Friday, September 17, 2010

"Ooooh...This Is Getting Good...Moooselini Slams Rove..."

Sarah Palin has succeeded in doing something we here at DUmmie FUnnies never thought we would see: She has made the DUmmies side with KKKarl Rove! Yes, Mooselini has dislodged the Great and Powerful Rove as the ultimate bĂȘte noire in the mind of the DUmmies. Palin Madness Syndrome (PMS) is the psychosis DU jour in DUmmieland.

Of course, what has brought all this to the surface is the success of Palin-backed Tea Party candidates over their RINO-ish primary opponents, the latest example being Christine O'Donnell's victory in Delaware. Tokyo Rove then dissed O'Donnell as unelectable, Palin fired back, and the DUmmies are sitting back enjoying the show, thinking this augurs well for November.

Well . . . Freudenschade, baby! "Freudenschade" (sic) is the premature elation of the DUmmies, when they pop the cork on the champagne bottles too soon. What the DUmmies are discounting is the enormous voter dissatisfaction with Obama and the Democrats, not to mention their OWN internal conflicts (replace "Rove" with "Rahm") and their own questionable candidates (Alvin Greene, anyone?).

So here we go! The
THREAD is called "Ooooh...This Is Getting Good...Moooselini Slams Rove...." The DUmmie comments are in Lipstick-on-a-Donkey Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, reminding all Democrats to get out there and VOTE on November 3, is in the [brackets]:

Ooooh...This Is Getting Good...Moooselini Slams Rove...

[FREUDENSCHADE, BABY! Yes, THIS will make the difference in November!]

Mama Grifter isn't taking kindly to the "Architect"'s comment about her new best friend. . . .

[The Rove Displeasures with New Christine.]

Rove bashed O'Donnell -- and her chances of being elected -- and insisted that she's said a lot of "nutty things." . . . Palin replied: "Well, bless his heart. We love our friends, they're in the machine, the expert politicos. But my message to those who say that the GOP nominee is not electable, or that they're not even going to try, well I say, 'buck up!'"

[Now let's hear from the masters of saying nutty things, the DUmmies . . .]

Karl Rove: Not wackjob conservative enough for today's GOP anymore. Never imagined that.

[Rove OUT, Palin IN! Mooselini and the teabaggers have replaced Chimpy, Cheney, and KKKarl, who are so 2006.]

I never thought that I would see a day when Karl Rove is considered on the side of the sane in the puke party but here we are.

[Watch it, it could be a trick! You never know with the Rove. . . .]

Lordy... so now I'm forced to cheer on Karl Rove? This is INSANITY!

[Right up your alley then!]

We're watching the implosion of their party. This one is far funnier than the one happening in our own party.

[QUIET, SSSHHH!!! You're not supposed to mention the problems in the D party, which are ten times greater!]

did she mean 'f*** off'?

[DUmmie projection: She said, "Buck up," but the DUmmies immediately jump to their own native language.]

KKKarl's real republican party problem... If and when these yahoos show up in the halls of congress, are they going to be nice little boys and girls that sit politely while the Orange Man and the Mitch the Turtle tell them exactly what to do? F*** no. These idiots are ideological terrorists. Nobody's gonna tread on these zealots. They won't cut deals, they won't follow orders, and they will turn congress into a tea bagger whoop de doo complete with angry illiterate signs and fire arms.

[One can hope.]

This could be a replay of the "Gingrich Revolution" on crack. While many are giving the Gnewster credit for the "Class of '94"...few mention it was these same people who threw him under the bus a couple years later (not that the slimy philandering hypocrite didn't deserve it).

[Fortunately, there are no slimy philanderers among the Democrats. . . . Wait, slimy philandering is a PLUS for Democrat voters!]

Suddenly the "professional right" is looking pretty amateurish. So THIS is their A game?

[Two words: Alvin Greene.]

Oh boy! Let's watch The Whore of Babble-on poke the angry tiger with a sharp stick! . . . Lady BlahBlah. . . . the Moosiah. . . . Grifterella.

