Saturday, May 31, 2008

Discussion: What Will DUmmies Do IF Obama Loses?

I started thinking about this a few days ago but have waited until the weekend to post this somewhat offbeat DUFU edition. What I would like to throw out for discussion is the question of exactly WHAT will the DUmmies do if Obama loses in November? Of course, this assumes he is nominated which is still not a completely sure thing. But assuming he is nominated what do you think the reaction from the DUmmies and other leftwingers be if their beloved Obamassiah loses in November? The simple answer is they will implode. However, I am looking for more specific answers. Exactly HOW will they implode? What forms will this take?

After Kerry lost in 2004, the implosion took some interesting forms. One example was when the DUmmies "stood up" in DUmmieland and gave their real names in Drama Queen fashion. This year, I think such a loss will hit them much, much harder. Could an Obama loss spell DOOM for the Democrats as the DUmmies blame Hillary for their loss?

I am interested in hearing your input as to what the reaction will be from the DUmmies and other Leftwing Loons if Obama loses. Your humble correspondent believes that an Obama loss will infect the Left with a POLITICAL RAGE VIRUS.

And to all you pundits, bloggers, and reporters out there...You are free to use the term "Political Rage Virus" as long as you give credit to your humble correspondent here for coining the term. (I googled that term and I am the FIRST to use it.)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wexler Screeches For Impeachment Based On McClellan Book

There is only a little over a half a year left in Bush's presidency yet that hasn't kept Congressman Robert Wexler from continuing to screech for his impeachment. This time Wexler thinks he has found the key for the impeachment. It comes in the form of Scott McClellan's book, "What Happened?" which is short on actual facts but does include a passage where Scotty spotted Karl Rove and Scooter Libby walk into a private room together. CHIMPEACHMENT NOW!!! Of course, if McClellan eventually does testify before congress there will be nothing solid to be found which is why Rush Limbaugh yesterday stated that he hopes the former Deer In The Headlights White House Press secretary does testify. However, this thin gruel hasn't prevented the Daily KOs KOmmies from getting all excited over this as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Wexler Impeachment Update/McClellan's Revelations." So let us now join Wexler and the KOmmies in mid-screech as they once again demand Chimpeachment in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the subtitle of Scott's "What Happened" book should be "I Needed The Money," is in the [brackets]:

Wexler Impeachment Update/McClellan's Revelations

[Scotty saw Rove and Libby enter an office together. CHIMPEACHMENT NOW!!! And now a note from the Wexler For Congress Campaign...]

Dear Friends,

Last night, significant news broke that directly impacts our push for Impeachment Hearings and a possible Inherent Contempt charge for Bush Administration officials such as Karl Rove:

[Inherent contempt? Is there also an inherent impeachment?]

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has revealed in his upcoming book that:

• Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and Vice President Cheney lied about their role in revealing the identity of Valerie Plame Wilson – actions easily amounting to obstruction of Justice.

[Wasn't Karl Rove already indicted on May 12, 2006?]

McClellan also admitted that:

[He saw the sun rise.]

• There was a coordinated effort within the Bush Administration to use propaganda to pump up the case for the Iraq war and hide the projected costs of the war from the public.

[And Deer In The Headlight McClellan was privy to all this? Would love to hear his testimony.]

Scott McClellan must be called to testify under oath before the House Judiciary Committee to tell Congress and the American people everything he knows about this massive effort by the White House to deceive this nation into war.

[He must. Before time runs out. HE MUST!!!]

Last week, a subpoena was issued for Karl Rove to testify before the Judiciary Committee. It appears he will take every legal action to block this subpoena. The truth is that Congress has the right – and obligation – to hold him accountable now - not months or years from now. It is long past time to pass Inherent Contempt and bring Rove, Libby and others before Congress.

[A new legal concept. Inherent contempt.]

We simply cannot ignore these recent developments, nor should we postpone serious inquiry until after the next election.

[Nothing political there? Right?]

Your commitment to accountability for the Bush/Cheney Administration, and the support of 230,000 other Americans who signed up at, has inspired and motivated me in my effort to hold impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney and Inherent Contempt for Rove and others. During the past months I have been a tireless and dogged advocate of this vitally important cause.

[Let's say obsessed.]

Many of you have written me, asking for an update on where we stand with regards to impeachment hearings. I know most of you believe - as I do - that impeachment hearings for Vice President Cheney – are not only justified, but that it is our constitutional obligation to look into the serious allegations of wrongdoing that have been raised. This is especially true based on the newest revelations from Scott McClellan.

[His biggest revelation is that Scotty wanted some book cash.]

I believe that it is the duty of Congress to pursue impeachment whenever there's significant evidence of wrongdoing, be it by Republicans or Democrats, regardless of the timing of elections or the current political environment.

[Remember, 10 years ago liberal legal "experts" kept telling us that perjury is NOT grounds for impeachment.]

Some of you have written me demanding that I deliver hearings or impeachment. As hard as I have been fighting for this cause, I cannot make impeachment happen by myself. What I can do, and what I have been doing at every turn, is trying to communicate two simple messages to my colleagues:

[1. I'm a loon. 2. I need other loons to help me.]

• the serious allegations of wrongdoing and the clear-cut rationale for impeachment hearings;and

• the fact that the public will support our efforts when Congress boldly acts on the side of justice and accountability.

[The public will LAUGH at your efforts.]

Unfortunately, to date, these arguments have not been enough to convince even a majority of the liberal and progressive Members of Congress to support impeachment hearings. In addition, the leadership of the Democratic Party in Congress genuinely feels that pursuing impeachment will jeopardize our congressional agenda and threaten gains in the November elections. Although I genuinely disagree with this view, to date I have been unable to convince them to change this policy.

I understand the challenges that we are up against, and I recognize the odds that we face. Nevertheless, I remain unfazed and unyielding.

[And unrational.]

This new evidence from Scott McClellan could be the tipping point – but we must move quickly. I will use the McClellan admissions to help convince my colleagues that we must hold impeachment hearings.

[I would love to see McClellan look like a Deer In The Headlights again as he tries to answer your questions on Capitol Hill.]

Regardless, I will continue to fight for progressive values and our Constitution. I will do everything I can to pursue accountability for criminal actions taken by this Administration and this Vice President. I will be a furious opponent to any expansion of this misguided war, and I will fight against the use of torture by our government and to protect our civil liberties here at home.

[Stop the torture of the Gitmo prisoners by stopping their flow of airconditioning and overfeeding them.]

Most of all, I will continue my efforts to convince my fellow members of Congress and voters, that we should not be a party of passivity - but that we succeed when we present the public with stark choices that are based on the guarantees in our Constitution, and not on the politics of the moment.

[Oh no. No politics involved here at all.]

I will continue - at every pass - to call for impeachment and accountability. While I wish more of my colleagues supported our movement, we must not let our discouragement lead to apathy and distraction in this important election year when we must break free from eight long years of illegalities, corporate handouts, and a tragic and devastating war.

[Wexler calls for impeachment in his sleep.]

We should not end the calls for impeachment. I will push against the crimes of the Bush Administration whenever I am provided the opportunity. I will use my role on the Judiciary Committee to take on Administration officials – like I have done with Condoleezza Rice, Attorney Generals Gonzalez and Mukasey, and FBI Director Mueller.

[I will continue to act like a leftwing liberal loon.]

I have not given up our fight to hold this Administration accountable and neither can you. I am grateful for your patriotism and your support. I'll continue to keep you informed and part of the conversation.

[Good. That means more DUFU comedy material.]


Congressman Robert Wexler

[Thanx Bob. And now to hear from the KOmmies...]

I just hope Scotty "The Body" will spill his bloated guts. Even if it is just to up his book sales.

[He will if he needs more cash.]

If he can provide the key links required to put the Administration behind bars for their crimes, I'd be happy to buy a copy -- I'd try to get him, and all the Admin officials, to sign it, too. It'd be a collector's edition after the Administration got sent to the Hague.

[Congrats on being the first KOmmie to mention The Hague in this thread.]

If Rove continues to defy the summons shouldn't there be pressure on the networks to stop using him as a pundit?

[And replace him with a certain TruthOut pundit?]

The Hague IS possible. The Repuglicans are going to lose the election...

[So that means Obama will have them tried as war criminals?]

The heck with impeachment. how about going straight to a war crimes trial. Or maybe waiting until after Bush is out then putting him on trial for war crimes.

[The heck with a war crimes trial. How about going straight to jail?]

When Scotty appears please be sure to build the case for murder that officials in this administration have committed. That evidence, hopefully, will be used once Bush is out of office. Apparently Bugliosi is requesting help from 1000+ prosecuters to help build the case.

[Who was murdered? Vince Foster?]

did Fitzpatrick ever interview McClellan? and can he re-convene his investigations now?

[And can he re-indict Karl Rove on May 12, 2006?]

Get McClellan before the House Judiciary Committee now! There is no time to lose.

[Hurry! Hurry! Only a little over a half year left on the Chimpeachment clock!]

I would like see the prosecution of Karl Rove and Scooter Libby. I don't want impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld. I want international war crimes to be brought against them. I would like to see them at the Hague and imprisoned. Yup.

[Yup. You are NUts.]

