Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise"

The DUmmies are not shy about attacking the rich EXCEPT when one of their own strives to become wealthy beyond what he deserves. Such is the case with Keith Olbermann who is now demanding a fourfold salary increase. As a strong liberal, Keith does not realize that there is a correlation between ratings and revenue. And since the ratings for MSNBC are pathetically low, then revenue must also be in the dumps. However, despite that economic reality, Olbermann is demanding that his salary be increased from a million bucks per year to FOUR million. The problem is that his show does not draw the numbers that would justify such a grotesque salary increase. Keith should consider himself lucky that he is even making a million dollars per year from the troubled MSNBC and keep a candle lit while praying that he does not get fired for earning his current inflated salary. Of course, MSNBC is NOT going to fork over anywhere near four million big ones to Olbermann. For one thing, he is just not worth it. On top of that, to pay Olbermann a big increase would mean that Chris Matthews would demand a similar increase which is something MSNBC wants to avoid. You can find the evasions of economic broadcasting facts on this DUmmie THREAD titled, "MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise." So let us now watch the DUmmies demand that rich liberal Keith Olbermann become even richer in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that a lot of websites get a lot more readers daily than MSNBC gets viewers, is in the [brackets]:

MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise

[Keith Olbermann desperately wants to become a rich fatcat despite ratings that don't justify it.]

Olbermann and MSNBC are knocking heads over a new contract. The controversial host of Countdown With Keith Olbermann is said to be seeking "north of $4 million" a year, according to an industry source, to re-up on his pact that comes due in April. That would represent roughly a four-fold increase over his current deal, believed to be in the $1 million-per-year range.

[I would love to be in that room when the MSNBC execs tell Keith that he is just not worth it.]

Olbermann is looking for such a big pay raise because Countdown has been on fire, playing a big part in the current audience uptick at the network. In the key 25-54 demo, its ratings are up 25% year-to-date and an astounding 75% so far in the fourth quarter.

[Increasing your ratings a bit from pathetically low is no great task. Most of that increase was due to interest in the mid-term elections which does not exist now.]

But MSNBC brass may have their hands tied on how much they can pony up for Olbermann. MSNBC parent NBC Universal has mandated $750 million worth of budget cuts across all divisions, and this is hardly a politic time to hand out a gargantuan raise. Meanwhile, CNN may have interest. (snip)

[Great timing on Olbermann's part. Big budget cuts and Keith chooses now to make a demand for a grotesque salary increase not supported by economic facts.]

He deserves the raise. I think the request for $4 million is just something Keith's agent is putting out there as a starting point to negotiate. I'm sure he won't get that much, but he'll probably get a raise.

[Yeah, they'll give Keith a raise of 10 bucks per year.]

Wow, Olbie on CNN could be huge for his career. Moreover I could see the other big two picking him up as well. MSNBC is ok, but it sure is'nt Prime Time in the business news. If CNN does pick him up I hope they keep to the same format that has made him successful. Not to mention his crack team.

[Keith would bomb at CNN as well since that network is also suffering lousy ratings.]

Not a good sign. Usually, such moves mean one of three things:

1. The person seeking the enormous salary is sick of their job and only a huge salary will keep them in place.
2. The person seeking the raise is suffering from massive ego inflation.
3. The market would support such a salary -- it's a fair request or he's been offered another job.

[The the winner is...NUMBER TWO!!!]

I don't see Olbermann getting $4,000,000 anywhere else, so I don't think option 3 is the ticket. Although, anything is possible -- look at Limbaugh's salary!

[Limbaugh OWNS his show. He salary is entirely net revenue generated from his HUGE ratings. Keith would have to take a salary CUT based on that formula.]

Since the source appears to be MSNBC it may indicate that General Electric wants to get rid of Olbermann and replace him with a rightwinger.

[Which means a neutered MSNBC Republican like Joe Scarborough or Tucker Carlson.]

Wasn't There a Rumor, 'bout a Month Ago. That his show was going to be bumped over to CNBC?

[That's like going from bad to worse.]

One would hope that if Keith is truly a champion for progressive ideals, he may have a problem making 100x what his camera men or researchers or assistant to the junior writers are making. And that he'll either donate money to worthy causes or forego some of his obscene pay to the working families of those who create much of the content for his show.

[Keith would keep most of his obscene pay. Liberals are exempt from those attacks on greedy rich folks.]

people on the left better have money to do battle with the
parasites on the right.

[Great justification for Keith's inflated salary demands. I can just picture Keith sipping on a thousand dollar bottle of cognac at an exclusive NY restaurant proclaiming he is in the middle of doing battle with the parasites on the right.]

They are shedding $750 million costs (which means people), and Olberman is going going to get a 300% raise! $3 million dollars. That could cost 100+ low-end workers their jobs at MSNBC. Does Olberman not see this, or not care?


Couric making 13 mill. NBC supposedly offered her 20 to stay but she took a 13 mill offer from CBS to do anchoring which is what she was making at NBC ever since 2001.

[DUmbest media move ever.]

They better give it to him too!

[A DUmmie makes a threat on behalf of Olbermann's inflated salary demand.]

I'm still not convinced that he's really "speaking his mind". Some of his speeches seemed like ratings grabs to me. But, that is just my opinion. I hope I'm wrong because I really enjoyed watching him in the runup to the election.
But if you have a big contract negotiation coming up and there's an election and you sense you can make ratings by pandering to the ticked off and motivated side.....you might do some things to get said ratings.

[The key word here is "pandering."]

ALL HaiL Keith O~~ I love, love, LOVEEEEEEE Keith. He, along with Stewart, Colbert, Wes Clark, Mike Malloy, Max Cleland, (to name a few) ARE MY HEROES!!! Give them the reins in their appropriate venues and let them HEAL the NATION!! It's so broken, lame, dirty and sad that it will take a whole TEAM of specialists to repair it!! I am POSITIVE they deserve what EVER money is available and I'm sure they will ALL give their share in charities or donations. For they speak for ME and I am a giving soul that cares about this country (has served) and lived long enough to spot the real thing when it's in front of me! Not that any of them couldn't FALL short on an occasion as they are all HUmans! I'd forgive them a moments greed, vanity, what ever. I'm also SOOOO proud of the DEMOCRATS and us BLOGGERS!! WE deserve an accolade or two as well! CHEERS~

[Some input from the mindless groupie contingent whose sarcasm makes me suspect she is really a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

If I couldn't give him all four mill, I'd find a way to sweeten everything else.

[Give him free donuts.]

One thing they have to do is start getting better advertisers for his show and Tweety's. Not everyone watching MSNBC is 68 years old in need of knee replacements and Medicare prescription plans. It's their own fault if they are not getting top dollar for ads for his audience, which is far younger than most cable news audiences.

[A DUmmie gives a slight nod to economic reality. The advertisers aren't there because the ratings aren't there.]

I say give it too him

[The shove out the MSNBC door?]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm amazed he makes $1M a year. How do you get that kind of job? No talent. No brains. No viewers.

I guess MSNBC doesnt worry about making money.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Olbermann was in the perfect spot at ESPN...he should have stayed there, but it seems his ego thinks he should be a big bucks current events commentator instead of a sports commentator. Such is life....I'm thinking Olbermann is going to find himself with no job at the pathetic PMSNBC instead of a huge raise.

12:43 AM  

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