Monday, January 16, 2012

"President Obama is Beating the GOPers at their own game..Reducing Gov't"

On Friday President Obama unveiled a plan to shrink the size of the federal government. Oh, you didn't know that Mr. Obama was a small-government conservative? Neither did I. But then, this is an election year, isn't it?

You see, in reality, Obozo is the Biggest Big-Government Debtocrat of All Time. But he's got to PORTRAY himself as a cost-cutting, tax-cutting, bin-Laden-killing, Mr. Efficiency, Protector-of-the-Middle-Class conservative, in order to get re-elected. Thus the charade on Friday.

What Dear Reader proposed on Friday is eliminating the Commerce Department. That's right. Not the unconstitutional, budget-draining, debt-increasing, wealth-redistributing departments of a) Education, b) Health and Human Services, and c) Housing and Urban Development. No. Commerce. Ho-hum.

And even that is just a shell game, a rearranging of the deck chairs as the Titanic goes down. Obama merely wants to consolidate some agencies to do the same sorts of things as the Commerce Department does. And the cost-savings, relative to the rest of federal spending, would be a drop in a bucket the size of Montana.

Meanwhile, under Obama's brilliant leadership, in just three years, the national DEBT has increased by OVER FORTY PERCENT, up now to a whopping FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS--and climbing. But this Commerce thing--wow, that'll fix the problem.

Furthermore, now how can the Republicans campaign against him? See, he's a cost-cutter! It's three-dimensional chess, I tell you! That's the approach of DUmmie opihimoimoi, here in this
THREAD, "President Obama is Beating the GOPers at their own game..Reducing Gov't."

But this presents a problem for the DUmmies: How can they be happy with a Dem president who even SAYS he wants to reduce government? If the DUmmies are dedicated to anything, it is to an ever-increasing federal government, always expanding to give us more and more of other people's money. And by Obama talking about reducing government, isn't this ceding the field to the rethuglicans? That's their home turf!

So the recipe is in place for both Obama-praising and Obama-bashing. Which equals FUn for the DUmmie FUnnies! So let us now go to the DUmp, where the comments are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, glad to do a DUbble-DUFU Monday with my tag-team partner PJ, is in the [brackets]:

President Obama is Beating the GOPers at their own game..Reducing Gov't

["Reducing government"?? Wha-aa? How can a DEMOCRAT be in favor of REDUCING government?? Oh, wait! I get it! This is just an election-year political ploy!]

Them GOPers grumbling its not enough to reduce the deficit....oops

[Yep, he's outsmarted them this time! Everyone now will think he's in favor of reducing the debt, even though he's INCREASED it by FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS! No one will see through this!]

Obama plays chess...just got a free ROOK

[The Chessmaster is rooking us, alright.]

Obama plays chess . . .

[Three-dimensional. No, MULTI-dimensional, twenty or thirty dimensions at the same time.]

The GOP pretenders play with themselves.

[Says the party of Anthony Weiner and Barney Frank.]

He's taking away their issues one at a time and loudly. First cutting taxes, now smaller government..

[So if he REALLY wants to take away their issues, then why not propose adopting a fair, flat, low tax rate for everybody and eliminating the departments of Education, Health, and so on? The Republicans will have nothing left to campaign on! Checkmate!]

If their issues were popular, why'd they lose in 2006 and 2008?

[I notice you don't mention 2010.]

Wait. So now drowning gvt in a bathtub is good?

[Ruh-roh. How can we DUmmies be against Big Government?]

Yea, that's what Obama said.

[Don't worry. He doesn't mean it.]

Not reducing government - reducing bureacracy - big difference.

[He won't reduce anything that would take away benefits from Democrat voters. Who cares about Commerce? That's 1% stuff.]

he is pulling the Clinton maneuver

[Who's the intern?]

Question: How Many More Government Workers Will Be Laid Off ?

[Will Government Worker Obama get laid off? That's my question.]

With some folks, the man can't win. Whatever he does, it's wrong. Thank God DU is not representative of the real world, nor its inhabitants.

[And DUmmie Summer Hathaway, you get TWO Kewpie Dolls for the price of one! One, for acknowledging that whatever Odumbo does, it's wrong. And two, for thanking God that DUmmieland is not representative of the real world! Amen!]

There will be a reduction of 1,000 workers over a ten-year period, to take place by attrition. . . .

That is NOTHING. We have over 2,650,000 Federal employees. Normal efficiencies should result in more than a 1,000 reduction.

[Sorry, joeglow3, I've already given TWO Kewpies to Summer Hathaway. And we're trying to reduce the Kewpie Doll budget.]

It's more RW crap from a "Dem" president.

[C'mon, Mr. President! Be an HONEST Big-Government Debtocrat! Don't fight it! It's who you are! Come out of the closet!]

Yay. Now the public thinks shrinking government is an unmitigated good.

[But it's CHESS, you see. . . .]

Some would call this "caving in".

[A standard chess maneuver. You don't understand. . . .]

With Obama claiming "credit" for things the GOP have been demanding for years makes it look like the GOP was right all along.

[Look, you don't get it. . . .]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Democratic Underground aka Morons On Patrol....

7:37 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Right,Obama's reducing the size of government. Even the most idiotic DUmmie can't swallow that pill.

...maybe Troglaman can.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really got a kick out of "There will be a reduction of 1,000 workers over a ten-year period, to take place by attrition. . . ." Libs/Dummies would use this as an escape hatch, saying well, he DID cut the number of govt workers.

9:31 AM  

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