Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shell Shocked By Surge Success

The big story out there right now is how the Left has been completely blindsided by the success of the Iraq Surge under the leadership of General Petraeus. At the present moment they are in a state of shock and haven't yet come up with a way to react. Yes, the Left have completely invested themselves in DEFEAT and now the success of the surge is sawing off the limb they have climbed out on. One big indicator of the success of the surge is this New York Times Op-Ed ARTICLE titled, "A War We Just Might Win." Written by Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institution, it explains how it looks like the surge in Iraq seems to be working. Of course, any idea that we might be winning in Iraq enrages the Left as you can see in this Daily KOs KOmmie THREAD titled, "I Spent a Week in Iraq and Now I’m an Expert." The whole purpose of that post is to denigrate the O'Hanlon and Pollack article. Nice try, KOmmies, but the "sad" fact for you is that the surge IS working. The limb you and the Democrat Party climbed out on is being sawed off by the surge's success. So let us now watch the KOmmies deny surge success reality in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who can scientifically measure the success of the surge by observing the increasingly glum look on the face of Dingy Harry, is in the [brackets]:

I Spent a Week in Iraq and Now I’m an Expert

[I Spent a Week With My Head in the Ground and Now I'm a KOmmie.]

Don’t believe these charlatans like O’Hanlon, Graham, Malkin, McCain, or Lieberman. They are ignorant and have no frames of reference on which to build their assertions concerning Iraq.

[Please don't believe the FACTS of the surge's success as they come out. We NEED for there to be defeat. And now on to the other KOmmies invested in DEFEAT...]

This is a RIGHTEOUS diary and I am 100% behind your anger, palpable as I read it. Thank you for doing a genuinely classy and to-the-point job of showing these charlatans to be assholes.

[I am 100% behind your anger over the success of the surge.]

A "victory" in Iraq would be a disaster for USA

[Wrong. A victory in Iraq would be a disaster for the Democrats.]

The only people who benefit from this insanity are employees inside the military industrial complex, the military industrial ENTERTAINMENT complex and graduates of elite foreign policy colleges at which Pollack and O'Hanlon are employed. Any average American supporting this nonsense is no different than a battered wife who refuses to see she's being abused.

[Hmmm... It appears that the prospect of victory in Iraq is making you VERY nervous.]

So, for America's safety and security, I'm happy that Bush has been defeated in Iraq.

[Don't count your defeat chickens before they hatch.]

I was in Kansas City once for a few hours, on my way across country. I did my laundry there & spoke with a local. So I must be an expert. I also drove across the Texas panhandle, & saw Paper Moon in Salina while our car was being repaired, so I know all about day to day life there.

[I visit KOmmieland and DUmmieland on a daily basis so I know all about where you clowns are coming from...and where you're going to---over the edge along with the rest of the Democrat Party due to the success of the surge.]

What Is The Surge?

[That thing causing the gloomy look on Dingy Harry's face.]

I am also concerned about the public knowledge of and perception of the surge itself.

[A KOmmie sweating over the perception that the surge is SUCCEEDING.]

I'm concerned because, as I'm sure you noted as well, that the surge was designed to create an 'artificial' sense of success and to sway public thinking on the war.

[Surge success is giving this KOmmie severe heartburn.]

I know most folks out there are learning what the surge means in real terms now. And, should be prepared for the report coming out in September.

[Be prepared for the terrible news of surge success in September.]

Monday, July 30, 2007

DUmmies Have A Massive Gorbasm

One of the great scenes in history took place at Ronald Reagan's funeral in Washington, D.C.. Speaker after speaker praised Reagan's leadership in bringing about the end of both the Cold War and the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union. What made it really memorial was the presence in the audience of the leader of that very failed Evil Empire, Mikhail Gorbachev. What must he have been thinking at the time? Most likely he must have gone away from that funeral with a lot of resentment over the fact that he ended up the LOSER in the global conflict. Such a LOSER that he spends most of his time nowadays in the USA, not in Russia. His resentment over how history has judged him as a LOSER came to a boil recently by stating that the United States is sowing world disorder because we are supposedly trying to build an empire. This type of talk has, of course, caused the DUmmies to undergo a massive Gorbasm as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Gorbachev says U.S. is sowing world ‘disorder’." This fits in exactly with the DUmmie view of America, thus the Gorbasm. So let us now join the DUmmies in the throes of a Gorbasm in birthmark Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Gorbachev is still considered a fool in Russia, is in the [brackets]:

Gorbachev says U.S. is sowing world ‘disorder’

[DUmmies say exactly the same thing.]

MOSCOW - Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev criticized the United States, and President Bush in particular, on Friday for sowing disorder across the world by seeking to build an empire.

“The Americans then gave birth to the idea of a new empire, world leadership by a single power, and what followed?” Gorbachev asked reporters at a news conference in Moscow.

“What has followed are unilateral actions, what has followed are wars, what has followed is ignoring the U.N. Security Council, ignoring international law and ignoring the will of the people, even the American people,” he said.

“I don’t think the current president of the United States and his administration will be able to change the situation as it is developing now — it is very dangerous,” he said.

[And now we know why Gorbachev is constantly wined and dined by Marin County liberals. Now on to the DUmmie Gorbasm...]

Master of the understatement....Thanks Gorbi!

[Thanks Gorbi, for being too incompetent to hold the Evil Empire together!]

These insane Christians WANT Armageddon. What will they do if Israel is counternuked after Iran is bombed????

[In stark contrast to the peaceful militant Islamics who just want to hug us.]

Many are brainwashed. after the revolution, when we have restored honest media, the number will drop off to about 10%, which we can marginalize.

[After the Bolshevik Revolution you can liquidate those who are unenlightened.]

I must agree with Gorby on this. Bu$h is doing just that sowing disorder. He is uniting the world against the US.

[Neither Gorby nor the DUmmies would ever think to accuse the NUttie president of Iran of sowing disorder by seeking nukes.]

this regime must end now. we have a madman in office, this is a very dark time in our history. Just keep calling your Reps and Senators and tell them not to take vacation or if they do, bother the shit out of them when they are home.

[Be loonie and annoying.]

ah how the times have changed from Khrushchev pounding his shoe at the UN and a standoff over missiles in Cuba, where the US's restrained but firm response prevailed and the "madmen in the Kremlin" backed down, to hearing the voice of reason from a former Soviet leader condemning the US administration and its president for arrogance and aggression. And agreeing with him.

[More like the voice of bitterness. Sorry, Gorby, but you BLEW it.]

Gorby as a World Leader is heads and shoulders above the Treacherous Cretin we currently have to endure for another year. Gorby was courageous and put his ass on the line for THE GOOD OF HIS PEOPLE AND THE WORLD. Now THAT'S GREATNESS!

[Gorby's only saving grace was that he was incredibly inept to the extent that he LOST the Evil Empire.]

We haven't been in a constitutional democracy for sometime.

[Primarily because we are in a constitutional republic.]

Gorbachev is a fool though. He's right on this point but he DESTROYED his own Soviet Union instead of REFORMING it, economic reforms shouldve been made, corruption and the buerarchacy shouldve been targeted, more political freedom shouldve been given, in that order, he was a weak, ineffective leader that saw a nation crumble before him, and then he pretended like that was what he meant to happen.

[Kind of like Inspector Clouseau tripping over a chair and then pretending that it was part of his plan all along.]

I think Mikhail Gorbachev often gets a bad rap, and I think it is unfair to blame him for the collapse of the Soviet Union. He put ideas into place which brought about the collapse, but I don't think he had any plan to do that. I mean, the USSR needed "glasnost" and "perestroika" as much then as we in the USA need it today. We need openness in our government, not secrecy. We need to fundamentally restructure our economy based on peace and not on war. That was his agenda, and unfortunately it put forces into motion which caused an internal collapse of the Soviet Union. And if we implement those same kinds of radical new ideas, which result in the internal collapse of our government, I can only say, "bring it on".

[A DUmmie posting from the Alternate Universe in which he fantasizes himself unable to post idiocies because of a lack of freedom in the USA.]

