Tuesday, July 10, 2007

DUmmies Hail RFK, Jr As One Of Their Own

Check out this VIDEO of a crazed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ranting away against Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck at the Live Earth concert, accusing them of being "Lying Flat Earthers." This accusation comes from a supreme HYPOCRITE whose most notable achievement in life thus far has been being busted for heroin possession during an air flight. Of course, RFK, Jr is happy to stand up for all sorts of extreme environmental measures EXCEPT in his own backyard of Cape Cod where is is vigorously OPPOSED to the construction of wind farms offshore from the Kennedy compound (mansion). However, the extreme hypocritical looniness of RFK, Jr., who leaves a HUGE carbon footprint on the planet every time he flies off in his private jet to another of the environmental events, is highly appreciated in DUmmieland. In fact, the DUmmies are now correctly hailing RFK, Jr. as one of their own as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Live Earth: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., speaks." So let us now watch the induction of RFK, Jr. as a real DUmmie in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, assuring everybody that he has never indulged in anything stronger than rum on the rocks during an air flight, is in the [brackets]:

Live Earth: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., speaks.

[Live Earth: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., rants.]

Thank you!!! This is what I was waiting for. And every word he spoke was worth the wait.

[Thank you!!! This is what I was waiting for. A celeb as LOONEY as we are. It was worth the wait.]

Thanks! I love to hear Bobby speak!

[I love to hear Bobby hypocrisy.]

Yes as brilliant as the stars....still mesmerized...
and suddenly along comes the best of all worlds swirling out of the void like a shower of blinding diamonds....got to get a draft Kennedy movement going. Right now this man is Americas' greatest star and one to pin our hopes on. ONE OF THE MOST BRILLIANT SPEECHES I HAVE EVER HEARD. "WILL SEE YOU ON THE BARRICADES" big choke up here.


I love him! He speaks the truth. TREASON! I love it! It's time we start treating the politicians up in Washington that deny global warming as TRAITORS!

[FREE SPEECH! I hate it! It's time we start arresting those who exercise it.]

We should take down our "IMPEACH" signs and put up TREASON!! Gore/Kennedy 2008

[Gore could hide Kennedy's heroin stash inside his prothetic crotch enhancer.]

These guys are simple criminals and have been since the 2000 election. They have compounded it by the Iraq war - now they should face the death penalty.

[And don't forget the death penalty for the Global Warming Deniers.]

I would so support this man for president of this floundering nation. He so speaks so much truth to power.

[Congrats on posting the first "speak truth to power" cliché on this thread.]

RFK Jr is Presidential. Maybe we could have our own "shadow government". Gore, RFK Jr., Kucinich, Ron Paul, fun to play with anyway. One can dream...

[...in the DUmmie Zone on the other side of the Dimensional Door.]

It's so refreshing to hear a principled person who truly understands the bigger picture of the environmental cause.

[A principled person who preaches conservation while leaving a huge carbon footprint by flying around the world on a private jet. I guess since his embarrassing experience flying commercial, RFK, Jr. prefers the privacy of a Gulfstream.]

Mafia on Steriods.

[Kennedy on Herion.]

He really pulled no punches! This is the first time in a long time where I knew that the public figure speaking, was speaking his own mind, no filters applied. Gripping. And very important. I especially like that he called out the lying scientists whose opinions are bought and paid for.

[You don't listen to RFK, Jr. on Err America? You know the expression, "He has a face made for radio?" In the case of RFK, Jr. he has the face, but not the voice, made for radio. WORST voice ever. PAINFUL to listen to.]

I never get chills when I hear someone speak...this clip is an exception

[A voice as pleasant as fingernails scratching a blackboard.]

Bobby has a problem with public speaking, as he had some severe asthma years back, and it affected his speaking voice.

[A small tip of the DUmmie hat towards reality. Oh, and a heroin overdose sure doesn't help the vocal chords.]

We must have incurred some heavy karma debt somewhere along the way. I feel like the poor kid whopasses in front of the window of a pastry shop, sees his favorite cake, and doesn't have a cent in his pocket.

[If it makes you feel better, I'll give you a karmatic kickback the next time you pass by my pastry shop window.]

Speaking truth to power, and I was there... With tears in my eyes, because my son was watching and listening to him just like I watched his father as a small child.

[Congrats on winning the Silver Medal for coming in second in the "speak truth to power" cliché category on this thread.]

Imagine the magic of having a Kennedy in the WH especially this one who is not only hansom and charismatic but brilliant and right on the important issues. I could go for this man in a heartbeat should he announce...most of the rest are lightweights compared to this smart very savvy man.

[You forgot to praise his mellifluous voice.]

I will see ALL OF YOU on the Barricades!


