Friday, November 30, 2007

Hyde died. DUmmies cried--for joy!

DUmmieland is a hate site. Exhibit #847: Reaction to the death yesterday of former Republican congressman Henry Hyde, in this THREAD titled, "Henry Hyde died at around 3 A.M. this morning." Whenever a prominent conservative dies--Ronald Reagan, Jerry Falwell--you can be sure the DUmmies will celebrate with glee. Rather than letting the recently departed rest in peace--speak no ill of the dead--the DUmmies let loose with a barrage of ill.

And Henry Hyde is a juicy target for them. His two great sins: 1) He was a champion of the pro-life cause; and 2) He was a leader in the impeachment of Perjurer-in-Chief Bill Clinton. Oh, and of course the DUmmies have to dredge up a 40-year-old affair Hyde apparently had. (As though the DUmmies care about the sanctity of the marriage bed!) Reason: They want to say that Clinton's impeachment was "just about sex," and so how dare Henry Hyde, blah, blah, blah--conveniently ignoring the fact that Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Well, the real hyper-hypocrites are the DUmmies, who habitually accuse the Right of being haters but who themselves are unsurpassed for exuding venom and vitriol. Hey, how come I don't remember any rejoicing on Free Republic when Paul Wellstone died, but DUmmieland has a party when Reagan or Falwell or Hyde dies? You graveyard rats! So pull up a chair and watch hate and hypocrisy on parade in this edition of "DUmmie Jackasses and Mr. Hyde." The hate-speaking missives of the DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red, while the humble commentary of your guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if Alec Baldwin is happy today, is in the [brackets]:

Henry Hyde died at around 3 A.M. this morning.


His entire career was an insult to women.

[You're talking about Clinton, right?]

I hope that somehow the Hyde Amendement gets buried with him.

[How about the 50 million babies aborted who don't even get a burial?]

If you have nothing nice to say ......

THIS is the place to SAY it

[I knew I could count on you, DUmmies!]

When someone dies you are supposed to say something good.

Hyde is dead. Good.

[The milk of human kindness is sour and curdled over in DUmmieland.]

teee heeee!

[Hooray for death!]

Burn in hell, you hypocrite bastard.

[Feel the love.]

Hope he's enjoying the "fried plate" this morning with Falwell. . . .

[Shame on both of them for wanting to protect the unborn!]

It's been a good year for evil f*cks dying. May 2008 be even better.

[From your lips to Gaia's ears.]

Another member of the Bush Wing of Hell. I suspect, when this is all said and done, the Bush Wing will be bulging as hugely as the Nazi Wing of Hell.

[Flag on the play! Godwin's Rule!]

It was probably autoerotic asphyxiation. . . .

[benburch, that is called PROJECTION.]

RayGun. . . . If his grave was near me I would go piss on it. . . .

[Classy of you.]

I'll cry for him after he appologizes for lying about Clinton & dragging him through the mud.

[Clinton created his own mud and was caught lying in it.]

Impeach Dick Cheney.

[Impeach Henry Hyde, posthumously!]

This is Sooooo Sad. NOT.


"stalwart for life" LIE!!! He didn't care how many poor women had to die because of his amendment. . . .

[Maybe he cared about the 25 million women who would be alive today if they had not been aborted.]

a wart on the ass of humanity. . . .

[An ant on the DUnghill of hate.]

I thought the clouds looked particularly fluffy this morning. . . .

[Breakfast without the death of an evil Republican is like a day without sunshine.]

Hatred. I should be used to it here on DU, but it still surprises me when I read such venom and hatred when someone from the opposite side of the aisle dies. There is gleeful delight in someone's death, which always strikes me as diametrically opposed to what I've always envisioned for the Dem party - compassion, decency, and forgiveness. Even if you disagree with a person's politics, I don't see any cause to rejoice in a person's death.


a dispical hypocrite that helped drag our country into a hatefest over Clinton's extra-marital affair. . . .

[Clinton was not impeached for an extramarital affair; Clinton was impeached for PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.]

He was the author of the evil Hyde Amendment. It meant that 1,000s of women would not be able to get abortions. 1000's of women died because of the Hyde Amendment.

[Where do you get these numbers? "1000's of women died because of the Hyde Amendment"?? And oh, by the way, "1000's of women" would not even be pregnant in the first place if they would just exercise their "right to choose" to keep their legs closed.]

he was one of the hypocrite republicans that wanted to take down an American president for something as frivolous as an extramarital affair.


Another hypocritical rethug anti-choice asshat bites the dust! Good bye and good riddance!

[The cheerleader gifs are a nice touch.]

So many graves....So little to piss with....I gotta start drinking!

[This whole thread gets today's Peace, Love and Tolerance Award™.]

Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Bill Clinton's 'Truthiness' Problem"

Bill Clinton has a "Truthiness" problem? GASP! Who woulda guessed? The latest problem with Bill Clinton's truthiness was set off when he declared that he was opposed to the Iraq war from the start. Problem was, as you can see in the video above, that we can see that both he and Hillary SUPPORTED that war at the beginning. Even the Daily KOs KOmmies are casting aspersions upon Bill Clinton's truthiness as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Bill Clinton's 'Truthiness' Problem." So let us now watch the KOmmies skeptically look at Bill Clinton's truthiness in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Hillary tossed a lamp at her hubby following this latest truthiness episode, is in the [brackets]:

Bill Clinton's "Truthiness" Problem

[A RECURRING problem.]

Ah, Bill. We missed ya. At least that's what I hear from all corners. One of the primary assertions of many Hillary supporters is that if elected, it means Bill will be "back" in the White House.

I think the Clinton nostaliga runs deep because things have gotten so bad in this country over the past seven years that people yearn for that simpler time when Clinton was President. That's fair, I guess.

But then something happens wherein I'm reminded why, as much as I admire Bill's ability to inspire on the campaign trail, I wasn't his biggest fan when he was in office.

[The KOmmies are only just now questioning Bill Clinton's truthiness because they know it will hurt Hillary.]

"Former president Bill Clinton said on Tuesday that he "opposed Iraq from the beginning," apparently glossing over the more nuanced views of the war he has expressed over time..."Even though I approved of Afghanistan and opposed Iraq from the beginning, I still resent that I was not asked or given the opportunity to support those soldiers," Clinton said. He said he "should not have gotten" the tax cuts he received as a wealthy earner."

[Notice how Bill (and Hillary) Clinton just can't stop reminding us of how rich they now are?]

My immediate thought was, "That's great, Bill. You opposed Iraq from the beginning. Of course, that doesn't matter much, given that you aren't running for anything this year..." But of course, that's not the point, is it? The point is to draw in Democratic primary voters to vote for Hillary, and Bill saying HE was opposed to the Iraq War from the beginning...well, he'll be able to influence Hillary once they get back to 1600 Penn Ave in 2009, right? But of course, as it always is with the Clintons, nothing is as it seems:

But past remarks made by the former president do leave open a question about how fervently Clinton opposed the war in real time and before it grew widely unpopular. In immediate hindsight, Clinton did not sound like a fierce critic. "I supported the president when he asked for authority to stand up against weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," Clinton said on May 18, 2003, during a commencement speech at Tougaloo College in Mississippi.

[Baghdad Bill on the record. And now to hear the other KOmmies speak up about Bill Clinton's truthiness...]

How can someone go out on the stump and actually "believe" that what he says will not be checked? Remember, this is Bill Clinton. The main reason he is in Iowa is to rub off his cred, on Hillary, about her awful AUMF vote and Kyl/Lieberman. But instead, try to make people believe that he was not for the war? Does the Clintons think, "we are dumb or somethin?"

[He thinks you're DUmbies.]

I did not have relations with that woman!

[Another Bil Clinton truthiness episode.]

He lied. Period. This diary is specifically about his lying problem, I just brought up another example of his truthiness problem.

[Before about a couple of years ago, I don't think I ever saw the word "truthiness." Now it has become very common in the leftwing blogosphere.]

Listen. If I believed the things you say about Clinton, I'd hate him too. But I don't believe those things. What I find totally bizarre is someone who believes all the things you do believe about the Clintons going out of their way to say "I don't hate them." Instead of denying it just admit. Yes. I do hate the Clintons for all the reasons I try to articulate on this Blog. At least then it would make sense. But for now. It makes no sense for you post everything you do about the Clintons and then when someone says "You hate the Clintons" to then get all in a snit about it.

