Monday, December 31, 2012

Know-it-all Nadin robbed, then Robbed!

Distraught DUmmies protest the fraudulent DUmmie of the Year results that cost Nadin Brzezinski her title.

As you know, our friends over at Conservative Cave conduct the annual polling to determine the winner of the much-coveted "DUmmie of the Year" (DOTY) award. Last year's winner, and deservedly so, was DUmmie nadinbrzezinski, affectionately known in these parts as Know-it-all Nadin. Nads blew the competition AWAY with her countless, unintentionally hilarious posts, filled with malaprops, misspellings, all-knowingness, and general condescension, on subjects as far-ranging as Fukushima gas clouds, trend-spotting and tipping points, her own coverage as a "journalist" of the Occupy movement and the auto show, and consigning the bullies that hound her on DU to her "iggy" list.

Now Nadin had another strong showing in 2012--maybe not quite the breakthrough that 2011 was, but then who could ever top that? Therefore many of us were expecting that Our Gal would take home the DOTY again this year. So imagine my surprise--no, imagine my SHOCK--when Cave-dweller-in-Chief franksolich announced that Nadin came in SECOND in the DOTY voting! A TIE for second, at that! And she missed out--so it was claimed--she missed out on DUmmie of the Year by A SINGLE VOTE! I was gobsmacked! I was stuned!! This was my dismayed reaction over at Conservative Cave:

NO! NO! NO! NO! I DEMAND A RECOUNT! She's been jobed! She's been hossed! She's been disenfrenchfried! The BULLIES are behind this, I tell you! I'm going to get my riffle and the good rig and go hop on the trolly and go dylsexic! This is the typing point! The Rubio has been crossed! I'm going to the GA and we're going to OCUPPY CC!! Oh, and frank--welcome to the iggy list.

And so I told Nadin, and I tell her again now:

Nadin, you will always be #1 in my book, sweetcakes.

Well, perhaps in an attempt to make amends for this gross travesty of justice, the next award announced was "the Rob" (named after somebody named Robyn), given to the DUmmie "whose utter stupidity made one laugh and laugh and laugh all year long." Well, there could be no denying Nadin THIS award! Even Diebold couldn't steal this one away! So Nadin was given the Rob. But small consolation it was, when compared to missing out on the DOTY.

 Hiding her disappointment, a brave Nadin Brzezinski holds her lame "Rob" consolation prize.

So what are we going to do about this? Are we going to sit here and take it? NO! In the name of the Late Lamented Red Round One, I think we need to take up Nadin's cause and POLITICIZE HER PLIGHT! VOTER-VERIFIED DOTY BALLOTS! DU IT FOR ANDY!! If you can't tell, I'm steamed. This voting was RIGGED--and I'm not talking about the good rig, either.

But Nadin is not giving up! Oh no, not our Nadin! Trouper that she is, she is aiming to recapture her DOTY title in 2013. She is already off to a strong start, even in these waning days of 2012. So let us now take a brief sample of the wonder that is Nadin, in Baldshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, on behalf of PJ-Comix and Li'l Beaver wishing all of our readers a Happy DU Year, is in the [brackets]:

Here, after some DUmmie posts a photo that appeared in the New York Daily News, taken by a photographer that the DUmmie knows, Nadin--herself a pro, of course--offers this comment:

An extremely good photo. Tell him hi from a fellow photog...

[I'm sure that will mean a LOT to that New York Daily News photographer, coming from you, Nadin! Oh, and if you'll look at the name under the photo, you'll see that the first name is "Lauren," a "her" not a "him." Sigh. . . .]

Here Nadin shares her medical expertise on news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been admitted to the hospital for a blood clot:

Standard, not surprising. ICU, just from the kind of monitoring required for at least a few hours.

[Whew! THANK you, Nadin, for sharing your expert knowledge! The rest of us were TOTALLY SURPRISED that Secretary of State Clinton would GO TO THE HOSPITAL for a blood clot! But now that you'd told us that such a thing is "standard" (I'm guessing that's the technical term), we can all rest easy.]

Here Nadin tells us to get our marching boots ready:

It's time. For some kind of action DC will listen to. Nope, voting ain't enough. Perhaps a national strike is in order. The ruling elites won't listen otherwise, am afraid.

[OK, people! You've heard it straight from Nadin! It's TIME! GENERAL STRIKE! MIC CHECK! OCCUPY EVERYWHERE! They won't listen to us otherwise, Nadin informs us. She WISHES she didn't know this stuff, but she does!]

And then here is a Nadin THREAD from last night:

PSA to San Diego County residents

[Nadin is authorized to issue Public Service Announcements, I don't know if you knew that.]

Going to Julian, chains required at Sunrise Valley Rd and 79 per CHP.  Driving east bound? Pine Valley EB -8, reports of icy conditions, and wheee! Vehicle spin outs.


They are sending sand trucks. So driving to Az, be aware. Palomar mountain, snow down to 3500 foot level. Winter weather advisory in the back country has been lifted. Oh and it will be a cold night. Hey, I can put this here in one post, instead of the twitter feed...whee!!!!


On the bright side, there should be some snow still on the ground in the morning.

[Let's hope.]

[Thank you, Nadin, for alerting all San Diego motorists by posting this PSA on DU in the middle of the night.]

[Now, whenever Nadin posts something in DUmmieland, one or more of The Bullies--SidDithers, zappaman, or pintobean--will be sure to show up. So the first response to appear this time--in fact, the only response Nadin got on this thread--is from the ever-reliable zappaman . . .]

Thanks for the info! What are you drinking? I am enjoying some Pyrat rum so I am a little tipsy too! Wheee!

[WHEEE! Hee! Hee!]

Well, all good things must come to an end, and so, on this final day of 2012, Nadin's reign as DUmmie of the Year draws to a close. But before she hands off the sash and the crown to . . . BanTheGOP??? . . . we'll ask Queen Nadin to take one last walk down the runway, as we all stand and salute her by singing . . .

Tune: "There She Is, Miss America"

Here she is, our Miss DUmmieland
Here she is, our Nadin
The dream of a million posts that she typed out by hand
Now comes true here on Skins's Island
For she has turned out to be
The queen of gross stupidity!

Here she is, our Miss DUmmieland
Here she is, our Nadin
With so many DUzies she took the DUmp by storm
With her condescending need to inform
And here she is
Miss Blogosphere, she is
DUmmie of the Year, she is
Our Miss DUmmieland!

