Friday, December 08, 2006

Impeachment Obsession At Fever Pitch In Leftwing Blogosphere

They just can't let go. Despite the fact that Nancy Pelosi has stated that impeachment will NOT be on the Democrats agenda in the next term, the looney left is now DEMANDING more strenuously than ever that President Bush be impeached. In the narrow view of the Left, a Bush impeachment (overlooking the trial part) would mean that Nancy Pelosi would be immediately installed as president, conveniently forgetting that Dick Cheney would succeed Bush. The few lefties facing this "uncomfortable" fact, believe that Dick Cheney could also be impeached. So let's see. To go to the impeachment stage for Bush would take over a year. The trial in the Senate would then take place early in 2008 where Bush would be ACQUITTED because a conviction would take 16 Republican votes to obtain the necessary two-thirds required by the Constitution. Even if the impossible happened, the impeachment routine would have to be performed all over again for Dick Cheney which would take us up to Jan. 20, 2009. Maybe the Left would be satisfied if their Nancy served for an hour or so on that morning but only in their own alternate reality. These impeachment threads are running rampant in both DUmmieland and KOmmieland but since there are almost 1400 obsessed comments in the latter, today we shall DUFU this KOmmie THREAD titled "Impeachment: you think the world is not watching?" So let us now watch the KOmmie obsess over the impeachment in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, ready to impeach the sanity of the Left, is in the [brackets]:

Impeachment: you think the world is not watching?

[And laughing?]

So it's not politically convenient to try to impeach?

So there will be no price paid for being the worst president ever, apart for the promise of the judgement of history?

So Democrats also think it's okay to go invade another country, to get several hundred thousand of its inhabitants killed, to proudly practice and promote torture around the world, to tear up the Geneva Conventions and a whole load of international treaties, and to go grab random foreigners around the world to put them in Guantanamo and throw away the key?

[Yeah. We just grabbed random foreigners off the streets around the world and tossed them into Gitmo for absolutely no reason. Continue with your rambling nonsense in this therapy session...]

So not only was Bush reelected with a real majority, but the opposition essentially says that what he did is not so profoundly illegal that it deserves to be duly sanctioned?

Way to go.

The world is watching. And it will not forget. Our current leaders may be cowards, but they won't always be there. Haven't you noticed how being anti-American makes you a popular politician and makes you win elections around the world?

[It didn't help the Dixie Chicks in their sales but at least they got Grammy nominations for their anti-Americanism. Now finish off your spew...]

Fear will not be enough when the whole world is convinced that America will not correct its current ways, and that the problem is not just the current administration.

[Sorry. No purges in the USA but let us hear from your fellow sanity-challenged KOmmies...]

Two Words for the case NOT to impeach... Dick Cheney.

[Don't worry. You KOmmies will come up with some unreal scenario to handle that problem.]

You think he wouldn't be found guilty of SOMETHING during those much-needed investigations? Encouraging/enabling war profiteering, at least, not to mention the probable illegalities of his energy task force. Impeach the whole friggin' administration. They've earned it.

[Mass impeachment. Impossible to accomplish constitutionally but why should that stop the KOmmies?]

Seriously. Why can't Cheney be impeached first? Or both at the same time? Can you say President Pelosi?

[Can you say sanity-challenged?]

Please name the 17 Republicans who would vote to remove Bush from office.

[Stop pestering us with inconvenient details!]

All this impeachment talk is premature until the investigations get under way. I suggest we all keep an open mind about whether to impeach until then.

[Lost in all this discussion is the fact that not one KOmmie has given an actual REASON for impeachment.]

I wonder if the world can wait... for Bush to leave office in 2009. I wonder if it can wait another month. He is, and has been, both unfit for office and a danger to civilization for 6 years, and things are deteriorating rapidly.

[How about a speed impeachment where investigations are dropped as unnecessary and you unconstitutionally go straight to a Senate trial requiring only a majority vote for conviction?]

If we impeach Bush, Cheney would become president then we impeach him shortly after that. Or we could do it the other way around. It wouldn't matter.

[Or you can do it all together or the other way around. Plus you can do it unconstituionally. It wouldn't matter.]

What are you going to impeach Cheney on?

[Just make something up. It wouldn't matter.]

secret energy task force

[Obvious grounds for impeachment of Cheney. Oh, and don't overlook that overdue library book of his. Another good reason for impeachment.]

I am convinced the truth is there. I am convinced if the American people ever learn even half of it, the case for impeachment and removal from office will take on a life of its own.

[So let's see. So far you haven't come up with ANY ground for impeachment but somehow believe that if you just keep digging, something will turn up. Oh, and don't forget about Bush jaywalking in downtown Crawford.]

then say goodbye to dems winning an election in 08. shit, if dems so blatantly try to get into power, by throwing a lame duck president who cant do shit out of office, just so they can have power one year earlier at the earliest, then i'm gonna throw my vote away in 08. cos i don't support such blatant a power grab, and i doubt most people would

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Bush will resign, Cheney will have heart failure keep saying it...

