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"Was Commuting Libby an Impeachable Offense?" ---Pitt

Go to the Wikipedia section titled JOURNALISTIC HOAXES and there, under the letter P, you will see the sole name of William Rivers Pitt in all its glory. Pitt earned this honor in Wikipedia because of his role in perpetuating the fraud that Karl Rove had been indicted on May 12, 2006. Since the 24 business hours has yet to pass, Pitt might still be proven right but it is not very likely. This is also the very same Pitt who was FIRED as Dennis Kucinich's press secretary in 2004 for sneaking secret campaign documents over to the Kerry people. So now the lurker of the Newton schoolyards is getting up on his moral high horse and is pondering Was Commuting Libby an Impeachable Offense? Quick answer, Will: no. Of course, this will not keep will from posting self-serving drunken rants in an attempt to ingratiate himself with his fellow DUmmies on this issue. So let us now watch Pied Piper Pitt and his fellow DUmmies continue to implode over the commutation of Libby's sentence while the commentary of your humble correspondent, waiting for Pitt's next missive on this topic once the Bukowski's Happy Hour is over, is in the [brackets]:

Was Commuting Libby an Impeachable Offense?

[No more so than perpetuating a journalistic hoax.]

Hovering above all this is one all-encompassing question: did George W. Bush commit a dead-bang impeachable offense by commuting Libby's sentence?

[Hovering around the Newton schoolyard is one all-encompassing question: what is the secret identity of TEMPORARY SOCKPUPPET?]

A wise man once said that the life of the law is procedure. There are processes to be undertaken, papers to be filed and forms to be obeyed. In this commutation, no procedures whatsoever appear to have been followed. The haste in which this action was undertaken smacks of fear, desperation, and of a cover-up in process.

[You mean like the procedure and process and all the papers and forms that were filed in the Marc Rich pardon on the very day that Clinton left office?]

Consider the factors.

[Consider the source.]

Libby's legal defense from the first day of his trial was that he was a fall guy taking the rap for others.

[Really? Did you filch his legal defense along with the Kucinich campaign documents?]

Fitzgerald pointedly stated that the details surrounding Libby's actions put a cloud of suspicion over Vice President Dick Cheney.

[Then Fitzfong should have indicted Cheney. Sorry, no do-overs.]

Combine these two details and you wind up with Libby standing as a patsy taking the rap for Cheney.

[More like taking the rap for Richard Armitage, the TRUE leaker of the Plame ID.]

Bush has the constitutional power to offer commutations, of course. But if this commutation was granted to Libby in order to derail a criminal investigation, if it was granted to cover up prior or ongoing criminal activities, that is itself a crime meriting the impeachment of George W. Bush.

[Derail a criminal investigation? Sober up, Will. The Fitzfong persecution was OVER.]

This, more than anything else, must be investigated.

[Could the investigation be extended to the environs of Newton, MA?]

Senator Leahy, Representative Waxman, Representative Conyers and any other Congressional chairmen must absolutely and actively work to get to the bottom of this. If doing so requires immunizing Libby to secure his testimony, so be it. Calling Patrick Fitzgerald to testify on these matters is likewise required; the idea that he can safely continue to refuse comment must be dismissed. Fitzgerald cannot make statements about clouds over Cheney, in light of this new situation, and still be allowed to stand in silence. The lawyers assembling Joe Wilson's civil suit should subpoena Libby into a deposition room and grill him, whether or not he stands on his 5th Amendment rights.

[LOL! Immunizing Libby from WHAT? Serving a commuted prison sentence? Better lay off the sauce, Will.]

This isn't over by a long chalk, unless our representatives and law-enforcement officials choose the safe path - public statements, toothless accusations, substanceless denunciations - in lieu of true and effective action. The rule of law itself is on the hook here. This cannot be allowed to stand.

[And Piper Piper Pitt cannot be allowed to stand in his current inebriated state. And now on to the followers of the Pied Piper...]

That wasn't an impeachable offense with the evidence they have. However, there are enough impeachable offenses floating around to pick and choose that this INSULT to the American people SHOULD be the reason to go ahead and impeach.

[Deep troll the ocean bottom. There HAS to be an impeachable offense down there somewhere.]

Does Gore favor impeachment?

[We must look to our Global Warming Leader for answers.]

It is looking more and more like Bush is covering up his own involvement the leaks so yes this is impeachable

[Even though the constitution says different.]

The unusual thing about this commutation is that the "president" who granted it is doubtless part of the conspiracy that resulted in treason, almost certainly committed directly by Cheney and very likely committed directly by Dubya himself.

[As if the president, with all his problems, really gives a rat's damn about a small fry employee of the CIA. BTW, this whole Valerie Plame thing probably didn't take more than a few minutes of Libby's time originally since he had a TON of more important matters to attend to. Asking Libby about Plame would be like interrogating me on what I purchased at the supermarket on July 12, 2003 and then indicting me because I was giving "evasive" answers because I couldn't recall.]

I hope you are okay with people sending this to their elected representatives. I think you are right on target.

[And don't forget to tell them that the author of this piece is listed under the letter "P" in the Journalistic Hoaxes section of Wikipedia.]

Ready and waiting. Many thanks.

[Blushed the Pied Piper in response.]

If it turns out commuting the prison sentence was a way to silence Libby that looks like obstruction of justice.

[Just make it up as you go along.]

Commutation removed Fitzgerald's ability to "flip" Libby...
...30 months of incarceration can really do wonders to improve one's "memory".

[Notice that Fitzfong never even tried to "flip" Richard Armitage.]

That's tough; the various powers of clemency are absolute. Pardon and commutation are meant to be unreviewable and are an essential check on the judiciary by the executive (that is why punishment is not actually carried out by the judiciary).


The crime that the commutation covered up is, without question, an impeachable...offense. And it's HIGH, HIGH time that that offense or series of offenses be investigated.

[Methinks you're HIGH, HIGH.]

I think you may have something there... in any event an impeachable offense will surely turn up before long, so carry on with the constitutional crisis mode.

[Someday, somewhere, somehow, our fishing expedition might turn up something...maybe.]

Why don't we just wait until Rove's indictment becomes public? According to truthout it should be released in just a few business hours, right?

[LOL! A DUmmie (or LOUSY FREEPER TROLL) with a sense of humor!]

I say grant Libby immunity. No 5th Amdt rights that way. Then grill the crap out of him in front of a Grand Jury. Let him perjure himself again in defense of Bush & Cheney if he wants to. I should think that would be a very dangerous game, especially if there's a good chance Bush would be out of office one way or another by the time Libby gets re-convicted. No commutation, no pardon this time, Scootie.

[Sorry but Scooter won't be falling for a Fitzfong style perjury trap a second time.]

this is well within the powers of the President



Blogger Jason said...

Now the real question is that when the Democrats find out that they have no Constitutional basis on which they can attack President Bush on this commutation, how drunk will Pitt get?

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They know it, Jason.

It's just a reality they refuse to confront.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

The president just said "nu-cue-ler" again!!! Is this an impeachable offense?!?

Without the intent to insult the mentally handicapped, DUmmies truly are retarded.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous ray said...

"I say grant Libby immunity. No 5th Amdt rights that way.

I hate to rain on your party, DUmmie, but immunity means that Libby wouldn't be charged with a crime so it's a little to late for that. Also, immunity is offer by prosecutors in exchange for testimony and are not granted by the President like a pardon or commucation of sentence. Judges have the authority to negate immunity agreements but DO NOT have the power to negate a pardon or commucation. And no one EVER loses their 5th amendment (or any other) rights through an offer of immunity as they are CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and are non-negotiable.

11:38 AM  

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