Monday, December 04, 2006

DUmmies WUV Hugo Chavez For Shutting Down The Press

The DUmmies are expressing their true WUV for Venezuelan thug, Hugo Chavez, for shutting down the press on the heels of his election victory last night. You can see this DUmmie WUV for yourself in this THREAD titled, "Telemundo: Venezuela Halts Transmission." Yes, the Chavez regime shut down coverage by Telemundo of the Venezuelan election and the most of the DUmmies have given a big thumbs up to this press clampdown. These are the same DUmmies that claim that the EVIL Bush regime controls the press here despite what what we see daily reported on most of the major networks. So let us now watch the DUmmies gaze lovingly upon Hugo Chavez in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping there is no clampdown on future Miss Venezuelas entering the Miss Universe contest, is in the [brackets]:

Telemundo: Venezuela Halts Transmission


CARACAS, Venezuela — Officials identifying themselves as members of a state regulatory agency forced the U.S.-based Spanish-language TV network Telemundo to halt transmission Sunday of its presidential election coverage.

"We're surprised by this," said Pablo Iacub, a member of Telemundo's eight-person team, which arrived last week. "We only want to do our work," he said by telephone.

At least six people who identified themselves as members of the National Commission of Telecommunications (CONATEL), which regulates electronic media in Venezuela, arrived Sunday afternoon at the hotel from which Telemundo had been transmitting since Friday, said Iacub.

The officials said the network needed permission to transmit and lacking such could not, he said. Iacub said he was unaware of such a requirement but that the Telemundo journalists were accredited with Venezuela's national elections council.

Iacub said the Telemundo team asked how they could obtain permission and, after an hour, were told that they would not be able to transmit.

[The Bolshevik Revolution will NOT be televised.]

He shut down GE the arms dealer. So what. I wish we could do that.

[DUmmies wish they could shut down all contrary political thought.]

Yeah, that'll kickstart the economy. Shut down GE. They have $160 billion in sales annually in just about every line of business you can think of, and employ tens of thousands of people, paying them well and providing good benefits. However, one segment of their business deals with weapons so we should shut the entire company down! The poeple who work there will just have to take one for the team, but I'm sure they'll understand.


Chavez is fighting U.S. interference in his country's affairs..
..The chimp's black 0ps f*ckers are there, trying to influence the election. The media there is infiltrated with chimpistas. F*ck 'em!

[LOL! "Chimpistas." I have to remember that one for future use.]

under Perez the US oil companies ran Venezuela..and only the top echelon of people of Venezuela benefitted.. i saw rich Venezuelan men put cigarettes out on little children for the pure sport of it ..for a was heart breaking...and they laughed when i tried to stop them from doing so..

[Another well-documented DUmmie "fact." Before Chavez came on the scene, rich Venezuelans put their cigarettes out on little children for laughs. Oh, and may I use your empty skull for an ashtray?]

It sounded as if they believed their rule would NEVER end during the time you were there. I hope it is never allowed again, and that the Venezuelan people will be able to keep Venezuela free for Venezuelans.

[Translation: No one will be allowed to rule in Venezuela except the Chavistas. No Chimpistas allowed.]

The concept of press freedom is a rather ridiculous notion when "the press" is a large corporate interest only concerned with image creation and not real reporting.

[Thanx for giving us a sneak preview excuse for when the Left tries the same stunt here.]

We have freedom of the press. Freedom to lie, distort, gung ho on a repubican agenda, interview 2 repubics for every Democrat, protect their own corporate interests. Shut down? No. Break up the corporate monopoly - yes.

[Thanx for giving us the sneak preview rationale for shutting down the press here. See, they aren't really shutting down the press. The Left is merely breaking up a corporate monopoly.]

We have freedom of the owners of the mega media to propagandize. As to Faux News, it should be shut down for it is nothing more than a rightwing propaganda arm. The airwaves belongs to the people, not the mega media corporations.

[That, folks, was DUmmie IndianaGreen, a college professor in the midwest. I wonder if she teaches journalism?]

Exactly, I couldn't have said it better. Fox "news" in NOT and never was News. It's RW Opinion and Propaganda.

[Admit it. You are really student in DUmmie IndianaGreen's class and you just want to butter her up to get an easy "A".]