[In the interest of brevity I have edited out the vast majority of the MANY pro and anti Clinton flame wars going on in this thread. However, you can check it out for yourselves. The KOmmies are all at odds with each other over the topic of the Clintons.]

you're a miserable troll that is not worth a minute of anyone's time discussing with you.

[Stoke those flames!]

There's no more excuse for Dems openly lying as there is for Goopers openly lying. WJC is clearly lying now about the position that he took then.

[A distinct lack of truthiness. Hey, I'm growing FOND of that word!]

Bill Clinton is NOT an asset for the American people. He is all about himself. With this latest statement I realize that I don't know what he believes and I don't trust what he says. And are we to be impressed that he was right but Hillary wouldn't take his advice. I am really confused as to why he is saying what he is saying. I think it makes things worse. I just want him to go away. And I am even less impressed with the other HuffPo story. I just don't want to talk about them any more.

[Please just make the Clintons go away!]

Clinton will do right by America, when its convenient for him, but if it gets too sticky for, well America just has to understand that his political convenience is always priority one.

[An Inconvenient Truth-iness.]

I just don't get that about Bill and Hillary. They threw gays, welfare moms, helathcare and others under the bus when it was too hard to fight for what was right and to cater to the corporate elites. Bill likes his golf games with Bush Sr. I see this more as about personal power than power to do something on behalf of others. I see Bill liking hanging out with the "powerful". I don't see that in Edwards. And it is just my view.

[I guess you don't see Edwards' gigantic mansion with the indoor baskeball court.]

Look, I am truly sick of Hillary supporters screaming "republican" or "Rovian" tactics or talking points when someone levels legitimate critism against her. I have no tactics in mind when I speak what I'm thinking. I speak from my heart. The fact is that the Clintons have always and continue to say what they need to say to get elected. The fact that he had an above average overall presidency makes it tempting to vote her way, I understand that.
But, for me, I am very much over the lies and bullshit.


If Edwards or Dodd or Biden or anyone who obviously originally supported the war now claimed that they always opposed the war, they'd be getting rightfully mocked for it. Bill Clinton has a public record of having supported the war from the beginning until whenever he changed his mind. To pretend that he doesn't is Rovian.

[A Perfect Rovian Storm.]

Bill's inability to keep his f*cking pants zipped left us George Bush as his legacy . . . or are you in such deep denial you've forgotten that inconvenient truth. Sorry - that family had one chance and they screwed the pooch. Never again.

[Until 2008.]

The thought of 8 more years of the Clintons makes me feel depressed.

[Put some ice on that.]

Clinton is an inveterate liar-- a great politican but an inveterate liar. Just as Hillary will always have bunker mentality

[I've always thought of her as having a War Room mentality.]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Rather Speaks On Rathergate"

I love Rathergate. It is soooo satisfying on soooo many different levels. First of all there is the main player himself, Dan Rather, who is a flat out loon. Over the years it was FUn to watch Dan because you knew that underneath that thin veneer of sanity lurked a raving lunatic who was struggling to break out and frequently did. Then there is the fact that Rather was ultimately brought down by his own bias by using FAKE documents in an attempt to throw the 2004 election away from President Bush. Added to this is the fact that even after apologizing (which he now claims he was coerced into doing) on the air for using those documents, Rather still can't let go and like Captain Ahab continues to look for the White Whale of his exoneration which unlike Captain Ahab he won't find. Finally there is the fact that Rathergate gave birth to the DUmmie FUnnies. In September 2004, I was greatly amused by the DUmmie comments sticking up for Rather so I posted them on the many threads in the Free Republic dealing with the TANG (Texas Air National Guard) fake documents controversy. Eventually an FR administrator warned me against spamming the threads so I created the DUmmie FUnnies to record the DUmmie comments on this and many other topics. Thus was born the DUmmie FUnnies and for this I have Dan Rather to thank. So after all these many years, I find it great that Dan Rather STILL can't let go and has sued CBS News over this. You can read about Captain Dan Rather's search for the White Whale of exoneration in this New York Magazine ARTICLE titled, "Dan Rather’s Last Big Story Is Himself." Just as much FUn as reading about Rather's pathetic attempts to reclaim his destroyed reputation is the HUffie cheerleading section standing by their man Dan in this HUffington Post THREAD about the article titled, "Rather Speaks On Rathergate: What Pure, Unadulterated Bullshit This Whole Thing Is." So let us now watch the HUffies stick up for their hero in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, picturing Dan in front of a mirror in his ward repeating "Courage" over and over again, is in the [brackets]:

If he weren't famous, he'd be mistaken for a veteran of a long-ago war: khaki safari shirt on his back, scuffed combat boots on his feet, that wiry crest of a brow, rheumy eyes under heavy lids, lower lip jutting out like an ornery fish resisting a hook.

When Dan Rather sits on a bench in Central Park to tell how his 44-year career at CBS News ended in ignominy and humiliation, he is in fact still waging a war, a bitter and personal one. And the memories of the battles that undid him are still fresh on his mind. "Monday morning, about 8:49--and I think that is the time precisely," he says. He's recalling January 10, 2005, when he first received the 224-page report commissioned by CBS that excoriated his infamous 60 Minutes Wednesday segment on President Bush's National Guard service. Of that report, Rather says, "When I read through it, all I could say to myself, on each page, is, 'What bullshit. What pure, unadulterated bullshit this whole thing is. What a setup. What a fix.' " He nearly spits the word fix.

[That should have been Dan's reaction to those obviously fake documents and killed the TANG story as soon as he saw them. However, his hatred of Bush overrode that option from the get go. And now to read the HUffie cheerleaders hailing their hero...]

A true warrior slain in the defense of the 4th estate by fluffy multi-millionare morning show moguls.

[Sniff! Dan Rather was just too good for us.]

I have the opinion that Dan will be exonerated by the time all of this really comes out...the whole dirty ugly story...stay tuned!

[Until the year 2525 if Man is still alive.]

I hope Rather achieves vindication and prevails in his lawsuit and in the process reveals what we all know to be true - that our current Commander in Chief is burned out coke freak and a booze hound who used influence to get his sorry ass into the National Guard so he wouldn't have to go to 'Nam and then he didn't even have the balls and guts to finish that committment.

[Perhaps Rather will be able to find real fake documents to back him up instead of the phony fake documents.]

I agree that Rather will someday be championed for standing up for truth.

[Ward 8 will be renamed the Dan Rather Memorial Ward.]

Rathers story is that of a public hanging. He was set up to fall, and then slaughtered in a very public way as a warning to anyone who might dare to question the Fuhrer...I mean president.

[Legends of the Fall. Soon to be a major motion picture.]

Aren't there duplicates of Bush's National Guard records somewhere, I think it is Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri? I have read that there are duplicates that may not be released without his consent. If Bush consented, the truth would be revealed.

[Somewhere out there, the originals of those fake document copies exist. I just know it.]

Also, anyone who thinks that those docs weren't forged is really gullible. Their modern appearance is just the first giveaway. The timeline and terminology are wrong,too. The Thornburgh report's expert found them to be fakes, as did most other experts. Even the experts CBS hired to authenticate the docs say they were fakes. I'm looking forward to the trial, if it ever goes forward, for the sheer entertainment value. Except that it is kind of sad to see Rather humiliate himself this way.

[I disagree. I find it kind of FUnnie to see Rather humiliate himself this way.]

nobody has proved the memos to be faked - period. the only gullible folks are those who believe Bush to be some kind of supreme protector with a wellspring of integrity. he's as big a fraud and a phony as anyone.

[Yeah. Modern typeface and superscripts were used back in the 70s on military bases that didn't have the equipment to produce them. They HAVE to be authentic.]

This whole thing is such a ridiculous load CRAP. Everyone with a minimum of synaptic firing knows damn well that Bush is a GIANT Chicken Hawk who never EVER served a day of duty. The idea that Rather was even unearthing anything new is just absurd. The GOP is chalk full of cowards who are eager to line their pockets with military cash for the sacrifice of other peoples kids and loved ones. This is so pathetic. How many honorable people will the MSM and the Bush Klan take down with them before they get a few teeth knocked out of their greedy little heads. The whole ENTIRE GOP are a bunch of sniveling bedwetters who can't stand a fair fight because they are so incrediblyt WEAK. And these are the ones who are suppose to protect us? Give me just a small break. Go Dan! Give em Hell, Moonves, Redstone and the rest of the Big Fat Baby Brigade.