[A touching KOmmie prayer.]

What is Cheney going to be impeached FOR? Nobody ever gets to this point, probably because the whole rube goldberg impeachment drive to make Nancy Pelosi president already looks ridiculous. But I'll bite. What did Cheney do? Shoot someone in the face? Remember, Cheney can't actually ORDER anything, and all his power comes from convincing people in the actual chain of command to do as he wants. So what's his crime?


Pass a law requiring him to do his job, and then impeach him for refusing to obey it.

[Posted a KOmmie with a straight face.]

Its been six friggin years, he's got to have ... done something. He's as crooked as the fingers of NFL linemen before the days of Monday Night football. And there is precious little legitimate for a VP to do in such a dysfunctional White House, so he's going to have been up to something disreputable. You can't unteach an old dog bad old tricks.

[Translation: We have absolutely NO PROOF that Cheney did anything illegal but something will turn up if we investigate because we know he is a crook.]

Two Words are 'President Pelosi'. Impeach Bush and as evidence is uncovered, negotiate simultaneous resignation for Cheney in exchange for reduced or immunity from prosecution.

[Without even grounds for impeachment yet, the KOmmies are already arranging a plea bargain to facilitate the inauguration of President Pelosi.]

I have yet to see anyone make...the slightest case that impeachment would hamper, delay or impede whatsoever the Democratic agenda. None. Not from you, not from Kos, not from anyone.

[I have yet to see anyone make the slightest case for impeachment based on any actual evidence. We already know, according to numerous leftwing scholars in 1998, that perjury is NOT grounds for impeachment so you will have to look in other directions than that.]

If necessary hire a gang of private detectives when he's out of office and have him arrested for stepping on the cracks in the pavement. Be petty, find something that he can be taken down for, and keep after him whenever he steps foot outside his house. Make life impossible for him

[Yes! That's the trick! BE PETTY!!!]

It's about crime and punishment, justice and the rule of law.

[Wrong! It's about being petty.]

Why can't GWB be prosecuted once he leaves office? What stops us from making sure he gets to La Hague? Impeachment is a distraction, won't be a solution.

[Be petty! Send him to the Hague to stand trial for stepping on cracks on the pavement.]

Investigate and keep our mouths shut to avoid alerting the wingnuts is the fricking plan.

[Shh! Don't tell anybody that we are only going to investigate for the sole reason of going on a fishing expedition to hopefully find the grounds for impeachment that have not yet appeared.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous PWT said...

"I wonder if the world can wait..."

The oppressed people around the world can not wait another day. Once President Bush is impeached, they will no longer fear being murdered, tortured or starving to death. I think that BenBurch has been pounding the KOmmies in the ass so much that it has affected their brains.

BTW, since it is Markos, sounds like dose, it would make more sense to refer to these idiots as being Kosatose.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Icarus said...

Those Krazy Kids.

What on Earth are they going to do for fun after January 2009? (For that matter, where are the DUmmieFUnnies going to look for rich material?)

I think we actually owe it to the Laughable Loons to make sure we elect someone that they can stay all excited about, somebody that will keep them frothing, their panties firmly twisted in a bunch.

But who? Newt? Jeb? Who can the liberals hate enough to keep giving their life meaning?

I say we give them the greatest gift of all, repeal the 22nd Amendment, and re-elect Dubya.

Imagine their rapturous joy, to know they can keep moaning and whining for another term or two!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

It really, really ought to hurt to be that stupid.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Shandalear said...

Impeach President Bush and ya get President Cheney.

Impeach President Cheney and ya get President Rice.

Impeach President Rice...oh wait, we're into the next term now and have managed to get the first black and first woman ever elected to serve as President.

Sounds like a plan! LOL!

6:50 PM  
Blogger Icarus said...

Uh, Shandalear:

You might want to go reread the 25th Amendment.

You've got to go through a President Hastert and then a President Stevens, to get to Condi. After January, you'll have to go through a President Pelosi (and a most likley a President Robert "KKK" Byrd) before you get to Condi.

Secretary of State comes after Speak and President Pro Tem of the Senate. Sorry.

9:01 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

I dunno, dumbass tanker. It makes me hurt that they're so stupid. Does that count?

I swear to god, stupidity that dense should collapse into a black hole of stupidity and suck them all in.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

Well, yeah, it does hurt me....that's why it ought to hurt them too. But if they can even sense mental pain through their murky and twilit awareness, it apparently isn't strong enough to make them stop the stupid, or maybe they're just too doggone stupid to actually make the cause-and-effect connection.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


if Bush is impeached, then Cheney would appoint a new VP and they would become President if he were impeached. No Pres. Pelosi.

5:05 PM  

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