Rep. Wexler's on Randi Rhodes Show right now

[A very appropriate venue for him.]

Will you state now, for the record, you will pursue impeachment after they leave office?

[LOL! As if it is possible to impeach an officeholder AFTER he leaves office!]

Its never too late for impeachment. There is no expiration date in the Constitution for it.

[Not even when the officeholder leaves office?]

Karl Rove . . . It's time to arrest his ass.

[It will happen in 24 business hours.]

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Moonbat Priest Delivers "Sermon" At Obama's Church

Watch the VIDEO of this Moonbat priest deliver a guest "sermon" at Barack Obama's Trinity United Church a couple of months ago and one word comes to mind: FOOL! I put "sermon" in quotes because his rabid rant had NOTHING to do with religion and EVERYTHING to do with Loony Left politics. And what's with that incredibly phony accent he uses? Most people would be embarrassed as hell to be such an obvious phony but this turkey seems to revel in it. And the most frightening part of the whole thing here is that guy, Father Michael Pfleger, is an actual Roman Catholic priest.

"Wes Clark: Hillary Will Take Fight to Convention"

She's not conceding. She's not going gently into the night. However, she will be fighting all the way to the Democrat convention...and possibly beyond as you can see in this Daily KOs KOmmie THREAD titled, "Wes Clark: Hillary Will Take Fight to Convention." And if Wes Clark said it, you can be sure it is true since Wes is entirely a creature of the Clintons. This is why all the support for Clark by the DUmmies a couple of years ago was so laughable. They actually thought Weasley Clark would run against Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Of course, that assumed that Clark was entirely independent of the Clintons when the opposite was and is true. So let us now watch the KOmmies confront the Hillary Horror that will be facing them all summer leading into the convention in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, stocking up on my $1.50 DiGiorno supreme thick crust pizzas for that event, is in the [brackets]:

I was just watching Verdict with Dan Abrams. They were discussing the recent opinion of DNC lawyers which said that the Rules and Bylaws Committee does not have the power to restore 100% of the Michigan and Florida delegates. They can, at most, restore 50%. Wes Clark was on, and Abrams asked Clark if Hillary would take this to the convention if she didn't get 100% of what she was demanding. He said she would. And then, he said it again. For all of you who ever thought that Hillary was going to give up, you are about to be in for a rude awakening. There will be no "compromise" with Hillary. Any "compromise" will mean her defeat. Again, we may end up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Hillary Clinton's hubris may take the entire party down.

[From your lips to Gaia's ears.]

The Clintons have made a career of putting their interests above the party. Despite presiding over the worst congressional defeat we had suffered in decades, Bill Clinton did little to try to win congress back. He simply capitulated, signing election-year laws like the 'Defense of Marriage Act' or the Telecommunications (deregulation) Act. And then, when Al Gore was getting ready to prevent George Bush from becoming president, Bill Clinton was getting oral sex. Had he not had that scandal, Al Gore may be finishing his second term.

[The guy at the end of "Recount" concurred by saying that if Clinton had gotten a BJ from Sharon Stone instead of Monica Lewinsky, then Gore would have been elected.]

Hillary Clinton has never been restrained by things like rules or facts or logic or reality. Hillary Clinton is, and has always been, in it for Hillary Clinton. She will take the party down, if it doesn't give her that to which she is entitled. The overconfidence of everyone, that she would get out just because it had become hopeless, is about to be exposed as having been naive. It has been hopeless for her for months. Did she get out then? No. Is she going to get out after June 3? No. Is she going to get out when Obama reaches 2,210 delegates (after the rush of superdelegates)? No.

[Oh No!]

Hillary Clinton doesn't have anything to lose. She may take the party down, but she will still be in office in 2012. And so what if the party leaders hate her for blowing the opportunity of a lifetime, and ensuring a 50 year conservative Supreme Court? They can't stop her in 2012, and she can bet that she won’t face another strong candidate. She can count on the masses of uninformed voters, like she did this time.

[Another unintended endorsement of the SUCCESS of Operation Chaos.]

This was never about Michigan and Florida. And it was never about meeting her demands. First she demanded that some of the delegates be seated. When Obama's lead grew, she demanded that 100% be seated. When Obama's lead continued to grow, she demanded that the "uncommitted" vote in Michigan be assigned uncommitted delegates (like the "uncommitted" pro-Hillary delegate that was reported in the Politico the other day).

[What's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable.]

The party can't stop her, only the voters can stop her. We got lucky this time, in having a candidate who was just barely able to beat her. We won't be as lucky next time. And then she can take her revenge against all of those who wronged her this time. Remember, this is about the Clintons.

[It's always ALL about the Clintons. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmies...]

It's not gonna happen. Hillary is going to have to concede.

[Hello Polyanna!]

She's overly ambitious and you know she'll bring a fight to the floor of the convention. Every time Hillary does something out of the ordinary, we were all shocked, but not surprised. I'm shocked Wes Clark said she'll bring it to the convention, but I am not surprised. Anyway, what's up with the General? Shouldn't he show some leadership and tell Hillary to leave? Apparently he missed the leadership class while in the military.

[Again the false assumption that Clark is somehow independent of the Clintons.]

I think the only explanation for her actions is that she is indeed mentally ill.

[The pursuit of the presidency that is Hillary's Great White Whale.]

Wes Clark is a Clinton tool always has been. They made him enter the 2004 Democratic race because they were concerned Howard Dean would run away with the nomination. And now this. The Clintons can go to hell, and Wes Clark can go with them.

[And this KOmmies WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

the only person that can make her stop is probably Chelsea.. she would have to take Hillary to a quiet place so the two could sit down and talk. Then explain how much she loves her and its okay to call it quits.

[Suggested the KOmmie from Fantasyland.]

Many have speculated that Hillary would try to destroy Obama through her kitchen sink approach to campaigning in order to give her a shot again in 2012. If that has any plausability, then how about Hillary threatening the Obama camp with running as an independent if she does not get her way with the Florida and Michigan results. If she were at all rational, she would realize that she does not have a chance to win in 2012 after her antics in this primary. However, most agree that she is far from rational. If she sees 2012 as her last chance to fulfill her birthright, then why not truly split the party in November, and hand McCain the presidency?

[Why not?]

The sky really isn't falling. This is ending in a week or two and we can then concentrate on November.

[Is that you, Ken Norton?]

If they can end Obama's chances and get back at him for defeating them, they'll do it. It's about revenge, at all costs.

[Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Hildebeast.]

Like I've been saying from day one Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are crazy delusional people who don't care about the democratic party, all this people care about is power. Wes Clark, Lanny Davis, Caville and the rest of this bunch are all assholes. Fake democrats who don't care about this country.

[You're going to be FUn to watch when Hillary destroys Obamas electoral chances.]

How can you stop an insane person?

[Remove their KOmmieland posting priveleges?]

There are a lot of Democrat big wigs who have gambled a lot on her not being president, consider the Clinton's vindictiveness. So, a convention fight puts a bullet in the head of the Dems chance of a WH bid, no matter who wins, and Clinton is ruined politically. Sounds like a republican wet dream.

[Please don't wake me up!]

The truth is, Obama has not defeated Hillary Clinton. It's now pretty much out of his hands. This is so deeply upsetting to me, I can't bear it.

[I can.]

Gore is my hero but this election season he's chosen to be super silent.

[That's because he is super serial.]

She's made it clear that even accepting all the FL and MI votes as cast is not enough for her. She's demanded half the uncommitted from MI as well. She and her surrogates have proven they'll fight Obama full blast through August which everyone knows will doom the Dems in November. She actually doesn't want the convention fight but she needs to go through with it to sink the party in order to blackmail the nomination now. She doesn't want to wait till 2012 because she won't win against an incumbent Republican. She's demanding that the party take one or more of her rationales and give her the nomination in the next week or two, so they'll be mostly behind her and she can be fully underway against McCain before July for a plausible shot at November. It's Ultimate Political Chicken.

[With Barack eating crow?]

i am f*cking furious and fighting mad. especially if the clintons steal this nomination somehow.

[So you don't agree with Pied Piper Pitt that this drawn out nomination process is a BLESSING?]

She just won't quit, she is like a cross between an Energizer Bunny and a Terminator. I am tired of this bad ride we call a Primary, let me off! In all seriousness, I think she is gonna take it all the way to the convention.

[Remember, this is really a BLESSING.]

She shows all the symptoms of Narcisstic Personality Disorder.


I don't know whether to scream or cry.

[I don't know whether to laugh or chuckle.]

This is shaping up to be a Shakesperean tragedy of Nixonian proportions. The only question is will the tragedy encompass just one woman, or will she foist it onto an entire party, an entire movement, an entire generation?

[I'm opting for the latter categories.]

instead of having fun and enjoying the convention they'll be wrangling, arguing and people losing their tempers.

[Not me. I'll be having FUn and enjoying the convention on the tube.]

she makes me sick. superdelegates, where ARE you?

[The Superdelegate Cavalry will NOT be riding to the rescue.]

If Barack doesn't toughen up, he's going to lose this thing. Barack needs to focus on WINNING, not being nice. Clinton certainly isn't.

[Neither is Michelle.]

