Wednesday, November 26, 2008

KOmmies Upset Over Obama Choosing Gates For Defense Secretary

Barack Obama asked Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to remain at his post and now the Daily KOs KOmmies are whining about this as you can see at this THREAD titled, "Times: Gates to Stay at Defense." Well, so much for veering away from the Bush policy in Iraq. All that thunder from the left about how wrong it was has now been undercut by one Barack Obama. So let us now watch the KOmmies gripe about how more things change the more they remain the same in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, chronicling yet more disappointment with The One, is in the [barackets]:

Times: Gates to Stay at Defense

[Hope and CHANGE? Let's skip the redundant intro and go right to the KOmmie KOmments...]

Not a good start for de-militarizing US foriegn policy. OR proving Dems can handle military matters.

[Even Obama can't trust Democrats to handle military matters.]

Whenever I hear the word "bipartisan," I instinctively bend over and grab my ankles, mostly based on past experience. Gates may not be as bad as Rumsfeld, but this is still a bad move.

[Is that you, Ben Burch? And you don't need to hear the word "bipartisan" or anything else for an excuse to bend over and grab your ankles.]

I'm OK with this as long as Gates is kept on an extremely short leash, with people from our side always at his side.

[He vill be watched by the Thought Police.]

this is a slap in the face Obama has been excellent at slapping his suppporters in the face since the election. This was totally unnecessary. There was no reason to retain Gates for even 1 month. The American people did not vote for continuity with Bush's policies, particularly on Iraq, they voted to repudiate them and to change them. This is the latest in a series of betrayals and bad moves from Obama. I don't need to wait until he takes office, he has shown his hand. He has put our economic policy in the hands of Rubin's disciples who are the cause of the massive meltdown in the financial markets with their policies of deregulation. Now he is keeping the management of the largest branch of the US government, the Defense Department, in the hands of those who brought us this disaster. You may argue Gates is not Rumsfeld, but I don't think Bush appointed Gates because Gates was going to bring our troops home from Iraq or repudiate neoconservatism. I expect that it is going to take the vast majority of Kossacks months, if not years, before they will finally realize they've been sold out. But I do not have the same amount of emotional energy wrapped up in Obama. I was for Edwards initially. In my heart I wish Kucinich could have been the nominee but I knew that was not going to happen. I was so thrilled and esctatic Election Night when I saw the Democrats retake the White House. But I had a sense of caution, left over from the Clinton years, to that joy. I sensed that Obama was going to let us down. And he has.

[Bend over and grab your ankles.]

I think we're all pleased with conditions in Iraq.

[Really? And who was it that was screeching about how the Surge in Iraq could never work?]

Wes Clark cant be Defense Secretary. There's some rule that you have to be retired from the military ten years.

[There is also some rule that the Defense Secretary must be at least slightly sane.]

For keeping Gates for a year, in the middle of two wars? Our hearts are broken so fast...

[May I send you flowers?]

Flushhhhhhhhhh Obama's claim to change.

liar liar pants on fire.

OOOOOOOOOh I'm a progressive!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh really, I'm notttttttt I Lied! ooooooooppppppppppppps.

[Hope and Change letdown?]

I see the pragamatic argument for Gates and agree with some of it. I think that, on some very good levels, it makes sense. But, I also think that I voted for Obama because I want an entirely different kind of government than Shrub has run or that John would have. Gates is part of their establishment. Regardless of what he knows, Gates was appointed by Shrub and I haven't liked a single person that Shrub thought was good. Gates irks me like a mole irks the CIA. There are plenty of other good choices for Defense Secretary and I wish Obama would choose one of them. A Democratic one.

[Like somebody from Code Pink?]

it's disconcerting in a Cabinet that has yet to exhibit anyone who qualifies as left of center-left that Gates is being picked, even if it is for the short term.

[Consider yourself disconcerted.]

Gates was the "adult supervision" choice...

[And Democrats certainly need adult supervision.]

I get desperate sometimes voting Democrat, almost to the point of just not voting. I didn't vote for Obama to have Republican Lite - but that's what an administration of Gates's and Clintons begins to sound like.

[You want me to cry you a river?]

Obama's Stockholm syndrome. No, it could be bait and switch.
Filling the government with political insiders shows some timidity on Obama's part. Then he will become their helpless captive.

[We now have Obama under our mind control.]

Gates is NO change--despicable! The MSM seems absolutely delighted with Obama's uninspired picks which should set off all kinds of alarm bells. It's about time we had some evidence of some progressive roots on Obama's part. He might turn out to be a conservative.

[Hope and No Change.]

What's this continuity garbage? The people voted for change, including in Iraq. Other presidents have come in in times of "crisis" and haven't kept holdovers at crucial positions like Sec. of Def. And there's a more important point. Gates has stood for policies we have opposed on this site for years going back to the 1980s. As a matter of principle he shouldn't be retained. But I realize principle is a foreign word for those for whom everything is political calculation and fear of getting someone in the mandarin class angry.

[KOmmieland was around in the 1980s?]

So far, Obama has not appointed one liberal/progressive voice for his cabinet. NOT ONE!! So basically, we're good enough to build a grassroots campaign on, but we're not good enough to sit at the big boys table. As of now, Obama is reminding me of that kid in school who, once he became popular, suddenly had his new circle of friends and wanted nothing to do with his old friends who were there for him from day one. I'm still trying to keep an open mind, but so far am not impressed with Obama's cabinet picks

[Back to the kiddie table to stare at your turkey.]


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my. PJ, your site has attracted spam before. Mostly in the form of trolls, but this "MoneyBonanza" is just sad. Does Google have some sort of spam filter for this trash? By that I mean the above silliness, not the trolls.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm now seriously starting to wonder if the DUmmies and the KOmmies and all the rest of the adorable little liberal moonbats truly exist just to amuse the rest of us.

