Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bizarre Foods: Is Andrew Zimmern Being Scammed by Locals?

This DUFU edition is a break from our normal format because I think I might have made an astonishing discovery. Let me start off by saying that as a lover of exotic foods myself, "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" is one of my favorite shows on the tube. However, Andrew goes to culinary places that I wouldn't even consider in my wildest imagination. An example is this VIDEO where Zimmern drinks cow piss. I was curious as to the YouTube reaction to his cow piss drinking and found one of the most HILARIOUS comments I have ever read:


After I got done ROTFLMAO, I got to wondering if Andrew Zimmern really was scammed into drinking that piss in Goa. Well, it turns out that cow piss is consumed there but on a very limited scale and only for medicinal purposes. However, I also remember the Bizarre Foods show in Uganda where Zimmern ate some really horrendous stuff. This VIDEO shows only a small sampling of the truly horrid crap that Zimmern consumed in Uganda. Stuff like coagulated animal guts that still had the feces in them and giant sugar cane rat. A HUGE ugly rat that was just hanging with dripping blood in a restaurant kitchen without even the benefit of refrigeration. The comments, especially from the folks identifying themselves as Ugandan, below this video make me think that Zimmern did get scammed, at least in Uganda.

they dont even try to cook it good and make it all juicy.. they just burn the f*cking thing.. i bet u i could prepare a better squirell

this is only in the village i lived in Uganda
and we didn't eat shit like that stupid man

I mean even Ugandans watching these are equally amazed and entertained. I watched the entire show and my eyes watered in laughter and amazement. I'm Ugandan.

omg im ugandan n ive never eaten squirel grotesque

it would suck if the locals were just screwing with him
"local food eh? um uh"
*spots grasshopper, and a squirrel*
"o! u wanna try our speciality dishes? do I want some? no no no all for you my american friend ^_^"

i but they r just f*ckin wit this guy shit yes we eat it alot go try..yum yum..u want guest of honor??
here eat this dog shit

So do you think Andrew Zimmern is being scammed by the locals playing a giant practical joke on him. Before you answer that, you really do need to watch that entire Ugandan episode including the parts where the locals are laughing at him. However, although Zimmern might have been scammed I have to give him credit for being about the bravest guy on the planet. Would you eat rotting road kill covered with flies? I doubt it but that is basically what Zimmern did in Morocco when he ate some truly disgusting "Mystery Meat" as you can see in this VIDEO. And check out the comments about the "Mystery Meat."

I have had that shit and thats what it is...shit. It is foul and disgusting.

Look at the face Andrew makes when he takes his first bite of his "mini breakfast burrito". This is priceless. He is so freakin funny. The putrid and foul stench that accomanies the rotten spoiled meat. scaring the pans off him and attracting the flies.

That mystery meat is actually a combination of dead animals, found off the land. The sun gets very hot so it dries the corpses of animals that die and when the people there take the meat they usually carve up the inner parts that have not dried up and then they dry it themselves and mix it with eggs and spices to spice out that rotting taste. Basically hes eating shit out of the can.

Um, yeah. Somehow I think I'll take a pass on ever eating that Moroccan Mystery Meat.

KOmmies Speculate About Air Force One Manhattan Flyover

The Air Force One flyover story is not over, much as the Obama administration would love to shut it down. According to the official version put out by the White House, one Louis Caldera picked up the phone and set the whole thing in motion for the purpose of a highly expensive photo-op of Air Force One with Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty in the background. Meanwhile nobody else in the White House knew a thing about it. And if you believe that, I have a Brooklyn Bridge in the photo-op background that I want to sell you. Much as the MSM want to believe the ABSURD official version of the story, the Blogosphere and talk radio are raising a lot of skeptical questions about this fairy tale which was covered in this absolutely brilliant NEWSBUSTERS story. And speaking of the Blogosphere, what is the attitude about this story in KOmmieland? Well, a handful are skeptical and most just want to blindly accept the ridiculous official story as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD, "USAF Flew Presidential Plane Low Over NYC--What Were They Thinking?" So let us now watch the KOmmies board Air Force One for a joy ride in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Harrison Ford was on board, is in the [barackets]:

USAF Flew Presidential Plane Low Over NYC--What Were They Thinking?

[That it would make for either an expensive photo-op or a great joyride. I suspect the latter despite the official fairy tale.]

According to the AP, the flight was "part of a government photo opportunity and training mission." The AP further reported,

[AP was reciting the White House fairy tale.]

Of course, the wingnuts are out in force on the WSJ message board and elsewhere, but setting those folks aside (as I gladly do), it still seems just dumb to do something like this, and I would hope that Air Force quickly and effectively offers apologies to the folks in Manhattan and the New Jersey side of the river for this stunt.

[Damn those wingnuts for not blindly swallowing the official fairy tale. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmies...]

Manufactured distraction.

[To distract away from the worse than expected first quarter economic report?]

The FAA has invited President Obama to Ford's Theatre for a special showing of David Mamet's new play, "Look Behind You, Mr. President."

[Is that you, Chuck Schumer? Chuck is laughably placing the blame for this on the FAA.]

This was authorized by the White House Military

[It's Louis Caldera's fault. He picked up the phone and set the whole fiasco in motion all on his own without letting anyone else in the White House know about this. Please believe this official fairy tale!]

Gotta say, this sounds like an Air Force idea that wasn't run up the political flagpole. Demotions will be forthcoming.

[Yeah, let's blame it all on the Air Force. They run Air Force One completely independently of the White House. Blame THEM...and Louis Caldera.]

White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera issued a brief statement saying he was too blame.

[Case closed! Return your brains to their normal state of hibernation.]

Somebody needs to be sacked and pilloried in the public square for this dunderhead maneuver.

[It must be Louis Caldera! He and only he ordered the flyover without a single other soul in the White House knowing the tiniest little bit about it. Blame Louis. Or did he lie for our sins?]

Those morons in the FAA and law enforcement should have said something. Since the USAF had clearance to do this, I think you should rename your diary.
They were not in the wrong.

[Blame everyone except He who lives in the Oval Office.]

However, clearly, the USAF is throwing "New York law enforcement" under the bus by saying they had informed them. Those conversations need to be part of the public record. What did the AF tell NY "law enforcement" and what was the mutual understanding about how this would be communicated to the public? Was NY accorded a say as to whether or how this stunt went down?

[You've just started out on your long path to discovery, Grasshopper. Next you have to ask who REALLY authorized this expensive photo-op or was it a joy ride? I suspect the latter. If so, then ask WHO was aboard the Air Force One for the Lower Manhattan joy ride.]

Sometimes a photo op is just a photo op

[Except when it's REALLY a joy ride.]

If Bush had done this? Half this site would be up in arms calling it "psy-ops."

[And a call for a Congressional investigation, Mr. Kewpie Doll winner.]

this IS psy ops, just not for Obama's sake. Bush may be gone, but there are plenty of his fellow travelers buried deep in the Pentagon.

[Oh, now it's clear who is to blame. BUSH'S FAULT!!!]

If this turns out to be...some sort of saboteur, I'd be surprised. I'm sure the answer is much more benign. Again, this seems most easily attributed to stupidity.

[So are you saying that Louis Caldera is a saboteur because he is the one laughably attributed for setting this whole joyride in motion all on his own.]

What photo op could be so damned important that it's worth scaring the hell out of New Yorkers? It's just plain stoopid.

[How about a photo op that is really a joyride for Obama supporters?]

Where they taking photos of NYC? You can do that with choppers. Were they taking photos of AF1 over NYC? With Hollywood special-effects CGI these days, you can convince people Air Force One was flying over MARS. You didn't need to do this. But the only thing I can think of that might've lessened the impact of this was to have flown a banner plane behind it saying something like "Don't panic, this is not a terrorist attack!"

[Or, like the photo above, "OBAMA 2012."]

Probably Evangelicals in the USAF trying to make Obama look bad.