Gorbachev surely knows what a "disorder" is, because he is himself a "walking disorder". Russians spit when someone mentions Gorbachev in their presence and for a good reason.

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

I think Gorbachev is still a socialist at heart and he believes in things like equality, fraternity and liberty. And these aren't really revolutionary ideas, it all seems like a normal way to live IMHO. Maybe he is more like a Green Marxist these days.

[And that Marxist is collecting a lot of Green from the Marin County liberals these days.]

Someone who destroyed his own country shouldn't be giving advice. Russia still has lower living standards than when he took over in 1985. It's taking decades to recover from his program that brought disorder to a whole new level. He panders to foreign opinion because almost everyone in Russia despises him.

[He panders to Marin County opinion because that's who pays his bills. Most likely those same Marin County liberals suggested to Gorby that he get more critical of the EVIL Bush regime or else he might find his money flow cut off.]

Gorbachev was potentially one of the best things to happen to Russia. Unfortunately, Western leaders (especially Reagan) were so impatient for an end to communism on their terms that they rushed things, rather than allowing a more gradual period of reform that would have been much more effective.

[LOL! Nice way to rationalize Reagan's defeat of the Evil Empire.]

Gorbachev presided over the controlled disintegration of a country. I think most Russians would just assume forget him.

[Which is why Gorby spends most of his time in Marin County.]

I respect Gorby above and beyond ANY American politician.
At least he speaks with a measure of honesty, unlike anyone in the American political system.

[You are allowed to smoke just one cigarette following your Gorbasm.]

That is why Bush and Cheney must be stopped and stopped now. Impeachment is one way to stop these men, another is for representatives from both parties can vote to ask both men to resign or at least Dick Cheney should be asked to resign right away. If he doesn't he should then be immediately impeached and removed from office. Then congress can begin the process of orderly withdrawal from Iraq and bring Russia, China and India in to help that process. After that the people of America can take back their government and begin rebuilding the country WITHOUT THE CORPORATE AND NEOCON FASCISTS!

[We now await for this DUmmie's BDS Gorbasm to subside.]

Friday, July 27, 2007

Pied Piper Pitt Goes On A Massive Drunken Rant

As soon as I saw the posting time of this William Rivers Pitt thread, I knew it could be a case of PUI (Posting Under the Influence). Pitt posted this THREAD titled, "Mark the time: The main headline on the DU front page is a 9/11 'Loose Change' thread," at 1:34 AM this morning. It is only peripherally about the Truther producer of the "Loose Change" 9/11 conspiracy film being arrested for desertion. It is really about Pitt's loud declaration of proud inebriation. The posting time was the big clue here since those early AM Pitt postings mean that he has just crawled back from Bukowski's and is writing his comedically drunken rants while PUI. See, in the Alternate Universe of Pitt's fantasy, Karl Rove really was indicted on May 12 of last year and Pitt is now a major player in both the media and the political campaigns where his sage advice is being eagerly sought by several of the Democrat presidential candidates. Perhaps that is what Pitt believes when he is in his frequent comatose states. Unfortunately for Pitt, he must always wake up to the cold cruel reality of being the object of mockery as well as being shunned even by the likes of the Mike Gravel campaign. So let us know break out the bubbly and join Pitt's drunken rant in the flushed color of Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who limited his alcoholic consumption last night to three...err four bottles of Yuengling, is in the [brackets]:

Mark the time: The main headline on the DU front page is a 9/11 'Loose Change' thread.

[Mark the time: 1:34 AM. The SURE sign of a PUI Pitt rant.]

Bzzzt...cannot compute...Grovelbot must send thread to 9/11 forum...bzzzt...but on front page... melting...melting...what... a...world...what...a...world...

[Bzzzt...Pitt...melting...melting... Pitt...cannot...compute...reality. Melting...]

No biggie, I just know there can be static when threads go downstairs, and I show up, and WHAM, there it is, hello, we're DU, come on in and have a seat, and tell me, what do you know about Bildebergers and chem trails and dolphins carrying nukes to create tsunamis? Nothing? Great...have you read my newsletter? Are you wearing a wire? What's the frequency, Kenneth?

[What do you know about Karl Rove's indictment, 24 business hours? Nothing? Great...have you read TruthOut? Are you wearing a bib? What's the frequency, Jason?]



I am only teasing. Please don't get angry. If we can't poke fun at ourselves, we're...well...pretty crappy boring people.

[I am only drinking. Please don' get angry. If we can't poke at Ben Burch, we're...well...pretty crappy boring people.]

*fleeing again*

[And now that Pitt has fled under the table, let us look at the DUmmie comments on his comedically inebriated state. Oh, and don't worry. Pitt will come back and back and back again on this thread...]

I love you Will. Not sure why sometimes...but there it is ....back to the kitchen for another Ketel One and olives....

[Gin does make for a great lubricant for the Pitt mind.]

Never got martinis, or especially gin. I was mid-20s and in full-bore bar hop mode in San Francisco all during the freakin swing music craze. Everyone had to have martinis like the guys from Swingers. Me? I thought the stuff was good only for cleaning carbureators. And any who drank it were just posin'. Scotch for me, or Jamesons, or Bushmills if the IRA isn't about.

[Pitt confessing that he never made it past the Scotch and Irish whiskey stage. Of course, he is currently progressing to the Thunderbird stage as he surveys his political career that never was.]

Gin. Bleh. I was eventually convinced there are, in fact, people who like gin. All the ones knocking it back a decade ago? Wine coolers.

[Wine coolers were nothing more than slickly marketed Sangria. BTW, Pitt's brain must be atrophied by all that Bukowski's brew since it was about TWO decades ago when wine coolers were big.]

Gin = wheat from the chaff, it seems.

[And Pitt is angry because he has been consigned to the political chaff, it seems.]

You have a newsletter?

[Correct. Pitt is an editor of TruthOut where he made public his scoop about Karl Rove's indictment. As a result, TruthOut has been REMOVED as a source for Google News.]


[IHOP IHOP IHOP. Just eat it!]

Will, the ice caps are really melting exposing the truth on what humans have wrought. The truth of 911 is a rock that is covered but the icy, faulty lies of the 911 commission.

[This is a crises. What will Will do for ice cubes to cool his Bushmill's?]

These 'Loose-Changers' are the ones who are really running the world. Wake up, America.

[These 'Loose-Screws' are the ones who are really running DUmmieland. Wake up, Will.]

We don't fight in GD. We pummel mercilessly and gloat prematurely.

[I believe that is called, "Freudenschade."]

theres no I-word in this thread

[How about "Intoxicated" or "Inebriated?"]





Ibid. <--- yeah, period there, boo yah.



Icki Icki Icki Icki Ptang nawooowam wamma woo burble burble...

[Very good, Will. Now if you can walk a straight line while touching your nose, we will allow you to continue MIHOPing back to your unfurnished room.]

I think he could have handled this better... he wouldn't have been the first to go public and say he was refusing to deploy based on what he believed in regards to the war. Would probably have gotten a lot of support.

[Why are you posting about the "Loose Change" producer when this thread is really about Pitt examining his self-inebriation?]

"I think he could have handled this better..."

A 9/11 Truther...might possibly handle something better???

Perish the thought.

[Any drunken thoughts about Fitzmas Truthers, Will? Continue PUI...]

Maybe all of us could take that lesson.

Except me. Just here. In all other threads, I just suck. But here, we be cool.

[Don't be so hard on yourself, Will. Anybody could have fallen prey to the lies of Jason Leopold especially after his many frauds were exposed loud and clear all over the web.]

Because this thread is supposed to be fun. And...brace yourself...that's OK.

[WHEE! Break out the Bushmills!]

Because if we can't tease each other, laugh at and with each other, if we're TOO HUGE IN OUR OPINIONS OF OUR BELIEFS AND WHO WE ARE to accept ribbing and smiling and well-meant fun between friends...

[I promise I won't tease you, Will, for another 24 business hours.]

Then we're done. No impeachment, no 9/11 truth, no anything. Maybe that's why GD is always so brutal. Everyone is too bristled in defense.

[GD has been especially brutal on your for a little over the past year, Pitt.]

