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"Want storm info? Fire gasbag Limbaugh, WIOD told"

Great going, Miami Herald. There's a really "unbiased" article title for you, Want storm info? Fire gasbag Limbaugh, WIOD told. This is why I am using the "unbiased" Time magazine cover photo above of a sinister looking Rush Limbaugh with smoke curling up (photoshopped?) over his face asking, "Is Rush Limbaugh Good For America?" And in case the there were any completely CLUELESS readers out there, Time conveniently tells you what they think the answer should be with this addition to the title: "Talk radio is only the beginning. Electronic populism threatens to short-circuit representative democracy." Well, I have a personal subtext I would love to put on this Herald story, "Is Rick Hirsch the most INCOMPETENT online newspaper editor in the world?" It was a little over year ago that I sent an e-mail to the then Miami Herald editor and publisher, Tom Fiedler, about an idea I had about how to increase the readership of the Herald online edition. So why would conservative me want to help a far left newspaper like the Herald? Call it nostalgia. When I was a kid in Miami, I used to love the Herald (way more unbiased back then) especially the sharp color photos on the front of its sports section which at the time were much better than most newspapers. Also the Herald had a very unique look back then which was completely destroyed by someone they actually paid big bucks to in order to redo the style in an incredibly bland matter. Getting back to Fiedler, he replied to my e-mail very quicly and was very interested in my idea. Unfortunately, he kicked the idea over to the Herald online editor, Rick Hirsch, who proceeded to sit on it, afraid to take any action. Why? Because as Hirsch told me on the phone, he didn't have the "resources" to undertake the project even though a college intern working there for nothing could have easily set the whole thing up within a day or two. What was really worrying Hirsch, I suspect, was the fear of rocking the boat. I even explained to Hirsch that the project I had in mind could have been done on a limited experimental basis but he had his mind set. NO changes and since then the Herald's circulation continues to tank. Therefore, I am now enjoying the opportunity of DUFUing the leftwing comments about this Herald article about the idiotic censorship of Rush by the Broward County Commission. So let us now read the Herald article and looney left comments in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, giving a shoutout to the DO-NOTHING Rick Hirsch, is in the [brackets]:

Want storm info? Fire gasbag Limbaugh, WIOD told

[Want competent online editor? Fire lazy Hirsch, Herald told.]

If it truly wants to be Broward County's official hurricane radio station, here's what WIOD (610 AM) needs to do:

Fire Rush Limbaugh.

At least that's the stand taken by Commissioner Stacy Ritter, who was able to prevent the county from renewing its hurricane information partnership with WIOD because the station carries the conservative icon's syndicated show.

[Punish millions of people in South Florida by keeping hurricane information from them because Stacy Ritter suffers from severe RDS --- Rush Derangement Syndrome.]

Ritter pointed out that the majority of the nine county commissioners -- all of whom are Democrats -- are at the opposite end of the political spectrum from Limbaugh and other conservative hosts carried by WIOD.

[And that somehow justifies Broward government censorship.]

"We don't have to do business with them," Ritter declared.

[We don't have to treat you as sane," Li'l Beaver declared.]

...Commissioners are slated to discuss the item again on Tuesday.

[So the entire nation can laugh at them. And now to hear from the Leftwing bozos who agree with RDS Ritter...]

This is absurd. The point of using the radio station is that it has the greatest reach. Just because "the commissioners" may or may not agree with a particular shows content is irrelevant to its usefulness in an emergency situation.

[Absurd. Stand by and watch how many loons agree with RDS Ritter.]

rush sucks

Rush Limbaugh is a drug-using neocon.

[Great "arguments" there.]

Does anyone even listen to that idiot anymore? His points of view over the last 6 years have proven to be so erroneous and out of the mainstream I can't imagine he has an audience left. The commission shouldn't worry about it- nobody cares about the pill poppin tub of lard who can't get an erection.

[You want that Rush have as "large" an audience as Al Franken whose over-inflated salary stolen from the Boys and Girls Club eventually ran out?]

Given the fact that Broward County is a predominantly Democratic County wouldn't it make more sense to use a more liberal station for it's emergency broadcasting - AM940 comes to mind as the majority of the people I know that live and work in Broward and listen to talk radio listen to 940. Isn't the idea of using an "official station" to get the word out to the most people not a select few?

[Since WIOD has the strongest signal in South Florida, it is heard by the most people.]

It's time the Herald showed some spine and came to the aid of WIOD if only for the sake that they are also in the journalism field. But I'm not holding my breath.

[Keep holding your breath. The Herald is being run by either leftwing loons and/or lazy careerist losers like Rick Hirsch.]

Obviously some of you cannot read or missed the point enirely. She does not wish to censor Mr. Fat Idiot, she is merely proposing the county use another station. How does that equate to censorship???? Thats called ending a contract not censorship.

[Obviously you cannot read or missed the point entirely where RDS Ritter SPECIFICALLY mentioned Rush Limbaugh as the reason for not renewing the contract.]