Friday, December 28, 2012

DUmmies talk fiscal cliff and GOP treason

President Oahu has cut short his vacation to save the nation from economic catastrophe--even though he has run up trillions of dollars in debt and shows no signs of wanting to cut spending. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid-my-lips-more-new-taxes stands ready to avert financial doom--even though he has not been able to get the Senate to pass a budget in years. And these are the people who will keep us from going over the fiscal cliff?

The DUmmies are talking fiscal cliff these days, albeit reluctantly. The stuff makes their head hurt, and it is not as emotionally satisfying as damning the NRA. But the subject is in the news, so fiscal cliff it is. The DUmmies are fearful President Obama, who in their mind is a crypto-conservative, will cave in to the Rethugs--which is ironic, since we Rethuglicans are fearful OUR guys will cave in to HIM! And so it goes.

But free-floating anger against Rethuglicans is never out of season at the DUmp, so there is that theme, too, even going so far as to accuse the Rethugs of treason.

We'll take a look at all of that now, sampling here and there from a bunch of threads, too many to link to.

So let us now go over the fecal cliff into the DUnghill, in Fiscal Clifford the Big Red Ink, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--predicting some kick-the-can-down-the-road, last-minute deal that will disappoint both sides--is in the tax [brackets]:

I wish the President would just stay on vacation until January 1st.

[I wish he would stay on vacation until 2017.]

He is just too eager to make a deal for my liking.

[He is the full Monty.]

if we do go over the cliff, the GOP is going to be blamed.

[That's all that counts, isn't it?]

Is the Chained CPI on the table or not?

[All of DUmmieland has been wringing its collective hands about this "Chained CPI" thing, which would keep certain benefits from going up according to the Consumer Price Index. The DUmmies are all about getting more money from the government.]

it's a game. Obama roped the dopes again, 9 steps ahead. No one plays it better.

[He is the Grand Master of Nine-Dimensional Chess.]

I can seriously not name a single left-of-center/Dem/populist policy that this administration has fought for.

[Obama might as well be Jesse Helms.]

I expect Boner and McTurtle to try to kill seniors; they're Repukes. I expect a president with a (D) after his name to refuse to go along with such savagery. This one will not.

[Obama wants to kill Granny!]

It seems like something/someone is pressuring him to cave in this week.

[Welcome to "Cheers," with Barack Obama as Cliff Cave-in.]

Elizabeth Warren. . . . I do believe that Obama and Geithner and all of the Wall Streeters (including Wall Street) fear Elizabeth Warren. . . . She has plain values, she speaks plain English, and she delivers plain explanations.

[And she has Plains cheekbones.]

She will be the economic "translator in chief". . . .

[Chief Cheekbones have heap big brains!]

when Warren speaks, no one questions the accuracy of her explanation.

[Fauxcahontas no speak with forked tongue!]

That's going to be the New Washington once Warren arrives.

[Oh, come quickly, Princess Cherryblossoms! Pull our canoe back from going over the cliff!]

Elizabeth is not there yet! Seems "O" wants to do it before a few progressives arrive.

[Obama's War on the Warren Woman.]

Perhaps it's the devil?

[That would be Barry's white half.]

If we really want to talk about defict reductions and seriously getting the country back on track we should not be afraid to press the envelope and discuss what is necessary to meeting all needs. . . . Where is the discussion on wealth confiscation?

[Confiscate ALL wealth of everyone making more than me!]

increase on the top tax rate to . . . 94%. . . .

[Piker! Go for 100%! No, check that, 150%!!]

the argument you will get on the large tax rate increase is that it will hurt the economy or costs will be passed on to consumers. . . .

[Picky, picky, picky. . . .]

94%? If I had enough money to be considered for a tax rate of 94%, I would take my money and leave the country before letting the government tax that much of it.

[Where is your sense of patriotism, man?? Think of all the roads and bridges you would be helping to build! How DARE you want to keep some of your own money!!]

Raise taxes on everybody, not just the rich. . . . we really need everybody pitching in.

[Yes, a 100% tax rate on EVERYONE! Then we just distribute out whatever food and clothing and medicine and whatnot we think people deserve. No food for conservatives. No medicine for those who are too old. Everyone does their part.]

When rich people go over the cliff, can we have their stuff?

[The appeal of the Democrat Party in a NUtshell.]

As a 1%er, I'm happy to have my taxes increased. But. . . . Higher taxes for everyone, reduced social spending, and a decline in people's market-based retirement accounts aren't things to joke about.

[Shouldn't EVERYONE  want to have their taxes raised? I mean, it's the patriotic thing to do! Roads and bridges, man, roads and bridges! And SCHOOLS! Schools for THE CHILDREN! Children's schools, for goodness' sakes! Yes, yes, please tax me!! More!!!]

It Sure As Hell IS A Revenue Problem. . . . If we have a spending problem it is that we aren't spending enough, not nearly enough, on upgrading this nation's infra structure to remain economically competitive in the global economy, and THAT is a revenue problem.

[If only we had more roads and bridges! D*MN those Republicans!!]

the wealthy have taken more than teir share. . . . we are just asking them to start to contribute more to the cost of running the country.

[Even though the wealthy are ALREADY paying WAY MORE than their share in taxes??  And you're "just asking" them?? So it's kind of voluntary, is it, that they would pay more in taxes?]

Actually, I think we have a deficit in "it's not big enough."

[Look, you can't expect Obama to get the deficit up that high in just four short years! Give him time, he'll get there!]

At least half the people in this country drive me over sanity's cliff.

[All of DUmmieland plunged over that precipice long ago!]

conservatives have many Americans believing that we should cut taxes and spending. . . . Do people realize how much their state and local taxes would have to go up if the federal government stopped helping with the costs of education. . . . Imagine if state and local governments had to pay for all the things mentioned above along with Social Security, Medicare, and all the other things provided by the federal government. . . .

[Oh, I would LOVE to give it a try! What say we get the federal government OUT of everything not specifically delegated to it in the Constitution? Why, what a novel concept! No, wait, that's called the Tenth Amendment, actually. Well, let's just have the federal government do its constitutional thing--which is mainly national defense--and then let the states fend for themselves. I like it!]

we need more revenue, not less, and we as a people have to pay for what we want.

[Oh posh! Piffle! PAY for it?? Why bother? Just pass the bill on to the kiddos. We'll be long gone. Let them deal with it.]

If the problem is that we are running a $1+ trillion annual deficit and have a $16 trillion national debt, then that is a problem that cannot be fixed on the revenue side. . . . They are essentially arguing about whether to raise enough additional tax revenue to address 1% or 2% of the current deficit.

[You mean we might have to (gasp) CUT SPENDING???? STOP! NO! LALALALA!!! I CAN['T HEEEEEEAARRR YOU!!!!!!!]

you'd need to raise the top marginal rate to 100% and cut the defense budget to $0 to get close to addressing the annual deficit via those two items.

