Friday, June 29, 2012

"Repeal Obamacare!": Some DUmmies would agree!

Yesterday, June 28, 2012, a date which will live in. . . . A date which will live in GLORY, you would think, among the DUmmies, at least. You would think. But you would be wrong. No, not all the DUmmies were celebrating and high-fiving and popping champagne corks yesterday after the weird Obamacare SCOTUS ruling was handed down. Today we'll track some of their first reactions in the hours after the Supreme Court decision was announced. Multiple threads to choose from, hundreds of comments. We'll go with this THREAD, "Every American citizen is now required to help make insurance corporations richer. Enjoy!" The other threads will have to stand in line and schedule an appointment, and then the DUFU Death Panel will decide if they are worthy to qualify.

But before we get to the DUmmies, I bring you this ode to Obamacare. Click the music link and sing along!

Tune: "Marion" ("Rejoice, O Pilgrim Throng")

Repeal Obamacare!
Repeal, reject, undo!
Declare it dead and pull the plug,
Before the bill comes due.
Repeal!  Repeal!
Repeal Obamacare!

The bill Obama signed
Would take a year to read,
But Nancy rammed it down our throats,
And so did Harry Reid.
Repeal!  Repeal!
Repeal Obamacare!

The Court says "mandate," no,
A "tax" is now its name;
But call this crap a fragrant rose,
It still will smell the same.
Repeal!  Repeal!
Repeal Obamacare!

Now watch our health care costs
Rise high and higher still;
Obama spreads the wealth around
And makes us pay the bill.
Repeal!  Repeal!
Repeal Obamacare!

Repeal, and do not fear
Obama's veto pen;
And when he sends back what we pass,
We'll pass it once again.
Repeal!  Repeal!
Repeal Obamacare!

Repeal Obamacare!
Repeal, reject, undo!
And come November of this year,
Repeal Obama too!
Repeal!  Repeal!
Repeal Obamacare!

So let us venture now into the reactions to Roberts' Rules of Odor, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, is in the [brackets]:

Every American citizen is now required to help make insurance corporations richer. Enjoy!

[You don't sound happy. Am I right? You're thinking those fat-cat insurance execs in Connecticut are just gonna pass along any new costs in the form of higher premiums? Why, I thought this Obamacare stuff was gonna benefit the little guy???]

Oh and that whole single payer system we wanted? You'll be moving to another country if you want to see that.

[Listen, DUmmies, what you REALLY want is right across the border to the north. I head Canada is even offering some immigration specials if you move there before November 6. Act quickly!]

You will eat your words as we continue to improve healthcare to all.

[Eat your words! Eat your peas! Eat your broccoli! Or pay a "tax."]

I most certainly will die of old age before it happens.

[No, you won't. "Old age" is a thing of the past. The Obamacare Death Panel will see that you not become a burden on the system. Solyndra's green jobs are being morphed into Soylent Green™.]

No single payer will ever happen in America in my lifetime.

[Here's a news flash: OBAMACARE may not even happen in America, come January!]

I think the essence of the Affordable Care Act is that it is a redistribution of some wealth. . . .

[It is a redistribution of a LOT of wealth to pay for this boondoggle! It's really the UNaffordable Care Act!]

Actually, this will eat into their profits.

[Thus causing them to pass along the costs, tighten what gets covered, and raise premiums, which will then cause businesses to cut salaries, cut jobs, lay off workers, drop insurance plans, close up shop, etc., etc. Thanx, King Obama!]

Most Americans will see positive changes and universal health care will swell with support.

[Gee, it sounds SWELL! What a happy world I live in! Come, skip with me! La de da de da!]

Obama mentioned several times that if you liked your insurance, you'd get to keep it.

[Of course, if King Obama would like to control what your insurance company does, he'll get to do it. You win some, you lose some, eh?]

Those with pre-existing conditions cannot be charged extra.

[But the rest of us can be charged TONS extra to pay for them. What FUn!]

I need to read up and learn more about this topic.

[Good luck! You may die of old age before you get through reading the whole bill!]

you're not allowed to back out of the market without paying a fine to the government for not purchasing a commodity in the MARKETPLACE.

[Yes, isn't that some creative reasoning? It's not a "mandate" to buy insurance; it's just a "tax" if you don't! No compulsion there! No sirree!]

I think most here do not understand microeconomics or macroeconomics. They're just standing on the sidelines, cheering on their quarterback.

[Wait till your quarterback gets sacked in November.]

And if you don't like the coverage, you opt out, pay your tax . . .

[Wait! Obama says it's NOT a tax! And he promised NOT to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000. But those not purchasing insurance most surely would come out of that group. Are you implying that Obamassiah LIED???]

and you're covered by the government.

[Hello, death panels!]

Once people see it in practice they will change their tune.

[From "What a Wonderful World" to "Help!"]

You forgot to mention "they will just pay the EXTRA TAX" on top of what they pay now. I'm sure that's going to help their already overburdened budgets make ends meet, yessiree.

[DUmmie Zalatix, you were reading my mind. A Kewpie Doll to you, sir!]

Its not a choice, its an immoral, mercantilist fine on the working poor which gov't is calling a tax. Even though they called it a fine when they passed the bill.

[Sorry, DUmmie Leopolds Ghost, only one Kewpie per thread. Although it is heartening to see so many of you waking up and smelling the coffee and starting to have the scales fall from your eyes.]

The lobbyists from the health care corporations will go into operation to milk every single dollar they can out of us ordinary folks who are required to buy their product (or be penalized).

[You forgot to mention the bazillions of dollars on added bureaucracy it will take to enforce this darn thing.]

Now that it is a tax it is a huge victory for the government a.k.a we the people.

[Now that it is a tax, it is a huge victory for the government, a.k.a. the I.R.S.]

I didn't want this law at all.

[Join the club.]

I'm a black American that descends from slaves.

[I'm a white American that's becoming a slave.]

I'm 39 - I want Medicare For All. . . . It's the civil and moral thing to do.

[I'm 59 - I want Medicare--and Obamacare--For None. . . . It's the constitutional and moral thing to do.]

The right just got stuck with a hell of a law. Me likey that.

[I agree that it is a HELL of a law.]

it is a penalty levied on the working poor for not having insurance, and it is the government declaring that private insurance is a requirement of citizenship.

[Isn't freedom wonderful? That giant whirring sound you hear is Jefferson and Madison spinning in their graves.]


[That's the old DUmmie spirit! Irrational profane rage! Yes!]

Obamacare is one step closer to single payer.

[And Obama is one giant leap closer to retirement. Me likey.]

This is just the start and it will be a long road ahead! There is no yellow brick road. . . . 

[We're . . . off to see the doctor . . . the government doctor of O's!]

People just need to give this thing a chance.

[All we are saying . . . is give peas a chance. . . .]

you are not exempt if you make more than $9000 a year $19000 for a family (roughly). If you make a little more you are f***ed. . . .


the premiums will (even after any small subsidy) still be too much for people that are falling behind as it is. . . .

