Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Gore is managing his non-campaign for President *brilliantly*"

All hail the almighty GORACLE! Blessed be the GORACLE! The GORACLE can do no wrong! In yet another show of blind Al Gore worship the DUmmies are praising their blessed Goracle for running a brilliant non-campaign. You can watch the DUmmies grovel before their Goracle in this THREAD cynically titled, "Gore is managing his non-campaign for President *brilliantly*." So let us now watch the DUmmies burn carbon credit incense offerings to the mighty Goracle in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting this is yet more evidence that the Left is UNDERWHELMED by the Democrats currently running for president, is in the [brackets]:

Gore is managing his non-campaign for President *brilliantly*

[Best non-campaign I've ever seen.]

Every time he is interviewed, the first question out of anyone's mouth is: "Are you running?", and then he makes some noise about this and that, oh, he says it would be a really good platform for effecting change, but I really don't like the horse race, etc.

[Glad to see you recognize that Gore's whole global warming shtick is nothing but a BS prop for his non-campaign.]

He never shuts the door, so he keeps the question out there, the shiny soccer ball for the horse race-obsessed lobotomy victims in the press.

[And the brain dead DUmmies in the Peanut Gallery.]

Then he gets to talk about substantive issues, which of course the media otherwise would ignore in favor of how his poll numbers stack up against the other candidates, if he were announced. He gets to expound on the environment, on fiscal responsibility, on Iraq, on the Constitution and legality, on illegal wiretapping, on scientific fact over ideological dogma, on the importance of making good decisions, and how good decision making might come about in this country.

He is playing the media like a fiddle.

[And playing DUmmies for suckers.]

He knows if he were "running", they'd stop listening to what he was saying. So, he teases them enough to keep their little hamster brains running on their little wheels, and gets to put his IDEAS out there.

[So he can cynically promote his non-campaign.]

In his public appearances, instead of a head-on attack of these criminals, which would put him in the "crazy" Democrat category (to the media, there are only two kinds of Democrats: "crazy" ones who actually tell the truth about things (see Dean, Murtha, Kucinich, Michael Moore) and "wimpy" ones who won't say too much about the corporate agenda and can just be dismissed as "Republican lite" (see Dukakis, Gephardt, Biden)), he takes this thoughtful approach: "Gee", he says, rubbing his virtual beard, "why IS it that the US keeps making these stupid decisions?"

["Gee," Al Gore says, rubbing his virtual beard, "why is it that I can easily play you for DUmmies?"]

This is a brilliant way to approach it. First, it takes as a PREMISE, not something that needs to be argued, that we have been making stupid and bad decisions, and then gets everyone pondering why that is. It focuses obvious attention on the bad decision makers, and also the enablers in the media and the mostly-slumbering citizenry. The political will to improve our decision-making grows out of this conversation. It implicitly condemns CheneyCo while simultaneously looking at the brighter future beyond them.

[Posted DUmmie ProfessorPlum from the Gore non-campaign headquarters.]

Frankly, I don't know how his strategy could be any smarter. He clearly is the first Democrat to really THINK about the problem of the media and come up with effective jujitsu against it (as opposed to just capitulating to it, as the Congressional Democrats just did). This alone puts him miles beyond most of the other candidates, for whom media coverage will just blow them along like paper boats in a storm.

[Gore is absolutely brilliant for finding a way of avoiding answering embarrassing questions.]

Gore has learned a lot. AND, he has tape of thousands of people begging him to run. This, finally, is a Democrat who gets it concerning the media.

[Al Gore will only run if you both beg AND crawl on your tummies.]

Go Gore!

[Go Gore! It would make for some great DUmmie FUnnies if Gore were to switch from non-campaigning to actual campaigning. And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmies...]

But god I hope (like everyone else) it is his brilliant strategy and he actually does run. The Goreman, the Goremaster, the Gorester...go Gore.

[That's GORACLE to you mere mortals.]

I hope Gore IS playing the political equivalent of Mohammad Ali's "rope-a-dope" and that this fall he'll enter the race for the Presidency. In my opinion he's the ONLY person with the intelligence and vision to right the avalanche of wrongs from the Bush administration. He'd get my total financial and campaign work support.

[Or it could be that Gore is playing "dope-a-dope."]

President Gore will not abandon us, never and that can be taken to the bank, so to say

[The Goracle has your back...and is rubbing it with pizza sauce.]

I wonder if he isn't deliberately holding off on his rapid weightloss plan, knowing the longer he stays a little chunky the longer he can hold out as a non-candidate??

[A pizza a day will keep the cynics away.]

President Gore! We're all ready to roll up our sleeves to work for you.

[And don't forget to roll down the aprons for baking those pizzas.]

So you are then saying this is all a ruse? That all of this is simply a clandestine political campaign, and that he really doesn't believe what he wrote in his book? What he has stated about running in the same system that would only bring him back to square one? That the he has fallen out of love with politics line was a lie? Is that it, or is it just too hard for some to think that what he is saying about runnning is true so this is how they deal with it.