[You can receive treatment for your severe BDS in the Dan Rather Memorial Ward.]

The person who would have typed them confirmed the accuracy of the contents and stated she may have typed them but couldn't remember typing in that sheet of paper 30 years ago. She did confirm the contents as being true and confirmed that such documents would have existed.

[Yeah, that secretary can remember 30 years later exactly what she typed, word for word. That is an even greater feat than Pied Piper Pitt quoting Ty the Bouncer at length word for word after a drunken foray at Bukowski's.]

If the newer printer (periperial hardware) is programed into the software, and it has to be in order for it to print. It will no longer printout using the characteristic of the older one but the newer one. Voila different fonts, different spacing, different page format and layout.

[Wow! Get this info to Dan Rather. He may still win his lawsuit.]

The documents were disputed by rightwingers nearly before the document came out. Who the hell would notice spacing and fonts so readily

[Wrong. The authenticity of the documents were questioned by Freeper Buckhead shortly after the TANG story aired.]

Everyone should get behind Rather on this. Say what you want about Rather, he wouldn't have concocted a story out of wholecloth, and he certainly wouldn't have risked his entire career to "get" a politician he didn't like.

[Dan Rather didn't figure that the Web is a great place for fact checking a story and his biased fantasy didn't check out.]

Dan: Don't stop until you expose the full truth on this, and then communicate it to the World. The best way to stop any covert plan is to make it overt. And if the rock under which these folks have been operating is ever fully lifted, I expect what we will find will be a handful of vile traitors who have been colluding in ways that are not only unamerican, but are shocking, highly unlawful, immoral, and intolerable. It would be ironic, but no doubt well deserved, if Mr. Cheney were a future occupant in one of those Halliburton jail cells he has been building for the rest of us.

[How much you want to bet that this HUffie is also a 9/11 Truther?]

Stand tall Rather. Your story was accurate. CBS knows it but fed you to the wolves to curry favor with the Royal Court and cover up the irresponsible behavior of spoiled snow inhaler and youthful drunk, little boy Bush. They deserve to be sued for selling out their news organization and the American public for a cheap bit of good will from this unscrupulous White House. Here's hoping you shove it up Redstone's synchophantic rear end splincter.

[A Dan Rather Truther speaks up.]

Rather's outster was DESIGNED BY KARL ROVE.It's more than obvious that this is the tactic used by Rove and his Republicans to undermine and threaten people in media and politics who didn't go along with Rove-Bush-Cheney fascistic politics.

[And Karl Rove was disguised as Lucy Ramirez when he/she faxed those documents to CBS from a Kinko's in Amarillo.]

Dan Rather was not duped - the documents were never proven to be forgeries AND the facts of the reports have never been proven wrong. Chimpy was not duped on wmd - he lied because his handler (darth cheney) and all the other PNACers had such a hard-on to get to Saddam's oil. They knew exactly what they were doing and they achieved their goal - maybe chimpy didn't really understand the implications of the lies back then because he is so monumentally stupid - but you can be sure that darth and co. knew exactly what they were doing.

[I would love to see this HUffie appear in court as a character witness for Dan Rather. BTW, will this lawsuit trial be televised? I want my laughs!]

Rather was the last real "Journalist" left on the MSM! His story is true, but I will not try to convince any of you "Right-Wing Troll Propagandists" who have been paid to come to this site by your "Masters," just because they think you can sway our opinion or change the subject. YOU WILL NEVER DO THAT! Dan Rather is a "true" journalist and a real patriot, and you TROLLS can all BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ OFF!

[Yes, the documents were fake but accurate.]

No documents were proven to be forged. What are you talking about? SUCKER!

[Even though the typeface and superscripts didn't exist on machines at military bases in the 70s.]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Goracle Apparition In White House Triggers Wave of Severe BDS

The Mighty Goracle has materialized briefly in the White House after many years in exile. What thoughts went through the mind of the Mighty Goracle? If I had only spent an extra day in Florida? If I hadn't taken my home state of Tennessee for granted? If I tried just a little harder in New Hampshire? If Hillary hadn't sucked up so much showbiz money that would have gone to my campaign? If Holy Joe had broken his ancient vows and actually campaigned on Saturdays? If...if...IF!!!! Such might have been the maddening thought that must have gone through Al Gore's mind when he slipped into the White House yesterday for a brief meeting with PRESIDENT Bush. And this is what also unleashed a wave of severe BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) over at the HUffington Post where this STORY titled, "Gore Returns To White House, Has Private Oval Office Meeting With Bush" appeared. So let us now watch the HUffington Post HUffies lapse back into severe BDS triggered by the Goracle's very brief White House appearance in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, proud to have been one of the 537 hanging chads that blocked the permanent appearance of the Goracle in that edifice, is in the [brackets]:

Al Gore slipped out the side door of the West Wing.

[The Monica door?]

In his private Oval Office meeting with President Bush, the former vice president insisted that they had spoken about global warming "the whole time.'' It wasn't clear if the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, who shared the honor for his work on climtate change, was serious.

[ManBearPig was cereal.]

"Of course,'' they had spoken about global warming, Gore said, strolling down a rain-slick Pennsylvania Avenue with wife Tipper Gore after a private session with the president. For Gore, who had gone into the White House for a reception for the American winners of the 2007 Nobel Prizes, this was his first return to the Oval Office since leaving office.

[Hopefully not like the private sessions with the president that Monica used to enjoy.]

But Gore, calling the meeting with Bush "very cordial'' and "substantive,'' declined to elaborate on their meeting. "I'm not going to do an interview here,'' Gore said in his walk down the streets outside the White House. "I don't want to comment more.''

[We understand. It is indeed tough to talk about something that was soooo close yet sooo far. And now to watch how this triggered a severe BDS reaction from the HUffies...]

Look at that sneering smirk on Bush's face. The man has no shame, no heart, no conscience.

[You would prefer that Bush wear a sackcloth and self-flagellate in shame?]

Gore could beat the crap out of Bush.... If he could catch him.

[Gore just missed catching Bush by a mere 537 hanging chads.]

I am so darned disappointed that Al Gore didn't completely snub Bush by NOT attending the White House ceremony. Dammm! He shouldn't have attended anything at all to do with Bush or his corrupt regime. Thanks Al Gore for giving Bush a photo-op for his libarary, you useful idiot! Bush ALWAYS gets his way, he always at the end of the day, wins, doesn't he?

[Thanks Al Gore for shining Boss Bush's shoes while in the White House.]

Im pissed that Al didnt clean prez fucksupalot's clock for him!!! Damn it, Al. That was a perfect opportunity and you didnt bitchslap that sissy cheerleader.

[Al was too busy fetching a bucket of water for Boss Bush.]

Bush is a despicable creature. His position on global warming is nothing short of criminal. He is an enemy of the planet.

[Did he at least buy some carbon credits from the Goracle to alleviate his guilt?]

I would have decked Bush like a PUSSY.

[The Secret Service would have decked YOU like a PUSSY.]

Just look at the sneaky jerk off grin on Bush he thinks to put one over on Al Gore..! Gore should have stay above this going to Bush for some meaningless award or recognition.. All Gore did was lend credibility to Bush who stole the election in 2000 and 2004.. Bad move Al, Bad move..!

[The smile that says: "I'm president and you're NOT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"]


[Only a million? You wouldn't be fibbing me, would you?]

Gore gets to the oval office by winning the Nobel Prize. Bush gets there 'cause his daddy's henchmen stole an election. Class vs. Crass.

[But at the end of the day, who gets to STAY in the White House?]

Bush is nervy to say he bears "no ill will toward Gore, who carried his challenge of the outcome of the 2000 election to the Supreme Court." Bush pulled off a coup in stealing the election from Gore, with the help of his friends in the Supreme Court. This was one of the darkest days in our nation's history. When invited Gore should have told him to go straight to hell.

[The continuing saga of Leftwing mythology about the "stolen election."]

do you think Bush was being gracious?? He was gloating! Just look at that stupid look on his face.