[Reality is starting to settle in on many of these DUmmies. Perhaps I should award one giant-sized Kewpie Doll to the group.]

we won't get any health care, just an insurance premium bill we can't afford to add to already unrealistic budgets.

[We'll make a conservative of you yet!]

Sigh. Another "victory" for the President.

[It should help him gain another "victory" on November 6, when he will win a LONG, UNLIMITED vacation.]

Scalia is a different story. He's opposed to the expansion of Federal power, and his argument has some merit. . . .


might as well declare bankruptcy now.

[Crazy Barry is having a going-out-of-business sale. Everything must go!]

Yup, this law is going to bite a lot of Americans on the ass.

[benburch sez: "Me likey!"]

We have been duped once again into an "us versus them" battle where in the end working class Americans pay and pay and pay.

[DUmmieland puts the DU into DUped!]

When those loopholes destroy the piddling little imaginary benefits of this travesty of a law there should be a big giant cosmic "I f***ing TOLD YOU SO" voice that shatters the windows of everyone who's cheering this.

[OK, that settles it: One GIANT Kewpie Doll to the whole bunch of ya! Now get outta here!]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"I Guess I Am A Communist But I Am Proud Of It"

Diogenes, you can call off your search now! We have found an honest DUmmie! It is none other than DUmmie TheMastersNemesis, who ADMITS that he is a Communist. It's here in this THREAD, "I Guess I Am A Communist But I Am Proud Of It."

And I will admit that our DUFU today is merely the Commie before the storm. The storm is on its way. Like a Florida coastal town boarding up windows before the hurricane hits, so DUmmieland is doing right now, bracing itself for Hurricane SCOTUS, which is due to make landfall sometime on Thursday. But PJ or I will get to that later, hopefully tomorrow.

So for now let us explore TheMastersNemesis's Communist Manic-fiasco, Das Krapital. The remarx are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, is in the [brackets]:

I Guess I Am A Communist But I Am Proud Of It

[DUmmie TheMastersNemesis is out and proud!]

Because I believe in economic and social justice, a Second Economic Bill Of Rights as well as Equal Rights For Women, & Marriage Equality. . . .

[Because I believe in massive forced redistribution of wealth, punishing rich white guys, as well as killing babies for convenience and pretending that sodomites are "married". . . .]

I am a communist.

[I am an average DUmmie. But at least I'm not afraid to say the "C" word.]

The GOP says so. I am guilty.

[Oh, so maybe you are NOT so honest, TheMasterNimblenesss! I see what you did there! You don't really mean that you are a Communist. You think you're just being a good American, and that the Rethuglicans would therefore CALL you a Communist. Got it.]

I believe in an economic bill of rights where a person has a right to the following.

[Speak, TheMasterNimrodness!]

1. A right to a job.

[You mean I might have to . . . uhh . . . WORK??]

2. A right to a decent wage and a decent living (living wage).

[How much? $40,000 a year? No, not decent enough. Make it $80--no, $100,000 a year! Yeah, that sounds good! Hey, it's my right!]

3. A right decent home.

[Well, look, Mabel! We got us a right decent home! It's even got a cee-ment pond in the back! Hoo-eee!!]

4. A right to adequate medical care.
[I guess you don't want that socialized medicine they've got in Britain, then. Did you ever get a load of their teeth over there? Yikes!]

5. A right to economic protection during sickness, accident, old age or unemployment.

[Family, friends, neighborhood, church, co-workers, private charities--forget it! ONLY the federal government, Big Nanny, can take care of me! WAAAAHHH!! I'm a big baby! Watch me cwy and thuck my widdle thumb!!]


6. A right to a good education (public).

[How about a BETTER education (private)? And how about not having to pay twice if you choose to send your kid to a better school than the liberal brainwashing they would get at a government school?]

7. A right to pursue a business without fear of intimidation or unfair competition.

[How about Big Government not STRANGLING business with excessive regulations and taxes?]

[BTW, TheMasterNumskullness, we ALREADY have a right to these things. It's called the "pursuit of happiness." We have a RIGHT to PURSUE these things. But I think your mistake is in confusing a "right" with a "guaranteed outcome," i.e., that we are entitled to get everything we want, and if we don't have it, the federal government should give it to us, at other people's expense! The Left does not understand "right."]

The GOP does not believe in any of these things.

[No rights for you!]

They believe in starving women and children, putting women in their place, controlled speech. Rape, pillage and plunder of workers is ok for employers. They believe that men control women's bodies.

["Starving women and children" = Preferring voluntary charity over forced socialism. "Raping workers" = Not wanting Big Labor to price businesses out of business. "Men controlling women's bodies" = Being morally opposed to killing babies. Thank you. I should put out one of those Rosetta Stone language thingies, teaching people Leftanese.]

And they believe in theocracy.

[TheMasterNuttiness proves once again my thesis that the #1 factor driving the DUmmies is their absolute HATRED of Christianity.]

Death to the GOP.


[Thank you, TheMastersNemesis. Now let's hear from your fellow travelers . . .]

Sounds like the basic socialist philosophy I learned from my grandfather. . . .

[Is that you, Barack Obama?]

They don't use words like "communist" or "socialist" to actually mean anything. Those are just snarl words. . . .

["Nut." That's just a squirrel word, and I do mean you!]

Just go after them for being whiny brats who want public goods without paying for them.

[File this one under "Projection."]

I can usually get them to shut up by saying that I love my communist fire department. All urban fire departments are Marxist.

[Let's see. . . . Local government vs. federal government. Legitimate government service vs. forced redistribution of wealth. OK, that was quick. Is that how you get them to shut up so fast?]

'Everyone else' IS NOT a Communist. If they were, America would be a hell of a lot better place for 'everyone else' to live.

[Why, we'd be like that Workers' Paradise called Cuba! Or idyllic North Korea! Oh, if only!]

Right On

[Power to the People!]

The people of the Soviet Union and China did not have: 1. A right to a job. . . .

Actually, they DID have a "right" to a job in that they were assigned one and were forbidden to refuse it. . . .

[So what you guys are implying is that . . . . the Bolshevik Red is not all that rosy?? What are you, some kind of LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS???]

you have nothing to lose but your chains, comrade...

[And then DUmmie KG plays a recording of The Internationale! Hee! Hee! A DUmmie with a sense of humor!]

How would you make your utopia happen? I put you in charge today. Make it work. Oh yeah, and make those who don't want to do anything and can work, work also. I mean, you will have jobs for every able bodied person, so everyone should be motivated to work, right?

[DUmmie Puzzledtraveller, I see where you are going with this. So I'm going to flip all the cards over, panel, and award today's Kewpie Doll to our guest. Congratulations, Puzzledtraveller!]

[Now please continue . . .]

Being a caseworker has opened my eyes to some truths. Half of my clients legitmately and rightly receive their benefits. Most are able bodied men and women, who even when offered employment, because we have employment services here, turn it down. BUT! they all have the latest Iphone, and the women have the best looking nails I have ever seen.

[You nailed it!]

Forget the labels communist, or even socialist.

[Let's just go with "Democrat."]

