Friday, December 01, 2006

Severe BDS Outbreak In DUmmieland

Quick! Contact the CDC. There is a severe BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) outbreak in DUmmieland. It has already affected the interiors of the DUmmie craniums and has caused their brain cells to burst. The symptoms of BDS are a complete loss of the ability to reason or communicate normally. Sufferers will rant uncontrollably as foam pours out of their mouths. Unfortunately there is no known cure for BDS. If you see a BDS patient ranting in the streets, please quarantine him at the nearest Wal-Mart Detention Center. We now bring you a close up look at the latest DUmmie outbreak of BDS in this THREAD with the BDS affected title of "Put that SOB in JAIL NOW! Defund AF One! Lockdown the White House! Stop HIM!" So let us now watch the Patient Zero of BDS, DUmmie symbolman, demonstrate the classic BDS symptoms in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reading up on the Andromeda Pain, is in the [brackets]:

Put that SOB in JAIL NOW! Defund AF One! Lockdown the White House! Stop HIM!

[Confine that BDS patient NOW! Break out Lithium treatment! Lockdown the Meds! Treat HIM!]

I'm SO SICK of all this pussyfooting about this Lying Thieving CROOK in the White House playing FOOTSIES with all the CORPORATIONS while our Sons and Daughters DIE and DIE and DIE!

[Insert the leather strap while you CRY and CRY and CRY!]

WE KNOW what he's doing, there's MORE than enough PROOF, yet this whole Bullshit Pretention keeps going on, this VAST DENIAL, this PLAYING BY THE RULES GAME while THEY change the RULES to fit their Looting of the Treasury!

[Kindly mop up your rabid foam when exiting the sanitarium.]

The media writes these namby pamby articles about how Bush is "uncurious" and now he SEEMS "hard headed", his "gut instincts" SEEM to have led US down some kind of WRONG PATH! He's either CRAZY (and the Constitution says we can STOP a crazy pResident), or he's just plain EVIL...

[We already know you are just plain NUTS!!!]

HE's a CRIMINAL, he's NOT A KING, and he's SWORN to UPHOLD the Constitution and has done NONE OF IT, None at ALL.

[The same Constitution you DUmmies were calling a piece of trash just YESTERDAY?]

He's LIED and been caught at it, CONSTANTLY. LIED TO CONGRESS, which is ILLEGAL.

[It sounds like you also suffer from CDS: Clinton Derangement Syndrome.]

He keeps PUTTING OFF doing anything until the last drop of Blood will be spilled, the last gasp of air is loosed from the LAST American Troop, or the last Iraqi CHILD, blown to bits in this GAME they are Playing, the Last drop of oil is safely in an Oil Baron's CUP.

[Rabies shots will be just be the appetizer of your intensive BDS treatment.]

SOMEONE CUT THE CRAP, and get this guy OFF the streets!! You don't let a wild animal run around with an automatic weapon, saying, "Oh well, he's just crazy or something, and eventually he'll run out of bullets I guess.."

[Warning! Your Depends is reaching critical mass and must be changed soon!]

DEFUND the Air Force One. Put an ARMED GUARD at the Door of the White House. CUT OFF HIS PHONE. TELL THE TRUTH about what he's doing.

[Mommy has some hot toddy laced with chloroform for our widdle symbolman.]

STOP HIM, he's killing and starving hundreds of thousands, and STEALING from ALL OF US. IT IS OBVIOUS. IT IS A FACT.


There HAS to be some LEGAL and NONVIOLENT WAY, some Emergency Measure that can be INVOKED NOW.

[Thumping over the head with a large club is a legal way to handle severe BDS.]

THIS is INSANITY and it's being ALLOWED and WE KNOW BETTER, the WOrld Knows Better, the Troops Know better.

[Methinks your audition to enter Happy Farms will be successful.]

It's MONSTEROUS and must end NOW!

[NO! NO! Don't end your comedy act now! You're on a roll!]

Cut off HIS FUNDING, DO SOMETHING, the insanity must END.

[DUmmie symbolman has such a charming glare in his crazed eyes when he rants like a madman.]

I'm sick of the "civilized" GAMES being played out, like ALL IS WELL. ALL IS NOT WELL.

[Just go out the door with the nice men in the white coats and ALL WILL BE WELL.]

End of Rant. Hopefully not the End of the World before these CREATURES Kill and starve us ALL.

[Too late. Were all dead now. And now to hear from the BDS infected comrades of DUmmie symbolman...]

HERE HERE. I think even some of 'them' are realizing he's rogue and must be stopped. It's really amazing how those of us who felt crazy and that we were banging our heads against the wall are having to watch as prophecies come true about Bush in ways we could never imagine.

[Good. Good. The first step on the road to recovery is the recognition that you are crazy.]

