Friday, April 29, 2011

Kloppenburg Is Just $10 Away From Being Elected In Wisconsin

Quick! Send money now! Don't think! JoAnne Kloppenburg is just $10 away from winning the Supreme Court Justice election in Wisconsin. Of course, the DUmmies have absolutely no memory of being scammed by Bev Harris and are now completely wasting their money again as you can see in this THREAD, "WI - Klopp needs $ & volunteers NOW for Wauk Co." I'm surprised that Head DUmmie Skinner has allowed this scam thread to remain but I guess he is too passive to take any action on it. Hey, he sat by and allowed the DUmmies to be scammed over and over again in the past. Anyway, it is great FUn to watch the DUmmies quickly revert to the SUcker mode yet again. Yes, DUmmies. Completely waste your bucks on a completely useless project. So let us now watch the DUmmies blow their bucks in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Bev Harris is still living in 5 star hotel suites thanx to DUmmie bucks, is in the [brackets]:

WI - Klopp needs $ & volunteers NOW for Wauk Co

[Mainly $$$. LOTS of $$$.]

PLEASE, we need volunteers and we need MONEY to have attorneys with election experience at these locations. Third day in a row for there to be problems with ballot bags in Waukesha County.

[DUmmie Lefta Dissenter posted this thread and I am wondering if that is the new screen name of Bev Harris.]

If you're able to come to Wisconsin, NOW IS THE TIME! If you're able to give money, NOW IS THE TIME!

[Drop the volunteers pretense and just admit it is really the BUCKS you want. Those 5 star hotel suites don't come cheap.]

Do you have any idea if Kloppenburg's team is aware of the things you've cited?

[Yes, and they are pleased to tell you that Kloppenburg is just $10 away from being elected.]

yes, they know and I just got off the phone with them. That's the first thing she said - they need money!

[Gee! What a surprise, Bev. Oops! I mean Lefta Dissta. Wink! Wink!]

The objections are entered through the recount process, and then the litigation begins! But it's difficult for the few volunteers we have to keep up with everything that is going on, know to file an objection, and not to be intimidated by the high-dollar attorney in the expensive suit who is telling the election officials that it's a non-issue. We need attorneys with election experience at these locations.

[Yes, let the left litigate all the elections they can't steal fair and square.]

My friend, who is also the attorney I work for, has been volunteering at one of the recount locations every minute it's been going, so far. Sometimes he's the only one there. We need volunteers, we need money, we need attorneys!

[Mainly you need MONEY.]

Can someone possibly contact I've received email from them asking for donations for Kloppenburg and the recount. Maybe they can help mobilize volunteers and lawyers.

[P.T. Barnum said there was one born every minute and apparently DUmmie Matariki was born a minute ago.]

Aren't there any ATTORNEYS willing to volunteer? I thought there were plenty of Democratic lawyers.

[They are willing to volunteer but ONLY for $$$$$.]

thanks for the reminder, just sent $25

[P.T. Barnum handled your birth delivery.]

I got this from the Kloppenburg campaign also in case you don't have a credit card (which we don't). You can mail a check to this address:

[Bev Harris
Suite BBV
Fountainebleau Hotel
Miami Beach, FL.]

Sending in my last $50. I just sent in my last $50 until next Friday.

[And next Friday you can be a SUcker all over again!]

Where are the Dems???? I gave money to JoAnn and was in email contact with her campaign manager pre election. Now we have this very important recount going on. Posters here who are on the ground in WI are pleading for $$$ so we can AT LEAST HAVE A F*CKING ATTORNEY THERE!!!??? What's our $25 and $50's against Koch Bros $$$... Does not the national Dems have everything riding on these local races??? WTF!!! And don't get me started on what our MA reps are doing to unions there... They also need to wake the f*ck up and listen to the Firemen who are pissed off nationally. A little rambling by me folks, and I am sorry but...

[Send even more in NOW. Bev wants a new hotel suite with gold plumbing fixtures. How about if we get Randi Rhodes to plug this appeal for bucks again?]

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Spread the Wealth Around": A DUmmie Salute to Socialism

The DUFUs are BACK! We've been laying low the last couple weeks. PJ's been whispering at coupons, of course, and I've been doing Holy Week and Easter services. But for this week, at least, I've got time to do a DUFU or two.

Let's get back in the swing of things with a salute to the DUmmies' favorite fantasy: SOCIALISM! Click the music link and sing along!

Tune: "Turn the Beat Around"

Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around
Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around
Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around
Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around

Spread the wealth around
Make it our possession
Bring the rich man down
Shake off his oppression
Make him fear it

Wall Street, in New York City
Your bottom line keeps growing and you're sittin' pretty
But when we take your cash and Wall Street's crashin'
Then you'll feel the people rising up in action

Spread the wealth around
Make it our possession
Bring the rich man down
Shake off his oppression
Make him fear it

Spread the wealth around
Make it our possession
Bring the rich man down
Shake off his oppression
Make him fear it

Taxpayer, pay your taxes
I know that you hope your rate relaxes
But you see, we've made up our mind about it
It's got to be arisen, no doubt about it

When the program maker start playin'
With the confiscated income, with the scratch, scratch, scratch
Makes me wanna kiss somebody, yeah, yeah, yeah
And when Obama starts raisin' that debt
He pays that debt with the confiscated income
With attack, tack, tack, tack, tacks on the rich

Spread the wealth around
Make it our possession
Bring the rich man down
Shake off his oppression
Make him fear it, make him fear it
Make him fear it, make him fear it . . .

Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around
Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around
Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around
Spread it out, spread it out, spead it all around

Spread the wealth around
Make it our possession
Bring the rich man down
Shake off his oppression . . .

Spread the wealth around
Make it our possession
Bring the rich man down
Shake off his oppression

Spread the wealth around
Make it our possession
Bring the rich man down
Shake off his oppression!

We see the DUmmies do their own Salute to Socialism here in this
THREAD, "A DU silent thread of support for Socialism."

Now notice, this was supposed to be a SILENT thread, i.e., just post nothing and keep recc'ing the thread to show your support. But do you think you can keep the DUmmies' mouths shut? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And for that, we here at DUmmie FUnnies are most appreciative! Hee! Hee!

So let us now return to DUmmieland, where Lenin's birthday and Earth Day outranked Good Friday, and where the remarx are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, the wag tailoring the doggerel, Charles Henrickson, noting that Lenin's dead body is still lying in a tomb, is in the [brackets]:

A DU silent thread of support for Socialism.

[The Silence of the Loons. Oh well, nothing much to DUFU here, I suppose. Move along. . . .]


[How do you DUFU a plus sign? Sigh. . . .]



Unrecced. This is a discussion forum, not a silent forum. Silent threads accomplish nothing.

[Run Silent, Run DUmb.]

Name removed. Deleted message.

[Well, that's one way to do a silent post.]

I'm a supporter of socialism. It has great potential, although I do not know how it could be implemented in the US without a rewriting of the Constitution.

[Constitution, Shmonstitution! We don't need no stinkin' Constitution!]

