Friday, October 05, 2012

DUmmies Accuse Romney of Using Cheat Sheet

The DUmmies now have their version of a Zapruder film that somehow proves to them that Romney won the first debate because he used a Cheat Sheat as you can see in this slow frame VIDEO. Now according to rational and even semi-rational minds at the Huffington Post, Romney's "cheat sheet" was actually a handkerchief but let us encourage the DUmmies in their paranoia. It will make their angst so much more enjoyable in a month. There are not one but TWO DUmmie Cheat Sheet Conspiracy thread, My take on the debate: Rmoney cheated and Did Romney bring cheat notes into the debate? As I bonus I am also including another conspiracy thread in which the DUmmies theorize that Obama lost the debate on purpose as part of some sort of brilliant multi-dimensional chess strategy, President Obama has a BRILLIANT strategy... So let us now watch the DUmmies hilariously conspire away in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Paul Ryan will use the eye wink cheat method next week, is in the [barackets]:

Did Romney bring cheat notes into the debate? 

[The correct term is "cheat sheets."]

My sister called and pointed this out. She tells me the debaters are provided with paper and a pen. You can see the paper on each of the debaters podiums at the start of the video. They're not supposed to bring notes into the debate. It happens in the first 11 second of the video linked below 

[The DUmmie Smoking is a cheat sheet or was it a handkerchief?]

Watch Romney's right hand. What's up with that? 

[Perhaps the cheat sheet notes were written on a handkerchief. And now for more laughs from the rest of the conspiratorial DUmmies...]

I bet he wasn't counting on there being cameras at the rear of the stage to catch him pulling his cheat sheet out of his pocket! 

[And when Obama noticed it it froze him into inarticulateness on the debate stage.]

OMG, he did pull out paper from his pocket! What a sleazeball. 

[That DUmmie will still be obsessing on this as he is being processed for the Walmart Detention Center in a month.]

Wow you got it! He was cheating. Brought his crib sheet and dropped it on the podium. I say: wow! How could it be a handkerchief. I'd only pull that out when I needed it and then put it back in my pocket. I suppose this is how spoiled rich kids get by in school as well as life. BY CHEATING. F*CKING CHEATING! 

[And this DUmmie will be screaming this for the next 8 years in his rubber room.]

This needs to go to Rachael or Lawrence. 

[Absolutely. We need MSDNC to look even more ridiculous than it already is.]

Earlier this am, hubby told me that he saw at the very end, Rmoney going to the podium, getting a paper and then seemed to not know what the hell to do with it. Started to put it in his pocket a couple of times, but decided not to. Eventually gave it to his son, who quickly put it in his pocket. Hubby says he was nervous as hell. This was before he knew of this post. We need to find the tape that has the entire ending on it, after the Obama's leave.

[I call for Eric Holder to perform a DNA check on Romney's "handkerchief!"]

We need some high definition, enlarged photos that's what we really need. 

[Can we also perform a sonogram upon Romney's "handkerchief?"]

At 1:32:39 he goes back to the podium to get his cheat sheet 

[At 1:32:40 he wipes his brow with the cheat sheet.]

At the point near the end of the video, when Romney goes back and picks up the papers off of the podium, you see him TWICE try to put the papers in his suit jacket almost instinctively, before he finally hands them off to his son (I guess that's who it is). My guess is that these papers cannot go into his suit pocket because that's where the now used handkerchief already is - - -where most men would normally keep a handkerchief. But at the beginning of the video, he takes something out of his trouser pocket. If that's where he routinely keeps a handkerchief (i.e., his trouser pocket) wouldn't he put it back in the same place? So IF the handkerchief is what is keeping him from putting the papers into his suit pocket, I think this is more damning evidence that what he took out of his pants pocket at the beginning of the video was not the handkerchief. Sorry...this sounds like a "who's on first" thing. But am I making any sense? 

[No but your inadvertent comedy is hilarious so keep it up.]

My mind is screaming FOUL through all the explanations. 

[A DUmmie trying to wrap his mind around the Grassy Knoll of Presidential Debates.]

He is hiding a paper within another paper. The cheat sheet is folded into the other sheet. 

