Monday, September 06, 2010

McDonald's drops dollar menu, bobbolink goes bonkers!

I'm lovin' it! A McDonald's in San Francisco drops it dollar menu, and the DUmmies get more stirred up than a Shamrock Shake! This particular McDonald's has been plagued by bums the homeless hanging around all day, and the bums homeless see this move as a not-so-subtle hint to get lost. And the DUmmies, who at least have their mother's basement to live in and Domino's to deliver, are somehwat divided on who's in the right on this question.

But there is one DUmmie, of course, who will automatically side with the bums homeless, and that is none other than DUmmieland's Homelesscoming Queen, DUmmie bobbolink, AKA Bobo the Hobo. Bobo is perhaps most famous as the gal who got Wee Wille Pitt banned for three months, but her main calling in life is to post to DUmmieland and play the Victim Card big-time. "You're all against us! Always picking on us homeless! We're poor, we're homeless--even though I find a way to have an internet connection and post on DU 24/7--we're victims! Now DU something about it!"

Well, this
THREAD, "Haight-Ashbury homeless think McDonalds dropped 'dollar menu' to get rid of them," naturally gives bobbolink the occasion to go absolutely BONKERS with her victim spiel!

So let us now head for the Bolshevik Red Arches, where the DUmmies debate who deserves a break today, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who every so often gets a hankering for a burger at McDonald's and then regrets it a few hours later, is sandwiched in the [brackets]:

Haight-Ashbury homeless think McDonalds dropped 'dollar menu' to get rid of them

[It's a Haight crime!]

The McDonald's at the corner of Haight and Stanyan streets eliminated its Dollar Menu about a month ago, making the items on it too expensive for the people who spend the better part of their day on the sidewalk in front.

[If sitting on a sidewalk in front of a McDonald's is the "better" part of their day, what's the worst??]

"Yeah man, it ... sucks," he said Thursday while sitting foodless on the McDonald's patio with a half dozen hungry friends. "I eat less. I have to get more money. If I don't have a dollar and I want food, I just end up going to a trash can."

[Not much difference, is there? . . . Now to the DUmmies . . .]

Seems the homeless made their own misfortune here. . . . they need to understand that if they then hang around all day, they are going to cost the owner customers who don't want to wade through a homeless camp to grab a meal.

[Bigot! Homelessophobe!]

Where do you suggest they go. . . ?

[Oh, come on! I'm sure there are MANY compassionate, big-hearted San Franciscans who would welcome these less fortunate victims of Rethuglicanism into their homes . . .]

The SF Chronicle is on a propaganda campaign in order to support Newsom's no sit/lie ordinance.

[SF Chronicle, YOU lie!]

the suits at the Chronicle are @ssholes. . . .

[That's a dangerous thing to be in San Francisco.]

Golden Gate Park is right there. . . .

[Golden Arches Park is more convenient.]

So where do people think it's okay for the homeless people to go?

[Here's a novel thought: To work?]

Research has shown that Americans tend to have automatic, subconscious feelings of disgust towards the homeless.

[I have feelings of indigestion towards the hamburgers.]

I have yet to see any situation where people AREN'T offended by having homeless people around. That is just the nature of people's prejudice against any visible signs of homelessness.

[You know, isn't EVERYONE at a McDonald's at least temporarily "homeless"? Otherwise, they'd be at home.]

The McDonalds owner has every right to adjust prices as she sees fit. She is under zero obligation to make less money so that she can make it easier for vagrants to hang around.


I think you joined the wrong website. Heartless @ssholes post at the Free Republic.

[Come join us at Free Republic, the HOME of heartless @ssholes!]

It is prejudice, pure and simple.

[DUmmie bobbolink is here! Man your battle stations!]

I can't even believe we are having to argue this on a "liberal" forum!

[Oh, sure you can, Bobo! You have stated many times that DUmmieland is full of heartless, hypocrite bullies!]

What's not "OK" is that people like you aren't willing to get to the root of the problem, and solve it.

[It's YOUR fault, Mr. & Mrs. DUmmie, that there is poverty and homelessness in America! So FIX it, pronto!]



Why don't you just get honest, and campaign to have us all removed?

[Bobo the Hobo is on the WARPATH!!]