[So this is a problem??]

The military exists to defend our lives and well being.

[And it is the main reason we have a federal government in the first place. BUT since America is such an evil influence in the world, we don't DESERVE to have our lives and well-being defended! Slash away!]

Of Course It Is A Revenue Problem

[Of Course It Is A REPUBLICAN Problem! So let's turn our ire toward the Rethuglicans, shall we? That's always FUn. It's the evil Rethuglicans who are to blame for this whole "fiscal cliff" business, after all . . .]

At what point do we start charging the GOP with treason?


I'm dead serious. The absolute outright attempts to damage this country can not be ignored any longer.


Can we make a citizens arrest of Boner, Yertle the Turtle, Ryan,et all?


I totally agree! . . .   They crossed the line 2 years ago in the deficit ceiling debacle and will continue to push the envelope til they are stopped. We can't afford their ugly, greedy ideology any longer!!


I'm there.

[Bring the rope!]

How about....After they commit acts of treason. Pursuing policies you don't like doesn't meet the legal definition of treason.

[DUmmie Jeff In Milwaukee, are you some sort of a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL???]

Grover Norquist's pledge. Several constitutional scholars have given the opinion that signing that could be a treasonous act.

[It's the reason for the treason.]

No. Not even slightly, remotely close. I don't know which constitutional scholars you're referring to, but taking a pledge to not raise taxes is not the equivalent of making war on the United States or giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

[DUmmie Jeff In Milwaukee, one Kewpie Doll has just gone over the prize cliff and is heading your way! Congratulations!]

Sabotaging the economy for political gain, collusion to obstruct the government...etc. Treason, I'm not so sure. However, I think impeachment might be in order.

[OK, you're making a good case for impeaching OBAMA, but it's the REPUBLICANS we're talking about here!]

A political party can't be charged with a crime.

[Says who?]

If ya want to charge them with treason including their followers and financial backers I would support that 100%. Ya might as well just march them into the sea.


WOW! Replace GOP with "DEMONRATS", and "Boner, Yertle the Turtle, Ryan,et all?" with "Obama, Scary Harry, Pelosi et al?" and we'd be on FreeRepublic.

[Guess what? You are!]

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"I'll Be DUmb for Christmas": DUmmies Deal with Republican Relatives

It's a longstanding tradition here at DUmmie FUnnies: seeing how the DUmmies manage to annoy their relatives at family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And this year is no different. We'll see how obnoxious the DUmmies can be here in this THREAD, "How Do You Deal With Republican Relatives During The Holidays?"

But before we do, let's sing this DUmmieland holiday classic!

Tune: "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

I'll be DUmb for Christmas,
You can count on me;
I'll have polls on gun control--
And the President's on TV!

Christmas Eve you'll hear me
Spout my left-wing memes;
I'll be DUmb for Christmas
And haunt you in your dreams. . . .

So with that, let us now travel to Skins's Island of Misfit Annoys, in Rude-self the Red-faced Haranguer Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, who had both the Christ Mass and a pleasant family gathering yesterday, is in the [brackets]:

How Do You Deal With Republican Relatives During The Holidays?

[Stay Underground. Don't leave the basement. Your relatives will be grateful, believe me.]

so far today, grandpa has gone on and on . . . about President Obama . . . and I can sense it will only get worse from both grandparents later on when some of my more liberal relatives arrive.

[Well, look, when your fellow libs arrive, you can all gang up on grumpy gramps and give him grief. It'll be FUn!]

I'm thinking I should print out a picture of President Obama and the Electoral Map, so anytime they want to bring something up, I can just hold up both as a reminder who won the election.  I can make my point without saying a word!

[Good thinking! That'll make for a pleasant evening, lighten the mood. How about wearing an Obama-Biden bumper sticker on your forehead? Maybe bring some campaign buttons for stocking stuffers?]

I've got a RW sister-in-law. . . . Luckily, she lives 2000 miles away. . . .

[I wonder why?]

I'll be faced with that tomorrow morning at the family gathering with at least 2 teabaggers. (Life members of the NRA, doncha know). With all the family there, I have decided to avoid major confrontation, and bring just one zinger with me, to be inserted at the opportune moment, to wit: The NRA represents less than 2% of the US population, and they certainly don't speak for me.

[Oh, man, BURN! That'll show them! Now if you could only come up with a zinger about the Second Amendment, which represents one of the top ten rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.]

Best IMO is to ignore them if you can, you'll never change their mind. Willful ignorance is a hard thing to change. . . .

you are so right!! For them: Ignorance is strength!

Hello, how are you? And then I ignore them. No matter what they say, I ignore it.

[And the DUmmies can't even see the irony in this.]

All but one of the fifteen relatives coming tomorrow know not to bring up the subject. There is one elderly woman that will possibly try but we three Democrats will be on her like white on rice before it goes anywhere.

[We three progs of disorient are . . .]

you can say: Please refrain from discussing politics or you can leave or I will.

[They will say: You will leave? Promise?]

Share happy things you have in common.

[Compare nose piercings. Talk about what you did for winter solstice. Show photos of your marijuana garden. You know, just ordinary chit-chat.]

Cut them some slack in their old age. Remember, they're pretty much irrelevant any more.

[Soon the old geezers will be facing those Obamacare death panels, so I wouldn't waste much time on them.]


[That's the holiday spirit, DUmmie gopiscrap!]

My wife anfd I haven't talked with her side of the family since 1980..they were all Reagan nuts and we got in a big fight. . . .

[Why am I not surprised? Perhaps your "F*** THAT EVIL SCUM RAY-GUN!" did not exactly set a cheery tone for the conversation.]

Who was at fault? You sound very - loud.


I told them I would just as soon see you dead, than be a republican. . . .

[Well, who could be offended at that? No, DUmmie gopiscrap, you sound pretty mild and even-tempered to me.]

There are no R's in my family so I don't have to deal with any.

[R'S "R" NOT US]

You won't change your grandparents' minds, but you can at least poke fun at them.

[Play little pranks on them, like hiding the Christmas presents they opened and then, when they can't find them, saying they must have misplaced them. Great FUn! Serves 'em right for being Rethuglican!]

If you can find the answer to your question, you should get the Nobel prize for psychology!

[If you would just stick to pleasant Christmas stuff, I'd give you the Noel Peace Prize.]

The trick is to chat the young people up with Liberal ideas and make good natured fun of the Right Wing Idiot.

[Turn the young skulls full of mush into card-carrying Obama Youth!]