I. Am. Teasing. 9/11. People. The sun will rise, and maybe some people will smile.

[You. Are. Drunk. 24/7. Will. The sun will rise, and maybe you will be comatose.]

Be human. It's fun.

[Be drunk. It's fun.]

And feel free to mock my ass. I got called a drunk, enabler, liar, fraud, jealous of Cindy's media attention, Dem sycophant, Establishment whore, and that was over the last 48 hours...all because I wanted a plan beyond sloganeering...from people who want to see things get done...but have no tolerance for anyone trying to organize actual tactical plans.

[Hmmm. It seems that there was an interesting Pitt bashing thread in DUmmieland that I have missed. A kewpie doll to whoever can provide the link.]

If that ain't funny on it's face, well, you need to go to a water park or an arcade. Or read Vonnegut. Or H.S. Thompson. Or Leviticus, with an eye for satire...God: "Yea, thou shalt not fart audibly beside the boulder with the green moss on the Sabbath next to any who lie with sisters while wearing clothes of different thread after being near butter or fish or very small twigs in a nest filled with sin and flounder..."

[You need to go to Bukowski's. Or read Pitt. Or Leopold.]

Moses: "...wait...um...am I stoning someone, or just getting stoned...ah...help? Loud Scary Voice Guy? Shit. Guess I'll have to wing it."

[Pitt: "...I am just getting stoned. Help!"]

Welcome to history. We get monotheism. Whee!

[Welcome to Bukowski's. We get drunk. Whee!]

All in the same lifeboat.

[Being in a lifeboat with Pitt. What a depressing thought. I NEED a drink!]

Gonna go play minature golf with the kid tomorrow...well, later today if the rain stays away.

[Playing minature golf in the rain is the BEST way to play.]

I did edits. Moses. God. Stones or stoned.

[Yes. One must always carefully proofread a drunken rant to make sure it contains just the proper level of senselessness, Will.]


It's pretty much what we have left, at bottom. They're last triumph might be convincing us of the futility of human contact. But every human everywhere smiles.

You will take my smile when you pry it from my cold dead...um...gums. Yeah. Try it.

[No need to edit the above, Will, since it meets all the requirements of a senseless drunken rant.]

Yeah, my fault.

Or, by this flippant post, I direct attention.

Know who the funniest comics are?

The ones who talk about suffering, injustice and state crime.

Can you think of a few?

I can.

Smile. You're alive, and able to stand and struggle, or roll and struggle, or sit and struggle, or lay and struggle...because the struggle is in the mind and heart.

So smile.

[Bukowski's haiku. Perhaps you should recite it to Kevin Spacey if you can ever get him to visit your unfurnished room.]

LOL...........I'm going to the beach tomorrow where the water is free.

[But they charge for parking at Fire Island, Ben Burch.]

So's the sand and sun and company and air and shells

Have. So. Much. Fun.

Smile. Lots.

[Pitt never goes sunbathing for fear it will expose his pasty fishbelly white pallid skin to a healthy tan.]

Go to bed, Will.

[And sleep until Jan. 20, 2009. Hee! Hee!]

No. Party in my happy GD thread. There hasn't been a happy GD thread since November.

You go to bed. Toronto won't make the playoffs before you wake up.


He shoots.

He scores.

At least you're screen name isn't Baltimore-Oriole. $42 million on the bullpen, worst pitching in baseball. Quasar bad. Bad enough to have gravity, bad enough to bend light.

Toronto is over .500, 51-50.

Great. You're a crummy Hagar-era Van Halen album.


[The FUnniest thing about this post is at the very beginning where it says: "Edited on Fri Jul-27-07 03:33 AM by WilliamPitt"]

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"How do the White House insiders manage to remain calm?"

How do they do that? I mean the EVIL Bush Regime is running a vast fascistic empire based on complete lies and yet they remain absolutely CALM in the face of congressional investigations. Why don't any of them crack and just admit to at least one of their many conspiracies starting with MIHOP. Oooh! Oooh! It is just sooooo frusgtrating that not ONE member of this regime shows the slightest strain under the pressure. This is the attitude of the DUmmies as presented in this THREAD frustratingly titled, "How do the White House insiders manage to remain calm?" It absolutely ASTOUNDS them that no one in the White House has cracked. So let us now watch the DUmmies spin their intricate conspiracy theories in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, in his first DUFU posting from his new semi-pastoral subtropical townhouse abode, is in the [brackets]:

How do the White House insiders manage to remain calm?

[Could it be that they are INNOCENT of committing numerous conspiratorial crimes? Naw! That's too far-fetched.]

Wouldn't a normal person have buckled under the pressure? How is it that the Bush insiders manage to keep their cool, when any normal person would recognize the incredible trouble they're in? How do they do it? Are they on drugs? Does anybody else think it's incredibly odd that we have public officials in this country that can do so much wrong and yet they act like you were the one who farted?

[And your fart smells like DUmmie meds.]

Drugs.... and off-shore bank accounts.

[Karl Rove always hits the crack pipe before visiting his Cayman Island accounts.]

Lots and lots of Oxycontin and Xanax.

[Only the tip of the meds iceberg where DUmmies are concerned.]

serious tranquilizers regular valium and all those --pam drugs. (Lorazipam, etc.) Or what the doc calls "chill pills".

[DUmmie meds expertise kicking in here.]

Some of those pills would make them look too sleepy. Did Gonzo look sleepy during his testimony?

[He had a stash of uppers hidden in his waistpack.]

They never made me sleepy; they just calmed my panic attacks.

[First hand DUmmie knowledge on the topic of meds.]

Well, to be fair, they really don't need much medication since ... their consciences are so atrophied. Smirk needs 'em to supplement his narcissistic supply ... where merely not being on stage causes him anxieties.

[The DUmmies believe that Smirk is really drinking not-so-near beer.]

they have more and better drugs than you and i will ever have.


Knowing you will waltz out of the White House with millions in a Nassau bank tend to soothe nerves.

[Plus the knowledge that you have destroyed the environment does have a very therapeutic effect.]

Which one was it that mentioned they're all heavy "Ambien" users, awhile back?

[Bob Dole mentioned that he was a Viagra user from way back.]

Colin Powell: "Yes. Well, I wouldn't call them that. They're a wonderful medication -- not medication. How would you call it? They're called Ambien, which is very good. You don't use Ambien? Everybody here uses Ambien."

[A Colin Powell product endorsement.]

I suspect in some undisclosed location there's a very large pile of dead prostitutes.

[Notice that new mound behind the White House? I bet you thought it was mere dirt in there. Hee! Hee!]

Gannon was lucky. We got him out, so to speak, before the slaughter.

[Oh yes, we remember Jeff Gannon. For a couple of weeks early in 2005, the DUmmies were popping their champagne bottles in the expectation that he would somehow bring down the entire EVIL Bush Regime.]

In this day of cellphones with camera options, no one can catch these people showing a sign of weakness? Are all their public appearances measured?

[Why? Oh WHY has not one of them cracked and confessed to the many conspiratorial crimes we have dreamt up in our imaginations?]

Nothing of consequence will ever happen to them. None of them will ever see a day of jail time. Why would they be worried?

[Damn! They're getting off scot free!]

All the death and destruction they are unleashing is just simply necessary to what they envision to be their end goal.

[The incarceration of all DUmmies in Wal-Mart detention centers.]

Just look at all those WH officials behind bars..oh wait...there are none...

[Hee! Hee! Scooter Libby was just minutes away from being frog walked into the can but that was stopped just in time. Freudenschade, baby!]

And, apparently, they are sustained by a network or circle that we don't even understand or never see. Somewhere in their lives, they cut away from the rest of us and decided that they were entitled to live by a separate set of rules. And then, they make it up as they go along.

[Good news, DUmmies! You can now form your own exclusive secret network---the Illiteratti.]

What keeps them in a position of confidence is having an overview of the grand chessboard. They know what the end-game is and we don't. And while we are beating up on one of their pawns like Alberto the Liar, they are moving other pieces around the board and cementing their grip on power in ways that won't even become apparent till well after they are a fait accompli. There is a reason that they are the most secretive bunch to ever slink into power. They have so much to hide.