What gets me is people, including "liberals", who consider them selves sooooo much smarter, yet couldn't understand . . . they are being played. . . .

[Why do you think we call them "DUmmies"?]

The problem now is to overturn that demonization. But, that doesn't rank up there with all the other causes, does it? It's up to those deemed the poster kids to change it around.

[Bobo takes a sideways swipe at Pitt, the leading poster child of DUmmieland.]

Reborn Calivinists = "Positive Thinkers" . . . Yup, if you think correctly and speak correctly, and work hard to eliminate any "negative" thoughts, you will "succeed". . . . "We love you Calvin, oh yes we do, we love you Calvin, and we'll be true. When you're not with us, we're blue. Oh Calvin, we love you!"

[Calvin and Hobos.]

Maybe that is my problem... I am a cradle Lutheran, and I don't understand the hard-hearted judgmentalism.

[Maybe you need to go back to your cradle, bobbolink, and learn to understand Lutheranism a little better.]

There is a homeless man I have befriended who sleeps behind the dumpster at the local Mexican market. . . . I buy him ice cream or coffee and a doughnut sometimes, and make a point of bringing him home-cooked food whenever I can.

[Yeah, sure you do, DUmmie Raksha. This sounds like one of those fabricated "What a noble progressive am I!" stories.]

Well I already don't give McD's any money so I'm already boy/girlcotting them.

[Boy/girlcotting. . . . It's hard to tell in San Francisco, isn't it?]

I guess everywhere has gotten on the Greed Train.

[And Bobo the Hobo has been tied down on the tracks by Snidely Whiplash.]

When I traveled in Spain, there were public places where the poor could get soap, shampoo, and a towel and could take a shower.

[The rain in Spain goes mainly down the drain.]

USA is #1 in Cruelty!


expect war to break out.

[Bobo predicts WAR in San Franciscco! The Homeless vs. the Homed, with the Homos who-knows-where!]

All you have to do is to pay attention to th "priority lists" posted here at DU, and it will become quickly obvious that poverty is NOT on most peoples' agenda.

[And don't try to put "getting a job" on Bobo's "priority list"!]

Is that how you want your mother to have to live out her life? In a dorm????

[Someone had said, "Hell, I'd be happy to live in my old college dorm." So this is Bobo's standard comeback, the guilt-trippy non-sequitur, "Is that how'd you want your mother to live?" Typical bobbolink.]

Sigh... It is just the sheltered simpleton responses around here that make me shake my head... If you think the elimination of the dollar menu is cruel I would be loathe to imagine your reaction to the actual atrocities around the world happening right now....

[DUmmie Cid_B, you get a Kewpie Doll with your Happy Meal today!]

Listen, dude. . . . You wanna talk actual atrocities.... If I had my way, dude, every last woman in the world would be armed so the playing field would be entirely leveled. These male monsters understand nothing but violence. . . . I hope Mother Nature throws this planet off its axis and the pathetic excuses for human male flesh are destroyed forever.

[Listen DUde, I think DUmmie femrap has a small chip on her shoulder--about the size of Greenland--against men!]

I'm sure the owner will have her Karma come back to haunt her. She just might find that her profits go down.

[She deserves to go broke today.]

the homeless aren't homogeneous. . . .

[In San Francisco they are!]

These people are f***ing d**chebags okay. . . . Sitting and laying in cuddle puddles of as many as 20 or more. . . . They are the ones that the sit/lie ordinance is aimed at cuz they are f***ing pieces of sh*t. Just a bunch of punks, who stink and cause trouble.

[Sounds like a DUmmie meet-up!]

And YOU need to "understand" that human beings are PHYSICAL. We ALL have to be somewhere. When YOU don't care enough to fight for housing for everyone, and then want those left homeless because of YOUR lack of pushing for housing, to be banned from BEING anywhere, then YOU are, in effect, telling homeless people to just go die. Yes, it is damned time all you conservatives look at the results of your attitudes. You are leaving no options except for HUMAN BEINGS to die. Beat me up for telling you the truth. I no longer care.

[DUmmie bobbolink has PERFECTED the Victim Card!]