Oh dear lord stop the insanity

[Please don't. All this makes for great comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies.]

I've been avoiding this diary since I first saw it because I knew it would bring me down. It did. I don't know why I read it. Hillary does nothing but bum me out anymore.

[BUmmied out KOmmies are FUn to watch!]

I can't wait for this stupd primary to END so I can focus on some of the other pressing issues. But it's all Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Please will this woman and her husband and her claque go away.

[You need a pre-recant pep talk from William Rivers Pitt about how this is all a BLESSING!!!]

Hillary is going to turn Saturday into a blood-bath. And if she doesn't get her way - she is going to protest at the convention. SHE ISN'T GOING TO STOP!

[Listen. And understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are politically dead. ]

Listen! And understand. That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with! It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. EVER! Until you are dead!"

[I SWEAR! I actually posted my Terminator remarks above before reading this KOmmie's post!]

Fine...I am consigned that we may lose Thanks to the Clintons and their divisive,lying, malicious ways...I am at peace at this point with it. We played by the rules, we kept to a moral high ground and we paid the price to win the nomination through our hard work, hard earned money, and excellent grass roots organization. Hillary and Bill are determined to destroy our chance of winning and for that they will never be forgiven...Hillary will never be President of this country if I...we have anything to do with it.

[Thanx to the Clintons for DEMORALIZING the KOmmies.]

Nothing makes people angrier than that which violates their expectations, and there has been nothing the Clintons have been anticipating for longer and with more enthusiasm than Hillary becoming the first woman president. Now that they, and especially she, has been denied this long held dream, I predict they are going to do everything in their power to make Obama pay. She will stay in the race and continue to inflict damage on Obama. Not to long ago Obama was beating McCain in general election matchups, but thanks mostly to Hillary turning bittergate into a media frenzy, that advantage has vanashed. Hillary doesn't know if she'll ever become president, but she does know that by staying in the race and causing trouble, at least she'll have the revenge of stopping Obama. It doesn't matter how much damage it does to her reputation and finances. She's untouchable because Obama has already taken from her the only thing in life she really wanted: To be president; and if Obama loses not only does she get revenge, but also the opportunity to run in 2012.

[Moral of the story: Don't deny Tracy Flick her ambitions.]

After silently enduring a lifetime of humiliation (from you know who), Hillary has once more been emotionally blindsided. She's not putting up with it this time. No matter how high the cost. She's letting loose a lifetime of repression and denial. She won't stop.

[Don't stop Hillary. Please continue destroying Obama's electoral chances.]

I'm really not worried about Obama getting the nomination at this point. I'm worried about Hillary sabotaging him for the general election. Almost any Democrat ought to be able to win against McCain, especially someone like Obama, but it is easier to destroy than to build, and there are many ways the Clintons could undermine him and boost McCain while pretending the opposite. It can't be obvious enough for her to be unable to run in 2012. But she knows her best chance now to become President is for Obama to lose in November, otherwise she can't run four years from now. By 2016 the Clintons will be really old news. It has to be 2012. So she has a very strong incentive to undermine Obama and then say, "See, I told you I should have been the nominee."

[McCain need only keep his mouth shut and take a long vacation while Hillary does the heavy lifting for him to defeat Obama in November.]

Stop thinking of the Clintons as Democrats. Think Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. They are content with a McCain win and care nothing about the welfare of the party. The Clintons will continue the mission to destroy Senator Obama. Think 'The Fellowship.' Consolidating their power is all.

[But instead of closets full of shoes, think of closets full of pantsuits.]

Yes, she is going to the convention. Yes, she will fight at the credentials committee, Yes, she will file any and all lawsuits. What are we going to do about it. Rely on our super delegates the same lie enablers that helped put us where we are? Jesus Christ Hillary voted for the war, she f*cking knew!!!
Oh this just has me so mad!!!

[Oh this just has me so glad!!!]

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DUmmie Spins "Recount" Fiction

I had intended to do no more than one DUFU edition based on the HBO fiction movie Recount which you can see in yesterday's DUmmie FUnnies EDITION. However, DUmmie Lorien has spun a Florida Recount fiction so egregious in its mendacity that I am not only DUFUing his/her THREAD titled, "RECOUNT: My own Florida election day 2000 nightmare" but I am also calling out DUmmie Lorien as a flat out LIAR. This DUmmie's entire thread post has the odor of fraud hanging all over it but the most blatant indication that it is a LIE is the accusation that on Election Day 2000 in Orange County (Orlando area), a white racist redneck cop stood outside a polling station in a black neighborhood and loudly made fun of voters entering to cast their ballots. DUmmie Lorien claims to have witnessed it but the biggest tell that this is a LIE besides the fact that such a cop would at the least have been reported to the authorities and likely assaulted for his insults is that DUmmie Lorien did not even bother to note the cop's name nor badge number. This is one DUmmie thread that I would like franksolich, the curator of the CONSERVATIVE CAVE, to investigate in detail along with the author, DUmmie Lorien. Perhaps DUmmie Lorien thought that he/she could just post lies in DUmmieland and get away with it. Sorry DUmmie Lorien but your lies are so over the top that I am even encouraging the news media to investigate the charges about the supposed white racist redneck cop outside the polling station taunting black voters on Election Day 2000. Let's see. All DUmmie Lorien has to do is tell the news media at which polling station he/she saw the cop and it should be quite easy to check police records as to which cop was stationed there that day. A charge of voter intimidation narrowed down to a specific location and person. So go ahead news media, check this one out. In fact, I think I will be sending a link to this DUFU edition to the media in the Orlando area. So let us now watch DUmmie Lorien spin Recount LIES in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, calling on the news media to check out this fiction about the racist redneck cop loudly taunting black voters on Election Day 2000, is in the [brackets]:

RECOUNT: My own Florida election day 2000 nightmare

[Stand by for yet more Recount fiction.]

As always, I volunteered with my local Democratic party (Orange county, FL in 2000) during the election year. I was appalled by the attitude of the director of our downtown HQ "Jared" towards Gore: "We won't be focusing on the Presidency here because we can't win it. We'll work for our local candidates instead". Jared stated. He didn't even order more than a handful of Gore bumper stickers or lawn signs to give away to supporters because "signs don't win elections", and what we did have on hand he charged the public for. $5 for a bumper sticker, $10 per lawn sign. Many Democrats who came in left empty handed and grumbling "well, if they are going to take THAT attitude then why bother? I don't have to go anywhere on election day". Despite my hectic schedule as a self employed illustrator and animator, I volunteered to man the front desk and phones just to improve relations and slip good Democrats a few free stickers and signs.

[Charging $5 for a political bumper sticker? I've heard of them selling for about a buck but $5 is mighty steep. Since DUmmie Lorien claims this exorbitant sale price took place at the downtown HQ, this should be easy for the NEWS MEDIA to investigate along with director "Jared."]

But those annoyances were NOTHING compared to what I experienced on election day. I was taken into an all minority section of town to distribute Democratic voter guides (lists of candidates and our positions on the issues) outside of the polling place. I had to stand 20 feet or more from the front door and was eyed warily by the only other white person there, a cop. Once voters started arriving the cop started intimidating them-especially the elderly and women. "What ya gonna do when your boy loses, huh? Ya gonna CRY when your boy loses"? he sneered in their faces. I was absolutely shocked by his behavior ;I had grown up in a liberal college town in the midwest and had never seen such unprofessional and stereotypical "southern white cop" behavior in action before. Hell, I had never even heard a white person utter the "N" word! I turned to my team leader who was there with me (thirty something African American guy) and asked what we can do. He said that all we could do is file a complaint later, and that would probably go no where.

[Here is where DUmmie Lorien steps over the fiction spinning line. Yeah, a white racist cop in the year 2000 can get away with "sneering" into the faces of black voters with no reaction from them. And why didn't DUmmie Lorien simply jot down the name and/or badge number of redneck cop? Of course, no report on this incident back in 2000 when a horde of Gore lawyers were sifting thru the state for the tiniest bit of evidence for voter intimidation and other irregularities. I am hereby calling out DUmmie Lorien as a flat out LIAR and calling upon the news media to investigate his fairy tale.]

I went back to HQ during lunch and told Jared what was happening. "We're getting a lot of complaints from every minority precinct about police intimidation, but there are so many other problems right now we can't deal with it" he didn't elaborate. I went back into a storage room for bottled water and found the 20' canvas overpass sign I had worked on for a week laying in a corner with my "For I-4 overpass-election day" sign still attached. I asked Jared why it hadn't gone out with the volunteers who were rallying for Gore at strategic areas in the city, and he once again said "nobody cares about signs". Two young male volunteers who were headed out to the overpass heard the conversation and grabbed my massive sign on their way out, thank goodness.

[Orlando police department. You have been accused of voter intimidation on Election Day 2000. I urge you to investigate this to prove DUmmie Lorien to be a flat out LIAR. In fact, I will also be sending a link to this DUFU edition to the Orlando police department. Hmmmm... Could there be a lawsuit for making fraudulent allegations about a police department?]