Monday, June 25, 2012

5 Signs That You're a Moonbat

I won't be paying to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The premise is too absurd since (other than Liza Minelli's ex) Vampires don't exist. However, I would definitely watch Abraham Lincoln: Moonbat Hunter since there is a plethora of Moonbats out there. Many of the Moonbats are hidden until they break out of their protective covering as happened to James Fallows of Atlantic Magazine. You can read about Fallow's self-exposure as a Moonbat in NEWSBUSTERS. For years Fallows kept his inner Moonbat well hidden until he exposed himself with an article titled, "5 Signs the United States Is Undergoing a Coup." And now that he has revealed himself, the DUmmie Moonbats have bonded with him with a THREAD of the same title: "5 Signs the United States Is Undergoing a Coup." So let us now watch the DUmmies reveal their inner Moonbat in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, welcoming James Fallows to Club Moonbat, is in the {brackets]:

5 Signs the United States Is Undergoing a Coup - James Fallows 

[5 Signs that James Fallows is a Moonbat.]

First, a presidential election is decided by five people, who don't even try to explain their choice in normal legal terms. 

[Despite the fact that EVERY recount showed that Bush won Florida.]

Then the beneficiary of that decision appoints the next two members of the court, who present themselves for consideration as restrained, humble figures who care only about law rather than ideology. 

[Any mention of Election 2000 brings out the Inner Moonbat.]

Once on the bench, for life, those two actively second-guess and re-do existing law, to advance the interests of the party that appointed them. 

[You mean like Justice Breyer channeling James Madison's thoughts on the Second Amendment?]

Meanwhile their party's representatives in the Senate abuse procedural rules to an extent never previously seen to block legislation -- and appointments, especially to the courts. 

[Filibuster is BAD right up to the moment when the Democrats lose control of the Senate.]

And, when a major piece of legislation gets through, the party's majority on the Supreme Court prepares to negate it -- even though the details of the plan were originally Republican proposals and even though the party's presidential nominee endorsed these concepts only a few years ago.

[Thursday looks to be Moonbat Day. Now on to the other Moonbats...]

And some of us have said this is going on for a few years here, and got laughed at... 

[Psst! You're STILL being laughed at.]

Many Of Us Were Ridiculed For Making These Points About The Threat That Is The Right 

[You, ridiculed? Only in EVERY DUFU edition.]

The coup has happened, the rest of it is cleaning up the mess, while dealing with the other things that are going to kill us. 

But FIRST you must report to your local Walmart Detention Center on Jan. 20, 2013.]

Selection 2000 was the coup de grace of the coup d' etat. 

[Declared the DUmmie Coup Coup bird.]

We've all been witness to a slow motion coup that started with the mugging of resident Al Gore in 2000. 

[Al Gore is now resident of the FUnnie Farm.]

I told people back in 2000 that is was a coup and they thought I was a political hack 

[Congrats! You been upgrading from hack to Moonbat status.]

I'm still not over 2000...never will get over this 

[Bite down hard again on your leather strap and take two aspirins.]

I remember in 2000 being so wrapped up in my social life, and being totally uninterested in politics. I even forgot to vote! But then when I heard the news from Florida, that the election was really close, I kept waiting for Gore to finally take office, because he won, right? ...right?! I was looking around saying, "what the hell is going on here? There is no way that chump Bush could have gotten elected". 

[Guess what? Your missing vote would have put Gore over the top.]

Something else folks don't seem to get, is they are WINNING either way.... 

[Heads we WIN, tails you LOSE.]

I found another sign of a coup when I clicked on the link to the article. When you click on the link to the article, the writer, James Fallows, has now changed the title of the article to "5 Signs of a Radical Change in U.S. Politics" (with "explanation"), which., to my mind, proves there has been a coup in our news media as well as government. Fallows' explanation aptly begins with, "Midnight update" 

[Another Coup Coup theory from a DUmmie.]

If you can build a simple cash register with an audit trail, you can build a goddamn voting machine with one. If you can build a computer with crypto on it, you can build a voting machine with crypto for the audit lists. SIMPLE 

[So does that mean you want photo ID at the polls to ensure the validity of the vote?]

But if Romney wins.....the SCOTUS will turn even more radically right and generations will be affected. There will be no hope as the oligarchy is favored willy-nilly over the 99% 

[See you on Thursday, DUmmies. I'm predicting a big Moonbat outbreak. Hee! Hee!]

Saturday, June 23, 2012

DUmmie Preppers get ready for Rmoney's Rethuglican Rule

The DUmmie Underground Resistance Fighters (DURF) are hunkered down in their Perfect Rovian Storm Cellars. The walls are lined with canned goods and powdered instant foods. Cartons of triage milk and jugs of distilled water are stacked on the floor. The Resistance Fighters, their faces full of concern and working-class nobility, are huddled in groups around their shortwave radios. A man is trying to pick up the signal. A woman is holding her crying baby. "Any word, Will?" "No, Nadin, I can't raise them."

Meanwhile, overhead, bands of young men in shortsleeved white shirts and neckties are going from house to house, confiscating coffee and looking for Progs to take to the Bain Reeducation Camps.

And a tumbleweed blows across the dusty prairie.

Welcome to Mitt Romney's America.

Such are the fears of the DUmmies. It's Bush and Camp Rummy all over again, only this time it's Bain and Camp Romney. The Koch Brothers replace Darth Cheney as the bête noire DU jour. Rove is probably still involved, sending out mind-control rays. But it's the same old sh*t looming on the horizon. What to do if Obama LOSES and Romney WINS? It's looking more and more like that could happen. What's a DUmmie to do?

And so the DUmmie Preppers are getting ready for Rmoney's Rethuglican Rule. ("Rmoney" is the preferred spelling over there.) Preparations are being made, plans are being laid, as we see here in this THREAD, "If you knew Romney was going to win, how would you prepare?"

So let us now enter the dystopian nightmare world of the DUmmies and find out the plans of the DUmmie Preppers, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, himself hoarding and hiding his stores of coffee, is in the [brackets]:

If you knew Romney was going to win, how would you prepare?

[Well, Michelle Obama is loading up on her frequent flyer miles, to use on future vacations.]

I'm talking serious steps to protect yourself and your family from the ensuing financial buttf***ing. . . .

[benburch is loading up on KY Jelly.]

What would you do to insulate yourself as best you could?

[ben doesn't believe in insulation.]

And I'm assuming that we're not talking about building a bunker in the woods. . . .

[No way! Nadin Brzezinski's bunker is right there in her back yard. And when Will Pitt disappears into the woods, it's to Mother Raven's cabin. Bobo the Hobo will just stay in the back of her Buick.]

wish I could leave the country.

[Wish harder. Try the first two stars you see tonight. Throw four coins in the fountain.]

Cyanide capsules. . . .


Stock up on abortions. . . .

[Get 'em while they last!]

So I guess I'll be certain to use contraceptiv...d'oh!

[Sandra Fluke checks in.]

Stockpile a lot of liquor.

[PJ can get you coupons. Do you like rum?]

