Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DUmmies fantasize: "What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?"

The Democrats are supposedly the Party of Peace and Love. The DUmmies, then, should be overflowing with the milk of human kindness, right? Wrong! Not when it comes to Bushco! The DUmmies get downright BLOODTHIRSTY when discussing what they'd like to do to Chimpy McHitler and the Bush Family Evil Empire. Witness this THREAD, "What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?" You can almost SEE the pitchforks and torches in their hands as they come to take Bush, Cheney, et al., to the nearest tree for lynching. Their only disappointment is that The Hague apparently doesn't do the death penalty. Of course, the fact that none of the punishments they envision will ever HAPPEN doesn't seem to bother the Reality-Based Community. They're content to just fantasize the torments they would inflict on our President. So try to pick a winner for today's Peace, Love, and Tolerance Award™ among the comments in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if the DUmmies have given up on Chimpeachment, is in the [brackets]:

What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?

[What about BEFORE January 2009? Whatever happened to CHIMPEACHMENT?! Or "Impeach Cheney first, then Bush"? What's on Nancy's table?]

Poll question: What to do with Bushco. after January 2009?

[Impale 'em on a poll?]

What will happen to the people who stole two national elections, outed a CIA agent, started and continued a disastrous war, were corrupt to the gills, controlled and censored the national media, committed torture and held people in defiance of international and Constitutional law, gave the Federal treasury away to rich friends and have in every way possible undermined the Constitution, ignored warnings about 9/11, abused the public trust and set themselves up as Caesars?

[That's quite a Caesar salad you have tossed together there. The proof is in the anchovies, i.e., the evidence. Got any? Otherwise, you've got egg on your face.]

All of these options assume compliance with legal requirements: indictments, trials, appeals, whatever.

[Legal requirements? We don't need no stinkin' legal requirements!]

Which option is closest to what you support.

[DUmmie Deep13 then posts a chart listing ten "options," along with their vote percentages . . .]

Any errors were in good faith. It's ha-a-ard being president! Just leave the little war mongers alone. (3%)
Nixonesque pardon. We don't need to protect that silly Constitution anyway. (0%)
Leave it to the DoJ to find the bad apples, if any. (0%)
Rumsfeld and Cheney screwed up and need to be prosecuted. (0%)

[These first four options are too namby-pamby! Let's get to the FUn stuff!]

It's Fitzmas! Indictments for everyone! Send the whole rotten bunch to prison. (33%)

[Merry Fitzmas! Freudenschade, baby! Break out the champagne! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!]

This is treason. Hang the ring leaders, prison for the rest. (8%)
All the Bushco people are traitors. How 'bout a gallows with a conveyor belt? (11%)
It's too bad the medieval penalty for treason is not around anymore. (Draw and quarter.) (25%)

[Now THESE are more like it! The DEATH options, combined, garner a whopping 44%!!]

I suppose we could let an international court like the Hague decide. NB: Death penalty not available there. (19%)

[No death penalty at The Hague! What a letdown! Still, "To The Hague!" does have a nice ring to it. . . .]

Your choice of liberal activist will be given an axe and decide. (0%)

[The Axes of Evil! But DUmmies must not trust a liberal activist to do the job. Now let's read the DUmmie comments and FEEEEEEEEEL the Love!]

send them to The Hague... Or put them on an ice floe somewhere...

Wrong Way Flanagan!]

AT THE LEAST dot the Bush library with Skunk scent to freshen up the air. . . .

[Still would beat the Clinton Library and the smell of Hillary's pantsuit.]

The Hague. Sweet justice.

[Maybe The Hague would consider "Assisted Euthanasia" as a substitute for the death penalty. It IS the Netherlands, after all.]

my fondest wish for this lying, thieving murderous bunch of thugs is that ALL of them spend the rest of their lives in a communal cell (and yes, this includes condi) . . .

[DUmmie niyad plays the Rice Card. Please continue with your fantasy . . .]

with ONE toilet . . .

[The Republican Potty. Continue . . .]

completely surrounded by a walkway where people can come and stare at them, like zoo animals. . . .

[No taunting!]

I'd prefer a guillotine, or maybe one of those bolt thingies they use at the slaughterhouse.


My money says that they're going to get away and that politicians are too scared to go after them.


Personally, I think they should be sent to the Hague. A man can dream. A man can dream.

[Hillary says having a dream is not enough, it takes a President.]

Yeah, what's the fun in winning an election if you aren't allowed to execute your political rivals. . . .

[DUmmie bryant69 gets in touch with his Inner Fascist.]

A mere change in Constitutional leadership should not provoke a Mary Tudor kind of vengeance. But that's not what we have here.

[So how about a Merry Fitzmas kind of vengeance?]

One word: Guantanamo.

[To Club Gitmo with them! And turn down the air conditioning!]

Good luck extraditing them from the big ranch in Paraguay. . . .

[Maybe we can bomb Paraguay.]

No one wants to forgive and forget? WWJD?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Edwards has dropped out! Let the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth begin!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Demented little children who have no context in which to understand their sad little world.

While intoning about their progressivness and humanity along with their so-called love of this country, they would be the first to abrogate our own national authority and send people to the Hague for trial.

What does that tell us about their belief in our OWN government and institutions?

They talk out of both sides of their mouths like little children who just happen to know some larger words even though the meaning of those words are lost upon them. They have no morals, no bedrock on which to base their own meaningless lives.

They would be quite hillarious if they weren't so damned pathetic.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The poor DUmmies, they're going to miss their Orwellian "two minutes hate" when George Bush steps down in January of 2009.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one wants to forgive and forget? WWJD?

How dare you make a reference to *gasp* JESUS in the Democratic Underground? Don't you know you might offend someone? And even that could be overlooked had you not suggested that the EVIL Chimpus Khan and his Crony Crew be forgiven of their heinous crimes! To the Hague with you!

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was especially stupid was when its OP claimed that the Bush Administration "controlled and censored the national media." Guess that's why there are so many talk show hosts and news correspondents who love insulting Bush, yet haven't yet been yanked off the air.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh, the Party of Brotherly Love revels it's true nature; vengeful, hateful, and spiteful. That's to be expected for a party that once supported slavery and indentured service.

The Democrat dilemma: How can we give the impression of the belief in individual freedoms while quietly, or not so quietly, condemning it when it's offered to others? Damn those Republicans for fighting the Civil War and freeing all those slaves! What has their freedom wrought, other than the Democrats' biggest voting base? And damn President Bush for trying to do the same for the Iraqis! He invaded Iraq and fought a war against a tyrannical government to free the ordinary citizens and give them back their freedom! He's a liberator! He's a war criminal! To the Hague with all emancipators and liberators! They make us look like hypocrites! Damn them, damn them all to hell!

12:07 PM  
Blogger Sonnabend said...

What will happen in 2009, Vice Pres. Cheney will retire to enjoy his grandchildren..God knows he's worked hard enough.

Pres. Bush will go off to his ranch and relax after eight years of hard work.

Cindy Sheehan will now be a stalker, and as she is due to get her ass kicked in the upcoming election, will be a national joke.

DU will have no enemy to abuse and will resort to eating their own.

KOS will continue as it has, the centre for far left moonbattery.

Eight years of hatred..and they have accomplished...NOTHING.

Sucks be to be a DUmmie.

6:24 AM  

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