Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama 'Offer'"

This STORY is HUGE over at the HUffington POst. How huge? At least 29 pages of comments worth, many of which I shall be DUFUing. Apparently Hillary Clinton suckered Barack Obama into "offering" her the post of Secretary of State. What she did is take Obama's rather vague suggestion that Hillary could help out in a number of areas, including in foreign relations and turned that into a solid "offer" to become Secretary of State. The details follow in the story below so let us follow the HUffies ranting on it in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Hillary pull the football away from Barack once again, is in the [Barackets}:

Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama "Offer"

[Gee. Why am I NOT surprised?]

In the New York Review of Books, Elizabeth Drew sheds some more light on the behind-the-scenes wrangling between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over the Secretary of State post:

Obama's meetings with Hillary Clinton and John McCain about playing important roles in his presidency indicated his imagination and his shrewdness, although sources close to Obama say he did not offer her the job of secretary of state when they met. He had said during the campaign that he wanted various views in his government, and in turning to his own former competitors, Obama was at the same time magnanimous and seeking to keep them close. Both were in a position to cause him difficulty in the Senate--Clinton, in particular, had kept her constituency intact (through HillPAC) and was planning her own Senate agenda, including her own health care program, no matter what Obama proposed. But Clinton lacks the seniority, and therefore a committee position from which to get her proposals taken up by the Senate. (She tried to get a special subcommittee appointed, but Edward M. Kennedy, who has his own health care plan and is chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over the issue, blocked her, offering her later a role concerning health insurance.) McCain had indicated that he wanted to help Obama in the Senate, and by taking him up on it, Obama has both flattered and coopted him.

Mrs. Clinton's and her closest advisers' turning a suggestion by the President-elect that she might, among other things, head the State Department into an "offer" and reports that she was agonizing over whether to accept it, did not please officials in Chicago, some of whom hoped that issues over disclosure of Bill Clinton's post-presidential record might block the appointment. But the former president's camp blocked that by promising to cooperate with requests for information and to accept limits on his activities, including clearance of speaking engagements abroad. Statements by the Hilary camp on November 21 saying that "she's ready" for the position but then backtracking, saying that some matters were "under discussion," typified the whole mess, the only snag thus far in an otherwise unusually smooth transition involving impressive choices--an object lesson to Obama (which he had reason to know already) that getting involved with the Clintons is rarely uncomplicated.

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's apparent that Obama had no intention of really offering Hillary the Secretary of State post but now he is TRAPPED! And now to read the angry comments from the HUffies...]

Politics is such a dirty game...

[As the Clintons said, politics is a blood sport.]

Obama's her daddy now. Period.

[Hillary's his mommy now. Period.]

Well, I hope Obama does what is best for the country. If he feel Hillary should not have the job, then, she should not be given it...especially not out of feeling pressured/bullied to do so.

[Too late now. The Clinton's already massaged Barack's vague suggestion into a solid "offer."]

Deja vu.....I absolutely abhor this woman

[Deja vu all over again as Yogi Berra would say.]

So basically Hillary and her people forced Obama's hand by leaking this "offer" to the media and shaping public opinion just as Obama was publicly considering Bill Richardson for SoS, all because she was getting punked out in the Senate and couldn't dominate like she wanted. Obama is gonna learn the hard way, let your no be NO, and your yes be YES.

[So Hillary finally gets her revenge on Richardson...and Obama.]

so you're saying she bullied him into giving her the position? and how does that make him look? I believe he's stronger than that.

[I don't.]

I knew she couldn't be trusted as his vice president and she can't be trusted now. Lying is just second-nature to the Clintons.

[The tell that the Clintons are lying is when their mouths move.]

I am fed up with the Clintons and embarrassed that our President Elect allowed them to manovour him in this manner. disgusing on both sides.

[I find it all HILLARYOUS!!!]

Believe me when I say, this won't be the LAST fabrication. I tell you shee.. people, but you just won't listen! The Bush and Clinton dynasties will continue. Watch, and learn. You have just seen a bic lighter appointed to watch the fuel dump.

[FUn fact. Ol' PJ was once friends with Jon Bic, heir the the Bic empire. (His mother portrayed Nurse Ratchett on the big screen.)]

What the hell. Mr.President-elect. This cannot stand. This is outrageous. There are people more scrupulous and more deserving. Don't you think that Richardson wishes he had thought of this? Shameful.

[I sure hope Obama appoints Richardson to a cabinet post. Imagine when Hillary and him have a cabinet meeting together. Fireworks or cold glares?]

Of course the Clintons would use blackmail. As I've maintained, I trust the Clintons no more than the mafia.

[Less. I trust the mafia more.]

Please make Richardson the SOS. He has the right temperament, the actual experience, and he isn't harboring his own agenda. It seems pretty obvious.

[Too late. Maybe this is Hillary's revenge against Richardson.]

1. Fabricate an "offer" from Obama.

2. He can deny the truth of it but it then becomes a he-said v. she-said thing.

3. If 2, she makes a huge stink and causes him terrible harm, dividing the party
right in half.

4. Obama realizes this and gives in.

[It's a BLOOD SPORT. Hee! Hee!]

The lady and her consort are all about psychodrama. I know Obama can handle them, but he's got enough on his plate without this b.s.

[So far he hasn't done such a great job handling them.]

Team Hillary distorted, missrepresented, bore false witness? Tell me it ain't so.

[It ain't...sorry, no can do.]

Can we make this stop. Hillary and the whole Clinton circus need to just go away. The idea that this nonsense, dram and political wrangling is going to be intertwined with the foreign policy of this country at this time of crisis is enough to make me sick. Just say NO ! Given the multitude of issues this country faces she is a huge distraction Giving her this position is not a good idea.

[Too late. Obama has alreay been suckered into it.]

it IS delightfully funny!!! LOL!!!!!

[You bet! LOL!!!!!]

I feel bad for POTUS-elect. Everyone else involved in both his campaign and his transition, while not without both self-interest(or ego, really the same thing) and/or agendas of their own, seems willing to follow Obama's high-toned lead by thinking about the greater good. Even at this time of crisis for the nation, the Clinton's are thinking about themselves, their power. Obama has his hands full. The Clinton's and their hanger-ons need to give their self-righteousness a break. Our country certainly doesn't need their BS.

[The Clintons always think of Numero Uno.]

So she hoodwinked her way into the job, I know Barack must be really mad being played like this. I've got three words for Hillary, Gen Jim Jones.

[Is that general equipped with that special Kool-Aid?]

Bill and Hill: please do what is best for this country and just go away.

[Sorry. They are sticking around like Michael Myers.]

If President Obama wants a career in politics he should stay as far away from the Clintons as he can get. They BRING TOO MUCH DRAMA WITH THEM. THERE IS AN AROMA AROUND THEM THAT DOESN'T PASS THE SMELL TEST In almost everything they do..

[Obama is stuck with the Clinton stench.]

So what are we saying...that Obama is so weak and stupid that he was forced into picking her by her leaks? This is insulting on so many levels for both of them that it's sad.

[Sad but FUnnie!]

Team Clintons are manipulative conartists. Think about... By prematurly and delibratly lying about Hillary being consider for SOS they put obama team in difficult position and forced them to reluctantly consider her for the position since Obama is aware of what it would mean if he is to reject Hillary for the second time.

[And they sure conned Barack!]

Do you really think that somebody who is smart enought to become president would so easily be hoodwinked into giving somebody a job--for SoS no less?