Why does constitution needs to be rewritten?

[It's that pesky "limited powers of the federal government" thing. But, don't worry, it hasn't stopped us for nearly 80 years now!]

The preamble to the constitution at the very top of the document states that it's purpose is "to promote the common WELFARE." it is per se a socialist manifesto.

[OK, you, like all liberals, get a ZERO on Understanding the Constitution 101. All the Preamble says there is that, in order to (among other things) "promote the general welfare," we approve the following Constitution. In other words, it's in the general interest of the United States to have this Constitution--which, ironically, LIMITS the scope of the federal government to just the few, explicitly enumerated powers. The "general welfare" phrase in the Preamble has NOTHING to do with any wealth-redistributing, socialistic welfare state--quite the opposite. But don't let the facts get in the way of your fiction.]

This is silly.

[SHHH! You're supposed to keep SILENT!]

I can't find the point in an empty thread on a discussion forum.

[It matches the empty heads.]

in honor of my grandpa, Rowland Ward Bishop, proprietor of the Square Deal Dairy that went bust in the 30's due to depression. For you, Grandpa.

[Here's to you, Grandpa Bishop, Oppressor of Cow Teats!]

SILENCE .... is also a response -- !!

[Whispering truth to power!]

.....(fart noise)

[Silent but deadly!]


[Quiet, class . . .]

Silent threads on a discussion board are odd. Particularly when they don't pertain to some sort of tragedy.

[What if it's an odd discussion board?]

It's sort of like the old "K&R if you like cheese" threads. I never understood those, either.

[Particularly if you're a cow.]

there could be folks using a text reader to follow DU. In fact, I'll bet there is at least one blind regular DUer. For them, the thread would be silent. You'd hear a computer generated voice, saying:

Plus Sign One
Period Period Period Period
Exclamation Point One One Exclamation Point

And so on. And the blind DUer goes, "WTF?"

[Win The Future??]

Silent threads: 100% less snark.

[This thread has jumped the snark.]

Whether socialism is a tragedy is certainly something to consider, given the political atrocities that the implementors have committed over the decades.


socialism is still an idea that has never been fully implemented.

[The old "Real Communism has never been tried before" excuse.]

((((((((((Nationalize everything)))))))))))

[All your parentheses are belong to us.]

Only the petroleum exploration and production, all water resources, all power generation and transmission and all medical care (except the purely charitable) and pharmaceutical production and any banks and related institutions found guilty of mortgage and derivatives fraud. That should be a good start.

[Baby steps.]

Imagine Norway.

[No way!]

Yay Socialism!!

[Socialism, socialism, you're our plan!
If you can't do it, Communism can!]


[Class . . .]

I'm a fan of Trotskyism, personally.

[You're hotsky to Trotsky!]

I can't stay silent. F*** YOU, CAPITALISM.



[QUIIIII-ETT!!! . . . Thank you! < /sistermaryelephant >]

f*** silence. I am a socialist.

I second the f*** silence sh*t.

[Alright, the motion is on the floor to f*** capitalism and to f*** silence. All in favor, say . . .]



[Motion carried. We shall now proceed to f*** capitalism and f*** silence. . . .]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

VIDEO: Poster Boy of The New Castrati

But Mithter Limbaugh! Mr. Limbaugh! Aren't you exthagerrating our thpeech patterns and attitudes in an attempt to mock us as the New Castrati? Thurely you can't be therious?

Actually Rush Limbaugh has been DEAD ON in his impression of what the leftwing New Castrati are like as you can see in this incredible VIDEO which can be best described as Orwell trapped inside a strait jacket with a touch of the Village People thrown in. Note the close-minded totalitarian attitude of this particular specimen of New Castrati.

My friend < shameless namedrop> Kerry Picket < /shameless namedrop> of the Washington Times has just finished some in-depth questioning of the Mayor of Washington D.C. about his opposition to the use of school vouchers in the District. The give and take between them was polite but the New Castrati guy can't stand even the hint of political diversity as you will see in the video. And was this New Castrati experiencing a psychotic episode or is he in butterfly net mode all the time? Perhaps he is auditioning for a horror movie because New Castrati, in addition to sounding inadvertently hilarious, is also quite creepy...especially with that closeup shot of his angry face throughout. So enjoy the video of The New Castrati and note that Rush was dead on in his impersonation of a typical leftist.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wee Willie Co-Author On Trial For Heinous Sex Crime

This is one THREAD that you will never see WILLIAM RIVERS PITT post on. Why? Just look at the title: "Sex-sting trial beings for ex-UN weapons inspector." Come to think of it, you also won't see the Temporary Sockpuppet posting on that thread. However, one piece of good news. Because of the new found notoriety of Pitt's co-author, Scott Ritter, their joint book venture, WAR ON IRAQ, has rocketed to #988,703 on Amazon. Meanwhile the trial of Wee Willie's friend who abused his Wee Willie goes to the jury today. So let us now watch the DUmmie's take a whack at the Wee Willie abuse trial in Bolshevik red, while the commentary of your humble correspondent, giving a shoutout to the Temporary Sockpuppet, is in the [brackets]:

Sex-sting trial beings for ex-UN weapons inspector

[Too bad this didn't turn out as an episode of "To Catch a Predator." Who would be the one to have gotten caught? Wee Willie's co-author or the Temporary Sockpuppet?]

A detective posing as an underage girl in an online chat room told a former U.N. weapons inspector he was exchanging sexually graphic messages with a 15-year-old, according to testimony Tuesday in the second online sex-sting case involving the former Marine captain.

[Is that detective's name Chris Hansen?]

Barrett Township police Detective Ryan Venneman testified that Iraq war critic Scott Ritter initiated a sexually explicit conversation with him in a Yahoo chat room in February 2009.

[Ritter was about to initiate a WWE WWE beatdown.]

Venneman told the court that Ritter gave him his cellphone number and began masturbating on a video chat. Ritter briefly ended the chat after the detective said he was 15, but soon restarted the video chat and masturbated to completion, the detective testified.

[Ben Burch wants to analyze that video evidence over and over and over again.]

In his opening statement, defense attorney Gary Coleman told the jury that Ritter is a "decorated military hero" who didn't believe he was chatting with an underage girl.

[Didn't Gary Coleman also abuse his Wee Willie?]

FR will be having a field day with this

[How could we resist?]

The first arrest didn't learn him, did it?

[Ritter believes third time is the charm so look for another trial soon.]

I will never believe this charge nor the sex charge against Assange.

[Perhaps we should leave Scotty's fate in Ben Burch's hands.]

Did the Bush regime use a time machine to make him whack off in front of another teen before his critique of the Iraq war?? While I have no doubt as to the source of the leaked record, the fact is that he entered a plea deal on a prior sex crime.

[That sure is a whacky idea.]

I believe he was caught and released even before that. Before his earlier arrest there were reports he was caught in a sting and the police let him go with a warning.