Take a tip from my grandson,...and whenever someone says something that you think is stupid just say "Whatever!" and let it go,,say it over and over!! WHATEVER...and shrug your shoulders as you do.


I'm gonna pretend to be sh*tfaced. . . .

[Probably not much of a stretch.]

Minimal contact.

[Stand outside on the patio and pretend you're a snowman. Gramps may have a scarf and hat you can borrow.]

Why would you react with an Electoral map? I avoid people that do things like that - from the left and right - at family holiday gatherings. . . . I follow an old rule. When you lose, say little. When you win, say even less.

[DUmmie Zax2me, if you will now open up your Christmas present. . . . Yes, that one right there, in the Li'l Beaver wrapping. . . . Open it up, and you will find. . . . Why, it's a Kewpie Doll! Congratulations!]

I just can't relate, my family get-togethers look like a Democratic precinct committee meeting. When we start talking politics, it's to viciously trash Republicans, and is a group effort.

[That says "Christmas" to me!]

I've been alone for xmess for many years now. You eventually get used to it, and learn to actually like it, because you don't have all those mindless people around. Think of it. You don't have to deal with the shopping crowds, or the meals with irate relatives. You can sit home in your underwear, get bombed out of your mind, and do whatever you like.

[A Party of One!]

you could just 'mic check' your Grandpa

[Occupy Grandpa's House!]

I shout obscenities at them out the window while they wave their penises at traffic. Ah x-mas, that special time of year.

[It's those Christmas traditions that make it so special.]

Sunday, December 23, 2012

HUffies React to Egyptian Sharia Law Constitution

Being anti-Western trumps all for the Left. You can be a narrow-minded fascistic political organization like the Muslim Brotherhood that treats women and religions other than fanatic Muslims like dirt but that is all okay with the Left as long they proclaim themselves to be against Western Civilization. Thus we have a situation in which American liberals consider Pat Robertson to be much more dangerous to freedom than Mohammed Morsi who now rules Egypt under their new Sharia Law constitution. The DUmmies and the KOmmies have yet to react to Sharia Law Egypt but we have a HUffie THREAD with a lot of reactions. Fortunately, since the HUffingtion Post does not automatically tombstone dissenting opinions, we do have cases of sanity among the responses. So let us now watch the HUffies react to Sharia Law Egypt in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who expects the left to blame Republicans when the Muslim Brotherhood begins tearing down the ancient "infidel" pyramids as they have promised, is in the [brackets]:

Egypt Constitution Likely Approved: Muslim Brotherhood

[Remember when some liberal proclaimed that the Muslim Brotherhood was really secular? Anyway more from this Reuters story...]

CAIRO, Dec 23 (Reuters) - A constitution drafted by an Islamist-dominated assembly was approved by a majority of Egyptians in a referendum, rival camps said on Sunday, after a vote the opposition said drove a wedge through the Arab world's most populous nation.

[Welcome to the Egyptian Arab Spring where it is the Muslim Brotherhood way or the highway.]

The Muslim Brotherhood, which propelled President Mohamed Mursi to power in a June election, said an unofficial tally showed 64 percent of voters backed the charter after two rounds of voting that ended with a final ballot on Saturday.

[The Muslim Brotherhood counts the votes so the results are preordained.]

Mursi's Islamist backers say the constitution is vital for the transition to democracy, nearly two years after the overthrow of autocrat Hosni Mubarak. It will provide the stability needed to help a fragile economy, they say.

[Yeah, a "transition to democracy" where it is illegal to be a Coptic Christian and mandatory for women to wear ugly black bathrobes in public.]

Mursi's Islamist backers say the constitution is vital for the transition to democracy, nearly two years after the overthrow of autocrat Hosni Mubarak. It will provide the stability needed to help a fragile economy, they say.

[Meanwhile Morsi's (or Mursi's) kids are allowed to live the good life guess where? Here in America where they can drink liquor and go nightclubbing.]

The new basic law sets a limit of two four-year presidential terms. It says the principles of sharia, Islamic law, remain the main source of legislation but adds an article to explain this. It also says Islamic authorities will be consulted on sharia - a source of concern to Christians and others.

[But at least the EVIL Republicans have no say on the law. And now to the HUffie reaction...]

Egypt’s new constitution protects everyone’s freedom of association, and right to practice what ever they believe "freely", heck even Buddhist are protected in this constitution. Only uninformed sheep’s and flux news scared fools would think people in ME should not vote… yeah, big corporations are losing go figure... power to the people.

[Coptic Christians can be declared illegal but this HUffie is happy because he is under the illusion that Sharia Law will protect Buddhists.]

The Sharia Law doesn't apply to Americans. If that's what the people of Islam want, then it's up to them. Why should we decide for them?

[Sharia Law WILL be coming to America under the guise of "diversity."]

I always wanted to go see the pyramids one day. Guess that won't be happening now that Obama's guy is in power in Egypt.

[There might not even be any pyramids left after the Muslim Brotherhood is done with them. And when they start tearing the pyramids down, the Left in this country will ask us not to be "judgmental" about their insanity.]

Obama is in favor of theocracies?

[Only when they are anti-Western.]

Why couldn't the Muslim Brotherhood have just written an open constitution of freedoms and rights after all the years Egypt has been under the yoke of dictators and after fighting for these freedoms?

[Pollyanna can't figure out ugly reality.]


[Yeah. It's perfectly alright for Egypt to plunge into the nightmare of Sharia Law Islamofacsism as long as NO REPUBLICANS are involved.]

Wait, liberals told us these were the new young Jeffersonians, hungering to usher in a new age of democracy, of human rights, of peace and tolerance and inclusiveness. The conservatives warned that the MB was none of those things, and is in fact the Petri dish from which AQ, Hamas and Hezbollah all grew. Gee, imagine that, our community agitator in chief deposed a secular dictator with AQ's favorite think tank. What could go wrong?

[If you had posted that in DUmmieland you would have already been tombstoned.]

Remember, you low information Obama voters, Hillary Clinton supported this change in Egypt. Hillary helped make this possible.

[Hillary's very very close aide, Humma Weiner, is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter.]

Speaking of Islam and it's supporters, how long will Hillary be going to rehab for to address her recent bout of issues and "concussions?"

[Her "concussion" was a Sharreal experience.]

Sharia, republican, no difference. You like Rs, you hate freedom. Just like the muslim boys club

[Sure. Sure. We all know that the EVIL Republicans are planning to cover women in ugly black bathrobes and make all bow down to Pat Robertson. It all makes sense in your padded cell.]

American voters need to look at what's going on in Egypt. If care is not take, this is what the tea party, which has now totally hijacked the Republican Party, could do if given any significant power. Christian zealots and Islamic ones are the same for all practice and purpose.