[While we allow you the temporary joy of a check, you are really being manipulated into a checkmate leading to the Wal-Mart detention center.]

Because WE are the ones in trouble. They sleep comfortably wrapped in their flags and currency. I'm broke. They're not.

[You're DUmb. They're not.]

They believe that they are right. They believe they are doing God's work. They believe that if they turn left, and the rest of the world turns right, everyone is wrong-but not them. They believe if they just keep believing and deceiving, they will prevail. When Reagan died, one of the big questions that was asked was what was Reagan's legacy. This is the legacy of Reagan. This is what he set in motion, all those years ago. This is what he wanted and couldn't get. It took the attacks in September, 2001, to make all this possible. If I could get my hands on Bin Laden, I rip him to tiny pieces.

[Not for killing thousands of people but because he enabled Republicans.]

self deleted

[At this point, the wisest post a DUmmie could make.]

Monday, July 23, 2007

“The possible destruction of America” looms before Pitt and the DUmmies

Our regular DUFU Blogger-in-Chief, Mr. PJ-Comix, has come in out of the rain and is busy moving into stately DUFU Mansion down in South Florida. Therefore he has granted yours truly the rare and heady privilege of posting this special Guest DUFU! And it’s a DUzy! Our Favorite DUmmie, Pied Piper Pitt, has gotten up off the floor of Bukowski’s and hit the keyboard to launch this lengthy and laffable THREAD, “Hyperbole has become fact: Before us all looms the possible destruction of America.” Pitt is in fine foaming-at-the-mouth form, ready to accept the plaudits of his DUmmieland sycophants. So let us sit back (whether in or out of the cooling rain) and enjoy the rantings of Pitt and his DUmmies in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, wondering how to get Li’l Beaver’s sign to read “Charles Henrickson,” is in [brackets]:

Hyperbole has become fact: Before us all looms the possible destruction of America.

[Hysteria becomes Pitt: Before us looms a possible PITTful of parody!]

No, the nation isn't going to blow up on Monday if the Democrats in Congress fail to follow through. We won't fly into space or be swallowed up by the Earth's crust.

[Whew! Thanks for telling me this, Pitt. I’ll cancel my End of the World party.]

No, everything will look exactly the same after America dies. But everything will be different.

[The Day When Everything Finally Became Different!]

America is nothing more or less than an amalgamation of ideas, rights and freedoms. But Americans, in truth, have only those rights they can protect.

[Teacher Pitt begins another lecture in American history. Pitt fits the definition of a teacher as “Someone who talks in our sleep.”]

A right is ink on a paper that has no force or power unless it is defended.

[A Pitt essay is electrons on a screen that has no end.]

The early outlines of the American idea came from the tyrannical rule of the Stuart Monarchs and their claim of absolute power. These were the people who came up with star chambers, detention without trial, and they obeyed no laws they did not want to.

[Blah-de blah-de blah. The Pitt and the Ponderous.]

Parliament was a joke to them. Sound familiar?

[Pitt is a joke to us. Sound familiar?]

The other guy who started the idea was John Locke. . . .

[Then there was William Pitt the Elder, William Pitt the Younger, and now, finally, William Pitt the Drunker.]

By declaring himself above and beyond the rule of law in this Executive Privilege thing, George W. Bush has committed the worst act of treason against this country in history.

[No, no hyperbole here! King George the Worst!]

He is attempting to shatter the rule of law, and if he does, America is gone.


That's the deal for Monday. Oh, yeah, and they need to impeach this guy, Cheney, Gonzo, the ferns in the OEOB and the goddam water in the fountain on the White House lawn.

[Impeach ’em all! The off to The Hague and off with their heads!]

Game up, Dems. You can save the rule of law by obeying it, you can save the process by following it, and if you wimp out, it will be your treason as well.

[PITT CALLS OUT THE DEMS! Brave, brave Pitt! By sounding “radical” within the safe confines of DUmmieland, Wee Willie is trying to get back in the good graces his rabid DUmmie followers, yet without actually jeopardizing his real-world chances for a paying job with a Dem politician. In short, he’s trying to do a balancing act between being “Pied Piper Pitt” and “Will the Shill.”]

This is Stalingrad.

[This is DUmmieland.]

Not. One. Step. Back.

[Really. Tired. Writing. Device. Now let’s see if the DUmmies will dance to the Piper’s tune. . . .]

Thank you, Will You have said it and and said it so well. I persuaded you to go to Crawford in August of 2005. You have been a very loud and strong voice, you have demonstrated to journalists what it is to truly be one.

[Yes, Journalist Pitt, wearing his Midnight Cowboy outfit, endured long minutes of standing in a ditch and dealing with angry fire ants, before returning to his motel room. Pitt replies. . . .]

But I did walk right past Viggo "LOTR" Mortensen (sp?) while I was there...and by "right past," I mean we chucked shouders passing a tent, like two strangers on a New York street, except it was Crawford, and I own like five of his other non-Hobbit-filled movies, and yeah, I own them too, but I didn't recognize him even after he bumped passed me.

[Pitt has previously claimed, “I’m the place where celebrity worship goes to die.” Yeah, right, Will. Next you’ll be inviting Viggo to your bachelor pad in Boston, like you did with Kevin Spacey.]

If the Democratic Party fails now, it fails more spectacularly than Dubya, and that is pretty damned hard to do.

[A DUmmie in customary angrier-than-the-Dem-politicians mode. Score one for the Pied Piper. Pitt responds. . . .]

Be careful what you wish for. You might get it, love it, turn on it in two months because the process you fought to defend is too slow for your mood, attack the officials you helped to elect, undermine them, watch them lose in '08 and '12...and then work 18 hours a day to get back to that holding action, and maybe feel pretty f*cking dumb about killing your own allies. . . .

[Now Pied Piper Pitt reverts to being Will the Shill, defending cowardly Dem politicians.]

. . . especially if you're pro-choice and stuff, because Graal The Eater of Bloody Snotballs (D-Hell) becomes chairman of the GOP's SCOTUS nominee-search committee as the step-downs loom, and they nominate three Justices who think life begins at the boner but ends at the grunt, and wet spots make the Baby Jesus cry, and you'll see Pelosi watch all this fresh new gotta-make-Will-work-20-more-years-to-fix-it hell unfold, you'll watch her watch this with no gavel power or committee chairmanship or Senate allies or any real power to stop it, and you'll think, hmm, maybe winning isn't all that bad...

[Killing babies is so important you MUST vote for Democrats, no matter what! Now back to the Dummies . . . .]

I think that this new tack of simply being told what is not possible will not wash with the voters, all of whom saw Katrina.

[Is that you, Brian Williams?]

If it is possible to spend a longer term of engagement than WW2 dancing around with our d*ck in the lightsocket. . . .

[Is that you, benburch?]

Bush now states it unambiguously, like Cagney leaning out the upper story window and yelling "Come and get me, coppers!" that his DoJ cannot be used against him, in effect, 'l'etat, c'est George Bush.'

[L’moonbat, c’est DUmmie.]

Karl has broken several of his own techniques from over use.

[The Weather Machine is in the shop for repairs.]

Voter fraud is dead.

[Diebold, we hardly knew ye!]

Is there any way to return to traditional American governance under the constitution without due process against the members of PNAC and the Rovians?

[DUmmie realpolitik is on a roll! I vote for “PNAC and the Rovians” as my favorite new band name.]

Does this mean you are on the impeachment train?

[All ABOARD!!!]

Impeachment is "off the table". . . .

[Pitt is “on the floor.”]

Ten bucks says 20 GOP Senators cross the pond. . . .

[Pitt is only $10 away from winning an impeachment bet.]

GOP Senators support war in '03/get ugly in '04/get GOP smug/"political capital"/pro-Iraq polls dwindle/f*ck/sh*t/midterms '06/Conrad Burns lost???/In f*cking Montana????/No more majority???/Where's my vagina?/Where did you leave it?/Hey, anyone see a vagina on someone's face around here should find Camille in 3...2...1...

[Pitt starts to ramble incoherently. Must be closing time at Bukowski’s.]