[Unbelievable. Any semi-rational person would be counting his blessings that he was let off after that first violation. Instead Scotty stupidly goes ahead and quickly repeated the same crime...on camera. This guy is almost as DUmb as the Temporary Sockpuppet confessing for all to see on the Web.]

One NYS investigation was dropped. The other one was not---details-- "In the spring of 2001, Colonie police say Ritter twice showed up for meetings with what he believed would be teenage girls. The first time, Ritter was questioned but let go by police who had been posing as a curious 14-year-old girl.

[At that point any normal person would be thanking God for being spared public humiliation and getting a second chance in life. But not Wee Willie's pal...]

Two months later, Ritter turned up at a fast-food restaurant, where police said they had set up a sexual meeting while posing as a 15-year-old girl. Ritter was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of soliciting a minor. Despite his national prominence, Ritter's arrest was not publicly announced.

[Unlike the Temporary Sockpuppet who publicly announced his easily detected crimes.]

Several months later an Albany County prosecutor agreed to classify Ritter's case as an "Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal" (ACOD), an outcome in New York state's criminal law in which a prosecutor agrees to excuse a defendant's behavior in exchange for six months to one year of good behavior. After that time, the case is legally dismissed and the records are sealed from the public as though the incident never occurred. With an ACOD, a defendant becomes legally allowed to deny the arrest occurred, except in special circumstances, such as applying for a job as a police officer or a teacher. In Ritter's case, his prosecutor was later fired for her decision."

[Ritter's case remained sealed for 24 business hours.]

I don't think jerking off for some detective's sadistic pleasure should be a crime.

[Ben Burch thinks it was a crime that he didn't have a front row seat to this event.]

This needs to go to trial and if he is guilty of soliciting kids, he is a pervert - even if he is a pervert, who tried to prevent a war.

[Ben Burch wants you to type "pervert" just one more time.]

I have a problem generally with police actions that set up people for crimes that they may not actually ever commit without the police set-up.

[Admit it. You loved it when Larry "wide stance" Craig got busted in a police set-up.]

If convicted, the 49-year-old could face up to seven years in prison.

[Scotty, you can shave at least half the time off that sentence by ratting out the Temporary Sockpuppet.]

If he was convinced it was a 15 year old girl watching him perform graphic sex acts on the internet, then yes it is a crime.

[Maybe Scotty thought he was performing for Chris Hansen in order to get a free glass of sweet tea that always seems to be provided for the perverts on that show.]

The sex act in front of the webcam thinking that a underage girl was watching is the problem.

[I wonder if Alan Funt ever had that situation on Candid Camera?]

This is an established tool for catching people trying to solicit kids on the internet

[Also the premise for the "To Catch A Predator" show. All Ritter lacked was that glass of sweet tea that seems to be provided by the producers in almost every show.]

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

William Pitt The Fraudster Calls American Voters Stupid

Look who is calling the American voters stupid. William Pitt The Fraudster who was so stupid as to place his cojones into lying degenerate Jason Leopold's hands by depending on him for the scoop that Karl Rove would be indicted on May 12, 2006. The same William Pitt The Fraudster who asserted that the Third American Empire commenced at the 1980 Olympics when fans screamed "USA! USA! USA!" The same William Pitt The Fraudster who has a history of completely changing his mind shortly after making bold assertions. And, yes, the same William Pitt The Fraudster who was so STUPID as to very publicly announce that he was QUITTING SMOKING only to now being forced to completely avoid the topic due to his relapse. So now we have William Rivers Pitt proclaiming the stupidity of the American voter based ENTIRELY on the poll of a very BIASED Public Policy Poll as you can see in his THREAD, "I'm not a fan of calling American voters stupid...but Jesus effing Christ..." So let us now read why The Fraudster who placed his brain into a permanent holding pattern while mesmerized by the sound of Jason Leopold's zipper thinks American voters are stupid in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who is still waiting for Pitt to publicly confess his smoking relapse, is in the [brackets]:

I'm not a fan of calling American voters stupid...but Jesus effing Christ...

[Proclaimed the "Kennedy Catholic."]

New polling data:

[And we all know that polls are 100% reliable without a hint of bias.]

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that House Republicans "have fallen so far out of favor with the American public that it's entirely possible Democrats could take control of the House back next year."

Key findings: 43% of voters think that House Republicans are doing a worse job now than the Democrats did, compared to only 36% who think the GOP has brought an improvement while 19% think things are about the same.

[Key finding: Public Policy Polling is a leftwing polling organization whose biases can be counted on to make the results look good for the Democrats. Read HERE to find out about the PPP bias.]

Stunningly, independent voters now say they'd vote Democratic for the House by a 42% to 33% margin, representing a 28 point reversal in a span of just five months.

[And now The Fraudster adds his two bits...]

Despair. "Independent voter" is fast becoming a kind euphemism for "Blithering idiot."

[To replace "Will Pitt" as the euphemism for "Blithering idiot?" Remember, this is the same Blithering idiot" who swallowed Jason Leopold's excuse about waiting 24 BUSINESS hours hook, line, and sinker. And now to the rest of the DUmmies who have yet to ask Pitt how his "No Smoking" pledge is working out...]

I'm a big fan of the truth. American voters are largely idiots the wisdom of the American voter is an oxymoron.

[When elections don't go the way the DUmmies want them to, they call the voters idiots. Still licking your wounds over the Prosser VICTORY in Wisconsin?]

They "largely" voted for Obama in '08...Were they (and you) idiots then?..Duh.

[They were brilliant then but will return to stupid (and racist) category when Obama loses in 2012.]

Buyers' remorse has set in really fast.

[No Smoking Pledge remorse set in really fast for the Pittster who is now back to sucking down the cancerous fumes of his beloved coffin nails.]

That's what happens when we let a lunatic fringe news network do our thinking for us.


Time for Democrats to get on board and surf this wave to victory

[Time for you to wear a "I'm With Stupid" sign if you believe this biased Public Policy poll represents any sort of "wave."]

And they'll change their minds again when gas gets to $4.50/gal

[Gas at $4.50/gal? WOO! HOO! I'm voting for Obama in 2012...right after I quit smoking.]

I wish you'd take a class on making up titles for posts. Because I find yours are so annoying that I don't even want to read the content.

[A DUmmie who doesn't like the title the Temporary Sockpuppet gave to his thread.]

Then don't. I'll enjoy being spared replies like this.
Tit. Tat.

[...Tut. Annoyed reply by the Relapsed Smoker.]

Americans do not value education. They have started to value religion over all else. This leads to ignorance and idiocy.

[The same DUmmie who would defend Sharia Law Muslims for covering their women in ugly black robes and treating them like dirt.]

I blame mass communication and mass consumerism. We've become inattentive adult idiots, with no deeply rooted feelings outside our immediate surroundings and NONE older then a decade. Our world is all about appearance. America is all about the perception of our appearance as a nation. We've gone from living in a material world, to giving it all to the 1%ers.

[A DUmmie stuck on stupid.]

I just hope it f*cking equates to the douches losing the house on the next cycle.

[And when that doesn't happen, you can go back to blaming Diebold.]