[It feels soooo gooood to gloat!]

Gore was being gracious here under formal ceremonial circumstances. He had no other option under these circumstances. But I would like to suggest that he should take the first opportunity following that ceremony to speak out dynamically, publicly about this administration"s shredding of the Constitutional and the need for impeachment of first Cheney, then Bush. Too many comments above disturb me in that they do not seem to understand the threat the current administration poses to our Constitution and way of life.

[And, as usual, no specific GROUNDS for impeachment are given.]

Gore deserves the White House. Why won't he run? Boo Hoo!

[Gore won't run because he thinks he only deserves to be coronated sans a messy election.]

We reap what we sow in just one lifetime! A past loser rigged the elections in 2000 and was selected as President. A qualified man was screwed by the electoral process and the likes of Nader

[IF only Ralph Nader had not run. If...IF...IF!!! Tipper, wake me up from this NIGHTMARE!!!]

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pitt asks the DUmmies: "Ron Paul? Say freakin' what?!"

I chose this topic for a guest DUFU with some degree of trepidation. Any mention of "Ron Paul" anywhere on the Internet tends to bring out the Paulbots. But there is material to work with here: Confusion and kookiness in DUmmieland! Pied Piper Pitt takes on the Paulbearers--and the Paulbamboozled--in this THREAD titled, "I haven't been on DU much, so this might be off base...but...Ron Paul? Say freakin' what?!" BTW, Pitt will use this thread to a) reveal some personal news of note and b) get in some digs at one of the Democrat favorites in DUmmieland. So let's get out our DUmmie Ant Farm and see how SOMEBODY SHOOK UP THE ANTS!, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, using the bully Paul-Pitt, is in the [brackets]:

I haven't been on DU much, so this might be off base...but...Ron Paul? Say freakin' what?!

[The Paulbearers are everywhere, Will. Oh, and if you haven't been on DU much lately, O Logorrheal One, you've been making up for it this weekend with no less than three threads.]

Have I gone right over the moon, or am I really seeing the Ron Paul campaign getting traction on DU?

[You've run right into the moonbattiest of the moonbats.]

Here, I now warn you, is the point where I plop my Party Hack Assbag helmet on my head, fasten the chin-strap, and then proceed directly into The Same Old Crap That Is Dead-Bang Guaranteed To Piss A Bunch Of You Off...

[Will the Shill admits that he is a Party Hack. The erstwhile Pied Piper also recognizes that he is proficient at pissing people off. This is progress, Will.]

Not so very long ago, a great hue and cry was raised because of threads supporting Cindy Sheehan's run against Speaker Pelosi.

[Notice how Party Hack Pitt says "Speaker Pelosi" in hushed, reverent tones. But he won't then go on to say bad things about the independent Mother Sheehan, since that might alienate a lot of DUmmies. His point is that DUmmieland should only support Democrats, and thus any pro-Paul posts should be verboten.]

but here are all these Ron Paul threads and posts all of a sudden, and unless I took a blow to the head and forgot about it because I took a blow to the head. . . .

[I think it was that time you fell on the floor of Bukowski's. . . . Oh, WHICH time? Take your pick.]

if it's forbidden to campaign for a progressive candidate like Cindy Sheehan, how in the name of Tom DeLay's floppy shriveled nutsack is it permitted to raise banners for the Republican presidential campaign of Ron Paul?

[Pitt, you you have such a way with words. . . .]

My girlfriend. . . .

[PITT HAS A GIRLFRIEND! Breaking News! . . . . Is she over 17, Will?]

My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with a serious and degenerative illness. . . .

[Sorry to hear that, Will. I'm series. But you then go into a long pro-abortion digression and justify it with the predictable sacred cow of "stem-cell research." All to make a point against any Republican who is pro-life, even Ron Paul.]

all those Fundy shitdogs. . . . The Jesus Shouters. . . . The Snowflake morons. . . .

[Pitt's terms for pro-lifers.]

I reminded her of Bush's veto of the health care bill for 12 million kids, his veto of millions for research on cures and treatments. . . . Bush vetoed that stuff because it would have worked. Because any government program that shows government being an effective agent for the people has to be stopped at all costs. Because he's a privatizer. . . . If a government program is working, it must be smashed. . . .

[Pitt shows how little he understands conservatives--or President Bush, for that matter. Would that President Bush WERE in favor of smashing MORE government programs! Conservative disssatisfaction with President Bush has to do with him being too much of a Big Government Big Spender.]

I'm a liberal, a Democrat. . . .

[Will, I wish more of your party's candidates were honest enough to state that.]

to be brutally candid about it, nothing can convince me that support for Paul's campaign is anything other than putting the barrels of an electoral shotgun under your chin, pulling the trigger with your toes, and blowing your laudably open mind through the top of your head and all over the ceiling tiles.

[Another lovely mental image from wordsmith Pitt.]

That means my support for Democrats is direct action that can help bring a day when there is a cure for what my girlfriend is suffering. . . . I'm with the big blue (D) because her life depends on it. . . .

[It's Democrats . . . or death for Will Pitt's girlfriend!!! There's no other answer! Pull the "D" or she will die! . . . Now on to the DUmmies responding. . . .]

Elizabeth Kucinich kind of stoked the fires. . . .

[The lovely Miss Elizabeth had said that Dennis the Minus would consider running with RoPaul. Kookie and Kookier! That is what stirred things up. Pitt replies. . . .]

That I saw. *shrug* Neither one fits into the common molds of their respective parties, so their friendship makes sense.

[Pitt gets in a not-so-subtle dig against his former employer. Back in early 2004 Will the Shill had gotten a paying job as Press Secretary for the Kookcinich campaign--oh, for about 24 business hours. All the while, Willie was secretly supporting Jean-Fraud Kerry! Back to the other DUmmies. . . .]

The Paul bashing talking points went out to the Party Uber Alles scribes like six weeks ago dude. Where you been?

[Sitting outside Party Headquarters holding the "Will Shill for Food" sign.]

Ron Paul is batshit insane.

[OK, but is that a reason to not support him?]

Paul is a Libertarian

[My definition of a Libertarian is a Republican who likes drugs. Paul himself doesn't like drugs, but the people who do like drugs like Paul.]

I simply don't understand why any Democrat would support Paul over Kucinich. . . . All Paul has is the anti-war stance. Most of the rest of his positions are nutty.

[Unlike "UFO" Kucinich.]

We have a gem among our Democrats by the name of Dennis Kucinich and he does not need polishing. . . .

[A JEWEL who's not afraid to stand up to the JOOOOOOOOOS!!! He and the Paulestinians have that in common.]

I wonder if all the Democrat Bashing crap is the work of Trolls put here by the RNC.

[The Rovebots are even more omnipresent than the Paulbots. That DUmmie next to you could be one! . . . Then someone mentions the Paul trolls being noisy but small in number, and Pitt replies. . . .]

Same mistake Kucinich made in '04. Kucinich had by far and away the largest web presence during that campaign. They absolutely beat the shit out of everyone in every online poll. After enough time with that happening, the campaign started to think it actually meant something besides the same 25,000 people talking to each other. Nope. Didn't translate into much beyond those 25,000 votes.

[Pitt takes the opportunity of the Paul comment to get in another dig against his former employer Kucinich! Talk about sour grapes!]

It doesnt matter. Paul has as much chance as Kucinich to get the nomination from their parties.

[DUmmie johncoby2, you get the Kewpie Doll today for a brief moment of mental clarity.]

As a 26 year always voting Democrat I have been disenchanted with the party for some time. I am now supporting Ron Paul. . . .

[Welcome to DUmmieland, Tberg, for your first--and last--post. Prepare for tombstoning.]

44% of DUers prefer Ron Paul over Hillary Clinton.

[ABH: Anybody But Hillary. But she WILL be your nominee, DUmmies! Deal with it!]

WOW, DU has locked the poll!

[Invasion of the Paulbots! LOCK! BAN! DELETE!]