[Which itself was folded into a handkerchief.]

we need to source the hankie! When did he break that out and where did it come from? 

[What did the hankie know and when did it know it?]

enlarge that pic. There is much writing on it. 

[It says, "STAND UP FOR CHUCK!!!"]

Yes. There are creases both lengthwise and widthwise that were obviously there before. it was a cheat sheet. 

[The crease analyst at the DUmmie Crime Lab weighs in.]

I'd like to see detailed video from when Romney wiped his upper lip during the debate. Where'd the hanky come from and where did it go? 

[Put that hanky on the witness stand before a grand jury!]

He hands it to son and says "Hide This"...check the audio 

[Actually he said, "Hide this handkerchief so we can mess with the paranoid DUmmie minds."]

Why don't you do that CSI thing and suppress all the chatter so we can hear what he really says? 

["CSI Debate." A new TV series.]

How many men keep their handerchiefs in their PANTS pockets?

[When most men keep their hankies in their socks.]

Obama needs to be equipped with a signal jammer for future debates. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Romney was being fed answers in a wireless device, so Obama should come in with a signal jammer, that would take care of that if it is an issue. 

[Romney was being fed signals into his mini-teleprompter.]

There was one point early on where I was sure he had the Bush earpiece 

[Are you sure it wasn't the Reagan hearing aide?]

it was a hankie, he used it to wipe his upper lip before closing statements 


He pulled what looked to be a stack of index cards wrapped with a rubber band out of his pocket. I noticed this last night when I watched the replay on MSNBC. You can't really see it in the video provided but I saw it last night. 

[Actually he pulled out all the volumes of the 1990 Encyclopedia Britannica.]

A hankie was involved but it was only to transport the cheat, I do believe. 

[It like how Winston Churchill described Russia: A riddle wrapped in a cheat cheat sheet inside a hankie.]

Particularly watch the end. It's hard to tell how stiff the white object is before the debate, but afterwards? That's not just fabric 

[Um...I'm not sure a Mormon would allow a stiff white object to appear on a public stage.]

That is no handkerchief! Look at the edges. Its paper folded into four squares. How the heck does a hankie stay folded like that in someone's pocket? He had it deep in his pocket. No hankie stays that flat and that straight deep inside a man's pocket.

[We can't be certain until after we examine his hankie under an electron microscope to analyze how the molecules line up.]

Mitt the Magician and his sleight of hand. 

[After Mitt the Magician changes the hankie into a cheat sheet, he is going to turn you into a giant bunnie rabbit called Harvey.]

Make sure the story gets out into the mainstream media and that the Obama campaign draws the general public's attention to it as well. 

[I can just picture this DUmmie pitching a new show: CSI Debate.]

Yes, he is a cheat and a liar. I work in electronics, I think he was being fed his lines/lies. His handkerchief could have easily contained an electronic device. 

[Or maybe it could have contained a ham sandwich in case he got hungry.]

Moderator Jim Leher needs to make a public statement about this 

["Mitt Romney used a magic hankie to turn me into a giant bunnie rabbit called Harvey!" ...And now on to My take on the debate: Rmoney cheated.]

Confirmed cheat sheet was deployed and Rmoney did a poor job of disguising it. The debates became irrelevant because Rmoney broke a rule and used a guide to help him. 

[Forget that Obama bombed. What really counts is the cheat sheet that was as real as Harvey the Rabbit.]

I can't view the video at work so I have no idea 

[Don't worry. You can read the DUmmie FUnnies at work so you can get an idea of how FUnnie this Cheat Sheet Conspiracy Theory is.]

This should be highlighted - has the Washington Post shown this? 

[Yes, please Washington Post. Headline this "story" and make yourself a national laughingstock!]

Stop grasping at straws. It tends to look desperate. 

[Pehaps but it also looks hilarious. And now for a bonus. The DUmmies claim that Obama lost the debate on purpose due to a brilliant strategy that we mere mortals can't see: President Obama has a BRILLIANT strategy...]

Wait a minute, DU!! I take back everything I said. President Obama has a BRILLIANT strategy... 

[It's all part of Inspector Barack Clouseau's brilliant strategy!]