It's the Faux "News" on the Tee Vee. Once they start watching that stuff, they get hopelessly brainwashed. Maybe some day we can find a cure.

[The cure would be censorship aka restoring the Fairness Doctrine.]

We are a nation of idiots. And it's getting worse.

[One of those idiots is still waiting for a sealed indictment to become unsealed in 24 business hours.]

I would like to see We, the People, file a Class Action Lawsuit against the republican party. Their Own bills demonstrate an egregious power grab and an unprecedented shift of power and financial resources to the small minority of the wealthy and corporations

[How about if we file a Crass Action Lawsuit against you for your stunning display of crass stupidity?]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"John Boehner just made Barack Obama look like a helpless fool."

Although there are some grumblings about the budget deal from conservatives over the fact that John Boehner was "only" able to get MOST (but not all) of the budget cuts desired, on the Left there is great anger over this deal as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "John Boehner just made Barack Obama look like a helpless fool." That is a quote from the leftwing FireDogLake ARTICLE that denounces this deal. One overlooked facet of this deal is that the Senate will ONCE AGAIN be forced to vote on ObamaCare. BEAUTIFUL!!! Imagine the reaction of the two Democrat Nelsons in the Senate who face tough reelection campaigns due to their original ObamaCare vote that they have to vote on this poison bill AGAIN. So let us now watch the DUmmies bemoan the budget deal and their Dear Leader in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the BEST time to negotiate with Obama is just before he goes off on vacation, is in the [barackets]:

"John Boehner just made Barack Obama look like a helpless fool."

[What do you expect. One of them worked HARD all his life and the other just coasted thru life by not showing up for classes and voting "present." So which one do you think would make the better negotiator?]

You would think that a sentient President of the United States would be embarrassed, ashamed, and contrite after one of the more mindless and destructive governmental performances in years. Nope. Not the President who foolishly believes the federal government needs to tighten its belt because he’s clueless about the difference between families and the federal government. Has there ever been a Democratic President more befuddled about what leadership requires?

[Jimmy Carter must be smiling. He no longer ranks as the most befuddled Democrat President in history.]

Having locked his own DemaPod Party into voting to slash $38 billion for their own programs, Mr. Obama didn’t apologize. Instead he thought it was a moment to make another speech urging you to visit the Washington Monument, as though he were George Bush telling you to visit Disneyland. Why anyone would want to watch this spectacle of a government and party betraying their followers and making fools of themselves from the top of the Washington Monument escapes me.

[The best time to negotiate with Obama is just before he is scheduled to go on vacation. All he wants is the deal to be done so he can chill out and NOT work. BTW, isn't Obama scheduled to go on ANOTHER vacation to Ireland next month just after he has to negotiate with Boehner on raising the debt ceiling? Republicans would be wise to schedule the 2012 budget debate just before he is due to go on vacation in Martha's Vineyard late this summer. Barack Obama---You just conceded major points to the GOP in your latest deal, what are you going to do next? ..."I'm going to DisneyWorld!!!"]

This President owes an explanation to the American people why, at a time when the nation’s critical needs are going unmet at both the federal and state levels, when 50 million people are without health insurance, record numbers in poverty, 14 million people are unemployed — millions for more than a year — and Governors are balancing their budgets on the backs of teachers, firemen, police, health and safety workers, etc, he thinks the right policy is to slash federal spending even though the wealthiest Americans control 40 percent of the wealth and just got hundreds of billions in tax cut gifts.

[Why? Because I need to go on vacation, that's why. Hammering out budget details means WORK and it is just easier to concede the points and then head off to Colonial Williamburg to chill out again. Oh, and you want another debate on ObamaCare in the Senate again? Fine. Just let me split for another vacation. Hey, I'll even throw in a debate on Planned Parenthood. Just let me the hell out of this depressing work environment.]

And if you care about the “leadership” imagery, John Boehner just made Barack Obama look like a helpless fool. Boehner will get a few dumb primary threats, but he’s got two more rounds of this to feed the Zombies and he’s perfectly positioned for that.

[Two more rounds meaning the debate on raising the debt ceiling in May and the 2012 budget debate later this year. Schedule both debates just before Barack is due to go off on vacation (not hard to do since he seems to vacation monthly) and you can get him to concede on most of the major points since he has his mind on one thing only---getting away from WORK! A great negotiating tactic when your opponent is Maynard G. (WORK!) Krebs. And now the DUmmie reaction to the FireDogLake Article...]

Oh, I don't Think Obama Needed Any Help With That. He's very capable.....

[He doesn't need any help to look like a helpless fool?]

I agree--he did make Obama look like a fool.

[What kind of fool am I? Why am I feeling this has the makings of another great Charles Henrickson parody song?]

But you should see him play chess. And he wears his comfortable shoes.

[He also likes a neat crease in his pants whenever he is checkmated.]

Didn't he have the option of saying..."NO, you cannot gut our social programs after we just gave tax breaks to your wealthy backers. I'm vetoing anything less than full support for ALL our social programs."

[And threaten to terminate his valuable Colonial Williamsburg vacation? NEVER!]

I sincerly believe he'll be remebered as the: Worst Democratic president, ever!

[You've just made Jimmy Carter a happy man.]

He's never stood up for the People since the moment he finished his inaugaration speech.

[The People thrown under the bus.]

Had we had a LEADER..... a TAKE CHARGE, KICK BUTT LEADER starting on January 20th of '09 - we'd be in SUCH a DIFFERENT and BETTER place. What we got is idealistic pablum. Cold pablum, at that.

[I love the smell of cold pablum in the morning.]

entire performance by the dems and Obama has been indefensible. There was no debate, no negotiation, just republican demands that were completely met by the democrats.

[There was no choice. An impending vacation demanded full concession.]

How can anyone even muster the will for a half-hearted defense for this behavior?

[Maynard G. (WORK!) Krebs would understand.]

Debt ceiling here we come! Let's win by losing again!

[Yup! This was only the first of THREE budget related negotiations this year. The next one is about raising the debt ceiling in May just before Obama splits for his Ireland vacation. Then late this summer, just before his Martha's Vineyard vacation, comes the 2012 budget negotiations. More billions to be sliced away from the budget just so Obama can take off to his beloved vacations.]

Friday, April 08, 2011

"Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives: study"

A new study confirms what we always knew: The Looney Left are not in their right mind. Their brains are different. Yes, it's true! There's been a study! See this THREAD, "Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives: study."

Of course, right now, the DUmmies' brains are still EXPLODING over the stolen Wisconsin judge election. But, be that as it may, the brain they retain is on a higher plane. (FUnnie, though, how we low-brained Rethuglicans somehow manage to steal elections.)

So let us now travel to Mensachusetts, aka DUmmieland, where all the DUmmies are above average and their superior thoughts are in Rarefied Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering how his low-functioning brain was able to learn seven languages and earn several degrees, is in the [brackets]:

Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives: study

[A study! It must be true!]

Liberals have more gray matter in a part of the brain associated with understanding complexity . . .