I went back to the polling place. The cop was still there, still getting in the voters faces. By 5:30 the traffic had really picked up, and suddenly we were being told that our poll would close at 6 instead of 7 like every other poll. My team leader was on his walkie talkie and cell phone, and he persuaded the poll workers to stay open another hour as REQUIRED BY LAW. Near 6PM all hell broke loose. Suddenly he and I were swarmed with voters who looked desperate. They had all been told by the poll workers that they had come to the wrong place to vote, and that the "right" place was across town. Since most had either come on foot or used public transportation, it was unlikely that they would get there in time. Dozens were heading home. My team leader and I told them all to stay with us, that their votes were important and we would find a way to fix this. He made many more calls and within minutes a fleet of church busses arrived. They were loaded up and took off, but didn't get far; the cops pulled our buses over and demanded to see their "taxi licenses". They forced the passengers off the buses when the drivers couldn't produce any.

[Yeah sure. A redneck cop in a black neighborhood is somehow going to get away with "getting in the voters faces" all day. I somehow think NOT. And no reports about this redneck cop until now. DUmmie Lorien, I hope you are prepared to name the polling station so the Orlando police department can investigate your fiction. Your election 2000 "nightmare" hasn't even started to begin, DUmmie Lorien.]

I went home for dinner, very discouraged, and found a message from one of my students on my voicemail. He sounded very upset and asked that I call back before the polls closed . It was 9pm, but I called anyway. He answered in a tense, tired voice. His story was just a capper to the day. He's was in his mid 20s, white, and registered as a Democrat for the first time eight months earlier (he had been an independent). He received his voter card in the mail, which told him to go to the same polling place where he had voted in the past. When he arrived at 9am they asked to see his ID. His name and address matched their records, but the woman signing him in stopped, then gave him an odd smile and said "you won't be voting today"." Why not"? asked my student "I have my voter card, my ID, all the information is correct on that sheet of paper in front of you-why can't I vote"? "You just can't Not today". she repeated, then nodded towards a cop who was standing by the door. The cop came over and said "Time to leave, son. You won't be voting today" My student protested so the cop took him by the arm and escorted him out of the building "Don't come back. It ain't worth your time". the cop said as he pushed him out the door. My student simply couldn't believe what had just happened. He went home and called everyone he could think of, but every voter, state official and democratic office line was busy. At eight PM he had been able to leave a message on a machine for the Orange county elections board. Days later he was asked to sign an affidavit about his experiences, but of course there was no way for him to vote at that point.

[And of course this student never noted the name nor badge number of this intimidating cop. Again, we want the polling station and name of the student to check out this piece of fiction as well.]

Naturally I wasn't surprised by what followed. I was shocked, however, that NONE of these local stories made it into the Orlando Sentinel or any other Florida papers or news outlets. Thousands of affidavits had been signed, but the media didn't give a crap. I marched on Tallahassee on inauguration day with thousands of others. I had made many protest signs, some of which called out the media for their GOP bias, and I handed them out to my fellow protesters from Orlando. We were at the head of the march and very visible to the media, so I was pulled aside by several reporters and asked about my signs. I repeated to them what I told you here, and I asked them to look into all those signed affidavits by disenfranchised voters. Days later I could find only one significant story on page 14 of the Orlando Sentinel that even mentioned our march. I could be seen with my sign in the photo that accompanied it, but there was no mention of voter fraud, just "voter anger". Fed up, I started to send out our story to political websites. BushWatch made it into a feature story, and soon I was contacted by Greg Palast of the BBC. He documented everything and followed up with several emails. He is still the ONLY reporter who has shown any real interest in it.

[And of course you never contacted at that time any of the media with information about the redneck cop taunting black voters. A situation that so "shocked" you that you didn't even note the name nor badge number of the outrageously racist cop. Riiiiiight!]

So understandably I get very, very pissed off whenever I hear someone say " Florida went for Bush in 2000". Even during the hellish hurricanes of 2004-three of which hit my home- I was told BY DUERS that I and every other Floridian deserved to be wiped off the map because we "gave" the election to Bush. I still hear this crap spewed on DU from time to time. If my story doesn't reinforce the realities of that day, maybe the movie "RECOUNT" will; Florida went for Gore but was stolen By BushCo. Many, many of us fought for our party and our country, and we don't deserve disrespect or outright hostility because they had the media and the Supreme Court in their pockets. Let's do all we can to not allow it to happen again

[Good news, DUmmie Lorien. By stupidly posting an absurd story about a racist cop openly taunting black voters on Election Day 2000, you may well have your "shocking" charges investigated. Of course, you will be able to supply simple details such as the location of the polling station where this incident supposedly occurred? Or will you have a convenient memory loss. And now on to the DUmmies swallowing this ridiculous story...]

The fix was in. I hope that someday the stories of you and millions of others will be collected and published and actually reported by journalists.

[I hope so too. Please, news media, investigate DUmmie Lorien's charge about the racist cop openly taunting black voters all day on Election Day 2000.]

My next door neighbor is the news director for our local PBS station, and even she won't do a story about it because her boss-a repug-won't allow those kinds of stories. Neither she nor her top reporters even knew that these things had happened!

[Yeah, PBS is a notorious hotbed of "repugs."]

It's horrible. My mother and sister have similar stories from Ohio in 2004. Gore Vidal talks about it. The story was suppressed and Congress sat on their hands. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have done nothing about it.

[I call on both Hillary and Barack to investigate this redneck cop fairy tale.]

I think of Florida as being stolen by the efforts of Jeb and the Supreme Court putting their stamp of approval on it.
Thanks for your efforts that day too.

["Efforts" that failed to take note of the name or badge number of a redneck cop taunting black voters all day.]

NOTHING will change until the truth is acknowledged.

[I would love either the news media or the Orlando police department to check out the "truth" of DUmmie Lorien's charges.]

Please send this off as an OP to as many newspapers as you can think of. It is an important experience and we need to keep shoving it in front of the American public's collective face.

[Yeah, send it off to all those newspapers. I would love for them to investigate that redneck cop fairy tale. In fact, if you don't, I will.]

I think someone should make a collection of these recollections for publication. Everyone needs to hear about these stories.

[Especially the redneck cop fairy tale. That should be an EASY one to investigate. DUmmie Lorien, even though you were too conveniently lazy to note the cop's name or badge number, surely you remember the polling station where the incident supposedly occured ALL DAY on Election Day 2000. I'm sure the Orlando police department would like to find out who that racist cop was...IF he ever existed in the first place. Hee! Hee!]

Your story literally brings tears to my eyes. The last 8 years have left me numb. I can't even bring myself to get fired up over the upcoming election. I'm just going through the motions at this point.

[There might well be some legal motions filed against DUmmie Lorien.]

In the final weeks he jacked up the price to $8 for a sticker and $20 for a sign. Democrats aren't the wealthiest lot, so that was a bit uncalled for. It turned voters off, and that, I believe was a very bad thing indeed. I personally bought muffins and other bakery items from Costco and sold them at the front desk, using the money to buy stickers and signs for those who wanted them but couldn't pay. It was a matter of public relations and gaining support, not merely an issue of how effective signs are.

[LOL! Not content with claiming that a mere Gore bumper sticker sold for $5, DUmmie Lorien now alleges the price was finally boosted to 8 bucks. Riiiight! And you were stupid enought to have a bake sale to buy those 8 dollar bumper stickers? Riiiight! If Jared were such an idiot whom you disliked, why didn't you just give those bumper stickers away for free? Or was Jared hovering over you all the time with a sales sheet?]

I was standing by the front desk one evening when a middle aged couple came in for signs and button. They were told that that would be $25.00 for one of each.

[This is even FUnnier than the bumper sticker fairy tale. $25 bucks for a lousy campaign button. Did this make the Guinness Book of Records? It might cost that much for campaign campaign buttons way back in the past but for a CURRENT campaign?]

It was our local rank and file Fascists that stole 2000 and 2004And how they were all co-ordinated, I'll never know I guess. The cop, the election worker, even the do nothings in local dem management, the religious righties. They must have been under instructions to foul up things however they could because they are the ones who were at fault for most of it.Sure, the voters were caged and the machines were rigged but it seemed like the rank and file zombies in our midst they were the ones who robbed us

[Stabbed in the back by secret Rovian agents. Paranoia they name is DUmmie.]

I still think that "Jared" was a mole while the rest of us were making phone calls, stuffing envelopes, delivering absentee ballots, etc. he was always there reading CNN online or surfing the net. He wouldn't place orders for supplies for weeks at a time. He pissed off voters who came in to volunteer. I locked horns with him many times, but he would never take any kind of significant action personally to help the cause. I wonder who the hell had put him there. The cops and election workers were quite obviously organized by someone, but who? We may never know how many agencies were in on it.

[And quite obviously the cop who you accused of harrassing voters and "Jared" both have grounds for suing you, DUmmie Lorien. Hmmm... It shouldn't be hard to find "Jared" since you claimed he was the director of the downtown Orlando Democrat HQ in 2000 and I'm sure you can remember the polling station where the redneck cop was harrassing the voters...unless you had a very convenient memory loss.]

I am Tired of the Right Telling Me "To Get Over It!" We must never forget that we all got screwed by Bush and co! I won't ever"get over it!" I know if we get over it that it will happen again and again.

[Hey, I'm giving DUmmie Lorien the opportunity to PROVE his/her accusations. I ENCOURAGE the news media to contact this DUmmie to verify the story. Hee! Hee!]