I'd Get Plenty Of Preparation H. . . .

[I'm anticipating lots of Humorrhoids from the DUmmies this fall!]

I'm getting too old for this sh*t.

[Nonsense! You're never too old!]

pay down debt.

["Pay down debt." Feel the irony.]

Start looking for an exit plan. Romney administration would be the nail that closed the coffin on the US.

[Mitt Romney: Empire Ender.]

I don't think it would be the end of the world . . .


I know there are lots of doom and gloomers running around saying we might as well commit hari-kari if Romney won. . . .

[I think you should commit hokey-pokey and put your whole self out.]

if we can survive a Bush the idiot son. . . .

["Survive"? "SURVIVE"?? You think we SURVIVED the Bush Regime?? Think of all our fellow Americans who were disappeared into Walmart detention centers and never heard from again! Think of-- Wait, that didn't happen, did it? Hmm. . . .]

It's a different world. Now the Repukes don't care anymore about PC or doing what's right. They would undo all the good Obama done immediately. . . . And they would make sure no Democrat ever gets a chance to be on the ballot. Especially if the Repukes hold the majority in the house, and take a lead in the Senate. And then there's the Supreme Court. A life sentence for all of us.

[Just. Give. Up. Now.]

Hope the Mayan calendar is true.

[You're foreseen, you're beautiful, and you're Mayan. . . .]

I'm torn. My wife is a Canadian . . . and I'm making sure her passport and our marriage license are both in good order.

[Don't be torn! Be Torontan!]

Make plans to move to Canada. You won't regret it. With global warming you'll hardly ever notice the winters!

[Good to know, when you're standing in line outside for five hours, waiting to make a doctor's appointment.]

Nothing. Haven't really done much of anything during any other administration. Haven't really done much worse or better under any of them. I will survive.

[The DUde abides. In his mother's basement.]

Get some guns and stock pile ammo. . . .

[Is that you, Eric Holder?]

along with items that are easily tradeable. . . . If people don't have money they will have stuff to trade.

[You need to see the South Florida Barter King. Do you need 500 B.O. sticks?]

Stock up on food too, basic food, that stores for a long time. A bag of dried beans goes a very long way. . . .

[And yummy peppers for DUmmie Preppers.]

Buy stock in DU. . . .

[Hee! Hee!]

Buy gold. . . .

[COMEDY gold, from the DUmmie FUnnies!]

and stock in Koch Industries.

[In Koch we stock.]

My husband says he will move us to England. . . .

[Thus improving the intelligence of both countries.]

Stay Drunk.

[Is that you, Will Pitt?]

I'd order a large The Works pizza, a Greek salad, and a bottle of Chianti from my local shop to be delivered.

[The aptly named DUmmie slackmaster tells us his plan. Sounds good, slackmaster. Can we come over and join you, if you promise not to talk?]

I'm going to see if I can get a copyright on "sh*t", "god d*mmit", "yougottabesh*ttinme" and "WTF".

[DUmmie russspeakeasy, if you had a nickel for every time those words are used in DUmmieland, you'd be a rich man. And then we'd have to tax you . . . or eat you . . . or something.]

Open a granny panty factory in China. Hooray for me!!!

[Hunanny Pants®. Brilliant!]

the same way we've had to respond to 2001-08 and 2009-12/16: Occupy

[That's worked great, hasn't it? Get Ted and Misty and Thistle on the phone and tell them to start writing poems. I'll get a drum circle going.]

I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that. I'll be voting to re-elect the Pres.

Me, too.

[There's TWO! Hey, it's a start.]

Stock up on caffeine, beer, and anything else the Mormon in Chief might outlaw. The Fun Police might be going crazy, rapping people on their knuckles with rulers if he steals this election.

[You mean Michelle "Eat your peas!" Obama might be staying on as head of the Fun Police?]

The Fun Police are too busy in New York fretting over how much soda we drink.

[DUmmie Bellerophon with the comeback in a Bloomberg Minute! DUmmie Bellerophon, you win today's Kewpie Doll for recognizing who the real Nanny Staters are. Although, with only 27 posts . . . you could be . . . Naah!]

Finalize my theory on string theory and time travel. Then step into the quantum accelerator...and vanish.

[Sounds like a plan!]

Build a nuclear bunker. . . .

[Contact Nadin Brzezinski for how to avoid another Fukushima.]

December 21, 2012. If Romney wins hopefully that will be the last day of the world. But, then again, who knows, Romney winning may be what the Mayans meant by end of the world.

[December 21, 2012, a date which will live in-- Well, no, I guess that would be it. OK then.]

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vast and Nefarious: The conspiracy to take down Our President

The Rethuglicans can't stand having a black man in the White House. The Rethuglicans can't stand having a black man as Attorney General. The Rethuglicans can't stand having a black man--or two black men--selling guns to Mexican drug lords. Racism--that's what's really behind this manufactured Fast and Furious "scandal." And so you have this "House Oversight Committee" and their "Chairman" Issa going on a witchhunt to take down Our President. How dare the Oversight Committee try to exercise some oversight! Who do they think they are? Really! "Oversight"? They're more like the Committee to Overthrow and Unelect the President (COUP).

No, it's not that the committee is Tasked and Curious. It's that the conspiracy is Vast and Nefarious. And the DUmmies are Pissed and Furious!

The DU threads are Feisty and Various. I'll exercise my Executive Privilege and select from several, too many to link. So now let us see the DUmmies exercise their Expletive Privilege, in I Am Furious Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, your guide to Operation Blast and Hilarious, is in the [Barackets]:

So these fugging racist ReTHUGs are trying to lynch Eric Holder

[It has NOTHING TO DO with him lying to Congress and withholding documents and defying subpoenas! NO, its only because he's a black man! Welcome to Rethuggery Summer 2012.]

F*** these f***ing racists.

[The "F" words come Fast and FUrious.]

Fast and Furious is a Bush left over.

[Actually, that would be False and Spurious.]

If Obama wins re-election and the Repubs keep the House...Then it will be holy hell for Obama and his Cabinet. They will try to impeach the President.

[OUR President!]

The President will get nothing done.


He will be busy defending himself from the Republican fascists. It will be a sad state of affairs.

[Fasc and Failurious.]

please. they would be pulling the same sh*t if holder were white, brown, or green

[Rethuglicans are equal opportunity annoyers.]

Holder is a slime, but so are Issa and the GOP. Slime vs. slime.

[DUmmieland goes for Holder, by a slime majority.]

What your uncle who watches FOX News all day is all worked up about (Fast and Furious)

[Fox and Feverish.]

Rachel Maddow, as usual, hits it out of the park on the loony Fast and Furious conspiracy theories, and the Darrell Issa witch hunt.

HAHAHA! You really think Rachel has done a good job reporting on guns? . . . she is seriously uninformed when it comes to basic facts about guns.

You know, there's no need to be a dick to make your point.

[Especially when it comes to Rachel Mancow, there is ABSOLUTELY no need to be a dick.]