[Huh? What? Could you repeat that?]

while the conservative brain is bigger in the section related to processing fear. . . .


"We found that greater liberalism was associated with increased gray matter volume in the anterior cingulate cortex, whereas greater conservatism was associated with increased volume of the right amygdala,"


People with a large amygdala are "more sensitive to disgust" and tend to "respond to threatening situations with more aggression than do liberals and are more sensitive to threatening facial expressions,"

[See? And you say we're not the sensitive type. . . . Now to the brilliant replies of our intellectual superiors . . .]

Which is why we need to develop ads that consider these factors.

["Vote for us Democrats. We're smarter than you."]

It's the key to a winning strategy if we get off our asses and work on it.

[Quit the three-dimensional chess for a minute and get to work!]

I wonder how that would work. Fear of not being able to pay for medical treatment. Fear of being laid off with no safety net. Fear of not getting social security in your retirement years. Fear of you or your children having to go to war to protect corporate profits. Disgust towards racists. Disgust towards people like the Koch brothers. Disgust towards PR firms and front groups.

[Digust toward manipulative ad campaigns. . . .]

One of the problems I notice is that "they" take words literally. They don't factor in body language or nuance. But they can be frightened by images.

["They" are such inferior little creatures, aren't they?]

I saw an ad for "secular humanism" on the bus the other day, and it struck me as the most pointless waste of money I'd ever seen. It was WORDY - two blocks of text, one an obscure, wordy Bible quote and the other an obscure, uninspiring commentary on genocide from some random diplomatic functionary no one's ever heard of. Seriously: WHO is that ad trying to reach? 80% of people will see a blob of words and won't read it, and of the 20% who do, 15% will lose interest after reading the utter dryness of the words, and. . . .

[Huh? Did you say something?]

Conservatives have lizard brains.


If being an evil, rapacious f*** is genetic, then only genocide will save us.

[DUmmies get in touch with their Inner Nazi.]

I think that possibly it could be that the amygdala (OMGdala) gets more exercise in conservapigs because they constantly fear and thus their OMGdala grows huge.

[Use it or lose it.]

The mammalian brain is incredibly plastic. . . .

[The DUmmalian brain is incredibly spastic.]

Do liberal brains change when the owners become conservatives?

[The brains that change go strangely down the drain.]

Back to the lab folks....

So then is it bigotry to hate conservatives? If people are born conservative rather than choosing to be conservative. . . .

[I'm on the right wing, baby, I was born this way . . .]

These are uneducated antediluvian and brainwashed by corporate TV and talk radio propaganda raving extremist fundamentalist revolutionary radicals.


Screw it. Let's call it a virus and have it eradicated.

[Wait a minute! I thought it was CONSERVATIVES who were "more sensitive to disgust" and tended to "respond to threatening situations with more aggression. . . ."]

Perhaps the scariest part is that we didn't all evolve to be Liberals.

["The conservative brain is bigger in the section related to processing fear. . . ."]

? I just need somewhere to sleep tonight. Preferably, in the arms of one i love.

["Liberals have more gray matter in a part of the brain associated with understanding complexity . . ."]

And yet they keep whooping our asses. Yeah, they lie, cheat, pander, distort, and bully, but that vicious lizard brain of theirs (along with deep corporate pockets) seem to beat our evolved grey matter more often than not these days.

[HOW does that HAPPEN??]

Being stupid is easy.

[DUmmietime . . . and the stupid is easy . . .]

Reframe it: Conservatives born with brain defect. I think they should all be institutionalized.

[Lace 'em up! Lock 'em up!]

Growth of the brain occurs in child development in particular. That is why Cons want to PEPPER SPRAY children, and the like.

[Have you pepper sprayed your child today?]

Thursday, April 07, 2011

DUmmie Heads Explode As 8000 More Prosser Votes Found

Freudenschade, baby!

Yesterday the DUmmies were CELEBRATING their great victory in which their candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, JoAnne Kloppenburg, had just barely edged out incumbent David Prosser in which the Klopp had promised to overturn the bill to quit handing over chunks of the Wisconsin state treasury to public employees unions. That was yesterday. Today we have this REPORT hot off the presses from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Madison - In a political bombshell, the clerk in a Republican stronghold released new vote totals adding a net total of 7,403 new votes in the tight state Supreme Court race to Justice David Prosser, swinging the race significantly in his favor.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said Thursday that she failed to correctly enter in her computer and then report 14,315 votes in the city of Brookfield, omitting them entirely in an unofficial tally released after Tuesday's election. The new totals give 10,859 more votes to Prosser and 3,456 more to Kloppenburg, she said.


If you are guessing that DUmmies heads are now exploding, you would be RIGHT as you can see in this very angry THREAD, "Are Republicans about to hand 7,000 votes to Prosser through electoral fraud?" GASP! Can this be true? Well, not according to the Democrat on the board of canvass of the county in question as you can read further down in the same report:

At the press conference with Nickolaus, Ramona Kitzinger, the Democrat on the Waukesha County board of canvass said: "We went over everything and made sure all the numbers jibed up and they did. Those numbers jibed up and we're satisfied they're correct."

As a Democrat, she said, "I'm not going to stand here and tell you something that's not true."

So it is pretty clear cut that NO FRAUD was involved according to the DEMOCRAT on the scene. But does anybody think that is enough to satisfy the DUmmies? Of course not and so we shall ENJOY days, weeks, and months (maybe even years) of watching DUmmie heads EXPLODE over this election result. So let us now watch the DUmmie heads explode in Bolshevik Red while the commentary or your humble correspondent, giving permission for our own blog troll Troglaman to take a mental health break for a few days, is in the [brackets]:

Are Republicans about to hand 7,000 votes to Prosser through electoral fraud?

[Call it a trial run for 2012.]

Many of you may have heard that 7,000 votes are about to be added to Prosser's total because of a supposed computer error. It just so happens that the computer error may have happened because a Republican County Clerk was keeping the vote tallying software on her personal PC and refused to have it audited:

[Maybe she held back just for the FUn of watching DUmmie heads explode.]

Kathy Nickolaus is the past President of the Republican Women of Waukesha Executive Committee.

[GASP! DUmmies need no more facts than that. Now let us turn to the absolutely HILARITY of other DUmmie heads exploding.]

Litigate this. This lady is shady as hell.

[Aren't ALL Republicans shady? Use that as evidence in your endless litigation.]

I pray that she has altered computer records to give advantage to
the republican. That action would invalidate her county's vote. Her county was single-handedly responsible for keeping the republican in the race, giving him around 90,000 votes. The republican won the county by a margin of about 78% to 22%. Doubtful that an investigation will give him any more vote, but an investigation will likely take thousands of votes from the republican.

[I pray that she is as corrupt as the Democrats are.]

Third world rigged elections! I have no faith in the election systems in this country.

[So the 2008 presidential election results were fraudulent?]

This is exactly what they are doing their best to accomplish -- to turn this country of ours into a Third World country. They've been trying to do this ever since GW Bush, less obviously since Ronald Reagan. It's so clear!