VIDEO -- next time, we need cameras at every polling place Whenever something like this happens, it needs to be taped. And blasted to the media.

[You don't need video. It should be easy enough to track down that redneck cop who supposedly harrased minority voters on Election Day 2000. Also it shouldn't be too much of a problem to track down stab-in-the-back "Jared" who charged $25 for a campaign button. Now we can find out if both were secret Rovian agents working actively to undermine Al Gore in Florida in 2000.]

Everyone should have a camera with them this time around. Up the memory in your phone cameras if it is indeed expandable, carry extra media with you if you can. We can't let this happen again, and this time around, our candidate is either black or female. It's going to be a wild ride.

[I'm just hoping that DUmmie Lorien can up the memory in his skull to the point he can remember where the redneck cop was harrassing the black voters as they meekly refused to protest their treatment or even report him. ...Okay, gang, I'm calling BS on DUmmie Lorien's Recount fairy tale. This DUFU edition is going out to the news media. The allegations of DUmmie Lorien are so outrageous that they MUST be investigated. BTW, the redneck cop should be fired not only because of his unprofessional conduct but also because he demonstrated incredible STUPIDITY by risking the loss of his pension for harrassing voters all day. Of course, this is assuming the cop even exists which is a mighty big assumption.]

Monday, May 26, 2008

DUmmies go HDS over Hillary RFK remark!

It is now official: The DUmmies hate Hillary more than anyone else on earth--more than Bush, more than Cheney or Rove, more than Bill Belicheat and the New England Patriots. In fact, they may hate Hillary more than anyone in the history of all known universes. The DUmmies are in high DUdgeon--indeed, DUmmieland has broken out into full-blown HDS (Hillary Derangement Syndrome)--over her recent rationale for staying in the race: "Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June." WELL, you would think Hillary herself was about to hire Bosnian snipers to take out Barry on the tarmac! Witness this monster THREAD,"HILLARY RAISES ASSASSINATION ISSUE." So now let us FEEL THE LOVE for Mrs. Clinton--a leading fellow DEMOCRAT, mind you! The DUmmies' verbal hearts and flowers are in Bolshevik/Valentine Red, while the humble commentary of your guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--wondering whatever happened to PJ's pal Ken Norton's prediction that Hillary would drop out on May 7--is in the [brackets]:

HILLARY RAISES ASSASSINATION ISSUE . . . Hillary Clinton today brought up the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy while defending her decision to stay in the race against Barack Obama. "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June. . . ."

[Accidents happen. Hey Barry, you know, Hillary and Huckabee both know a lot of people in Arkansas. Better skip that one on your tour of the 57 or 58 states.]

"People have been trying to push me out of this ever since Iowa."

[This is when push comes to shove.]

Pathetic. . . .

[Oh, come on, you can do better than that! How about "Psychopathic" or "Sociopathic"? Throw in an "F" word or two.]

What the f*ck are you talking about? She is making the point that many candidates continued to campaign into June.

[Here's an "F" word, but it's from someone rushing to Hillary's defense! Good luck with that! Get ready for the firestorm about to sweep over you, DUmmie ann_american2004. But first we'll let you recite your little poem. . . .]

Let the man stand on his own
not under the rubble of the vicious purpose of his flock!
Don't soil his good name
by calling out false blame
on a hero from our past
who did much for the party and passion
Of a needy generation!
We let Chappaquiddick go
Yet call Hill a ho
Which is your party?
I dunno.
But Obama does!
He knows right from wrong
It is his creed, his passion his song.
Emulate the Man!
I know you can!

["We let Chappaquiddick go": Yeah, that'll get the DUmmies to settle down! Ha!]

I honestly don't think she meant anything untoward but it does highlight the fact that she has a serious case of FOOT-IN-MOUTH DISEASE.

[In this case it's more like FOOT-IN-ESOPHAGUS DISEASE. Which produces the following reaction of HILLARY DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. . . .]

She is such a swine. Teddy is facing his mortality and she is using his dead brother for political advantage. GO AWAY!!!!!!!

[Hillary as PIAPS, Pig In A Pantsuit.]

Hillary is now a train wreck.

[She has a loco motive.]

Everyone could die and I still wouldn't vote for HRC --- !!!


You are way the hell out of line with that half-assed excuse for a rap.

[DUmmie Ken Burch blasts DUmmie ann_american2004 for her "We let Chappaquiddick go
Yet call Hill a ho" poem.]

Ken Burch Hah! You're funny. You make me laugh. I'm positively gurgling! . . . hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I think I peed myself. You owe me new underpants. . . .

[Democratic Underpants.]

You owe me new underpants. The granny kind.

[Ken will get them from his brother, benburch.]

Totally pathetic, Hillary. . . . This TOTALLY DOES IT for this former supporter. You are toast.


She is not safe to be let loose. . . .

[Hillary's got a stalker profile. Barry will have to get a restraining order.]

Well then join the rest of the lynch mob here. . . .

[Grab the torches and pitchforks!]

I havent had anything to do with these Hillary witch burnings or Obama orgies on DU until today. I just can't stand to be silent anymore. It seems DU has become short for "duh".

[It's short for "DUmmies in high DUdgeon."]

I just cannot understand how anyone could still support that nut. She is beyond scary!

["Oooooh! VERY scary!" < /countfloyd>]

I will not support HRC under any circumstances. If she figures out a way to slime her way into the nomination, I'll write in Gore.

[SAVE us, Algore, SAVE us!!!]

She is sick in the head.

[Hillary has a malignant brain.]

It's still so beyond the pale that don't chalk it up to verbal stumbling, plus it's been repeated. I agree with those who've posted Freudian slip, as you said, very revealing.

[Hillary's Freudian slip is showing.]

She's horrid. I am ashamed that she is the first real contender who is female!

[But she's NOT female! She's not even HUMAN!! She's one of those crystal skull creatures from outer space!]

Hillary is a very desperate woman.

[Desperate White Housewife.]

She is demented. . . . How stupid does she think we all are?

[You're Democrats, aren't you?]

I hate to say it But this kind of creative interpretation and the ensuing tempest in a tea cup make me think our party is very dysfunctional.

[You get a Kewpie Doll in a tea cup for that sudden realization!]

Get out the straight-jacket for her - this is outrageous!

[Off to Bellevue with her! She and Dan Rather can share a padded cell.]

I don't know how it can get worse. . . . I guess she could say, "Well, we really don't know what could come out next week on Senator Obama. For all we know he is a serial killer who sodomized young children when he isn't murdering hookers on the boardwalk."

[Be patient. There are still a couple of primaries to go.]

She is OFFICIALLY a f*cked up human piece of trash.

[FEEL the love. . . .]

I just called Gov. Rendell's office about this - she has to be stopped.

[By any means possible?!]

Oh! My! GOD! This woman is wacko!!!!

[Does she need "whacking"?]

What if everyone were killed but her? We'd be sorry we pushed her out early then, wouldn't we?

[Mike Gravel, we hardly knew ye!]

I want the :omfgthisisf*****ckedup: emoticon. It would be an animation of a smiley being sucked down a vortex into hell.

[Democratic Underworld.]

I would prop up a stinking corpse before I turn to her.

[Wellstone '08!]

And to think all those years I had a close friend who kept telling me about the Clinton's and I refused to believe it. . . .


Now the only vote I would give Hillary is for her expulsion from the party.

[I'm envisioning the opening of "Branded," where they rip the chevrons off Chuck Connors' uniform and send him out of the fort.]

Why the hell don't we just crown her and get it over with?

["If you want to crown her, then crown her ass! But she is who we thought she was!" < /dennisgreen>]

Is it OK if I call her a b*tch now?

[Nothing's stopped you before.]

If she has to wear pants why can't she wear outfits that are more hip.

[That's the problem--more hip.]

WTF is the problem here with her wearing pantsuits?

[It's wearing the same one five days in a row that's the problem.]

I think the obsession in freeper land is that it makes her look manly, and furthering their twisted logic that shes a butch lesbian. . . . I havent seen a single post calling her gay. . . .

[Not that there's anything wrong with that. . . .]

Too far over the line this time, lady. Better practice baking cookies.

[Don't let Obama eat any of them, though.]

She should be arrested for her statement. . . .


Somebody please tell Hillary that "June is the new April". . . .

[Hillary is the new Bush.]

another layer of her onion skin got peeled away with her latest stupid remarks. . . .

[It was her State of the Onion address.]

God. You actually went and did it. I now actually hate you for defending her.

[Hate those who don't hate Hillary. . . . It's spreading!]

She is a delusional, pathological liar!

[IOW, a Clinton.]

Hillary/Huckabee '08

[The Hitmen from Hope.]

I bet Michelle is hopping mad.

[Barry's Bitter Half.]

She is truly despicable. I don't excuse her words and actions by saying she is mentally unstable. Rather, she is just plain EVIL!

[Her Heinous.]

How much is the b*tch offering for the job? This is f*cking outrageous. Hillary should be taken into custody.


I wish this lying, vicious, despicable, fat assed b*tch would just shut up and go away.