Well after learning all this I'm kind of p!ssed off. I feel the Clintons used Obama and the press to bully their way into the SoS position. And I for one completely understand how Obama's camp feel on this matter. It makes you wonder what their ulterior motive is.

[Their ulterior motive is called the "Oval Office."]

He should withdraw the offer. She can't get over the fact that she lost to him and seems intent on undermining him at every turn.

[Too late. Once Charlie Brown tries to kick Lucy's football the game is over.]

Hillary, I keep hoping you'll get some class but I'm always disappointed.

[Not me. Hillary always provides reliable entertainment.]


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

KOmmies Upset Over Obama Choosing Gates For Defense Secretary

Barack Obama asked Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to remain at his post and now the Daily KOs KOmmies are whining about this as you can see at this THREAD titled, "Times: Gates to Stay at Defense." Well, so much for veering away from the Bush policy in Iraq. All that thunder from the left about how wrong it was has now been undercut by one Barack Obama. So let us now watch the KOmmies gripe about how more things change the more they remain the same in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, chronicling yet more disappointment with The One, is in the [barackets]:

Times: Gates to Stay at Defense

[Hope and CHANGE? Let's skip the redundant intro and go right to the KOmmie KOmments...]

Not a good start for de-militarizing US foriegn policy. OR proving Dems can handle military matters.

[Even Obama can't trust Democrats to handle military matters.]

Whenever I hear the word "bipartisan," I instinctively bend over and grab my ankles, mostly based on past experience. Gates may not be as bad as Rumsfeld, but this is still a bad move.

[Is that you, Ben Burch? And you don't need to hear the word "bipartisan" or anything else for an excuse to bend over and grab your ankles.]

I'm OK with this as long as Gates is kept on an extremely short leash, with people from our side always at his side.

[He vill be watched by the Thought Police.]

this is a slap in the face Obama has been excellent at slapping his suppporters in the face since the election. This was totally unnecessary. There was no reason to retain Gates for even 1 month. The American people did not vote for continuity with Bush's policies, particularly on Iraq, they voted to repudiate them and to change them. This is the latest in a series of betrayals and bad moves from Obama. I don't need to wait until he takes office, he has shown his hand. He has put our economic policy in the hands of Rubin's disciples who are the cause of the massive meltdown in the financial markets with their policies of deregulation. Now he is keeping the management of the largest branch of the US government, the Defense Department, in the hands of those who brought us this disaster. You may argue Gates is not Rumsfeld, but I don't think Bush appointed Gates because Gates was going to bring our troops home from Iraq or repudiate neoconservatism. I expect that it is going to take the vast majority of Kossacks months, if not years, before they will finally realize they've been sold out. But I do not have the same amount of emotional energy wrapped up in Obama. I was for Edwards initially. In my heart I wish Kucinich could have been the nominee but I knew that was not going to happen. I was so thrilled and esctatic Election Night when I saw the Democrats retake the White House. But I had a sense of caution, left over from the Clinton years, to that joy. I sensed that Obama was going to let us down. And he has.

[Bend over and grab your ankles.]

I think we're all pleased with conditions in Iraq.

[Really? And who was it that was screeching about how the Surge in Iraq could never work?]

Wes Clark cant be Defense Secretary. There's some rule that you have to be retired from the military ten years.

[There is also some rule that the Defense Secretary must be at least slightly sane.]

For keeping Gates for a year, in the middle of two wars? Our hearts are broken so fast...

[May I send you flowers?]

Flushhhhhhhhhh Obama's claim to change.

liar liar pants on fire.

OOOOOOOOOh I'm a progressive!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh really, I'm notttttttt I Lied! ooooooooppppppppppppps.

[Hope and Change letdown?]

I see the pragamatic argument for Gates and agree with some of it. I think that, on some very good levels, it makes sense. But, I also think that I voted for Obama because I want an entirely different kind of government than Shrub has run or that John would have. Gates is part of their establishment. Regardless of what he knows, Gates was appointed by Shrub and I haven't liked a single person that Shrub thought was good. Gates irks me like a mole irks the CIA. There are plenty of other good choices for Defense Secretary and I wish Obama would choose one of them. A Democratic one.

[Like somebody from Code Pink?]

it's disconcerting in a Cabinet that has yet to exhibit anyone who qualifies as left of center-left that Gates is being picked, even if it is for the short term.

[Consider yourself disconcerted.]

Gates was the "adult supervision" choice...

[And Democrats certainly need adult supervision.]

I get desperate sometimes voting Democrat, almost to the point of just not voting. I didn't vote for Obama to have Republican Lite - but that's what an administration of Gates's and Clintons begins to sound like.

[You want me to cry you a river?]

Obama's Stockholm syndrome. No, it could be bait and switch.
Filling the government with political insiders shows some timidity on Obama's part. Then he will become their helpless captive.

[We now have Obama under our mind control.]

Gates is NO change--despicable! The MSM seems absolutely delighted with Obama's uninspired picks which should set off all kinds of alarm bells. It's about time we had some evidence of some progressive roots on Obama's part. He might turn out to be a conservative.

[Hope and No Change.]

What's this continuity garbage? The people voted for change, including in Iraq. Other presidents have come in in times of "crisis" and haven't kept holdovers at crucial positions like Sec. of Def. And there's a more important point. Gates has stood for policies we have opposed on this site for years going back to the 1980s. As a matter of principle he shouldn't be retained. But I realize principle is a foreign word for those for whom everything is political calculation and fear of getting someone in the mandarin class angry.

[KOmmieland was around in the 1980s?]

So far, Obama has not appointed one liberal/progressive voice for his cabinet. NOT ONE!! So basically, we're good enough to build a grassroots campaign on, but we're not good enough to sit at the big boys table. As of now, Obama is reminding me of that kid in school who, once he became popular, suddenly had his new circle of friends and wanted nothing to do with his old friends who were there for him from day one. I'm still trying to keep an open mind, but so far am not impressed with Obama's cabinet picks

[Back to the kiddie table to stare at your turkey.]


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HUffies Worry That Al Franken Unable To Steal Senate Election

(I'm back and so is Al Gore. I've been busy lately writing up the new "Al Gore At The Movies" reviews. Here is the first REVIEW about "Quantum of Solace." Okay, now on to the DUFU.)

The HUffington POst HUffies are worried that Al Franken might not be able to steal the election for U.S. senator from Minnesota. As a result, they are now calling for Franken to "find" missing ballots which really means manufacture missing ballots. You can find their concerns on this HUffie THREAD titled, "Franken Camp Calls For Investigation Of Missing Ballots." If Franken is unable to steal enough ballots to "win" then it is going to absolutely kill him. A Democrat sweep in the Senate and poor widdle Al is left out. How badly does that have to hurt him. So let us now watch the HUffies worry about Franken's possible inability to steal the election in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who has been busy typing up Al Gore's movie reviews, is in the [brackets]:

Franken Camp Calls For Investigation Of Missing Ballots.

[Missing Ballots MUST be manufactured.]

Al Franken's Senate campaign called on the Minnesota Secretary of State to launch a comprehensive investigation into the possibility of missing ballots in the state's recount election.

[Possibility means fantasy.]

In a conference call with reporters on Monday, aides to the Democratic challenger said that they were growing increasingly concerned with news reports that ballots from Election Day -- which by state law must be recounted -- have gone missing.

"The number of votes counted on November 4th," said spokesman Andy Barr, "exceeds the number of ballots produced for consideration during the recount."

Marc Elias, Franken's chief lawyer, said that the campaign was not alleging foul play, noting that many of these missing ballots could be the product of administrative oversight or simple misplacement. But, with the election margin down to double digits (according to the Franken campaign's internal numbers, which they would not detail) he added that every single vote was of the utmost importance.