[Is that you, Nancy Pelosi?]

We have the American version of the Islamist party in this country, the evangelical Christian right wing of the Republican party. Some of the candidates running for trhe Republican nomination said, straight out, that they were running because God had told them to run. They didn't win this time, but they did have substantial votrer support.

[Nurse! Bring the Lithium treatment to Padded Cell #9!]

Liberals know Obama pushed for the MB to take over and they just cant find it in themselves to give Obama the credit.

[According to the Padded Cell HUffies, the MB is all the fault of conservative Republicans.]

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nadin knows Mayan calendars

Well, it's December 21st. And we're still here. So far. But the day is not over yet. Should we be worried?

Whenever there is a subject about which we are not sure, we know there is one place we can turn where we can find out the answers. And that is, to the World's Foremost Authority, the reigning DUmmie Of The Year . . . yes, Know-it-all Nadin Brzezinski. Nadin knows Mayan calendars. Heck, what is there that she DOESN'T know?

The DUmmies, amid all their threads about gun control and the fiscal cliff, have spent some time noting TEOTWAWKI, which is supposed to happen sometime today on December 21st. And of course most of them are having a little fun with it. But guess who will come along and take the occasion to LECTURE the DUmmies in a serious manner about all things Mayan? You guessed it, Miss Condescension herself. We'll start with her guest appearance in this THREAD, "Can We Please Get Over the End of the Mayan Calendar?" and then go on to her own THREAD, "For those actually interested in what the Maya. . . ."

So let us now see Nadin get the DUmmies up to speed on Mayan culture, in Bolshevik Red Inca, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--predicting that, if this year does make it to the end, Nadin will at least be one of the top two for DUmmie Of The Year and quite possibly a repeat DOTY winner--is in the [brackets]:

Can We Please Get Over the End of the Mayan Calendar? Okay, so the last Mayan Long Count calendar to have been been created ends on 12/21/12. This portends the apocalypse how?

[It portends Know-it-all Nadin weighing in on the subject, which will make you WISH it were the end of the world.]

Since there are really no Mayan clergy or scientists to speak of any longer. . . .

[Oh, just wait! A bona fide EXPERT on all things Mayan may just show up!]

Is there anyone here that seriously believes anything will happen?

[Yes. I predict a condescending lecture on Mayan culture.]

I have problems with a culture that never used wheels. And yet we're supposed to trust them on knowledge of future events?

[Who are you, DUmmie Canuckistanian, to belittle the Mayans? The reason they didn't use wheels is because they knew that would lead to cars, which would lead to Global Warming, which would lead to The End Of The World. Such was the wisdom of the Mayan Elders.]

Alas they did use wheels . . .

[Oh oh. This sounds like someone who knows what they're talking about. Could it be. . . ?]

. . . in toys.

[The Mayans had Hot Wheels?]

There is a good reason why not full fledge full sized ones were not used.

[Hey, everybody, look! It's Nadin Brzezinski, showing up to set us straight on all things Mayan! Aren't we the lucky ones? Please enlighten us, Nadin. Why did the Mayans not use full fledge full sized wheels?]

Draft animals did not exist until Columbus made that astounding navigational error, and was followed by others in search of Gold. So having a wheel, regardless of the mechanical advantage, on a cart, made zero sense.

[Ah, sheesh! So simple! Why didn't I think of that? I know why: Because I'm not Nadin! Please go on, O All-knowing One . . .]

For example, the Aztec Emperors had fresh fish from the Gulf of Mexico often. That fish was taken in the morning and arrived to Tenochtitlan in the afternoon. They used runners, who ran 20 kilometer or so legs, and it took a day to get it. Try that, given the inclination to get over the Sierra, with pulled on carts with humans, it would have been much slower.

[OK, we believe you! I'll take your word for it. I'm sure, Nadin, you HAVE tried taking fish over the mountains on wheeled carts, just to show how silly that would have been!]

Oh and the Observatory (so named since it's form is very similar to a modern day one and function was the same), near Merida should tell you that yes, they knew about the wheel.

[Well, DUh, why didn't we think of that? The Observatory near Merida. Of course!]

Oh and did I mention they had a far more advanced calendar than what we use even today for our civil calendar?

[No, I don't think you did, Nadin. We're only a few sentences into your post, and I'll go back and review it, but I do not think you have yet mentioned that salient fact.]

The Maya calendar does take into account silly sh*t like the fact that the day is NOT 24 hour hours long.

[Absolutely. The Mayan Elders knew that the day is actually 24 BUSINESS hours long. There is an inscription at Machu Pittchu that makes this plain.]

At the height in the Classic period they were probably the most advanced culture in the world. Now did they have their problems? Like all other cultures yes.

[Well, yes. Little things, really. Oh, I suppose some might say the whole human sacrifice thing was a bit over the top. But anyone can nitpick.]


but the same priests were involved in some pretty advanced astronomy. Oh and natural medicine and herbology... some medical remedies used by the Maya and Aztec are now currently under research.  The active components are actually like for real.

[Currently under research at the Maya Clinic.]

[And now ANOTHER DUmmie shows up to BACK UP Nadin and to school that ignorant fool DUmmie Canuckistanian, who said that since the Mayans didn't have wheels they didn't know what they were talking about. Take it away, DUmmie a la izquierda . . .]

You need a little education. As Nadin suggests below, most indigenous peoples in the Americans used wheels for something. But why on earth would they need wheels when: a) they had no beasts of burden; b) lived in places not conducive to wheel use without said beasts of burden.

[YOU try taking fish over the mountains on wheels! That'll cure you of your wheel madness! And also, what about those poor oppressed beasts of burden?? The wheel would be their consignment to slavery! And so it was a Mayan organization, PETBB, that banned the sale of wheels.]

Yet they were expert astronomers, used advanced medicine, and built gigantic stone monuments without the wheel. What a culturally insensitive and sh*tty thing to say.

[You Mayaphobe you!]

And by the way, the Mayans DON'T predict the end of the world. That's a Western misunderstanding and misrepresentation of their religious beliefs. This is why I teach this stuff for a living.

[DUmmie a la izquierda lays down his creds. It looks like Know-it-all Nadin has a partner in condescending all-knowingness!]

[Someone else now brings in more info, debunking the December 21st end-of-the-world BS . . .]

leap years don't matter. The Mayan Long Count is just a count of the days since the beginning of this creation cycle, which most researchers take to be August 11, 3114 BC. It doesn't count years -- they had other calendars for that -- so leap years don't matter. In the Long Count system, the date is a count of 1,872,000 days since August 11, 3114 BC, which is December 21, 2012, on our calendar regardless of leap years.