Sunday, November 25, 2007

DUmmies Start To Plug Plugs Biden

Take a look at this syrupy ode of a video about Joe Biden produced by a DUmmie. It is symptomatic of a new attitude among the DUmmies: strange new respect for Joe Biden. Actually it is more a process of elimination. The mighty Goracle appears not to be running, most DUmmies HATE Hillary, and her other opponents mostly look like duds. That pretty much leaves Plugs Biden. However, the DUmmies shouldn't grow too fond of Biden. He's already destroyed as a candidate although they don't realize it yet. You see, there is another video about Biden floating around out there, not yet on the Web, that would completely nuke Senator Chia Pet as a viable candidate if it is revealed. No, ol' PJ won't reveal to you the contents of the video although I have already told Matt Sheffield of NewsBusters about it. Rather than have the DUmmies accuse me and/or conservatives of "Swiftboating" poor Biden, I much prefer to let the Hillary people perform that task. If I know about this video, then I am sure the Hillary campaign also know about it. So far there has been no need to make this video public because Biden hasn't yet posed a threat to Her Highness. But the moment Hillary perceives a shift towards Biden, you can bet that video will surface (it is not yet on the Web). So what is in the video that is so destructive of Biden? I won't give you the details but I can tell you what the reaction of the public will be if they ever see it. First their collective jaws will drop in amazement. Then they will squirm in sympathetic embarrassment for Biden. Finally, when the video continues to go on and on and on, the audience will break out laughing AT Biden and, I assure you, will no longer consider him a viable candidate. For this reason I am really hoping that Biden actually does threaten the Hillary campaign so that others will get a chance to watch this AMAZING video. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting DUmmies are starting to put to plug Plugs Biden in a big way as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Biden: No Drama, No Bullshit." So let us now watch the DUmmies worship their new idol in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, already getting bellylaughs from just imagining the impact of that unseen Biden video on the public, is in the [brackets]:

Biden: No Drama, No Bullshit

[Biden Video: Drama, Bullshit...LAUGHS!!!]

Not just in the way he campaigns. I want to spend the next four-to-eight years in relative peace. Biden has respect from the left, the right, and the media. Sure they'll attack whoever, but Biden has the best chance of getting more done with the least amount of roadblocks thrown at him.

[That so-called respect will die about 30 seconds into the Biden Mystery Video. Hee! Hee!]

They'll try to attack his record: But if you look at his record, nearly every piece of major legislation he's introduced has been bipartisan - Biden/Lugar, Biden/Brownback, etc. With his Iraq resolution, he's shown he get a plan through - despite the current atmosphere, and right under bushie-boy's "stay the course" stubborness - with 75 votes.

[I think the SUCCESS of the Surge has pretty much sidelined Biden's Iraq "plan."]

They'll try to smear his character: They'll probably just make something up. Or re-hash the 20-year-old plagarism flap - which he was cleared of, but that hasn't stopped the distortions.

[Why was Joe Biden the first Biden in a thousand generations of Bidens to have been cleared of a plagiarism rap...or maybe not.]

The media will try to stir things up: He handles the media well, and doesn't really fall for their "gotcha" style.

[Earth to Biden: I think Hillary already "gotcha" mystery video.]

They'll make fun of his hair plugs - and for that, I hope he runs against Rudy, Thompson or McCain. Mitt has great hair and may prove to be a fierce adversary in this department.

[Mitt has such great hair it even stays in place during a hurricane. It's the Jimmy Johnson Effect.]

He's made a few gaffes (law of averages) - Late Night talk-show fodder, mostly.

[The Mystery Video is more than a mere gaffe. It is a career killer.]

I think we'll have an easier time of things with Biden at the helm. We all deserve a break from the endless noise. It won't go away, but it'll probably quiet down a bit.

[You will hear the endless noise of laughter once Hillary makes the Biden Mystery Video public.]

I say, bring it on.

[I say bring on the Biden Mystery Video.]

Every damn day I learn something new about him that amazes me even more.

[Not nearly as amazed as when you learn what's in the Biden Mystery Video.]

To sing my old song, I've NEVER been as totally confident of a candidate before in my life!

[We'll sing you the Freudenschade song if the Biden Mystery Video is ever made public.]

About the hair plugs. (First of all, I've actually never been able to SEE them, but it was suggested that he had a re-do from a bad job.)

[Are you vision-impaired?]

When referring to his two brain aneurisms the other day he said he'd essentially had the top of his head removed twice. I hadn't given it any thought before, but hearing that got me wondering if maybe the hair plugs are there to help cover up some scars. Just a thought... not important.

[The hair plugs predated the skull removal by many years.]

I had a Biden epiphany while watching that interview on TV. It made me realise Biden is without a doubt the most experienced and the best candidate. I honestly think he's the only one who can truly handle the repub attacks. I'm concerned about the others.

[There is no way he can handle the Hillary attack if she releases that Biden Mystery Video. That video would be even worse for Biden than a video showing the Breck Girl getting a banana yogurt enema at the Pink Sapphire Spa would be to Edwards.]

How can you tell he has hair plugs? It looks like normal, thinning hair to me.

[And I bet you think Captain Kirk's hair looks natural too.]

Just give him the $$$, and give him a chance! Go Joe!

[Joe Biden is just $10 away from copying a Pied Piper Pitt overlong essay.]

Yes, he needs our $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ NOW. He has taken federal funding and needs our nickel and dime donations badly. Support him with more than just your words, PLEASE.

[Perhaps Biden could sell his Mystery Video to a comedy show to raise that $$$$$$$$$. Of course, that video would also detroy his candidacy instantly.]

He's refreshing. He doesn't bullshit, he doesn't avoid questions, he doesn't throw platitudes and pretend they're answers. He speaks honestly, fairly, and persuasively. And in doing so, he avoids the type of grandstanding and emotionally-charged bombast that leads to partisan hatred. I believe Biden is the best bet for getting elected, the best bet for giving America a break from hyperpartisanship, and the best bet for accomplishing meaningful things while in office.

[I hate to break it to you but the Biden Mystery Video ensures that his candidacy was over before it even began. Hee! Hee!]

About his speaking style as opposed to grandstanding and emotionally charged bombast: A friend was at the JJ Dinner and talked about how when Joe was just strolling around the stage, one hand in his pocket, TALKING to the people - there wasn't a sound in the arena. People were LISTENING to what he had to say, as opposed to waiting for the obvious moment to holler and applaud when the other candidates were doing their 'acts'. I just can't praise the man enough - he's truly exceptional.

[Biden's performance on the Mystery Video was truly exceptional.]

I am going Joe in the primaries. Was in Delaware yesterday and I realized, that was BIDEN country!

[I was in BIDEN country a few times. Specifically Dover, Delaware where due to a lack of shower facilities, I was forced to go without bathing for 5 days while hanging out for a NASCAR race. But I digress...]

I'm so impressed with Biden as a candidate, I volunteered -- spent just 2 1/2 hours making calls for an event(Council Bluffs Ia, noon Sunday 11/25, 114 w Broadway). The response was great... and Iowans don't always stay polite the last thirty days b/c they get so many calls.

[Please, Biden. Do well in Iowa so Hillary will release the Mystery Video. I feel so selfish for keeping the laughs to myself.]

Please watch a video I produced to show my support for Senator Biden. If you support him, please send the link below to family and friends, and ask them to do the same.

[I posted your video above and I just hope my DUFU fans don't get tooth decay from the sickeningly sweet syrup you delivered up. Of course the Biden video that will REALLY matter is the Biden Mystery Video. Hee! Hee!]

Do you have any info on Biden's healthcare plan?

[Universal free coverage for hairplug treatments. ...Well that's it for this DUFU. Now I am really rooting for Plugs Biden to beat Hillary in Iowa. That way we will all get to enjoy the AMAZING Mystery Video.]

"Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever."

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great. I did all the cooking and for the first time learned how to make my own gravy which is much superior than the canned gravy in the stores. We sat around and enjoyed the food. Then watched the tube while drinking lots of beer. All in all a very pleasant Thanksgiving. However, there is a group for whom Thanksgiving was absolutely MISERABLE this year...the KOmmies (and probably DUmmies). Yes, the KOmmies just couldn't get politics out of their heads for the holiday. For that reason it has ruined their holiday as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD miserably titled, "Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever." So let us now watch the KOmmies complain about their miserable Thanksgivings in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, already hungry for another turkey dinner, is in the [brackets]:

Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever.

[Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.]

Yeah, I ate some turkey. I saw some relatives. My family is pretty healthy. But something just wasn't right this year, and apparently I'm not the only one.