He is not running AT ALL AT THIS TIME, nor do I believe he is USING HIS BOOKS TO DO SO, and I have every right to state that any time I choose to here. He is NOT running a stealth political campaign because he is not a candidate nor does he have plans to be a candidate. Those are HIS words. So with all due respect, get off nmy back, because the agenda of those who constantly harp on me here is VERY clear. I know what mine is, TRUTH, not the hype that some wish to perpetrate to give false impressions.

[Correct. Al Gore is not running. He is "non-running." Wink! Wink!]

He's the anti-politician, which makes him so, so appealing.

[The anti-politician running a non-campaign.]

I hope he waits until 6 months before the election, at most, to announce his candidacy. He shouldn't telegraph any punches, or give the opposition any time to fully organize against him. He's a known quantity though his years as an outspoken and proactive V.P., his 2000 presidential campaign, and his slideshows, so he doesn't need to formally campaign, and he's better off if he doesn't. And when he does run, I hope it's a populist Dean-style campaign, funded through the Internet, and as an Independent.

[Al Gore's stealth non-campaign will last until Jan. 20, 2009 at which time he will finally formally announce his real campaign.]

So he is really selling the cliamte crisis as a product?
Doing the same thing he excoriated in his book? Sorry, I don't believe that for one second. And I simply cannot believe the remark you made about Mother Nature campaigning for him. It's almost as if some are wishing for a bad hurricane season to kill more people to make him more credible.

[Hurricane Al is consulting the weather forecasts in order to determine whether or not to run.]

I think historians will see Hurricane Katrina as even more fundamentally transformative of American politics than 9/11. It really did change the game in ways Beltway insiders are only beginning to understand, and it instantly legitimized Al Gore's politics. Not that I'm glad it happened, but if it weren't for Katrina, global warming for most Americans would still be about scientific reports about ice floes in far-off places like Greenland and Antarctica and Alaska.

[Is that you, Brian Williams, beating hurricane Katrina to death again?]

The best way of campaigning is NOT to campaign at all!
Pretty clever... Let the other bozos fight it off and then step in fresh and ready after the mutual carnage...

[Hmmm... I wonder if the best way of hitting on Petra Verkaik is by NOT hitting on her at all?]

Gore is "smarting" himself out of the Presidency. Yes, it is a neat gimmick to get the media's attention. But unless he knuckles down and becomes a real candidate, and fairly soon, he will be yesterday's news...again.

[GASP! You mean the All-Wise Goracle might not be all that smart?]

Not only is he getting his message out he is getting PAID for it. Every TV appearance he gets at least scale. He also gets money for lectures, so he is filling his coffers stealthily.

[Kewl! Getting PAID to run a non-campaign. Can the rest of us get PAID to do non-work?]

I'm in big trouble if he doesn't -- I have no one else I feel really comfortable voting for in the primary.

[Thank you for that non-endorsement of the current Democrat field.]

Oh sweet Jesus, I just went insane with joy!

[Al Gore's non-campaign is causing massive urinations of happiness in this DUmmie's Depends.]

He's as coy as a Southern Belle at a Cotillion. I'm surprised he doesn't bat his eyelashes at the press. Go Al!

[You just sparked the interest of the Pink Sapphire.]

Keep doing what you're doing, Al. You're doing JUST FINE.

[Al, you're TERRIFIC at doing nothing!]

i`m thinking more about "voting" for gore . after listening to this bunch candidates it strikes me they are`t offering all that much.

[Is that you, Bill Richardson?]

think of How Gore is using the media!! he is getting lots and lots of free air time!!! Talk about screwing those who have screwed you!!

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL But Fred Thompson(who is making much better use of his free air time) isn't in the race because he "lacks the fire in his belly" to be President. I'm just as happy to let them ride the Goracle down in global warming flames.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous ray said...

The DUmmies love to live in a fantasy world. Al Gore wouldn't even make it in the Primaries, let alone the actually election, yet these DUmmies insist he should run. I bet even Micky Mouse will garner more votes than Looser Al could.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to recall something about Obama being the Democrat golden boy. I even seem to remember the Daily Show showing a picture of him with a computer-generated halo and angelic chorus right after the '04 elections (because, y'know, Jon Stewart doesn't have an agenda or anything). Yet he is in a statistical tie with Hillary in the polls.

Gore'll be popular among the kook fringe base until (more like unless) he decides to run. Then Hillary's media flaks will be all over him and that'll be the end of it. If Dick Morris is correct, Hillary isn't particularly fond of Algore.

And that's while he isn't competing with her for the Dem nomination.

So if the ultra-left thinks that Hillary would take Gore's announcement sitting down, they've got another thing coming. He'll get slapped down just like Obama has been.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

Modern Jacobites, on their way to their own Culloden.

6:21 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

I'm not exactly sure how a man who held elective office from 1977 to 2000, and whose father held elective office with one short break from 1938 to 1970, can be classified as an "anti-politician".

As far as I can tell, in his entire adult life, the only election year Agore didn't run for office was in 2004.

And now he's an anti-politician?


1:26 PM  

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