[That's one small step for Mayan, one giant leap year for mankind.]

two things . . .

[Nadin is back to shed more light . . .]

1.- This current version of the long count does end where it ends (they found a longer stone with a longer count this year)

2.- You are correct. We know this since this BS, and BS it is, is a creation of the Western Mind. Bakums were months, period,

["Period," she says with a comma. Nadin knows Bakums--or Baktuns, or Bakuns, whatever. It's just that pesky spelling and punctuation stuff that throws her for a loop.]

I congratulate you for getting it, by the way.

[A commendation from Nadin? What an honor!]

I expect to wake up the next day, uncover the parrot's cages like every day, and have two conures beg for their waffles. Life will go on.

[Whew, we can rest easy now. Nadin assures us that life WILL go on. Parrot cages will be uncovered. Conures will get their waffles. You are such a calming presence in the midst of turmoil, Nadin! You are our Rock of Gibberish.]

I have spoken to Maya. Even attended a sacrifice or two, shared ritual meals and all that, ad Dec 21, 2012 is NOT what they mean. Not in any way, shape or form.

[Nadin makes The Most Interesting Man in the World look boring.]

You attended a sacrifice? Truly, you are the jewel in DU's crown as there is nothing on this Earth you have not done!

[Indeed, DUmmie zappaman, indeed!]

[And then last night Nadin started a thread of her own . . .]

For those actually interested in what the Maya Elders are doing tonight. . . .

["Maya Elders". . . . I'm imagining a cross between Maya Angelou and Joycelyn Elders, like this:

We're all probably going to die of something,
So I know why Nadin's caged birds sing.

BTW, Nadin, did the Maya Elders share their knowledge with the Hopi Elders? PJ wants to know.]

No, not preparing for the end of the world. I leave that for Western folks new age types. Nope. They are offering sacrifice mostly of smoke and not incense, but it would work as to the smell.

[It's Stinko de Maya.]

As well as prayers,.to the four cardinal points as well as having some ritual meals.
[Ritual meals featuring their traditional sausage, Maya Andouille, and their traditional condiment, Mayannaise.]

They are setting themselves for the end of the old world and the Birth of the next one... But the end of the world? Not so much. Oh and they are probably laughing at all these ladinos using the Aztec sun stone. . . .

[With the Maya Elders, Nadin LAUGHS at your "Aztec sun stone"! You amateurs can't even tell the difference between an Aztec sun stone and a Mayan calendar?? Sheesh! Just be glad Nadin is here to set you straight!]

if I could I would not mind being in a pueblo sharing with them.

[Instead, Nadin is still hunkered down in her backyard fallout shelter, guarding against the Fukushima gas clouds wafting over the Pacific. While you're in there, Nadin, be sure to raise a glass of triage milk to the Maya Elders tonight! For all of us!]

I was honored when I was invited, as a ladino, to be part of the renewal and cleansing ceremonies that some of the Maya living in Tijuana carried out one year.

[You took part in the cleansing ceremonies, Nadin? You should ask for your money back.]

Tonight they are lighting the new fire. This speaks of the Mesoamerican period, but a lot of this has not changed.

[Nadin has not changed, either. She is a true Messoamerican.]

Thank you, Nadin.

[How can we ever thank you enough? We are not worthy!]

thank you for this. You truly are the Indiana Jones of DU. There is nothing you haven't done and nothing you do not know.

[DUmmie zappaman, count on this to go right over Nadin's head. She could star in Readers of the Lost Snark.]

Monday, December 17, 2012

DUmmies can't STAND having a black man in the Senate!

Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Jim DeMint:
Republican diversity, Democrat nightmare

First of all, let me say right off the bat: I do not want to do a whole DUFU on the DUmmies' demand for gun control. Not that there's any lack of material. All of DUmmieland, 90+% of the threads right now--this is ALL they're talking about. Here are some typical, actual thread titles: "F*** the 2nd Amendment!!!" "F*** THE NRA!" "Nobody needs to own a gun. NOBODY." "To the 2nd amendment extremists - you have the blood of children on your hands." "If there are bigger pussies in the world than gun nuts, I don’t know who the f*** they are." "Obama is not going to take your guns away. We are."

That's what's going on in DUmmieland right now. I kid you not. But seeing as how this is the DUmmie FUNNIES, the first rule of the DUFU is, it's got to be funny. And I didn't think that would be. All it would be is . . . DUmmie: "We're outraged! Children died! F*** you gun nuts! We're gonna take your guns away!" FReeper: "Oh yeah? Come and try!" Et cetera, et cetera. Meh.

BTW, I do think that gun control would have helped in the Connecticut situation: Mrs. Lanza should have controlled her guns better, kept them locked up away from her disturbed son. Ultimately, what might have helped was more son control.

But let's turn the page and move on to politics more suited for satire. And that came today in the news that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is naming Rep. Tim Scott to be the replacement for outgoing Sen. Jim DeMint. So now here we have a minority woman governor naming a minority man--a black man--to replace an evil white oppressor. Tim Scott will be the ONLY African-American in the United States Senate! So the DUmmies are jumping for joy, applauding the Republicans for their enlightened approach, yes? No no no no no. What we learn from several threads today is this: The racist DUmmies can't STAND having a black man in the Senate!

We start with this THREAD, "Haley to name Tim Scott to Senate Seat (SC)," and take it from there. So let us now dodge the verbal bullets flying around DUmmieland and go watch a high-tech lynching, in Racist Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, more in favor of government control than gun control, is in the [brackets]:

Haley to name Tim Scott to Senate Seat (SC)

[Huh? Wha--?? I thought it was going to be Stephen Colbert! Weren't there polls? Shouldn't she have to follow a poll?]

Colbert should run in 2014

[South Carolina is not Minnesota. The Franken factor may not work there.]

I don't think he's as crazy as Alan West.

[Now why would you compare Tim Scott to Allen West? Scott is not replacing West; he's replacing DeMint. But let's see, why would you do that? Tim Scott . . . Allen West . . . what could it be? Oh, I don't know, could it be . . . RACISM??]

On the plus side, I am glad there will be at least 1 black senator, even if he's on the wrong side. Too bad Patrick has basically ruled out running for Kerry's seat.

[Maybe Deval Patrick will name William Rivers Pitt to take Kerry's seat. Hey, it could happen.]

It's crazy that even though Obama got over 70% of the Latino vote, the 2 Latino who have been mentioned as future presidential candidates are both Republican.

[It's racism, that's what it is. Democrats are racists.]

He's not only a Republican, he's also a Tea Bagger like Demint.