I want it shut down! It's not news. They have NO right to pretend to be "news", while they spout the White House talking points 24/7. We the people should have taken it upon ourselves to shut them down long ago. It still may have to happen that way.

[That was DUmmie Webster Green. Could he be DUmmie IndianaGreen's hubbie?]

I suggest you read the first amendment. Of course it's news. It's slanted and has a right wing POV, not mention a high sleaze factor, but it's about freedom of speech, and you folks who want to shut it down, are profounndly wrong and deeply, and I do mean deeply, anti-democratic. You scare me more than Fos news.

[And yet you remain a DUmmie, DUmmie.]

Bullshit! It is the opposite of free speech. The assholes with all the money own all the news outlets, and control what we are allowed to hear. That is not free speech!

[DUmmie Webster Green again whispiring sweet leftist nothings into DUmmie IndianaGreen's ear.]

Shut down?; No; Held Accountable for lies and slander...?
YES! There used to be rules about honesty in the business of journalism. We all can see what happened when these rules were relaxed. A news organization owned by an arms dealer can spew it's dihonest, fearmongering propaganda, whereever it wills it without fear of prosecution..

["Shut down" redefined as "held accountable" according to the DUmmie dictionary. Webster's Green dictionary.]

It's not news if it's not the TRUTH. It is chicanery, perception molding, propaganda, lies, half-truths, deceit, and if it's not the TRUTH, it is NOT NEWS. It is NOT actual honest communication. The fact they can have open access to the helpless minds of American idiots (until they learn to evaluate what the hell they are being told!) and that they ABUSE that intimate access shouldn't be allowed. NEWS ONLY IF IT'S THE TRUTH. Anything else is political crap and manipulation, and it takes advantage of the public's ignorance to deceive it.

[In case you folks thought this was ONLY about Venezuela, it's not. This is what the DUmmies plan for America, or Amerikka as they call it.]

I think this is Hugo Chavez's point. He is going to have to do unpopular acts to stabilize his country. Strong men do.

[Another DUmmie excuse for shutting down the press. They merely want to "stabilize" the country.]

If a foreign television station came into the US and started broadcasting on election night, the entire US government would storm that foreign television station and shut it down.

[Oh yeah. The foreign press is NEVER allowed to broadcast in the USA on election night. And that's a FACT, Jack!]

You're kidding right? Foreign stations from every part of the globe broadcast from the US during elections.

[Ugly truth is not permitted in DUmmieland you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Telemundo is OWNED by America's powerful elite. Telemundo wanted to broadcast BushCo's word TO Venezuela. Think of Fox New on steroids.

[Think of DUmmies on Thorazine.]

He didn't say he wanted to end private press. He said he wanted to ask THE PEOPLE if they wanted those SUBVERSIVE media outlets to be shut down.

[Gee! I wonder what the answer from THE PEOPLE will be when Chavez asks that question from his balcony?]

Did he say corporate press or private press. There is a difference.

[Better check the fine print.]

Do you seriously think that the private press in Venezuela should be shut down?

[A silly question to pose in DUmmieland.]

i would feel alot more comfortable if the FCC would hold fox accountable to telling truth instead of propaganda! free does not mean lie... the air time in the USA is owned by each and every American..the media is given our air time to be the fourth estate..they have a responsibility to tell the American people the truth..if they do not and deliberatley lie..they should be removed from using our air time free! they should be held accountable...

[Unfortunately for this DUmmie, Fox News is on CABLE, not on the airwaves.]

And just who owns Telemundo?


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Anonymous john f not kerry said...

What a scary bunch of morons! Would all be right with the world if Fox News is shut down? Are they the only ones who get to tell the truth from lies. I pray to God I'm dead before people like this hold real power over anything except their keyboards and pizza boxes. When the people they elect decide to shut DU down, what will they say?

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is deranged. Libs love to cower behind free speech, but don't let anyone who disagrees with them use the 1st Amendment. I rarely watch Fox News, but at the same time, I don't want it shut down just because some hippies and stoners disagree with what they say.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Kr0w said...

Beyond a doubt, these retarded societal parasites are more dangerous in the long term than the Mohammadian thugs.

8:58 AM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

You know, the amount of literal ignorance in that short piece is simply astounding. You must have to work to get and remain that ignorant.

12:44 AM  

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