F*CK Laura's CLOTHES, and F*CK Bush. Horseshit. HE's More like one of the FOUR HORSEMEN, you don't WRITE about what THEY are WEARING, or how SAD they are.. they are PESTILANCE, you get RID Of them. By all Legal means of course, but let's CUT the CRAP and have a REAL Conversation about what the HELL IS GOING ON in this COUNTRY, eh?

[That was DUmmie symbolman again demonstrating that he can't be bested in the insanity department.]

they won't show disemboweled or dismembered Iraqis. They don't give you the taste, feel, and smell of ENDLESS WAR and STRIFE caused by that hateful arrogant murderer Bush who insults all enlightened institutions of law and order.

[Well, at least you are showing us a disembodied brain.]

I've been fighting these bastards for 6 years with EVERY DIME I OWN. ALl of my SWEAT in so many venues, and now that Bush's INSTALLED Puppets in Iraq are schemeing with IRAN, and Bush is IRREVELANT, what the F*CK are we DOING? He runs around clowning all over the world and THAT IS OKAY? His Baker run board says, "Oh, we need to LEAVE, but not now, whenever would be fine..' and BUSH SAYS NO? Who the HELL IS this ASSHOLE, and WHAT is HE doing in OUR Sacred White House? Time to take out the TRASH is NOW. Congress needs to hold an emergency Meeting to discuss the Constitional CRISIS occurring in this Nation, that we have an INSANE person in the WHite House, and there are LEGAL Constitutional Measures for REMOVING HIM POSTE HASTE. Thanks for your post, I AM Angry, more than ever, and have been WAY ahead of the Hockey Puck for Many Years. LET'S ROLL, DEMAND that CONGRESS REMOVE HIM NOW.

[Time for your daily Thorazine OD, DUmmie symbolman.]

Time to ship a couple million Guy Fawkes masks to the good people of the DC area, if you get my drift.

[Does that include the kewl Guy Fawkes cape and knife set?]

I saw Laura on TV showing off the White House Christmas decorations and wanted to SCREAM.

[Sounds like a War Crime to me. TO THE HAGUE!!!]

Let's get the Wheels rolling, and NOW.

[Let's get the Screws loose, and NOW.]

USE the CONSTITUTION, THERE is a MEASURE there for an INSANE president. Get him out NOW.

[THERE is no MEASURE in the CONSITUTION for an INSANE DUmmie since that term is redundant.]

Mob justice is how American was founded........... If our forefathers had not overthrown the govt we would be bowing before the Queen as we speak.

[Ben Burch bows before a Queen every day.]

Now find one scholar who will back up this kind of ridiculous rant.

[Or even one shrink.]

Mob justice is better than no justice

[This saying is enshrined in the DUmmie Hall of Justice.]

But these constant threads of unrealistic hysteria accomplish nothing but giving others fodder to think us to be lunatics.

[Hee! Hee! Now how could we possibly get that idea?]

I consider it shocking that this kind of nonsensical
ranting gets delerious rave reviews, as if the OP contained any wisdom whatsoever.

[DUmmie symbolman is the symbol of DUmmieland.]

Symbolman you can go on and on, I like reading what you write. I want it so bad, so bad. I feel hopeless to do anything but give up hope I will not. I always knew I loved my country but I didn't know I loved her as I do, she's like a mother and she is being violated by this crew and I want justice, not a gloss over, real justice. This madman must be stopped for mankind if not for us

[One of symbolman's many DUmmie groupies.]

As a nation at this moment in history, we are no better than Nazi Germany of the late 40's. This nation as it exists currently is a threat to the rest of the world. By allowing this administration to conduct such aggressive foreign policy, and continue to go on unchecked is, in itself, criminal. Complacency must end. The time for peaceful dialog is over. I for one do not wish to go on supporting this. Call you congressmen, senators, representative's and demand that this freak be removed today. The world hate us boy's and girl's. That is a cold hard fact, and a reality that makes me feel far less secure now than any terrorist attack ever has. We need to deal with this situation now before World War 3 is officially declared, AGAINST US.

[Nazi Germany of the late 40's? I guess you were too zoned out on Thorazine to pay attention in history class.]


[Enjoy your post-orgasmic cigarette.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The world hate us boy's and girl's."

What more is there to say?

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That guy is truly insane. Judging by his blatantly aggressive tone and MANY spelling and grammar errors (Not to mention his very odd choices of which words to capitalize), he was probably strung up on crystal meth when he launched into that rant.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous PWT said...

"she's like a mother and she is being violated by this crew"

Our country is a MILF. OOOOOhhh, thats hot.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a nation at this moment in history, we are no better than Nazi Germany of the late 40's

Do I smell another candidate for the Blutarsky Prize for Creative History?

1:16 PM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

Hahaha, another "To the barricades! No Pasaran! I'll be along shortly, if I can get a ride and Mom lets me!" call to arms. Pathetic.

Oh yeah, and I second that "Blutarsky Prize" nomination!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Radish said...

So there will be no price paid for being the worst president ever, apart for the promise of the judgement of history?

Jimmy Carter? What? :)

8:08 PM  
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