"[Missing ballots] should be a serious matter for cause and concern. That is why today we are calling on the Secretary of State to launch an investigation to find these ballots and make sure they are counted... to immediately instruct local elected officials to redouble their efforts to find all missing ballots," said Elias. "We know this is a close election... in an election this close we cannot let any lawful vote go uncounted."

[We cannot let any "missing" vote go unstolen.]

The Coleman campaign, too, has said that reports of missing ballots should be taking seriously -- and there is little indication that these missing ballots would benefit one candidate or another. For example, on Friday, 74 ballots were discovered missing in St. Louis County, only to be found in a locked counting machine inside a warehouse. The county auditor said that the ballots contained votes for Franken and Coleman. On Thursday, meanwhile, the Center for Election Integrity MN reported that 243 ballots had gone missing in Robbinsdale County, only to be later found. Of that bunch 143 were votes for Franken, 140 for Coleman.

Those cases, however, have been successfully solved. In a memo to the Secretary of State, David Lillehaug, another attorney for the Franken campaign, claimed that there were still five missing ballots in Clay County, three in St. Louis, and 13 in Washington County.

[So a total of 18 missing votes. Even if Franken wins them all, Coleman still wins.]

"In an election this close," he added, "these discrepancies should be cause for serious concern to every Minnesota voter."

[Especially if that Minnesota voter is named Al Franken. And now on to the HUffie rantings...]

I'm not from Minnesota, but I do hope Al wins. I have a really piss poor reason for that. It's just that I am sick and tired of born again, family values, hypocritic smarmy republicans with helmet hair who must spend a lot of time at the dentist for teeth whitening!

[A HUffie deranged by the thought of Republicans with their well-combed hair and white teeth.]

Hey may have to go back to Air America, that network that can't even retain a station in the country's largest media market that reaches past the island of Manhattan.

[Al can't go back to Air America. He already stole all the money he possibly could from the Boys and Girls Clubs.]

the republicans are getting cocky about this. Al just sit tight, and REFUSE to concede until Coleman just gives up, through it to the Supreme Court if you have to. If he can't have the seat nobody should. Contest, Fight, Never give up.

[I can just picture Al Franken camping out on the steps of the Capitol demanding his Senate seat.]

This means that the Frankenstein campaign thinks they are going to lose. Time to start blaming the good ol' missing ballots and the GOP for stealing another one.

[Quick! Find a scapegoat.]

it is so obvious that republicans can't win an election without cheating.

[A severe case of projection here.]

The GOP thinks it can tamper with election results - not this time.

[This time the Democrats think they can tamper with election results yet again.]

This is not good. Franken wouldn't be raising this if there was confidence the count was going his way. Those contested ballots might not be so good for him. According to Nate Silver Frankin's projected to win by 27 votes but that's looking at statistics. Franken's people have looked at the actual ballots.

[Yeah, when the Franken camp raises "missing ballots" you know they are really behind.]

Has anyone looked for the ballots under Coleman's mattress?

[Or up Franken's tush?]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

DUmmies angry that BO may not punish the rich!

We're beginning to see a pattern emerge. Whenever the Young Prince shows any sign of "moving to the center"--hiring Clinton retreads, being nice to Traitor Joe Lieberman--the Looney Left gets HOPPIN' MAD! They go absolutely bonkers! Although . . . isn't that really their normal state? Yes, but in this case, the target is different. Now it's the previously unassailable Obamassiah. They're not quite to the point of yelling, "Crucify! Crucify!" but you can see how they could get there from here.

Well, the latest thing to set them off is a slight little indication that Obambi may NOT move to punish the rich quite as quickly as the Bolshevik hordes might like. Just the thought of letting the EEEVIL rich off easy makes the DUmmies' heads explode! As we see in this
THREAD, "Obama may delay high-income tax-cut repeal: aide." 300 replies in nine hours! Stay class-warfarey, DU!

So hide your 401Ks and don peasant garb, as we watch the Marxist mob rage against the Capitalist Pig-Elect, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest corespondent, Charles Henrickson, dedicated to spreading the mirth around, is in the [higher text brackets]:

[First the news that sets them off . . .]

Obama may delay high-income tax-cut repeal: aide

President-elect Barack Obama may consider delaying an election promise - to roll back tax cuts on high-income Americans - as part of his economic recovery strategy, a senior aide and an adviser said on Sunday. David Axelrod, one of Obama's closest confidants chosen to be a senior White House adviser, was asked if the tax cut could be ended later than Obama called for during the campaign. "Considerations will be made," he said on "Fox News Sunday."

[On Faux News yet! Commence frothing at the mouth!]

Ah, the slipping into passive voice. That's an ominous note.

[Mouths will be frothed.]

HERE it comes.... More Excuses, and BS

[BS from BO.]

Might as well commit suicide.

[If the rich don't have their taxes raised RIGHT AWAY, there's NO POINT IN LIVING!!]

so Paris Hilton keeps getting her tax cut and I keep getting the shaft.

[We'll always have Paris.]

Oh, sorry. I appear to be 'hating'.

[And 'frothing.']

Could be Obama is responding to new information. Could be he's just another lying sack of sh*t Republican operative conning the little guy out of his smaller piece of the pie.

[It's the latter. Give up.]

Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff tells us all we need to know. The empire continues to thrive.

[The Bush Family Evil Empire (BFEE). Rahm is the lost Bush brother.]

Obama and many Dems won. Still no reason to become a lemming.

[The reason "Obama's" birth certificate is still in hiding is because it reveals his true father: Dick Cheney!]

I believe that President Obama will just let the W tax cuts expire in 2010, which is the best thing for him to do, rather than repeal the things during a recession.


The rich can afford to pay more taxes.

[The rich ALREADY pay more taxes!]

Like I said earlier before the election. Obama was going to be too much the status quo.

[Barack McSame.]

Meanwhile the Drunken Revelry goes on. . . .

[Is that you, Pie-eyed Piper Pitt?]

He had BETTER not give in to the damned Pentagon!! If he does I swear I will never vote again.


I say people should wait until he says something, instead of getting in a panic beforehand.

[I say people should panic beforehand.]

300 replies by late this afternoon. . . .

[Sir, I perceive that you are a prophet.]

if Obama starts breaking his promises, I would call him a traitor.

[From Obamassiah to Judas Iscariot.]

I'll wait to see what obama has to say before I toss him under the bus.

[Democratic Underbus.]

President Obama hasn't been Inaugurated yet. . . .

[You're kidding!]

Let's wait till AFTER the inauguration to really condemn him. . . .

[This is like the Spring Training of Condemning.]

I'm confident that the Obama Administration are going to do the right things, I have complete faith in their abilities.


With Wall Street the way it is right now, hell, who knows, Obama raising taxes might be the death kneel that brings the whole thing down.

[Ask not for whom the bell tolls--it decided to "kneel" instead!]

So you wouldn't care that the rich were once again not paying even close to their fair share?

[If the rich were really to pay their FAIR share, they would get massive tax CUTS!]

just another sell-out politician that is farting through silk.

[Silky Phony.]

90% of the federal budget consists of only four things...Social Security, Medicare, Pentagon and interest on the national debt.

[Defense is a legitimate constitutional item, so I say let's phase out the unconstitutional programs of Social Security and Medicare, then we won't have to raise ANYONE'S taxes AND the national debt will go away! Voilà! Elect me President!]