[Feel the love. . . .]

mendacious, lying, corrupt, vile, shameless, inept, egotistical, rude, cunning, arrogant, worthless, POS. . . .

[Love, love, love. . . .]

Stupid, Dumb, Calculating, Idiotic, Tact-less, Pathetic, Shameless, Desperate, beyond-the-pale, egotistical, DESPICABLE. . . .

[The thesauruses are getting a workout. . . .]

If she is the candidate, I guess I'll leave the country. . . .


There's only one thing to do: Pick Carrot Top as VP

[Chelsea is not old enough yet.]


[Back to the thesaurus. . . .]

Blind Ambition Meets Karma; that's gotta be the final nail in her campaign coffin.

[You'll need a spike in the heart for this one.]


[Of ALL centuries!!!]

Well, Hillary Should Stay in the Race. After all, suppose 70 or 80 of the Obama delegates are suddenly hit by a bus, or their cars explode or something accidental like that.

[It could happen.]

She's played the race card, the gender card and now she's playing the assassination card.

[She's not playing with a full deck.]

Well, she just continues to say STUPID. F*CKING. SH*T. ALL. THE. TIME. AND. JUST. CAN'T. SEEM. TO. STOP.


Fight, Hillary. Don't let them bully you. We've got your back.


I predict she is gone by tomorrow.

[Is that you, Ken Norton?]

You gotta go b*tch ... A little veiled threat there. Yes, you have to stay in the race just in case someone kills Barack Obama. . . . If it does happen, you're next in line b*tch.

[Congratulations! On a whole thread of worthy candidates, you win the Peace, Love & Tolerance Award™ for today!]

Worst. Primary. Season. Ever.

[And it just . . . keeps . . . going! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

KOmmies Obsess Over "Recount"

Last night HBO ran their fiction movie Recount. You can see the TRAILER of this movie in which, predictably, the Democrats come off as innocent little lambs who allowed the 2000 election to be stolen from them by EVIL vicious Republicans. The reality, of course, is that Democrats flooded Florida with high-powered attorneys and tried to lawyer their way to victory. To put this "stolen election" into proper perspective check out this NewsBusters ARTICLE which demonstates that recounts conducted by USA Today and a consortium of newspapers, most of them liberal, shows that Bush won in every subsequent recount. Of course, these facts don't prevent the Left from continuing to OBSESS over the "stolen" 2000 election. They just can't get over it to the extent that it causes extreme mental problems. You can't see the extent of their insanity over that election in the Daily KOs where there are several threads devoted to Recount and their continuing Obsession over it. We shall begin with the KOmmie THREAD titled "Some Thoughts on 'Recount'" and then proceed on to the others. So let us now join the KOmmies as they obsess over this HBO movie on the psychiatrist's couch in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that if you missed the movie last night you can catch the fiction again tonight, is in the [brackets]:

Some Thoughts on "Recount"

[My thought is that it is still driving you NUts.]

I just finished watching the premiere of "Recount" -- and I just need to get out some thoughts, and hope to hear from others too. While I felt the movie was even-handed, I'm sure that there may have been some pro-Gore biases in there, which I didn't notice since I am (obviously) pro-Gore.

[GASP! You mean there were "some" pro-Gore biases in there? I never would have known if you hadn't mentioned it.]

Of course, seven years later, history, reality, facts and common sense are also pro Gore too...

[What about the reality of the subsequent recounts by the newspapers that showed that Bush WON?]

Anyway, here are my random thoughts (in no particular order):

[And no particular rationality.]

Joe Lieberman is an effing dingleberry.

[Because he wanted to count the military absentee ballots. Shame on him!]

Man, I wish we had some more Jim Bakers on our side.

[Don't be so modest. You Democrats flat out stole the 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington by "finding" missing ballots in King County all by yourselves.]

That Supreme Court opinion is borderline criminal.

[All subsequent recounts still showed that Bush WON. And you're borderline NUts. Make that flat out NUts.]

Assuming that the film was accurate, Gore should have sued Warren Christopher for malpractice.

[On the grounds of failure to steal the election.]

Joe Lieberman is SUCH an asshole.

[Redundancy can be quite catchy as well as contagious.]

Was Katherine Harris' position elected or appointed? If elected, how did she survive a campaign? What a train wreck...

[Especially since Laura Dern who portrayed Harris went out of her way to make out that she was a "train wreck."]

And finally, F*&! Lieberman!

[Redundancy can be quite catchy as well as contagious.]

One final thought -- "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" -- let's just remember the mistakes made in 2000; we can't allow another election to be stolen like this.

[Ironic that Recount was broadcast just as Hillary Clinton is trying to get the Florida primary votes to count---something most KOmmies oppose. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmie Krew...]

Lieberman is a shitbag.

[Lieberman has become the Emmanuel Goldstein of KOmmieland.]

the show brought be right back to 2000. Elevated blood pressure and all. And yes, Lieberman is a shitbag.

[Should we send you KOmmies a Lieberman piñata ?]

The movie made me want to cry and scream. It was extreme upsetting, but I'm glad someone finally could explain to me exactly what went on. But you know what, the sadder thing is that there are still Hillary Clinton supporters out there who want to forget all this and hand this one over to the Republicans again.

[The same Hillary supporters who want the Florida primary votes to count?]

In the Bush v. Gore paradigm, it seems obvious now that Pro-Gore = Pro-Truth

[How about the inconvenient truth that subsequent recounts, including the entire state of Florida, still showed Bush winning?]

I yelled at my poor TV so many times tonight. How did we miss how much of an asshole Lieberman was?

[They allow TVs in the Rubber Room?]

They stole the election, and they got the Supremes to hold the bag. Al Gore was a gentleman, but gentlemen often lose to bullies.

[Such a wonderful gentleman. Al was just too good for us.]

The larger point of the movie was well made, but read Jeff Toobin's book (upon which the film was based) to get greater historical accuracy.

[Yeah. You are sure to find "historical accuracy" from the absolutely unbiased Jeff Toobin. Snort!]

Another one WAS stolen - in 2004

[Correct. The Washington State gubernatorial race in which the Democrats mysteriously found "missing ballots" in King County. And guess which party's candidate ended up winning that one? And now to HBO's Recount shows why we must win in 08...]

Watching “Recount” on HBO brought back all the terrible memories of the 2000 fiasco and so much more. I was only 12 when it happened, and I’ll admit I was thoroughly confused by what went on. All I knew was that the election was very close and the U.S. Supreme court decided democracy just took too much damn time.

[Obviously your confusion continues.]

HBO did a fantastic job of clarifying that awful mess. It certainly wasn’t a feel good movie—in fact, it was more of a “feel like complete shit” movie. It made me pissed off again. How the hell did this happen? Voters disenfranchised by the thousands, non-partisan decisions in the hands of the most partisan of people, butterfly ballots, hanging chad, planted protestors disrupting vote count and assaulting a lawyer, election officials being tricked left and right by the disruption created by the Republicans.

[Film fiction rubs salt in KOmmie's wounds.]

But about 20 minutes after the movie ended, my frustration about what happened in 2000 came to an abrupt halt. It dawned on me that the situation we now find ourselves in is making those very same Republicans open bottles of champagne and celebrate the Democratic party once again shooting itself in the foot.Listen up! We can’t let this happen. We can’t let John McCain win. We can’t have Democrats ripping each other apart.

[What are you going to do? Send a telegram to Hillary?]

That Hillary Clinton claimed voter disenfranchisement in Florida is the saddest part in this campaign. In 2000, people were REALLY disenfranchised. They went to the polls and were turned away because their name was similar to that of a felon. Little old ladies were tricked into punching the wrong part of a butterfly ballot. And thousands of people’s votes were thrown out because clogged machines prevented their chad from getting punched through. And yet, Clinton claims voters, who actually cast ballots were disenfranchised? She continues her campaign alleging that Democrats disenfranchise voters and Republicans do not. How truly sad! She sounds exactly like Joe Lieberman, who argued for invalid Bush votes to be counted!

[So the Democrat primary votes in Florida were invalid?]

Please, Hillary supporters, put this in perspective. I understand you were upset when people told Clinton to get out of the race when she had little chance of winning. But now she has almost no chance at winning whatsoever. And once the last primary ends, her chance becomes absolute zero, yet some of you advocate going to the convention!

[Please Hillary! Stop trying to have the Florida primary votes count!]

If you take this to the convention, granting John McCain the best chance he would ever get at becoming president, then you have completely fulfilled the wildest fantasies of those nasty Republican operatives who STOLE this election in 2000. If Obama were in the position Clinton were in right now, there is no doubt in my mind I would be the loudest one calling for him to drop out.

[Toss out those valid Florida primary votes!]

We can’t do this. We can’t be the ones to give this election to John McCain. Please, for the sake of all those who died because George Bush became president instead of Al Gore. Please, remember 2000 when advocating a floor fight!

[Please! For the sake of my sanity! Don't count the valid Florida Democrat primary votes! From this hypocrisy we go to the other KOmmies on this thread...]

I can't watch it. As much as I'd like to, I still get angered at the thought and I'm sure it would just make my blood boil to see it all over again.

[Then you better skip watching the Democrat convention this summer. Hee! Hee!]