[The USA is WINNING in Iraq. This makes it hard for KOmmie crowbar317 to digest his turkey.]

Usually, when the holidays come around I get excited. I get up early and call people I haven't spoken to in a while. I tend to smile and laugh a bit more. I feel like I am on vacation at home.

[Especially when a Democrat is in the White House.]

This year I had no such feeling. I slept until Noon on Thanksgiving day and ate a turkey sandwich in silence around 3pm. I couldn't even get into my precious football.

[I guess just having a lousy turkey sandwich for Thanksgiving would make me miserable too.]

At first, I thought I was just in a depressive state, but then I made my once enjoyable now obligitory phone calls, and everyone else was suffering the same malaise.

[Were they also eating just turkey sandwiches instead of complete dinners?]

People were tired and in crappy moods. When I asked how their day had gone, the best I could get was "okay" or "alright." Everyone tried to put a positive spin on things, but the facade was obvious.

Now I'm no expert, but I can't help but think that the current state of the nation played some part in this. When some 70% of the people believe that their country is on the wrong track, it takes more than some turkey and pumpkin to make them feel better.

[A booming economy and military success in Iraq makes the KOmmies think we are on the wrong track.]

So if you and yours had a crappy Thanksgiving this year, vent it out right here. You will not be judged by the fowlness of your mood.

[My fowl was quite tasty.]

Everything sucks.

[Including the fact of eating just a turkey sandwich for Thanksgiving.]

Could it be that the effect of bread and circuses has worn off? And another invasion or more foreclosures will not suffice to calm the masses?

[Hee! Hee! If this KOmmie thinks his Thanksgiving was horrible this year, wait until Thanksgiving 2008 following the election. Hee! Hee!]

Alec Baldwin posted this yesterday over at Huffpost:

Thanksgiving was...peaceful. In all of my adult life, I have rarely seen Americans so in need of a vacation, a break, a place to go that is safe and comfortable. I have rarely seen Americans rush toward the Thanksgiving weekend with such need and commitment. This country is coming apart. And people are in a lot of pain about that. Eight years of these lunatics raping everything they see has been exhausting. Americans are exhausted. Our system is breaking down, slowly, and people are, when they get honest about it, frightened about what that means, short and long term. Iraq is a mess and they botched that so badly. Now, some say Iran is next. How can that be?

[The only thing coming apart is Alec Baldwin. And speaking of lunatics...]

Bush has sapped the life from us.
he's made us fatigued by rage.
We are rage-fatigued.
We have come to accept the lowest common denominator on his watch.
We have gone backwards in almost every way.
Ater 7 years of madness, we are weary.

[Your Thanksgiving was ruined? Bush's fault!]

Thanksgiving 2004 was worse. Bush was re-elected. Four more god-damn awful years of the stupid SOB.

[And Thanksgiving 2008 will be even worse for you than Thanksgiving 2004.]

As a vegan, I also have the "carcass in the middle of the table" thing to cope with.

[I love to see vegans get upset by good wholesome meat!]

Eh, I had a good Thanksgiving, but frankly am not inclined to celebrate Christmas, in any way, shape or form. After so many years of Bill O'Reilly's annual claptrap of the "War on Christmas" I am getting just a little grinch-like as a committed secularist.

[Amazing how much power you allow Bill O'Reilly to have over you.]

Spent Thanksgiving with my parents. (I'm in my 40s.) Seeing my father brings up a lot of bad memories of how he treated me when I was a kid. So I am surly toward him, even though he's old and harmless now. I need to move on. I know it. And preferably while he's still around. But I just don't seem to be able to. Any advice?

[Get over yourself.]

Sometimes when I think it's all going to go to hell, I also think gun would be a good thing to have.

[Here's a great Thanksgiving guest to have...NOT!]

It was one day closer to the end of the Bush Administration. Truly joyous!

[And one day closer to the beginning of the Romney Administration. Truly joyous!]

Saturday, November 24, 2007

To Catch A DUmmie

"Could you take a seat? ...What do you think you're doing?"

On Thursday I watched an "I Love Lucy" marathon on the tube. Yesterday, MSNBC had a "To Catch A Predator" marathon starring Chris Hansen. I have to admit that watching that Dateline NBC show is a guilty pleasure of mine. What really amazes me is how EASILY the perverts are caught. Haven't they figured out yet that when they all too easily get an underage girl or boy to agree to meet them alone in a house, that more than likely they will be having an appointment with Chris Hansen? In this video above you can see both some highlights and FUnnie spoofs of "To Catch A Predator." Although it wasn't shown in this highlight video, my favorite spoof of them all was the South Park episode showing pervert after pervert shooting themselves in the head the moment they spot Chris Hansen.

Okay, catching perverts is an important task. However, how about catching traitors before they can carry out acts of terrorism? My idea is to have Chris Hansen use his "To Catch A Predator" methods to catch leftwing DUmmie types before they can attempt to overthrow the government. My idea is for a team of experts to post in online chat rooms devoted to leftwing politics. They could then eventually propose violent acts against the government. I bet TONS of DUmmies, full of hate against the EVIL Bush regime, would all too eagerly fall for this proposal. Then they would be told they would hold a meeting of likeminded "progressives" to plot the violent overthrow of the government in a certain location. When each DUmmie arrives, they would be met by Chris Hansen who would ask them: "Could you take a seat? ...What do you think you're doing?"

In this scenario, it would be all too easy to entrap many DUmmies who wish to commit terrorist acts to overthrow the government. The problem is what to do with all of them. Well, there are always those WalMart detention centers they could be sent to...

Friday, November 23, 2007

VIDEO: Early Moonbat Goes BERSERK in 1992

In case you think the Moonbats are strictly a recent phenomenom, there were a bunch of those loons floating around 15 years ago although not nearly as many as there are now. This video, which I remember seeing on TV years ago, shows the reaction of a big Clinton supporter to getting a speeding ticket. The FUnniest part of the video is his over the top angry Mother Hen reaction upon being informed the speeding ticket will cost him $137. Almost as FUnnie is the Moonbat's assertion that Bill Clinton will save him from EVIL state troopers giving him speeding tickets. BTW, I love the tone in the state trooper's voice which is like he is having to talk to a mental patient. This is definitely the FUnniest traffic stop video I have ever seen. It is much better than the TV version which bleeped a lot of it out including, I think, the part about Bill Clinton becoming the savior of speeding Moonbats.

H/T: AllahPundit at HotAir.

"Forget Black Friday- Buy Nothing"

Remember Not One Damn Dime Day? That was the proposal by the DUmmies to protest Bush's re-election in 2004 by not spending One Damn Dime on inauguration day in an effort to make a huge dent in the economy. That sure worked out well...NOT! Well, the DUmmies are back again with another version of Not One Damn Dime Day. It is Buy Nothing Day as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Forget Black Friday- Buy Nothing." This is supposed to be a 24 hour moratorium on buying anything on Black Friday to protest what I'm not sure. However, it is FUn to watch DUmmies come up with yet another of their utterly useless schemes. So let us now watch the DUmmies achieve absolutely NOTHING in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Black Friday is when Jehovah's Witnesses prepare their turkey dinners for their non-Thanksgiving non-celebration, is in the [brackets]:

Forget Black Friday- Buy Nothing

[Not One Damn Dime Day.]

A 24 hour moratorium on consumer spending

[Which should be as successful as Not One Damn Dime Day in bringing down our EVIL capitalist economy.]

That's my plan.... But I am a retailer. Fortunately, I don't give a shit about tomorrow. F*ck the gift-buyers.

[They will shun your lemonade stand, DUmmie TomInTib.]

why would you want to go a wade into a consumer frenzy anyways, stay home, eat leftover turkey and play video games in your boxer's.

[Post useless schemes in DUmmieland.]

I have to buy cat food but nothing else, I promise!

[No turkey leftovers for your cat?]

That's easy I'm always broke and have no plastic.

[Just don't be tempted to spend that dime you find under the bridge.]

We ain't buying nothing tomorrow but I expect to be as succesful as any other boycott I have particiated in

[Which means you will achieve exactly ZERO.]

Tomorrow is the first day in quite a few that I don't have to do anything--no school, no work, nothing. I have a date with my pajamas, my fireplace, leftovers, and the "Cold Case" marathon on TNT. I have no other plans. There isn't anything I want that I am willing to stand in line and fight the masses for.