If it wasn't this, it would be something else. The GOP is desperate to find something to get "poutraged" about. . . . "EWWWWW...Obama got a couple of federal agents KILLLED!!!! EWWWWWW!!! He's a BAAAAAAD MAAAN!!!"

[Yeah, really. What's the big deal?]

does not mean that this is automatically a nonissue. A federal agent was murdered due to a gun running operation which involved a foreign country that was not told about said operation. That in and of itself is pretty damning.

[ScruffyTheJanitor (9 posts), I hope you enjoyed your BRIEF stay as a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

And your position seems to be based on the idiotic assumption that there is no possible way that maybe, just maybe, there is something to this investigation, based entirely on your dislike for Issa. In other words, your responses are based strictly on emotion and that you have not the slightest interest in determining what the facts are.

[DUmmie Lurks Often (659 posts), I'm not so sure that YOU are an LFT, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and run a Kewpie Doll across the border to you for your Brief Moment of Mental Clarity.]

I can get your bullsh*t from Free Republic, you know.

[THOUSANDS of us freepers are being smuggled into DUmmieland, heh heh.]

This whole Issa thing is a farce. . . .

[Farce and Freeperish.]

Darryl ISSA. I'll start. I hate his f-ing guts.

[He's white. He's Rethuglican. That's all you need to know.]

Face it, Fast and Furious was a f***-up.

[You get an F+ on that one.]

Frankly, Holder needs to go, now, in the hopes that his resignation will end this blossoming madness. Otherwise, it is simply going to prove to be a serious drag on Obama during a highly contested election season.

[Under the bus with you, Eric!]

More than anything, I want Holder out of DoJ and replaced with a progressive AG that'll go after the right-wing and stop chasing after MMJ patients.

[That post is from DUmmie Woody Woodpecker, aka Weedy Weedsmoker.]

Breaking - President Obama asserts Executive Privilege over documents (Holder witchhunt)

This is a witch hunt. . . . Obama ain't playing. He is nipping that sh*t in the bud. Good for him.

[Good for President Nixon Obama for stonewalling them!]

I applaud the President for giving Issa a big fat middle finger

[Operation Fist and Fingerous.]

President tells Congress "FU."

[Obama puts the "FU" into "FUrious"!]

the House GOP hates Obama with the heat of 1000 white hot suns.

[If Obama had a sun, it would be white and be hot.]

Unprecedented -never in history has the House voted for Contempt of Congress after a President invoked Executive Privilege.

[Hey, there's always a first time.]

F*** you racist scumbag ReTHUGs

[DUmmie Discourse in a NUtshell.]

Issa shouild not be in the position he is in, he should be face down on a prison bunk with his prison bunk mate. . . .

[benburch volunteers.]

What's your take on Obama asserting Executive Privilege on the 'Fast and Furious' documents?

[Loyal party hack Will the Shill Pitt sticks his finger in the air, to gauge how he should defend the Democrats on this one.]

It goes without saying that Issa is a f***wit scumbag.
[Of course. That's a given.]

good for Obama!

[Good for Tricky Barack! Our President is not a crook!]

way more blunder-y than we've come to expect from Obama.

[Actually, it's about par for the course for the Boy Blunder.]

We never objected when Nixon invoked Executive Privilege...How can we think of doing so now? That would show us up as vile hypocrites.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

i see what you did there.

[Hee! Hee!]

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thistle and her "It's very frustrating to be an anarchist in America" rant

Move over, Trust Fund Ted Hall, with your "Help us now!" meltdown. Make room, OccuPoet Misty Rowan, you and your "The Huff and Puff of My Frustration." Say hello to Thistle Pettersen and her "It’s very frustrating to be an anarchist in America" rant!

Who is this "Thistle," you ask? A little digging--her blog is that she is Kristine "Thistle" Pettersen, "bike activist and folk singer," and someone who likes to go to protests. She's part of a group called "Cycles of Uprising": "Cycles of Uprising is an interactive, bicycle village, folk music show, circus, dance party and adventure that celebrates historic and future uprisings for personal empowerment, social liberation and environmental health and justice. We are a collective of six folks. . . ." "We are a female, queer and transgender tour. We are all white." Well, I'm sorry to hear that your group is all white, Thistle. That must be a heavy burden to bear. But these things go in cycles.

So Thistle and company were in Madison, Wisconsin, earlier this month for the recall election. The networks called the election early in the evening for Walker, Barrett conceded, and that was that. But, as you might expect, the next day, June 6, the protesters who were still hanging around were not in a happy mood. The CNN bus was packing up, ready to move out. The interviewer decided to get a reaction from this protester, Thistle. And, man, did he get a reaction! A seven-minute rant, basically. Very entertaining! Her emotions, her facial expressions, her hand gestures--Thistle is the Queen of the Air Quotes--priceless! I don't know who came up with it, but somebody called her "Pippi Bongstocking," and that is perfect!

This is CLASSIC! This is left-wing moonbattery at a high level! First watch the VIDEO, "A Wisconsin Anarchist Reacts to Walker Recall Win," and you will be entertained, I promise. Thistle while you smirk! And then, on top of that, I've transcribed the interview and will post it below. Thistle's thoughts are in Recall-Rant Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, thinking that Ted Hall, Misty Rowan, and Thistle Pettersen should go on tour as the Three Tempers, is in the [brackets]:

What did you think when NBC called it with, what was it, like, 21, 22% of the. . . ?

I thought, here we go again, America. It’s always this big game of deception and the militaria-industrial-media complex. That’s what I thought.

["Militaria" is a disease you get when the networks don't work.]

What are your thoughts on CNN here?

That they’re a tool of the war machine. And that they lie to the people, in cahoots with the politicians and the war-makers.

[Personally, I think CNN is in cahoots with MSNBC, to drive up Fox News's ratings.]

What was your problem with them last night?

My problem with them last night is that they were calling it “Over,” in front of MY house, MY Capitol, in MY state! Who are these people?? They’re not even from Wisconsin! And they’re calling it “Over,” with a smile on their f***ing face! That is my problem with CNN.

[Thistle, I like your "air mike" move on "Over." Nicely done.]

What happens next for you guys?

Who knows???  We’re f***ing working on paying rent and, and raising children, and. . . .You know, people--huh!--some people are gonna sing songs and, and pretend like it’s okay--that’s what those people are doing over there, um, to make them feel better. Other people are gonna get really angry. Um, it’s not like were “organized,” you know, and it’s not because anarchists are against organization. I am an anarchist, and I am in favor of organization.

[Nice air quote on "organized." But, uh, Thistle, anarchists ARE, by definition really, kind of AGAINST "archy" or organization. Maybe instead of "anarchist" you mean "wild-eyed left-wing moonbat bike activist with a free-floating angst who likes to perform at indie coffee shops and go to whatever the latest protest is."]

They try to destroy our organizing, and they do a good job of it!! And that’s why we’re pissed. And that’s why you can use that always as a weapon. Our anger is a weapon that you use. You know, “Oh, look at the ‘angry, violent protesters.’”

[That was about a TRIPLE air quote! I'm going to give you a 9.8 on that one!]