I thought at the time that Al Gore should have called for a statewide recount because he would have had the political high road and James Baker wouldn't have been able to push him around using the US Supreme Court. Instead Gore called for a recount of the areas where he thought he'd win.

[As subsequent recounts showed, Gore still would have LOST a statewide recount.]

I'll never get over it. Never. Gotta say, the Lieberman clip made me sick to my stomach. Sick to my soul.

[Gotta say, Lieberman has given you a permanent ulcer.]

I wonder what all those Republicans who cheated and attacked and protested back then are happy with themselves--happy with what they have brought upon our country.

[I wonder if the smirking DEMOCRAT official who was caught in Palm Beach county with a Votomatic machine and a stack of blank ballots was happy with himself. Of course, Recount left out that incident. And now to the open sore THREAD titled, "Eight years later and the scar remains."]

I just watched the brilliant movie Recount on HBO and boy did all my bad feelings of the year 2000 come rushing back, I thought I had gotten over that election but after watching the movie I have this bad taste in my mouth that I couldn't believe we didn't fight harder to win that election.

[You should have found some "missing ballots" like they did in King County, Washington in 2004.]

Yes the dreadful supreme court lead by the dumb asses Scalia and Thomas stole the election, but I couldn't help but think if only Al Gore and his team hadn't from the start giving the high ground to Bush for him to claim he had won the election maybe things could have been different. Al Gore should have made it clear from the beginning that he thought he was the winner and nothing in the world was ever going to change that, maybe just maybe the perception of things wouldn't have been what they were.

[Actually Al Gore did declare himself the winner via Richard Daley right from the beginning.]

P.S: If Anybody watches the movie you'll notice what a scum bag Joe Lieberman had always been. The turncoat Lieberman was instrumental in throwing the election to Bush. God how Al Gore ever chose this man to be his running mate is beyond me.

[It's great to know that the mere image of Lieberman throws you KOmmies into tantrums. And now for the other tantrum throwing KOmmies...]

Gore is rational.


In addition, Gore didn't claim he was the winner, because he didn't know whether he was or not. He was honest.

[Sigh! Here is what his manager, Richard Daley, said the day after the 2000 election: ""If the will of the people is to prevail, Al Gore should be awarded a victory in Florida and be our next president."]

I have never been so stunned in my life. Honestly. Completely stunned. When they started their battle to prevent the votes from being counted, I had no clue they could possibly prevail. Florida law called for a recount. Simple equity, never before questioned in this country, called for a recount.

[There was recount after recount all showing that Bush WON. Even recounts conducted later by liberal newspapers showed that Bush WON. And now more KOmmie Recount obsession with HBO's Recount post-talk.]



I'll leave this as an open thread for anyone who got to see it tonight. I live in Vegas, but I have an east coast HBO feed, so I got to see the premiere tonight, and it was exciting and tense as hell, and I learned a great deal about what happened, and I finally learned what the stupid under and overvote chads meant. If this wasn't 2008 and I wasn't so confident about Obama's chances, it'd be much harder to watch for me, and I couldn't help but think about all that's happened since 2000, especially 9/11 and the War.

[Yes, yes, no need to worry at all about Obama's election chances. Rest easy. Hee! Hee!]

The one thing that really burnt me hard was...

[I think I can guess what follows...]


[Yup! And now on to the other angry KOmmies...]

About the 2000 presidential election with Kevin Spacey

[Whom William Rivers Pitt invited to his apartment.]

I know my heart was racing and blood pressure up watching the damned thing. I certainly hoped that we have learned over these past two elections that we really do have to fight for democracy and that Democrats better be damned prepared for that fight.

[So does that mean you will support seating the Democrat delegates elected in Florida at your convention this summer?]

And god damn Joe Lieberman. 8 f*cking years of damage to our economy, our democracy, our infrastructure, our environment. Angry all over again.

[We need to somehow flash the image of Joe Lieberman in the night sky above the Democrat convention in Denver.]

Yep. It's all Joe Lieberman's fault and now we know why. He wasn't a real Democrat anyway. He was scum-sucking, wimpy, whiny, lying piece of crap.

[All his fault! Forget the fact that all recounts showed that Bush WON! Nope! It's all Joe Lieberman's fault.]

Another Documentary this morning... on HBO was "Hacking Democracy". I only caught the last part of it but it showed that there is a possibility of tricking the electronic machines. It was sad I dvr'd it then when I started watching it, realized I've seen it already. Its the one about Bev Harris and I don't remember exactly why she is so controversial though. But I'm sure someone will read this and remind me :)

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from making John F. Kerry president.]

The film is invention, not fact, as the screenwriter had essentially admitted.. Those who have posted here who seem to be treating what they saw as what actually happened are falling into the screenwriter's and HBO's trap. The thought that in 5-10-20 years out kids might be required to view this schlag as evidence of what occurred in 2000 is worse than discouragin.


The movie must have been good because I am angry all over again.

[The true test of worth. Whether it makes you angry or not.]

I had tears in my eyes at the end of the film. We don't know what a Gore presidency might have brought us but, I have little doubt, it wouldn't have wrought such havoc upon the world as this person has done in the name of president.

[Boo-hoo! You wan't a hankie? And finally we go to Open Thread for Recount...]

We also need to watch it to be reminded how Obama has not officially secured the nomination and with Clinton anything is possible. Vigilance and the willingness to fight to win is necessary to secure the nomination for Obama!

[By making sure the Florida Democrat primary votes don't count.]

It made me so tense that my stomach was churning. Ten minutes was too much.

[Remind me to keep an eye on you in November.]

It's devastating. I was in high school when this happened and remember my mother crying for days. It is painful watching this an konwing that this idiot stole the election.

[I also need to keep on eye on you in November as well. And on mom too!]

That six weeks were about the worst in my life. I knew what was happening, and the people who could do something would not act. I remember it as vividly as you tend to a traumatic death. I remember the Saturday that Scalia stopped the recount, the full recount, ordered by the Florida Supreme Court in slow motion. That these people are not imprisoned is to the everlasting shame of those who could have acted.

[The Rubber Room for you in November.]

I made a decision not to watch. Living it Ft. Lauderdale (Broward County), I was in the thick of it and the pain cut too deep.

[Easy to keep an eye out for you in November since you are in the neighborhood.]

I live in Florida, and living the nightmare was too painful, too horrific...someday I'll watch the movie but it's still too raw

[I once met a Palm Beach Democrat woman who was so devastated by the election that she could no longer watch the TV at all for fear of accidentally seeing Bush.]

I live in Florida. It will make me work harder.

[...To keep this state's Democrat delegates from being seated at the convention.]

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wacko "Stripper For God" Supports Hillary

This is one of the most disturbing VIDEOS I have ever seen. And yet is is also strangely fascinating. If you dare to watch it you will feel somewhat guilty as if you have been given a too private glimpse at someone with serious mental health issues. In fact, I probably wouldn't have even posted it had the person in the video, who now calls herself Rasa von Werder, was not at one time the famous stripper, Kellie Everts, Miss Nude Universe in 1967 who was also featured in Playboy Magazine. At one time she had an incredible body. Today, just about everything, especially her mind, has fallen apart except for her two most notable "assets" which are quite prominent in this video. The best way to describe this video is that it is both repulsive and compelling (and I know what you will find compelling). As to the politics she expresses, it is hard to follow her bizarre ranting. I've watched this video three times already and I still have little idea what the hell she is ranting about. All I know is that I would never allow her near my kitchen knives but I definitely did enjoy researching the pics of her famous past. Outstanding body back in the day but what happened to her mind???

Friday, May 23, 2008

Leftwing Moonbat Melts Down On Video

I love watching leftwing moonbats go berserk. The fact that they just can't control their incredible anger at conservatives is highly entertaining from a comedic POV. Check out this MOONBAT attempting to give a rational critique of conservatism. At first he just reads from a script and tries to act scholarly. However, he just can't keep up the act. To skip the tedious part of his recitation, just fast forward to the 6:10 mark and watch as Mr. Moonbat completely loses all self-control. Please be warned that there is very strong language as the Moonbat undergoes a complete mental meltdown. If this Moonbat looks familiar it is because he was featured here in the DUmmie FUnnies last month in another VIDEO where he was so enraged by the success of Operation Chaos that he smashed a waterbottle with a baseball bat.

Enjoy his latest meltdown. And my advice to this Moonbat is DON'T seek help. We need you to remain completely batty so as to continue providing us with great comedy entertainment.

"Clinton to the Convention?"

If you read yesterday's DUmmie FUnnies EDITION about how the KOmmies fear a deadlocked Democrat convention, these fears were raised by a Rachel Maddow report on how Hillary can achieve this. Well, today we shall analyze Maddow's own HUffington POst BLOG titled "Clinton to the Convention?" in which she lays out in detail the nightmare that is now facing the Democrats. That nightmare for Democrats is also entertainment for the rest of us so let us now watch the HUffies face the prospect of Hillary ruining that party in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Mike Gravel will be chosen at the dark horse candidate at their convention, is in the [brackets]:

Clinton to the Convention?

[Best August TV entertainment ever!]

When the Democratic primary calendar ends on June 3rd, Senator Obama will have more delegates than Senator Clinton.

