Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DUmmie Fights With Patient Over Obama

Sheesh! Talk about being unprofessional! DUmmie PCIntern, who works at some sort of health clinic, got into a fight with a patient because she dared to call Obama what he is...a socialist. So what does DUmmie PCIntern do? He got right into her face by snapping angrily at her as you can see in his THREAD titled, "Got into a 'fight' with a patient today...." So let us now watch DUmmie PCIntern act completely unprofessional in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that DUmmie needs a deep whiff off a chloroform rag, is in the [barackets]:

Got into a 'fight' with a patient today....

[May I send you a pink slip?]

My blood pressure is getting out of control with the election, the Series here in Philly and the insanity which has accompanied both, the economic trials of attempting to run an ethical health-care business and to stay alive.

[Screaming at patients is ethical?]

I had just fielded about six phone calls from distraught people and I walked into the room to check a patient who had just had her dental prophylaxis. She is actually quite friendly, but right from the get-go she said to me, and this is a quote, "We're finished as a country if Obama's elected." My reply to these sorts of statements from patients has been, "Why do you say that?" with a smile of course. She replied, "Because he's a socialist and wants to spread the wealth around."

[Obama did claim he wants to "redistribute the wealth" so that makes him a socialist as the patient correctly stated.]

Unbelievably, I went right into attack-mode WHICH I NEVER DO - and I said, "Please listen to me...please just stop and listen to me. Please. This morning no one less than andrea Mitchell, married to Alan Greenspan and certainly no friend to socialists of any stripe, told your fellow-traveler Joe Scarborough that this quotation was taken out of context and that he was describing arcane points of law. Obama's a centrist Democrat, for crying out loud, he doesn't even believe in Gay Marriage. What does it take to get through to people like you. Look, I know you're going to vote for McCain and that's fine, but do it for reasons which you and everyone else with a brain, feel are legitimate. And what's more, i know you well, and you would NEVER EVER vote for the black guy."

[DUmmie PCIntern accusing his patient of being a racist.]

She had no denial of the last point, and for the rest, she just dismissed it with a wave of her hand, and said, "Please just check my teeth, I have to get to lunch." I did so, stood my ground - did not apologize for my 'outburst' and she left with a smile and a good goodbye.

[The patient remained friendly despite you acting like a complete jerk by accusing her of being a racist.]

I never ever do this...this is really the first time...and what bothered me is that when I started the rant, my voice got pitched and I could almost feel myself crying with frustration that a well-educated, well-comported lady would just repeat this kind of talking point with me and then dismiss me with a wave of her hand as though I was insignificant. After 27 years. and you know what...I'm glad I did it in this case. she'll be back or she won't - probably will, I participate in her insurance plan. and that's what counts.

[Sniff! A DUmmie got dismissed with a wave of the hand for being insignificant which is what he is.]

This election is going to sort many things out.

[Including your sanity. Now on to the other DUmmies...]

That's not an outburst. That's just tellin' it like it is. If she doesn't like it she can stop being a bigot.

[She was only a bigot in the fervid imagination of DUmmie PCIntern.]

she isn't well educated.she has a big fat hole in her soul and that makes her deficient.

[Stated a member of the DUmmie Thought Police.]

That's not what I expect from a professional whether physician, dentist, barber, bartender, etc.


Practicing for 30+ years and I need lessons from you? I thought we purged all the trolls.

[Responded DUmmie PCIntern angrily.]

A successful professional learns to listen but not react to things a patient might say and in particular professionals never get confrontational with a patient about such things as politics, sports, religion, et al.


Yeah let's just roll over and ignore the racism and bigotry. In fact, let's apologize if we don't agree vehemently enough with the racist comments! By golly, if a patient walks into a doctor's office and starts ranting and raving bigoted lies, well that doctor is unprofessional if he doesn't agree 100%!! 'cause that's what it's all about, folks! Agreeing with racists. Tolerating bigotry. Letting the lies go unchallenged. Anything else would be uncivilized.

[Too bad this patient's "racism" was all in the imagination of DUmmie PCIntern.]

Way to go, lose your temper with a patient, post it on an open forum, then lose your temper again when a stranger suggests you may have been unprofessional. Your response proves my point and indeed the case is closed.

[Ouch again.]

EIGHT YEARS of these conservatives cramming their ideas down everyone else's throats....talking about politics in inappropriate places without a care in the world about who hears them...thinking they can run roughshod over people who disagree with them, and not returning the courtesy of letting someone else speak their piece. I'm sick of it. Our time for talking is long overdue. I don't care if they don't want to hear it. They didn't care when I didn't want to hear them. And I think you handled it gracefully. She started it. She just didn't expect you to finish it.

[Tomorrow the world is mine!]

A woman in my office confessed that she could never vote for Obama because he is a Muslim, and once a Muslim, always a Muslim. I told her I had had enough of lies, that A) there is no crime being a Muslim and B) he is not a Muslim any how. I then reminded her that false witness was a breech of the Ten Commandments. I told her that she was welcome to find another doctor. The next day, there was a complaint to hospital administration about that mean old doctor from her employer-the sheriff of Collin County Texas. (reddest of the red, in case you haven't heard). The next day was I was paying for my tires when the attendant at the Goodyear Tire store pulled his knife out and stuck it to my throat because "anyone who votes for Obama should be shot and killed". It's great to be a Texan during election season.

Forgive me if I don't believe the knife story. If true, why isn't that guy in jail?