Well, I’m angry because this society is broken, and there’s no way to fix it, and you keep blaming me, you know, and, and black women with children that are on welfare or whatever. It’s like, no, actually that’s not who we should be blaming. We need to all look at ourselves. We all need to be leaders. Each one of us is a leader, or should develop those leadership qualities, because I’m not “in charge.”

[No, but you are the Queen of "Air Quotes."]

You know what I mean? You ask me what’s next? I don’t know! I’m sad. I’m really depressed. I hardly--I didn’t even want to come out here, because I knew that the Solidarity Singalong would just be singing and not, you know, going up to the offices of the politicians and saying, “Hey, um, you called, uh, the end of the, the recall last night--you conceded, when all the votes weren’t even in.”

[Boycott the Solidarity Singalong! What good are they to the Movement? Who can sing at a time like this??]

You know? Like, if you concede before the votes are in, that increases the, the thought that’s something’s going on behind the scenes. And you want to engender trust within the population, not suspicion. Especially in a situation like this!


You know, it’s like an insult! It’s like a slap in our face! It’s like saying, “Oh, be obedient now. Just go back to what you’re doing. The recall’s over. We concede. I’m such a good man. I’m gonna be a big guy, and”--as if it’s between two guys, you know, Politician A and Politician B. You know, it’s. . . ."

[Actually, Thistle, it WAS between Politician A, Walker, and Politician B, Barrett. And A won. You need to learn the ABCs of politics.]

Anyway, it’s very frustrating to be an anarchist in America, let me tell you.

[You need to go to an Anarchists Anonymous meeting. Only, they don't have regular meeting times, and nobody's in charge, so good luck on that.]

And the more frustrated I get, the more mean you guys become towards me, and I really hate that. So anyway. . . .

[It's the Militaria-Industrial-Media Complex vs. Thistle.]

What would you like to see happen, and what are you afraid is gonna happen, within the next few months?

What I would like to see happen is mass rebellion.

[It's happening, Thistle! Can you see it? The people are RISING UP, getting on their cycles, and MOVING! It's real, it's happening!]

I mean, people rising up and, and channeling their rage into positive, beautiful, poetic, amazing, creative energy, which, I saw a little bit of that last night. I saw a whole lot of that when we took over the Capitol in February and March of 2011. Um, that’s what I would like to see.

[Positive, beautiful rage.]

I’d like to see a return to that energy of cooperation, organizing, people helping each other out, people getting food for each other, um. . . .

[Um, Thistle, that's called PRIVATE initiative, not government programs. It's a conservative concept, actually.]

saying, “We don’t agree with our government, and if we stand together, then we, we win, and we can be forceful and take over this space, because it’s our space.”

[Thistle is lost in space.]

That house, that government is our government. That government does not own me. I own that government. And so I would like for people to have that attitude and come together. That’s what I would like to see.

[The people did come together, This, and they voted for Governor Walker. Again. By an even bigger margin this time. So there ya go.]

What I think is probably gonna see is that the tactics of the government and the military-industrial-media complex work. And people are depressed, they’re divided. We are so worn down! We are so tired! And mad, and reduced, you know. Torture tactics and military tactics work!

[Thistle was tied to the Comfy Chair.]

You know, and then just blame the victim, because I’m angry, and I’m tired, and I’m gonna, like, look haggard or something.

[Haggard? No, Thistle, you look MARVELOUS! Love the Pippi Bongstocking look.]

Because, you know, I’ve just not got my community anymore. You know, unless I just want to go to church and sing hymns and be quiet and just sing hymns. Then I’ve got community. But how real is that?

[As a matter of fact, Kristine Pettersen (Scandinavian? Lutheran?), that church-and-hymn-stuff community is VERY real. You might try it!]

You know, like, they’re, they’re destroying our livelihood, which is the air and the water and the, and the soil, and the ecosystems. It’s being destroyed by the military-industrial-media complex.

[There's that complex again! What IS it with that complex? Always causing trouble!]

And I’m not just gonna sit around--as an individual, I’m not just gonna sit around and watch TV and eat McDonald’s and soothe the wound.

[That's what Pitt does, so at least I give you more credit than I give him.]

I’m gonna fight! I’m gonna fight!

[I'm gonna stomp my little feet!]

So that’s what I’m gonna do. And I love Miles. Miles is my comrade, and he’s also a fighter.

[Miles to go before I sleep.]

And so he and I will at least have our own little duo.

[The Dramatic Duo.]

And Margaret Mead said it, and she said, “Never, um, question what a small group of citizens can do to change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” And there are small groups of citizens in Madison and in Wisconsin that I have a lot of faith and trust in our, in our spark and our dignity, you know, our, our respect for ourselves to rise up in the best way that we can.

[Mead Me in Madison.]

And may it be graceful and poetic and beautiful, so that all of the cops just take off of their riot suits, you know. There was this beautiful, um, chant in Chicago. I went down to Chicago to protest NATO, and there were riot cops in front of the mayor’s house. And they looked all mean and menacing, you know. And, and we all started dancing and saying, “Hey, hey!” Wait, what did we say? We said, “You’re sexy! You’re cute! Take off that riot suit! You’re sexy! You’re cute! Take off that riot suit!”

[You're screwy! You're spaced! You lost the recall race!]

You know, so, that rage that I feel can be channeled into beauty and delight and humor.

[As in the DUmmie FUnnies!]

And that’s what was happening during the Capitol uprising a year and a few months ago. And they don’t want that to happen. Because that means that we’re getting organized, and we’re, you know, self-determining and. . . .

[You're organized anarchists, in short.]

None of that is what they want. They want us to be obedient. And I’m not obedient. Nobody--I am the master of myself. I rule myself. And nobody else rules me, you know, so. . . .

[Thistle, if you rule yourself, I think you need a mass rebellion.]

Saturday, June 16, 2012

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: "I'm tired of the lack of respect shown to the President"

Barack Obama is the Rodney Dangerfield of American presidents. He don't get no respect. And it's all because he's black. No, not Rodney Dangerfield, silly. Barack Obama. You know, Our President.

Those eeevil white racist Republicans can't stand having a Black Man in the White House. This is what is driving their white-hot hatred toward Our President. It is the sole reason.

NEVER BEFORE has a President suffered this kind of vilification. The broadsides exchanged between Jefferson and Adams partisans? Child's play. Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy? Well loved, even by their assassins. Hoover, FDR? The Great Depression brought forth Great Expressions of love and support for both men. Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes? Universal love, praise, and respect from all Democrats everywhere.

But THIS Man, Our President, Barack Obama--he must endure the outrageous slings and arrows of outrageous outrage, simply because he is black. It is not because of his policies. It is not because of his performance. No, it is pure pigment-based persecution.

And this utter disrespect has the DUmmies all hot and bothered, as we see in this THREAD, "I'm tired of the lack of respect shown to the President."

But before we get to the DUmmies, let's hear from The King of Soul himself, Barack Obama, singing the disrespect blues in this lamentation/demand . . .