[Adding TRILLIONS to the debt is also quite helpful in turning this into a Third World country.]

And what I find so incredible is so many Americans are willing to help them.

[Including that Democrat on the Waukesha County board of canvass.]

I wish they go back to paper ballots. Paper ballots don't lie. Shady.

[Especially paper Butterfly ballots.]

If they do and no one does anything about it, then what was the f*cking POINT!? Breath in...breath out...

[Yes, take a deep breath from that chloroform rag. It will be so much easier for you to wake up on the other side of the 2012 election and greet President Rubio.]

Exactly. If the woman has altered computer records to favor the
republican, she is going to jail. Even if she gave him 50 more votes that he did not earn, that is criminal fraud. Fraud will invalidate the votes and send the woman to jail.

[Will she be in the same jail cell that Karl Rove was frogmarched into on May 12, 2006?]

Some people are saying it COULD BE an honest mistake. History proves them wrong, but still we shall see...I am seeing RED RIGHT NOW. Need to go outside.

[...And Primal Scream helplessly into the wind.]

Republicans always cheat in any way they can possibly get away with. It was a no brainer. Never, ever trust a republican. Ever.

[Good thing Joe Isuzu is a Democrat.]

As the Rude Pundit said... "You need to expect that motherf*ckers will f*ck their mothers. It's just what motherf*ckers do. They f*ck their mothers. It's right there in the word. If you put John Boehner's mother in front of him, he will f*ck her. Because he is a motherf*cker. It's what he knows. It's what all Republicans know. It's their nature. "

[That's the trademark of the Rude Pundit. Commentary that is subtle and profound.]

Any decent audit will catch them unless the local clerks are in on it.

[Including that DEMOCRAT member of the Waukesha County board of canvass.]

If Wisconsin democrats don't subpoena the computer and have an expert examine it what can one say.

[The computer MUST take the stand!!!]

There are times when the people have to take matters into their own hands. Cuz we're not gonna take it anymore.

[Declared the pizza-munching DUmmie from his basement bastion.]

A million person march, general strikes, and mass boycotts are good first steps. Taking matters into our own hands may be the only way to retain our rights.

["I'd almost be willing to get a job in order to participate in A NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE."]

Chill. If the official has altered records, she has invalidated her county's vote and put herself in handcuffs.

[She will be arrested in just 24 business hours.]

Wow, what a conincidink! I just 'found' 8,000 more votes on a dusty harddrive that obviously is legit and fair. Wonder how it got matter, tally the votes please! Before I find 55,000 votes, in my pants!!!

[And Ben Burch will be happy to lend you a hand to find them.]

Okay, I thought this was a done deal, election was over, and Prosser had *LOST*. What's going on in

[Freudenschade happened. Your victory champagne has once again turned to vinegar.]

Nate Silver thinks these votes are likely legit.

[Oops! No Silver lining there.]

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Damning with faint prez: Pitt calls Obama "The Nowhere Man"

William Rivers Pitt, aka Will the Shill, has always been, if nothing else, a reliable party hack. So it must pain Pitt to write anything less than a fulsome paean of praise to President Hopenchange. But at the same time, if Pied Piper Pitt doesn't want to lose his audience in DUmmieland, he will have to express SOME level of dissatisfaction with how things have been going, since many progs now consider BO to be Bush Lite. What to do? Democrat loyalist vs. Pied Piper of DUmmieland? Pitt's solution? Damning with faint prez, as he does here in this THREAD, "The Nowhere Man."

It's a difficult act for Wee Willie to pull off. He's got to maintain his prog creds with the DUmmieland purists, while at the same time trying to get the forks and pitchtorches crowd to still vote Democrat in 2012.

So let us find out if the DUmmies are buying Pitt's noncommittal bowl of mush that passes for bold criticism, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, always happy to see disspirited Democrats, is in the [Barackets]:

The Nowhere Man

[The No-hair Man vs. the Nowhere Man.]

Plenty of people here won't like this, but that can't be helped. This is my opinion. No, he's not Bush...but that has come to mean less and less as time has passed.

[Pitt starts with this ambiguous disclaimer. Has he come to bury Barry or to prez him? Not sure, but he wants to sound bold about it! "People here won't like this. . . ."]

So, yeah, Obama is in. The President of the United States officially threw his hat into the 2012 election ring on Monday morning, and the nation reacted with a resounding, "Oh."

[Oh. Bama.]

What a mess.

[What a messiah.]

Two and a half years ago, there was a detonation of optimism that echoed across the country once the returns were in on that November night.

[There was? I must have missed it.]

People took to the streets here in Boston, literally banging pots and pans together. . . .

[Pitts and paeans.]

Hindsight, however, tells us today that much of that optimism was wildly misplaced. The long shadow of George W. Bush still hung low and dark over the land, as it does even now.

[Pitt has always got to conjure up the image of his bête noire, the evil Bush, to make Democrat failure seem more palatable.]

that November night, the national nightmare of Mr. Bush's presidency was writing its final pages, and then came January, and he was gone. Despite all the failures and disappointments that have since come, those were two very good days.

[Two very good days, but only five business hours.]

Here was this new president who could sing the birds down from the trees . . .

[And turds down from the birds.]

who was introduced to the country in 2004 by way of a convention keynote address that blew the roof off the joint.

[The joint that many Democrats were smoking.]

two and a half years later, many of his most ardent supporters now hear his words and taste ashes in their mouths.

[They forgot to blow the ashes off the joint.]

You campaign in poetry, someone once said, but you govern in prose.

[You opine in prolixity, you gab on verbose.]

He and his fellow Democrats all but folded on health care, leaving us with . . .

[Health-free care. But you'll still vote for him in 2012.]

He backtracked on Guantanamo, and doubled down on Afghanistan.

[Barack McSame. But you'll still vote for him in 2012.]

He promised to erase Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, and broke his oath shamelessly. . . .

[Blah blah blah. Pitt tries to establish his prog creds, but he'll still cajole his fellow DUmmies to come home to the Party come election time.]

He is flipping missiles into Libya. . . .

[This is the extent of Pitt's criticism of Obomber's War on Libya: "He is flipping missiles into Libya." That's it. If this were Bush, William Rivers Pitt would have written two international best-selling books by now and stood in a ditch with fire-breathing ants. Will the Shill thus shows himself, once again, to be HIGH HYPOCRITE PITT.]

in so many critical ways, he has been the Nowhere Man

[In writing so few critical essays, Pitt has been the Nowhere-to-be-seen Man.]

He has been losing policy arguments to people who are, in many instances, absolutely and unabashedly barking mad.

[Sorry, Will, it's the Democrats who have the corner on barking moonbats.]

A great many of those who gave willingly the last time . . . will not be as quick to reach for their wallets and checkbooks when the piper calls them to campaign charity with his well-worn cadence.

[Or when the Pied Piper calls them back to vote Democrat with his well-worn thesaurus.]

But who knows? Mr. Obama could choose to steer back into the wind . . .