...or you can go to bed, wake up knowing we've only gotten back to zero per Saturday time, get back to work, die 60+ years later with the rest of us and work unfinished, and why were you reborn as billy goat, you munch grass, pee, poop, munch grass again, stand on ground, die, return as some other dude seeking goatish wisdom...His name is Bzltrfgfghqwdr, but the spelling is "rfgfgh"...straight on out?

[Will, seek professional help. I’m series.]

We're all dead, sooner or later, and nobody should be in this fight for the gratification of grandstanding (as I was, for a bit, giving speeches and rallies and campaign appearances like mad, until I'd traveled 100,000 miles with 300,000 left to go), and no, you don't ever want to be famous, and P.S. D-List f*ckwads like me only get the groupies for the groupies who mow the lawns of the groupie's groupies, so basically I'd rather gnaw my own balls off than have anyone outside my immediate sphere know my name. Oh, wait, it's WilliamPitt, my actual name! Hee.

[Hee. Hee.]

It is the "William Pitts" of Bloggerville that will change peoples' thinking.

[It is the "William Pitt" of DUmmieland that will change his own thinking.]

. . . on the impeachment bandwagon...but TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

[It’s now or never!]

This is SERIOUS...

[This is FUNNIE!]

Mr. Pitt, when will it be up at Truthout?

[In 24 business hours.]

I watched V for Vendetta last night. . . . I am ready to don the mask.

[Man, the jokes just write themselves!]

You're one of the best out there, Will. Keep it up! (have you ever thought about, y'know... well, running for office?)

[How about School Superintendent of Newton?]

Might as well start fitting Chimpy for a crown. . . . Sorry to be such a downer but I've pretty much given up now.

[BOW before Our Glorious Emperor, Chimpus Khan!]

Apologies for typos, I'm drinking heavily.

[Believe it or not, this was NOT Pitt.]

I'm floored.

[THIS was Pitt.]

This is your moment, Will Pitt. The one we all knew was your destiny. The time when your talent would be the tea in the harbor.

[Or the pee in the bucket.]

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Fitzmas In July For The DUmmies

Merry Fitzmas, DUmmies!!! Yes, it's Fitzmas in July as a judge tosses OUT a lawsuit by Valerie Plame against the EVIL Bush Regime. Of course, this action has stirred up the residents of my DUmmie Ant Farm as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Valerie Plame's lawsuit dismissed." Freudenschade, baby! So let us now watch the DUmmies gloomily assess yet another DEFEAT in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, eagerly waiting for the DUmmie reaction when Libby wins his appeal, is in the [brackets]:

WASHINGTON — A federal judge on Thursday dismissed former CIA operative Valerie Plame's lawsuit against members of the Bush administration in the CIA leak scandal.

Plame, the wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, had accused Vice President Dick Cheney and others of conspiring to leak her identity in 2003. Plame said that violated her privacy rights and was illegal retribution for her husband's criticism of the administration.

U.S. District Judge John D. Bates dismissed the case on jurisdictional grounds and said he would not express an opinion on the constitutional arguments. Bates dismissed the case against all defendants: Cheney, White House political adviser Karl Rove and former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Plame's attorneys had said the lawsuit would be an uphill battle. Public officials are normally immune from such lawsuits filed in connection with their jobs.

[Good news, DUmmies! Karl Rove was indicted on May 12, 2006. I'm sure he will roll over against the other members of the EVIL Bush Regime.]

On what grounds?

[How about on the grounds it was a frivolous lawsuit?]

ruled that she hasn't exhausted administrative remedies under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Dismissal is no surprise. The real fight will be in higher courts.

[Start singing the Freudenschade theme song to the tune of "Edelweiss."]

Why on earth. Did her lawyers blow off the Form 95 procedure? The law is pretty clear that in order to sue the king, they have to consent. The method by which the Federal government consents to being sued is under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The procedures to bring a tort action are straight-forward. Follow the administrative rules. Here, file a Form 95, serve the proper parties, wait 6 months for them to deny the claim, then, you're good to go. I sure hope the attorney had a good reason for failing to follow the rules.

[You were only a Form 95 checkbox away from overthrowing the EVIL Bush Regime.]

If this was expected, why follow this course of action? Could someone please answer this?

[You pick your lawyer from the first name you see in the Yellow Pages and what do you expect?]

Something that we often seem to forget is that the law is intended to serve our will, not thwart it. True justice is rarely found though narrow interpretation of the letter of the law. There is always a balance of interests. Fundamental principles that must be balanced against "technicalities." (Unfortunately, given the state of the judiciary, I don't have much faith that rulings on appeal will be backed by a justifiable analysis of the facts and the law or a reasonable balance of interests.)

[The Plame appeal process is DOOMED to fail. Give up all hope...NOW!]

If administrative remedies are available and clearly defined, however, usually a good employment lawyer will make sure they are exhausted. I haven't had (and won't have this evening) the time to read the motions or the court's ruling, so I don't really know what the facts and applicable law were in Plame's case. If you know more, please advise.

[I believe the above quote is from Plame's lawyer.]

My first question is: who is the judge? A RW brown-noser???

[No. It was a VICIOUS RW brown-noser.]

I just found out the action was dismissed for jurisdiction. Ms. Plame can re-file in the appropriate venue and try again. All is not lost.

[Yes, Valerie. Toss more money down the legal money pit.]

That's what I got out of it by reading the story. She just needs to refile.

[Break out the Freudenschade Victory champagne bottle!]

We are doomed... Long live King George. Motherf*cker.

[All Hail Our Mighty Emperor, Chimpus Khan!]

Long live King George Motherf*cker.... The fix is in place....we no longer have a democracy....they are protected from anything and everything and can do as they wish.

[The fix is in! You have no hope! Please check yourself in to the nearest Wal-Mart Detention Center. Thank you and have a nice day!]

And that is exactly what will happen in Aug. 2008.
They will arrange an attack on the U.S. Bush will proclaim martial law, eliminate the election and make himself president for life. And the sheeple will await the new edition of American Idol.

[Do you think they will allow Paul Potts to be a guest host on American Idol after the Emperor Enabling Act goes into effect next year?]

It's time to get the torches and pitchforks and stop playing with these monsters.


If someone broke the law and was convicted, this could change.

[When is the trial of the indicted Karl Rove?]

If I had known this about the judge before I wouldn't have got my hopes up. It looks like if any justice is to be done now it will have to come from the people.

[Let's just sit around and wait for the Bolshevik Revolution.]

Outing a covert CIA agent WMD non-proliferation expert, her cover company and hence all associated operatives and assets domestically and in other countries, putting an unknown number of lives at risk (or worse) is just "trying to rebut criticism... certainly part of the officials' scope of normal duties"?

[Better take your complaint to Patrick Fitzgerald who let the leaker of the Plame name, Richard Armitage, completely off the hook.]

The ruling said that Plame has to exhaust remedies
available administratively. If those remedies fail to provide justice, then she can refile in the court that just dismissed the case. The lawsuit is NOT dead.

[It will be resurrected in just 24 business hours.]

That really does suck, but its not surprising and that's what we are going to have to live with for a long time to come.

[Live with the taste of bitter Freudenschade Victory champagne in your mouth.]

I'm sick. and exploding, I'm so angry.

[Ummm, your tears are so yummy and sweet.]

The Wilson's need to shop for a judge that is not a tool for the bushies!!

[Have they tried The Hague?]

Just the first step in a long march...

[...into the Wal-Mart Detention Camp.]

Thursday, July 19, 2007

DUmmies Support Vandalism On HUmmer

When was the last time you heard of Leftwing environ-whackos vandalizing the private jets of either Al Gore or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.? Each of those private jets consumes way more fuel than a Hummer yet it appears that is perfectly okay with them when a Hummer is vandalized since it belongs to a regular private citizen. Before we proceed further, let me quote from the Washinton Post ARTICLE, titled, "Hummer Owner Gets Angry Message."

On a narrow, leafy street in Northwest Washington, where Prius hybrid cars and Volvos are the norm, one man bought a flashy gray Hummer that was too massive to fit in his garage.

