Thursday, October 28, 2010

"F" bombs away! Tsunami Tuesday gets to the DUmmies!

As we come closer and closer to Tsunami Tuesday, over in DUmmieland the tension is so thick you could cut it with a paper ballot. Naturally, some are buckling under the pressure of the impending doom. So, how are many of the DUmmies coping? By letting fly with CLASSIC, incoherent, foul-mouthed rants at Rethuglicans who aren't there! Witness this THREAD, artfully titled by DUmmie DainBramaged, "F***ING REPUBLICANS YOU ALL SUCK."

It's DUmmie discourse at its finest! So let us gather around the fire at Kamp Kumbaya, where the love speech is in Kampf Fury Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, ready to give his asterisk key a good workout, is in the [brackets]:



Impeach Christie, f*** Bohner and the rest, jail McConnell. They all suck, criminals and traitors to America. F*** 'em all.

[Feel the love! Thank you, DUmmie DainBramaged, for that thoughtful post. Now let's go around the campfire and hear from the others . . .]

What you said.

[No, do it right. It's "WHAT YOU F***ING SAID!"]

Yes...the Republicans have devolved into a cesspool of blithering,hateful idiots.

[Feel the irony!]

Yup! You can throw in gun fundies and tea baggers too!

[Throw in ANYONE who wants the government to follow the Constitution!]

My sentiments exactly. And, by the way, the next time they tell us that they are The Party of Family Values, tell them to F*** OFF!!

[Yeah, it's us DEMOCRATS that are The Party of F***ing Family Values! . . . Alright, the Manson Family, but still, it's a family. . . .]

Their voters put up with all kinds of corruption, lies, adultery, sleeping with prostitutes, bearing false witness, stealing, and promoting hatred, division and violence.

[Look up "projection" in your dictionary, and you will find this post.]

F*** 'em and if you're lurking f*** you too stupid traitors. The only first you f***s know is in your pocket.

[Huh, wha-aa??]

Let's not stoop to their level with the name-calling. . . .

[HEY, F*** YOU, YOU STUPID F***! I'll stoop if I want to! In fact, I'm STUCK on stooping!]

Bullsh*t, go lecture someone else. We're here because you nannies won't fight always lecturing us with your crap. Go lecture a Puke.

[Let your lecture go! It's "F" bombs away!]

If you don't like to see name-calling you're at the wrong bus stop!

[Get under the bus!]

This solves nothing and polarizes the debate.

[Who cares?! Tsunami Tuesday is coming, and WE CAN'T F***ING DEAL WITH IT!!!!!]

I don't get the idea of refurbishing the Statue of Liberty, while wanting to build THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA around your entire country. Are you keeping people out, or keeping Americans in?

[Believe me, DUmmie AsahinaKimi, if you want to emigrate to Canada, none of us is going to stop you! And after next Tuesday, I expect to see a LOT of "I'm leaving the country" posts!]

Maybe this is why I am a Democrat.

[Maybe this is why you are going to lose, big-time, on Tsunami Tuesday.]

I have no doubt that the independent (swing) voters are voting Republican this year out of frustration over Obama's inability to speed up the economic recovery.

[O ye of little faith! Don't you BELIEEEEEEEEEVE they'll vote Democratic? Don't you BELIEEEEEEEEEVE the President's Summer of Recovery FIXED the economy? Where is your FAITH??]

Would you agree that they are hateful people? How are you reducing hate in the world by hating them right back? When will the cycle of hatred ever end. . . ?

[STFU! I HATE those who say we shouldn't hate the haters!!]

They interpret our attempts at comity as weakness. . . .

[We interpret your attempts at wiseness as comedy.]

All singing kumbaya with these goons will get us is a boot on our neck.

[Stomp another neck, stomp a neck next to ya . . .]

I have the right to f***ing call out the Pukes whenever I want here.

[Let's see, calling out Republicans on a site called Democratic Underground. . . . I'm trying to measure the effectiveness of this strategy. . . . Alright, carry the 1. . . . OK, that comes to a MINUS 57 on the Scale of Sensibility! Congratulations, DainBramaged, that's a new record!]

You sound miffed, DainBramage...Is it because you are afraid of losing to Republicans again or because you are pissed that Americans seem to be rejecting your world view? Is it a "team sport" loss anger or an anger that your vision is being shoveled into the dust bin of failed ideas...again? Where is your rage rooted?

[Fee, Fi, Fo, FUm! I smell the blood of a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

How open and tolerant of you. Clearly tolerance is subjective to you, eh?

[Well, "DUmmie" Organic Warrior, with your 28 posts . . . PREPARE FOR TOMBSTONING!]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Your thin disguise is laughable. . . . And you're gone f***! Garden that teabagger f***. F*** YOU.

[DUmmie DainBramaged TRIUMPHS over the tombstoned teabagger! Enjoy it now, DainBramaged! Tsunami Tuesday is coming!]

Ooooooh, I LOVE it when one of us touches a nerve with the drool cup crowd! So much so that they MUST register and post due to their unmanageable rage...that the truth is against them and all they have are little, hollow lies and tears...lots of tears! Good job DB! You made one mess his/her pants and now they can only read our laughter at their tiny failure at launch!

[Yep, that must leave only, what, about 497 LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS still lurking and posting?]

You might want to make the next cup decaf

[Decaf TEA, which you'll be drinking--nay, drowning in--next Tuesday!]

I'm agnostic, but hope they all FRY IN HELL!!!

[I DON'T BELIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!!!!! But if I did, I'd like that damning to hell bit.]


[Where? I must have missed it!]


Anonymous Shambhala said...

Damn! Youre going to have a field day next week. I doubt you'll have enough time for all the suicide threads.

We can also count on TMan to provide the ping-pong ball to bat around.

He used to be fun.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if all the DUmbasses that threaten suicide next Wednesday actually did commit suicide, it would not change the number voting DUmocrat in the least. Necro-Americans are one of the largest Dumocrat voting blocs, if not the largest. After all, there are more dead people in America than there are illegal aliens, blacks and felons.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DUmmies seem to think the best way to win hearts, minds, and votes is with a big FU. Surprise! It doesn't work.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

The election is still five days away and the DUmmies are already freaking out. It'll only get worse
(or better, depending on your viewpoint)as November 2nd nears.

There's going to be some classic DUmmie moments in the coming days.


3:33 PM  
Blogger Paul Heinzman said...

Out of the park, Charles!

I will confess, though, I have a crush on AsahinaKimi. She's cute. That's rare on Skin's Island.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Wow. I imagine in the coming days Charles' asterisk/8 key will become much more worn out than the rest. I wonder if any of these sharts have learned that scientists have discovered there's a "Lib" gene (as if we need DNA testing to discover someone's a lib). And that the next Congress wants to send all libs to Mars on a one-way trip.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

I just will NEVER understand the 'mindset' of these people. Amazing, simply amazing.

And yet, it's the Tea Party folks who are off the deep end...

Corona, we should only BE so lucky. :D

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to all the Dummies who promise they are going to leave our country.

Unfortunately, they won't.

Tip to any lurking Dummies: Try Lower Slobovia.

10:28 PM  
Blogger بازار الكويت said...

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