Tuesday, October 04, 2011

DUmmies are occupied with occupying places

The DUmp is OCCUPIED. Yes, the DUmmies are occupied with occupying places. They don't have to be real places. Virtual places are close enough. And it doesn't matter if the places happen to belong to other people. If we feel like occupying them, we can jolly well do it, because we are the righteous 99%, and they are the evil land owners.

The #OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyBoston, #OccupyWhereverWeWantToOccupy craze has got the DUmmies in a Moonbat Movement Mood. The #HashmarkedHashishMarchers are on the move! As we see here in this THREAD, "Sign up for the Virtual March on Wall Street," and this THREAD, "The next step....Occupy the land."

So let us now occupy ourselves with DUmmieland for a few moments, in OCCUPIED Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, marveling how the DUmmies can be occupied with something even when their minds are vacant, is in the [brackets]:

Sign up for the Virtual March on Wall Street


American Dream Movement
Sign up for the Virtual March on Wall Street

[This is right up the DUmmies' alley! A march that doesn't require any marching!]

Join us on Wednesday to create a huge show of support for anti-Wall Street actions nationwide.

[I'm in! I'm going to stand right next to the Virtual Will Pitt and the Virtual Marines!]

Together, we'll add hundreds of thousands of voices expressing our solidarity with the protests at Occupy Wall Street and across the country targeting the bankers who wrecked our economy.

[Speaking truth to virtual power!]

Done! and Recced!

[DUmb! And Wrecked!]

also tweeted it on Twitter!

[Twit and shout!]

let me just put on my typing shoes.

[Let your fingers do the marching.]

I'm a MoveOn member.

[I'm a MoveFromTheCouchToTheKeyboard member.]

I'm unclear on what this is supposed to accomplish.

[It's supposed to accomplish making lazy progs feel good about themselves.]

it's to show support for the OWS protest.

[It's to show support for the #OccupyWideSeat protest.]

Cool. Now you can virtually accomplish nothing.


I would be there in person if I could. But it's a long way away.

[Such commitment! Such dedication to The Cause!]

The next step....Occupy the land.

[DUmmie zeemike has a plan!]

It is really a fantasy of mine but one worth considering.

[Let's make that fantasy a REALITY!]

What if people that were tired of being a worker for someone else and that was interested in farming and sustainable living just occupied the land?

[Would I have to get out of my chair?]

I would bet that there are thousands of young people that would jump at the chance to have their own place to live...especialy if they could live sustainable on the land.

[I would bet there are thousands of land owners that would jump at the chance for some target practice.]

What (or whose) land are you speaking of, here?

[Just . . . anybody's. Wherever there is land that we want to occupy, sustainably.]

Ideally corporate land.

[That would make it evil land and thus eligible land.]

Using the reason that sense they are not living people they have no right to land...

[That makes since. People who aren't living people are the unluckiest people in the world.]

Most of the good land is owned by corporations or the ultra rich.

[Therefore we can just go ahead and steal it from them! Thou shalt not steal--unless thou likest not the people thou art stealing from.]

Ah, so you want to come occupy my land? My sister and I took the family farm and put it in an LLC. . . Yet you want to come occupy my land? I don't suggest that you try that, it really would be a bad idea on your part.

[My bullets might decide to #OccupyYourTorso.]

Not all unproductive and unoccupied land is suitable for much. There are many hundreds of square miles of land in NE Kansas and probably elsewhere, that is basically a thin layer, as in inches, of sod on top of solid rock hundred of feet thick. It doesn't plow too well.

[OK, so we'll force the evil land owners to plow it till it produces.]

In the hilltowns of Western Mass...the land is generally composed mostly of clay, and is very rocky. By rocky I mean, when you plow the land, you get lots of rocks and small boulders. A few months or a year later, more rocks and boulders come to the surface.

[So you're saying the rocks and boulders are sustainable? That's a start.]

Also, the climate isn't conducive to growing much of anything but the native plants and weeds. Mostly weeds.

[What kind of weeds? Now you've got me interested!]

OK, so let's say that happens....and then a few months later, the original occupiers of the land...Native Americans...decide they want their land back. All of it...the whole country. Let's say they tell anyone not of NA heritage to get the hell out of the country because they have no right to be on their land. What then?

[We get on a boat and go #OccupyEurope.]

I am not concerned about righting the wrongs of the past as I am with righting the wrongs of the present.

[By creating NEW wrongs!]

I think that a huge part of "righting the wrongs of the present" involves righting the wrongs of the past. . . . I would bet that 99% of DUers would piss themselves with glee to see Bush, Cheney, and a whole lot of others put into prison for the wrongs of the past.

[We are the 99%! We piss ourselves with glee!]

So how about the Native American casinos? Some of them are huge. People really want to take them down? Grab their land?

[Beat their slot machines into plowshares!]

Anyway, I'm sure we can sit here and debate that part of the issue all day without resolution, which I sort of expected anyway. Because I know that what people consider "right" will usually boil down to what THEY want.

[DUmmie pipi_k, a Kewpie Doll is on its way to #OccupyYourMailbox. Congratulations!]

This land is your land, this land is my land...

[And what is your land, will now be my land...]

lots in the city's are probably the most effective...and probably mostly owned by banks or other investors who will not like the idea at all....and they will put up just as good a fight against it.

[The Battle of Banker Hill.]