So he parked the seven-foot-tall behemoth on the street in front of his house and smiled politely when his eco-friendly neighbors looked on in disapproval at his "dream car."

It lasted five days on the street before two masked men took a bat to every window, a knife to each 38-inch tire and scratched into the body: "FOR THE ENVIRON."

"The thought of somebody vandalizing it never crossed my mind," said Gareth Groves, 32, who lives with his mother in a three-story home in the 4300 block of Brandywine Street NW in American University Park. "I've kind of been in shock."

Now, as Groves ponders what to do with the remains of his $38,000 SUV, he has been the target of a number of people who have driven by the crime scene in his upscale neighborhood and glared at him in smug satisfaction.

Among the people who have taken smug satisfaction from the vandalism of Gareth Groves' Hummer are many DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Hummer owner gets angry message." Apparently Gareth Groves' great sin is that he wasn't a liberal political type burning up fuel to go to Global Warming hysteria events to denounce the rest of us for wasting energy. Then his Hummer would have been given a free pass just as the private jets of the likes of Al Gore or RFK, Jr. are. So let us now watch the DUmmies get grim satisfaction in Bolhsevik Red of the destruction of a Hummer while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering what the stats are in fuel consumption camparisons between Groves' Hummer and the private jets of the liberals referenced above, is in the [brackets]:

Hummer owner gets angry message.

[Which DUmmies approve.]

Lesson: violence is the best way to get your message out there.

[The DUmmie ends justify the means.]

Beats driving big obnoxious vehicles to get your message out there.

[What about flying around in big obnoxious private jets?]

A guy bought a car, a car I wouldn't purchase on a bet. But someone didn't just vandalize it, they damn near destroyed it. Every tire punctured, every window broken, every quarter panel dented or keyed. If you're cool with that, have the guts to say so, and we'll just agree to disagree.

[Most DUmmies are cool with that just as they are cool with Al Gore and RFK, Jr. flying around on gas guzzling private jets.]

Some asshole bought a hummer, some other guy vandalized it. Big f*cking deal. The media's all over it? What's next, some kid wouldn't stay off a guys lawn? News at 11?

[Imagine how much this DUmmie would screech in outrage if someone vandalized his tricycle.]

I'm surprised by the amount of support for these assholes. Cowards vandalize a working person's property in the middle of the night. I hope they are held accountable.


What If They Catch The People Who Did It. But They Turn Out Not To Be Radical Extremists?

[The chances of that are between nil and none.]

He lived with his mother....didn't want to pay rent.
He's 32 and still living at home, probably in the basement on his computer all day lurking in DU and heaping praise on Bush at the freeper site. Skin head, buddy from Alabama.

[Actually the DUmmies are the ones living in Mommie's basement while hanging out all day and night in DUmmieland.]

Yup. If he REALLY wanted a Hummer, he's PRIME enlistment material, isn't he? No, better that a bunch of kids who can't afford $38,000 vehicles should go die to secure oil for this shithead to WASTE. F*ck him, and the Hummer he rode in on.

[What about the oil used to fuel the private jets of Al Gore and RFK, Jr.?]

BTW, what a f*cking Guido that guy is. His "Dream Car".... puh-leeze

[We are sorry his dream car does not meet DUmmie approval. Would you prefer it if he drove a Pious?]

No tears for this guy. You know what you're doing when you buy a Hummer.

[So all Hummer owners should expect vandalism on their Hummers for not being Politically Correct?]

The only purpose of a Hummer is to compensate for something you don't have.

[What do you buy to compensate for a lack of a brain?]

Don't you think all of us do "unnecessary" things that harm the environment? Air conditioning? Light bulbs?

[Private jets to fly in to Global Warming hysteria events?]

It is a symbol of conspicuous consumption, a form of compensation for men, and serves no worthwhile purpose.

[Private jets used to transport hypocritical liberals?]

The Hummer has no legitimate use, not even "point A to point B" uses. There are far cheaper and less environmentally hazardous vehicles out there. A Hummer is a deliberate choice of conspicuous consumption and a big middle finger to Mother Nature.

[The middle fingers of Al Gore and RFK, Jr. are a lot bigger than a Hummer owner's middle finger.]

I always wish I had a big sign: "Sorry about your tiny penis!"

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

Terrorism is the necessary result when a people are threatened by a larger more powerful group. If they are left with no means of addressing the problems they are faced with in an effective matter they will in the course of events take matters into their own hands. The rules of common decency will go out the window and they will do what they need to change the path being taken by the larger entity.

[The Al Qaeda Manifesto.]

Monday, July 16, 2007

KOmmies Accuse Hillary Of Backstabbing Edwards Over Debate Limit Scheme

Both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were caught redhanded on video scheming to rid the Democrat debates of the lowly lower tier candidates. Yet somehow the KOmmies have given the Pink Sapphire a pass on his disingenous reply that he only meant to break the debates down into smaller groups of participants chosen at random. FUnnie but we NEVER heard of this Edwards debate plan until after he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Meanwhile, Hillary is being targeted as the evil genius who is shifting the blame entirely on Edwards well-coiffed head as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD titled, "A Classic Clinton Moment." Yes, Hillary is the Devil Incarnate while the Pink Sapphire is just a naive saint taken in by her machinations. Or at least that is how the KOmmies are portraying it. So let us now watch the KOmmies place all the debate limitation scheme blame on Hillary in Boshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking forward to the reactions of the KOmmies to Hillary on the Chocolate Fountain line at their upcoming Yearly KOs KOnvention, is in the [brackets]:

A Classic Clinton Moment

[The latest in a LOOOOOONG line of Classic Clinton Moments.]

By now everyone has heard about the "our guys should talk." moment after the NAACP debate between Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

[Everyone who reads blogs. The MSM has mostly ignored that scheming moment.]

Up in New Hampshire yesterday, Clinton shifted responsibility for the "story" way on over to John Edwards. LOL! They way the Edwards and Clinton camps responded to the story speaks volumes.

[And the way the KOmmies are responding to this story also speaks volumes.]

I just gotta laugh, because it's vintage Clinton chutzpah.

[Conveniently overlooking the fact that it is also vintage Edwards chutzpah to pretend that he REALLY meant something else than what he actually said.]

LOL! UNBELIEVABLE! She is the one who jumps all over the opportunity to discuss the matter with Edwards. The story gets out because the mics are on, and Edwards fesses up square and true. What do the Clinton's do? Shift the blame on Edwards...LOL! If you let Clinton tell it, she wasn't even thinking of doing such a thing as cutting out the other candidates! Vintage Clinton if I ever saw it!

[LOL! UNBELIEVABLE! Edwards fessed up fair and true that what you heard him say on the video wasn't what he meant to say.]

One makes a well reasoned argument providing clarity. The other? Shifts the blame and avoids responsibility.

[A well reasoned argument that he meant something completely different that what he really said. And now for the rest of the KOmmie KOmments portraying a Saint John stabbed by Hillary the Satanist...]

Another Clinton ,bush or bush wannabe administration will be a disaster for the country.

[Don't forget to hand that free pass to the Pink Sapphire immersed in his tub of cucumber cream.]

All Hillary has to do is show up at the debates and the media will say that she won.

[All Hillary has to do is nod her head up and down and the media will say that she won.]

The debates as they are are doing the party no favors. We should be clobbering the GOP in the battle for hearts & minds right now. We are losing momentum.

[That's because the voters don't like what they see at the Democrat debates.]

How about the way she just knifed edwards... I'll be thats the last time Edwards approaches her about ANYTHING.

[St. John betrayed by Hillary Iscariot.]

Funny (or maybe not so much) to see Hillary blatantly lie about what happened on stage.

[FUnnie to see them BOTH blatantly lie about what happened on stage.]

In George Stephenopuolos' book, All to human, he talks about an incident during the 92 campaign caught on film back stage after a debate in which Bob Kerrey is caught telling Bill Clinton a nasty joke having to do with two lesbians, with Bill laughing his ass off in response to it. Stephenopuolos explained how they crafted the campaign's statement exactly in such a way "to knife Kerrey" and get themselves out of it.

[Was it a joke about Hillary and Donna Shalala?]

