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Even DUmmies Recognize Shamnesty

I remember years ago when I began to read Leo Tolstoy's War And Peace. Because of its length I thought it would be more of a chore than a pleasure but much to my surprise I found his novel to be absolutely brilliant. Yes, there were the battle scenes but I also found the detailed look at the Russian aristocracy in the early 19th century to be fascinating. So contrary to being a difficult task this novel turned out to be a very pleasant read...until the last chapter. Suddenly Tolstoy completely shifted gears and presented his incredbly dopey theory about the forces of history. Tolstoy actually claimed that because of the force of history, the French were destined to invade Russia and capture Moscow whether or not Napoleon Bonaparte had ever existed. Reading this I said to myself, "Leo, how could you do this? You write a brilliant novel and then ruin it with a final chapter astounding in its absurdity." Well, I feel much the same about George Bush right now. He was a tremendous leader post 9-11 on fighting the War On Terror. Notice we have had no major terror attacks on U.S. soil since that infamous date. However, Bush is ruining his legacy on security by absurdly pushing a long complicated immigration bill that allows the amnesty of over 12 million illegal aliens. At the same time, the Bush people are smearing the conservative base for daring to oppose it. You can see this elitist attitude personified in this VIDEO of a Wall Street Journal editorial meeting, led by Paul Gigot, in which the theme is what a bunch of yahoos conservatives are for opposing this overlong shamnesty bill. Let there be no mistake. No matter what the administration flacks say, AMNESTY is at the heart of this bill. Even the DUmmies are able to see that it plainly grants AMNESTY as you can see in this THREAD correctly titled, "AMNESTY provisions in Senate Compreh. Immigration Bill." So despite the disingenuousness of this bill's supporters, it definitly DOES include amnesty. Even the DUmmies recognize this as you will see below in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that widespread viewing of that elitist WSJ meeting could be the straw that breaks the Shamnesty back, is in the [brackets]:

AMNESTY provisions in Senate Compreh. Immigration Bill

[If even a DUmmie can spot this then this gives lie to the bill's supporters assertions that Shamnesty is not included in it.]

Below is a copy of pages 466-468, which (apparently) pertain to the near immediate legalization of all 12-20 million illegal immigrants already here:

[The bill is actually much longer than this and they wanted to ram it through in a week?]

(1) IN GENERAL.—An alien who files an application under subsection (a)(1)(A) for adjustment of status, including a spouse or child who files for adjustment of status under subsection (b)—

(A) shall be granted employment authorization pending final adjudication of the alien’s application for adjustment of status;

(B) shall be granted permission to travel abroad pursuant to regulation pending final adjudication

(C) shall not be detained, determined inadmissible or deportable, or removed pending final adjudication of the alien’s application for adjustment of status, unless the alien commits an act which renders the alien ineligible for such adjustment of status; and

(D) shall not be considered an unauthorized alien as defined in section 274A(i) until such time as employment authorization under subparagraph (A) is denied.

(4) TERMINATION OF PROCEEDINGS.—An alien in removal proceedings who establishes prima facie eligibility for adjustment of status under subsection (a) shall be entitled to termination of the proceedings pending the outcome of the alien’s application, unless the removal proceedings are based on criminal or national security grounds.‘‘(d) CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION.—

[Of course, the bill's supporters will say that the word "amnesty" is not actually used even though its provisions mean the same thing. It is like the time I showed up in class and the teacher said I was late and I replied that I wasn't late, I was just tardy.]

There were about 7 million foreign-born unauthorized residents (AKA illegal aliens) living in America as of 2000. This was twice as many as there were in 1990. Assuming these estimates are accurate and that the rate of growth has remained the same, there are about 12 million illegal aliens living in the US today.

[There will be even more than that when foreigners learn about the Shamnesty provisions. They will surge across our borders to get in on the goodies.]

Based on all of this, I'd say there are at least 7 million illegal immigrants employed in the United States, and maybe a lot more.

[A whole lot more.]

I'm not sure how that protects the rights of citizens who are workers?

[It doesn't.]

Sounds like amnesty to me too. I agree that wage suppression is a main problem with amnesty for illegals. Ultimately, American workers are hurt.

[Even a broken DUmmie clock is right twice a day.]

The American worker will be heard and will STOP this subverting legislation.

[For once I hope a DUmmie is correct.]

I wish the lawmakers would be more consistent with the laws they are sworn to uphold and create; it's not pleasant knowing that legal immigrants worked hard to get here and all of a sudden, illegal ones getting a free passage... that bothers me.

[Why follow the immigration rules when you can short-circuit the legalization process via Shamnesty?]

If that's not amnesty, I don't know what is! Maybe giving them a lollipop too??? Nice spin has been done on this - good work for finding this, unlawflcombatnt!

[How pathetic is this bill when even DUmmies can find its not so carefully hidden Shamnesty provisions?]

Oh well hell, let's get down to the bottom line, shall we? They might as well do away with all immigration law and just fire every god damn last American blue collar worker in the country.

[What is the AFL-CIO position on this bill?]

This is a war on the American worker. On the American people.

[Sorry but you will never be allowed to give input at a WSJ editorial meeting.]

Amnesty was a disaster 21 years ago, and according to census figures, would be 3 times (!!) the disaster this time around.

[You will not be allowed to rub suntan oil on Ted Kennedy's ample tush.]

If the immigrant workers have legal status they can be a valuable asset to the labor movement - most other countries have stronger unions than we have here in the states. These people are not scabs - they're just people who want to work who can be blackmailed into being scabs under threat of arrest and deportation. Remove the threat, and you remove the power the employers have over them. Unionists should be reaching out to them, not bashing them.

[A DUmmie who admits he wants Shamnesty in order to build a Bolshevik vanguard here.]

If we legalize them, we can unionize them and they can be allies to the working class.

[Vanguard of the Proletariat.]

This bill is bad in every way.

[And a Kewpie doll is on the way to you.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Basilisk said...

I wish the lawmakers would be more consistent with the laws they are sworn to uphold and create; it's not pleasant knowing that legal immigrants worked hard to get here and all of a sudden, illegal ones getting a free passage... that bothers me.

That's one of the things that really bothers me about this bill. Why are we rewarding line-jumpers, and how is that fair to the thousands of legal immigrants who have waited in that proverbial line for as many as 11 years?

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.J. your e-mail is bouncing. Check out "OMG!! BARRY DOWN GRADED!!"
These fools don't get it at all.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason these twits are pissed is because the Mexicans are going to take their McJobs away.

I guess having to get real jobs and move out of Mommy and Daddy's basement is too much to bear.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you say "wowzer"??
I find myself agreeing with some DUer's and I think I need a bath.
Well, maybe not on this issue.

Strange indeed.


10:52 PM  

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