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (When You Bow Low)

What I want (oo)
Baby, you oughta (oo)
What I need (oo)
Do you know that you oughta (oo)
All I'm askin' (oo)
Is for a total respect when you bow low (just a little bow)
Hey, baby (just a little bow)
When you bow low (just a little bow)
Mister (just a little bow)

I ain't gonna do you wrong
While you bow
Ain't gonna do you wrong
But I ain't vowin'
All I'm askin'
Is for a total respect when you bow low (just a little bow)
Baby (just a little bow)
When you bow low (just a little bow)
Yeah (just a little bow)

You're about to see me
Barack Almighty
And all I'm askin'
In return, whitey
Is to give me
My propers when you bow low (just a, just a, just a, just a)
Yeah, baby (just a, just a, just a, just a)
When you bow low (just a little bow)
Yeah (just a little bow)

Ooo, your disses
Bitter though funny
But guess what?
I'll take your money
All I want you to do for me
Is give it to me when you bow low (re, re, re, re)
Yeah, baby (re, re, re, re)
Whip it to me (respect, just a little bow)
When you bow low, now (just a little bow)

Find out what it means to show
To me, BHO

Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me . . .)
A total respect (sock it to me, sock it to me . . .)
Whoa, babe (just a little bow)
A total respect (just a little bow)
I get tired (just a little bow)
Keep on tryin' (just a little bow)
You're runnin' out of fools (just a little bow)
And I ain't lyin' (just a little bow)
Respect (re, re, re, re)
When you bow low (re, re, re, re)
Or you might wake up (respect, just a little bow)
And find out I'm gone (just a little bow) . . .

Now on to the umbrage and high DUdgeon of the DUmmies, in Bolshevik R-E-D, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, showing the same respect toward Captain Kenyaroo that they did toward Chimpy McBushitler, is in the [Barackets]:

I'm tired of the lack of respect shown to the President

[I'm tired of this President, how about that?]

The core of this is utter racism...

[That's it! There can be no other explanation!]

Same here. I want complete condemnation for this outrage today. This is the last straw.

[The last straw, I tell you! This was the straw that broke the DUmmies' back and raised their hackles and stirred their drink!]

What happened?

[A reporter dared to ask King Obama a question before he walked off. What an outrage!]

it is rare that i come to DU and find so much written about something i have no idea what it is!

[It is routine that I come to DUmmieland and find so much written by people who have no idea what they're talking about.]

And had the gall to yell as Obama left, 'why do you favor foreigners over Americans?'

[All of gall is divided into Tea Parties.]


[Pigment Piggery. It's Rethuggery Summer.]

Yes, I'm sure if Biden was President he would be treated with the utmost respect and deference by the Republicans. . . .

[You mean Ol' Plugs? The Human Gaffe Machine? Hardscrabble Joe? Sure, he's white. We'd never show him any disrespect.]

just like Bill Clinton was. Oops, my bad, they impeached him.

[Nonsense! The First White Black President was just peachy-keen to his impeachers! He was white, you know.]

They may have hated him, but they did at least acknowledge him as president. Not so with Obama. They are constantly trying to argue that he is not legitimately president because he's just not supposed to be in their racist world.

[Let's see, I seem to recall some folks who were saying that BUSH was not legitimately president, and they refused to acknowledge him as such. I wonder who that might have been. . . .]

The GOP "gets off" on this kind of thing.

[The DUmmies "get off" on claiming that the Rethuglicans "get off" on this sort of thing.]

They are egging for a "race war" of ANY type. But Obama won't give it to them.

[The whites are egging for it.]

This is where the Democratic Party and the Congress needs to stand up for their President. Their failure to do anything of the sort is why Democrats are like Charlie Brown getting the football snatched away.

[Hey, you must read the DUmmie FUnnies!]


Isn't the reporter from another country? Is he a citizen?

[Check his birth certificate!]

Finding it really hard to get outraged about this. . . . an interruption to a speech seems like pretty small beer.

[The reporter acted stupidly. Hey, let's have a beer summit!]

It could be racism, but I believe it is mainly a matter of them having conflicting politics from the president.

[Congratulations, DUmmie Jamaal510! You win today's Kewpie Doll for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity®!]

You cannot look at the treatment of Barack Obama by the opposition, and then tell me there is no race issue to it. . . . The Democrats have never treated a Republican like that. . . .

[Two words: Chimpy. McBushitler.]

No, the treatment Obama has won - from "That one!" to "YOU LIE!" to the birther bullsh*t, to his portrayal as a chimpanzee and a witch doctor during the health care stuff, the constant attempts to paint his bland, moderate ass as a "radical," all the way up to this latest disrespect... it's about his f***ing RACE.

[FUnnie, I could give you 16 trillion reasons NOT related to race.]

every single one of those @ssholes would call him "boy" if they didn't think someone might slug them for it.

[Can we slug you for calling us "@ssholes"?]

even a sizable chunk of the 'Progressive' community talks about him like he's a damned busboy.

[He's an under-the-bus-boy.]

add to the fact that he is black. and the repugs think they own the white house and congers , along w the state houses . we intrruped their supposed right of assencion with a democratic pres. they ae upset and want it back.

[Don't intrrup our assencion! We ae upset! We want white house and congers back!]

The continued disrespect to our President breaks my heart. B*st*rds.

[Poor Our President! How dare they!]

They're so toxic and so despicable and full of hate. . . . They've clearly shown themselves to be a rabid pack of hyenas. . . . They can't get away with this. The only people who condone this behavior are just as sick and pathetic as they.

[Irony Alert! Irony Alert!]

our President handled this atrocious conduct with grace and an innate dignity, as always, leaving the seething repukes with rotten egg on their faces!!

[The yolk's on them!]

when there are plenty of substantive policy issues to nail them on and we resort to the "you hate him cause he's black argument", we look abt as unintelligent as them.


Little bush didn't get any respect at all.

[Ssshhh! Quiet!! Don't bring that up!!]

Obama, racism? Not sure. He did get elected.

[Don't confuse us with facts!]

I showed ZERO respect for Reagan, and Both Bushes. . . .

[Diogenes, stop your search! We have found an honest DUmmie!]

I don't have much respect for President Obama because he capitulates time and time again and refuses to fight. . . .


Friday, June 15, 2012

Hypocrite DUmmies Attack Obama Questioner

See the picture above of President Bush dodging two shoes thrown at him at a press conference in Iraq in 2008? That picture was featured in a DUmmie FUnnies edition, DUmmies Praise Iraqi Shoe Thrower. And that only featured one of the MANY DUmmie threads echoing that same sentiment. Now the DUmmies are condemning a Daily Caller reporter for (GASP!) asking Obama a question about his illegal alien/re-elect ME announcement today. So which of these two acts do you think is more disrepectful? According to the DUmmies in this thread, I will respond to you motherf*cker, it is the Obama questioner. Meanwhile, the biggest hypocrite of them all is the thread's author, DUmmie lonestarnot as I shall show below. So let us now watch the DUmmies display their inner hypocrite in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that all DUmmie quotes I cite below are from the shoe throwing thread, is in the [barackets]:

I will respond to you motherf*cker. 