[He's just another Deminted Republican.]

he could be purple with yellow dots, and it still wouldn't be a plus!!!

[This DUmmie is an Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Yellow-Polka-Dot Bigot-Meanie. And a Purple-People Hater too.]

A raving wingnut is a raving wingnut. . . .

[A racist Democrat is a racist Democrat.]

this jerk is a food-stamps-denier, a Labor punisher, an "impeachment" a-hole, an earmarks hypocrite, one of those Gawd-talkers-to. . . .

[Sound good to me.]

Can someone say Tokenism?

[Can someone say Tolkienism? Here is a DUmmie reacting to the news . . .]

"Nasty, tricksy Rethugses! We hates them!!"

I don't want to be on the side of defending any republicans, but calling someone a token seems to cross the line of good taste. I think we can find ample reasons to criticize this guy without involving race.


It is in bad taste for an African American to align themselves with the modern GOP.

[This pasty-white liberal Democrat DUmmie is telling black people what they can and cannot do. Nice.]

Is a Democratic pick-up in South Carolina possible with this guy running for reelection?

[Yes! You just need to run THIS man in 2014 . . .]

[It's not easy being Greene.]
They can trot out one Uncle Tom after another, it's not going to fool anybody for a second.
[The DUmmies think Rep. Scott is an Uncle Tim. So you're saying he's a "cornball brother," like RG3?]
Meet Sen. Tim Scott: The Tea Party Lawmaker Who Wanted To Impeach President Obama And Kick Kids Off Food Stamps
[So what's not to like?]
Sounds like he should replace De Mint just fine. "Get your scorecard - can't tell the assholes without a scorecard"
I can't believe he's the only AA Senator.
A Chick-fil-A franchise owner took him on as a protégé and schooled him in conservative principles.
Oh f***.. the only AA Senator who happens to be a brainwashed idiot.
[Admit it: You DUmmies can't STAND having a black man in the Senate!]
Just like Clarence Thomas is the only AA Supreme Court Justice.
[Just goes to show you: Democrats are racists.]
Thank Goodness we have Pres Obama who actually represents everybody.
[Yeah, you only voted for Obama because he's half white.]
Nikki Haley Appoints a Crackpot to Replace another Crackpot
[Nikki Haley and the Crackpots will now perform "Repuke around the Kook."]
Scott . . . sounded a decidedly conservative tone. "We have a spending problem, ladies and gentlemen, in America. Not a revenue problem," he said.
[Hey, I'm beginning to like this guy! And here I am, a racist Rethuglican! Imagine that!]
Can any of these people actually think for themselves?
[Irony Alert! Irony Alert!]
Congress was short an Uncle Ruckus after Allen West was thrown out.
[A DUmmie gets in touch with his Inner Racist.]
Allen West Part Deux.
[Inner Racist Part DU.]
Crackpot Appoints Crackpot to Replace Crackpot
[South Carolina has legalized crackpot, I don't know if you knew that.]
If anybody on the left criticizes Scott for any reason expect the Republicans to start playing the race card and indignantly accusing us of racism. . . .
[Hee! Hee! It cuts both ways, doesn't it? So MAYBE, just MAYBE, it's possible that some us of Rethuglicans happen to oppose Obama, NOT because of his race, but because of his POLITICS?? Hmmm???]
at least he will be a low-ranking new crackpot..and only for 2 years..and then he will lose. . . .
[To whom? Stephen Colbert? Alvin Greene? Fritz Hollings will be only 92 by then, maybe they can bring him out of retirement.]
god, there's no end to these f***ing crazy end. so sick of teaf***ers.
[Especially BLACK teaf***ers. Yes, you racist DUmmies just can't STAND having a black man in the Senate! Admit it!]

Friday, December 14, 2012

"Eat the rich" who are fleeing tax hikes!

The DUmmies and their fellow travelers around the world are tax-devouring chowhounds with an insatiable appetite. As long as there are people in the world with more money than they themselves possess, they want to tax those b*st*rds mercilessly and spread the wealth around. "Eat the rich!" is the leftist cry.

And so a problem arises when the evil rich, tired of their unjust tax burden, pack up their bags and leave. They move to somewhere that won't tax them so onerously--to another city, to another state, to another country. And that is what is happening now in Britain and France. The socialist governments in those countries have raised the taxes so high on high-earners that some of them have had enough and are leaving. "Good riddance!" the DUmmies say. "This opens the door for the non-rich to move up. But how to get our hands on all those tax dollars that are fleeing the country?" We read about it here in this THREAD, "'The rich' are fleeing Britain and France following high tax hikes."

So let us now watch the Eurowannabe DUmmies discover that all in not well in their socialist Nirvana, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, never ceasing to be amazed at the staggering stupidity of the Left, is in the tax [brackets]:

"The rich" are fleeing Britain and France following high tax hikes.

[What a surprise! People like to hold on to their own money. Shocking!]

French Government Denounces Wealthy Leaving Country After Imposition of 75% Tax Rate

["We take three-quarters of what people earn away from them, and they want to leave?? Sacre bleu! They should be grateful we at least leave them with the French Quarter!"]

During his campaign for president, France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande famously declared “I don’t like the rich”. . . .

[At least Frenchy is honest. Obama hides behind "We're only asking the wealthiest among us to contribute their fair share," which, being translated, means . . . "I don't like the rich" (unless they're Democrat donors).]

and upon taking office hit the wealthy with a 75% tax rate.

[It's a start.]

Now wealthy French citizens have responded predictably by moving out of France.

[Whoa! Who could have predicted that??]

The English have also seen the same decline in wealthy taxpayers after it imposed a 50% tax.

[This is Britain's finance hour.]

They are now going to reduce that tax after the departure of many wealthy Brits and David Cameron controversially pledged to “roll out the red carpet” for any French residents fleeing the massive tax hike.

[Rolling out the slightly-less-Bolshevik-Red carpet.]

In the meantime, anger at the wealthy continues to rise in France, where “eat the rich” signs are appeared. . . .

["Mangez les riches!" "Eat the rich!" Michael Moore is getting his bib on!]

[Répondez s'il vous plait, Madame et Monsieur DUmmie. . . .]

This isn't hard. Bar them from the country, period. They are tax evaders. No coming to Paris or London for the weekend. Over. You leave? Stay gone.

[Good riddance!]

The EU allows free movement between any countries. There is not even passport control between most countries.

[Er, um, problem. . . .]

The 75% tax rate will not last long. Soon enough there will be nobody in that tax bracket to collect it from.

[DUmmie Nye Bevan takes the early lead for the Kewpie Doll. We'll see if he can keep it up.]