They won. There's a Democrat in the White House. The most liberal out of 100 Senators.

And yet still they whine.

They were the ones who fell for HopenChange and YesWeCan and all the rest of the empty propaganda. What are they griping for?

God I love them.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dummies; Smell the glove!

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here troggy, here boy. Come give us more intertainment.
(just too easy to bait the little lad)


4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. Apparently the DUmmies are too stupid to understand these three points:

1. DOD does not make foreign policy, the only actual policy in the direct control of the SecDef is internal DOD policy.

2. Gates is actually not so much a Republican as an independent.

3. The only way Obama can write the checks he has promised and live up to his 'Cut waste' BS in the face of the immutable entitlement programs than make up the bulk of the budget is to gut the DOD, so of course he does not want to stick a Dem with that (and the inevitable sullied political reputation which would no doubt follow should it result in a disaster like Somalia did).

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of massive stooooooooooooopid - predictable as sunrise Kayinsane proclaims terrorism in Mumbai a Bush, Cheney Production:

the neocons under Bush right now will be planning and plotting terrorist attacks for during the Obama Administration and they’ll rename ‘al-Qaida’ (which I believe is the base of the Bush Family & Friends, Inc.) to something different to create a new Bogeyman for Americans to fear

this group will be attacking American spots around the world before Barack Obama takes office….just like al-Qaida was doing at the beginning and end of the Clinton Administration Deja vous all over again

we expect nuclear attacks inside our borders for Christmas

we’ve been duped by them into thinking they aren’t the ones who hate America when they really do. They always financially benefit when America and the world is in peril. Spit.

The Bush Neocons use al-Qaida and other death squads to disrupt world markets. “Funny” how Mumbai is a financial district of India.

Today at 6:54 pm (1 hour ago)
It’s a new group never heard by anyone until today which is exactly what happened when “al-Qaida” attacked the WTC in 1993. No one had heard of them, but they had been around for over a decade, you know, during the Reagan/Bush Sr. years when they were forming death squads.

Weird that Bush Sr. was in Texas today and yesterday. Makes you wonder who he met with. The morning of 9/11/01, he was in a meeting with one of the bin Ladens, but when he realized what he had said, he changed his story later in the day and said he was stuck on the tarmac along with other Americans.

Today at 7:05 pm (1 hour ago)
Has George Bush come out and done a press conference yet to denounce these attacks in India? Oh wait. His family is financing these groups,….kind of like the morning of 9/11 when he just sat there reading a book. Yep, he just ignored it.

It's great to have things you CAN ALWAYS count on! No matter how head-bangingly stooooooooooooooooopid!

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's great to have things you CAN ALWAYS count on! No matter how head-bangingly stooooooooooooooooopid!"

Such as troggy comments.
Speaking of which...where is the little man today?


8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, T-man may be silly and wrong-headed, but he's not sick and demented like the mouth breathers who hang out with Kayinmaine. She is something out of a Stephen King novel---alien, monstrous, drooling and profoundly goofy. She reminds me of Cujo, if the police spotted her, they shoot her and have her brain examined for signs of rabies.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! She's really amped up the stoooooooooooooopid since I last checked!

Guess who was on the sidelines of the Clinton Admin hoping & praying for a “Pearl Harbor-like” attack on our nation which was around the same time Osama bin Laden and his group (who were living in the US using their real names and for some reason, the FBI knew almost instantly who the hijackers were the day of the attack!) and guess who gave it to them? Yep, al-Qaida…and Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld were ecstatic! Who wants to bet they had contacts with the hijackers before 9/11 even happened? Paid their rent? Bought them food? Gave them gambling money down in the casinos in Florida etc?

And who wants another attack to completely do America in financially & militarily to take our nation over after they’ve STOLEN TRILLIONS & TRILLIONS FROM OUR NATION? Oh that’s right. Not Deccan & al-Qaida. Nope. They’re on the payroll, but the BUSH FAMILY & FRIENDS, INC. ARE THE ONES WHO WILL BENEFIT IN A TOTAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE AND NUCLEAR BOMBS GOING OFF IN OUR COUNTRY!

If I spewed right wing talking points, you’d be begging to suck my tits, huh AMERICA HATER?

Which oil company do you work for? Chevron? Exxon? Lark’s Oil? Sunoco? All the trolls who come here nine out of ten times work for the oil industry. Did Dick Cheney tell you asswipes in early 2001 to go on the Internet to convince Americans that the oil industry is good and peace & truth are bad?

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've known many kinds of liberals in my almost 25 years on this planet. Some are good, intelligent people whom I merely disagree with (i.e. my friend John, my Christian Discipleship class's teacher, and the sane and reasonable DUer OPERATIONMINDCRIME). Others are people who can be annoying with their ignorance and naivete, yet whom I put up with because it's a free country, or because they are people I need to get along with (i.e. my younger brother). Lastly,
there are the rabid ultra- liberals on sites such as DU, people who are so filled with hatred for those who disagree with them, and demonstrate such idiocy and paranoia, that I'm very glad I don't know any of them personally.
Kayinmaine is the textbook definition of the third group. She appears to have genuine mental problems, and lives solely to promote hate. Without her hate, she's have nothing.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Dick Cheney tell you asswipes in early 2001 to go on the Internet to convince Americans that the oil industry is good and peace & truth are bad?

Ya know what? He did. You're right. He said exactly that - and we followed his orders. Because we like oil and the oil industry, and we hate the concept that is most diametrically opposed to oil, which is peace and truth.

There, does vindication make the pain go away, Kay?

(Ya see, Kay's laptop runs on canola oil and sunshine, not dirty filthy electricity created by generators that burn oil and Iraqi children's blood.)

11:17 PM  

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