Poker: Don't let your opponent see your hand too early. 

[Thanx for that reminder or I might have flipped over my hole cards before I had to.]

I think I'm changing my mind on this. I'm thinking the president is playing chess. 

[Multi-dimensional chess moves.]

Now that I've thought about it more, I think the president is playing poker. 

[Make up your mind, already! Are you sure he's not playing Scrabble or Backgammon?]

Maybe Obama is saving the fight for the LAST debate. 

[From chess to poker and now to boxing? Will we go to tennis next?]

And I was discussing the strategy with another friend of mine. Everyone was saying that Mitt Romney would win this first debate. Everyone basically lowered the bar for him. I believe that Obama DELIBERATELY did poorly because he know that no matter what he did, he'd lose. 

[Wow! He sure fooled me. I never realized that he lost miserably on purpose.]

He will go back, take Robme's words and use them against him for the FINAL debate, which will be the economy again. I think I see a strategy here. I'm trying to understand. I hope that the voters don't become demoralized. I'm guessing that this is what is going on. 

[And by that time a big chunk of the electorate will have already cast their ballots in early voting. Brilliant strategy...NOT!]

What is Mitt Romney preparing for? 

1. Bain
2. The 47%
3. Taxes 

[4. Joe Biden jokes]

Why didn't Obama go after Mitt on these central issues? Because Obama can STILL use them in commercials. And use Mitt's words from THIS debate against him in ads!!! I think I got it!! Others are catching on. You take away the arguments if you bring them up TONIGHT. 

[And losing on Nov. 6 will also be part of his brilliant strategy. And now to the other DUmmies...]

I don't think he lost, he just didn't win. 

[i.e. he lost.]

My theory - he was hanging back and really letting Rmoney do the talking in order to HANG HIMSELF with juicy video lies. And he was studying him. This was like a research project. Gathering data. 

[Hey! He already got Romney to expose himself by wiping his brow with a hankie.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

The Troglaman Clones/Moonbats are getting crazier and crazier...watching their heads explode on Election Day is going to an incredible show.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Now according to rational and even semi-rational minds at the Huffington Post, Romney's "cheat sheet" was actually a handkerchief" PJinc

So the Huffington Post comes out and says the "cheat sheet" stuff is bullshit.

They're right. At least I, troglaman, think they are.

Then you guys come out and say the job numbers are cooked.

But they're not.

So wouldn't it be wonderful if an independent and free speaking right-wing blog like this. very. one...calls bullshit on the 'cooked numbers' bullshit? Like Huffington did with the handkerchief?

Never happen. Not in a million years. Why? Because you're bigger pussies than Arianna Huffington. That's why.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Foxx said...

And in order to avoid the stupidity of his ilk, troggie changes the topic to something even more stupid. Yes, dear, the numbers are cooked and done so in a convient way. Nevermind that even IF they are true its only to represent the people who are dropping out of the work force because there is no work to be found.

Or how can you explain the numbers whilest no one works, dear troggie?

1:43 AM  
Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

FOAD Troglafuck, you lying racist fucked up fucking fuckwad.

2:49 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"And in order to avoid the stupidity of his ilk, troggie changes the topic to something even more stupid." Foxx

I'm not avoiding my stupidity. I'm trying NOT to come to the conclusion that you're avoiding yours.

I totally admit it's a worthless endeavor.

Do you have one single molecule of evidence the job numbers are cooked? Do I have evidence, as does PJinc, that the Huffington Post debunked the "secret notes" story?

No you don't and yes I do. That doesn't seem stupid to me.

My only hope these days is in your people's successful construction of A FUCKING RAPTURE MACHINE. Why is this so damned hard?

It's just another example of you dingawingles never doing anything right.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

The job numbers were cooked in the most blatant way counting 600,000 part time workers as fully employed. That kind of lying is often called "cooking the books".

The U-6 rate is still at 14.7%. That's impossible with those numbers unless you "cook the books" or in more simple terms for someone of your extremely limited intellect Troglaman the Guttersnipe, they lied.

The unemployment rate if labor force participation rate was the same as when your personal god, The Obamassiah, took office would be 10.7%, Guttersnipe.