Or occupy suburban houses that were claimed by the banks. And use the yards to grow food.

[Out back by the cee-ment pond.]

This post proves that the "cause" is really about getting the rich, not helping people.

[Dang, DUmmie itsallhappening! Now you'll have to go and #OccupyPipi_k'sKewpieDoll!]

Are golf courses in gated communities the only place to grow food for the poor? Of course not.

[Golf course not.]

Are you advocating people take over the John Kerry's properties and grow food for the poor? They Kerrys are worth $193.3 million.

[Throw Tehrayza off the land!]

How about the Kennedy properties?


This is nothing more than class envy. . . .

[DUmmie itsallhappening, you can go to the HEAD of the class!]

Well maybe the rich need getting.

[DUmmie zeemike responds and makes the case for class warfare . . .]

Not all of them but surely the ones who have allowed greed to become such a part of their life. . . .

[And WE will judge who we think those are!]

And they could care less who or how many lives they wreck to get that more ether.

[Needs more ether!]

And that is why in the end it all comes down to them saying "let them eat cake"

[So off with their heads! . . . Is that you, Roseanne Barr?]

Except for the fact farming is darn hard work. . . .

[OK, forget that then. Let's just #OccupyTheVideoGameStores.]

We've been trying to maintain our plot of asparagus and veggies using organic methods, and it feels as if we burn up more calories pulling weeds and squashing bugs than we'll ever get from eating what we grow.

[Plus, if you can actually grow some asparagus, you end up getting that smelly pee. Ewww!]

It's not just a matter of "occupying the land." Are you willing to slave over it, ache over it, and probably live on a subsistence income for it?

[No. Forget I ever said it. Let's just #OccupyMamasBasement.]

It's hard work, it takes money to get started and while thousands- no make that millions of young people that would jump at the chance to have their own place to live, they're going to be expecting climate control, reliable hot water and wifi.


I just think we need to make a leap into the future...and the way I see it the future is one where every one has a piece of land and we beat our swords into plow shares. but it does not have the meaning it once did....the swords of today are cruse missals and smart wepons....which when beaten into a plow will be a smart one...one the goes into the field and does the plowing for you while you monitor it from your house.

[Would a cruse missal have the story of Elijah and the miraculous supply of oil?]

Shutting down factories Is the only thing that will get their attention

[Oh, don't worry. Obama is doing a pretty good job of that on his own.]

Yeah, and...it will also get the attention of the thousands upon thousands of Americans who won't have a job when the factories close. But hey...f*** 'em. They can just go find a farm someplace and grow radishes and green beans.

[Give peas a chance!]

Have a Plan B ready before carrying out Plan A, or a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt.

[No! We're going with Plan Z, as in "zeemike"!]

Sometimes you have to sacrifice for the greater good. Otherwise the Oligarchs will always win.

[So a few of our comrades will have to eat radishes. Two steps backward, one step forward. For The Cause.]

Close down the factories. Close down transportation. Bring the whole economy to a screeching halt until they give in. A general strike would be awesome.


No pain, no gain.

[No brain, no sane.]

you're talking about seizing private property. If that's the road you want to go down, then the strongest and those with the most guns will have everything. Really? Is that what you want?

[No, silly. Because we are so much smarter and morally superior and superior in numbers--WE ARE THE 99%!--when we occupy somebody's land, those evil land owners will just naturally turn it over to us! We'll take it by eminent DUmmain! Let's have none of that talk about guns and "private property" and icky stuff like that!]

You're fooling yourself if you think for one minute most of these "thousands of young people" would have a clue how to live off even the most sustainable land.

[Hey, if we can grow some pot and some potatoes and green beans, make our own Doritos maybe--that's what I call sustainable! And we can always order out for pizza. Domino's and Doritos--the two basic food groups. It's all good.]


Anonymous Corona said...

They couldn't survive 30 minutes outside mommys' basement.

6:10 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

What if people that were tired of being a worker for someone else and that was interested in farming and sustainable living just occupied the land?

Heh....how's that whole 60's commune thing going?

Oh, that's right, no sattelite, no cable, no power, no bathroom, no...........

7:01 PM  
Blogger 98ZJUSMC said...

This has got to be the most clueless yet, definitive DUmmie thraed I nave ever read.

I really wish those DUfuses(DUfi?) would try this. I am getting bored with drilling 7.62 holes in paper and mock-up lawyer targets.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous envisio said...

'''I would be there in person if I could. But it's a long way away.''''

Not one single comment in this whole fiasco that states "I would, but I have a job"
The reason why there are only hippies there is because they have nothing else to do. The rest of the productive members of society are working/taking care of family/do doing daily activities that make their households function. We don't have time to sit around holding signs and smoking pot just for a chance to say "look at me, I'm a jobless hippie social parasite thats STICKING IT TO THE MAN".
I would comment some more but I have WORK to do and a living to earn so I can pay for these losers lifestyles.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, the irony of their posts escapes them. Here they are posting from a computer which uses electricity, which is generated from a power plant. If they TRULY believed in getting rid of the eeevvviiilll corporations, they would give up EVERYTHING in their lives that came from corporations and capitalism. On second thought, that would leave them naked and wandering the streets...

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

I think I am the one clueless when I read it first but eventually I understand. I think it has a sense of humor whoever got an idea about this stuff. :D

6:36 PM  

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