Friday, December 28, 2012

DUmmies talk fiscal cliff and GOP treason

President Oahu has cut short his vacation to save the nation from economic catastrophe--even though he has run up trillions of dollars in debt and shows no signs of wanting to cut spending. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid-my-lips-more-new-taxes stands ready to avert financial doom--even though he has not been able to get the Senate to pass a budget in years. And these are the people who will keep us from going over the fiscal cliff?

The DUmmies are talking fiscal cliff these days, albeit reluctantly. The stuff makes their head hurt, and it is not as emotionally satisfying as damning the NRA. But the subject is in the news, so fiscal cliff it is. The DUmmies are fearful President Obama, who in their mind is a crypto-conservative, will cave in to the Rethugs--which is ironic, since we Rethuglicans are fearful OUR guys will cave in to HIM! And so it goes.

But free-floating anger against Rethuglicans is never out of season at the DUmp, so there is that theme, too, even going so far as to accuse the Rethugs of treason.

We'll take a look at all of that now, sampling here and there from a bunch of threads, too many to link to.

So let us now go over the fecal cliff into the DUnghill, in Fiscal Clifford the Big Red Ink, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--predicting some kick-the-can-down-the-road, last-minute deal that will disappoint both sides--is in the tax [brackets]:

I wish the President would just stay on vacation until January 1st.

[I wish he would stay on vacation until 2017.]

He is just too eager to make a deal for my liking.

[He is the full Monty.]

if we do go over the cliff, the GOP is going to be blamed.

[That's all that counts, isn't it?]

Is the Chained CPI on the table or not?

[All of DUmmieland has been wringing its collective hands about this "Chained CPI" thing, which would keep certain benefits from going up according to the Consumer Price Index. The DUmmies are all about getting more money from the government.]

it's a game. Obama roped the dopes again, 9 steps ahead. No one plays it better.

[He is the Grand Master of Nine-Dimensional Chess.]

I can seriously not name a single left-of-center/Dem/populist policy that this administration has fought for.

[Obama might as well be Jesse Helms.]

I expect Boner and McTurtle to try to kill seniors; they're Repukes. I expect a president with a (D) after his name to refuse to go along with such savagery. This one will not.

[Obama wants to kill Granny!]

It seems like something/someone is pressuring him to cave in this week.

[Welcome to "Cheers," with Barack Obama as Cliff Cave-in.]

Elizabeth Warren. . . . I do believe that Obama and Geithner and all of the Wall Streeters (including Wall Street) fear Elizabeth Warren. . . . She has plain values, she speaks plain English, and she delivers plain explanations.

[And she has Plains cheekbones.]

She will be the economic "translator in chief". . . .

[Chief Cheekbones have heap big brains!]

when Warren speaks, no one questions the accuracy of her explanation.

[Fauxcahontas no speak with forked tongue!]

That's going to be the New Washington once Warren arrives.

[Oh, come quickly, Princess Cherryblossoms! Pull our canoe back from going over the cliff!]

Elizabeth is not there yet! Seems "O" wants to do it before a few progressives arrive.

[Obama's War on the Warren Woman.]

Perhaps it's the devil?

[That would be Barry's white half.]

If we really want to talk about defict reductions and seriously getting the country back on track we should not be afraid to press the envelope and discuss what is necessary to meeting all needs. . . . Where is the discussion on wealth confiscation?

[Confiscate ALL wealth of everyone making more than me!]

increase on the top tax rate to . . . 94%. . . .

[Piker! Go for 100%! No, check that, 150%!!]

the argument you will get on the large tax rate increase is that it will hurt the economy or costs will be passed on to consumers. . . .

[Picky, picky, picky. . . .]

94%? If I had enough money to be considered for a tax rate of 94%, I would take my money and leave the country before letting the government tax that much of it.

[Where is your sense of patriotism, man?? Think of all the roads and bridges you would be helping to build! How DARE you want to keep some of your own money!!]

Raise taxes on everybody, not just the rich. . . . we really need everybody pitching in.

[Yes, a 100% tax rate on EVERYONE! Then we just distribute out whatever food and clothing and medicine and whatnot we think people deserve. No food for conservatives. No medicine for those who are too old. Everyone does their part.]

When rich people go over the cliff, can we have their stuff?

[The appeal of the Democrat Party in a NUtshell.]

As a 1%er, I'm happy to have my taxes increased. But. . . . Higher taxes for everyone, reduced social spending, and a decline in people's market-based retirement accounts aren't things to joke about.

[Shouldn't EVERYONE  want to have their taxes raised? I mean, it's the patriotic thing to do! Roads and bridges, man, roads and bridges! And SCHOOLS! Schools for THE CHILDREN! Children's schools, for goodness' sakes! Yes, yes, please tax me!! More!!!]

It Sure As Hell IS A Revenue Problem. . . . If we have a spending problem it is that we aren't spending enough, not nearly enough, on upgrading this nation's infra structure to remain economically competitive in the global economy, and THAT is a revenue problem.

[If only we had more roads and bridges! D*MN those Republicans!!]

the wealthy have taken more than teir share. . . . we are just asking them to start to contribute more to the cost of running the country.

[Even though the wealthy are ALREADY paying WAY MORE than their share in taxes??  And you're "just asking" them?? So it's kind of voluntary, is it, that they would pay more in taxes?]

