the cards the Democrats play. . . .]

He just played the "GOP starving the seniors" card...hahahaha!

[And more debt threats to come! What a guy!]

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Guts" Grayson drops "In" to fleece the DUmmies

Looney Tunes Leftie Alan Grayson is a GOD in DUmmieland! And the defeated one-term congressman from Outlandish, Florida, has just announced that he will TRY AGAIN in 2012. This sent a buzz through DUmmieland like you wouldn't believe! And then, lo and behold, The Man himself showed up, in the DUmp, to greet the faithful! It's like a rock star--no, a movie star--dropping by to pay a visit on the little people!

But in reality, Alan "Guts" Grayson just dropped in to . . . FLEECE THE DUMMIES! Yes, he didn't actually INTERACT with these morans, he just stopped by to take their money! And they fell for it, of course, even though a) almost none of the DUmmies live in his district, and b) "Guts" really has little chance of winning. But he will manipulate them with a sob story, talk tough, and gladly take their pizza money! Hee! Hee!

The anticipation builds with this THREAD, "Alan Grayson To Run For Office Again," and then the excitement reaches a climax as The Great One himself arrives in this THREAD, "I'm In. Are You?"

So let us watch as Guts fleeces the Gullible, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, somehow not moved to donate to Mr. Guts, is in the [brackets]:

Alan Grayson To Run For Office Again


On Monday, Grayson said he doesn't plan to do anything different.

[He's planning to lose again?]

He said he's running again because of all the people who have reached out and asked him to. Grayson already raised nearly $100,000 in donations before filing his paperwork on Monday.

[Of those two sentences, which do you think is the real reason?]

"We need somebody who's gonna stick up for what's right. Somebody with guts," Grayson said.

[Somebody who's NUts! Which makes him PERFECT to take money from the DUmmies!]

Run like the wind, Alan!

[Break the wind, Alan!]

Oh boy...


Primary Obama please.

[IMPEACH Obama please!]

Makes me want to move to O-Town!

[DUmmies now will move en masse to O-Town, JUST to vote for Gutsie!]

I would support Grayson for President, Senator, Congressman, Governor, Dogcatcher, you name it.

[All at once!]

DU- let's all try to do what we can to get him back into office. Ok?


good luck to him, but didn't he get swamped last time out?


Just made my contribution. I'm feeling pretty happy for a change.

[And he'll feel pretty happy with YOUR change!]

I live in Indiana and I am moving to Vancouver in two weeks but..

[Now I've decided to move to O-Town instead!]

MY DONATION IS ON IT'S WAY before I go. Give them hell Allan. Pound these right wing f***ers into submission. DO NOT PLAY NICE. Fight them with everything you have. Don't be afraid to get down and dirty with these c*ck suckers.

[The only part Gutsie cares about there is "MY DONATION IS ON ITS WAY."]

Great! Does he have a brother for me?

[DUmmie EFerrari, Doug's ex-wife, is looking for a new man. Good news, Beth! Gutsie's brother, "Bowels" Grayson, is available!]

I will donate what I can no matter what, but I do think Grayson's loose language hurts him.

[Only with voters! But it ENDEARS him to you DUmmie loosers! . . . But wait! What's this? . . .]

I'm In. Are You?

[You're "in"?? Well, who are YOU, pray tell?]

Alan Grayson

[YOU'RE KIDDING! **THE** ALAN GRAYSON?? OMG! OMG! O M G !!! I can't breathe! I'm wetting my pants!! ALAN GRAYSON IS ON DU, TALKING TO US!!!!!!!!!]

I’m in. I’m running for Congress.


I’m running because I promised Charlaina and Rick that I would. Charlaina called me a few weeks ago, from the hospital. She told me that her husband, Rick, was suffering from multiple organ failure – lungs, kidneys and liver.

[A sob story! That'll work to separate the DUmmies from their money! Hey, it worked before! (The Andy fundraiser.)]

She said: “You can run again.” “You are the only person who ever cared about people like us."


I’m in. And I’m going to need your help. Are you in?

[Alan says: I'm in . . . your pocket!]

Go here to contribute to my campaign. . . .

[Somehow I knew that was coming.]

[Well, Gutsie has spoken. Now let's hear from the joyous throng . . .]

I'm in. I love this asshole.

[Is that you, benburch?]

I believe that Grayson has the balls to make a difference.

[Guts Grayson makes the All-Anatomy Team.]

Yeah. Go for it! And BTW: Single. Payer. Right. Now.

[DUmmie. Donor. Right. Now.]

Count me in.


You got it, Alan. I'm here for you. I'm so glad you're in! Will you run for President?

[Oh, I'm sure Alan will be back on in a minute to answer all your questions, CaliforniaPeggy. We'll keep an eye out for him, for when he comes back to chat with everyone. I'm sure it won't be long now. But in the meantime, please get out your checkbooks, and it's G - R - A - Y . . . .]

All I can offer is moral support.

[What are you, some kind of fundie freeper?? DUmmies only offer IMMORAL support!]

don't know for sure if I can donate if things keep going in this same direction. I will work for him, though, wholeheartedly.

[Look, Gutsie would rather you STAY AWAY from actual voters, lest you scare them off. But . . . JUST. SEND. M O N E Y ! Got it? Send it!]

You may be an asshole, but you're OUR asshole.

[Guts Grayson, DUmmieland's Asshole!]

I will support you by donating to your campaign when I can.

["When I can"?? What kind of support is THAT?? Support Gutsie even when you CAN'T! Who cares if you have to eat dog food? SEND MONEY!]

Man alive, how we've missed you and your voice. I for one feel like I am on an island surrounded by water and wrapped in an electric fence.

[Put your money in a bottle and send it over this way!]

No politician ever has made me feel like Grayson has.

[Obama will get jealous, Chrissy!]

Run, Alan, Run!!!

[Give, DUmmie, Give!!!]

That's really good news, Mr Grayson. Thank you for caring about people.

[Say, speaking about caring about people, I notice that Mr. Grayson has not yet come back on this thread to actually interact with you people. I mean, he posted his announcement about running again, he gave you the sob story, he gave you the place where you can SEND HIM MONEY, but, but . . . oh, ALAN! . . . GUTSIE! . . . Where ARE yooooou??? . . . Well, I'm sure he's out helping some poor unfortunate soul, fighting for us, speaking truth to power and all that, and so, so he must just be momentarily detained. . . . It's not like he would just stop by here to get some money out of us or anything and then just. . . . and then just. . . . Oh, ALAAAAN!!]

Here's a link to Grayson's new website with a donate button. . . .

[Alan Grayson is just $10 away from speaking truth to power again! But he needs your help! He needs your MONEY! DU it for that sick guy Alan mentioned somewhere up above! So click that button NOW! Button people are standing by. . . .]