[Jerry Falwell at the controls? Oops! He's dead so maybe Pat Roberton. Oops! He's Pentecostal. Back to square one.]

A slow flying presidential plane flying low excorted by an f-16 fighter, looking so much like the planes on 9-11? A threat about what could happen, Practice exercise maybe?

[Joyride maybe?]

I'm in nyc. And everyone here is just awestruck at the stupidity. It caused sheer panic in lower manhattan and many buildings were evacuated.

[Damn that Louis Caldera! He and only he is to blame! Got that? ONLY Louis Caldera is at fault.]

Seen the pix & vid? Looked like a freakin air show to me.

[Looked like a freakin joyride to me.]

I think many people here are just trying to suppress this story because it's embarrassing for our president and his Pentagon. There'd be zero apologists for this debacle had it happened on Bush's watch. ZERO.

[Okay, I'll send you a Kewpie Doll too. You earned it with that brief moment of mental clarity.]

You actually believe this was a "photo op"?

[Actually I'm of the "joyride" belief.]

Wow I didn't think Obama would do that!

[Apparently you didn't get the correct directive. It was Louis Caldera, and ONLY Louis Caldera, who did it.]

Thanks, story still developing. More to come, we shall see.

[And the KOmmies won't be happy campers when the story develops that it wasn't just a photo op and that Louis Caldera, and ONLY Louis Caldera, was solely to blame.]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DUmmies join the "One Hundred Days" Obamamania!

In case you haven't heard--like, if you've been living on Jupiter for the last few weeks--Obamassiah is marking ONE HUNDRED DAYS in office this week! The nation REJOICES! The WHOLE WORLD REJOICES!! And the DUmmies are no exception. They are just OUT OF THEIR MINDS . . . with jubilation, that is. They're riding high in April. Will they be shot down in May? Who knows. But for now Obambi can do no wrong. He can terrorize Manhattan and get away with it. He can import swine flu from Mexico and get away with it. And what's more, the Democrats enjoy near-total hegemony. They just picked up Benedict Arlen Specter. Freaky Franken could soon be on his way. Yes, these are the good old days, the halcyon days for the DUmmies, as America marches boldly forward into the Glorious Future!

PRAISE YOU, OBAMASSIAH! The Church of The One has begun assembling for worship on this Eve of the Centidiurnal of Our Obamassiah. Right now they are venerating icons of the Young Prince and His Consort from the First Hundred Days, as we see in this
THREAD, "PHOTOS 100 Days, 35 Images," and this THREAD, "PHOTOS The First Couple, The First 100 Days, 50 Images."

But before we get to the DUmmies, here is my own musical tribute for this High Hundred Days Festival. Click the link and sing along!

Tune: "Five Hundred Miles"

If you turn the TV on, you can watch the networks fawn
They all cheer Obama's gone a hundred days
A hundred days, a hundred days, a hundred days, a hundred days
They all cheer Obama's gone a hundred days

Lord, we're one, Lord, we're two, Lord, we're three, Lord, we're four
Lord, we're five trillion dollars in the hole
We're in the hole, we're in the hole, we're in the hole, we're in the hole
Lord, we're nine trillion dollars in the hole

Not a tax we will lack, got a target on my back
Lord, I can't afford Obama's kind of change
Keep the change, keep the change, keep the change, keep the change
Lord, I can't afford Obama's kind of change

If you like these hundred days and you sing Obama's praise
Then I fear your feeble brain is in a daze
You're in a daze, you're in a daze, you're in a daze, you're in a daze
Then I fear your feeble brain is in a daze
Then I fear your feeble brain is in a daze

Now grab a barf bag and take a pew in the back, as we observe the Obama Nation of Jubilation, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent and the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, hoping Obamassiah's Appearance on the Hundredth Day just a couple of miles from my house doesn't interfere with my driving, is in the [Barackets]:

My faves!

[I feel like I'm reading Tiger Beat.]

Great photos! But check the caption for #24. That's Bo, not Michelle. . . .

[Hard to tell them apart.]

Blush. Wackiest caption muddle in the history of caption muddles!!!

[Don't worry! Obamassiah has issued a special Caption Muddle Jubilee Indulgence for his Hundredth Day.]

This is among my all time favorites!

[It's a picture of Obamassiah blessing an infant. I'm series.]

Very adorable.

[The baby or Obama?]

I like #28 the look on his face, I wonder what's in the NYT that day.

[All the Hagiography That's Fit to Print.]

Barack is from Hawai'i and Chicago and Michelle is from Chicago.

[Barack is from Heaven and Michelle is from Mars.]

I really really really really want that black dress!

[Calm down, ben!]

no one has mentioned the one with Hillary. . . .

[You mean, The One with Hillary.]

Class, intelligence, honor, dignity, and genuine niceness has come to the WH again. . . .

[Bo is quite a dog.]

I feel better now.

[I feel bitter now.]

niiiicccee! i heart all the pics!!

[i heart all his pecs!!]

Love the pics of them holding hands.

[Those are terrorist fist-jabs.]

Just priceless.

[Porkulus bill: A bazillion dollars. Federal deficit: 47 gigatrillion dollars. Photos of Barry and Michelle holding hands: Priceless.]

My feet start to throb just looking at some of her shoes. The belts have to go. Her stunning figure, just does not need them.

[47 gigatrillion dollars is an even more stunning figure.]

Love the one where they're yukking it up with Teddy.

[Hey, that's what I do when I see Teddy: Say "YUK!"]

I'm glad they're such good friends!

[Awww! Group hug!!]

still have to pinch myself. . . .

[Whatever floats your boat, ben.]

That's what I call a Power Couple!

[Is that like the Wonder Twins or something?]

She always looks like she stepped out of a Nordstrom catalog.

[Or a Black Lagoon.]

They look like they have their own thing going on still, as if none of this ever happened.

["As if none of this ever happened." I wish!]

I'm still pinching myself. . . .

[TMI, ben!]

I LOVE THE FIRST COUPLE!!! love love love!

[DUmmieland is about to EXPLODE with ecstasy!!!]

Who wants to see these pictures of a couple in love with each other.... all over the world..........looking good in every shot.......being so in love.. No one wants to look at these................... If they are a Republican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Ewww, ugly, NASTY Rethuglicans!!]

Glamour. That's the word for Michelle.

[Stammer. That's the word for, um, Barry.]

I think a woman actually commands more respect in a dress, and I wish Hillary would take note of this.

[Please, no.]

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pied Piper Pitt: "Who should be going to jail for torture?"

William Rivers Pitt has once again proven himself to essentially be a coward. Just recently DUmmieland was in an uproar because Obama seemed to nix any chance of investigations into laughable "torture" by the Bush administration. One voice noticeably absent was that of Pitt. Why? Because, despite his Fitzmas disgrace, Pitt is probably harboring divorced-from-reality notions that he might one day be chosen by The One to help lead this nation. Well, shortly after Obama seemed to close the door on such investigations, he re-opened them again by giving the green light to AG Eric Holder. As soon as that happened, I thought to myself that Pitt would finally chime in now that it was "safe" to do so. I was not wrong as you can see in his THREAD, "Who should be going to jail for torture?" So let us now watch Pied Piper Pitt "bravely" crawl out of his Bukowski's hole in the wall in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the Pittster has a reference letter from Dennis Kucinich whom he betrayed, is in the [brackets]:

Who should be going to jail for torture?

[Let me guess. ONLY Republicans and NO Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi who was fully apprised of water boarding now ridiculously redefined as "torture."]

My list:


[Yoo, Pitt. Yes, Yoo. Yoo tortured us mercilessly with your ENDLESS PARTIAL BIRTH NON-APOLOGY over Fitzmas. Yoo should go to jail. Yoo, not Karl Rove who, as we all know thanx to your incredible journalistic scoop, was indicted on May 12, 2006.]

Bush (if it can be proven that he actually made any decisions, which is dubious imho)

[What's laughable here is that this list conspicuously leaves out the name of Karl Rove even though many other DUmmies are accusing him of "torture." The name of Karl Rove brings back painful memories to you, eh, Pitt?]

