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DUmmies not too keen on Ann Romney's speech

By all accounts, Ann Romney gave a terrific speech last night. Well, maybe not by ALL accounts. It did not go over too well in DUmmieland. While Ann was speaking about love, the feeling was not exactly mutual. Witness this THREAD by DUmmie Aviation Pro, the elegantly titled "F*** Off...." Of course, the original has the letters instead of the asterisks. In fact, you may want to track the number of asterisks in this DUFU. It may set a record.

So let us monitor the DUmmie F*** Off Focus Group, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if Butch Maddow and MSDNC will continue their racist policy of not showing minority Republican speakers, is in the [brackets]:

F*** Off....

[DUmmie Aviation Pro, to whom are you addressing this request? Please tell us.]

...Horsey WifeTM

["Horsey Wife"--now who could that be? Sarah Jessica Parker? No, I know! You are referring to Ann Romney, who happens to own a horse! Oh, that's so clever!]

you have a fake f***ing marriage that is unknown to 99.999998% of the married couples who struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet and to raise their children under circumstances that literally tear them down and often tear them apart.

[Apparently Ann is part of the 0.000002% who have never had any struggles. I guess helping your husband as he works his way up, raising a bunch of kids, getting MS and breast cancer--those don't count as real struggles to DUmmie Aviation Pro.]

You are a f***ing byproduct of being in the right place at the right f***ing time to latch on to 'catch' like Lurch the F***ing StiffTM and nothing more as the unrelatable, 'kept' wifey that you are.

[Not only is Ann Romney "Horsey Wife," she is also "Kept Wifey." How about "Corporation Wife"? You want to throw that in there too, like Juan Williams did? Now remind me: Which party is it that has the War on Women?]

As for the Sons of CowardiceTM screaming on a rainy night, try finding an emergency room at three-o-f***ing-clock in the f***ing morning because your son is running a fever of 105° and you're scared to f***ing death that he might go into shock on the 30 mile drive to the hospital as you try and calm his hysterical sister at the same time.

[I think we are now up to eight (8) "F" words in these first couple sentences.]


[I take it you didn't like the speech.]

After the President buries your f***ing Stiff I suggest you roll up your f***ing extended brood and sail off to whatever island rock you choose to buy where you can live out your f***ing life eating f***ing cake.

[This from a guy who undoubtedly supported Thurston Kerry III and Lovey in 2004.]

Go f*** yourself, you f***ing asshat. Oh, wait, you did last night.

[Sixteen "F" words and one "Sh*t" in six sentences. You get the gold medal in the F***athlon, Aviation Pro. You should be proud of yourself. Now let's hear from your colleagues . . .]

A worthy rant!

[We are not worthy!]

Hear Hear!!

[Hear the "F" words!]


[Unlike Ann Romney, Aviation Pro is getting rave reviews!]

F***in' A!

[Listen, DUmmie Lint Head, you CANNOT keep up with Aviation Pro in the profanity department! He is a Profanation Pro!]

I think you have been unforgivably polite.

[Needs more "F" words!]

BraVO!!! There should be a "standing ovation" emoticon.

[The plaudits keep pouring in!]

An outstanding DU moment!

[It was DUmmie Discourse at its finest! (DUmmie Diss-curse?)]

This is a deservedly, proper reaction to the shite in the big fat MF, goprick, club for LIARS.

[DUmmie Cha approves this message.]

REALLY? THIS thread is a great DU moment and worthy of being recommended?

[DUmmie renie408, you sound like you have some doubts. Do go on . . .]

Cause, personally, it looks to me like something a sixth grader would write.

[Oh, please, you give Aviation Pro too much credit! Maybe a sixth-grader with Tourette's Syndrome, I suppose, but. . . .]

Maybe I am just not cool enough or something, but the ability to say the word F*** repeatedly with zero actual content doesn't exactly highlight our superiority over our opponents. . . . THIS crap is just fine? Yeah, I know this makes me proud to be a member here.

[DUmmie renie408, I hereby award you today's Kewpie Doll for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity™. Congratulations! And prepare for tombstoning.]

I'm with you. This rant will probably be all over FR as an example of "hate speech from the Left."

[DUmmie oldhippie, I perceive that you are a prophet.]

And who really cares what those f***ing @sswipes think? Not me.

[We gather that, Bloviation Pro.]

You seem angry.

[Democratic Understatement.]

there's something about Ann's face that repulses me.

[She's a Repulsican.]

She is pathetic and cruel.

[Irony Alert!]

F*** off.

[DUmmie TheDonkey joins in the FUn and gives Ann what for!]

Love it.

[Love the hate! Love the War on Republican Women! Just love it!!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its starting to dawn on lefties everywhere that they are in for an electoral defeat of humiliating proportions.

The meltdowns will be epic! More popcorn, please!

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you have nothing to say, say it with F-bombs. It's only going to get worse as the election nears and the DUmmies become more desperate.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way too many TradeMark symbols used in one post. Bo way this Dummie actually trademarked all the words he/she/it claims. Just sayin'.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs Romney's speech must have scared the pants off of them. That's the only reason I can see for this invective.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

"Sixteen "F" words and one "Sh*t" in six sentences. You get the gold medal in the F***athlon, Aviation Pro." - Charles Hendrickson

I bet Aviation Pro is, in fact, Troglafuck.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

I am so looking forward to watching the Moonbats' heads explode after their god, The Obamassiah, is voted out and I hope that along with his humiliating defeat, his minions in Congress are mostly run out of town as well.

I also want to see if Troglaman power-slams his head so far up his ass he can hope.

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My, my, DUmbasses. The problem isn't Ann and Mitt Romney. The problem is your low self-esteem. You are angry with the Romneys because you have no ambition or drive, and will thus always be a loser, envious of your betters and covetous of their wealth.
In case you haven't heard, Ann and Mitt started out the same way you stayed: living in a basement apartment, working and worrying how to make ends meet. The difference between you and them is they worked. Yes, Ann kept the house and the kids, and made life a bit easier for Mitt to work and make a living. Mitt had ambition and worked hard (I know: a foreign concept to you DUmbasses) and succeeded - something you DUmbasses will never do.
If you want to be angry, be angry with yourselves for being slothful, greedy, corrupt pimples on the ass of the body politic... in other words, for being DUmbasses.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Aviation Pro didn't rant, he wrote a babbling, icoherent, barbaric Chris Matthews on acid.

And the little DUmmie shits loved it because they're terrified; they're coming to the realization that all their politcal fantasies are collapsing. Pussies.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

krazy kat said...

"And the little DUmmie shits loved it because they're terrified; they're coming to the realization that all their politcal fantasies are collapsing. Pussies."

Those idiots are just like Troglaman the Guttersnipe...raving like lunatics spewing hate to cover up the fact they are scared shitless by reality which they absolutely refuse to deal with. Morally gutless and morally bankrupt the lot of them.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

If they blew a gasket watching Ann Romneys' speech last night, I can't fathom how they reacted to Paul Ryans' little EMP. They probably didn't know half the words he said. So they resorted to rip on Ann.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just sad!

She is a beautiful woman who has had to deal with two huge blows to her life . . . cancer and MS. And she still has a beautiful smile on her gorgeous face.

So, I guess they think that she should look and act like Michele. Thankfully she doesn't.

1:19 AM  

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