The Pentagon Budget really needs dramatically reducing. . . .

[How did I know THAT would be the area you'd go after?]

the Political ramifications of reducing the DOD budget when China and Russia start greatly expanding their military will be suicidal.

[Well, so what! If the Russkies bomb us, at least we'll have universal healthcare to tend to the wounded!]

if Al-Qaida is successful in conducting an attack on our soil during an Obama administration. . . .

[Again, who cares?! Preventing terrorist attacks is SO last eight years!]

Al-Qaida made its last attack here by sneaking box cutters through airport security and flying commercial jetliners into skyscrapers and the Pentagon.

[Ha1 You bought that line! Don't you know it was an inside job, a controlled demolition?!]

I agree that the CEO's need to have their salaries capped.

[As well as their knees! Maybe that's what that "death kneel" was about.]

Look, most of the rest of the world is socialist or Communist.

[When will we GET WITH THE PROGRAM??]

The NHS in Britain is a mess, a shambles, with waiting lists and inadequate facilities and not enough doctors. . . . People with cancer have to wait up to 12 weeks to get scans and whatnot.....there are long waiting lists for even the most simple of operations.

[So let's try it here! UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE FOR ALL!]

Money don't grow on trees.

[Why not? FREE UNIVERSAL MONEY FOR ALL! Except the rich. But, except after we tax them, they won't be rich anymore. Hmmm. . . . problem. . . .]

We have been such abused children that we stike out at those that are trying to help us.

[Trust Papa Obama.]

Deal breaker for me.


Are you now going to proclaim you are forever against Obama?


I guess I'm just a redistributionist socialist.

[I guess.]

The honeymoon is over...It's called date rape.

[Lie back and enjoy it, DUmmies! This is the guy you went to bed with!]

Change we can make believe in. Same assholes. Different toilet.

[¡Si se potty!]

NO. This has to be Day One legislation.

[Tell you what: Obambi will get to it in about 24 business hours.]

When you don't need a job and can sit around the pool or country club waiting for the dividend checks to come in, then you are rich.

[How about when you don't need a job and can sit around in Mom's basement typing to your fellow DUmmies?]

He was never going to raise taxes on the rich. Letting the tax cuts expire was his plan.

[Uh, Earth to DUmmie: "Letting tax cuts expire" IS raising taxes!]

The Rich MUST Be Taxed . . .

[. . . or my head will EXPLODE!]

I love whiney rich people.

[They're so much fun to tax!]

I'd still prefer not to have MORE of my income taxed.

[You're not very patriotic now, are you?]

The Democratic Party is totally corrupted now -- abandon ship. . . .

[The rats are jumping ship!]

Wealthy people create jobs, wealthy people use money to start businesses and employ the less wealthy. . . .


Obama filled his cabinet full of DLCers. No progressives have his ear.

[Odumbo's ears are big enough for all to share.]

We go on a spending strike. We boycott EVERYTHING except necessities.

[Not One D*mn Dime Day 43.0]

Give the average citizen a bailout of say $15,000 a piece.

[Why stop there? $249,000 apiece!]

This is why I'm a fan of a flat or fair tax.....10-13% for everyone.


The top tax rate is RIDICULOUSLY low. Rolling it back to 39% should just be the tip of the iceberg.

[140% tax rate on the wealthy!]

Capitalism is killing the planet and humanity. . . .


I'm beginning to hear of many things he campaigned on and have now seemed to have fallen off of the radar that are pissing me off.

[Obama the Most Merciful, piss be upon him.]

if he breaks all his promises, thats it I'm out. I'll never vote again. I didn't put my all into getting him elected just to be made a fool of.

[Well, actually, you did! Hee! Hee!]

Everyone take a deep breath before you throw the baby out with the bath water.

[Mixed Metaphor of the Day Award.]

I think the reason behind most of the posts regarding this is most of us want to see the "Rich" punished with higher taxes. . . .

[You also win a Kewpie Doll for a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Can we please pull back on the knee-jerk reaction of jumping ship. . . ?

[Sorry, you already won the Mixed Metaphor of the Day Award.]

David Axelrod needs to stfu and be sent back to Chicago by Fed Ex.

[Fed Ex ex-fed Ax.]

now he is flapping his mouth about how Obama is going to be just like Bush, only taller and more eloquent.

[You forgot "clean and articulate."]

We did not need Karl Rove in the WH and we do not need Axelrod in the WH.

[Tomorrow Obama names his new Senior Advisor, a guy named . . . what was his name again? . . . Kurt Grove.]

Two months before the swearing in and you're already off the bandwagon and hurling insults.

[The swearing-AT before the swearing-IN.]

liar, liar pants of fire, Barack Obama. . . . this is going to be an Israeli lunatic fringe right wing/DLC/Clinton/Obama Presidency. . . . Never has a presidential candidate . . . lied about so much in such a short period of time. He is totally betraying EVERYTHING we busted our butts to get someone to do. He must be related to Joe Lieberman. Maybe he'll kiss him. This announcement is the kiss of death. . . .

[It's the death kneel.]

This does not bode well... the stench lingers.

[B.O. Plenty.]


[The roar of the moonbat, the smell of the DUmmie.]

The Slick Willie of the new millennium.

[Sleek Barry.]

I can't stand people who just complain on a website. i have sent a few emails already concerning his cabinet. Sure they probably went unnoticed. But if enough people complain . . .

[. . . then even MORE e-mails will go unnoticed.]

I predict, we will see Obama assume a Pelosi/Reid stance. . . .

[The death kneel?]

what do we in the hustings matter to Obama's White House? We're just the engine the powered him financially for 21 months, but now can be forgotten and screwed. Punked is what we've been.


Raise their taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[And then kill them and tax them for dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Man, did we just elect a "W" lite?

[Stay outta da Bushes!]

Clintonista DLC puppet.

[Bush, Clinton--make up your mind!]

Axelrod is Karl Rove lite. . . .

[A thousand points of "lite"!]

Can't get fooled again? We just were.

[Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.]

This is f*cking bullshit!!! Obama LIED to the people!!! Gawd d*mn it!!! . . . F*ck this, I am livid!

[Change we can be livid on!]

guess its time to move out of the country. . . .

[Heck, time to evacuate the PLANET!]

screw taxes, lets boil the rich first to tenderize then a nice saute'

[Yes we cannibalize! Stay class-warfarey, DU!]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When Harry Met Silly: KOmmies rip Reid over Traitor Joe

Head KOmmie KOs and his KOmmies are out of KOntrol! What has sparked this outrage, this boiling explosion of anger? Something Rush Limbaugh or the Rethuglicans did? No-o-oh! The culprit is none other than DEMOCRAT Senate Leader Dingy Harry Reid! And what is his crime against humanity? Playing nice with Traitor Joe Lieberman. You see, Dingy Harry apparently has agreed to let Traitor Joe continue to chair a committee, even though the Connecticut Quisling endorsed John "George W. Bush" McSame. Perhaps Dingy Harry is trying to pull Traitor Joe back over to the Dem side, for purposes of reaching a super-majority. That might actually be a smart thing for a Senate Majority Leader to do. But NOOOOO!!!!!!!! That is ANATHEMA to the Purity Police! Thus yesterday morning Head KOmmie KOs posted THREE (3) threads in rapid succession, HERE, HERE, and HERE, denouncing Dingy Harry and the Dems as tone-deaf DINOs. KOs's three brief diaries generated almost TWO THOUSAND KOmmie KOmments, so we'll just KOncentrate on the first thread, "Reid calls Lieberman a 'Democrat.'" So don some flame-retardant clothing as we watch the KOmmies read Reid the Riot Act, in Flamethrower Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, enjoying the prospect of an ongoing Circular Firing Squad, is in the [brackets]:

Reid calls Lieberman a "Democrat"

[Is that an insult or a compliment?]