I'm leaving off the CIA interrogators for the time being, not because I think they should get a walk for breaking the law, but because any prosecution of them would be DOA. Legally, they were following what they construed to be lawfully executed orders from their superiors. Yes, "I was only following orders" is the bullshit Nuremberg defense, but in a US court of law, it's enough to sustain the inevitable motion to dismiss from the defense.

[The author of the Fitzmas Fraud delivers a sermon on morality.]

So I don't think we can get those guys even if we want to.

[Can we "get" Jason Leopold's co-conspirator?]

Who can we get? Who should we get? Who gave the orders to and crafted the defense for torture?

[Karl Rove. He gave the orders on May 12, 2006. I'll have more details for you in just 24 business hours. And now to the DUmmie peanut gallery...]

Haynes. He was a major player who set this in motion at the Pentagram. He was the one that started trolling for torture techniques and who made the overture to the SERE people. And Richard Meyers who lied his ass off at the Taguba hearings. In fact, all of those people who lied at those hearings should go to jail, including Feith, Gambone and Addington.

[Speaking of lying, how about if we indict the crack journalistic team of Leopold & Lib?]

Rice doesn't get a pass. She approved waterboarding

[And overfeeding the Gitmo terrorists with Rice pilaf.]

The senior command is DEFINITELY culpable, without a shadow of a reasonable doubt.

[Not a doubt about it. As absolutely certain as the indictment of Karl Rove on May 12, 2006.]

People who tortured other people with their hands need to go to jail. I don't care whose approval or okay they thought they had.

[OK, this is completely OT but I have a complaint I need to make to Head DUmmie Skinner. I have just noticed that the DUmmieland format has changed slightly. I now need to copy the first sentence of a posting and then the rest of it again separately. Before I could do it all with one quick sweeping highlight motion of my mouse. The result is that it takes me a bit more time to copy and paste DUmmieland posts. Therefore I am asking Head DUmmie Skinner to please go back to the old format to enable speedier DUFUing. Thanx in advance for your cooperation.]

anyone who defends it on national tv..i dont know what the charge would be but its got to be illegal

[Is breaking fake news scoops also illegal?]

Powell, Armitage, Feith, Wolfowitz, Cambone (the one who set up the systems in all prisons), and Miller. Don't forget Addington, Rove and Libby.

[As noted above, Pitt has conveniently forgotten Rove and please DON'T remind him about Rove again. EVER!!!]

Hell, I'm adding Al Dershowitz because he was the first to publicly discuss torture as a viable option, something to banally discuss on my dinnertime TV, along with taxes and the weather. I will never forget that, Al, NEVER.

[Leave the "b" off of "banally" and you will definitely have the attention of Ben Burch.]

Why Does It Matter If Bush Actually "Made" The Decisons???? He was the boss. He wasn't "supposed" to be clueless about what was going on. Yes, he may have been clueless, but ultimately, he was responsible for the actions of his underlings and would have had ultimate sign off on these decisions.

That was a joke. He's on the list.

[Chuckled Pitt the Witt.]

Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are on the very top of my list because I think they were mainly responsible for hatching and then setting in motion the execution of the crimes of the past eight years. If they can be nailed with the torture crimes, I think it will be enough to bring in the rest of those who were complicit, even GWB. Instead of starting from the bottom and then trying to snare those on the top, I think we should start at the top and then maybe many of those who were only following orders can be identified.

[Karl Rove is definitely NOT at the top of Pitt's list. The very name brings back painful memories that last for a full 24 business hours.]

Your list is a good start. Add Rove.

[Pitt prefers to drop Rove from both his list and his memory bank.]

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Head DUmmie Skinner takes charge of his asylum!

SOMEBODY SHOOK UP THE ANTS!!! Who is the somebody who did the shaking? None other than Head DUmmie Skinner. How shook up are they? 650 replies in the first 12 hours! And what are they shook up about? Skinner trying to lay down some rules about criticizing The One, Obamassiah, as we see here in this MONSTER THREAD, "A few people have expressed confusion about what is permitted here now that Obama is president."

Poor Skinner. Somebody has to try to control the DUmmies, I guess, but that's a little like herding cats. Cats with ADD and Tourette's Syndrome. And Skinner--well, he's a little passive and he tends to let the inmates run the asylum. Recall the Andy Stephenson Situation. Recall Pitt's Fitzmas "scoop" and his repeated drunken rants and subsequent recantations.

Out-of-control DUmmies may make Skinner's life miserable, but it makes for LOADS OF LAFFS here at DUmmie FUnnies! Hours of entertainment! So pull up a chair and gaze upon our DUmmie Ant Farm, in Fire Ant Red, while the commentary of your humble correspondent, Charles Henrickson, eager to see franksolich's reaction to his fellow alum "getting tough" and "taking charge," is in the [Barackets]:

A few people have expressed confusion about what is permitted here now that Obama is president.

[More than a few people have expressed confusion about what is permitted in DUmmieland ever since Skinner opened the joint.]

As always... Please read my entire message before you respond.

[No way! Try to stop me!]

After eight long years of loyal opposition. . . .

["LOYAL" opposition?? Looney opposition is more like it. Rabid opposition. BDS-deranged opposition. But not "loyal" opposition.]

After eight long years of loyal opposition to the Worst President Ever. . . .

[Lyndon Johnson was President for only five years.]

Democratic Underground is experiencing some minor growing pains now that Barack Obama is president.

[Democratic Understatement.]

the DU administrators did not want to make any precipitous declarations about What It All Means for Democratic Underground.

[What It All Means is that Skinner et al. don't like to make decisions.]

I think we now have a pretty good idea of what DU looks like with a Democratic president: It looks like Democratic Underground has always looked.

[Which is, KRAAAA-ZY!!!]

We have a wide range of people, sharing a wide range of opinions, in ways that are interesting, irritating, smart, dumb, exciting, funny, insightful, friendly, or just plain rude.

[I vote for DUmb.]

And the way we enforce the rules isn't going to change much either. . . .

[It will stay ENTIRELY RANDOM.]

some of our members have been peddling the ridiculous and false assertion that criticism of Barack Obama is not permitted . . . .

[Where did such a ridiculous and false assertion come from?? I mean, besides all those tombstones dotting the landscape.]

Nonetheless, if anyone is confused about what is permitted here, I'll . . .

[. . . make it even more confusing.]

* Any and all substantive criticism of Barack Obama and his policies is permitted. And by "any and all substantive criticism" we mean all of it -- no issue is off limits.

* Expressions of dismay, disappointment or disagreement with Barack Obama or his policies are permitted.

* But insults, name-calling, or other expressions of contempt toward Barack Obama or his supporters are not welcome.

[So none of that "loyal opposition" stuff you showed the last guy.]

Even if you don't agree with President Obama on a number of issues, I guess I kinda thought that everyone here would consider themselves -- on some level -- to be among his supporters. . . . I didn't think that any DUer would want to deliberately use the same type of language one would expect to hear from tea-baggers and Freepers.

[I didn't expect the bloody Freeper Erudition!]

If you believe there are any issues on which you are not permitted to criticize Barack Obama (or any Democrat) please post in this thread and tell me . . .

[. . . and I will immediately give you a granite cookie.]

I want to be absolutely clear . . .

[. . . as mud.]

This does not mean "anything goes" for those DUers who defend him from criticism. Indeed, we have knee-jerk bullies on all sides of this issue.

[Jerks all around. Well, thanx, Skinner. That was . . . swell. Now let's hear from your subjects. . . .]

Do you sometimes feel like you are operating a sandbox for preschoolers?

[Or an ant farm for fire ants?]

I just want to say that the last week or so I have noticed a real improvement.

[People are realizing Obama REALLY IS a radical anti-American Marxist! So everything is copasetic.]

I just know that when I go to the Greatest page it's not filled with Obama bashing threads.

