Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Smoking Destroys Throat of William Rivers Pitt

This is a short but shocking DUFU edition today. William Rivers Pitt apparently opened up his Trust Fund checkbook and purchased his way into giving a speech at an Eleanor Roosevelt Awards Dinner held by Denver area Democrats. I could post his overlong boring speech which was my original intention but I just couldn't get over his voice. You can't hear him by clicking the pic above but if you go to TRUTHOUT, just scroll down to the video and click on it.

If you had ever heard Pitt's voice before his throat started getting eaten away by the cancer sticks, you would be as shocked as I am to hear the Pittster's voice. I remember him on the phone from Bukowksi's in early 2005, assuring me that he remembered every single detail of a long conversation that he wrote, word-for-word. Back then his voice sounded smooth and normal. However, years of sucking down those cigarettes, perhaps as many as 3 packs per day, have resulted in the raspy, unhealthy voice you hear on the video.

My advice to Pitt is to quit blowing his Trust Fund bucks to pay for ego enhancing speaking gigs and use the money to pay for medical attention. You need to quit smoking NOW or end up with a hole in your throat like this SINGING COWBOY.

Don't wait, Pitt. Pick up the phone and make an appointment with a doctor. Best to do it now before the ObamaCare waiting lines go into effect.


Anonymous Thomas F said...

Hey hey hey, look who is the greatest denier of medical claims.....



Got to love the compassion of big gov......

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Pitt getting married (?)

(Your old pal, JLO)

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Aaron said...

Then yesterday it stopped working altogether and filled the room with a burned wire smell. Now, don't get me wrong, I DO clean my house regularly. Why deal with constant repairs when it may be a much better option to simply buy a new (or used for that matter) refrigerator. Today, microwave meals are more much advanced and tasting better than ever. Most importantly there is the health aspect.

9:26 PM  
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