Yo Harry, the people of Connecticut spoke to that one. Lieberman is not a Democrat.

[Fine, let Ned Lament chair the committee. Whoops! The people of Connecticut elected Joe Lieberman, didn't they?]

There isn't a more tone-deaf group of people anywhere in this country than inside the U.S. Senate.

[Head Kommie KOs thinks "Senate Hearing" is an oxymoron. Now let's hear from some KOmmies . . .]

My wallet is sealed. . . .

[And your underwear is soiled.]

I'm sure the Dem leadership rationalizes that the netroots will go along with them anyway, that we'll have our fit of pique and then just get over it.

[And they would be correct.]

Not a dime. Ever.

[Not One D*mn Dem Dime!]

Reid has to be primaried, and we need to find a challenger out in Nevada now to groom for 2010!

[Siegfried or Roy?]

Someone should start a Lieberman betrayal countdown clock.

[B minus 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . .]

I wrote them an e-mail, telling them not to come looking for money from me again.

[Unless your name is George Soros, I don't think they really care.]

I am done with the DSCC. They can suck eggs.

[But the yolk's on you.]

Dem senate is craven or corrupt, take your pick.

[I pick "c," both of the above.]

And while I'm not out to hijack the thread, HRC as SoS is NOT change I can believe in.

[But the Tigress of Tuzla is FEARLESS on foreign tarmacs!]

DUMP HARRY REID! He's a limp dick.

[Mrs. Reid checks in. . . .]

They may as well elect Joe as Majority Leader. All he has to do is threaten to leave the caucus, and they'll give him whatever he wants.

[Caucusians rule!]

They voted to support Joe Lieberman. He is OFFICIALLY THEIR ALBATROSS now.

[Traitor Joe Lieberman, Official Albatross of the Democrat Party.]

now THAT's vindictiveness we can believe in! yay cynicism and revenge! Long live the punishing spirit!

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

I am very, very angry right now.

[So what's new?]

Wise and powerful is Obama, he has seen this well in advance and has a plan.

[John Kerry had a plan.]

Start by hanging Reid in effigy. . . . Then set the effigy aflame as the TV news crews record the action! Perhaps the jerk will get the message.

[Hunka, hunka burnin' love. . . .]

Reid Couldn't Lead Sailors To A Whorehouse. . . .

[And he's from Nevada!]

Reid was a great Whip. . . .

[Now he's a lousy Wimp.]

I felt nauseous this morning on my way to work. Now I know why.

[Acid Reid-flux.]

WE, The People, voted for Change, and this is, again, More Of The Same. It's as if we don't even exist.

[Did somebody say something?]

Harry Reid isn't even a Democrat... he's a Douchocrat.

[Il Douche.]

Harry caved to none other than Barack. . . . I still support Barack, but let’s be realistic, Obama is not a liberal.

[Karl Marx would not be liberal enough for these people.]

How could Barack "save" the Dems from themselves, . . . when he was all onboard the Keep Lieberman Train from day one? He never wanted to punish Lieberman, either, and now we are stuck with Smucky McSmuckerson.


Someone start a f*cking 3rd party that isn't represented by nutcases so I can get off this political shortbus.

[You'll get off the shortbus when Obama throws you under it.]

Reid appears to be getting more and more clueless all the time. Senile dementia?

[Senate Dem-entia.]

My post-election high is quickly evaporating.

[Needs More Cannabis!]

I bet the Republicans are having a great laugh over how we got punked and still came back for more from our own party.

[You've been reading the DUmmie FUnnies, haven't you?]

I'm amazed that Lucy can ALWAYS get Charlie Brown to kick the football.

[YOU'VE been reading the DUFUs, too!]

now Lieberman owes Obama big time. . . .it's better to have your enemies inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

[Obama, the All-Wise and All-Powerful, the Most Merciful, piss be upon him. . . .]

We want leaders, not contortionists.

[benburch wants contortionists.]

Joe Lieberman could take a sh*t in Harry Reid's mouth in the middle of a caucus meeting, and they'd still let him stick around.

[For that kind of entertainment value, if nothing else.]

Now let's all be friends. Who wants milk and cookies?

[I love you, you love me, we're a happy family . . .]

Monday, November 17, 2008

DUmmie madfloridian feels used, tossed, and persecuted!

Just a few days after the Young Prince's election, we documented for you the beginnings of DUmmie concern about Obambi moving to the center, in our DUFU, The honeymoon's over! DUmmies DUmp on Rahm!. That thread was started by DUmmie madfloridian. Now DUmmie madfloridian is back, again worried about an Obama administration not as leftist as hoped for, and feeling that the Looney Left was just USED in order to win the election. Witness this THREAD, "Take their money, use their energy, but don't pay too much attention to their demands."

But what makes this thread even FUnnier is the extreme HYPERSENSITIVITY to any criticism on the part of DUmmie madfloridian! Whenever any DUmmie posts anything questioning her on even the slightest of points, she replies immediately, as though she were under attack! Out of the first 82 replies, madfloridian has about 27 of them (a third!), mostly whining about how unfairly her fellow DUmmies are treating her! To keep the players straight, after madfloridian's opening post, when we get to the replies, I will label hers, "MF" ("madfloridian," of course).

So enjoy the sight of DUmmies never satisfied and madfloridian feeling persecuted, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, more concerned about a certain awolfloridian, is in the [brackets]:

Take their money, use their energy, but don't pay too much attention to their demands.

[Same old story: DUped, then DUmped.]

I think we are very lucky to have Obama as our President Elect. If I question, it is the people around him. . . .

[What you're saying is, Emperor Zero is just a figurehead, a prop.]

I feel like many of us who worked for and donated to the DNC are not going to be needed again for the next four years. I did not think it would be that way.

[You're like the girl who wakes up to an empty bed and says, "But he said he loved me!"]

anyone other than the leaders of the party who make the decisions are not especially worthy to be involved in the planning. They use various names for us...netroots, nutroots, grassroots, bloggers, liberals, activists.

[DUmmies, moonbats, the Looney Left. . . .]

what we are facing in trying to be relevant in a party that decided the direction years ago. It will be an unhill battle.

[Ironic Typo Award.]

use them and toss them.

[Disposable DUmmies.]

They may assume that the activists, grassroots, netroots, liberals are not their enemy after all, that many of us actually have good ideas, intelligence, and common sense....or they will continue to relegate us to the status of fringe.

[I'd go with the latter.]

We need to be on guard.

[You're about as "on guard" as anybody, madfloridian, even against your fellow DUmmies, as we're about to see. . . .]

I am never disappointed when I click on one of your posts. . . .

[A nice, kind reply. A compliment. But now watch madfloridian's guard go up right away. . . .]

MF: Many are. disappointed that is.

[MF's persecution complex will soon become a self-fulfilling prophecy.]

I will rejoice when you, madfloridian, can embrace our new president. . . . What specifically don't you like about him? . . . Who's side are you on?

[madfloridian is on madfloridian's side.]

MF: Whose side am I am on?????? Explain that. After all my years here? You wonder? What the heck is going on here, that blind loyalty is demanded.

[DUmmieland is a FReeper FRont.]

MF: I guess I could shut up. What do you think? I know, I am a downer. Why are so many DEMANDING obedient unquestioning loyalty. Sorry I am disappointing people. . . . I am funny that way.