[All the Obama bashers have been tombstoned.]

This board also acts as a Democratic think tank. . . .

[Hee! Hee! "Democratic think tank"!!]

DU had become worse than Fox for a bit. . . .

[The quick-frown DU jumped over the lazy Fox.]

"Obama's administration is a failure already. Obama endorses torture. Obama is a militarist."

[Barack McSame.]

If as someone upthread lamented a bunch of lefties departed, I can't say I'm upset (even though as a "leftie" I don't think they represented the rational left). There are places for them to post, like maybe some socialist workers party website.

[DU is the socialist NON-workers website.]

There was no lie. There was no Obama-bashing. There was no dishonesty. There are, however, in YOUR post, ugly unfounded accusations and name calling because you didn't check your facts.

[Children, CHILDREN! Skinner, get in there and take charge!]

{ * crickets * }

[Skinner takes charge.]

How bout an OP that is attacked by a swarm of "know betters than thou". . . . hat poster presumed to take an OP of mine, LINK it to another forum,. EDIT IT AND PRESENT IT AS WHAT I WAS SAYING, AS IF THAT POSTER KNEW BETTER THAN THE OP, IN A BLATANT AND MOBSWARM EFFORT TO ATTACK ONE FORUM AND BUILD THE UNCHECKDED POWER OF ANOTHER.


When forums attack!


We should never be calling for "shouting down" anyone, ever.


In your opinion, and solely your opinion - unsupported and undefended - certain people deserve to be brow-beaten.

[Paging Susan Boyle. . . .]

Curious: why do you need to shout?


I get the feeling that a disagreement is in order no matter what point you make or how calmly you state it.

[It's the DUmmie Way.]

We have 2 DU's.

[3, and your license gets suspended.]

Can't we all just get along?


DU is first a community and it's a pretty amazing and responsive one.

[DU is first a comedy and it's a pretty amusing and obsessive one.]

What nonsense.


It's Insulting.


Would I be one of the people who you think should post on "National Socialist party websites" or who is a "knuckledragger straight out of Rush's butt?"

[Yo, SKINNER!!!]

{ * crickets * }

[Skinner clamps down on the chaos.]

this reply is a perfect example of a violation of what skinner just posted.

[And thus a perfect example of Skinner standing by and doing nothing.]

If people are faux-offended by a declaration of "Nonsense!" though, then they are far too delicate flowers for the rambunctious meadow that is DU.

["Rambunctious meadow" or "steaming DUnghill"?]

What "crap" was here and what "crap" was gone. . . ?

[Crap circles.]

I guess you must think that all of the effort from Skinner and the mods that has gone into this thread today to clarify policy, is a big joke perhaps?

[Not "perhaps." For sure!]

The negativity here has different origins. One is just trolls.

[Not "just" trolls. LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!]

more negativity isn't the answer. . . . That just leads to a dwindling spiral of More.

[More crap circles.]

Not everyone who gets the axe is a troll. . . . Some are overly emotional, stupid, drunk, stoned, rude, or unmedicated Democrats and/or progressives. . . .

[If all the overly emotional, stupid, drunk, stoned, rude, or unmedicated Democrats and/or progressives got tombstoned, there wouldn't be anybody left.]

You made a big, honking ASSumption, based on the stuff in your own head, about what you thought I meant.


You seem to be upset. You're responding to other posters with words like f*ck, ASSumption, all caps, exclamation points, and other heavily-loaded terms.


I can only "ass" ume (and yes, I used that ass word, so shoot me! My intent is to suggest that you make an ass of yourself. . . .

[ S K I N N E R ! ! ! ]

{ * crickets * }

[Skinner: "Present."]

these blanket attacks. . . .

[Skinner clutches his blanket and sucks his thumb.]

You are talking about fellow DUers and progressives as though you were in charge of pest control here, and that your opponents were some sort of vermin to be eliminated.

[DU: Putting the "rats" in "Democrats."]

You . . . are being incredibly rude, snarky, nasty and accusatory towards me. . . . You are so far off the mark that your comments border on a dullard's fantasy--is that clear enough for you? You can't get away with insulting me and not get a little crack back, pal.

[Boy, Skinner's lecture did a lot of good, didn't it?]

I could give a flying f*ck if people come back under new identities, so long as they don't repeat their anti-social behavior that got them tombstoned in the first place. YOU--not me--are the one with the "vermin" in your head. YOU--not me--are being ugly, divisive and unwarranted.

[Peace and love. Peace and love. Ommmmmmmm. . . . .]

Pretty obvious that you are "talking sh*t." Shame on you. You're "asparagus casting". . . .

[Give peas a chance.]

Even the MOST contrary on DU can't hold a candle to the obnoxiousness of a 7th grader!

[Are You Smart-assier Than a 7th Grader?]

Thanks, Skinner. Can we have threads about chicken in the Lounge again?

[A chicken in every post.]

I personally think it's kind of silly to generalize Obama and the new admin after such a short time. Snap the fingers/change the world just isn't going to happen.

[You're Obama-bashing! LOCK! BAN! DELETE!]

I voted for Obama. And I will criticize him all I want. As should everyone who voted for him. He promised us change. We demand it.


Does this mean that DU will enforce violations of the name-calling rule?

[Hell, no, you stupid git!]

Yes, we -- the moderators and administrators -- are going to do what we can.

[Skinner speaks! Finally. And does nothing.]

I was called a teabagger the other day.

[Wouldn't EarlG be a teabagger, by definition?]

I was called a drooling ignoramus. . . .

[Not specific enough on DU.]

Why the f*ck did I ever take you off of ignore?

[Why can't I get over you?]

Skinner, you know that I self-identify as gay. . . .

[Sorry, I don't think Skinner rolls that way. Although sometimes I'm not sure.]

Skinner, your board is becoming a refuge for homophobes, racists, antisemites, and right-wing trolls.

[Yes! And hilarity ensues!]

The good ship DU is listing badly and taking on water.

[Water boarding!]

Just call it a hunch... But after a short respite, I fear things will deteriorate again.

[You are a regular Nostradamus! You can never go wrong betting on renewed deterioration in DUmmieland!]

Rachel Maddow, a gay American, used the "poutrage" word on tee vee. . . . It's not a gay-bashing term, and to try to cram it into that box doesn't fly.

[Uh, you may want to re-think "try to cram it into a box" when talking about the homos.]

I wish everyone here would realize that Obama is human. . . .

[Wha-a??? He's HUMAN??]

They post with impunity because there are no consequences.

[Kewpie Doll material right there.]

people who thought that Obama was "faking it" during the election, just to get elected, and once he got in the White House, he was going to put on his Che tee shirt, grow his hair and get a blowout kit, take to the microphone and scream "Fight the POWAH, you muthaf*ckas!!!" while legalizing pot (planting some on the WH lawn, of course), appointing Kucinich as Gates' replacement, providing free housing and a no-work stipend for everyone, mandating books made of hemp in the public schools, dragging every registered Republican to the courts to be tried for war crimes....etc., etc. and so forth.

[Well, short of Kookcinich getting appointed, that's pretty close to what's happened.]

God made me do it. Even though I don't believe in God.

[God-bashing is still perfectly permitted in DUmmieland. In fact, it's a requirement.]

frankly your characterization is Rovian. . . .

[Ruh roh! Them's fightin' words!]

That's Rovian.

[That's So Rovian!]

Then one could easily describe you as Rovian.

[It's a Perfect Rovian Swarm!]

Some people just like throwing rocks. Thanks, Shinner.

[Will Pitt weighs in--Will, who has thrown plenty of rocks from his glass house. Oh, and by the way, Will, it's "Skinner," not "Shinner." Slur your words much?]

We can't post about chicken. You should have heard what they caled the cornflake partisans.

[I should have.]

Chicken is okay. Cornflakes are not.

[Of course.]

Wow, late to the party. Pass the popcorn.

[No cornflakes though.]

it is possible for someone to be a Democrat and still be a mean-spirited asshole. I've seen it up close. . . .