[Palin Madness Syndrome can be measured by the number of sobriquets in the barbecue.]

Uhmmm. Sarah Palin versus Karl Rove. Sarah should stay out of planes.


That woman isn't Southern!! I evoke my God-given Southern rights to bar her from using the phrase, "Bless his heart." She shall be fined to six years of cooking 20-minute grits. . . .

[Mama Gritsy?]

This is all political theater - they'll be completely united by Election Day. The worm already started turning today!

[No, no, no! Don't spoil our Freudenschade!]

In the end...they all will vote republiCON.

[I can see November from my house! Hee! Hee!]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

More and more I think I'm REALLY going to enjoy watching the Troglaman Clones in the DSA get humiliated on Election Day.

1:05 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Of course, what has brought all this to the surface is the success of Palin-backed Tea Party candidates over their RINO-ish primary opponents" PJinc

Let me get this straight - the DUmmies love Rove because of the success of Palin-backed candidates.

Is it too much to ask that you just think about this for a moment?


You're right! Batshit fuckin crazy.

I think what PJinc is referring to the dialogue between Rove and Hannity shortly after O'Donnell's victory in Delaware. What lib's liked about it was everything Rove said about O'Donnell had the ring of truth. A rare moment indeed...Rove desperately resorting to the truth while under attack from his own Rovenstein monster. Torches and pitch-forks are in his near future.

It was a wonderful moment.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Rove and Krauthammer can make mistakes too, just like, what are they called again? Oh yeah...people. It's just a tad tough for Beltway insiders to realize that people are fed up with lifetime politicians.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palin's exact words about Republican whining was, "Buck up or stay in the truck!"

LOL, the Mama Grizzly just kicked the DUummies' arch-nemesis without even breaking a nail. They're left scrambling around on the floor wondering where their own brass ovaries are.

Don't pop the champagne cork yet, DUmmies, unlike lefty politicos, Palins and Roves are not driven to totally demolish their enemies, as if any deviation from the party line were the crime of the century. Palin and Rove will go on to join forces, proving once again that unity and tolerance are not just words you read off a teleprompter. Grown ups deal with interpersonal conflicts a bit differently than you're used to. Stay tuned, you could learn something.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

It's going to be a long haul to election day and anything can happen. The Democraps and their media allies will be in full smear mode---look for an October surprise.

Too, the Repthuglicans have a bad habit of shooting themselves in the foot, they cannot take anything for granted.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Too, the Repthuglicans have a bad habit of shooting themselves in the foot, they cannot take anything for granted." kat

What an interesting comment! I'm not aware of one instance of the Repthuglicans ever ever ever admitting to shooting themselves in the foot. Believe me. I, troglaman, have been trying for YEARS to get anyone on this site to admit to just one mistake. No one's ever copped...until now.

So kat...I'd be sorely interested in one example of a Repthuglican screw-up.

And, if I may be so bold, why are you calling them "Repthuglicans"?

You're the real deal, aren't you...a real honest-to-God teabagger (sorry, Tea Party member...which is just as bad if you think about it). Don't. Be. Shy.

(Behold. You've just witnessed another amazing and fantastic trog-as-Kreskin moment)

Troglaman's a progressive liberal...technically I should be receiving electro-shock therapy because of the cognitive and emotional "beat down" I've gotten from you Einsteins. Yet I endure.

Reduce the deficit. Bring down taxes on the middle class. Make government smaller and less intrusive.

I couldn't agree more. Want to talk about it?

12:41 AM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Nope. But I must admit the idea of you getting electro-shock therapy has its merits. I'm willing to administer it.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Nope. But I must admit the idea of you getting electro-shock therapy has its merits. I'm willing to administer it." kat

So kat doesn't want to talk about reducing the deficit, bringing down taxes, and making government smaller and less intrusive. She'd rather be administering me...troglaman.

You're my kinda girl, kat.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

"You're my kind of girl, kat.


DUmmie FUnnies is not a forum for discussing serious subjects, it's a place where buffoons like you are mocked.

Now, what type of current do you prefer, AC or DC?

12:03 PM  

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