Friday, June 15, 2012

Hypocrite DUmmies Attack Obama Questioner

See the picture above of President Bush dodging two shoes thrown at him at a press conference in Iraq in 2008? That picture was featured in a DUmmie FUnnies edition, DUmmies Praise Iraqi Shoe Thrower. And that only featured one of the MANY DUmmie threads echoing that same sentiment. Now the DUmmies are condemning a Daily Caller reporter for (GASP!) asking Obama a question about his illegal alien/re-elect ME announcement today. So which of these two acts do you think is more disrepectful? According to the DUmmies in this thread, I will respond to you motherf*cker, it is the Obama questioner. Meanwhile, the biggest hypocrite of them all is the thread's author, DUmmie lonestarnot as I shall show below. So let us now watch the DUmmies display their inner hypocrite in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that all DUmmie quotes I cite below are from the shoe throwing thread, is in the [barackets]:

I will respond to you motherf*cker. 

[And I will respond to YOU, DUmmie hypocrite lonestarnot.]

First, Mr. President is not sending any jobs out of the country. That would be your dumbass bagger party 1%ers and the two brain cell non-thinkers that support your ilk in their attempt to avoid paying taxes to the country that made them rich. Secondy, you should be personally fined 1 million dollars for interrupting the President of the United States during a press briefing. Mr. President plays a mean game of hoops. He should be given a basket of rotten f*cking eggs to pummel your ass with for for your disrespectful racist bully shit. Then we, the other party should be awarded every dime that you and your racist bow tie wearing creeply little turd friend, should be awarded to PDA to spend toward re-election of Mr. President. It should really cost you for doing what you did today because you apparently thought someone gave you authority to interrupt a Presidential Press briefing instead of waiting for a call for questions when Mr. President was done with what he had to say. Yeah you should pay for what you did as a matter of decorum and respect for the office, since we know you do not respect anyone's race, not even your own 

[And here is DUmmie hypocrite lonestarnot REPLYING to a post about the sales of the shoes that were thrown at Bush: "I would like to order a pair on line. He should set something up. Can't someone help the man set something up before I get a job and can afford to buy them?"]

You're an asshole. 

[You are that AND a hypocrite, DUmmie lonestarnot. And now on to his fellow DUmmie hypocrites...]

I am so goddamn sick and tired of the shit OUR President has to put up with, I don't know how he gets through the day. 

["* is such a f*cking asshole. Hooray to the shoe thrower, shame it didn't hit him."]

Tell It, lonestarnot! 

["Maybe he'll visit the Baghdad Zoo, and the monkeys will fling poo at him. That I'd like to see."]

This waste of human flesh and his entire organization should have their WH press passes revoked on top of that fine. 

["I soooooo wish I could throw something at the idiot too."]

well said lone! 

["Pity he missed."]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

" I don't know how he gets through the day."
He plays golf. Lots and lots of golf. He tried basketball because he was told white men can't jump. When he found out some white men could jump even better than he could, then basket ball wasn't fun anymore. Then he took up bowling until he found he couldn't qualify for the Special Olympics. So, then he took up golf, because if he has a bad score, he can blame it on Bush, because Bush played golf, and probably didn't replace divots. Yeah, that's it! It's Bush's fault.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WWAAAHHH! How dare anyone question or be rude to us or our great leader.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shoe thrown at obama, check it out here

5:34 AM  
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