[Is that you, benburch?]

some comments about his performance are so dire and inflammatory that one would figure that he's ready to barbecue Bo on the White House lawn. . . .

[Mmm. . . . Tastes like chicken! And chicken is okay!]

I'm quite sure even Obama's wife does not agree with him on everything, all the time.

[Barbecuing Bo, for example.]

Thank Goddess, and thanks, Skinner!

[Praise you, Gaia!]

I thought for a while there DU was going to become Freeper Bizarro World!

[Freeper Bizarro World am good!]

I'm just glad I have a place where I can still call George Bush a g*dd*m sh*t-stain of a f*ck-knobbed d**che-bag.

[BDS: The glue that binds DU together. Some things will never change!]

How many little flame warettes in just this thread by the boss? . . . Nya nay. Neener neener. Pppppppfffffffttttt. Blalalalalala. "I know you are, but what am I?" "I'm rubber, you're glue ...... " "Oh yeah????" "So's yer old lady"

[That about sums it up. Welcome to the New DU! Thanx, Skinner!]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

DUmmies Want To Torture Dick Cheney

Does anybody out there still doubt that the "torture" (interrogation) investigations are shaping up to be ENTIRELY political? The Democrats now want the "torture" (interrogation) memos to be cherry-picked. They don't want any memos released that show either that the interrogations of terrorist prisoners WORKED or that the top Democrats in Congress, including Nancy Pelosi, were kept apprised of the interrogations and that they APPROVED of it. Instead, they want to cherry pick the memos in order to make the EVIL Republicans exclusively look like villains for wanting to protect our country. That is why the Democrats and DUmmies are so angry at Dick Cheney. He wants all the memos declassified to show how effective the interrogations (not torture) were and now they are angry at him for calling their bluff. As a result, the DUmmies are steaming mad at him as you can see in this THREAD, "I'm sorry but it must be said. F^CK Dick Cheney!"

One other thing. Since when are interrogations classified as "torture?" Sleep deprivation and water boarding are NOT torture. No pain is involved. However, sawing heads off for fun as the terrorists do IS torture. Torquemada, Himmler, and Beria must be laughing their asses off at the Democrats bizarre definition of torture. Sorry, Mr. Gitmo Prisoner, but we have decided to not fluff your pillow tonight unless you are a bit more cooperative with us. TORTURE!!! So let us now watch DUmmie anger boil over at Dick Cheney in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the greatest abuse of the Gitmo prisoners came from Big Bob who was a FICTIONAL character, is in the [brackets]:

I'm sorry but it must be said. F^CK Dick Cheney!

[Damn him for calling our bluff and making our beloved "torture" investigations look entirely political.]

He's an evil bastard, filled with hate, and I hope to hell he gets his due within my lifetime.


[Entirely political "torture" investigations NOW or my head will EXPLODE!!!]

Yes he is one very sick human being..

[How dare he expose that our "torture" investigations are entirely political!]

It seems that something's afoot.

[It's called calling your bluff.]

After looting the treasury he has the resources to escape.

[Argentina or Paraguay?]

It's like he's daring Obama to do something. But for real, I think he truly believes he did the right thing by authorizing torture, why else would he so open about it?

[Maybe he knows that the memos will show that the interrogations WORKED plus Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats knew all about them.]

It's like he's daring Obama to do something. But for real, I think he truly believes he did the right thing by authorizing torture, why else would he so open about it?

[Maybe he is calling your bluff and shining light on how the Democrats are determined to cherry pick the memos in this entirely political investigation.]

I know it's not right to wish for bad stuff to happen to people, but, wow, sometimes my brain works overtime conjuring scenarios wherein Dick Cheney endures a living hell.

[Let me guess. You are conjuring scenarios for Cheney much worse than water boarding.]

We need to smoke them out of their spider holes and lock 'em up.

[At the same time you free the terrorists in Gitmo.]

Even Gore didn't say much until around when the Iraq war drums starting pounding


He's a bucket of f*ck. He's a f*ckbucket, oozing the kinds of slime that make even hyenas and vultures leave their dens and nests to find kerosene or Chlorox to drink until they die because the stench so shocks them. He should suffer daily waterboardings while listening to "Disco Duck" on a loop, with intermittent breaks in a cage with rats, a la the scene in the movie 1984. And he should be fed nothing but supplements mixed in with cat shit and wash it down with cat pee.

[Hmm... It looks like we will have to turn up the voltage during your electro-shock therapy sessions.]


[He already gave the Democrats their comeuppance by demonstrating how political these investigations are.]

I want to know why that MFer isn't dead yet, with all his heart problems. I don't want him to die though; I want him to live to be convicted and sentenced.

[And be forced to read Pied Piper Pitt's endless PARTIAL BIRTH NON-APOLOGY for perpetrating journalistic fraud.]

Yep, death would be too kind a fate for him. Long, lingering disease with pain would suit him more well.

[Quote the DUmmie adamantly against "torture."]

I will enjoy every moment of his suffering, may I live to see it.

[But heaven forbid we tickle a terrorist with a feather. That would be "TORTURE!"]

Hang him for treason along with 9 or 10 of his former associates.

[LIke Nancy Pelosi and the other top democrats who were all fully aware of interrogations that you now have redefined as "torture?"]

Waterboard him!

[But not the Gitmo terrorists!]

Give him a gallon of laxative then tape a garden hose to his mouth and stick the other end between his wrinkled cheeks.Once every 4 hours too of course.

[Said the DUmmie who is also outraged over the non-existent torture of Gitmo terrorists.]

How about conviction & execution for war crimes?

[And for thought crimes.]

Monday, April 20, 2009

DUmmies Outraged Over No "Torture" Trials

Please! No more food! Stop giving me second helpings of orange glaze chicken and rice pilaf! HELP! They are freezing me to death with 68 degree air conditioning!!! EEEEEK!!! They put a flea in my cell! KEEP THAT KILLER CATERPILLAR OUTTA HERE!!!

Yeah, that is what is laughably supposed to pass for "torture." Oh, and how many Gitmo prisoners drowned from waterboarding? None which is in stark contrast to how many prisoners of Islamic militants died from having their heads sawed off. Of course, we hear not a peep of protest about the latter situation. Instead the DUmmies are outraged over the announced lack of prosecution for what laughably passes for "torture" as you can see in this THREAD titled, "More than Nuremberg: Update: Rahm Says 'No Prosecutions'." So let us now watch the DUmmies screech over non-existent "torture" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if being forced to listen to Meghan McCain's annoying Valley Girl voice would constitute torture, is in the [brackets]:

Rahm is probably complicit. There are Dems who could go down
for this, IMO. Too bad politics still gets bigger play than justice in this country.
It's pathetic.

[Or maybe Rahm realizes how absurd it is to prosecute for torture by caterpillar.]

I will NEVER understand how any Jewish descendant, such as Rahm Emanuel, can turn away from this Gitmo torture evidence.

[We all remember how the Nazis brutally overfed the concentration camp prisoners with orange glaze chicken and subjected them mercilessly to air conditioning.]

I have given up on the democrats now. My vote is wasted when it goes to promote policies like these - or the Wall Street bailout, for that matter.

[Does that mean you will show up at the Tea Party protests?]

Don't you get a bit tired of being portrayed as the loony left as a way of marginalizing us?

[When you get all upset about torture by caterpillar, it's not really hard to marginalize you.]

Anyone who thinks that excusing torture is ok is not living in a reality-based world.

[So no prosecution of Gitmo guard Big Bob for refusing to fluff a prisoner's pillow?]

Obama is worse than Bush. Bush promised us nothing. Obama did.

[Gitmo guard Big Bob has a very special meat sandwich for you to chew on while pondering that thought.]

