Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Face reality, people. centrism is the path to DEFEAT!"

It is well known that the leftwing NUtroots are now shaping Democrat policy. What is not as well known is that it will now be difficult for any Democratchik candidate in the future to temporarily mainstream themselves in the general election thanks to those same NUtroots. If any of them should try the usual phony mainstreaming routine, the NUtroots will be sure to undermine them. We can see this attitude in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Face reality, people. centrism is the path to DEFEAT!" That's right DUmmies, loudly proclaim your inner Bolshevik. That is sure to go over well with the voters. So let us now watch the DUmmies outline their plan for self-defeat in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, encouraging the DUmmies to carefully follow this plan, is in the [brackets]:

Face reality, people. centrism is the path to DEFEAT!

[Face that ALTERNATE reality!]

There IS no "middle of the road" anymore. There's US and there's THEM. That's all there is.

[No nuance here.]

There are MORE of us then there are of THEM. We're the Silenced Majority, the Rainbow Majority, and the Global People's Majority.

[More of you? Now I know you are in the Alternate Reality.]

If we nominate a candidate who mobilizes that majority, WE WIN!

[The Pink Sapphire has a head start in mobilizing that Rainbow "Majority.]

If we nominate another "careful" "statesmanlike" "measured" "nuanced" candidate, WE LOSE.

[May I have a front row seat to watch your head explode when you nominate Hillary?]

We need to have strong progressive ideals, a coordinated strategy, and the GUTS to defend our party AND ITS VALUES!

[So DUmmie Ken Burch... Any relation to the infamous DUmmie Ben Burch?]

Only a progressive nominee can do that.

[Progressive = Bolshevik in DUmmieSpeak.]

We win if we start the fire, if we excite the nation. We DON'T win by fixating on sounding bland so big donors write us big checks to our losing centrist presidential ticket has luxurious offices in D.C.

[Hillary has luxurious offices in D.C.]

It has to be grass-roots, run from the bottom up, and it has to have drama and power. Bland and "moderate" don't cut it and will never cut it again. 2000 and 2004 proved that for all eternity.

[Bottom up? Are you sure you aren't Ben Burch, DUmmie Ken Burch?]

Let's organize. Let's mobilize. Let's galvanize. Let's WIN!


Only a progressive and uncompromised party can do that.

[Spaketh La Pasionaria of the Pink Sapphire Salon, Ken/Ben Burch.]

With the people, victory!

With the Beltway, defeat.

Are we clear on that now?

[I'm clear that DUmmie Ken Burch has mind melded with Ben Burch's talleywhacker. And now on to the other DUmmie comments...]

Just as an example, polls consistently show single-payer health coverage the most popular option, yet non of our party's candidates will dare to remove the insurance industry's holy profit.

[Single-payer health coverage is DUmmieSpeak for Socialized medicine.]

The thing that will save this country from Germany's fate is a strong populist movement NOW. We have to take our power back from the PARASITIC CORPORATE PREDATORS and return the power of the government to the people NOW.

[Is that you, Hugo Chavez?]

Sometimes You gotta be confident in your own right to draw and demand sane social boundaries.And be brave enough to defend and to reinforce them, to protect the social contract that makes living together as people on a planet possible at all.And do whatever it takes.Even if it means being"radical".Sometimes you got to just hit the bully boys back where it hurts the most to make them stop their tyranny and mind games that are tearing up the constitution and undermining every noble ideal that has inspired human beings to desire to be fair and decent in this world to each other.

[Posted the DUmmie with the pizza stains running down his T-shirt from a dark corner of Mommie's basement.]

it's easy to control america -- sell them beer, tv, and a sofa, some folksie pride/jingoism, and a belief in soporific optimism and the populace will eat out of your hand. they'll even tolerate just about all the beatings you can dish out.

[We're just a bunch of mind numbed robots waiting to be jerked by the DUmmie chain.]

DU is a great watering hole and a place to run ideas up the flagpole, but the real action is with our neighbors and politicians. Use them or lose them.

[Then lose them since all this is nothing but DUmmies screeching at other DUmmies.]


[Sayeth the DUmmie watching his own projection in the mirror.]

In any case, it has to have better results than our usual approach of surrender and shame and treating progressive values like they're the political version of kiddie porn.

[Kiddie porn? This makes me more convinced that ever that DUmmie Ken Burch is really Ben Burch.]

So how do you explain Kucinich's lack of success as a national candidate?

[Looking like an Evil Elf and having a wife with a pierced tongue doesn't exactly help either.]

I love a good rallying cry. You're right. Now what? Saying we need a plan, leadership, organization, etc., reminds me of a saying I once heard. "If we had ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had eggs."

[A more appropriate saying for you, Pitt, would be, "If we had rum, we could have rum and coke, if we had coke."]

I worked for Kucinich, worked for PDA, worked within and for several progressive campaigns, and I can tell you one absolute and axiomatic truth, a truth that every progressive politician knows and endures and copes with.

[You worked for Kucinich, Will, until you got fired for stabbing the Evil Elf in the back by secretely feeding campaign documents to the Kerry people.]

The Left is filled to bursting with passionate, informed, patriotic people who want to make change. We are short on passionate people who build lists and organize campaigns.

[Posted Pied Piper Pitt painfully pleading por political position.]

The Right is filled with people who know how to make voter lists, how to canvass an entire city, how to get mailing systems going, how to build phone banks, how to build lists of numbers for the phone banks, how to organize carpools for voters who need assistance reaching the polls...organization is to victory as water is to life.

[The Right is filled with people who don't need to take a strong hit on the bong pipe after a couple of minutes of real work.]

The passion and shouting and anger and emotion is the fun part. We have barrels of that.

[You have beer barrels of that, Will.]

When we get the organizers, we'll be in business.

[Tell them Willie Boy was here, and he WANTS to be an organizer.]

Until we can get those organizers into an organized organization, all we do mostly is shout.

[So form an Organized Organizers Organization.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Left is filled to bursting with passionate, informed, patriotic people who want to make change.

Well, if acting like a howler monkey on acid can pass for 'passionate,' I guess he got one out of three right on that one.

4:24 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Boy, if being lame hurt, this bunch would be in agony.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well, if acting like a howler monkey on acid can pass for 'passionate.."


I am stealing that one!

10:57 AM  

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