As Douglas Brinkley tells it, the Clintons knifed JOHN KERRY in the back numerous times throughout 2003 and 2004. Any wonder that the Democratic party infrastructure was such a huge disorganized mess for 200, 2002 and 2004 election cycles? The Clinton loyalists didn't WANT those elections secured.

[The Clinton's have your back.]

the fact is that Edwards DID approach her. And I don't find his explanation to be honest. I think it was CYA and not the least bit believable. Shame on them both and shame on you for being a hypocrite.

[Please STOP with telling the TRUTH!!! It's much too PAINFUL!!!]

Edwards did instigate the conversation not Hillary.
Sometimes I am taken aback by how much people will excuse Edwards. Talking to Hillary about cutting back and then shutting up when Obama approached just looked so sneaky to me. Then shaking hands with Kucinich, who I am sure is one of the "not serious" candidates they were talking about, is just phoney as hell imo.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Dennis KUcinich Kewpie doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Did Edwards lobby for smaller groups in '03/'04? didn't think so! too, too funny

[Hypocrisy is HILL-arious!]

Where he messed up was assuming Hillary would speak about it openly and honestly if word got out. Now that he's been knifed in the back, i'm sure he will approach her with a lot more caution. But you do have a point. I mean, we are talking about CLINTONS here. "I did not have sex with that woman." If they had no problem knifing Lewinsky, they certainly would have no problem doing it John Edwards.

[It takes a large knife nowadays to carve up Lewinsky.]

WITH HIS MIC ON?! And then she has deniability by saying, well, he approached ME, I was just responding to what he suggested. And then whatever history Edwards and Kucinich have that made DK lash out at Edwards--I don't even know what went down between the two of them. Edwards got played on this but he walked right into it.

[And somehow you want this naive moron to become president?]

The only thing that he walked into was a person that is not as honest and honorable as he is.

[St. John of Salon meets the Devil.]

he spoke first. Did she make him says what he did? He can't slither out of the actual words he used. He can try to spin it, but he said what he meant. The both screwed up. But he spoke first.

[The Pink Sapphire was the Screwer and Hill was the Screwee?]

Honest and honorable as him? You mean like trying to get a back room agreement going on and then turning and smiling and shaking hands with some of the others on the stage? Please, he just showed his true colors imo.

[Bolshevik Red.]

it's your game of Poor John Edwards getting picked on by someone--the corporate media, the hair stylist, Hillary Clinton, etc. You know perfectly well he did this very clumsily and you can't admit it. And yes, I think Elizabeth again is trying to spin this in a positive way for him, and she should lay off because he's starting to look very weak and not presidential in that he's always the victim of some sort of imagined slight or vendetta that he needs to be rescued from.

[You expect the Ambulance Chaser to tell the truth?]

How do I know the Edwards campaign is lying on this? The same way I know that a person I never heard of named Riham Azizeldin who emailed me this morning asking me to wire $3500 to Nigeria because she lost her passport and wallet there is a fraud.

[You are just $10 away from sending John Edwards a wire in Nigeria.]

Its Edwards thats lying by clarifiying his point, and Clinton is telling the truth by shifting blame.

[Oh great. Of the two top Democrats, one is a liar and the other is a buck passer.]

Sunday, July 15, 2007

DUmmies Debate Dennis KUcinich

For the first time ever, I feel like lifting the Evil Elf up into the air and hugging him. Why my sudden desire to treat Dennis Kucinich like my favorite Kewpie Doll? It is because he is not shy about taking on Hillary and, especially, John Edwards, over their sneaky betrayal caught on VIDEO when they attempted to purge the lower tier candidates, such as Kucinich, from the debates. So why is Dennis the Menace particularly incensed at John Edwards? Most likely it is the sense of betrayal he feels from the Pink Sapphire. After all, Kucinich asked his supporters in Iowa in 2004 to throw their support to Edwards if the Evil Elf did not meet the voting thresholds in any of that state's counties. It is no wonder Kucinich is angry at Edwards since the Pink Sapphire repaid the Evil Elf's political favor with a sneaky stab in the back by attempting to remove him from the debates. Betrayal is a VERY sensitive subject for Kucinich since his own press secretary, William Rivers Pitt, betrayed him by passing campaign documents over to the John Kerry campaign in a pathetic attempt to ingratiate himself with Mama T's Boy Toy. This rift between Kucinich and Edwards has also caused a fault line between the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Why is Kucinich the only one grandstanding on the alleged conspiracy?" So let us now watch the DUmmies tear each other apart over Kucinich slamming Edwards in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Evil Elf will be appearing at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa here in South Florida tomorrow morning, is in the [brackets]:

Why is Kucinich the only one grandstanding on the alleged conspiracy?

["Alleged" conspiracy? Oh, that's right? Because "Faux News" caught Hillary/Edwards scheming on video then we can't believe what our eyes saw and our ears heard.]

Where are Dodd, Biden, Gravel, and even Richarson? They apparently see no conspiracy...either Kucinich is alone among the candidates in seeing a conspiracy or he is just grandstanding in order to get his 15 minutes of press coverage. This is, after all, what he did when he attacked Edwards, Obama, and Clinton for backing out of the Faux Noise debate in order to get some publicity.

[Dodd has also denounced the exclusionary scheming and Gravel is busy tossing a large rock into a pond.]

Because he's desperate for a bounce he isn't going to get.

[First the left turned on CINDY SHEEHAN and now they are blasting another former hero, Dennis the Menace.]

The only thing Kucinich will get is dyspepsia before self-implosion...

[It sure beats getting Pied Piper Pitt as a press secretary.]

He's doing this to get more campaign contributions. Maybe he's low on those Federal Matching Funds.

[Dennis KUcinich is only 10 Federal Matching Dollars away from becoming a second tier candidate.]

Once the mainstreamers get rid of Kucinich, I'll expect them to go after the other "kook", Gravel.

[Hillary will ensure that the Potted Plant follows the big rock to the bottom of the pond.]

Both Gravel and Dodd are lower than him in the polls. Biden is equal to him. Richardson is within the MoE of Kucinich in the national polls. Yet they are silent on this. Why do you think this is so?

[Dodd already denounced the scheme and Gravel is busy explaining his latest campaign video metaphors to us.]

I'll take a seat in the grandstand next to Dennis any day. The mainstream hacks make me sick. It is truly sad that this country has devolved to such a degree, has become so morally unprincipled, that we must take what we can get for leaders. RIP, America.

[In lieu of flowers, please send a campaign donation to HillPac.]

of course the rich white woman would prefer not to discuss her past record. She is as much at fault for the Iraq war as is Judith Miller. Suckers born every day, or else she was just image spinning to be the hard azz to be the macho military senator. While others do their job as did Kucinich and can fortell lies as a Congressman , doing their job should. Lo and Behold, I think Dennis Kucinich was the only member of Congress to actually read the Patriot Act before he voted. Thank god, some members of Congress do the job they were elected to do. Know what it is they are voting on.

[The rich white woman won't even let you see her college thesis.]

Why are Clinton and Edwards hacks making excuses for their candidates? Spin, spin, spin away.

[Maybe they want to pick up where Pitt left off and think they can become real political players in the campaign.]

Kucinich likes camera time and campaign contributions. He has presented zero evidence that there was an attempt to exclude him--or any of the current anointed 8 candidates.

[No evidence except what Hillary and Edwards SAID on the video.]

What makes him wrong now? A lack of evidence for his baseless smearing of other Dem candidates

[Didn't see the video! Didn't see the video! Nah! Nah! Nah!]

And the rich white woman, and the rich white guy, ignoring the upstart black man rather than including him in the conversation. It was collusion! Obama is a threat to Hillary, and Edwards cannot compete with Hillary while Obama is in the race, so the two of them have an interest in making a deal with the corporate media as to debate format and debate participants.

[They don't want to admit Obama to their exclusive white club.]

I am disappointed in Dennis K. he is spinning and exaggerating in an attempt to again attention. I had always thought I could trust him as a straight talker.

[Spinning and exaggerating in an attempt to gain attention? Dennis K. sounds like a typical Democrat to me.]