I am biting my tongue, admonishing my fingers, and struggling with my mouth

[Hey, it's better than biting down on Big Bob's very special sandwich...unless you happen to be Ben Burch.]

the dog book coming to a book store soon.. it was ready to be published before the dog was bought or delivered!!..and they held it back until the Obama's got the dog and they had the was ready for publication..yes that is a fact....only thing missing was the dog and the name of the dog..just so you know this is the next distraction coming a Tv and bookstore near you!!

[I wanted Obama to name the dog "Big Bob."]

I just watched the video..My Impression...towards the end is the best part where Rahm flubs an answer about "President Bush ...uh...something wanted these memo's released...and uh..onto...

It's before the part where Rahm says that there needs to be a time for "Reflection over Torture (and I assume other crimes of the Bushies). I wanted to yell at the VIDEO....F*CK IT! RAHM...YOU KNOW THAT ACTIVISTS AND DEMS in YOUR PARTY HAVE PASSED THE POINT OF REFLECTION! GET A LIFE, RAHM! You are speaking to Americans as if they are DEAF, and BEEN ABSENT...yet you are where you are because of the ACTIVISTS WHO PUT YOUR PRESIDENT IN THERE!

[Acid reflux?]

Well...if I was a DIVA ...I'd throw you a kiss! sadly ..I'm just a serious wonker... :-(

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

I still cannot understand why some people want there to be no consequences for the people who carried out torture.

[So then you do support hunting down the Islamic terrorists?]

We have to come to grips with the idea that there are two Americas.

[One that feeds Gitmo prisoners orange glazed chicken and the other that screams in outrage about "torturing" them with that food.]

For each individual tortured, the horror is exactly the same.

[Torture by overfeeding is just as horrible as torture by air conditioning.]

With Rahm's announcement this morning, Obama and The Democrats now OWN the War Crimes of the last administration.

[They too are guilty of prisoner cell climate control War Crimes.]

By not prosecuting these war criminals, U.S. elected officials will prove to the world that they are despicable hypocrites.

[Let's hunt down those war criminals who tortured with insects.]

I'm f*cking done with Obama. I'm done with all of this shit.
There's no f*cking point. HE LIED TO US.

[Millions of horny guys lie all the time when they tell their dates they just want to give them a nice massage. Ever think of that?]

I'm very disappointed in the Obama administration over this. I knew that he would be governing from the middle of the political spectrum but that he would still prosecute these guys.

[Maybe he didn't want to see the case laughed out of court.]

I want a recount!

[With or without the votes conjured by ACORN?]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

DUmmies Praise Crazed CNN Reporter At Chicago Tea Party

Before you read any further, you MUST watch this incredible VIDEO of CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, dropping even the slightest pretense of impartiality and arguing angrily with a Tea Party protester in Chicago. As soon as I saw this, I just KNEW this reporter would become a DUmmie heroine and I was not disappointed as you can see in this THREAD, "CNN Reporter at the Chicago Tea-Party." So let us now watch the CNN reporter and the DUmmies HOWL angrily at the Tea Party protesters in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering what Susan Roesgen's DUmmie screen name is, is in the [brackets]:

CNN Reporter at the Chicago Tea-Party

[Ditching any sense of professionalism.]

She handled that really well, and took a very fine shot at Fox, too. I like her!

[But of course. She proved herself to be every bit as loony as a DUmmie.]

Now she also committed a cardinal never, ever get into a discussion with your audience. You let them speak...and then edit

[Edit them to make them look bad. Much more professional.]

She seems to be losing her cool a bit. But who can blame her. Keep exposing the idiots for what they are.


I got it worse than that in 91. I was a TV reporter in Oregon when Gulf War was going on. I had to cover a protest which at first was only those against. Those supporting were on other side of street and starting coming over to get in face on people protesting against. I was trying to interview some dude against the war and some moron who supported had a sign and hit me in the head with it. Fortunately, 2 cops in riot gear saw whole thing and cuffed the dude in a NY minute. He looked at me after cop cuffed him and I just smiled.

[I might be tempted to call BS on this story but as we have seen with CNN's Susan Roesgen, DUmmies can be reporters.]

Stupid reporter. STFU and let interviewee speak.

[Prepare for your Tombstoning party at high noon.]

Stupid interviewee. I'd cut him off too.

[Yeah! Never give the other side to express their POV.]

She needs to learn her 'craft.'

[That evidence will also be introduced against you at your high noon Tombstone ceremony.]

So..she's just supposed to let them spew their they did for 8 years!! My idea of an interview is ask a question..if they start stop them and state a fact that applies to the question you asked.

[Is that you, Susan Roesgen?]

Bravo to the reporter for saying Fox is promoting it and saying Fox is RW.

[Make her an honorary DUmmie if she isn't one already.]

Yes, maybe these other networks are starting to get an understanding .... of the dangers posed by the Faux News propaganda outlet.

[One of the dangers is being crushed in the ratings.]

She handled her job poorly.


I used to work with Susie, and she's been through a lot post-Katrina. I'm sure she got a lot of "Oooh, you work for the Communist News Network!" crap just by showing up with that logo on her mic. I think she handled that as well as could be expected -- considering that it was live TV. Go, Susie, go!

[Why does it NOT surprise me that a former CNN colleague of Susan Roesgen is now a DUmmie?]

Unfortunately, I think her attitude was aloof and she had an air of superiority. She was right but her attitude was unfortunate. I think that is too bad. I'd rather see objective coverage.

[She needs to learn to conceal her biases better.]

I LOVE her!!!

[Is a DUmmie wedding in the works?]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of Pirates and Patriotism: A DUmmie Dilemma

The DUmmies don't know what to do. Navy SEALs rescue an American hostage, and they have to kill several pirates in the process--pirates of color, to boot! Now normally this would be a time for the DUmmies to denounce AmeriKKKa and condemn our eeevil military. But because BlackBarry is the ostensible Commander-in-Chief at the moment, the DUmmies find themselves betwixt and between. Should we cheer or should we boo? Witness this THREAD, "RAH RAH USA. . .and to the MALCONTENTS: TOUGH SH*T."

But before we go to the DUmmies, it seems the Somalian Pirates have learned a thing or two from Brother Barack. Click the music link and sing along!

Tune: "Lincoln Park Pirates"

In Somalia where I live, there's a, there's an outfit that'd hijack almost anything on the sea. But they deal mostly with ships, and we call 'em, "Somalian Pirates. . . ."

The vessels are out on the ocean tonight
The calm sea makes nary a splash
The merchants are haulin'
The trawlers are trawlin'
But somebody's fishin' for cash

Yes, those crewmen are mindin' their business, he said
But we got work of our own
So hijack their boats
And we'll write ransom notes
And we'll see who will float us a loan

To me, way, hey, make 'em all pay
Somalian Pirates are we
We plunder the nations
It's called reparations
We're spreadin' the wealth 'round, you see

To me, way, hey, make 'em all pay
We're not doin' anything new
When ships want to sail out
We make 'em our bailout
Somalis need stimulus too

Obama's a brother from Kenya
A leader who's canny and wise
He will softly and smooth "yes we can" ya
And rob you in front of your eyes

So we've taken a page from his playbook
And we're changin' the words that we use
No longer we'll call it a "ransom"
"Investment's" the term that we choose

To me, way, hey, make 'em all pay
Somalian Pirates are we
We plunder the nations
It's called reparations
We're spreadin' the wealth 'round, you see

To me, way, hey, make 'em all pay
We're not doin' anything new
When ships want to sail out
We make 'em our bailout
Somalis need stimulus too

And when all the ships have been boarded
And all of their owners are broke
Then we'll have to do like Barack Obama
And find some new suckers to soak

'Cause even with all of the ransoms
There's millions more dollars we need
Now for money supply it's
The Washington Pirates
Obama, Pelosi, and Reid

To me, way, hey, make 'em all pay
Somalian Pirates are we
We plunder the nations
It's called reparations
We're spreadin' the wealth 'round, you see

To me, way, hey, make 'em all pay
Now soon we'll be done with the sea
No more brazen attacks
We'll just raise the tax
Let's join the thieves in DC!

