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KOmmies Accuse Hillary Of Backstabbing Edwards Over Debate Limit Scheme

Both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were caught redhanded on video scheming to rid the Democrat debates of the lowly lower tier candidates. Yet somehow the KOmmies have given the Pink Sapphire a pass on his disingenous reply that he only meant to break the debates down into smaller groups of participants chosen at random. FUnnie but we NEVER heard of this Edwards debate plan until after he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Meanwhile, Hillary is being targeted as the evil genius who is shifting the blame entirely on Edwards well-coiffed head as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD titled, "A Classic Clinton Moment." Yes, Hillary is the Devil Incarnate while the Pink Sapphire is just a naive saint taken in by her machinations. Or at least that is how the KOmmies are portraying it. So let us now watch the KOmmies place all the debate limitation scheme blame on Hillary in Boshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking forward to the reactions of the KOmmies to Hillary on the Chocolate Fountain line at their upcoming Yearly KOs KOnvention, is in the [brackets]:

A Classic Clinton Moment

[The latest in a LOOOOOONG line of Classic Clinton Moments.]

By now everyone has heard about the "our guys should talk." moment after the NAACP debate between Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

[Everyone who reads blogs. The MSM has mostly ignored that scheming moment.]

Up in New Hampshire yesterday, Clinton shifted responsibility for the "story" way on over to John Edwards. LOL! They way the Edwards and Clinton camps responded to the story speaks volumes.

[And the way the KOmmies are responding to this story also speaks volumes.]

I just gotta laugh, because it's vintage Clinton chutzpah.

[Conveniently overlooking the fact that it is also vintage Edwards chutzpah to pretend that he REALLY meant something else than what he actually said.]

LOL! UNBELIEVABLE! She is the one who jumps all over the opportunity to discuss the matter with Edwards. The story gets out because the mics are on, and Edwards fesses up square and true. What do the Clinton's do? Shift the blame on Edwards...LOL! If you let Clinton tell it, she wasn't even thinking of doing such a thing as cutting out the other candidates! Vintage Clinton if I ever saw it!

[LOL! UNBELIEVABLE! Edwards fessed up fair and true that what you heard him say on the video wasn't what he meant to say.]

One makes a well reasoned argument providing clarity. The other? Shifts the blame and avoids responsibility.

[A well reasoned argument that he meant something completely different that what he really said. And now for the rest of the KOmmie KOmments portraying a Saint John stabbed by Hillary the Satanist...]

Another Clinton ,bush or bush wannabe administration will be a disaster for the country.

[Don't forget to hand that free pass to the Pink Sapphire immersed in his tub of cucumber cream.]

All Hillary has to do is show up at the debates and the media will say that she won.

[All Hillary has to do is nod her head up and down and the media will say that she won.]

The debates as they are are doing the party no favors. We should be clobbering the GOP in the battle for hearts & minds right now. We are losing momentum.

[That's because the voters don't like what they see at the Democrat debates.]

How about the way she just knifed edwards... I'll be thats the last time Edwards approaches her about ANYTHING.

[St. John betrayed by Hillary Iscariot.]

Funny (or maybe not so much) to see Hillary blatantly lie about what happened on stage.

[FUnnie to see them BOTH blatantly lie about what happened on stage.]

In George Stephenopuolos' book, All to human, he talks about an incident during the 92 campaign caught on film back stage after a debate in which Bob Kerrey is caught telling Bill Clinton a nasty joke having to do with two lesbians, with Bill laughing his ass off in response to it. Stephenopuolos explained how they crafted the campaign's statement exactly in such a way "to knife Kerrey" and get themselves out of it.

[Was it a joke about Hillary and Donna Shalala?]

As Douglas Brinkley tells it, the Clintons knifed JOHN KERRY in the back numerous times throughout 2003 and 2004. Any wonder that the Democratic party infrastructure was such a huge disorganized mess for 200, 2002 and 2004 election cycles? The Clinton loyalists didn't WANT those elections secured.

[The Clinton's have your back.]

the fact is that Edwards DID approach her. And I don't find his explanation to be honest. I think it was CYA and not the least bit believable. Shame on them both and shame on you for being a hypocrite.