[But who knows? Mr. Pitt could choose to not be such a windbag.]

challenge his demented opposition with a will . . .

[A Will named Pitt.]

It is tempting to comfort oneself with the notion that there are worst things in the world than a second Obama term, and there is a fat, cynical dollop of truth in that.

[In Pitt's essay, there is is the fat-syllabled codswallop of truthout.]

Two and a half years ago, it was all about hope and change. Remember that? I am, personally, waiting with baited breath for the next battery of slogans. . . .

[Pitt swallowed the previous ones hook, line, sinker, and bait.]

Nowhere Man 2012: Because Everyone Else Is Worse.

[Magic Man 2011: Because He's Got to Be a *Little* Bit Critical of Obama Now, When It Doesn't Count.]

That'll send them racing to the polls.

[Well, let's see them now racing to the replies . . .]

No, he's not Bush, but it's going to be a long 5 years.

[Which is like a long 4 business years.]

Bush was the white guy, right?

[See, it's Barry's WHITE half that is making him act like Bush!]

Less evil is still evil. . . . conservative advisers and staff were either kept in place or brought in to run the administration, and most of Bush's policies were kept in place just as they were before. In some cases, the evil was even made worse. . . .

[OK, so where are the marches on Washington? Where are the "Chimpy McObamahitler" sobriquets? Why aren't you standing in a sand trap when Bush Lite goes golfing?]

he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to help the LGBTQI community

[But they managed to buy a vowel anyway. So what's the "I" stand for, "Indeterminate"?]

you are going to take a lot heat over this

[For what? How can Pitt take heat for being lukewarm?]

You know better than to pedal this "may as well stay home stuff." While you are busy staying home, the wingnuts will be out electing more and more Republicans. . . .

[A Pitt challenger!]

Please point out where he said "may as well stay home"

[A Pitt defender!]

I think it is implied in the sarcastic line about voters racing to the polls.

[Implied Piper Pitt.]

This was a time for BIG, BOLD, EARTH-SHAKING progressive change. So far, Obama hasn't delivered.

[This was a time for BIG, BOLD, EARTH-SHAKING aggressive rage--like against Bush. So far, High Hypocrite Pitt hasn't delivered.]

My enthusiasm is gone, my expectations are nil, but I will definitely be voting, if only to keep that much worse guy/gal out of office.

[You're right where Will the Shill wants you. You haven't left the reservation.]

Obama had to have known that without some mechanism for controlling costs, the insurance industry would just jack up the rates before the legislation truly took effect. . . . And yes, I'm pissed off. This is beyond unfair... it will nearly bankrupt our family.

[Hey, we'll make a conservative out of you yet! Now transfer that logic to "raising taxes on the rich," and guess where the pass-along costs are going to end up. And where the jobs are going to go.]

You're right, I didn't like it. Cynical, unable to admit successes, disappointed....why?

[Why, DUmmie jaxx? Because Will had to write SOMETHING critical of Obama, no matter how mild, in order to maintain his prog creds and to keep the angries on the reservation.]

jaxx's post in its entirety is a personal attack.

[DUmmie EFerrari rushes to Pitt's defense.]

Really? I didn't take it that way at all. Vehement disagreement, for sure. But I stand before you unbruised.

[Will LIKES to take some meaningless little "attack" for being a harsh critic of Obama. It helps when later he comes shilling for everybody to vote Democrat again.]

It would be nice if we didn't descend into the Big Ugly but tried to keep it cordial or at least civil so DU doesn't become unbearable again.

[The Unbearable Looniness of Being . . . DUmmies.]

Nobody for President 2012

[Hey, he might win!]

PS: Yes, I'm voting Obama (though not with a great deal of enthusiasm)

[The touchscreen can't tell if your finger is enthusiastic or not.]

In a country of 310 million people, is there not ONE person who is capable of being a great president?

[Ah, NOW we know why Pitt wrote this essay! He's going to primary Obama!]

Brilliant, Will. This is one of your very best. And that is saying something, since everything you seriously write is so damn good.

[Signed, Will Pitt. . . . No, seriously, that was CaliforniaPeggy fawning all over her dear Will.]

Sorry Obama, I may vote for you, but I won't be doing any of the things I did in 2008 for you. You won't get so much as a free bumper sticker of advertising from me this time.

[Not even "Nowhere Man 2012: Because Everyone Else Is Worse"?]

It'll be a classic "hold your nose" election in 2012. . . . So, I'll hold my nose. What a tremendous disappointment though.

[Your vote will count the same. Will is saying, "Mission Accomplished."]

Yep, I remember sobbing with joy election night. I went down to the city center and there was celebrating everywhere. People were honking their horns and literally dancing in the streets. We really did believe that Obama would usher in a second Camelot. . . .

[HAHAHAHA! What a bunch of gullible maroons!]

I really hope that Obama has a challenger from the party.

[PITT PITT PITT PITT . . . The groundswell begins!]

I'm so f***ing tired of the b*llsh*t coming from various Know-it-alls...... Till I'm ready to work the hardest I have ever worked to get this man re-elected..... Me and a few of my friends. We will save this f***ed up country, where folks sit on their f***ing throne while running their mouths, trying to muster up a following for the sake of their ego being stroked. Weak @ss folks who haven't done a MO*O thing since the last Presidential election other than f***ing opine and criticize everyone and anything. Sometimes, I kind of wish that Pres. Obama would lose the next election.... so I can watch the current f***ed up attitude turned into real honest to goodness fear & panic, as folks instead of being able to criticize have to start worrying if the Internet will be available to them for much longer. I ain't never seen such arrogant superiority complex in action ever.

[Well, DUmmie FrenchieCat, you've got Pitt pegged, that's for sure!]

Sometimes I just wish Mother Nature would put us out of our misery....just tilt on her axis and be done w/ all of this sh*t.

[Spoken by an axistential nihilist.]

I think if you really spent 24 business hours just watching all the stuff he does, you'd be much more impressed.

[Hee! Hee!]

Friday, April 01, 2011

DUmmies declare their independence!

It's April Fools Day, and so what better place to go than DUmmieland, where EVERY day is Fools Day! Today we find the DUmmies declaring their indepedence--yes, I'm not kidding--their independence from these Conservative States of America. You see, DUmmie white_wolf has written up his own version of the Declaration of Indepedence, and other DUmmies are putting their John Halfcocked to it! We find it here in this THREAD, "Time for a new Declaration of Independence."

And then there's another DUmmie declaring a different kind of independence, but we'll get to that after this first part.

So let us travel to Idiot-penned-it Hall in PhilaDUmmia, where the draft meets the daft in Redcoat Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if the newly independent DUmmies will pick William Pitt the Drunker to be their prime minister, is in the [brackets]:

Time for a new Declaration of Independence.

[Yes, DUmmie white_wolf, it's time once again to BREAK AWAY from a distant, oppressive, intrusive, overbearing, over-taxing government! . . . No, wait, that's what you WANT!]

It is time for the working class to rise up and declare their independence from the Plutocracy that has utterly destroyed our Republic.