Actually, I think we have a deficit in "it's not big enough."

[Look, you can't expect Obama to get the deficit up that high in just four short years! Give him time, he'll get there!]

At least half the people in this country drive me over sanity's cliff.

[All of DUmmieland plunged over that precipice long ago!]

conservatives have many Americans believing that we should cut taxes and spending. . . . Do people realize how much their state and local taxes would have to go up if the federal government stopped helping with the costs of education. . . . Imagine if state and local governments had to pay for all the things mentioned above along with Social Security, Medicare, and all the other things provided by the federal government. . . .

[Oh, I would LOVE to give it a try! What say we get the federal government OUT of everything not specifically delegated to it in the Constitution? Why, what a novel concept! No, wait, that's called the Tenth Amendment, actually. Well, let's just have the federal government do its constitutional thing--which is mainly national defense--and then let the states fend for themselves. I like it!]

we need more revenue, not less, and we as a people have to pay for what we want.

[Oh posh! Piffle! PAY for it?? Why bother? Just pass the bill on to the kiddos. We'll be long gone. Let them deal with it.]

If the problem is that we are running a $1+ trillion annual deficit and have a $16 trillion national debt, then that is a problem that cannot be fixed on the revenue side. . . . They are essentially arguing about whether to raise enough additional tax revenue to address 1% or 2% of the current deficit.

[You mean we might have to (gasp) CUT SPENDING???? STOP! NO! LALALALA!!! I CAN['T HEEEEEEAARRR YOU!!!!!!!]

you'd need to raise the top marginal rate to 100% and cut the defense budget to $0 to get close to addressing the annual deficit via those two items.

[So this is a problem??]

The military exists to defend our lives and well being.

[And it is the main reason we have a federal government in the first place. BUT since America is such an evil influence in the world, we don't DESERVE to have our lives and well-being defended! Slash away!]

Of Course It Is A Revenue Problem

[Of Course It Is A REPUBLICAN Problem! So let's turn our ire toward the Rethuglicans, shall we? That's always FUn. It's the evil Rethuglicans who are to blame for this whole "fiscal cliff" business, after all . . .]

At what point do we start charging the GOP with treason?


I'm dead serious. The absolute outright attempts to damage this country can not be ignored any longer.


Can we make a citizens arrest of Boner, Yertle the Turtle, Ryan,et all?


I totally agree! . . .   They crossed the line 2 years ago in the deficit ceiling debacle and will continue to push the envelope til they are stopped. We can't afford their ugly, greedy ideology any longer!!


I'm there.

[Bring the rope!]

How about....After they commit acts of treason. Pursuing policies you don't like doesn't meet the legal definition of treason.

[DUmmie Jeff In Milwaukee, are you some sort of a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL???]

Grover Norquist's pledge. Several constitutional scholars have given the opinion that signing that could be a treasonous act.

[It's the reason for the treason.]

No. Not even slightly, remotely close. I don't know which constitutional scholars you're referring to, but taking a pledge to not raise taxes is not the equivalent of making war on the United States or giving aid and comfort to its enemies.

[DUmmie Jeff In Milwaukee, one Kewpie Doll has just gone over the prize cliff and is heading your way! Congratulations!]

Sabotaging the economy for political gain, collusion to obstruct the government...etc. Treason, I'm not so sure. However, I think impeachment might be in order.

[OK, you're making a good case for impeaching OBAMA, but it's the REPUBLICANS we're talking about here!]

A political party can't be charged with a crime.

[Says who?]

If ya want to charge them with treason including their followers and financial backers I would support that 100%. Ya might as well just march them into the sea.


WOW! Replace GOP with "DEMONRATS", and "Boner, Yertle the Turtle, Ryan,et all?" with "Obama, Scary Harry, Pelosi et al?" and we'd be on FreeRepublic.

[Guess what? You are!]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Those stupid idiots just continue to amaze me with the depth and breadth of their awesome level of stupidity and ignorance.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Ogrrre said...

Weapons grade stupidity on display. In fact weapons of mass destruction grade stupidity.
Here's an idea that makes more sense than charging R's with treason: charge D's with treason, round them up, and ship them off to North Korea. They'll love it there. It's their kind of place. It's what these wastes of oxygen want for the US, so it would be perfect justice.

11:13 AM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

At least half the people in this country drive me over sanity's cliff.

You make the presupposition that you were sane to begin with.


conservatives have many Americans believing that we should cut taxes and spending. . . . Do people realize how much their state and local taxes would have to go up if the federal government stopped helping with the costs of education. . .

*Head >--------> Desk*

You don't pay property taxes, do you?

Of course, you don't.

10:34 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

Ogrrre said...
Weapons grade stupidity on display. In fact weapons of mass destruction grade stupidity.
Here's an idea that makes more sense than charging R's with treason: charge D's with treason, round them up, and ship them off to North Korea. They'll love it there. It's their kind of place. It's what these wastes of oxygen want for the US, so it would be perfect justice

You are exciting me, Ogrrre. I'll be in my bunk.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

The DUmmies will crush dissent.
It's treason to oppose the President.

Goddam, is it possible? The DUmmies have become even stupider and greedier with their Bumper sticker morality, Michael Moore greed (Momma I want mo' pork chops!)and MSNBC imbecility. God help us.

Four more years of this shit and we're all dead broke...or dead.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

The reality based community on full display..

8:55 AM  
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