[And I will respond to YOU, DUmmie hypocrite lonestarnot.]

First, Mr. President is not sending any jobs out of the country. That would be your dumbass bagger party 1%ers and the two brain cell non-thinkers that support your ilk in their attempt to avoid paying taxes to the country that made them rich. Secondy, you should be personally fined 1 million dollars for interrupting the President of the United States during a press briefing. Mr. President plays a mean game of hoops. He should be given a basket of rotten f*cking eggs to pummel your ass with for for your disrespectful racist bully shit. Then we, the other party should be awarded every dime that you and your racist bow tie wearing creeply little turd friend, should be awarded to PDA to spend toward re-election of Mr. President. It should really cost you for doing what you did today because you apparently thought someone gave you authority to interrupt a Presidential Press briefing instead of waiting for a call for questions when Mr. President was done with what he had to say. Yeah you should pay for what you did as a matter of decorum and respect for the office, since we know you do not respect anyone's race, not even your own 

[And here is DUmmie hypocrite lonestarnot REPLYING to a post about the sales of the shoes that were thrown at Bush: "I would like to order a pair on line. He should set something up. Can't someone help the man set something up before I get a job and can afford to buy them?"]

You're an asshole. 

[You are that AND a hypocrite, DUmmie lonestarnot. And now on to his fellow DUmmie hypocrites...]

I am so goddamn sick and tired of the shit OUR President has to put up with, I don't know how he gets through the day. 

["* is such a f*cking asshole. Hooray to the shoe thrower, shame it didn't hit him."]

Tell It, lonestarnot! 

["Maybe he'll visit the Baghdad Zoo, and the monkeys will fling poo at him. That I'd like to see."]

This waste of human flesh and his entire organization should have their WH press passes revoked on top of that fine. 

["I soooooo wish I could throw something at the idiot too."]

well said lone! 

["Pity he missed."]

"I Will Not Aid A Republican"

The Democratics pride themselves on being the Party of Peace, Love, and Tolerance. Well, yesterday we heard from the DUmmies that "'Conservatives' are traitors," ergo, worthy of silencing, execution, and consignment to the flames of hell. Now today the lovefest continues with this gem, a THREAD by DUmmie TheMastersNemesis, "I Will Not Aid A Republican."

Peace, Love, and Tolerance? Let's find out now as we lie half-dead on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho and await the response of the priest and the Levite, whether or not they will stop and help us. The DUmmies' cold comments are in Die Republicans Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who has love for all men, even DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

I Will Not Aid A Republican

[That's straight from the DUmmie Scout Oath.]

In the future if someone is in trouble and I find out they are a Republican I will just walk away.

[Now is NOT the time for all good men to come to the aid of THEIR party.]

I won't help them in any way. I have already ended my association with all the Republicans I know. And none of them are my friends.

[Thank you, Mr. Warmth. Now, DUmmie TheMastersNemesis, let's hear from your colleagues . . .]

Well, if you're comitted to this line of thought...At least explain to them that you can't help them, because they'd just start expecting handouts. remind them there's no free lunch. And assure them that if they had only made better life-choices, they wouldn't be in whatever mess they're in. It's what they would say to you, after all.

[Thank you, DUmmie Scootaloo, for revealing right away the fundamental flaw in liberals' thinking, i.e., the failure to distinguish between FORCED governmental redistribution of wealth, which Republicans oppose, and VOLUNTARY private acts of mercy, which we are all in favor of. You're just too dense and brainwashed to see that, aren't you?]

The truly insane thing about Republicans is many will go out of their way to help people they know/meet in their personal lives, but the minute the situation becomes abstract - helping some guy a thousand miles away you've never met - they invoke this Ayn Rand claptrap. Truly confused people.

[The truly surprising thing here is that you acknowledge that Republicans WILL go out of their way to help people. Don't you know we're all heartless b*st*rds??]

It's called naked tribalism.

["Naked tribalism"? Now you've got benburch's attention!]

'Scuse me sir...I'd like to apply a dressing to this sucking chest wound but first I'm going to need you to complete a quick survey...Question 1a....

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

Thats mighty progressive of you. If I can help ANYONE I will. It's the HUMAN thing to do.


The great wall can be seen from outer space, and it was built 1 brick at a time.

[DUmmie DiverDave rebukes TheMastersNemesis, who would dismantle the wall to stone the Republicans, 1 brick at a time. DUmmie rrHeretic then snipes back at DiverDave . . .]

Ah yes, the ego speakith!!

[The ego has landed.]

That's might nice of you (NOT). But the real message you're saying is:  I am just so unique and nice that it compels me to help anyone regardless of the DANGER they are to rational, normal human beings because I know so much MORE than other people, especially those totally f***ed by these right wingers.

[Rational, normal human beings would never HELP those dangerous right-wingers!]

I could go on with this but. . . .

[In fact, I think I will . . .]

YOU, being so nice and special, don't seem to care. If any of the scum on the right need help, you'll jump right in. Sorta like trying to help a rabid dog by giving it some food or water and then it takes a bite out of you.

[Beware of rabid Republican! There's a plague of hydrophoby in these parts!]

No DiverDave, you are not special, just incredibly naive regarding the real danger they are to the rest of us. It is WAR in this country - we are in a war whether or not you see the reality in front of you or not.

[DiverDave is AWOL in the Democrats' War on Rethuglicans.]

And sadly, for you at least, those on the right look at people like you and laugh derisively. I know because I've tried to reach out to them in the past only to have my fingers cut off.

[DUmmie rrHeretic has learned to type with his toes. DiverDave responds . . .]

Dude step away from the , well whatever it is that makes you act like a dick.

[If it acts like a dick and walks like a dick. . . . DUmmie rrHeretic must take Levite-tra.]

Hell, I'd even help YOU. One brick at a time, man. . . .

[A brick for a dick.]

I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT and as such get many chances to aid folks I don't know that are in need of assistance but for now on if my pager goes off at 2 AM I'm not getting out of bed if the 911 caller is not a Democrat. Better I get some sleep than to save some miserable pukes life/property.

[Sweet! That's the spirit! LET their house burn down! Serves 'em right!]

What about swing voters? Or what if someone says they split their ticket?

[In that case, we put out the fire on the second floor but let the first floor burn to the ground.]

Split the ticket? You mean vote for 1 right winger who might not be as extreme as the other 1 you're not voting for? Sorry, but if it looks like a pig, walks like a pig, oinks like a pig, then it's a freaking right winging nutjob.

[When pigs fry.]

You seem to be on a mission to devalue the lives of conservatives. Post after post, that's what you argue. Is that because you're a liberal who feels strongly about these things? Maybe. But perhaps your intention is to raise a chorus of replies saying 'Yes! Let them die,' . . . That . . . would make liberals look pretty hypocritical.  Aw heck. Just speculation here. Surely you aren't deliberately trying to encourage that.

[DUmmie RZM, are you suggesting that DUmmie TheMastersNemesis could be . . . might be . . . a . . . Naaahh!!!]