So now, mateys, let us sail over to the H.M.S. DUmmieland and see what the word is there, in Bolshevik Red, while the the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, the wag tailoring the doggerel--back now from a Lenten DUFU fast--is in the [Barackets]:



I know this is the Democratic Underground and some of us don't like the RAH RAH sentiments expressed but TOUGH SH*T.

["USA! USA! USA!" But wait. . . Didn't Pied Piper Pitt once say this kind of cheering was imperialistic? I'm confused.]

The Maersk Alabama was delivering RELIEF SUPPLIES TO AFRICA!

[Oh, well then, I guess that makes it all right that we rescued them. If they had just been doing typical capitalist stuff, like exploiting the African-Africans, then we shouldn't have tried to save them.]

Our President was being criticized by the right for not doing enough and not moving fast enough, yet our Navy successfully rescued the captain. . .so excuse the F*CK OUT OF ME FOR SAYING RAH RAH USA

[Our Navy could not have done it without OUR PRESIDENT! RAH RAH USA! Now on to the other DUmmies. . . .]

I have to wonder why the media chooses to highlight this incident. There is always more to the story. And with Somalia there is a lot more.

[Of course Somalia has been exploited by eeevil white nations and their greedy corporations, so that's why the corporate media lapdogs make a big deal out of this.]

Your not the only one who thinks this is way overhyped.

[So they rescued an American white male. Big whoop.]

"way overhyped"? Consider this: Had it NOT worked worked out so flawlessly--- ie: had captain Phillips been killed (a very DISTINCT possibility under the circumstances), the anti-Obama machine would have gone into FRENZIED overdrive!

[So we HAD to rescue that captain guy. Otherwise, it would have been BAD FOR OBAMA!]

this story gets extra rah-rah attention because guns were involved. This is red meat to American military fetishists. . . .

[Happiness Is a Warm Gun.]

Maybe now the world can start a proactive response to stopping these type of crimes, instead of a reactive one.

[Somalia needs Midnight Basketball.]

the biggest national sunday news programs led with the piracy story while on another there was some small mention about legalizing pot, a much more worthy topic.

[Pot rights over pirates.]

couldn't the shipping co pay the 2 MIL to ensure his release and then all relevant countries do something more general to reduce the piracy. . . .

[So paying ransoms is going to REDUCE piracy??]

I suspect most Somalis involved in this practice to date will turn to something easier.

[Like applying for a government bailout.]

the somalis originally were doing it to stop illegal dumping and fishing off their coast. . . .

[Undoubtedly Bush's fault.]

And really, how much do you know or care about Somalia, and the history of the United States intervening in that country?

[We deserved it.]

This was the FIRST pirate attack on an American ship in more than 200 years. . . .

['Bout time they start attacking us again.]

You are not allowed to say nice things about America, only other countries. Cause we have done bad things - even with Obama in office USA is all evil, all the time. Wavering from that means your progressive card will be taken away. Remember, and repeat after me, America sucks, it is and always will be evil, and Iran is a far better place and you would be happier living there or cuba than here.

[I detect a note of sarcasm. Maybe you're a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!]

Just think about the fake cowboy in chief and think about what he would have done. We'd have at least one more war we had no hope of winning.

[Now Bush is blamed for a non-existent war he didn't start, over an incident he was not involved with.]

President McCain would have been killed by stress by now. Instead, this would have been handled by President... Oh. My. God.

[Palin is the new Bush.]

I don't know alot about the situation in Somalia, but from general experience, chances are the activities down there by the United States are not noble. . . .

[Default mode: America is bad.]

Why rah, rah death? People were killed, although they are bad to you.

[Pirates are people, too. Pirates have feelings. They may be bad to you, but you're a white American, so you deserve it.]

there is defiantly a good number of pro "pirate death" people here. Almost more than pro "banker death" people.

[Pro "banker death" is still in the lead.]

Now we can go back to the root cause of the Somalian Piracy and fix that problem. Illegal dumping of Toxic wastes and the overfishing of their coastal waters by other countries.

[Toxic wastes and lack of fish oil cause one to hold people hostage and demand ransoms. Restless Somali Syndrome.]

Today we are all Freepers.


This was a small test, but an important one, and President Obama's Navy passed.

[Only because it was President OBAMA'S Navy!]

putting TOUGH SH*T in there makes you look like an arrogant american ass. . . . i will NOT recommend this thread and hyper-patriotism is just so... *yawn*

[Patriotism . . . yuk!]

I am happy about the rescue, but it doesn't address the root problems.

[Which have to be America's fault somehow.]

The root problem for the pirates is greed, laziness and stupidity. They are extorting millions and endangering innocents.



[You might be a DUmmie if you think that is funny.]

These people HATE Obama, liberals, progressives, Democrats. . . . Anyone to the left of John Birch.

[Or on the lap of Ben Burch.]

You know... this WON'T make your d*ck any bigger.

[This was Navy Seals, not Navy Cialis.]

Gosh. Have I landed on free republic by error?

[Smile! You're on DUmmie FUnnies!]

I'm not waving any flags and shouting "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" like this was the hockey team beating the Russians or something. . . .

[Is that you, Will Pitt?]

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Pitt Points Hypocritical Finger At Palin Family

Who is the LAST person that should be pointing an accusatory finger at the Palin family? My nomination would go to William Rivers Pitt, perpetrator of one of the greatest journalistic hoaxes of the 21st century. Yet that is exactly what the Pied Piper has done in his DUmmie THREAD, "Raise your hand if your sick of how the Palin family always makes the news..." Do we have 24 business hours to answer that question, Will? So let us now watch Pitt get on his high horse and cast stones in the Palin family direction in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, giving a shoutout to Pitt who reads all these DUFU editions, is in the [brackets]:

Raise your hand if your sick of how the Palin family always makes the news...

[Raise your hand if "your" sick of how the Pittster always makes the DUFUs...]

..*hand not raised*...

[How about Jason Leopold's hand?]

Are you kidding me?

[Would we kid a Temporary Sockpuppet?]

I want Palin in the news every day. Her, her kids, this Levi person, whatever, I don't care as long as it's "Palin-y" and hilarious...and while they're at it, I also want the leftover dregs of the erstwhile McCain campaign to pipe up now and again with their own crudball comments about Palin and that wacky brood of hers. Every day.

[I want Pitt in the DUmmie FUnnies every day. Him, his bottle, this Leopold person, whatever, I don't care as long as it's "Pitt-y" and hilarious...and while they're at it, I also want the leftover dregs of Fitzmas to pipe up now and again with their own crudball comments about Pit and that sloppy beer of his. Every day.]

Do a Google News search for "Palin," just the one word. Look at some of the headlines that come up:

[Do a Google Web search for "Pied Piper Pitt." Look at some of the headlines that come up.]

Levi Johnston calls Sarah Palin 'snobby,' says his family is not 'white trash' on CBS' 'Early Show'

[Pied Piper Pitt Claims Obama's Lack of Leadership a Good Thing ]

Texas man creates rogue Palin legal defense fund

[Pied Piper Pitt Proves Himself Unerringly Wrong Yet Again]

VIDEO: Eminem Takes Shots at Palin, Simpson, Lohan and More!

[William Rivers Pitt Warns About Posting Phony April Fool's Stories]

Palin pushes for better missile defense (Remember, she can see Russia from her porch; North Korea is on the horizon)

[Pied Piper Pitt Day Essay Contest (Remember, he can see Bukowski's from the pavement, AA is on the horizon]

The awesomeness simply cannot be denied.

[We won't deny DUFU fans their Temporary Sockpuppet updates.]

She's the front-runner for the GOP nomination, remember.

[And you're the front-runner for Pied Piper Pitt Day FUn, remember.]

More, please.

[Don't worry, Pitt. Much to Mama Raven's discomfort, we always oblige in that department. And now on to the DUmmie Peanut Gallery...]

I'm with you, Will. I'm loving the Levi publicity tour!