I see that Hillary's spin machine has the same knack for mendacity as Karl Rove's. Nice trick there accusing Dennis of "grandstanding," another play on the "attention whore" smear that was used against another antiwar progressive. Then we have Hillary herself saying that it was all Edwards' doing. Wow, just what we need in the White House, another President that will not take responsibility for his or her actions. Now, back to the issue at hand. Why in the hell were Hillary and Edwards talking about tailoring the debates to their campaigns' needs, at the voters expense?

[But WAIT, DUmmie IndianaGreen, it gets even BETTER than that. Here is the incredibly laughable EXCUSE from Donna Tremaine, spokesperson for Urban Women for Hillary: "Hillary has been taken totally out of context. What Hillary was referring to when she said, ‘We’ve got to cut the number,’ is the number of troops we have to cut in Iraq, not the number of people allowed to participate in upcoming debates for the Democratic nomination.” ...And before your laughter subsides, I shall bid adieu to this DUFU edition.]

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hillary And Edwards Caught Conspiring On Video

CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! In case you haven't seen it yet, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards have been CAUGHT conspiring on VIDEO as they plotted to backstab their fellow candidates by attempting to politically cleanse the Democrat debates of the lower tier candidates. The FUnniest part of this video is when right in the middle of their backstab plotting, Hillary paused to shake hands with Dennis Kucinich and, without missing a beat, returned to conspiring with the Pink Sapphire again. The DUmmies seem to be quite perplexed by this. Of course, most of them expect this type of deviousness from Hillary but now their hero, Edwards, has been exposed as being equally sleazy. Since this video capture was done by Fox News there is also a large case of denial on the part of the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Clinton, Edwards talk of limiting debate Kucinich Camp Outraged." So let us now peer carefully through the glass of my DUmmie Ant Farm and watch the residents stir themselves up uneasily in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, eagerly looking forward to the reactions of the Evil Elf and the Potted Plant to this conspiracy caught on video at the upcoming Gay Debate, is in the [brackets]:

Clinton, Edwards talk of limiting debate Kucinich Camp Outraged

[I saw the Kucinich outrage on Hardball tonight and it marked the first time I was actually cheering the Evil Elf.]

DETROIT (AP) - Democrats John Edwards and Hillary Rodham Clinton consider themselves among the top presidential candidates.

[They consider themselves better than the lower tier peons.]

They were caught by Fox News microphones discussing their desire to limit future joint appearances to exclude some lower rivals after a forum in Detroit Thursday.

[I love that term---"lower rivals."]

Edwards says, "We should try to have a more serious and a smaller group."

[The Pink Sapphire wants to exclude candidates with unfluffy hair.]

Clinton agrees, saying, "We've got to cut the number" and "they're not serious." She also says that she thought their campaigns had already tried to limit the debates and say, "We've gotta get back to it."

[And going to the Pink Sapphire Salon for cucumber cream facials is the mark of a serious candidate?]

Others taking part in the forum sponsored by the NAACP were Senators Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel.

[All, except for one, lower tiers candidate who do not belong in the exclusive Club Hillary. And now on to the DUmmie reaction to this backstabbing Democrat elitism...]

Hate to say it, but that's the point of a campaign. Limit the debate, frame the issues, and do anything you can to win.

[You left out the part about dumping all priciples.]

Just because Hillary and Edwards might be attempting to limit it, doesn't mean that the other candidates aren't allowed to find another way to get their message out.

[They could always hold up cardboard posters at freeway exits.]

I would like to hear from the Clinton and Edwards camps exactly which candidates they were talking about.

[The lowly lower tier candidates. They don't belong in the exclusive club.]

I don't need HR Clinton or Edwards or anyone else deciding who is a "lower level" candidate and who is serious or not. That is up to us, the voters, the decide.

[Wrong. It is up to Hillary and the Pink Sapphire to decide who gets into their exclusive club.]

I'm not crazy about Gravel being in these debates because he's a crackpot. But that's the price of an open society and a democratic system. So let him stay, I guess. But I can think of no other candidate who is not "serious." How dare these two deign to determine who is "serious" and who is not.

[The Crackpotted Plant.]

Gravel does nothing but growl.

[In a Gravel-ly voice.]

Perhaps all Edwards and Clinton were trying to do was arrange a discussion on how to have a serious, more focused debate.

[Without having to be in the presence of those insufferable lower tier peons.]

So I'm not going to get all excised because the front-runners want to start getting serious, if I were them, I'd like to see it pared down too.

[Pared down to just a pair.]

Somehow, I always think of the candidates with "bad" hair as being MORE serious.

[Why do you hate the Pink Sapphire?]

Since I lean towards Biden...

[Copycat Joe's ONLY supporter speaks up.]

Though Edwards may be something of a corporatist, too, at least he cares about the poor and working class, which the other candidates don't care about.

[Two Americas. One for the exclusive Upper Tier. And the other for the excluded Lower Tier.]

I finally looked at the video this morning. Edwards initiates the discussion of cutting out some candidates, going over to Clinton. She agrees and as they turn to leave, Clinton saying "our guys should talk," they both blow off Obama.

[I bet Edwards really enjoyed performing the latter.]

Kucinich has every right to be outraged. And all the others. Where do these two get away with trying to machinate the debates? Edwards gets the main boos here for bringing it up (more me time, please!); Clinton for agreeing and offering to sic her dogs on the issue.

[Good title for an article on this conspiracy: More Me Time, Please!]

They were caught by Fox News microphones ..." Don't that just say it all.

[Absolutely. Fox News cameras caught the sunrise yesterday but I just don't buy it. Never happened.]

Bad microphones, bad, bad microphones. They made them say those things. Talk about shooting the messenger.

[Attack of the Killer Microphones!!!]

it looks like some supporters of dennis are willing to believe
anything they hear.....so now faux news is credible....give me a frigging break....

[There was NO sunrise yesterday because Fox news cameras caught it on video.[

And haters of Fox don't believe their own eyes and ears. Did you see the video?

[I can't since my head is stuck in the ground.]

dang! The ABC cameras are lying too! Seems like the champion of the little guy started this "let's get rid of the little guy" thinghie too. How perfectly appropriate!

[The champion of the little guy had some unpaid little guy buy him a PlayStation 3 at Wal-Mart.]

I'm surprised at Edwards. So much for that "two Americas" stuff.

[It was just a bumper sticker slogan.]

Don't know which is worse, Edwards pretense of inclusivity or the blatant undemocratic behavior that is Clinton's habit.

[Six of one, half a dozen of the other.]

as trivial as it was, edwards lost me with the traveling stylist.. you can't portray yourself as the Johnny Cash of the political circuit, then turn around and spend that kind of jack on a haircut without losing some cred.

[Maybe Edwards was really whispering hair styling tips to Hillary in that video.]

Sorry, but that was the straw from Hillary that truly broke my back. She won't ever be getting a dime from me, and she won't get my vote. If she gets the nomination I'll just zip my lip until after the election.

[Put some ice on that zipped lip.]

If this is actually what was said, I need a strong apology from either of these to take them seriously again, and I was up till this moment a strong Edwards supporter.

[And now you have become an athletic supporter.]

Who will tell the truth to America if DK is kicked off the Democratic stage? Dennis Kucinich's Truth to Power voice is one of the few reasons I am still in the Democratic Party. Kicking DK off the stage IS kicking ME off the stage.

[Hillary has a "Kick Me" sign for you to wear.]

Between his campaign calling me DAILY asking for a $100 donation (AS IF ...) and this blatant attempt to squelch the voices of those who dare to take a strong stand that is not in line with the DLC plan--f*ck off, Edwards. I will be replying to one of his incessant e-mails with exactly what I think of him now. I wouldn't vote for Clinton under any circumstances, she is just one big continuation of corporate politics. Obama just doesn't do it for me, either--too "made," too middle of the road, and his health care plan sucks the huge one.
I hope all 3 of these bite the dust--soon. Clark and Gore, now!!!

[Edwards needs your hundred dollar contribution to help redecorate one of the 3 dozen bathrooms in his vast NC estate.]

edwards is just his usual hypocrite...

[Edwards is seeking his inner hypocrite.]