Furthermore, if you leave, you're not allowed to do business in or with the country anymore. . . .  No trading, period. You're out.

[DUmmie backscatter712 piles on the punishment meme.]

Again, France would have to leave the EU to do this. Not going to happen.

[And DUmmie Nye Bevan counters.]

People should be perfectly free to live wherever they can establish legal residency.

[Another DUmmie takes the unpopular freedom approach.]

The idea of exit visas or restrictions on ex-pat citizens is tyrannous.


The US isn't part of the EU. . . . Maybe France has this problem, but we don't. Hell, even if we break a few treaties by doing this, we're big enough that we can get away with it.

[Yes, let's punish OUR rich like crazy! DUmmie backscatter712 is DETERMINED!]

the U.S. military and other governmental assets could be used to track down those trying to leave and hide their wealth in other countries.

[Great idea! Let's DU it!]

I have Long Considered This, Sir, the Most Appropriate Possible Use For Our Country's Military. The seizure of assets hidden abroad from taxation. . . .

[FINALLY, a good use for the military!]

US Army battalions storming Swiss banks?

[Sure! Taking the "rich" out of "Zurich"! Yes, burn Bern to the ground!]

Once a few examples had been made, other miscreants might be more amenable to reason. . . .

[DUmmie The Magistrate is on to something here.]

I keep waiting to see the line of "Eat the Rich" cooking sauces. . . . Not ALL "rich" people, just the more egregious asscarrots. . . .

"Blankfein Bernaise", "T.Rump Orange Glaze", and "Wall Street Marauder Marinade", for example.
[How about "Soros Sauce"? "Moornay Sauce"? "Damon-glace"?]

"T.Rump Roast". . . .

[Let's all go to the Warren Buffet!]

ummmmmmmmmmmmm tasty

[Nice and rich!]

So what. It opens a niche for the not rich to become rich.

[Yes, that's it! DRIVE OUT all the successful achievers, and then, with those evil oppressors gone, the non-rich will finally have their opportunity to succeed! Brilliant! Yes, FORCE those talented, hard-working, creative, industrious, business-building, job-creating b*st*rds to flee, and then others will readily take their place--but in a nice way! It's the Detroit Formula writ large, isn't it? It's what has made Detroit the urban paradise it is today.]

The thing to do is don't allow them to leave and take their money with them.

[It's OUR money, after all!]

Do you advocate for US states being able to do that as well?

[Yes, Massachussetts should invade New Hampshire and seize their assets! California, look at Arizona just sitting there! Budget problem solved!]

Frankly, my whole attitude is go away. Other people will get rich in your place.

[Then we can tax THEM into oblivion and force them to leave! And so it goes. The Stupid is strong with this one.]

So you contend that if a bunch of wealth leaves a country, new wealth will just fill that void? Where does it come from? Will it come from all of those around the person growing wealthy or will it be created? If it is created, shouldn't we encourage all rich people to leave so eventually everyone is wealthy?

[Stop it! These questions are hurting my head!!]

When the wealthy of Rome disappeared and that of Europe due to plague, it opened up new opportunities.

[The Pox Romana.]

the Plague paved the way for the Renaissance.

[The Bubonic Tonic! Just what we need!]

I really want to get rid of the bankers and insurance companies and nationalize them.

[Is that you, Hugo Chavez?]

They are parasites. . . .

[Or, in the case of France, Parisites. But now those French banksters are fleeing the Left Bank. It's inseine.]

The Waltons are basically thieves who do it legally. They can leave forever as far as I'm concerned.

[Good night, John-Boy!]

As for high tax rates, it they go too high, we'll see what Britain and France are seeing.

[DUmmie AlexSatan is challenging DUmmie Nye Bevan for the coveted Kewpie Doll.]

England and France are fortunate to get rid of the greedy b*st*rds.

[Let those b*st*rds eat Belgian waffles! See if we care!]

Tax receipts went down when the UK raised the top tax rate to 50%. So they are reducing it to 45% so that they can increase tax revenue.

[OK, DUmmie Nye Bevan, you have made your case: Raising taxes astronomically on the rich does NOT automatically increase revenue! And so you WIN today's Kewpie Doll, for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity! Congratulations on your tax-free Kewpie!]

That's the Laffer Curve in action.

[DUmmieland is our Laff Curve in action! Oh, but now, DUmmie Nye Bevan, you have uttered the dreaded "Laffer Curve" term approvingly! Prepare for the Tombstone Curve!]

If they are not contributing anyhow, let them leave. They are just a burden. . . . Somalia might be a good place for them.

[You got something against Somalia? THAT'S RACIST!]

So don't stop at a 75% tax rate, go all the way to 100%. Might as well make absolutely certain that these people leave.

[DUmmie Nye Bevan, you have already won the Kewpie Doll. I don't think we need your sarcastic comments.]

I like what Iceland did, arrest them, confiscate their assets, prosecute them and send them to jail. And no, I wouldn't take 100% until after a trial and conviction.

[Well, that's big of you, DUmmie sabrina 1.]

[And now a question for DUmmie Nye Bevan . . .]

Are you a republican? Why are you defending the wealthy on this thread advocating for keeping taxes low on the already wealthy?

[Oops! The secret is out: "Nye Bevan" is the DUmmieland screen name of our own Li'l Beaver.]

beyond a certain point, raising the rate becomes counterproductive as the high earners (who tend to be more mobile) can leave, as is happening in France.


revoke their citizenship if they do, and seize their property in france for redistribution & f*** em.

[F*** 'em and then eat 'em!]

So that's why Johnny Depp moved outta France!

[He has Depparted! As has Depardieu!]

Hard to blame him. If you have to pay both here and there you're getting killed financially.

[But think of all the beautiful government programs you would be supporting!]

for every one of them there's a J.K. Rowling who is fine with paying a higher tax rate. . . .

[She's Rowling in the dough, so what does she care?]

Except JK Rowling hasn't been hit with 75% taxes yet.

[Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Taxplan.]

raise it to 75%, and I would really question the point of working at all. . . . a 75% rate would truly be a disincentive for me.

[This DUmmie is almost stumbling upon a truth.]

Things in France seem even worse than things in the US.

[Mais non! C'est impossible! Les Misérables??]

Better Fleeing than Fleecing, is what I say. F*** 'em. Start some businesses from the ground up, worker-owned preferably.

[Ah, those those wonderful "worker-owned" businesses always succeed so well and employ so many! They'll fill up the government coffers in no time!]

time for the industrialized countries to impose sanctions on tax avoidance nations.

[Sanction Clause is coming to town.]

Perhaps we'd be better off without them.