[Down with Pluto! Up Uranus!]

Here is my version.

[It's kind of the opposite of the original Declaration, since I want BIGGER government and HIGHER taxes, but other than that, I hope you like it!]

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that are among these are . . .

[Well, I notice that you've changed a couple things, white_wolf: You've gone with the PC "people" instead of "men." And, like our esteemed president, you've left out who it is that has "created" us and "endowed" us, namely, "BY THEIR CREATOR." . . . But I'm niggling now. Let's see what kind of "unalienable rights" you are declaring . . .]

the right to healthcare no matter their financial status . . .

[What about food? Isn't food rather basic to good health? So let's put in there something about free food.]

the right to democratically control control the corporations they work for . . .

[Corporations, you work for US now! WE want to be the big bosses and push YOU around!]

the right of senior citizens to enjoy their final years in dignity and comfort . . .

[Till we euthanize them when they become a burden.]

the right of universal education for all in the schools and university of our nation . . .

[Universal brainwashing for all!]

the right to have a congress that is accountable to them and not to corporations.

[But what if the people decide to--shudder--elect RETHUGLICANS?? Can't have that!]

Below is our list of grievances . . .

[Thereupon follows the Airing of Grievances, which basically consist of the government not enacting the Communist Manifesto.]

Below are our demands . . .

[Single-payer healthcare, higher taxes, nationalizing of industries, prosecuting Bush and Cheney--the standard stuff that our Founding Parents fought for. . . . So there's the DUmmie Declaration, now let's see what the reaction is . . .]

It is a start!

[But we need to add something about free marijuana.]


[What if the government doesn't meet our reasonable demands? DUmmie white_wolf replies . . .]

Revolution if necessary. How long can we tolerate living as serfs under the heel of capitalism?

[Serfs up!]

What kind of revolution? . . . The kind where you sit at your computer and shout "REVOLUTION!!!!" and perhaps meaner things too.

[Give me liberty or give me . . . Doritos.]

I do think we should organize and march on Washington.

[March Madness for April Fools!]

So, at the end of the day...the remedy is through the political and electoral process, which, oddly enough, is precisely the remedy we already have.

[DING DING DING! You, DUmmie SDuderstadt, win today's Kewpie Doll for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity®!]

A voluntary "conscious capitalism" revolution! Where all business owners will suddenly volunteer to give up their profits in favor of fairness and goodwill to all!

[And unicorns will fart rainbows and sparkles!]

I have absolutely no desire to see a "great socialist experiment" put into action. My most immediate hang-up would be the turning over of businesses to the workers.


If we turn over businesses to the workers...and the workers want to collectively bargain... with themselves? And they don't give themselves what they want, they'll strike until they give into their own demands? I'm a little confused...

[OK, OK, so there a few details to work out. . . .]

This is going nowhere.

[So is your Declaration, white_wolf.]

There's the easy part - posting a semi-plagiarized manifesto anonymously on a discussion board. Now comes the hard part. Have fun taking on the 82nd airborne & Co....

[We demand they surrender! If they don't, it's a grievance!]

Look, dude, when you post something titled "a new declaration of independence," you are staking out rhetorical ground that inherently suggest violent means to achieve political ends - just like the last time a 'declaration of independence' was issued on the North American continent, and we got Bunker Hill, Lexington, Trenton, Saratoga, Valley Forge, Yorktown & all the rest.

[In DUmmieland, we get Bunk-on-a-DUnghill.]

[But now, as I hinted in the opening, someone else is declaring independence. Independence from DUmmielnad, that is! Yes, it is none other than Drama Queen Nadin, nadinbrzezinski, who had just come back IN to DUmmieland, but just as soon has departed! AGAIN! The bullying and the stalking, the haters--it's just too much!! See it here in this THREAD, "Gotta ask, why is it that the EXACT same people (and milk)," and in this THREAD, "THanks for proving why I cannot post here" . . .]

Gotta ask, why is it that the EXACT same people (and milk) are allowed to get away with bullying and stalking?

[They hate your milk, Nadin.]

I just want to give the last thing about that pesky milk. Suffice it to say... yes we now have Iodine in milk as predicted, the radiation is still spewing in Japan...

[As predicted . . . by YOU, Know-it-all Nadin! You are the world's foremost authority--on iodine, on milk, on spewing, you name it!]

I expect to be belittled, and attacked. That is the new normal in DU.

[When will they ever learn??]

So that is why I cannot post here.

[nadinbrzezinski is DECLARING HER INDEPENDENCE! Well, after she posts a little more yet . . .]

Suffice it to say... I was right about the milk, Oh and staking now will not do an iota of difference.

[Not one iota of iodine!]

Such is life... ce la vie.

[Vie for Vendetta--against Nadin!]

Oh and once again to my THIRD WORLD SCIENCE TEACHERS... GRACIAS. Oh and let's see what is the time space record on this.

[Oh and I think you mean third GRADE science teachers, nadin. GARCIAS.]

good grief. what is wrong with you? You know this will be locked. Why do it?

[Secret: DUmmie FUnnies is paying her.]

I actually advised people to stalk up on shelf stable milk and I got four moths worth of it here.

[Triage Milk to feed four moths? I think you need to "stalk" up some more, nadin.]

Just because some trace has been found thousands of times below the acceptable limits does not vindicate you.



[The death cloud of moderation from Skins's Island wafts over this thread. But is nadin done? Noooo, not yet!! One more parting thread . . .]

THanks for proving why I cannot post here

[No, thank YOU, nadin!]

Good bye.

[You're playing with us, nadin, aren't you? There follows nearly 300 replies, with nadin herself making a bunch of them.]

people disagreeing with you in multiple threads is not stalking.


A blaze of glory.


Don't go. We need you.

[You're the iodine in our milk, nadin! We need you! Don't let the haters win!]

I do not blame people for not understanding the metric system... I hate standard by the way.

[You STUPID, DUMB Americans! You cannot even understand the metric system, like I, nadinbrzezinski, do! If you did, then you would know what I meant about the iodine! Get WITH it, you people! But . . . it's too late. I really must get going now. I've reached my tipping point. I'm crossing the Rubicon. It's eschatolgoy, baby! I'm OUTTA here! Well, not quite yet . . .]

Cali, you are still on ingore. . . .

[Nadin cannot ignore the people on her iggy list. OK, NOW she's ready to depart. . . . Or is she?]

And yes it was pretty much LORD OF THE FLIES... in all it's glory. Oh and real call outs are allowed to stand even when alerted on.

[Alright, nadin, NOW?]

ignore don't work... when you have the same group of people piking on any thread to make sure it gets locked.

[DU, I just can't quit you!]

The sky is blue, they will come like vultures, and yes I have raised this a few times.

[Vie for Vultures!]

and good bye to you, Won't bother with the ignore, WHO THE F*** CARES?

[Ignore the ignore! To which someone replies . . .]

The Mods probably have us all on ignore . . .

[Not quite . . .]


[And she's GONE! Free at last, nadin, free at last!]