National treasure?! He is a bigot and a closed minded white man and this is coming from a white male. He is the epitome of hate. This isn't censorship as much as it is common sense. Not everybody agrees with his hate mongering. Why have an official emergency communications outlet if people aren't tune into it because they do not agree with one of its hosts.

[Censorship redefined as "common sense" by an American Chavista.]

No need to subsidize hate speech. Rush is a tool of the neocons. Why put your country's security and safety in the hands of those who don't believe in our constituional form of government? Why would you want to support someone who supports Rush's hate speech?

[And of course, this loon won't be able to cite a single example of "hate speech" by Rush since he never listens to him.]

Rush Limbaugh is a racist, propoganda pushing fool who shares responsibility with the Bush administration for the sad state of our nation. Kudos to Stacy Ritter, for having principles and sticking up for the citizens of Florida, the state I love and live in.

[Kudos to RDS Ritter for practicing censorship.]

Let's Rush to Dump Limbaugh!

[Is that you, Stacy Ritter?]

Rush Limbaugh is a sexist and racist neocon pig. I refuse to listen to WIOD.

[So listen the leftwing AM 940 which is also owned by Clear Channel as is WIOD.]

If any human being deserved a beat-down its that piece of crap coward Rush Limbaugh.

[Beating down Rush Limbaugh by DENYING hurricane info to millions of listeners? Only in the Leftwing Alternate Universe.]

Only Republicans would allow a white-conservative-drug-addict to remain on the radio spewing their Republican-right-wing-racist views, thus indoctrinating a new generation of Republican Bigots.

[Is that you, RDS Ritter?]

I wish WJNO would get rid of him too, a digusting and vile individual..

[Is that you, Hugo Chavez?]


[Thanx for letting us see that the Left really wants to BAN Rush from the airwaves. That is the REAL goal of trying to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine.]

I agree. Hurricane information shouldn't have anything to do with party affiliation, but this guy is not even a REAL republican! He is a neo-con Bush crony who contributes to this administrations use of fear on our people. I support anyone who will get this idiot of the air. And for the record, I am not a Democrat.

[Correct. You are a Socialist which still means you are a Democrat.]

Good to see Broward officials standing up to corporate radio and the right wing noise machine. Schnitt's and Rush's obnoxious responses prove Ritter's point. WLRN public radio would have no trouble covering Broward County. Don't go near WFTL, it's another right wing flamethrower.

[Censor ALL conservative radio!]

I couldn't agree more with Commissioner Ritter; Limbaugh and the others that host on 610 radio tend to be narrow-minded sectarians. They cater to other narrow-minded inviduals and communities that have a strangle hold on this part of Florida. They cloak their racism, prejudices and chavanisms in candy-coated comments, but in spite of their efforts it's clear who they are and what they stand for. So, you go commissioner!

[You go commissioner! Straight to Hugo's Palace of Information.]

WooHoo! Boycott Rush!!!!!!!!!!!

[WooHoo! Boycott Free Speech!!!!!!!!]

WIOD talks about the need of saving lives during a hurricane or other emergency, but do they care when they polarized the community?

[A liberal always defines contrary viewpoints as "polarizing."]

i cannot stand Rush. He is a one sided individual. Good, drop him!

[Is that you, RDS Ritter?]

Station with biggest audience should get the cake.

[That makes it WIOD.]

I agree whole heartedly with this decision. This is just a ploy by the Republicans to spread their propaganda. I applaud her for taking this stance against the most corrupt party, and worst president in history!!! No PROPAGANDA for you Republicans!!!

[No FREE SPEECH for you EVIL rightwing Republicans!!!]

HOORAY FOR STACY!!!!! I listened to WIOD when hurricane Wilma came thru Hollywood. The right wing announcers were still spewing their crap and I couldn't stand to listen to it anymore.

[Yeah. A hidden rightwing message so carefully concealed in all that hurricane information that only a certified loon could detect it.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ritter pointed out that the majority of the nine county commissioners -- all of whom are Democrats -- are at the opposite end of the political spectrum from Limbaugh and other conservative hosts carried by WIOD.

How about we solve the real problem: fire the commissioners.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i cannot stand Rush. He is a one sided individual."

And you are so nuanced you cannot see the complete irony in that statement.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Severe weather alerts, which are issued by the Nation Weather Service, are carried by all radio and TV stations in the effected area, as required by the FCC, so this "official" station designation is just a bunch of crap. It doesn't matter what this left wing loony thinks, her attempt at censorship will not affect WIOD or it's listeners in any way as WIOD will still broadcast Hurricane Warnings and related information anyways. Her true goal is to "slap the face" of Rush, and any station that carries him, but it's an empty gesture, and very transparent.

10:20 AM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

The Left's enthusiasm for silencing those they disagree with should clue everyone about their real agenda.

It doesn't get more Un-American than that.

They either have utter contempt for the Constitution they pretend to defend, or they are totally ignorant of its fundamental concepts.

They seem to be both entirely ignorant and intolerably arrogant simultaneously.

A terrible and deadly combination.

Not to mention...unattractive.

5:09 PM  

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