[Yes, you are!]

did you see PE Obama and his wife on 60 Minutes, for most of the hour, tonight? I find them both delightful.

[Sorry, them's FIGHTIN' WORDS to MF!]

MF: I adore the Obamas. I resent that you think I don't.

[Back off, Jack!]

You 'resent' everyone who doesn't agree with you.

[Ya think?]

MF: No, I don't resent those who disagree without putting me down.

[But I resent YOU for suggesting such a thing!]

MF: I take a lot here, and seldom get mad . . .

[. . . even though my name is MADfloridian!]

Then stop sounding like the hurt person and state your case.

[How DARE you?!]

MF: I stated my case clearly and you jumped my butt.

[The Benburch Maneuver.]

Again, it's all about you, my dear.

MF: Who started that "all about me" talking point about me?

[Note the rich irony in MF's reply.]

No don't shut up. . . . we need our Paul Revere, now even as we needed him centuries ago.

[Listen, my DUmmies, this post meridian
To the paranoid rant of madfloridian
On the 17th of November of 2008;
There's hardly a DUmmie who doesn't hate
The incessant resentment of that bloomin' idiot.]

MF: I don't like to be told I must love the people around Obama. . . . Boy, people here don't tolerate questioning anymore. That's a shame. My post was good.

I apologize. I must have confused your username with somebody else.

[You must have been thinking of the NON-paranoid madfloridian.]

He hasn't even taken office and you're already backstabbing Obama.

[madfloridian has Obama's back.]

MF: I am the one alone. Totally alone here anymore. Because I do not like some around Obama. . . . But go ahead and rip this whole thread apart with attacks on me.

[Me, me, me, MEEEE!!!!!!]

it's not what you say, but how you bristle and act as if you have been personally insulted when someone disagrees with you.

[Bristle while you go berserk, bristle while you go berserk. . . .]

MF: Why don't you contact the moderators and have them ban me?

[Banned on the run. . . .]

You're playing martyr. No one is silencing you.

[In fact, we can't get you to shut up!]

MF: This is like an effort to stop any criticism and it needs to stop.

[And yours is an effort to stop any effort to stop any criticism, and you need to stop needing it to stop. Stop.]

MF: People are afraid to post in my threads lately. When I defend myself, I get accused of making it all about me.

[Now how in the WORLD could people get such a crazy idea??]

The Republicans are eagerly hoping for liberals to be quickly disenchanted with Obama so they can bounce back in two years.

[And the DUmmie FUnnies is eagerly hoping for you DUmmies to be disenchanted, so we have something to LAUGH about for the next two years!]

MF: I can't wait to see the attacks in the morning. Will be overwhelming.

[madfloridian thrives on being "attacked."]

The sun doesn't shine out Obama's ass, he's not going to give us all a pony. . . .

[D*MN that Obama!]

Those who want me to Sit Down and Shut Up can Bite Me.

[The Reality-Based Community Bites.]

MF: And I say goodbye. . . . I have had it.

[Somehow, madfloridian, I do not think we have heard the last from you.]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DUmmies Debate John Edwards Comeback

He's baaaaack! Or at least, he's trying to come back. I am referring to John Edwards who is trying to re-enter the public sphere now that the election is safely over. The problem is that even many Democrats can't stand him. The DUmmies had a poll as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Pass The Final Verdict -- John Edwards Is....." And the final verdict by the DUmmies is that 68% of them think Edwards is "A Louse Who Cheated On His Cancer-Recovering Wife And Should Be Shunned" and 32% think he "A Good Man Who Made An Honest Mistake And Should Be Forgiven." Even the DUmmies are slightly more attached to reality than a Los Angeles Times BLOG which came to this absurd conclusion about Edwards: "He confessed to his wife awhile back. And he wasn't the father of the woman's child." And the idiot who wrote that blog must be the only person left in the country that still believes John Edwards. So let us now watch the DUmmies pass the final verdict on John Edwards in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that there is a Los Angeles Times blogger eager to buy a bridge in Brooklyn, is in the [brackets]:

Honest mistake? Not exactly. It was a dishonest mistake at best.

[Does that mean you can shop at WalMart again?]

An honest mistake that should be forgiven? Not hardly. Geesh.

[It was an honest mistake. Which is why Elizabeth Edwards is no longer wearing her wedding ring.]

I'm so sick of that excuse. A mistake is something that happens accidentally. You don't trip over your own feet and accidentally stick your dick into another woman who's not your wife. My own father made that "mistake" many, many years ago and I've NEVER gotten over it. Our relationship was never the same after that and I don't think it ever will be again. I'm sorry for his kids. But f*ck him.

[Edwards 2012.]

He didn't just cheat on his cancer-stricken wife.He risked the consequences to not just himself, but the country and the world had he been nominated and then caught. THAT is why he should never have a place in public life again. He's shown just where his loyalties and concerns lie, and it's not with the voters.

[That would have been FUn. Barack Obama picks Edwards as veep and then the scandal breaks out. But you know what? It still wouldn't have made any difference. If The One could have gotten away with a close friendship with Bill the Bomber then he would have survived John the Jerk as a running mate.]

He made a mistake, and then he decided to run for President again anyway
In my opinion, the fact that he chose to run again was an insult to every Democrat. Edwards thought he was so great he could keep this secret and lie it away. Even the media gave him the benefit of the doubt. We already have Bush/Cheney that lies endlessly to protect themselves or further their agenda. Edwards can fade away into obscurity any time now.

[I want Edwards front and center in the limelight again.]

Had he won the nomination...He would have handed the election over to McCain/Palin! This is a serious thing, something I'm not likely to "get over" so easily. He is beyond rehabilitation. Fade... indeed. The faster the better.

[That would have been too FUnnie!!!]

A fatal mistake... the kind he was smart enough to avoid... But chose not to. This was a choice he made, a very, very bad choice that has rendered his political career invalid. HE needs to get over it. No amount of "rehabilitation" is going to put the shine on that turd. And that comes from a once rabid Edwards supporter. He took a chance, not only with his wife, but with the election! Had he won the nomination, you'd be congratulating McCain and Palin right now for their big win. THAT is how bad this was. THAT is what his stupidity nearly cost us.

[Right now I'm wondering if Edwards is going to be forced to turn over his North Carolina palace over to Elizabeth.]

It's about Edwards, what he chose to do and the political climate in which he chose to do it. He made his bed, etc.

[And her bed too.]

He is an asshole of the major kind and besides betraying both his wife and children and screwing them up, and creating ANOTHER child illegitimately, he could have TOTALLY wrecked our chances this time which shows what a selfish and sick man he is.

[I thought there was something about John Edwards that I liked.]

He would have had absolutely no qualms about running for president knowing that his secret life could be revealed at any juncture. A massive betrayal of not just the trust of his wife, but that of his supporters, who believed they could trust him to be upfront about who and what he was.

[That L.A. Times blogger still believes Edwards.]

The decline and fall of John Edwards was the most entertaining portion of the entire presidential process for me.

[Me too!]

I really, really liked Edwards. I wanted to vote for him in the Ohio primary but he had dropped out already. But for f*ck's sake. An affair? I read the comments in the other thread about how "he is only human." We so am I, but I didn't cheat on my husband and then run for president. F*ck him. I don't have to forgive him. I'm not married to him. He is just another disappointing ego-maniac politician.

[And The One has his ego in check?]

The child is obviously his, and he STILL LIES. He is horrible. When you are caught, admit it!

[Hey, he did convince that L.A. Times blogger.]