[Pitt's pal, Kevin Spacey, would love to wear a pair of Levis.]

Palin news is always funny. And I like to laugh.
So , I heard from a co-worker that Palin is going to write a tell-all book!

[Pitt news is always funny. And I like to laugh. So, I heard from a DUFU fan that Pitt is going to write yet another vanity press book that none ever read.]

The gift that keeps on giving. It's a white trash train wreck.

[The gift that keeps on giving. It's a bostonian drunkard train wreck.]

I want to see her arm wrestle Bobby Jindal.

[I want to see him arm wrestle Jason Leopold.]

Do you suppose Palin slaughters little bunnies for Easter?

[Do you suppose Pitt guzzles big beers for Fitzmas?]

Yep...and seeing how short people's memories are. Screen saving/hard copies need to be done of the most damning stuff.

[Here is a saved copy of a damning self-deleted Pitt post preserved for posterity: "I'd have told you, had you asked, because you are owed that much. But sadly, no. You threw me and Jason and truthout under the bus. Publicly, because you do not have the COURAGE to stand with someone who has stood with you. You couldn't even do it silently... This was a wheat-from-the-chaff moment, and you failed. You spend a good deal of time talking about standing strong, but you publicly f*cked one man who has stood stronger for you more than any other. Name for me please the New York Times and international best-selling book, translated into twelve languages, that thanks you and your site above anything else. First and foremost... There is one. Only one. Mine. Before my own mother, I thanked you."]

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2006 DUmmies Slam Blowhard Ed Schultz

Today's DUFU edition is a blast from the past, namely from 2006. Why? Because I wanted to present what the DUmmies REALLY thought about Blowhard Ed Schultz before he got his own MSNBC show. Also because of the latest revelations about how Blowhard Ed received his radio syndication startup money from Senate Democrats according to none other than Randi Rhodes as revealed in this absolutely brilliant NewsBusters STORY from yesterday.

Therefore check out the full 2006 DUFU showing DUmmie disgust with Blowhard Ed HERE. Oh, and guess who the author of that DUmmie thread was? None other than Ben Burch. (Insert Ben Burch joke here.) This was before Ben Burch was tombstoned after trying to pull off a Bev Harris type scam.

Again, you can read this blast from the past HERE.

Monday, April 06, 2009

"Shut down Glenn Beck's program"

I'm not a big fan of Glenn Beck. The guy is way too touch-feely for my tastes. Plus he cries on a dime. One time I heard him on a crying jag for over an hour while he tearfully recalled how he was trying to be a good father. BOOOORING. Plus it's embarrassing to hear a man cry over this. However, the idea that Glenn Beck is somehow engaged in "hate" speech is laughable. It's more like touchy feely speech. However, the DUmmies are now on a campaign to remove Glenn Beck's show from the airwaves as you can see in this THREAD, "Shut down Glenn Beck's program." So let us now watch the DUmmies call for Glenn Beck's removal from the airwaves due to Thought Crimes in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who considers Beck to be sort of like the Leo Buscaglia of the right, is in the [brackets]:

Shut down Glenn Beck. No other right-wing or left-wing talk show host approaches Beck in terms of his verbal violence and thinly veiled calls for armed revolt. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity propagate ideas that harm working people and damage the long-term viability of the US, but they're standard right-wing political media personalities. Glenn Beck is something else. Glenn Beck speaks in a deranged tone, verbally assaulting his guests with vitriol that would make Roland Freisler proud (see his interviews with Keith Ellison and Richard Blumenthal), and openly advocates sedition against the United States.

["Openly advocates sedition against the United States?" Something openly advocated in almost every other DUmmie thread during all the years of the EVIL Bush Regime.]

I might be tempted to consider Glenn Beck as just some entertaining shock jock with a political bent if it weren't that there are people out there who have lost their jobs, who collect rifles, and who are seething with aggression. In the early 1990s, the Rwandan genocide was encouraged, with great success, by Hutu radio hosts who advocated wiping out the Tutsi "cockroaches." Don't let it happen here.

[Were those Hutu radio hosts playing the song, "Tut-tut Tutsi, Goodbye?" Sorry but the idea of a tearful touchy feely Glenn Beck being the instigator of a genocide is making me laugh so much that I might cry almost as much as Glenn Beck talking on and on and on about being a good father. And now to the other DUmmies...]

If you don't believe in free speech for those whom you despise you don't believe in free speech.

[Hmmm... You post that and you have only 604 total posts. I can only reach one conclusion: LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Free speech does not cover incitement to violence. You may argue that Beck disclaims, saying basically that he supports a revolt through the ballot box. I think that that's too easy. His tone and choice of words suggest otherwise. The man is a serpent and a threat to the democratic idea that those we elect are our leaders for the entire duration of their term unless they resign or are removed by Congress.

[That's more like it. Definitely an AUTHENTIC close-minded DUmmie.]

And I really don't like the guy as an entertainer or a commentator.

[Beck definitely needs some tear duct surgery to prevent flooding.]

hate speech is not free speech. it is illegal to incite violence.

[Just define whatever conservatives say as "hate speech" so DUmmies can take a DUmp on the first amendment.]

I share your revulsion for Beck, but the law deliberately makes it very difficult to abridge someone's freedom of speech. Proving incitement is extremely difficult. Consider, if you will, that many comments about Bush and Cheney here on DU in recent years could also be construed as some sort of incitation, depending on what standard you apply.

[Careful. You're edging your way towards a Tombstoning.]

never once did I read anyone suggesting that we take guns and kill them. Glenn who acknowleges he is not a journalist, uses our public airways to make not so veiled threats.

[Oh please! Just check the DUmmie FUnnies archives for plenty of DUmmie threads about liquidating conservatives.]

Look, I'm not asking you to like the guy or his bullshit speeches. I'm saying that the way we feel about him doesn't necessarily pass the legal threshold required for his statements to be criminal.

[What address should we deliver your Tombstone pizza to?]

Beck is screaming "fire" in a crowded theater. He has NO protection of free speech rights to do such a thing. The other day, I heard him suggest that US forces execute prisoners in the field, rather than having to release Guantanamo detainees that need to be released because of lack of evidence to prosecute them. Such an action would be a blatant violation of the rules of war and the rule of law. Beck advocated murder, plain and simple. The man is deranged.

[Being deranged is a prerequisite to becoming a DUmmie.]

Beck promotes sedition. That's not free speech, that's the violent overthrowing of our government. It's illegal.

[If its illegal then we need to jail all real DUmmies. Just check the DUmmie thread archives of the Bush years.]

A democracy has nothing to fear of demagogues. As long as it stands on a trong consensus that is. But we shouldn't start shutting people up. Only if they cross that criminal line - which they are close to, I agree.

[Posted the "DUmmie" with 63 posts. TOMBSTONE!!!]

What democracy? In the U.S.? you are kidding right? Plutocracy maybe. Corporate fascist state definitely but democracy...nope.

[Now that's what an AUTHENTIC DUmmie is supposed to sound like. Unless he is an incredibly clever LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Could you imagine Bill Moyers behaving like Glenn Beck. Nope, because Bill is sane.

[A sane hatchet man for LBJ.]

He has the right to say it, but not necessarily the right to use public airwaves for it. Even if he did, News Corp. should cancel his show for the sake social responsibility.

["Social responsibility?" Is that the new name for censorship?]

And go buy David Neiwert's new book on hate radio and the fomentation of violent extremism, appropriately titled "The Eliminationists", at your local book store

[The new buzzword of the left for demonizing conservative talk show hosts: "Eliminationists." Mark that down. You will see that word used a lot more frequently in the future.]

Mark Levine is pretty awful too

[Is he also an "Eliminationist?"]

90% of talk radio is nuts like him. There's no balance and it's not the ratings. The propaganda media will replace liberal shows with better ratings for these wingnuts too often.

[Sorry, it is precisely the ratings. Just ask Jim Hightower or Mario Cuomo about ratings.]