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Thank you for calling me a liar. I was there. It happened. It was my neck. I have bought tires from that store for seven years, and know that the young man is a good enough fellow. He is a Desert Storm veteran, and I have known him a long time. He thought he was being funny-he said that he would use a hatchet and then a knife just like Mr. McCain said. Emotions are raw here-they know that McCain is doomed to failure, and they know that both houses will be in strong Democratic control. So, yeah-I cut the guy some slack. I thought about writing Goodyear, and I thought about calling the cops-but to what avail? Changing hearts and minds is done by mature, peaceable means-not by confrontation and posturing. I choose to be grown-up. Kind of like Obama. But-I still don't like you calling me a liar. Come to North Texas for a while-see what we put up with.

[Still lying, I see.]

I'm a veterinarian and I've been wearing my Obama-Biden button on my white lab coat. I don't say anything about politics unless the client brings it up. If they bring it up and I've concluded my exam and treatment of my patient, I don't hesitate to discuss politics. I brought a RW conservative over to voting for Obama just yesterday after he started with "Don't you think he's a terrorist who's going to redistribute wealth?" Made my day.

[Yet another phony "conversion" story. Nobody is ever going to be convinced by a DUmmie.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he didn't post a video of himself beating a milk carton with a baseball bat.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake these dummies are such drama queens. I don't for one second believe ANY of their "stories" are true. I don't even believe they are health care professionals.

You can tell a liar by their attention to stupid details: "my Obama button on my white lab coat." Really now? He doesn't have a black lab coat? What is he, a racist?

I appreciate what you do because these poor souls need to be exposed to the bright light of day for disinfection and there is no way I'm going to visit that insane asylum, but sometimes their little fantasies expressed to others are way too much.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL! I read the original thread. At least one other person told this DUmmie that his conduct was unprofessional.

I think the patient had 100% more class than the dentist (besides would you argue with a man holding sharp objects near your mouth?!) She got out of there as quickly as possible. I'm sure she can find another dentist with her health plan.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waaaah! The poor Dummie is upset by the elction and the World Series! If true, that DUmmie's actions were very unprofessional.

But DUmmies are always claiming confrontations with fundamentalists, Rethuglicans and assorted right wingers. The confrontation always results in the right winger being: a) abashed into silence, b)humiliated or c) converted to liberalism. I think 90%of the stories (like the veterinarian's) are DUmmie fantasies or just plain B.S.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living and working in television post-production for well over a decade in Hollywood, it occasionally fell to me to answer "unsolicited script mail" when I was very junior.

These scripts, would invariably involve the sender, in some sort of romantic, heroic or completely insane and masturbatory adjunct to an ongoing series.

I particularly remember one, written for (at) the original 'Battelstar Galactica' which, was creative, in an odd way and involved many, uh, 'probings' of the female (Maryanne) add-on who had written the script. There was this one bit, with Adama, and a...

Well, nevermind.

These DUmmie narratives all smack of the same thing.

"ME" (the heroic and unappreciated defender of the ______). "Bravely (and almost always alone), standing up to the big, evil, _____".

"My health, well-being, sanity, manhood, virginity, (or something), was SORELY tried, but I triumphed!

Yes! Triumphed and, even though I am bloodied and damaged, I bravely go on!"

"Dig me! I'm practically a Saint".

It's a standard template. You can recognize it a mile off. This is just crap, written by someone whose last literary effort was a spinoff of Naruto, or some other Adult Swim crap.

If you're buyin' this... Well. Don't.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm scratching my head as to why anyone involved in health care would want Obama in office. The nationalized health care he is prescribing is going to ruin what decent service we barely get now.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite DUmmie story occured during the 2004 election. A DUmmie, driving at night, come upon a broken down car with a woman and child standing next to it. The DUmmie drove on because the disabled car had a "Bush 04" bumper sticker.

The DUmmie had a bit of a guilty conscience because he asked his fellow dolts if he did the wrong thing. Opinions were mixed, but many agreed that helping a Bush supporter, no matter the circumstances, was wrong.

The thread was picked up by James Taranto of "Best of the Web" at the WSJ. It got national attention as a prime example of political lunacy.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And my favorite story involves a young girl who carved a backward B into her own cheek.

Elron's don't help a bushie story reminds me of a story told by Oregon Repub Senator Smith.

Following the suicide of his son Smith attempted to get an early intervention mental health bill through committee. Several Dems supported it. Smith recounts how his own part told him....sorry we won't support anything that has Dem support.

Repub's kids killing themselves....not important enough to cross party lines. There's some real integrity right in your very own Repub controlled Senate (at the time).

And as long as we are on the topic...."...he fathered a black baby" ....used against McCain in 2000 by his own Repub party.

Gives you a warm feeling to be part of a group that eats its own.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Anon 8:52, I guess they figured since he was dead, he must have already switched parties and become a Democrat.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... Gives you a warm feeling to be part of a group that eats its own. ..."

Collectivism == Cannibalism. You must be feeling REALLY warm, anon.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old news, man. Let's have a new topic on Phillips head screwdrivers! Look at all those hanging chads!

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...he fathered a black baby" ....used against McCain in 2000 by his own Repub party.

Hey! Obama also fathered a Black baby!

a spinoff of Naruto, or some other Adult Swim crap.

WATCH IT BUBBA! Youre getting into dangerous territory there!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these hippies- they remind me of those wimps in high school who would lock themselves in their rooms and daydream about stabbing the guy who embarrassed them in gym class. Some can take it in stride, while others turn into basket-cases.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Pork Eater said...

How did this loser manage to live so long without hanging himself?

Wholly Shiite!

2:59 PM  
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