Yes, the child is his and he couldn't even stand by his very ill wife before fathering another kid.

[I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall while Edwards was assuring Elizabeth that the kid is not his. I guess he didn't do such a convincing con job since she is no longer wearing her wedding ring.]

and he still took donars money, knowing this. now that is really dirty low down. he knew he was at great risk andyet blubbered about being in till the end and begging for more money. what a creep. but I'm glad he is talking aobut poverty issues, someone has to, - but still, somewhere deep inside me there's a vomitous reaction to a guy like Edwards and his conspicuous consumption and affluence, talking about poverty. That's a bit creepy to me too. I just can't believe him.

[John Edwards is just $10 away from eliminating poverty.]

I'm glad we have a man in the White House who at least appears to be faithful to his wife.

[Hee! Hee!]

I thought he had offered to do a DNA test and Rielle Hunter turned him down?

[LOL! And of course those big monthly payments she is getting have nothing to do with turning down the DNA test.]

At the time there were rumors runnning rampant that she was paid off so she wouldn't request a paternity test. I bet you she does end up doing one or he just admits that the child is his (publicly, that is), probably after Elizabeth has passed away. Very sad.

[Actually very FUnnie! He marries the ditz and finds out (surprise! surprise!) that she is nothing but a New Age Gold Digger. Edwards might as well kiss goodby to his North Carolina Palace. Miss Ditz is going to be the sole resident there in the long run.]

John Edwards is...toast. I predict you'll never hear from him again.

[A pretty lousy prediction since the Breck Girl is already back on a speaking tour.]

WTF do you think you're doing running for president and not think something like that's going to come out?

[Obama and Bill both got away with it.]

She's been seen lately w/o her wedding ring on. And the story goes that he's no longer living with her at her request.

[Say goodbye to that NC Palace.]

It is reported that he is living in their home on Figure Eight Island (gated community off the coast of NC)....while Elizabeth lives in their home near Chapel Hill, NC.

[Next stop---St. Helena.]

Monday, November 10, 2008

The world likes us now, thanx to the Young Prince!

"You like me, you really like me!" No, it's not Sally Field at the Oscars. It's you and me, Joe and Jan America, now that the world has decided to like us again. And it's all thanx to the Young Prince! In the few days since we elected Obambi, we've gone from racist fundie Ugly American to enlightened Euro Eunuch. It's hip to be an American again! Oh, joy! My life was incomplete, knowing that a bunch of tea-sipping secularized socialist surrender monkeys were frowning at me. But now The One has changed all that! Just thrill to this THREAD, "Living abroad, what the reaction has been, my experiences..." So queue up in docile fashion and hear the reports pouring in from around the globe, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, no longer losing sleep over hostile world opinion, is in the [Barackets]:

Living abroad, what the reaction has been, my experiences...

[Oh, please, tell us! Do they like us now? Do they? Oh, please. . . .]

As a dual US/UK citizen (I grew up in the US, but have lived in Scotland for ten years) I have had a lot of questions from family and friends back in the States as to what the reaction in the UK has been to Obama being elected.

[Don't keep us in suspense! We've GOT to know, or we just can't go on!]

Most everyone I have spoken to is ecstatic.

[Hooray! They like us, they really like us! I can come in off the ledge now.]

Bush was widely hated here (from the start). . . .

[But of course.]

I only know one person myself who was a McCain fan. . . .

[You'd think Scotland would be McCain Country.]

she goes to a "Superchurch" style place of worship here and follows Fundamentalist Christian literature from the USA RELIGIOUSLY (ha ha).

[Ha! Now is the time on Sprockets when we mock religion.]

She sent me a bunch of email crap about how Obama is a baby killer. I blocked her from my inbox.

[Abort! Abort!]

When I took my younger son into his Nursery Class on Wednesday morning (there is universal pre-school here, from the age of three) . . .

[Indoctrinate them early.]

. . . one of the teachers immediately gave me the thumbs up sign.

[No longer the middle-finger salute.]

As I sat in my living room here in Scotland and watched the results come in I cried.

[Of course, you're a DUmmie.]

As I watched Barack Obama take the stage in Grant Park I cried.

[Usually when leftists invade Grant Park, there's tear gas.]

As I listened to his beautiful speech I looked at my little newborn daughter. . . .

[I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you're not married. Call me crazy.]

I felt the world is going to be a better place for my kids to live.

[Let's all gather on a mountaintop and sing!]

it sounds kind of hokey but I felt like something happened to the soul of the United Sates on Tuesday night.

[Our soul has been sated! Praise you, Obamassiah!]

It was renewed, it was changed, and it was felt across the ocean and around the world.

[A soul tsunami!]

For the last eight years I have been sad, angry, frustrated. . . .

[What a coincidence! That's about how long President Bush has been in office!]

I felt like the country had been stolen.

[What do you care? You live over in Limeyland.]

Americans were seen as right wing fundamentalists.

[No! A fate worse than death!]

Overnight we went from being viewed as a right wing country with a joke for a president to something entirely different.

[Now we're a left-wing country with a joke for a President. Thanks for that report, DUmmie applejuice. Now for more reports. Spanning the globe . . .]

aw man I had almost made it for 12 hours with out "stuff getting in my eye"

[Tear gas?]

Australian reaction. I wore my Obama t-shirt out the day after the election. Every response I had was positive - he would have won about 85-15 over here.

[Well, scratch Australia off my places to move to when Obambi takes office.]

But almost all I spoke with expressed fears for his safety and thought that someone will take a pop at him.

[I wouldn't want to get on Michelle's bad side, if I were him. She looks like she could take his scrawny little butt in a heartbeat.]

The U.S. has a horrible record when it comes to the rate at which our greater leaders get assassinated.

[Three out of the four assassinated presidents were Republicans.]

We are coming out of the Dark Ages here. . . .


Obama is breath of fresh air for the world.

[B.O. Plenty.]

I got a text just after the election was called (what was it; 3am here?) from my son's flatmate - it said only "YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then the phone rang and it was my 70+ year-old mother-in-law down in England who'd stayed up to watch the election. Her voice was all choked up.

[Tear gas?]

The next morning, I was greeted by one of my colleagues with, "Hey, it's an American! We can like them now!"

[Thank you, Young Prince!]

touched that people are so ready to welcome us back to civilized society.

[Even though President Bush has been leading the fight to protect Western Civilization from the Islamic jihad. But if you prefer terrorized, decadent, emasculated Eurabia. . . .]

In Nepal it is very much the same. . . .

[Except higher.]

I am American but have lived in Kathmandu. . . .

[Cue Bob Seger. . . .]

Ecstasy in Egypt too.

[I bet.]

More than once, I've had them ask me why Americans hate all Arab people. Try answering that one in 25 words or less.

[OK. Two words: Nine. Eleven.]

They did think it was funny to have an American presidential candidate with the middle name "Hussein."

[Shhh! You're not allowed to say the middle name!]

On Wednesday I wore all blue to work.

[We wore black.]

Everybody came up and congratulated me.

[Did you ululate?]

I feel lucky to live in Alexandria, since I am a big History Geek. . . .

[Beware of Geeks bearing left.]

The stories now about the post-election celebrations throughout the world give us all so much hope . . . we're back! The U.S.A. is back!

[USA! USA! It's the Fourth American Empire!]

Gotta go cry more happy tears now.

[Glub, glub. . . .]

I know how the world feels about the US. They loved Jackie Kennedy and JFK and Robert Jr. and Carolyne and they loved Bill Clinton and they'll love Barack and Michelle and Malia and Sacha Obama.