I DO NOT ACCEPT the current crop of politicians' egregiously inaccurate assessment of the citizens of this great nation. They seriously underestimate their constituency. We THE PEOPLE are NOT lazy. We THE PEOPLE are NOT disinterested. We THE PEOPLE are NOT hedonistic beyond redemption.

I have no difficulty accepting that this revolution will test us. We are fighting for our nation, for our brethren worldwide, AND for our planet. Our numbers are far greater than this criminal cabal infesting and dismantling our government.

Furthermore, their lapdog media sycophants had better stop portraying us as a bunch of hedonistic vidiot types who are too comfortable to get out of our living rooms. While those lapdogs have had their heads buried in the sphincters of their masters, they've missed all the demonstrations, all the town hall meetings, all the freeway blogging, and ALL the revolutionary spirit fomenting in the face of these corrupt Corporate Megalomaniacs.

We The People will prevail. We ALWAYS have.

[Prediction: You will trip over your pile of empty pizza boxes before you even make it to the doorway of Mommy's basement.]

BRAVO!! Another Kennedy Speaks Truth to Power!!!

[BRAVO on winning the Bronze Medal in the "speak truth to power" cliché event.]

I just can't listen to him. I know he has a disease of some sort and that's why his voice is like that, but it's impossible for me to listen to, no matter what good points he makes.

[Perhaps you can develop a tolerance for the RFK, Jr. voice by listening to recordings of fingernails scratching blackboards.]


Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

What is it about these pansies that they always have "tears in their eyes" when they find some other bat-shit crazy douchebag with similar beliefs?

I think it has something to do with missing a chromosome. Now that's "truth to power".

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It makes them giddy that there's someone in the public arena that "gets their message out", Son of the Godfather.

Unfortunately for them, (and fortunately for the nation) most people either recoil in disgust/horror or fall off their chairs laughing at their frothing-at-the-mouth insanity. (We all of course fall into that latter camp)

Saint Al and Kennedy Jr. may be well-loved by the DUmmies for the sole point of regurgitating DU nuttiness, but they're completely un-electable. And most mainstream Democrats know it.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


And We the Normal People will continue to live out the American Dream unencumbered with your liberal dementia.

BTW, what ever happened to all the other "revolutions" that I have heard about since I was a child on the 60's?

For Example:

Q. What every happened to the Hippie (cultural) revolution?

A. The majority of those hippies found real jobs and turn into corporate whore type yuppies who live in condos and drive 8 MPG SUVs.

Face it DUmmies, this "revolution" of yours will suffer the same fate as all the rest of your faux revolutions. To Wit, the Americans will look at your futile attempt to claim that another "revolution" has begun, have a good laugh, and go back to their lives unconcerned with the latest "Cause De Jour" that the Looney Left come up with next week.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Cindy is going to take out the traitor Pelosi in the next race! I would support Sheehan in anything that she does. I would not give Pelosi a squirt of piss in the desert to save her life. She is a traitor. And I believe along with around 99% of Americans now that 9-11 was an inside job! Chimpy admitted, per the reports that it would take an act such as another Pearl Harbor to make Americans support a war, given to the unelected fascist Bush Regime in 2000. She lost her son in a war started to steal oil that now that we have it costs us more in fule prices. She is a true American Hero! as is her son, who died fightning a war suponsered by the Bush to meet the Illuminati's obsession of global dominance. And now that the American public has defeated Bush's try to pass the NAU and the SPP per this Schamnesty crap he is silent. But Sheehan's pain is still real. She lost a son in a fake war that Bush started for his and the Illuminati's own personal gain. Impeach him now! Take him to The Hague as he is worse than Hitler.


3:49 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Meds. Meds, heavy, heavy meds, true patriot. Your only chance.

It's hard to believe that anyone could be more out of touch with facts and reality.

If this is what's powering the Revolution, it won't even be able to find the door to get out of Mom's basement.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no difficulty accepting that this revolution will test us. We are fighting for our nation, for our brethren worldwide, AND for our planet. Our numbers are far greater than this criminal cabal infesting and dismantling our government.

Bring it on bitch. Let's just get it over with, and see how you react to that metallic smell and taste of blood in your nostrils and mouth.

Furthermore, their lapdog media sycophants had better stop portraying us as a bunch of hedonistic vidiot types who are too comfortable to get out of our living rooms.

Living rooms? Hell, you'd be dangerous if you ever got outta Mommy's basement.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" true patriot said...


Never let it be said that TP doesn't have faith. Too bad that faith is wasted on a lunatic whose only claim for fame comes from exploiting the memory of her dead son. If it wasn't for Casey, Crazy Cindy would still be living in obscurity.

For shame Cindy. You're using the memory of your dead son simply to call attention to yourself. But that's all I expect from a liberal as all liberals exploit others for their own benefit.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...




5:25 PM  

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