[Speaking of which...are there any other TV marathons today? Perhaps a South Park marathon?]

Great, more useless slacktivism.....The number of Internet-advertised "protests" that involve sitting on your ass is staggering.


But... if millions did and kept it going... it would be noticeable. And if that came with demonstrations it woudl really make an impact

[Yeah. The prelude to the storming of the Bastille.]

If millions did it, nothing would happen.

[And since only dozens will do it, even less will happen.]

Study the history of social movements...

[I've already studied Not One Damn Dime Day.]

Gandhi started with consumer strikes... and other strikes... it took a lifetime but last time I checked India is no longer a british colony. Or did I miss something.

[So we should all march to the sea wearing white diapers and bathrobes?]

Thursday, November 22, 2007

WaPo Columnist Serves Up Turkey Flavored BDS

When does an MSM columnist sound just as wacky as the moonbats posting comments to his online story? It happens when a Washington Post columnist completely politicizes the annual story of the President pardoning a turkey by using it as a launchpad for his BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) rantings. Such was the case with WaPo columnist, Dana Milbank, who just couldn't resist letting his venom drip on Thanksgiving dinner with his COLUMN titled, "Pardon Me!" This is part of a growing trend by the Left to politicize EVERYTHING, even something as innocuous as pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys which is really done for the benefit of the kids. I now await Milbank to politicize the Christmas tree lighting by the president with some dopey comment about how global warming is killing the trees that Bush is lighting or something stupid like that. So let us now watch Dana Milibank proceed to let his hate burn a hole in his stomach in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wishing all (even bleedinglib) a HAPPY Thanksgiving with all the trimmings, is in the [brackets]:

Pardon Me!

[As soon as I read that title, I knew Milbank would somehow drag Scooter Libby into it. I was not disappointed as you shall see.]

The annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey has gained new attention since President Bush allowed the administration's most famous almost jailbird, vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, to fly the coop.

[Milbank's severe BDS shows itself in the very FIRST sentence.]

Members of the White House press corps strutted their stuff as they awaited Bush in the Rose Garden yesterday. Somebody said the two birds should be named "Scooter" and "Libby."

[...And in the second sentence.]

Another proposal: "Ramos" and "Compean" -- the two imprisoned border agents whose pardons CNN's Lou Dobbs fervently seeks.

Ken Herman of Cox News feared that Bush would ship the birds off to Gitmo, where they would be "water-basted." Another reporter, in an allusion to the president's low poll ratings, wondered whether there would be difficulty figuring out which one is the turkey.

[So Ken Herman of Cox News is also stewing in the BDS venom.]

But Bush played it straight. "They are 'May' and 'Flower,' " he dubbed the 45-pound tom turkeys.

How sweet. How tame.

[How bitter. Wow! Milbank just can't let up. Continue with your leftwing politicizing of a traditional holiday event...]

Then he added a bit of presidential mischief. "They're certainly better than the names the vice president suggested, which was 'Lunch' and 'Dinner,' " Bush said, to appreciative laughter.

[A very brief respite here from Milbank. However, he won't disappoint as he returns to the BDS theme...]

The best names, considering the birds' itinerary, may have been, to borrow Bush's old joke about his base, "Have" and "Have More." At a time when nearly 40 million Americans live in poverty, the wholesome ceremony for the annual turkey-pardoning has managed to turn into yet another display of American excess.

[I wonder if Milbank would make such dopey comments if there is ever another Democrat President. Somehow I think not.]

From the White House, the birds were driven in a police-escorted motorcade to Dulles Airport, where they were whisked to a private room in the United Airlines Red Carpet Club, before going to Gate C17 to board a United flight to Orlando, where they will be grand marshals of a Disney parade.

[Instead of being shipped off to Gitmo to be "water-basted."]

"They're going to Disney World!" announced the stickers on the turkeys' kennels.

[...To watch Dana Milbank in leftwing Fantasyland.]

According to their first-class boarding tickets, "Turkey One" received Seats 3B and 3C, while "Turkey Two" got 1A and 1B. The plane, flown by a chicken farmer and packed with actual paying customers in coach, was renamed "United Turkey One, Flight 6519."

[Better to be sitting next to a turkey on a flight than next to Dana Milbank and his BDS rantings.]

It was, quite literally, first-class treatment, but the scene still ruffled feathers at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The group sent Bush a letter asking him to send the birds not to Disney World but to a "credible farmed-animal sanctuary."

[And deprive the turkeys of the opportunity to hang out with Mickey and Donald?]

"Most of the turkeys pardoned in the past several years have died less than a year after the ceremony," PETA pleaded.

[Because they are fed so well. Let us now tackle the grave problem of turkey obesity.]

PETA has a point. Like Americans themselves, commercial turkeys are raised to be overweight; bred to have enormous breasts, they find it almost impossible to fly. And putting these creatures into cages and whisking them off to Florida on an Airbus A320 has all the hallmarks of a CIA operation.

[Milbank is actually starting to sound like a self-parody.]

On the other hand, it beats becoming deli meat to have the president invite you to the White House, pet you on the back a few times and send you off with a wish that you spend the rest of your days "in blissful gobbling."

[A lot of leftwing loons would prefer to become deli meat than to have Bush pat them on the back.]

Soon after their arrival at the White House, it became clear that the turkeys have something in common with the man who would pardon them: They enjoy napping. Those watching the slothful birds suspected sedatives. The breeders said the turkeys were raised with regular exposure to people, then selected for calmness and good behavior. Whatever the cause, May sat silently in the Rose Garden (Flower waited in the truck), his snood and wattle wiggling, voicing nothing louder than a soft chirp -- until the president got to the part in his speech about those in the military who "keep us safe."

"Gobble, gobble," May interrupted.

[Goebbels, goebbles," Milbank interrupted.]

"We keep their families and their loved ones in our prayers and in our thoughts," Bush continued.

"Gobble, gobble," May repeated.

[Goebbels, goebbles," Milbank repeated.]

"Thank you," said Bush. Turning to the bird, he attempted to continue the dialogue. "America's children also have a special place in our thoughts during this season -- don't you agree?"

May was silent.

[Maybe May is a "life-long Republican" who suddenly turned against Bush.]

He was, perhaps, thinking of the long journey ahead of him.

[Or wondering why the BDS reporters on the scene were so ANGRY.]

With lights flashing, D.C. police on motorcycles led the turkey motorcade out to Dulles. United arranged for the birds to avoid the security line and got them a private bus to the C Terminal. There they napped in a private room, until a United employee reported a "ripe" smell in the room.

"Everybody poops," explained the Turkey One captain.

[Including WaPo columnists who poop all over a traditional holiday event.]

As the birds made their way to the gate on a baggage cart, the calm of the terminal was interrupted: "Are those turkeys?" "Oh, my goodness." "Can you say, 'Gobble gobble'?" "Oh, my God." "Where's the president?"

The president was back at the White House, preparing for a holiday of blissful gobbling.

[At least he is blissful, unlike Dana Milbank who just stuffed his Thanksgiving turkey full of bile soaked stuffing. And now on to the comments by the WaPo posties whose most deranged rantings are not the equal of Milbank's BDS screechings...]

Corny stupid jokes to go along to stupid corny foreign policy

[Posted a BDS loon trying to emulate Milbank.]

The President gives pardons to animals. . . Blackwater must be thanking its lucky star.

[Milbank is disappointed that he didn't think up this comparison of Blackwater employees to animals.]

Could Bush be trying to build up his approval rating by courting the gay vote? Not sure about Flower, but May is got to be gay?

[Only turkeys named Lance are gay for sure.]

Being a member of Ethical society, I can not condone or contemplating to accept this yearly ritual of Giving thanks to other fellow citizens with BLOOD stained hands? This practice is most obnoxious and barbaric. Killing millions of Turkeys, the most innocent and beautiful birds and eating them is insane and hellish. Further degrading and profoundly demeaning practice is the ""Pardoning of one lucky Turkey by President of the nation in white house under Media glare?? You are pardoning an innocent helpless Turkey?? What is it's crime? What is it's Sin? Rise to wisdom and don't play God.

[PETA posts are FUn to read! Get a clue PETA. Those birds wouldn't even exist in the first place if they weren't destined to be eaten. OMG! Soylent Green is turkeys!!!]

And Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

[I don't care if Rome burns. Right now I am more worried about my turkey burning.]

Nearly 40 million people represents slightly more than 13% of our population. Let us all storm the gates.

[When you loons couldn't even get enough people to form a chain to cross Constitution Ave. at a recent demonstration?]

I suspect that May's silence was due to his reflections on Bush's veto of the S-CHIP bill. Nice to see that Bush has compassion for SOME living things-- turkeys like himself.

[Actually May was pondering the effects of the Norwood-Dingell bill.]

Why doesn't Little George pardon all of us in America and then go back to Texas or Disneyland or wherever? One more year of this nightmare.

[Until the NEXT Republican president enters the White House.]

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kenny Rogers & James Brown Thanksgiving Dinner

Since I will be cooking a complete Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I have been looking at a lot of videos on how to prepare the meal for this holiday feast. My favorite of all the cooking videos is this one featuring Kenny Rogers and James Brown demonstrating how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving to all our DUmmie FUnnies fans! Even you, bleedinglib.

"NY Times to Readers: Drop Dead"

It's not often that I agree with a HUffington Post blogger (although it has happened a few times in the case of John Ridley) but I find myself almost completely in accord with this Craig Stoltz BLOG titled, "NY Times to Readers: Drop Dead." One of the great things about the Web is that it allows us to see the Inner Loon in most liberals. Before the web, we got a sanitized version of concerned "progressive" liberals carefully filtered for our public view by the MSM. However, the Web has allowed us to see the liberals for what they are: completely deranged as evidenced by their very own crazed rantings. Until recently such rantings were pretty well confined to their insular Leftwing blogs such as DUmmieland and KOmmieland. However, with the opening up of comments in various MSM online forums, the general public now gets to see the liberal Inner Loon. Such was the case recently when we were able to READ the sanity-challenged rabid rants responding to Karl Rove's first Newsweek blog in their comments section. Of course, this trend towards opening up of the comments section by some of the MSM is great for the DUmmie FUnnies since it provides us with tons more of comedic material to DUFU. However, the New York Times appears very nervous about completely opening up their story comments sections which I will allow Craig Stoltz to describe in Bolshevik Red (his great, great uncle was Bolshevik Yakov Sverdlov) while the commentary of your humble correspondent, welcoming all the new liberal loons (including Jason Leopold) who have started arriving in droves to the DUFU comments section in the past few weeks, is in the [brackets]:

NY Times to Readers: Drop Dead

[NY Times to Liberals: Don't expose yourselves as loons.]

The New York Times has opened a few of its stories-tentatively, selectively-to comments from the public. Between the public and these stories the Gray Lady has installed four part-time staffers whose job it is to uphold the quality of public discourse.

Quoted in Editor & Publisher, Martin Nisenholtz, senior vice president for digital operations of The New York Times Company, said: "A pure free-for-all doesn't, in my opinion, equal good. It can equal bad."

In the same E&P story, Kate Phillips, editor of the Times' Caucus blog: "I almost wish we could go back to the days when we never heard their [readers'] voices."

NYT public editor Clark Hoyt told Editor & Publisher that the paper finds itself "struggling with a vexing problem...How does the august Times, which has long stood for dignified authority, come to terms with the fractious, democratic culture of the Internet, where readers expect to participate but sometimes do so in coarse, bullying and misinformed ways?"

To which I say, to adopt the sort of uncivil language Sulzberger & Co. would never permit on their site: Bite me, you LOSERS!!!!!

[LOL! Continue Craig...]


To recede back into reasoned discourse: the Times' employees' diction and thinking betray an institutional viewpoint that suits it very poorly, in the first instance, for the Internet: Get this: The new medium has obligated the Times to comes to term with a democratic culture! Far worse, it's a...fractious one! Oh, how vexatious! After all, the Times is "august," and it stands for "dignified authority"!

[It stands for keeping its readers from seeing what the liberals are REALLY like: flat out Moonbats.]

Frankly, the Times also betrays an institutional self-infatuation that suits the paper very poorly for...well, just about anyone with self-respect.

Nisenholtz, Phillips, and Hoyt ooze supercilious condescension. Readers - unlike the staff members of the New York Times, except maybe Judith Miller, Jayson Blair, and... [you get the idea] - can be misinformed!


Readers can be coarse!

[Liberals can be loons!]

And the culture can be-absolutely unlike the Times, which has never used its power to beat up on a weaker opponent that can't protect itself-full of bullies!

I have previously praised the Times for its sophisticated use of web technology: Its Debate Analyzer tool is a breakthrough product. Its My Times feature demonstrates advanced understanding of the need to provide user control of content in the digital age.

[Also a terrific cafeteria in their new building.]

But its policy regarding reader comments reveals a very important way its current management is poorly prepared for the rising era of communication.

At a time when the newspaper is shedding veteran reporters, and in need of developing highly skilled multimedia journalists, devoting 2 slots to sweeping back the sea with a broom is a bad decision. It's sort of sweet, or silly, or just plain batty. It's the stockholders' money, and if they'd rather spend it shielding reader comments from view rather than funding journalism, that's their business.

[Pinch Sulzberger qualified himself to become the NY Times publisher by living through birth.]

But the paper's motivation for vetting the comments, as summarized by Hoyt - to uphold the appearance of dignity or augustitude or whatever - betrays a withering contempt for readers.

[The primary motivation of the NY Times is to keep their readers from seeing what the Left is REALLY like.]

It shows a lack of confidence in the very people the Times' advertising group is always bragging about: the national intelligencia, the "thought leaders," the discriminating cosmopolitans and patrons of the high arts.

It is a rather transparent form of censorship - the Fourth Estate squelching the voices of the undignified masses in the name of political and economic self-interest-and vanity.

It is a window into an institutional culture that is made ill, deep down, by the unpleasantness of contemporary public life.

[Tell me about it! Last night we were playing the slot machines at the casino and some incredibly annoying little old lady kept sticking her face in front of us and peppered us with dopey questions about how we were doing. I had to tell her to STFU in a semi-polite way. Perhaps NY Times editors and writers need to accompany us to the casino so as to get a flavor of the "common herd."]

It is, in the end, not an expression of dignity. It's an expression of cowardice.

[Correct. The NY Times is afraid to allow their readers see what liberals are really like when unfiltered. And now on to some unfiltered comments from the HUffPo HUffies...]

The times shouldn' tbe so stodgy and should be more open to readers' comments like the Washington Post is. The WP allows readers to take down more than a few pegs some of their right-wing White House propagandists and that's not only fun but a good thing. The NYTimes needs to know it's now the 21st century and not the 19th.

[The DUmmie FUnnies has already done a DUFU about the leftwing loon rantings in one of the WaPo's stories. Hey, NY Times! If you want to make the bigtime by being DUFUed here, you need to completely open up your reader's comments without ANY filters.]

The problem with the Times is not its political slant but rather the fact that it is dry and boring. It also panders to New York yuppie culture, one of the least attractive elements of American life.

[Actually more of a pander to the Bo-Bo Bohemians who wear berets and walk their dogs in Central Park.]

would love to see the whole range of thoughts on NY Times articles. Some damn smart readers,and a lot of crazy ones too I am sure.

[Crazy liberals are FUn to watch!]

New technology or not, I appreciate some civility on-line. Even on Huff Post, too many people sink into insults and flames rather than informed discussion.

[Which is why I often DUFU the HUffies.]

Get ready NYT - there's going to be a lot of bad punctuation and grammar headed your way.

[And lots of howling Moonbat rantings.]

It's that insufferable socialite mentality, or in its most inbred preppy manifestation, the disdain of the debuttante whose party has been crashed by those uncouth, uninvited outsiders. They just don't get it.

[My friend from way back, John Geak, specialized in crashing just such parties. He is legendary to a bunch of us down here for taking his clothes off in a Fountainbleau Hotel elevator and then flashing the entire lobby stark nekkid when the elevator doors opened up. Okay, a bit of a digression here...]

And someone might say something negative about Israel and the NYT can not stand for that

[Or about "neocons."]

Beautifully worded! I hate to be censored, and when I am, I avoid that particular site.

[You are welcome to post liberal loon rants anytime on the DUmmie FUnnies.]