[JFK got around, but I don't think he was the father of Robert Jr.]

And just as importantly, they hate the Bush family and always will.

[BDS is the sine qua non of being cool and hip.]

I feel like I can go out and see the world again.

[Free at last! Free at last!]

the next big place on my list is Africa.

[A pilgrimage to Kenya would be in order. Tour Obambi's brother's hut.]

I had some friends doing some travel just after the 2004 election. . . . They stuck their Kerry pins all over their backpacks and also bought some patches and sewed then on.

[John Kerry has your backpack.]

I also wore a Kerry pin on my jacket for several months after that election. I was so upset after 2004 that I felt like someone had died, like I was grieving or something. I know that sounds over the top. . . .

[Not for a DUmmie.]


[Southern Fraaaaaaaance?]

My experience in Berlin. . . .

[Ich bin ein Berlooney.]

I was taking a taxi to Tegel Airport. My 30-ish male driver . . . said, "Please be telling me you vote for Obama." I turned my back pack over and said, "Look at this". "This" was my honking big Obama button. He gave me a big smile, saying gut! gut!

[Gut check.]

And then he turned the meter off and gave me a free ride the rest of the way to the airport.

[The taxi may have been free, but our taxes will not be.]

All the Irish who said to me, how could any Americans be stupid enough to vote for Bush. . . .

[Hey, we voted for Clinton and Obama, didn't we? Go figure!]

People here in Korea have taken a strong interest in the election. . . .

[Is that you, Li'l Kim?]

My GF--who's from Austria--was following the first projected calls live online--and it was close to 4am her time in Vienna!!! "I really hope Obama wins, I'm praying for your victory..."

[V For Vienna.]

I went to the kiosk to get a beer... Ahmed gave me a long-stemmed red rose. The Germans supported Obama 89,7%. The euphoria could be heard on the trains, on the streets, in restaurants, bars and city rumble...

[Euphoria in Eurabia.]

They seem to like Mrs. Obama's dress more than some of the TV pundits back home do.

[Michelle's black-and-red spider dress was a hit in Korea! I was worried!]

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mormon Hate Reaches Fever Pitch In DUmmieland

The Democrats won the White House and gained seats in both houses of Congress in the past election. So do you think the DUmmies would be happy? As it turns out they are angrier than ever. Why? Well, among other thngs, because Propositon 8 in California passed. WAAAAAAAH!!!! They didn't get a hundred percent of what they wanted and now they are crying like a bunch of babies. And who is the scapegoat for their defeat on Prop. 8? It turns out it is the Mormons as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "I had 2 Mormons knock at my door yesterday." We already had a heads up over this animosity towards the Mormons in this VIDEO produced by the anti-Prop 8 clowns during the campaign and since it failed to pass, their animosity towards Mormons has grown even stronger. So let us now watch the DUmmies attack the Mormons in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that "Attack of the Mormon Missionaries!!!" ad is so stupid as to be campy, is in the [brackets]:

I had 2 Mormons knock at my door yesterday.

[You already got the joke wrong. It's supposed to start out this way: "A Mormon, a priest, and a rabbi knocked on my door."]

I let them talk for about a minute, and then I interrupted. I told them that I had read about a lot of religions including theirs.

[So you read the Book of Mormon? Liar! You probably didn't even read the Bible and I know damn well you never read the Koran since it is impossible to understand.]

I had considered it one of the many of the different religions in this country. I told them I had had a big change of mind after the Prop 8 vote in CA.

[Again you lie. You never did like the Mormons from the get-go. You are just using them as the scapegoat for your Prop. 8 loss.]

I said since their religion had made it a point to get in my business, I was now going to do my best to get in theirs. I was going to start by writing God and everybody to ask that their tax exempt status be removed.

["Dear God. Even though I don't even believe in you, I am asking that you review the U.S. tax code and remove the exemption for Mormons. Sincerely yours. Another Deranged DUmmie."]

I also reported them to Homeland Security because I believed
they were trying to subvert the Constitution and turn America into a theocracy.

[I would have loved to have seen the Homeland Security person answering the phone. When you got done with your "report," he probably made a spinning motion with his finger next to his head.]

I also said that I had contacted a lawyer and the FBI to have any info about me removed from their genealogical project. I said I thought their claim to want to retroactively baptize people was a front to collect info for nefarious purposes. I wanted every syllable about me and my family removed from their records.

[Could we retroactively abort you?]

Then I told them to get their magic underwear wearing, gold plate believing, Osmond listening, Oz temple going, skinny necktie wearing selves off
my doorstep and never come back. If they did I would have them arrested for trespassing, and I was going to call local law enforcement right then to report them as weird looking, neat people who were spying on the city and might be up to no good. They should be checked to see if they had any gasoline and fertilizer residue on them.

[I sure hope there is no rule against Mormons beating the crap out of incredibly annoying offensive people. If there is such a rule, I would petition the Mormon leadership to make a special exemption in your case.]

At least I didn't cuss at them.

[How thoughtful. And now to hear from the other Mormon hating DUmmies...]

good for you, i'm tired of being nice to people like this when they sure as hell aren't nice to me or mine

[As if you were ever nice to Mormons.]

this is religious intolerance.


I feel the same way about the f*cking Dobsonites, and the right-wing pentecostal asshoes, and the Mormon f*cking church...
and the would be witch killer Reverend motherf*cking Muthee...
and Franklin f*cking Graham,
and Pat f*cking Robertson,
and the late Jerry f*cking Falwell,
and the execrable con artist who wrote "The Secret,"
and David trying-to-bring-back-Polio Kirby,
and John f*cking-the-memory-of-the-departed Edward,
and Sylvia the-f*cking-bloodsucker Browne,
and all their priests, and all their acolytes,

[and Charles the DUFU-writing-Lutheran-pastor Henrickson.]

LDS missionaries - the people who come to your door - are carefully vetted by the LDS church to make sure they adhere to church policies. It wouldn't make much sense to send out "subversives" to represent and attempt to spread the religion, after all

[More carefully vetted than LSD Barack Obama ever was.]

before I was married, I roommed with a "jack morman" - his brother was a BISHOP, albeit closeted. Once it became common knowledge, he was excommunicated. My roommate, by the way, was bisexual, and frequently moved in order to evade the dreaded knock at the door from the missionaries his mother would sic on him (he and I would hole up in his room with the coffee pot when we'd get a visit from the Mormans).

[Mer-MAN....Mer-MAN! (My favorite line from "Zoolander.")]

Is Fictional Writing Your New Hobby?

[A skeptical DUmmie who does not believe the Mormon encounter story of the original DUmmie.]

No shit, and it's not good fiction either. Completely unbelievable, even in the context of the traditional DU "damndest-thing-happened-to-me-aint-I-a-badass" story.

[Another skeptical DUmmie who does not believe the BS spouted by the original DUmmie.]

It's about time someone said something to those sactimonious bigots!

[How about if we say something to the chip-on-the-shoulder loons?]

Release the HOUNDS! You should have cussed them out. The prop 8 debacle removed what little tolerance I had for the mormon cult. War has been declared.

[You never had any tolerance for the Mormon "cult" to begin with.]

They've finally given up on me. They take one look at that four-foot high statue of Kwan Yin on the stoop, the Green Tara banner in my kitchen window, and the Tibetan prayer flags and they know I'm a lost cause and move on to easier pickings. All of which is good, because I'm way too pissed off to be polite to them after last week.

[And your rainbow colored Wiccan leather jockstrap was also quite a deal killer.]