We see the lack of understanding and empathy and concern. WE. GET. IT. You have made your point loud and clear... it is the money that is important. WE. GET. IT.

[Bobo, you see this Quarter Pounder with Cheese? YOU. DON'T. GET. IT.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What's not "OK" is that people like you aren't willing to get to the root of the problem, and solve it."

Isn't the Bay area one big petri dish of the liberal/socialist "experiment"? Seems to me libsoc's been running the program for what 50 some years now? Solve the problem? Yeah stop electing/re-electing these political reprobates.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

That MacDonald's franchisee is under enormous pressure. Each store has a set gross earnings level that they must meed monthly or close.

If the problems and low returns that come from having these "urban campers" hanging around all day is causing her to struggle to meet that required earnings amount, she is going to have to try to change things.

Or end up jobless, with her franchise closed.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How ambitious these DUmbos are with other people's money and resources! Of course, if the DUmbos had to get out of mommy's basement and actually do something useful or helpful for anyone, then it becomes a "burden". Armchair, lazy socialists are the worst rendition of human failing.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous JK said...

The rich irony, of course, is that the poor McDonald's owner is almost certainly a liberal San Franciscan who is now having her first encounter with objective reality.

I'd bet she's tried her best to be all things to all people, and that she's actually tried to help these homeless folks ... and that her thanks has been angry hobos, smelly people driving away customers, and now - when she finally makes necessary changes to keep her place in accordance with health codes and perhaps actually turn a profit so she can pay her actual employees - her fellow liberals turn on her.

If she were a real liberal, she'd just go bankrupt, fire all her employees, go on welfare, and blame George Bush.

I'm not sure how exactly that would help her employees - or the homeless in the area. But at least she'd be an authentic progressive, right?

10:54 AM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

"I think you joined the wrong website. Heartless @ssholes post at the Free Republic."

Well said. Hear that troglaman? Time for you to afflict the freepers.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

I admire "bobbolink", nobody out-victimizes her. She assumes the pulpit on top of Mount Grievance and yields it to no one.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd wager that if the evil, over-charging McDonald's laid off all its employees, went out of business and the owner filed Chapter 7, the DUmmies would feel vindicated. Of course none of the DUmmies recommend the victims of McDonald's give up their drugs/Night Train, clean up and get a job. That wold be truly heartless.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous lonevoice said...

Amazing what happens when libs are asked to "put up or shut up", isn't it? Anybody checked into who gives the most to charities, the libs or conservatives? Hint* it doesn't start with an "L".

Heh. just sit back and watch them eat their own....

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice all the talk about "understanding" and "empathy" and "concern."

Notice the lack of talk about "efficient allocation of scarce resources."

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobo does start to make some connections. There in the land of liberalism it seems like poverty and homelessness is just exploited for political purposes with nobody really doing anything to solve the problem. In exchange for talking points, photo ops, and political campaigns based on saving the victimized, a 3 dollar increase in food stamps is tossed their way, with Dems expecting lavish praise for saving the little people. Than they glorify themselves, filled with all this self rightiousness about how much they've done for the poor. Meanwhile, in any liberal haven in America you will find horrendous poverty, homelessness, misery. That's because victimization is the cash cow, the political ticket to propel yourself into office. It would be a conflict of interest to actually show these people how to lift themselves out of poverty.

10:23 AM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

Is taht where the trogelcritter hangs out?

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

I used to live in Madison, WI, the Berkeley of the Midwest, Moonbat Grand Central for cheeseheads.

Every May, when the weather turned warm, street people would come hiking up East Washington Ave. from I-94. They would hang around State Street and the UW campus panhandling, drinking, doping, catching some sun, passing out in doorways. Come October, they'd pack up and leave, spending the winter months in more salubrious climates.

It was a life style they enjoyed, not endured. Most of them couldn't hold a job but then most of them didn't want to hold a job. They got enough money and benefits to get by on and Madison was accomodating to their minimal needs.

As in San Francisco, the Madison bums had a vocal support base of leftists who would leap to their support in any dispute they might have with businesses, the university or the police. I don't think the lefties particlarly cared about the street people but they were a handy club for beating on the government and the bourgeoisie and a wonderful way of flaunting their moral superiority.

1:07 PM  

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