Monday, November 17, 2008

DUmmie madfloridian feels used, tossed, and persecuted!

Just a few days after the Young Prince's election, we documented for you the beginnings of DUmmie concern about Obambi moving to the center, in our DUFU, The honeymoon's over! DUmmies DUmp on Rahm!. That thread was started by DUmmie madfloridian. Now DUmmie madfloridian is back, again worried about an Obama administration not as leftist as hoped for, and feeling that the Looney Left was just USED in order to win the election. Witness this THREAD, "Take their money, use their energy, but don't pay too much attention to their demands."

But what makes this thread even FUnnier is the extreme HYPERSENSITIVITY to any criticism on the part of DUmmie madfloridian! Whenever any DUmmie posts anything questioning her on even the slightest of points, she replies immediately, as though she were under attack! Out of the first 82 replies, madfloridian has about 27 of them (a third!), mostly whining about how unfairly her fellow DUmmies are treating her! To keep the players straight, after madfloridian's opening post, when we get to the replies, I will label hers, "MF" ("madfloridian," of course).

So enjoy the sight of DUmmies never satisfied and madfloridian feeling persecuted, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, more concerned about a certain awolfloridian, is in the [brackets]:

Take their money, use their energy, but don't pay too much attention to their demands.

[Same old story: DUped, then DUmped.]

I think we are very lucky to have Obama as our President Elect. If I question, it is the people around him. . . .

[What you're saying is, Emperor Zero is just a figurehead, a prop.]

I feel like many of us who worked for and donated to the DNC are not going to be needed again for the next four years. I did not think it would be that way.

[You're like the girl who wakes up to an empty bed and says, "But he said he loved me!"]

anyone other than the leaders of the party who make the decisions are not especially worthy to be involved in the planning. They use various names for us...netroots, nutroots, grassroots, bloggers, liberals, activists.

[DUmmies, moonbats, the Looney Left. . . .]

what we are facing in trying to be relevant in a party that decided the direction years ago. It will be an unhill battle.

[Ironic Typo Award.]

use them and toss them.

[Disposable DUmmies.]

They may assume that the activists, grassroots, netroots, liberals are not their enemy after all, that many of us actually have good ideas, intelligence, and common sense....or they will continue to relegate us to the status of fringe.

[I'd go with the latter.]

We need to be on guard.

[You're about as "on guard" as anybody, madfloridian, even against your fellow DUmmies, as we're about to see. . . .]

I am never disappointed when I click on one of your posts. . . .

[A nice, kind reply. A compliment. But now watch madfloridian's guard go up right away. . . .]

MF: Many are. disappointed that is.

[MF's persecution complex will soon become a self-fulfilling prophecy.]

I will rejoice when you, madfloridian, can embrace our new president. . . . What specifically don't you like about him? . . . Who's side are you on?

[madfloridian is on madfloridian's side.]

MF: Whose side am I am on?????? Explain that. After all my years here? You wonder? What the heck is going on here, that blind loyalty is demanded.

[DUmmieland is a FReeper FRont.]

MF: I guess I could shut up. What do you think? I know, I am a downer. Why are so many DEMANDING obedient unquestioning loyalty. Sorry I am disappointing people. . . . I am funny that way.

[Yes, you are!]

did you see PE Obama and his wife on 60 Minutes, for most of the hour, tonight? I find them both delightful.

[Sorry, them's FIGHTIN' WORDS to MF!]

MF: I adore the Obamas. I resent that you think I don't.

[Back off, Jack!]

You 'resent' everyone who doesn't agree with you.

[Ya think?]

MF: No, I don't resent those who disagree without putting me down.

[But I resent YOU for suggesting such a thing!]

MF: I take a lot here, and seldom get mad . . .

[. . . even though my name is MADfloridian!]

Then stop sounding like the hurt person and state your case.

[How DARE you?!]

MF: I stated my case clearly and you jumped my butt.

[The Benburch Maneuver.]

Again, it's all about you, my dear.

MF: Who started that "all about me" talking point about me?

[Note the rich irony in MF's reply.]

No don't shut up. . . . we need our Paul Revere, now even as we needed him centuries ago.

[Listen, my DUmmies, this post meridian
To the paranoid rant of madfloridian
On the 17th of November of 2008;
There's hardly a DUmmie who doesn't hate
The incessant resentment of that bloomin' idiot.]

MF: I don't like to be told I must love the people around Obama. . . . Boy, people here don't tolerate questioning anymore. That's a shame. My post was good.

