Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Any reoccuring themes in your dreams? I have a few. One is a casino"

Freud would have a field day with the DUmmies. They put the "Id" into "Idiot." Today we explore "Dreams from Our DUmmies," here in this THREAD, "Any reoccuring themes in your dreams? I have a few. One is a casino." So let us now enter the FUnnie yet Freudian world of The Mind of the DUmmie, in R.E.M. R.E.D., while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering how Freud would interpret a beaver with a cigar, is in the [brackets]:

Any reoccuring themes in your dreams?

[Yes, I dream I forget the word "recurring."]

I have a few. One is a casino at the end of the lake my cottage is on. Of course there is not a casino in rural Quebec, it is just there in my dreams.

[Casino Rurale.]

I don't actually enjoy casinos. I am always trying to get to it. It is really posh.

{There's a bouncer there outside the casino. Kind of chubby. Bald head. Talks my ear off. He goes on and on, telling me about fire ants and indictments and Kevin Spacey. In my dream, even, I begin to fall asleep. . . .]

I dream that a whole bunch of people are at my house and I realize that there's little to feed them.

[Then PJ-Comix shows up with a bunch of coupons.]

I dream that we are moving out of a place and I can't possibly get everything organized, packed, cleaned, etc.

[It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a basement!]

I have another series of dreams related to my hobby/business of buying and selling antiques and vintage items.

[Translation: Drug paraphernalia from the early '70s.]

Storms. . . .

[Perfect ROVIAN Storms!]

starting a new job.

[Starting a job?? That would be a DUmmie's worst nightmare!]

I have tons of recurring themes. I tallied them up once and there were more than 20. Since then my brain has added more.

[As of this moment, DUmmie Brickbat has 23.7 recurring themes.]

the basement of my grandma's house where I endured a traumatic event as a child.

[She asked me to do a chore.]

a frat house at my alma mater.

[Phi Beta DUmmie.]

Do the ones about long, wide trains just barely squeezing into dark tunnels count?

[benburch checks in.]

Being half-naked in public. . . .

[C'mon, ben, let somebody else have a turn!]

I also dream about sort of half-flying/half leaping... like the basketball team on Flubber, only the length of a football field. That is a fun dream.... it's like "wooooooohooooo!!!! Look what I can do!

[Freudianschade, baby!!]

trying desperately to make a phone call and for one reason or another I'm completely unable to do so. Fingers slip. . . .

[A Freudian slip.]

I'd always have trouble walking. Like I was struggling against a stiff wind or trying to walk through thick molasses. In my dream, the only way I can propel myself forward is to turn around and walk backwards.

[Walk like an naitpygE . . .]


[Well, we know THAT can't be ben!]

A certain woman, bridges, tornadoes, and fighting. . . .

[Will Pitt shares his favorite Bobo the Hobo fantasy.]

School nightmare A: can't find the class
School nightmare B: haven't been to class all term, and now, towards the end know I have to find it to pass.
School nightmare C: I need to complete another class or two to finish high school, even though I've already finished college.

[School nightmare DU: Will Pitt is my history teacher.]

Mystery town by the sea.
Familiar mall or street scene with lots of great bars. . . .
Wonderful bouncing leads to flying.

[Boston. Bukowski's. Bald Bouncer Pitt sends me flying out the door.]

Zombies....and my teeth falling out. . . .

[Zambonies....and my teeth falling out. . . . It's a hockey dream.]

another is failure

[The DUmmie metanarrative.]

I'm not a psychologist, but my mother was one and I devoured her books when I was a teenager. . . .

[I told you Freud would have a field day with this bunch!]

Black mall. Everything's black marble--floors, steps, walls, ceilings.

[Why, I think I can come up with an interpretation for that one: YOU'RE A RACIST!]

1. First day of high school and don't know how I will get there (we had to take public transportation).
2. Someone stole my car.
3. Riding a bus on a long round-about route and never reaching my destination.

[Is that you, DUmmie stevenumbers?]

Seeing my dogs who are long-gone. They are playing on a hill and won't come when I call them.

[You miss the Blue Dogs on Capitol Hill. You liked kicking them.]

Class reunion.

[This was actually about a DU meet-up. That would give anyone nightmares!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dreamed a bunch of DUmmies drank too much blue kool aid one night and went and elected an inexperienced community organizer as leader of the free world. He proceeded to bow to foreign leaders, apologize for America, and almost bankrupted the country with his crazy spending. He was so bad, people didn't know what to call him, a socialist, a corporatist, a marxist, a narcissist. The right thought he was the far left, the far left thought he was too far right. He had this wife who ran around declaring war on obesity even though her own rear end was a WMD in it's own right. This president talked a lot about spudnik and his wife tried to ban tater tots, which made people worry that they had elected a couple of real dick-taters.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

I've had some of those same "reoccuring" dreams myself. It's called "my brain is still developing from gel to solid while I'm in my teens through late 20s/mid 30s". I'm not surprised none of them brought up the lawn bug dreams. Heh heh.
Or old mansion dreams. (Well that's a given right there.) Or breathing underwater dreams. Unexplained nemesis dreams.
Height dreams (not related to flying dreams). Star chart dreams. Cats in the crawlspace dreams. "Not yourself" dreams. Trains, planes and automobile dreams. And hey, am I the only lousy freeper troll who's had a bunch of "you're about to get busted" dreams?

One of the coolest school dreams I had (long after I finished college) was throwing my desk clean through the windows that surrounded the classroom. And it felt great.

8:23 PM  

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