And if that reality isn't enough to trigger your usual response of power-slamming your head up your ass at multiple-Mach speeds in the face of reality, then should do the trick:

New Jobs Added: 144,000
Old Unemployment Rate: 8.1
New Unemployment Rate: 7.8
Change: .3

.3 x 144,000 = 43,200 people per .1

This is means that every tenth of 1 percent of the workforce represents 43,200 people.

This is means that every 1 percent of the workforce represents 430,200 people.

This is means that every 10 percent of the workforce represents 4,300,200 people.

This is means that every 100 percent of the workforce represents 43,300,200 people.

The bad news? The Department of Labor says the total estimated number of people employed in the civilian workforce: 143,333,000.

You may commence howling like a rabid dog and spewing mental excrement everywhere as you power-slam your head up your ass at your convenience, Guttersnipe, you stupid cowardly dumbass.

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Foxx said...

I've compared Jeromes statements to Troggies. Troggie, while you come off as apparently incoherent and unable to focus, Jerome basically pwned you.

I enjoy that, greatly.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The job numbers were cooked in the most blatant way counting 600,000 part time workers as fully employed. That kind of lying is often called "cooking the books"." stinkwagon

Prove it.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"I've compared Jeromes statements to Troggies." Foxx

No you haven't. Maybe you could take us through the process. Why? Because if you do, you'll end up looking like a fucking mermaid princess. That's why. I'll rejoice.

You keep forgetting I've got I've got a really annoying inner homo. SHE WANTS TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF EVERY ONE OF YOU OLD WHITE WINGADINGLES.

Aside from that...weren't the 'Traveling Wilburys' fucking great? Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy fucking Orbison... 'Handle With Care' is so damned good.

12:02 AM  
Anonymous envisio said...

Yeah this makes sense. A man as successful as Romney... a man who takes billion dollar companies turning them into multi-billion dollar companies.... a Harvard educated man who has enough success in his life that brings him all the way to the brink of the president of the United States... a man like that didn't get where he is because he is stupid.
Hell, Obama is not stupid. He wants to turn the United States into the welfare country of Tyrone and Shiniqua and their twelve welfare babies while maiking the whaite man pay for it, but he ain't stupid.
DUmmies? Now there is STUPID right there.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous envisio said...

I love(hate) the bumper sticker on that car that says "STOP THE SPREAD OF HIV - CLEAN NEEDLES SAVE LIVES"

No mention of 'stop being a sexual deviant freak' or how about 'stop shooting up drugs' ? No hell NO... go ahead, shoot up that heroin. Use clean needles! (thumbs up) Typical liberal mentality = "it's the needle's fault".

That car owner needs a sticker that says "Support Obsessive Compulsive Disorder"

9:19 AM  
Anonymous The JUDGE said...

Anonymous said...

"The job numbers were cooked in the most blatant way counting 600,000 part time workers as fully employed. That kind of lying is often called "cooking the books"." stinkwagon

Prove it.

The proof is right there, if you were smart enough to read and understand it(and it's obvious you aren't which explains why you posted as Anonymous).

And as predicted, Troglatwit, the worthless son of a worthless fucking bastard, did his usual routine as the worthless son of a worthless fucking bastard because he's too morally and mentally deficient to do anything else.

2:01 PM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

"Then you guys come out and say the job numbers are cooked.

But they're not."

Yes they are.

U6 last month: 14.7%

U6 this month: 14.7%

Now go give yourself an enema. Maybe you'll flush your head out, you fascist idiot.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Scotty G. said...

"I'm in electronics..." LOL!
"This needs to go to Rachael or Lawrence." Yes! *bangs head on desk* ROTFL!
"We need some high definition, enlarged photos that's what we really need." OMG!
"Obama needs to be equipped with a signal jammer for future debates. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Romney was being fed answers in a wireless device..." BWAHAHAHAHAH! ROTFLAMO!

That's why I love the DUmmie FUnnies. Priceless.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

One more reason to know the Feds "cooked the numbers" - California was evidently left out of the total.

They must think we are all as stupid as Troglaman The Guttersnipe.

2:32 PM  

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