I apologize. I must have confused your username with somebody else.

[You must have been thinking of the NON-paranoid madfloridian.]

He hasn't even taken office and you're already backstabbing Obama.

[madfloridian has Obama's back.]

MF: I am the one alone. Totally alone here anymore. Because I do not like some around Obama. . . . But go ahead and rip this whole thread apart with attacks on me.

[Me, me, me, MEEEE!!!!!!]

it's not what you say, but how you bristle and act as if you have been personally insulted when someone disagrees with you.

[Bristle while you go berserk, bristle while you go berserk. . . .]

MF: Why don't you contact the moderators and have them ban me?

[Banned on the run. . . .]

You're playing martyr. No one is silencing you.

[In fact, we can't get you to shut up!]

MF: This is like an effort to stop any criticism and it needs to stop.

[And yours is an effort to stop any effort to stop any criticism, and you need to stop needing it to stop. Stop.]

MF: People are afraid to post in my threads lately. When I defend myself, I get accused of making it all about me.

[Now how in the WORLD could people get such a crazy idea??]

The Republicans are eagerly hoping for liberals to be quickly disenchanted with Obama so they can bounce back in two years.

[And the DUmmie FUnnies is eagerly hoping for you DUmmies to be disenchanted, so we have something to LAUGH about for the next two years!]

MF: I can't wait to see the attacks in the morning. Will be overwhelming.

[madfloridian thrives on being "attacked."]

The sun doesn't shine out Obama's ass, he's not going to give us all a pony. . . .

[D*MN that Obama!]

Those who want me to Sit Down and Shut Up can Bite Me.

[The Reality-Based Community Bites.]

MF: And I say goodbye. . . . I have had it.

[Somehow, madfloridian, I do not think we have heard the last from you.]


Blogger Paul Mitchell said...

I would have never caught "unhill" without your guidance. Salute.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[And yours is an effort to stop any effort to stop any criticism, and you need to stop needing it to stop. Stop.]


/Mr Burns voice.

Ah, the humanity of it all. Moonbats project their fondest lefty/socialist/hippy desires onto politicians and TRULY BELIEVE that because those things are what they want, they are also what that politician wants - because after all, they wouldn't be supporting that politician if he didn't want what they want, right?

Next comes the horror of betrayal, the sorrow, and finally ennui..

Then comes the next "liberal" politician who THIS TIME is going to make it all better and even make up for the betrayal of last time as well!

And thus the moonbat circle of life is complete.

Heh. Can't say I blame them for their addiction to their behaviour, though. The highs must be so dizzying on the way up that you could forget all about how much the lows hurt when you inevitably come crashing down. Must be way more exciting to be an emotional roller-coaster liberal than a boring-ass conservative who doesn't trust any politician to begin with and spend their time doing stuff rather than dreaming of a better day.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MF = buyers' remorse...

No dissenting opinions are permitted in DUmmieLand... ever!!

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
MF = buyers' remorse...

No dissenting opinions are permitted in DUmmieLand... ever!!

Now that is just NOT true.

They are completely tolerant even of those who insist Obama is only the Buddha, not God Almighty.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It leads me to wonder what will happen when the "Obama's going to pay my mortgage and put gas in my car", believers realize that they have, once again, been nothing but patsies and are now kicked to the curb for the next 4 years.

I wonder if Al and Jesse will start rounding up the disaffected and try to get a new extortion-bigot circus going again?

Should be interesting to watch.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What will happen? Nothing. They'll forget that sense of betrayal as soon as the cartoons come on the tube. These idiots wake up on a new planet every day.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

As I said right after the election:

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...


It's going to be a VERY interesting four years folks. :) -tm

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What will happen? Nothing. They'll forget that sense of betrayal as soon as the cartoons come on the tube. These idiots wake up on a new planet every day." super stupid dumbass

Wha...Hey...Are we still on Saturn?

Yeah. That's exactly what we think every fuckin day, pry bar, while you're crushing a breakfast beer can on your forehead in an attempt to reduce your carbon footprint.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Pill Witt said...

The funny thing is, there is a lot of truth to the charge that Skinner and Wee Willy are DLC types.

But a lot of posters at DU aren't able to do the research or connect the dots.

Somehow, I think that the proverbial excrement is about to hit the proverbial fan, though.

Wee Willie and Skinner both look like they're about to be exposed as frauds:

Will and Leopold:

$kinner's Skam:

10:25 AM  

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