[That won't stop the Michael Myers of the Democrats.]

On what grounds could a candidate who is behind at the end of a race avoid conceding that he or she has been beaten? On the grounds that the race really isn't over!

[Thanx to Operation Chaos!]

After the primary calendar has ended, Clinton's campaign can only justify or explain her staying in the race if she makes the case that the Democratic Party still has not chosen a nominee conclusively. Clinton needs an argument that the game should go into extra innings. Overtime. Bonus round. Detention. Whatever. Clinton has now found that argument -- she says she will not stop campaigning until the issue of the Florida and Michigan delegates is settled to her satisfaction.


The Florida/Michigan issue get settled, of course, by the Democrats' Rules and Bylaws Committee... unless of course that committee's decision gets appealed to the Credentials Committee... unless of course that decision, too, gets appealed... to the floor of the convention.

[Any Democrat rule can be appealed or bent in any manner since they mean nothing to begin with.]

Do you see where this is going? If there is an open, unresolved procedural issue involving the Florida and Michigan delegations, Senator Clinton will be able to cite that as her justification for staying in the race until the convention even though she is not ahead in the nomination contest at the end of the primary calendar.

[I see this as going to some TERRIFIC entertainment in August.]

If she can ensure that the Florida and Michigan issue stays unresolved until the convention (and by appealing it every step of the way, I don't see how that can be avoided), then Clinton stays in the race until the convention. Staying in until the convention buys her three more months of campaign time, three more months to make her case to the party and the country, three more months for some potential political unfortunateness to befall Senator Obama.

[Wiliam Rivers Pitt, before his recent RECANTATION, declared this to be a "blessing."]

And it keeps the race for the Democratic nomination open, at least theoretically, for Senator Clinton to win instead of Senator Obama.

[An entertainment blessing.]

How could Clinton win at the convention? Seems to me that three months is a long time in this race, and if it gets that far, anything could happen.

[No much needed summer vacation for Barack.]

Pffft! You say. Scoff.


Listen: you don't need a vivid political imagination to recognize that if what you really want is to be President of the United States -- a slim chance of becoming President (a fight at the convention) is better than no chance of becoming President (because you dropped out).

[Hillary is hanging on by her claws.]

The Clinton strategy, as best as I can tell, is to stay in the race. You can't win if you don't play -- conceding the nomination is sure defeat, not conceding means there's still a chance.

[The Audacity of hope.]

The way for her to avoid conceding is for her to avoid conceding that the race is resolved.

[Continue the sweaty nail-biting, KOmmies and DUmmies.]

We should also expect that if the Democratic Party's committee system takes up the Florida and Michigan dispute through its rules as they stand now, Clinton's campaign will be able to keep the Michigan and Florida dispute alive until the convention. If there's a secret Democratic-insider plan to keep that from happening, it's time for that plan to become un-secret.

[Just curious. Where is Howard Dean in all this? He seems to be MIA?]

The pundit corps has been counting Clinton out and saying the race is over -- but saying it doesn't make it so.

[Chris Matthews just felt something run down his leg and it's not a thrill.]

If Clinton fights to stay in until the convention -- which seems utterly plausible to me -- then I believe the Democratic Party's nominee (Obama or Clinton) will lose the general election to John McCain. This last point is of course infinitely debatable -- but my take is that in November, the party that's had a nominee since February/March, beats the party that only got a nominee the last week in August.

[A Democrat presidential loss in November will overburden all our asylums.]

So, how does the Democratic Party get a nominee before the convention? Seems to me there's two things that need to happen. One small, one big.

[Rush will toss a monkey wrench into both.]

First, Obama's campaign should stop believing what most of the press says, and start believing what Clinton says -- she isn't budging. If they don't mind the prospect of a divided convention, then fine -- if they do mind that prospect, they'll have to fight for their desired outcome. Clinton is now arguing that taking the fight to the convention is OK for the Democrats -- even noble. This argument won't be defeated if it is ignored -- Obama's camp will have to rebut.

[Please continue deluding yourselves.]

Second, if the Democrats are to avoid a divided convention, the Florida and Michigan dispute will have to be taken off the table -- settled in a way that avoids the risk of a rules dispute that stretches the nominating contest out through the convention. I can think of only one way to do that, but there may be others.

Here's my way: based on my read of NBC's delegate math, I think if the Clinton campaign won 100% of what they wanted on the Florida and Michigan dispute, Obama could still clinch the nomination -- even according to the most pro-Clinton math -- if 90 of the remaining 210-or-so undeclared superdelegates declared for Obama.

[Of course, that would set the Clinton Bribe Machine into action. Plus their collection of secret FBI files.]

If they so declared before May 31st, the Rules and Bylaws committee would have no reason to take up the Florida and Michigan dispute because it would be a moot point -- Obama's camp could concede every Clinton demand on the subject and still win the nomination.

[Superdelegates---Please don't ruin my birthday.]

Otherwise? I'll be the twitchy one on radio row at the divided Democratic convention in Denver... spooked by the ghosts of 1968, 1972, 1980...

[Recreate '68! And now to hear from the HUffie Peanut Gallery...]

Rachel has hit it right on the head. IF the superdelegates stay silent and allow this to go on, it will go on to everyone's detriment. Hillary will use any and alll excuses to continue this battle. Rachel has said from day one that Hillary would fight tooth and nail and not acquiese if there was even the most remote possibility she could grab the nomination.

[Continue the entertainment! GO HILLARY!!!]

I am hopeful that the Leadership of the Democratic Party and the DNC will be able to withstand Hillary's manipulations and will be able to abide by the established rules regarding Florida and Michigan. Rules which Hillary even agreed with months ago"

[Too bad for you that the leader of the DNC is a whack job. YEEEEEAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!]

Funny how in 2000 the clamor of the day was count all the votes now in 2008 it really doesn't matter to some. Hmmmmmm.

[Really bad timing for that HBO "Recount" fiction coming out this Sunday. It ends up HELPING Hillary.]

I fully expect Hillary Clinton to position herself for a possible run as an independent candidate should things not work in her favor for the Democratic nomination. I put nothing past this woman, and I mean NOTHING! She reminds me of some "people" I know who are more than willing to cut off their nose to spite their face and would go to any length until circumstances are bent to their will.

[From your lips to Gaia's ears.]

In the end, even in politics, there are rules. Some good faith is required. Clinton appears to have no good faith, so there is no way to "resolve" this issue with her. She intends to take the party down to defeat so that she can run in 2012. There is only one word to describe her candidacy's effect on the Democratic Party, and that is "toxic."

[Yet more proof of how FANTASTIC Operation Chaos has been.]

Hillary's only remaining tactic is to disrupt the convention with rich her supporters promising million-dollar grants to superdelegates. Subvert the nomination, buy the votes, sow chaos. KARL ROVE is jubilant. If Clinton takes it to the convention (CERTAIN DOOM for the Democrats) she will drive a wedge through our party and will hand power to the Republicans for the foreseeable future. She is on thin ice. I will not belong to a party that allows this to happen. Folks, it really is getting this serious. Clinton lost the nomination. She LOST. Fair and square, she LOST. I have not worked this hard for the Democratic causes all these years to have Hillary sacrifice our values on the altar of her ego.

[Sow chaos as in OPERATION CHAOS. WOO! HOO!]

I wish you Obamabots would collect your tears in a jar when Obama loses in the fall and send it to me where I can drink them!!

[Will they be as tasty as Scott Tenorman's tears?]

Oh Rachel you are the harbinger of doom. I think you're right. Hillary will torture us all the way to the convention.

[And entertain the rest of us.]

This is not only an outrage, it just shows that people will do anything and it shows that people don't have a conscience. We should always be able to live with anything that we do. How could Hillary really feel that she had won anything if she had to steal and cheat to win. There used to be a time when a persons word was their bond. This is really a sad day.

[Was there ever a time when the Clintons word was their bond?]

If Florida and Michigan is seated as she wants, doesn't that move the number of delegates needed to over 2100? Can we not see she is attempting to move the goal post?

[YUP! And what's with the networks constantly citing 2025 as the magic number of delegates needed when that will probably change?]

The race ISN"T over. Count the Florida votes. Hillary should absolutely take this all the way to the convention.

[Is that you, Bill?]

I think Hillary Clinton is a bully. It is not attractive in the school yard nor is it when displayed by an adult. It is a very bad precedent to make for future female presidential candidates. I know why she is so insistent despite her lower standing in the poles. "He can't win. He just can't win. " You have to be concerned with what she will do to make her statement true. I can't trust her. I have become very afraid of her. Who is this demon that is within her. I am disenchanted with the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency now or ever. Even her voice has become something ominous, grating, and evil. I can see no redeeming quality in Hillary.

[Hillary as Tracy Flick.]

I liked Kucinich, too, and was appalled at the way he was treated by the Party and the media.

[And by his own press secretary.]

Clinton isn't going away no matter what happens with Michigan and Florida.

[Hillary has become the Michael Myers of Democrat party politics.]

I still think this whole thing is about 2012. Hillary is using the pretense of MI/FL to further damage Obama thus causing him to lose the election. What else could it be?

[McCain should just take a vacation during the whole general election campaign and simply allow Hillary to defeat Obama for him.]