[Please STOP with telling the TRUTH!!! It's much too PAINFUL!!!]

Edwards did instigate the conversation not Hillary.
Sometimes I am taken aback by how much people will excuse Edwards. Talking to Hillary about cutting back and then shutting up when Obama approached just looked so sneaky to me. Then shaking hands with Kucinich, who I am sure is one of the "not serious" candidates they were talking about, is just phoney as hell imo.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Dennis KUcinich Kewpie doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Did Edwards lobby for smaller groups in '03/'04? didn't think so! too, too funny

[Hypocrisy is HILL-arious!]

Where he messed up was assuming Hillary would speak about it openly and honestly if word got out. Now that he's been knifed in the back, i'm sure he will approach her with a lot more caution. But you do have a point. I mean, we are talking about CLINTONS here. "I did not have sex with that woman." If they had no problem knifing Lewinsky, they certainly would have no problem doing it John Edwards.

[It takes a large knife nowadays to carve up Lewinsky.]

WITH HIS MIC ON?! And then she has deniability by saying, well, he approached ME, I was just responding to what he suggested. And then whatever history Edwards and Kucinich have that made DK lash out at Edwards--I don't even know what went down between the two of them. Edwards got played on this but he walked right into it.

[And somehow you want this naive moron to become president?]

The only thing that he walked into was a person that is not as honest and honorable as he is.

[St. John of Salon meets the Devil.]

he spoke first. Did she make him says what he did? He can't slither out of the actual words he used. He can try to spin it, but he said what he meant. The both screwed up. But he spoke first.

[The Pink Sapphire was the Screwer and Hill was the Screwee?]

Honest and honorable as him? You mean like trying to get a back room agreement going on and then turning and smiling and shaking hands with some of the others on the stage? Please, he just showed his true colors imo.

[Bolshevik Red.]

it's your game of Poor John Edwards getting picked on by someone--the corporate media, the hair stylist, Hillary Clinton, etc. You know perfectly well he did this very clumsily and you can't admit it. And yes, I think Elizabeth again is trying to spin this in a positive way for him, and she should lay off because he's starting to look very weak and not presidential in that he's always the victim of some sort of imagined slight or vendetta that he needs to be rescued from.

[You expect the Ambulance Chaser to tell the truth?]

How do I know the Edwards campaign is lying on this? The same way I know that a person I never heard of named Riham Azizeldin who emailed me this morning asking me to wire $3500 to Nigeria because she lost her passport and wallet there is a fraud.

[You are just $10 away from sending John Edwards a wire in Nigeria.]

Its Edwards thats lying by clarifiying his point, and Clinton is telling the truth by shifting blame.

[Oh great. Of the two top Democrats, one is a liar and the other is a buck passer.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least it's encouraging to see that some of those KrazyKosKids have enough mental clarity to see Edwards for what he really is.

Of course, their hopeful candidate is probably Saint Al because he hides a thesaurus under the podium and uses big words that he picks out of it at random like the world's most retarded fanfiction writer. (OTOH, if they're Kucinich supporters, that's not so bad)

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But you do have a point. I mean, we are talking about CLINTONS here."

The same Clintons who the KOmmies once described as the greatest President and First Lady (and the two are interchangeable) of all time. How the mighty have fallen.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DUmmies still hope that Fat Al decides to run, without thinking how much of a BOMB that would become.

2:06 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

Edwards doesn't have a chance. Hillary will kill him in the primaries. If the Kos Kids spend all their time and energy working up a good hatred for her, it may translate in their inability to vote for the Democratic candidate.

That can't be anything but good for us.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Agree with gunslinger.

Let Breck Girl continue.
Let Kossacks hammer Hillary.

It takes both camps down, and makes things look pretty bright for us evil neocons.

By the way, I think I read something about Hilldog participating in the yearly Kos Konvention this year. Will the leftards be so brave about their opposition to her when she is actually in front of them?

Be prepared for Hill's duplicitous nature to sway some of these idiots back into her fold.

11:12 AM  

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